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June 10, 2013

“Que sais-je?”
—Michel de Montaigne

@chadhagen by the way, my 7-month-old stares and stares at your prints in our living room (he obviously has excellent taste…)

RT @chadhagen: Target kindly commission me to create art for their CMO’s office. Here’s a pic of framed work after being installed. http://…

@chadhagen awesome!

“If you’re going to be horrible, at least kick ass.”

“once a whole major has built up around a pursuit, it’s probably not the most interesting thing to be doing anymore”

Answers are so, so boring, but questions don’t pay as well.

June 9, 2013

RT @AdviceToWriters: The book of my enemy has been remaindered
And I am pleased.
#writing #writinglife

RT @drewtoothpaste: I tried to explain my career to the A/C repairman by saying “Imagine that you fixed A/C for free but you sold A/C repai…

@charlestoeppe Cool! thanks for sharing

RT @wendymac: “Some people will do anything to be famous. I just wanted to sing.” On backup singers:

@BRUCETRACY handsome!!

RT @guardian: Top story = Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations

@gapingvoid hell no. The Breeders rule.

@joelbush congratulations! I will defer to @megzo, our consumer research specialist at Chez Kleon. i just supply the amazon credit. 🙂

@christy_carroll @megzo got me a Vitamix as an early birthday present! will require tips next weekend 😀

@jndevereux yeah, starting my next book with it:

Lose a face #newspaperblackout

@ayse @glass I second the Warby Parker love. Mine are the “Beckett” style. Love them. And even if you have terrible eyes like mine, $150 max

@jndevereux you familiar w/ Eno’s concept of “scenius”?

June 8, 2013

RT @mezrups: Rereading Achewood’s “The Great Outdoor Fight”. It’s our generation’s Gatsby.

June 7, 2013

“Get a can of paint, you idiots!”


The evening, like many evenings before it, has devolved into @megzo heckling the people on House Hunters. #hgtv

Liked END OF WATCH, @realmichaelpena‘s performance in particular. It’s on Netflix:

“If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same…”
—Rudyard Kipling, “If”

“Security is a kind of death, I think.”
—Tennessee Williams, “The Catastrophe of Success”

Listening to the Big Night soundtrack and eating a lasagna from Costco.

Somewhere, Stanley Tucci weeps.

RT @mattthomas: “My process is thinking…thinking…and thinking. If you have a better way, please let me know.” —Hayao Miyazaki /via http://t…

“You a writer, right? I wrote some shit this morning.” #curbyourenthusiasm

@fenbranklin thanks!