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October 26, 2007

thinking about the way David Michaelis used the word ENCODE when speaking of shultz’s autobiographical material in PEANUTS

October 27, 2007

drank beer, made new friends, and judged a pumpkin carving and halloween costume contest. great night

October 28, 2007

tip: the target “find in a store” has never let me down in the pursuit of acquiring wii-related materials: this morning –> guitar hero 3

well, playing “bulls on parade” on guitar hero 3 is a pretty freakin’ sweet way to end the weekend

October 29, 2007

eat, draw comics, watch the schulz pbs special, play guitar hero, go to bed

October 30, 2007

when i drove to work, by 9:00 I hated all of humanity. riding the bus to work, I feel a strange love for it

October 31, 2007

my mom on trick-or-treating: “you’re not going around the neighborhood begging. if you want a bag of candy i’ll take you to wal-mart”