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August 1, 2008

Sunday, 31st of August

Writing about wordless books and woodcut novels for the blog, before we go see TROPIC


TROPIC THUNDER was okay. Just okay. Tom Cruise’s best role since MAGNOLIA (He’s only
good when he plays sleazebags.)

Meg and I want to start a chicken shack in Austin called THUNDERTHIGHS CHICKEN. The
logo will be everything…

September 1, 2008

Monday, 1st of September.

07:58:43 September Newspaper Blackout Poems Contest is up: Editor’s out of town, so the August winners will be announced soon.

08:23:27 All this Sarah Palin pregnancy photo stuff is making me think of that Errol Morris piece on captions: Must blog later.

08:27:07 @TWalk a favorite Jesus quote: “Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?” – Matthew 6:27 (KJV)

08:55:54 My wife, the architect: “I wouldn’t wish architecture school on my worst enemy.”

11:59:47 Sweatpants.

13:41:40 @madinkbeard really liked that last post. saw it right after i finished a post about captions: show don’t tell is useless.

13:43:18 The old writing adage “Show don’t tell” is useless to cartoonists. see @madinkbeard : and then see me:

13:58:22 “I detest this mongrel time, neither day nor night.” – Dickens on the afternoon

15:39:31 There was a Sharpie sale at OfficeMax: Buy two, get one free. You know what that means…

15:44:13 @tvtompd

15:47:49 @TWalk 3 MAGNUMS for doing the full broadsheet poems. 😀

15:50:43 ♫ ♫ ♫ The kids in Bristol are sharp as a pistol, when they do the Bristol Stomp. ♫ ♫

19:11:14 Watching BOOGIE NIGHTS and making poems.

Tuesday, 2nd of September.

05:03:08 Up at the crack of dawn to exercise. We’ll see how long this new plan lasts.

06:28:09 “Alaska?? Come on, man! I don’t even know if there are any black people in Alaska!” – P Diddy

12:16:47 Just to remind everybody: the September Newspaper Blackout Poem Contest is up. It’s a fun one:

12:44:40 @kdelap i laughed a lot, but found it totally forgettable.

13:06:39 @ryancoleman that’s an excellent interactive graphic!

13:16:09 Dig this interactive candidate-matching infographic @ryancoleman dug up:

13:18:52 My platform for president: free health care and classrooms of 15 students or less. Funded by corporations and the upper 1%.

14:44:59 Need a haircut. Length is forcing me to slick it back into a faux-greaser look — which might be cool…if I played in a rockabilly band…

15:40:22 @TWalk yes! I need the black boots!

15:47:39 @TWalk no Fender, but I have this:

16:27:28 Sushi time.

18:43:24 God, I hate Windows. The simplest crap is impossible to do.

19:40:37 I learned stuff from this that even I didn’t even know:

20:25:08 I have to admit, part of the reason I wanted a windows machine around was so I could play Psychonauts:

Wednesday, 3rd of September.

08:09:11 George Carlin’s last interview: Wonderful stuff. Thanks, @mlarson

08:40:13 @TWalk defense and foreign policy

10:12:26 Check out Jeff “The Dude” Bridges’ website: It’s all hand-written. I’ve thought about blog posts like this…

10:54:40 The concept of going into debt for graduate school seems ludicrous to me. I say, get funded or dont go. (Exceptions abound: i.e. med school)

11:02:55 @aaronrester :-$ probably doesn’t count…

11:04:02 “I’m a Mac guy & so Spotlight helps me a lot. I just get on & say “asshole” & “minister,” I then can find what I want find.“ – George Carlin

11:11:34 Actually just remembered a never-posted blackout poem I did about graduate school back before we decided to move to TX:

13:11:38 @ryancoleman Yes! I re-watched his Psychonauts review last night as it was downloading on my borrowed PC

13:12:16 @ryancoleman i also wrote him a fanboy letter but he never responded…but that does not diminish the love

14:09:56 Great song: “You Want That Picture” off Bonnie Prince Billy’s last album. Okay live version:

16:01:52 Father-in-law sent me this oldie: I cannot believe those dudes are white. That’s some soul.

20:04:24 “In my writing I am acting as a map maker…” – William Burroughs, “Fold-ins” from THE THIRD MIND, which I’m digging

Thursday, 4th of September.

06:30:31 Beautiful morning in Austin, Texas.

08:08:34 I have no idea whether anyone would ever want to leave comments on my Tumblelog, but you can now:

08:12:29 Actually, I take it back: no comments on the Tumblelog. I don’t think anyone reads it anyways…i use it more like a filing system.

08:12:56 @madinkbeard oh really? maybe I should put them back. do you think it’s a good idea?

08:16:25 Ok, if only for @madinkbeard , the Tumblelog now has comments:

08:22:06 @madinkbeard are you saying other people’s stuff is more interesting than my stuff? how dare you! 😉

08:29:39 @wpwend42 thanks, man! go for it

08:44:16 @madinkbeard & @wpwend42 reminded me i love having blog, tumblr, twitter separate. All have their place & people can tune 2 what they want 2

10:09:22 Beautiful Daily Show clip showing the hypocrisy of Republican pundits:

13:21:19 @theBDR at least it beats “middle aged man with a fat ass” 😉 happy bday!

15:16:23 “Go sell crazy someplace else. We’re all stocked up here.”

15:25:24 @scd rt: @pomeranian99 Interviewing Constance Steinkuehler — who is INSANELY SMART. 😀

15:34:30 @TWalk Band demos. For instance, Dept of Eagles’ “No One Does It Like You.” Demo: Studio version:

15:50:38 I really want a piece of baklava. And a glass of milk.

17:47:50 Printing off the wife’s instructions for dinner.

19:35:57 @mlarson we’re going to the rangers game on saturday : I plan on consuming many beers and hot dogs (stadium mustard!)

19:37:10 I can’t wait up for Grandpa John. [creak of bones] G’night.

Friday, 5th of September.

06:07:19 Ghostbusters III??? WTF?

08:59:19 @anorwood oh man. I’m actually hoping the Ghostbusters Wii game doesn’t suck…

09:48:10 @scd you’re not alone, i thought it was lame, too.

13:13:52 My wife needs to organize a party for under 50 graduate architecture students. Anybody have any suggestions for good catering in Austin?

15:26:31 Pump this song in your headphones and get ready for the weekend:

18:16:57 My friend just referred to online trolling/hating as “the douchebaggery of the disembodied.” That’s a line worth stealing.

Saturday, 6th of September.

11:23:32 Off to the Rangers/Red Sox game for the day.

01:19:39 Had my first Kolache today at the Czech Stop in West, Texas. It was heavenly.

09:35:32 I really don’t know what to think about this. Maybe I should set up Newspaper Blackout Franchises in every country:

11:29:39 @mlarson have an awesome trip! take lots of pictures! be safe!

15:50:45 Some doodles from the Rangers / Red Sox game last night:

20:30:12 @anorwood eliminate that pesky whitespace today!

Monday, 8th of September.

07:51:24 Monday morning. “We’ll see what transgresses.”

15:00:33 Man, Thomas Friedman is NAILING it on Fresh Air. Fantastic.

19:12:01 When writing makes you want to punch someone in the face, that’s when you know it isn’t working.

Tuesday, 9th of September.

07:38:20 The new TV on The Radio has leaked. Go find it.

07:50:01 “The Rules of the Roadrunner” making the rounds was my first ever blog post way back when: Weird.

07:54:38 What’s even weirder about my first real blog post? It was 3 years ago, TODAY. September 9th, 2005. There are no coincidences.

09:02:03 Photo geeks: travelling soon, and want a good, fixed lens for my digital rebel. (Old 50mm is too cropped.) 35mm f/2 for $250 on Amazon?

09:51:08 @rohdesign sweeeeet. look forward to seeing the notes

10:07:33 @sandrift thanks for the slrgear tip!

10:54:32 @dcagle that cartoon was great. yellow-bellied editors…sigh.

11:38:05 At the art library scanning the full-broadsheet poems that I’m going to show at VizThink tonight in Austin:

13:37:24 Whoa, I’ve never even listened to Deerhoof, but I dig their new single? Is all their stuff this good?

13:49:36 The new TV on The Radio is making me realize just how much Peter Gabriel is in their sound.

13:55:05 @theBDR will do! thanks for the rec!

14:57:25 If anybody is going to Vizthink tonight (it’s at @conjunctured), I could really use a ride from UT campus. DM me.

16:04:06 I’ll be showing off some never-before-seen poems tonight at VizThink in Austin (including full broadsheets!)

Wednesday, 10th of September.

06:38:13 Perfect way to start your morning:

06:44:35 Democrats: stop whining about polls & Palin. Do what you can: donate $$$$ & get your asses out to vote in Nov. Simple.

08:03:56 @roblifford “look away!” wake me up when there’s someone in office who doesn’t want to repeal The Enlightenment

10:00:06 Notes on last night’s VIzThink Austin Gallery Walk: and photos:

11:07:53 @DustyReagan glad you liked the caricature, man! thanks for having us

15:54:49 A force is watching over my wife and I today. Thanks be to it.

18:40:59 Meg and I have an application that’s being processed tomorrow. It would be awesome if it went through. Pray or cross fingers for us!!!

02:51:27 “The next president will disappoint you”:

07:48:50 The more I listen to Bon Iver the more I like him. these arrangements live in the studio are fantastic:

11:19:41 “Take…no thought for the morrow…Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Matthew 6:34 (I like “the day is its own trouble” better)

12:57:38 Something to remember this weekend, Texans: you don’t need electricity or running water to make a blackout poem!

13:36:05 @roblifford i was too stupid to even make THAT connection. “in a blackout? try blackout poems!”

13:58:38 Fellow Austin Vizthinkers (and friends) Marilyn Martin and Sunni Brown on the radio:

14:37:30 A picture can be worth a 1000 words. A word can be worth a 1000 pictures. And a picture + a word can be worth a 1,000,000 of both.

16:02:59 Steve Brodner: complete genius of visual metaphor.

Friday, 12th of September.

08:08:51 The Dirty Projector’s RISE ABOVE never ceases to amaze me. What a fantastic record. “Six Pack” is my current favorite.

08:23:20 Did my 104th poem for the book today. Dang.

08:29:28 Winner of the August Newspaper Blackout Poems Contest announced!

13:03:37 Laughing at R. Crumb calling LSD his “Road To Damascus”:

13:40:56 Cartoonists are such nerds.

17:07:01 Going to parties with strangers means I have to try to explain what it is that I do. I don’t really enjoy that, but I enjoy the free booze.

17:07:42 @tvtompd congratulations! i recommend jose and some chipotle

22:03:33 The wife and I are having a drunken WELCOME IKE dance party.

Saturday, 13th of September.

10:18:15 Where’s the rain?

13:54:53 on Fleetwood Mac’s TUSK: “This is the ultimate cocaine album.”

17:15:07 Getting lost in The Complete New Yorker and listening to Fleetwood Mac. I am incredibly lame.

17:31:05 Man, I continue to be absolutely amazed by the Gerd Arntz web archive. Fantastic resource:

18:39:17 Wine, cheese, blackout poems, and the Arcade Fire on Austin City Limits. Good way to start a Saturday Night, methinks.

19:32:59 Jesus, I can’t believe David Foster Wallace hung himself. I’m sad and mad and in shock. What a fucking waste.

21:35:56 God Bless Tina Fey.

Sunday, 14th of September.

11:02:14 Fascinating NYer article by Alex Ross on the evolution of the classical concert (incl. rad illo by Ralph Steadman):

11:54:14 @mattforsythe it’s on Hulu:

13:36:26 110 poems for the book…DONE.

13:38:49 My plan? Make 200-250 poems, throw out 50-100, put 150 in the book, then post 1 or 2 each week (Jan-Sept 09) until the release.

18:51:35 Burn After Reading verdict: wait for the DVD.

Monday, 15th of September.

06:40:54 @TWalk thanks for the DFW link: I had read *only* his two non-fiction books + online stuff, and considered myself a huge fan of his writing

06:41:59 Pump the Sixeyes Monday Morning mix: “McDonald’s is the place to rock!”

07:43:42 I can’t remember the last morning I was actually chilly on my walk to and from the bus. Simply gorgeous here in Austin, TX.

09:17:51 The poet was right: “The waiting is the hardest part.”

13:31:17 @scd I’ve been listening to that Bon Iver record a lot lately. Dig these live-in-the-studio videos: Really good stuff.

13:47:45 These Bob Dylan poems in the New Yorker make me feel better about the ones I made at lunch: #17 & #21

15:42:11 “She’s getting the biggest door prize of all time & she’s got complaints already!” – Brodner on Palin’s alleged victimhood

17:14:47 Did something I’ve never done before: missed my bus stop. Went 3 blocks past our apt. (I was doing a poem, of course.)

18:54:02 Sweet: the Austin City Limits folks gave me some tixx to the Aimee Mann taping tomorrow night.

Tuesday, 16th of September.

07:39:41 @RoundSparrow you can see the drawings on the blog tomorrow!

07:42:35 @TWalk comix + green = two hot bandwagons.

08:02:51 @TWalk well, I hope they both do, seeing as how my household is invested in both! 😉

08:04:20 This reminds me: I want to get a ThunderBird Coffee t-shirt (even though I drink more beer there than coffee):

08:24:29 @mlarson welcome back 🙂

09:20:35 Had to add my 2cents to this ridiculous thread about students at my alma mater protesting going to class w/o electric:

09:24:51 Oh, SNAP! RFK on Sarah Palin:

10:58:47 In case you need to raise your blood pressure a bit:

12:37:08 @anorwood Run away!

15:41:04 Nerves shot. Need Sam Cooke.

16:33:03 Headed off to see Aimee Mann tape Austin City Limits!

Wednesday, 17th of September.

07:41:07 You gotta seize every spare moment to get some work in, b/c you never know: I did one of mybest poems half asleep on the bus this morning.

08:47:47 Sketches from last night’s Aimee Mann Austin City Limits taping:

08:57:50 Oh, god: I guess I’m included in “blogs-to-books”, too:

10:41:57 How did I go this long without hearing The Breeders’ POD? A+ Albini production…it’s like the lost Pixies album! Duh!

10:51:48 @anorwood awesome…I can’t believe I was never a fan. [smacks forehead]

11:26:36 @scd that’s where the “Duh” part of the tweet comes in.

13:04:26 Yesterday, Meg saw a hawk eating a dove. Today we befriended an albino squirrel. I’m taking the wildlife as a good omen.

13:06:09 Take a tip from me: when you write about / draw someone famous & post it on the internet, nowadays there’s a good chance they’ll see it.

14:22:20 @scd yeah, but she was delighted, and said it was, like, the most badass thing she’d ever seen

16:23:43 Just a quiet evening, tonight: self-medicating my loan application ulcer with a nice Cabernet and some Sharpie fumes…

17:04:08 @theBDR i think that’s the sweetest tweet I’ve ever read!

Thursday, 18th of September.

07:45:28 Only 4 days left to enter the September Newspaper Blackout Contest. What are you waiting for?

08:26:49 On the San Francisco Chronicle’s rating system, “The Little Man” :

15:37:13 @anorwood awesome!

16:32:43 Seriously, folks: if you’re over 18 & you live in the US, enter the September Newspaper Blackout

Poems contest!

Friday, 19th of September.

07:42:27 @mlarson those Iceland pictures are FANTASTIC

07:48:25 @everydayj thanks for the poem, man!

07:52:16 Decent cover of my fav Beck tune, “Jackass”: The original: and

the sample source:

08:04:56 Dang, I want to see this new Charlie Kaufman movie so bad! Great actresses!

12:41:04 Two of my favorite White Stripes songs in one performance on Letterman: “Fell in love w/ a girl”

+ “Little Room”

16:09:51 “Bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least

something different. -TS Eliot

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


18:35:42 If that delusional tramp Kenley doesn’t get kicked off the next Project Runway, I’m gonna riot.

20:54:15 I really sympathize with Alec Baldwin. A lot of good dads get shitty deals in divorce cases.

Saturday, 20th of September.

07:17:27 I want to just sit around and read all day.

09:17:29 Just one more day to get your entry in for the September Newspaper Blackout Poems contest!

13:08:16 @fatquestion yeah, kenley is done … glad you tried a blackout poem!

16:33:41 Having a blast playing Pyschonauts. Tim Schafer is one of my favorite storytellers.

17:45:53 If you’re on a reality TV show, I’m allowed to make fun of you. Case closed. Here’s a hundred

reasons why:

19:46:49 @gapingvoid genius. they actually put on an incredible live show.

20:19:12 Great movie you probably didn’t see: IN BRUGES.

Sunday, 21st of September.

14:14:22 83 “definitely yes” poems done for the book. More than halfway there.

14:17:02 @mlarson ah! I just put it on hold from library.

20:54:57 Pyschonauts is easily one of the best games I’ve ever played. Spent way too much time this

weekend playing it:

Monday, 22nd of September.

09:53:09 The Great Hand-drawn Mind Mappers Face-off. Vote for me, yo:

10:57:32 “I want to be done playing this lady Nov. 5. So if anybody can help me…that would be good.” –

Tina Fey

14:42:07 ♫ I think I’d like to go / back home / and take it easy / there’s a woman that i’d like to get to know

/ livin’ there ♫

Tuesday, 23rd of September.

08:18:28 @everydayj that my site would be used as a model for anything makes the hours of hair-tearing

worth it. ☢ thanks.

17:50:57 Watch Hollywood f*** up Moby Dick (or make JAWS, pt. 17):

18:47:37 Whoever cuts the montages for the Alamo Drafthouse is freakin’ awesome. Dig October’s set to

a Lykke Li Remix:

19:02:05 @mattforsythe excellent piece! I’m so freaking excited to visit your city…

Wednesday, 24th of September.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:23:05 @mlarson ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? is amazing. I also recommend “Machine Gun” off BAND


10:36:09 @mlarson when I need a meal / i rob and steal

13:19:22 ♫ we’re fighting a war we can’t win / they hate us, we hate them ♫

13:49:04 Our internal Friday Lunch site at work that I designed has leaked onto the Internets. I say we go

public and sell it:

16:28:16 Excited to take the curator’s tour of the new drawing exhibit at the Ransom Center tonight:

20:10:55 I love downloading my cameraphone pictures after they’ve sat on my phone for a month or so.

Lots of forgotten moments:

Thursday, 25th of September.

07:47:17 When I die, burn me or freeze me: Don’t put me in the ground. A flaming pyre

would be nice…complete with a big party.

08:24:04 @mlarson EXACTLY!

12:24:06 ”’Good values people’ have had 8 years & done a shitty job. Lets find some bad values people &

give them a shot.”

12:40:10 Okay folks, I’m taking a poll: are the Drive-By Truckers good enough to take 3 hours of vacation

to see them tape Austin City Limits?

13:02:41 @roblifford that’s what I’m thinkin’!

14:20:14 @lunavelis I can’t remember what I listened to while writing mine…but Pet Sounds is a good

pick. I think I drank more beer than coffee…

14:21:42 @keaggy Sounds like it should be a good show! What album(s) do you recommend?

14:33:43 My model so far: 1) write & draw 2) put it on the web 3) see what happens. Need to add 4) sell

product(s), make some dough.

15:49:54 @keaggy excellent! they’re on, so I will check those out

15:55:12 @rohdesign as always, nice sketchnotes!

15:56:04 @rohdesign ps aren’t you always amazed at how pleased people are to look at things that are

hand-drawn? 🙂

16:17:13 Any web geeks out there know a jquery plugin that will do this effect:

(Hover arrows, sliding images, w/ text+links)?

16:25:17 Heading to the art library to research Miguel Covarrubias. Awesome caricaturist I saw last night

at the Ransom Center:

18:27:30 Great. So mousey-haired Portland girl gets rid of the prettiest model on Project Runway with the

cutest blonde hair ever. MORON!

20:27:01 Show me an architect and I’ll show you someone whose parents wouldn’t pay for art school.

Friday, 26th of September.

06:48:44 Looked at a bunch of R. Crumb sketchbooks yesterday, and last night I dreamed that I was

drawing & cross-hatching in his style. If only!

07:46:26 BB King’s LIVE AT THE REGAL for $2: Damned fine Friday morning listening.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:33:59 Why oh why does Hamilton Leithauser (Walkmen) have to sing every song in a key that is

obviously too high for him? Sad.

12:39:06 This video got me pumped to draw during the Drive-By Truckers ACL taping this afternoon. Early weekend, free beer!

16:05:39 Drive-By Truckers were (pardon my french) FUCKING AWESOME!!!


19:16:40 The DNA of Bears?

19:43:32 Maverick…Maverick…Maverick…why does that name sound familiar?

19:57:27 I don’t think I’m going to watch anymore of these debates. I know who I’m voting for, I’m not

learning anything, and worse, I’m bored. Feh.

20:19:54 @wpwend42 good idea.

21:18:53 Watching the 1st season of PUSHING DAISIES with Meg. Again. This show is much beloved in

the Kleon household, for good reason: it’s awesome.

Saturday, 27th of September.

13:57:21 ♬ “I can’t help it if I’m lucky” – Bob Dylan, “Idiot Wind” It don’t mean I ain’t

grateful — quite the opposite.

20:29:53 @drawers we should’ve beat that frenchman’s ass

20:40:59 Man, what a fantastic day.

Sunday, 28th of September.

15:24:24 October is going to be one crazy month.

18:28:46 One more week until we fly to Montreal for a week. Anybody got suggestions for stuff to see / do

/ eat?

20:52:11 @roblifford yes. Paul Newman may have died, but the true Hollywood tragedy this weekend was

ScarJo getting married. Sigh.

Monday, 29th of September.

06:52:17 Good omen: we rescued a lost dog on our morning walk.

07:02:02 Winners of the September Newspaper Blackout Poems Contest:

12:10:33 @kdelap returned to the owner!

12:45:37 Great NPR interview with Chris Onstad, creator of one of my favorite webcomics, ACHEWOOD:

15:17:05 Moment of panic: I only have 12 weeks (3 months) left to finish my book.

16:18:51 CAN’T HARDLY WAIT is one of the most underrated teen comedies ever. I might have to buy


21:08:41 Spacehog’s “In The Meantime” still kicks ass: YEAH, MIDDLE SCHOOL!

21:11:04 “like Elvis in his jumpsuit” <– actual line from one of the poems going in the book

21:17:57 @bentumbrella possums! don’t tell meghan — she is totally creeped out by possums…saturday pm was awesome, by the way!

21:52:43 “If you don’t know a Michael Scott, you are Michael Scott.” – Steve Carell

22:13:13 @listofnow the whole thing is on youtube!

22:16:59 Oh yes: someone uploaded the entirety of CAN’T HARDLY WAIT to YouTube:

Goodnight, folks!

Tuesday, 30th of September.

08:52:49 Ipods need a delete function — here’s a workaround:

09:50:58 @madinkbeard loving your Frank Santoro series — I have STOREYVILLE, but I’m going to have

to pick up CHIMERA, etc.

17:55:24 I had no idea Obama was a smoker! Fine by me: better than an alcoholic or an advocate for

teen pregnancy.

18:12:19 And now I will tweet the best lines from CAN’T HARDLY WAIT:

18:12:42 “Yo, I GOTTA have sex tonight!” – Kenny Fisher

18:14:56 “Time is honeys.” – Kenny Fisher

18:19:29 FACT: 4 of the actors in CAN’T HARDLY WAIT went on to star on the TV show SIX FEET

UNDER. 9 were on BUFFY.

18:29:33 “Why y’all gotta waste my flavor? Damn!” – Kenny Fisher

18:36:04 “Damn! She’s gonna think I got that premature evacuation!” – Kenny Fisher

18:43:03 OK. Enough with the CAN’T HARDLY WAIT quotes. I don’t have the stamina to keep up with

them all.

18:43:54 In other news: Sarah Palin can’t (or won’t) name a newspaper she regularly reads:

September 30, 2008

18:12:19 And now I will tweet the best lines from CAN’T HARDLY WAIT:

18:12:42 “Yo, I GOTTA have sex tonight!” – Kenny Fisher

18:14:56 “Time is honeys.” – Kenny Fisher

18:19:29 FACT: 4 of the actors in CAN’T HARDLY WAIT went on to star on the TV show SIX FEET

UNDER. 9 were on BUFFY.

18:29:33 “Why y’all gotta waste my flavor? Damn!” – Kenny Fisher

18:36:04 “Damn! She’s gonna think I got that premature evacuation!” – Kenny Fisher

18:43:03 OK. Enough with the CAN’T HARDLY WAIT quotes. I don’t have the stamina to keep up with

them all.

October 1, 2008

Wednesday, 1st of October.

08:00:09 October newspaper blackout poem contest:

08:16:19 I could watch Steve Brodner draw all day:

08:37:54 AMERICA: a land where you’re free to proudly celebrate your mediocrity!

09:03:25 @roblifford so cool!

Thursday, 2nd of October.

07:39:45 Van Morrison to Play Astral Weeks in Full: Lester Bangs on one of the greatest

albums of all time:

08:21:00 Listen to 3 of the best songs on ASTRAL WEEKS: Then get the whole album:

10:38:46 The word ‘intellectual” is never meant as a compliment:

11:07:21 @madinkbeard some of his stuff is really great. love the way Phil Hoffman plays him in


13:50:39 Austinites who havnt seen the A++ documentary about Barton Springs, THE UNFORESEEN:

you can do so tonight @ the springs!

14:00:48 “You can literally register to vote while you’re pooping…if you have a laptop.” I’m in.

14:14:14 Even though 90% of everything is crap, I now empathize so much with any new author releasing

a new book — it ain’t easy, folks. Be kind.

15:49:11 Rolling Stone nails it: it ain’t “Country First,” it’s “McCain First.”

19:16:30 Gosh darn it, golly gee, the fact that a nice, harmless lady like Sarah Palin could be President…it

makes me want to scalp a Republican.

19:35:42 Funny you should mention rape, Governor Palin…

19:49:14 “The Castro Brothers” would be a good band name.

19:54:51 My fellow Americans: no one loves America more than Austin Kleon. Austin Kleon loves

America. Austin Kleon IS America!

20:32:38 Obama / Biden ’08: We put the FUN in fundamental change!

Friday, 3rd of October.

09:39:18 @rohdesign happy birthday!

10:04:04 @Drawers man, I was so pleased with Biden. I think he’s a better debater than Obama, even.

10:05:39 A thought: good money management is as much about saying “no” to the culture around you

than anything else. It’s making your own values.

11:24:53 Money management napkin doodle:

11:31:31 @mlarson Yeah! If you approach it with discipline, money is the simplest thing in the world.

17:49:43 WWRSD: What would Ray Smuckles do?

20:39:49 @mattforsythe If you hear someone whistling “The Farmer In The Dell”…run. (Omar comin’!)

Saturday, 4th of October.

09:12:11 When I used to listen to REM’s “Don’t Go Back To Rockville,” I would substitute in “Circleville”

Still works pretty well:

09:18:23 “The truth ain’t like puppies, a bunch of them running around, and you pick your favorite.” —

Emerson Cod

15:17:17 Tell us good things to do / see / eat while we’re in Montreal!

21:38:45 “I believe marriage is meant to be a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.” – Tina

Fey as Sarah Palin

Sunday, 5th of October.

09:53:54 Every time my wife Googles “Green Preservation,” I hear her mutter, “Stupid Kinks.”

14:57:11 My fascist blasphemy for the day: voting is a lot like reading — you should only do it if you’re

gonna vote for / read the right stuff…

Monday, 6th of October.

08:22:39 Anybody going to see Art Spiegelman at Bookpeople here in Austin tomorrow night? (Tuesday,

7PM) I’ll be there.

11:02:56 Listening to these Dylan cuts reminds me: there is a reason why songs are unreleased and

scenes are deleted.

13:28:39 @MyLifeInaCube she said yes, right? 🙂

15:17:20 “I need a vacation.”

15:40:59 Great. They question you at customs for stuff you have in your sketchbook? I’m doomed. Wait

’til they see my newspaper:

16:01:54 @rohdesign “I’m with the CIA, let me through”

20:22:22 Reminder to self: you work a day job so you don’t have to take on illustration work. (Turning

down work is hard for me.)

Tuesday, 7th of October.

08:08:13 “A new book out this fall, “Health at Every Size,” by Linda Bacon” <– can’t make that up.

14:29:11 I don’t think I’ve ever looked so forward to a vacation. Escaping Texas. Escaping America.

Escaping code. Escaping Sharpies and newsprint…

16:26:12 Going to go see Art Spiegelman at Bookpeople. Stop and say hello if you see me and Meg.

20:22:25 Art Spiegelman was so much more fun to listen to than either of these guys.

page 16 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


21:35:11 My notes on Art Spiegelman’s talk at BookPeople tonight (includes sketchbook comics)

Wednesday, 8th of October.

08:28:51 @rohdesign thanks! he was just as awesome as I’d hoped. really funny and a nice guy.

09:27:29 Bloggers: breaking interviews into 2,3,4,∞ parts is an annoying, lame way to try to get more

traffic/subscribers. Be generous. Don’t do it.

11:18:52 I am not taking a computer on vacation. I am very happy about this.

12:31:55 Okay, the MUSIC of Deerhoof is pretty freaking amazing, but why in the hell do they let this

chick sing for them?

12:32:25 @mlarson no worries! I will have the sketchbook 😀

12:48:15 A copy in my hands, I can assure you: Crispin Glover’s RAT-CATCHING is batshit crazy. Video

review to come next week.

13:01:20 Wow. Watching Scott Adams draw Dilbert is almost as boring as reading it. Talk about taking all

magic out of making…

13:49:24 @MyLifeInaCube The Cintiq inspires a great lust within my heart…

13:52:22 Two lectures I’m going to miss tomorrow: on how our eyes produce color: and

drawing: cc: @anorwood

22:39:15 On a much-needed vacation from the internets.

Thursday, 9th of October.

18:06:32 Bonsoir, Montreal!

18:16:55 You never know who’s reading: Edward Tufte linked to my map of BEAUTIFUL EVIDENCE!

Friday, 10th of October.

07:54:33 Beautiful morning in Montreal.

18:05:24 @lunavelis yes! beautiful campus. must visit if you’re considering

18:23:35 EPIC: according to Google Maps, we walked at least 8 miles across Montreal today. Taking the

Metro tomorrow, methinks.

18:30:18 @mattforsythe Good news: picked up Ojingogo + yr sketchbook @ D+Q store today! Bad news:

they didn’t have a Tom Gauld t-shirt my size…

Saturday, 11th of October.

15:38:01 Met photographer Kate Hutchinson today — she was super nice and seemed surprised a couple

of Texans stopped by the show..

15:39:17 Our impression: Montreal is less a sightseeing city, and more of a sit in a cafe on St. Denis,

smoke cigarettes, and draw cartoons city.

21:10:43 Amazing dinner tonight at Au Pied de Cochon. A must if you’re ever in Montreal:

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


21:11:59 Montreal seems like more of a nighttime city. Tonight’s highlight: 7 young thugs singing GnR’s

“Night Train” at the top of their lungs.

Sunday, 12th of October.

07:49:22 @mattforsythe yeah! 3 of them: they’re hanging on the wall behind the counter. they’re pretty

much sold out, though, unless yr a small

09:27:48 Heading up to Mont Royal and the Mile End neighborhood today.

13:50:41 Not feeling the love for Montreal today.

18:15:40 @kdelap everything’s fine — just not as bowled over by the city as everyone said we’d be

Monday, 13th of October.

08:06:35 Sometimes complaining works: Holiday Inn moved us to a 2bedroom suite last night. Slept like a


08:06:52 Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!

18:20:24 @scd yes, I suggest getting a wife…they are very handy

18:34:03 RT @tvtompd: “Columbus Day, America! We found it, we named it, we built it, and we put in the

driveways and landscaping!”

18:51:44 Instructions on the back of KRAZY GLUE: “Do not use to attach artificial nails.”

Tuesday, 14th of October.

04:51:05 GREAT DAY in Montreal: went to see TELL NO ONE (****), ate mussels + drank beer up on St.

Denis, and then drew a bunch of cartoons.

05:21:26 If it takes you 1/2 an hour to make a blackout poem and you win, that’s like making $24/hour.

Enter the contest, people:

07:40:31 One of the greatest feelings in the world: getting an e-mail out of the blue from someone you

look up to. Rad, rad, rad.

07:51:36 Lounge of the Montreal Hilton. Garden courtyard to right, pool to left. Chinese doorman

humming “Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer.” Life=weird.

08:35:39 Poolside at the Montreal Hilton. Making poems in the sunshine. Swanky.

08:37:40 USA Today: “If there’s one feature that defines the presidential debate on education, it’s this:

near silence.” Amen.

10:27:24 Just wrote an e-mail to someone asking for career advice. (From me?) I said, “You don’t need a

degree. You need proof you can do the work.”

10:39:38 This trip has not been very relaxing. Which is why I’m working at the bar in the Hilton. A bit of

pampering, please.

19:37:20 @apelad agreed! thunderbird1958 had an amazing collection of 45s, but his account was


19:42:28 I’ll do a blog post later, but in case you can’t wait to see stuff from my Montreal sketchbook:

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Wednesday, 15th of October.

08:04:08 Never thought I’d say this, but: I miss Texas. This trip has made me realize how happy I am in

Austin. Time to go home.

16:19:21 Sketched an Otto Dix painting and bought ASTRAL WORKS on LP for $8. I’d call that a good


18:47:14 400 fans of the poems on Facebook. Too cool!

19:55:24 I said I wasn’t going to watch another debate. I also said no internet on vacation. FAIL, FAIL,

FAIL. [ sigh ]

20:00:16 Joe The Plumber probably makes at least 5x my salary.

20:20:18 I think both candidates suck on education. The only person I liked on education was Bill

Richardson. I would’ve voted for that guy.

Thursday, 16th of October.

12:56:20 Back home in Austin, Texas. Really, really glad I live here.

13:02:27 Yeah, this is pretty much how I felt when I lived in Ohio:

13:02:41 @lunavelis that is genius

13:32:00 @minorjive that old Genesis is SO GOOD

13:36:16 Holy shit, this old vinyl copy of ASTRAL WEEKS I bought for $8 sounds SO GOOD.

15:08:27 @sct yes!

16:00:53 @thcrawford same here! I ate like a pig in Montreal and didn’t gain a pound. but then, I probably

walked an average of 5 miles a day…

20:06:26 Playing guitar tonight I remembered the riff to this great Radiohead b-side: OK

Computer era b-sides = genius.

Friday, 17th of October.

06:45:09 @odannyboy can’t believe i didn’t remember that song while we were in O’Hare yesterday…

10:12:39 @anodyne2art love that one too

10:18:35 @thedynamo yeah man, thanks for the kind words! ive thought a lot about branding for artists,

never written much about it

10:20:34 Flattered by @thedynamo ‘s kind words: Artist as brand is definitely something

I’ve thought a lot about…

12:35:50 “Is art basically glorified child’s play, extending…thru a lifetime, picking up ideas & gaining

finesse as it goes?”

15:37:39 Straight Talk Express: cool little zine about McCain

20:10:34 “Behind every good man there is a woman, and that woman was Martha Washington, man…”

Saturday, 18th of October.

10:17:19 Lunch at Quality Seafood, then Maker Faire with @drawers & @bentumbrella. Beautiful day for


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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


18:19:12 Going to an opening at Art Palace:

Sunday, 19th of October.

12:28:50 The return of Terry Tate!

14:51:21 Photos from Maker Faire yesterday:

15:23:28 Download esau mwamwaya + radioclit the very best mixtape…you won’t be disappointed:

15:32:43 Montreal trip photos:

17:14:17 I can see this blog post pissing some “art world” types off. I don’t care:

19:30:31 Just a reminder: poems for the October blackout poems contest are due at 5PM this Thursday.

Have you submitted yours?

Monday, 20th of October.

08:05:43 Top 5 celebrity golfers I’d hit the links with: 1) Willie Nelson 2) Bill Murray 3) Samuel L. Jackson

4) Jack Nicholson 5) Matt McConaughey

09:38:34 Sweet: the dollar’s spike meant our Montreal trip was a lot cheaper than I thought it was. That

van record was even more of a bargain! $6.75

13:12:35 Retweeting @Twalk retweeting @shawnz: “Genius is the recovery of childhood at will.”


15:06:13 Wish I’d had this list when I was working at the library, teaching computers to senior citizens: cc: @beatleboymatt

18:21:58 Let’s Go Away for Awhile

20:12:10 Watching a fascinating PBS documentary on LBJ

Tuesday, 21st of October.

09:14:55 A beautiful morning to have abnormal cells cut off the back of your head.

09:31:08 If it weren’t for Vietnam, LBJ would’ve gone down in history as a great president:

09:32:15 @TWalk thanks! everything went fine

11:20:26 “The country is most barbarously large & final. It is too much country…alternately drab &

dazzling, spectral & remote.”

17:04:59 @odannyboy I’ll second that emotion

17:15:43 A care package from one of my heroes: Rivaled only by this one:

Life is really cool, sometimes.

21:45:36 To be 13 again, with my pawn shop guitar, looking out the window at the cornfields. Back then, I

wanted to be here. Life laughs at you.

Wednesday, 22nd of October.

08:01:37 The idea that small towns are the best part of America is laughable — especially when you grew

up in one:

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:52:04 One more day to enter the October contest. Come on, you know you want to:

11:12:02 Holy crap. White Denim show at Club Deville tonight for $9. Wonder if I can convince the wife to


11:18:09 @madinkbeard amen, brother

11:24:31 @bonitasarita i really want to see them before they get too huge…heard nothing but good things

15:08:21 We should get some folks in the Treasury Department to enter the blackout poem contest!

21:30:45 Sketchbook and photo slideshows & recalling the highlights of our Montreal trip:

Thursday, 23rd of October.

08:23:55 Larry David on the election:

08:24:34 @rohdesign thanks, mike! I really loved that slideshow site you used…had to try it out

08:25:10 Escape the election madness! Enter the blackout poems contest! You have til 4PM EST this


13:12:06 @rohdesign totally…excellent tool!

13:12:40 @Stammy flickrslidr is rad. $3000 well deserved!

13:15:07 @kdelap i got your entry…very cool! i should be announcing the winners soon… 😉

14:20:05 @TWalk that article is rad. funny thing is, originally he couldn’t get them to publish it!

15:42:36 @TWalk yeah i love the fleetwood mac vs. eagles comparison! much richer than the NYer piece

16:16:19 This animation blows my mind:

16:27:21 “Onceuponatime, a group called the Clash sang ‘We’re a garage band.’ But who can afford a

garage nowadays?” -Ian Svenonius

Friday, 24th of October.

07:31:19 I want to punch the librarian who came up with the UT libraries recall system.

07:37:44 Freestyle Rap Battle Translation: Thanks, @lunavelis

08:56:58 @anorwood you better take some time from sharepoint and pick a stellar place to eat!

12:21:47 Ate the REPUBLICAN taco at Torchy’s, then voted straight DEMOCRAT. Who says there’s no

party unity anymore?

12:42:37 @madinkbeard that’s right! my stomach is ignorant of party politics

13:05:16 Group prayer as time management and an organizational tool:

14:30:08 @keaggy have you seen his new mini, OR ELSE? god, it’s great. picked it up in Montreal. one

of my favorite cartoonists.

15:26:36 Architecture firm PageSoutherlandPage uses newspaper blackout poems in their proposal for a

new central library in Austin:

15:31:43 @rohdesign in that interview, when you mentioned taking notes during sermons it reminded me

of Kevin Huizenga’s SERMONS:

20:25:58 Watch the documentary about the Eels singer, Mark Everett (E) and the search for his physicist

father before it disappears:

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Saturday, 25th of October.

08:30:17 ♬ “Life is hard / And so am I…” ♬

09:24:14 @TWalk congrats, man!

10:43:15 Even the “weaker” Pixies albums blow everything out of the water. Witness: TROMPE LE


12:03:33 Austin Voters: Vote NO on Prop 2

15:41:36 @bentumbrella you survived a week of houston! yay!

18:33:18 @robotjohnny meeting that woman changed my life. seriously. enough energy and inspiration

for a lifetime…

18:35:37 Going through a year of New Yorkers with an X-acto blade. I hate recycling them…but I’m fear

The Wife’s wrath if I don’t…

23:00:59 @bentumbrella why in the heck did I think it was Houston? duh. i must’ve inhaled too many

sharpie fumes tonight

23:03:53 SNL producers tonite: “Dude, we don’t have Tina Fey, Amy Poehler’s in labor, we suck at jokes,

lets just let Coldplay do 3 songs. Screw it.”

Sunday, 26th of October.

08:21:12 @lunavelis man, that was my least-favorite part of senior project. good luck.

08:26:56 @thcrawford you mean, they were trying hard not to sound like Coldplay? about the only thing

the new songs retain is Martin’s voice…

08:55:33 Walk to Galaxy Cafe for breakfast, then my beloved Sunday Morning Activity: Half Price Books!

14:29:45 I’m thinking about calling this poem MY REVIEW OF I AM LEGEND: “arresting the scene in

which the dog died / i called for his head on ice.”

14:49:02 Thesis: most 80s songs would be improved if you cut out the bridge.

15:07:14 @aaronrester exactly! they’d actually be GOOD songs

16:21:41 The week’s last poem: “in LOVE all you can do / is fail so badly the first time / the ReSt u don’t

mind a t all.”

17:23:01 New blog post: GET YOURSELF A CALENDAR (complete with MAGNOLIA clip!)

18:07:46 Andy Rooney needs to be put out to pasture. Hopefully after the election, he and McGramps

can commiserate about being old and grumpy.

19:26:25 Drunk drawing.

Monday, 27th of October.

08:00:07 Winners of the October Newspaper Blackout Poems contest:

08:17:11 You know it’s Monday when the first line of your morning bus ride blackout poem is “Who put

me here?”

08:30:25 @kdelap my pleasure! 😀

10:39:13 Happy Tenth Anniversary, American Elf:

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


12:28:25 Deerhoof’s new album, OFFEND MAGGIE, is my new favorite working music:

13:42:18 @Drawers energy 😀 have a good trip!

16:04:54 Going to Scholz Beer Garten (meg has a meeting there) Any beer/food


16:21:42 @anorwood thanks, man!

17:04:58 Hanging out at Scholz Garden. Doing poems. Bartender’s last name is Leon, as opposed to

Kleon. Suddenly want a cigarette…and some brisket!

18:16:13 Had to implore the bartender to put on the World Series. Who gives a crap about Monday Night

Football? What is this, Texas?

18:22:38 Closed Captioning on the bar TV says the Phillies are playing the Gay Rays. Must be a Phillies

fan who programmed it…

18:36:39 @madinkbeard off to a great start!

19:04:28 @madinkbeard I’m rooting for y’all. Mostly because I hate the state of Florida and think it should

be sold back to Spain…

20:50:27 @Drawers oh, we rocked the Blizzard yesterday…Butterfinger, of course, the only kind…

20:52:46 I knew someone would quit following me after my hate speech against Florida, but I don’t care.

Thanks, Qwitter.

20:55:31 Food at Scholz Garten = disgusting. Waste of money and gut space. The Franziskaner was

awesome, though. Thanks @anorwood & @overprocessed

21:08:32 Getting into bed with @megzo — no night is ever a complete waste!

Tuesday, 28th of October.

09:38:53 When Obama wins, I want to walk the streets with a ghetto blaster pumping Spoon’s “The


13:07:32 “New” Arthur Russell record AND a documentary!

15:41:35 “____ takes an invisible phenomenon and turns it into a visible picture” You could

fill in the blank with comics, too.

15:44:24 @madinkbeard this reminded me of dash shaw’s bottomless belly button (and your review) –>

18:35:15 David Byrne visits Cleveland, gets ripped off by a cabbie, rides down Euclid Ave, and watches a

grotesque old rocker:

21:13:17 If Obama were a real socialist, that’d be even better. Instead, I’ll settle for young, multi-racial,

Democratic intellectual.

21:24:18 Huh: who knew that in the midst of this economic meltdown, the Communist Manifesto turned


21:26:00 “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” – my grandfather, who lost the family farm after a

hail storm and foreclosure. Socialist?

21:29:25 I want free health care and free education for every American — the same things they wanted in

the Communist Manifesto.

21:31:05 @wpwend42 hahaha….yes!

21:40:38 Holy crap: an MTV video archive: Thanks, @anorwood !

21:56:41 [EXCLUSIVE!] New Obama campaign video:

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Wednesday, 29th of October.

07:57:43 @lunavelis have you heard “Welcome To the Terrordome”? That’s my favorite. FEAR OF A


08:00:13 @jcsalterego yeah, @jkottke linked to that. very cool!

08:06:04 @lunavelis ack! that youtube had no vocals. listen to this one:

08:07:11 ♫ i got so much trouble on my mind / refuse to lose / here’s yo ticket / here the drummer get

wicked ♫

10:20:24 @mlarson “just between you and me, I’m really excited about the Ring Dings and Pepsi”

10:25:08 The Breeders’ MOUNTAIN BATTLES is pretty rad: More proof of how important

Kim Deal was to the Pixies.

11:26:53 Drawing with water:

16:00:44 Sartre said “hell is other people.” I wonder how many designers have that pinned to their cubicle

wall. (Other people = clients.)

19:59:34 Man, it’s fun to watch people win. Congrats, Phillies! Next up: Obama!

21:45:06 rt @megzo me: “sometimes i wonder where our future dog is now.” ak: “hopefully curled up on

the lap of some old lady who’s about to kick it”

Thursday, 30th of October.

06:37:26 Big day….BIG day. More details this afternoon…

07:55:29 These folks: want to use this: on a t-shirt. I said, “Cool, let’s do it.”


09:32:49 Here goes everything…see you on the other side.

13:43:42 OK, it’s official: we closed on a house today. It’s built, we bought it, we got the keys, we move in

this weekend. Booyah!

14:44:13 @chrisferan NOW you’re talkin’! 😉

16:20:28 @Drawers so jealous of the location in NYC!! thanks for the times pic and the congrats…see

you when you get back!

16:59:23 Going to see TV ON THE RADIO at Stubbs tonight:

23:29:04 TV on the Radio was rad:

Friday, 31st of October.

00:05:03 Doodle of the new house:

06:24:36 @chrisferan DEFINITELY apply for the goldman prize. if you don’t, you’ll slap yourself later, like

i did

07:29:56 @theBDR “awesome!” re: the traffic, “curses!” re: the spam, “rawk!” re: dino jr.

07:31:40 If you’re bored this morning, here’s a couple of blog posts: TV On The Radio sketches: and The New House:

08:16:27 @theBDR deerhoof is coming to funfunfun fest here in austin…i might have to drop the $50 to

see them (LOVE the new album)

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:34:35 Free advice: if someone can’t tell from scanning (not reading) your e-mail what you want from

them, your e-mail has failed. <delete>

09:25:16 @ryancoleman loved your post on halloween as a visual thinker’s holiday!

unfortunately, w/ the move, we have no pumpkin!

09:40:28 @bonitasarita When I lived in Ohio, I thought King of the Hill was overblown satire. In Texas,

now I realize it’s deadpan realism!

09:42:51 @bonitasarita King of the Hill in french, spotted on our Montreal trip: “Henri Pis Sa Gang”

09:43:07 @ryancoleman thanks, man!

09:53:07 @bonitasarita watching it in french it was like something out of a beckett play: a bunch of guys

standing around speaking french…waiting..

10:03:32 HOMESLICE for lunch! Love this place. When I was a kid, my brother used to

say, “What up, homeslice?”

10:03:49 @bonitasarita just a dude mumbling in french. lol

13:35:00 I need a DeLorean with a flux capacitor.

14:48:50 Our last 3 moves: ☞ Oxford to Cleveland: 250 miles. ☞ Cleveland to Austin: 1500 miles ☞ Apt to

house: 4 miles. Think I can handle this one.

19:53:50 Hung out on our new porch steps tonight and passed out candy. Met our new neighbors and

watched the sunset. Heavenly.

19:54:34 Stood behind Britt Daniel in line at Chipotle tonight. He was not wearing any aluminum foil, and

therefore, did not get a free burrito.


November 1, 2008


Saturday, 1st of November.

09:42:57 Beautiful weekend to move. Could be cooler, but no chance of rain. (Or snow, but that’s a


13:14:52 It’s cheap bastard vs. cheap bastard. The question is, “Who will win?”

21:09:41 Kind of a crappy day. Medicating w/ beer.

Sunday, 2nd of November.

08:13:45 Extra hour to pack & move: awesome.

Monday, 3rd of November.

02:36:56 I had two wishes for November: 1) we’d be living in a new house 2) Obama would be elected. #1

happened today, #2 will happen tuesday

02:37:28 Me: “Wow, this is the first time we’ve ever had cable.” Cable guy: “What, have you been living

under a rock?”

02:39:12 I have always chuckled at FREE AIR signs at gas stations. No more. All machines within 5

blocks took 75 cents, quarters only. I had none.

02:41:26 movin’ on up / to the east side / we finally got a piece of the pie!

09:19:03 Moved into the house in one maniacal weekend. My body hurts everywhere. Time for heavy

doses of coffee, bacon, and Advil.

11:48:56 @Drawers i like it — y’all ready to come see the new pad?

11:49:22 @Drawers how long are you in NYC?

11:54:37 Dig my buddy @drawers ‘s drawings:

12:03:56 @MyLifeInaCube i finally got my scanner unpacked…I’ll try to send you something!

14:57:25 Had an obvious – but important – thought this morning: I draw because it makes me feel alive.

15:42:18 Austinites: is FUN FUN FUN Fest worth the dough?

19:02:03 Ladies and gentlemen, we have hot water. “Me man, me make fire!”

Tuesday, 4th of November.

10:34:39 Take your mind off the election! Enter the November newspaper blackout poems contest!

16:02:31 @ryancoleman and now I have a craving as well.

16:04:22 In the past month or so, there have been at least a dozen times that I wanted to pull a Rip Van

Winkle. “Wake me up when it’s over!”

16:39:32 Wish I could be out sketching people at the polls like I did for the primaries:

page 26 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:50:22 Burroughs said the cut-up method was time-travel. Old blackout poem about landlords seems

clairvoyant this week:

23:46:18 @roblifford yes! send in the puppies!

23:54:56 Way to go, Ohio! Proud of my native state.

Wednesday, 5th of November.

00:01:02 “A ripple in the universe / someone named him Obama.”

00:11:26 All humans — especially Americans — love a good story. And that’s why Obama won.

09:09:42 @mlarson happy birthday, pal — that was one helluva present last night! hope you gave it the

party it deserved

09:46:44 Cap Metro on strike in ATX. Luckily, the new house is only 2 miles from campus: Meg and I

walked it this morning. Took about 40 minutes.

10:02:47 2008 isn’t over yet, but it’s kind of fun to look at a visual archive of the blog in the past year:

14:46:48 On “The Proximity of bodies” @mlarson had some really good thoughts

16:21:22 @bentumbrella that is rad! i stood behind luke wilson at security once, but Phil Hoffman?? too


17:11:11 @chrisferan what article is that from??? hilarious!

17:12:06 I don’t know what possessed me to post an excerpt of my undergrad thesis, but I did:

19:33:32 @chrisferan yeah, obermann was all over it tonight (oh, cable…sigh)

19:38:42 @chrisferan dig the Austin City Limits blog: one of the techs posts about the gear! total gear


Thursday, 6th of November.

00:13:15 And you may find yourself in a beautiful house / with a beautiful wife / And you may ask yourself

/ how did I get here?

09:48:09 We’re East-siders now. RT @megzo: overheard on the bus: “you goin’ to the meeting this

morning?” “nah, i gotta go meet my PO”

11:32:17 @davegray great reading list! lots to add to my own

11:55:45 Really digging this Littly Joy album (side-project of the Strokes’ drummer) Laid back, lots of uke.

Take a listen:

13:42:57 @davegray Scott McCloud’s UNDERSTANDING COMICS…maybe?

14:12:10 @harryzicht thanks! 😀

15:39:59 Amazed that United Features made 50 years of Peanuts free online: Needs

full-text search & better design…but dang!

17:49:48 Staying late at the office to work on poems. Waiting on @megzo to finish class. Lights out,

playing some music.

Friday, 7th of November.

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09:15:31 ♫ Jolene, Jolene, JOLENE, JOLEEEEEENE! ♫

10:42:16 “Its often the guys at the back treating the music business as some vast cosmic joke who seem

2 b loving evry minute of it”

13:33:11 @jbj thanks for the bookslut mention — entries have dwindled a little for the last

contest…hopefully that will get a few more!

14:23:42 Hate it when I Google a phrase for research & the 1st thing that comes up is my own blog. i.e.

“Mathematical storytelling”:

14:42:25 Finally. The New Yorker digitizes its archives (free for subscribers!)

Saturday, 8th of November.

09:02:46 IKEA. Free breakfast. Buying wastebaskets. (Being domesticated is very exciting.)

22:53:57 @drawers @bentumbrella y’all rock. thanks for dinner.

Sunday, 9th of November.

08:38:21 Interview with me and a journalism student from Australia:

13:48:00 @mlarson good! that means there will be something to learn from the book!

18:51:07 Omelets, bacon, and beer for dinner. Watching Superbad. No work being done here at Chez

Kleon, whatsoever.

19:24:59 Happy that largeheartedboy linked to the father-in-law’s review of Best American Comics, and

quoted best graf cc: @tvtompd

21:26:47 “You wanna boycott someone? You ought to start with the god****n barber that f***ed up your


22:30:35 Sweet: Chris Onstad (Achewood) is coming to Austin Books on Dec. 6th:

Monday, 10th of November.

09:11:19 @theBDR yeah, Mooney! I saw them in college — it was insane:

09:27:52 Meg and I would appreciate your suggestions for fun things to do / eat / see on our New

England trip next week:

13:23:37 @listofnow i saw them! thanks, bonnie!

17:27:11 Burgers at Phil’s Ice House, and then using my 40% coupon at Half Price books…one awesome

night coming up!

20:01:05 Got a signed copy of Tufte’s VISUAL EXPLANATIONS for $11 at Half Price. Tiny torn corner on

jacket cover. Thank you, 40% coupon!

Tuesday, 11th of November.

10:37:12 @ryancoleman i’d probably just ask her about her favorite books / comics. Ask her for a

“reading list”.

10:46:43 @theBDR keep it up, man! smoking is fun and pleasurable (most non-smokers like me won’t

admit that), but think of all the money you’ll save!

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10:48:32 Not yet sure what to use this for (contest?), but there’s a Flickr pool for Newspaper Blackout

Poems now. Add your own!

12:37:17 Here’s the secret to blackout poems: they bring the tactile sense to writing. You make them with

your hands. Not f***ing Microsoft Word.

12:42:10 Current Gmail ad: “Publish your bad poetry.” Working on it…

15:39:46 @gunner64 “Meetings Make You Stupid”

17:57:53 rt @jasonfried I don’t care if your email is “Sent from my iPhone”

19:24:46 My new e-mail signature: “Sent from my old-ass Dell Optiplex with 1GB of RAM that I borrowed

from work”

20:39:00 First night I’ve actually got down to work in my office. Feels great.

22:54:14 Books that don’t just show you how to make art, they’re works of art in themselves:

23:39:49 Trying to find a decent hotel in Boston on short notice. Anybody got any recommendations?

23:57:23 @minorjive thanks man

Wednesday, 12th of November.

00:04:48 @minorjive yeah, we might just stay at this place in newton – far out, but that’s ok

00:08:57 @minorjive we’re renting a car to drive from Boston to CT — I’m thinking about extending the

dates and picking it up when we get to boston

00:21:11 Due to hotel $$$, I’m tempted to just stay in Providence & take the commuter line in to/from

Boston. From what I can tell, it’s 1hr.

08:59:53 FREE “This is Daptone Records…” Compilation:

14:19:45 Update on our NE trip: we’re now staying 3 nights in Providence, and taking the commuter train

in to Boston for Meg’s conference.

15:05:40 “At the end of the day, my dream for anyone is to find joy and peace in making things by hand.”

God bless the craft scene.

16:49:18 Music is the greatest thing in the world.

17:29:42 @chrisferan @megzo “I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening?


19:18:08 R.I.P Mitch Mitchell. Amazing drummer.

21:02:17 @roblifford I hear you, man.

22:56:11 Adobe Bridge makes the process of sorting poems for this book A LOT easier. 100 yes, 100

maybe/no. 50 + “History” & “How-To” sections to go.

22:56:58 @chrisferan you haven’t had the right oatmeal raisin cookies. my mom’s/aunt’s will make you

see jesus

23:02:18 Charlie Rose: “How did you become a poet?” Kay Ryan: “Reluctantly.”

23:04:03 @mlarson i really dig kay ryan. i love her attitude, and want to rip off that “reluctantly” joke about

being a “poet”

Thursday, 13th of November.

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09:45:28 @mlarson her (kay ryan) article on poetry and humor is good:

10:07:44 “I want to see a well-laid Ted Turner newscast: ‘Hey, it’s all going to work out. Here’s sports.'” –

Bill Hicks

10:30:51 Poetry is just like anything else: 90% of it bores me to tears.

11:48:39 God, to be alive in 1966 and see Jimi Hendrix. He STILL looks/sounds like an alien…imagine

what it was like then!

11:49:47 My dad tells me about being in college and going to the library and cranking Hendrix on the big

old earphones. I love that image so much.

16:02:17 “Theeeeeese eyes! Aaaaaaaaaahre cryin!”

16:38:19 “What does the week measure? Nothing.”

16:58:09 @mlarson this article on the weekend is amazing! and 17 years old!

19:32:50 @chrisferan Green Day has an amazing back catalogue, a kick-ass live show, AND they’ve

been doing it for 21 years. Amazingly underrated.

Friday, 14th of November.

09:10:10 My wife has now spotted at least 3 different dachshunds in our neighborhood (and freaked out

their owners with her enthusiasm). I’m doomed.

09:25:24 L Barry’s 100 DEMONS = perfect model for my book: short introduction, 150 pages of creative

work, how-to in the back

09:46:21 @rohdesign rise of the craft/diy movement makes me think that “howto” approach is the future:

inviting yr readers to “make” along with u

09:46:57 @rohdesign i guess it’s all about generosity — sharing with your readers and inviting them into a


09:50:32 The folks who saw the financial crisis coming, called it, and nobody listened:

and cc: @tvtompd

09:51:02 @anorwood remind me to reprimand you for this tweet

09:58:31 @TWalk Loved MONEYBALL, got LIAR’S POKER from library last night, but couldn’t sink into it

right away. Good writer — finds good characters

10:03:19 @tvtompd that is one depressing song. i see a youtube mashup with stormtroopers

slow-dancing and the death star exploding

10:19:25 I’ve decided to become unabashed about what I like to do on vacation: shop comic + record +

book stores, go to art museums, and eat out.

10:31:11 @TWalk i’m not a football fan: would I still dig it?

10:31:32 @Drawers you need to answer the door in your underwear, with a shotgun in your hands

10:32:07 @Drawers you could replace the shotgun with wide eyes and red paint smeared on your naked


10:49:25 @TWalk @mlarson ok, you’ve convinced me. BLIND SIDE it is

14:02:06 Rumors of a Lexus blackout ad in the “Weekend Journal” section of the Wall Street Journal:

confirmed. Trying to track down a copy…

14:12:06 @chrisferan honestly, i’m more worried about the economy collapsing before Sept. ’09 than I am

about people ripping me off!

14:15:24 @madinkbeard today’s, Friday, Nov. 14th. law school library didn’t get theirs delivered today, of

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14:24:26 @madinkbeard thanks, man!

14:54:39 Lexus Ad does a blackout poem: So dude, where’s my car? ( Big thanks to

@madinkbeard for the image )

15:05:35 @DustyReagan But y’all were closed today! I was gonna stop by and say hello (we were over at


15:14:51 @DustyReagan morning??? this was at 12:30, you slackers! lol

15:19:33 @DustyReagan haha…CAUGHT! tell that to the ABJ ;-D

21:06:16 @patchworkearth great post on comics and mapmaking! ( )

21:07:05 @theBDR congrats, dude. stick with it. keep thinking of the book dough you’re saving!

21:12:27 @scd dude, i’m not even a huge Trekkie — but even with the choppy video…that looks pretty

f***ing rad (sylar as spock! harold as sulu!)

21:13:45 @theBDR seriously, man. that should be your two-week present. nothing wrong with bribing


21:17:35 @scd that’s right! i forgot about scotty!

Saturday, 15th of November.

08:53:18 Man, it’s going to be a mad-dash to the finish line this next month. I envision weeping with joy

and relief on xmas eve. Reeking of Jameson.

13:36:38 Din Ho = now on my S*** List: they boned up my order and refused to refund my $$$. Calling

me a liar, Din Ho? No more! Enjoy the recession!

13:40:19 Argh! Still fuming. It WAS my fav Chinese joint in Austin. Great hotnsour. Supervisor hung up on

me. Now I know who put the “ho” in Din Ho.

Sunday, 16th of November.

09:40:42 Sick, sick, sick. In bed trying to work. Godfather marathon on cable.

10:56:46 Reason #1,574,392 why my wife is awesome: “You poor thing. You should go relax in your

office, put on Blade Runner, and do some poems.”

11:33:24 @anorwood yeah, you might not see me tomorrow. let me know if the new animal crossing is

any good!

13:42:12 “I want more life, f***er.” Great line either way, but I think “father” is better.

18:17:22 Got the _Masters of American Comics_ book for $9 at Half Price with a 50% coupon. Score.

18:29:37 Neil Young wrote “Down by the River” & “Cowgirl in the Sand” when he had a 103° fever. This

is why I try to write even when sick…

21:05:36 NYTimes piece on Lewis Hyde (author of THE GIFT ) and his new book on the

cultural commons:

23:15:20 “I don’t tell my mother-in-law what to do. I’m not stupid. That’s why I got elected president, man!”

– Barack Obama

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Monday, 17th of November.

11:22:07 Friday is the last day to enter the final Newspaper Blackout Poems contest:

12:12:12 The Strokes’ IS THIS IT? = THE sound of my freshman year of college. Fun, fun, fun.

20:51:45 Watching FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and filling out an author publicity questionaire.

(Do you know any famous people to help sell your book?)

21:12:17 “You’re my step-brother! We’re not even blood! I have no qualms with sticking you! I will

equalize you!”


21:27:11 @ryancoleman lol not in those words…but they do ask you which “well-known” folks they should

try to get jacket copy quotes from

Tuesday, 18th of November.

07:45:37 Off to Providence, RI.

20:04:56 In Providence, RI. Freezing our Texan asses off.

Wednesday, 19th of November.

21:38:10 Cambridge, softshell crab at Spice, tons of bookstores, shut out @ Lampoon bldg, Mike’s

Pastry, clam chowda @ Union Oyster House. Long day.

Thursday, 20th of November.

08:59:35 Hung out at the IHOP near Harvard Square for 2+ hours, drawing, and making poems. So

pleased, I gave waitress a 75% tip. Brain food + space.

Friday, 21st of November.

21:37:54 Our New England trip continues. Currently in Fairfield, CT, hanging out with Meg’s godmother.

Tomorrow: the commuter train to NYC!

21:42:03 Sad I can’t be doing EAST in Austin this weekend, but man, we’re having a great time.

21:56:57 Anybody got any last-minute leads on cool stuff going on tomorrow (Saturday) in New York

City? We’re pulling into Grand Central around 10…

23:15:21 Austinites: go see @drawers on the East Austin Studio Tour tomorrow.

Saturday, 22nd of November.

07:55:46 My new favorite notebook: Large, 7.5″x10″ Piccadilly Moleskine-knockoff. I found them for $6 at

a Borders Bargain Bin.

08:57:04 Off to NYC!

21:44:12 @theBDR looking forward to this year’s list!! how’s the non-smoking going?

21:51:17 @gapingvoid that’s an awesome list. I need to check out some Ronald Searle…do you

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recommend a book/collection?

21:52:18 @chrisferan it was 25 in the rental car on the way home from the station tonight. half the

temperature of texas

21:57:38 @largeheartedboy let me know what you think if you find them! i’m headed to a Border’s

tomorrow to pick up more

21:58:49 rt @megzo : new york today. thought “wouldn’t it be great to live here?” until i saw a miserable

looking girl hauling her laundry via subway

22:01:55 Epic day in NYC. Did up Virgin records, Forbidden Planet, Strand, Grimaldi’s Pizza (Brooklyn),

Rocketship, Picturebox, & Galanga thai.

22:04:12 @theBDR way to go, man. speaking of bourbon, have you ever had this stuff?

my buddy gave me a bottle — i really dig it

22:11:13 @largeheartedboy d’oh! there aren’t many in texas, either, i don’t think…

22:12:11 @theBDR amen, brother

22:23:35 @Drawers t-shirts with yr stuff on them? i want one.

22:23:53 @drawers also: found another cartoonist i think you’d dig:

22:49:16 If there’s a restaurant called SUPER DUPER WEENIE within four miles of where you are, I

figure you must investigate:

Sunday, 23rd of November.

00:07:28 Listening to the new Belle & Sebastian BBC sessions. Must procure stereo-to-stereo phono jack

4 Ipod in the rental car…

10:37:32 Slept in until 11:30. Not sure I’ve done that since college…

15:26:51 @TWalk favorite reference book? Slaughterhouse Five. For when I forget how to write.

15:27:41 @MyLifeInaCube that is one awesome tumblr. who keeps it up?

15:32:17 It’s been a good year, so Meg and I had our Christmas card photo taken:

15:40:06 @antm i felt hungover! and it was just from the sleep!

20:07:42 Finished author questionnaire for marketing/publicity/sales. Made me want to throw myself off a


20:16:28 Time to pack up all the books and tchotchkes from the trip. Up at 3 a.m. tomorrow to drive to

Boston. I’m ready for some Texas sunshine.

Monday, 24th of November.

02:45:49 ♫ “i said BABY / it’s 3 a.m. I must be…” ♫ <throws shoe at alarm clock, drives to Boston airport>

17:45:36 Note to self #1: don’t read a New Yorker article about psychopaths on the #350 bus home from

the airport.

17:45:53 Note to self #2: don’t ride the #350 bus home from the airport.

17:46:41 @MyLifeInaCube well, tell him it’s awesome!

17:46:48 @aaronrester sorry, dude!

17:47:37 Nothing like chipotle and margaritas after 15 hours of travel

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18:46:06 Oh, btw: LARS AND THE REAL GIRL ✩✩✩✩✩ ! I cried on the plane, like the sap I am.

20:53:28 “Freaking Hot Topic. That explains everything.”

Tuesday, 25th of November.

09:27:11 Man, everybody is doing the “drawing in real time” video online these days. I should get in on

the action…

11:12:02 @TWalk man i SAW that clip when we were getting ready in our hotel room in boston. i took it

as a good omen for the day. hilarious

11:12:42 @megzo the martha stewart / snoop dogg mashed potatoes video is online:

11:17:56 Must post journal comic I drew in Providence last week where I considered Snoop Dogg on

Martha to be a good omen!

11:41:44 @madinkbeard saw this and thought of your post on “anchorage”

11:42:38 @SunniBrown if I get there and we’re just playing Pictionary…I’m going to be disappointed 😉

13:47:57 @chrisferan @megzo @tvtompd christmas comes, for the third time: house, obama victory, now

coldplay breaks up: celebr

13:50:47 @scd

15:59:26 “…many traits…desirable in a corporate context…would be considered psychopathic outside of


16:32:54 #1 comment I get from people who’ve tried the blackout poems: “This was a lot harder than I

thought it’d be…”

16:33:40 #1 comment I get on the poems from internet haters: “This is something any idiot could do.”

16:34:19 My synthesis of the two comments? “Any idiot can do it, but it takes time and practice to do it


16:53:58 @sct yep. time + practice = results

19:54:08 You’re either an Audrey Hepburn dude or you’re a Grace Kelly dude.

20:15:49 @largeheartedboy great find! believe it or not, there’s actually a good deal of lit stuff happening

on this campus

20:18:47 @megzo @chrisferan @tvtompd

20:51:14 The only guaranteed reward 4 being an artist is u get to make art. That said, I’m also “here to

make friends.” cc: @glass

Wednesday, 26th of November.

08:57:48 Dear American TV viewers: screw you for not watching GOOD shows like Pushing Daisies. You

deserve the crap you watch.

09:11:14 @douglaswolk Huizenga is the man. I gotta get ahold of FIGHT OR RUN

09:13:25 @roblifford grrr it makes me want to punch someone. someone in the middle of watching


09:29:22 Forget D.C. Comics, ABC should select a decent alt-comics artist to draw the rest of the

Pushing Daisies storylines.

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10:05:09 @TWalk I think these tv shows should figure out some kind of online subscription

service…bypass networks entirely!

10:10:02 Two things I’m purchasing for xmas celebrations: 1) a bottle of Jameson 2) Bad Santa on DVD

for $10 on Amazon:

10:27:32 “I go to bed at, like, 9:30 every night & I don’t go out or anything, you know what I mean? I just

feel like an old fart.”

10:48:49 @jettek Dan in Real Life, Juno, Lars and the Real Girl…just off the top of my head.

10:57:13 Co-worker’s 5 year-old making the cubicle rounds. Me: “Well, it’s not very exciting around here.”

5-yr-old: “That’s what my papa says!”

11:19:00 Winners of the November Newspaper Blackout Poems contest:

11:25:46 @megzo look at our spread from thanksgiving last year! dang!

11:38:11 Thanks to @anorwood for pointing me to the local design work of the Decoder Ring: Interview:

14:47:09 @megzo funny thing is, I have ZERO recollection of carving that bird. maybe I had too much


18:31:36 If you need to score points or just make your wife really happy, I suggest a KitchenAid mixer.

Early xmas gift for Meg:

Thursday, 27th of November.

09:11:32 Every day when I wake up I feel like I’m pulling one over on someone. Thanks, universe.

19:19:08 “Oh, sweetheart, you don’t need law school. Law school is for people who are boring and ugly

and serious…”

19:20:36 @melissaonline Grace x 1,000,000

Friday, 28th of November.

00:52:56 Most of the time I find myself disagreeing wholeheartedly with the guy who writes this art blog,

but I keep coming back:

12:47:01 Wal-Mart Employee Trampled to Death by Customers: In other news, I was

nearly run over by a fat scooter in Joann Fabrics.

15:29:15 Love Brian Eno’s “This I Believe” on singing:

17:17:50 I’m digging for fire.

17:38:47 @rohdesign great post re: the ipod touch. wi-fi access @ work & home = perfect. i’m hoping to

get one for xmas 😀

19:05:22 New Blog Post: Vacation

19:40:26 Photos of Mumbai:

19:46:43 M Ward’s cover of Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”: Beautiful.

20:02:57 The drum sounds Peter Katis gets are amazing. Listen to Interpol’s BRIGHT LIGHTS & The

National’s BOXER. cc: @chrisferan

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21:25:14 “Charlie, dont forget what happened to the man who suddenly got evrything he always wanted.”

“What happened?” “He lived happily ever after.”

23:19:24 After eating three spoonfuls of cookie dough, I went upstairs and played piano and sang for a

good 1/2 hour. Nothing like a good sugar buzz.

Saturday, 29th of November.

08:51:57 Note to overeducated 30-something male bloggers: dude, please shut up about the coming

financial/ecological/cultural apocalypse. <unf …

08:53:13 Know how you can help the world as a blogger? In the swarm of bad news, give people just 1

reason to get up in the morning and keep going.

09:03:10 Like, for instance: stream a whole Neil Young concert from 1968 on NPR:

11:03:47 @largeheartedboy i can’t really decide between the Bon Iver album or the Beach House.

Probably Beach House

16:21:54 “By the time the book is published it’s already practically dead to me.” – James Kochalka I can relate.

19:44:36 @megzo not as lame as Notting Hill

20:20:32 Reading Dash Shaw’s BODYWORLD instead of working on The Book:

23:46:47 The Killers: worst band ever?

Sunday, 30th of November.

11:00:09 If you want to read a great novel about politics, LBJ, and Austin, check out THE GAY PLACE

(1961) by Billy Lee Brammer:

11:01:09 @megzo it looks great! get off the fence!

12:47:54 Crispin Glover’s (yes, THAT Crispin Glover) RAT CATCHING is one batshit crazy book:

16:33:59 @mlarson man, I feel your pain – we drove to TAMALE HOUSE this morning, unaware that it

was closed on Sundays…

17:52:52 Awesome: @megzo is more forgiving of the poems than I am, so now we have 167 in the yes

pile. Need 150. Time to stop making & start editing.

18:57:50 @kdelap @bentumbrella thanks! i had hoped to do 250 total, but I think I’m going to settle on

232 and get this sucker wrapped up!

20:14:05 @RodimusConvoy13 hey Todd! good to hear from you! hope you had a great thanksgiving

20:49:17 Just booked Austin –> Columbus Christmas tickets for $200/person on Continental. Score.

21:51:57 @chrisferan @megzo I hate that interstate with all of my being.

23:45:13 @theBDR I voted for MAPS AND LEGENDS (love Jordan Crane, 7 the cover actually made me

buy the book) but man, there were so many great ones!

November 26, 2008

The DEFINITION of restraint: COMMANDO is on cable and I’m not watching it. (We have it on DVD, of course…but still…)

December 1, 2008

Monday, 1st of December.

09:11:01 @statesman Bad Santa!

09:14:49 @madinkbeard welcome to the wii owner’s club…i haven’t played mine in four months. hopefully

some new good games will come out soon

09:34:33 This guy gets Saul Steinberg totally wrong:

09:54:10 @TWalk finish this bloody book!

09:57:42 For my next book, I’m thinking about just following Lynda Barry’s textbook in WHAT IT IS. I owe

her everything for this book, anyways…

10:15:35 @largeheartedboy YES! I loved it. I’m getting it for Christmas, though, so I can’t buy it. Meeting

that woman changed my life. Seriously.

11:13:35 @TWalk is A WHOLE NEW MIND worth picking up? I loved JOHNNY BUNKO

12:18:56 @mlarson perfect. one I can take off my list (too much crap to read)

12:49:56 @madinkbeard Did you hear Frank Santoro on Inkstuds? I like that guy. A lot more interesting

than most of their interviews

13:49:59 @anorwood holy crap, that looks great! should make for a good story, i think

13:51:15 Recently discovered a Wendy’s Dollar Menu across from the Main Library. Very dangerous. Jr.

Bacon + sm Frostie = $2 and some change.

13:55:42 @anorwood has a blog by the author — if we were in San Fran we could go hang

out at the release party

14:10:22 @megzo

14:17:08 @frontmatter It’s in the west side of the Jester Center on Speedway, right across from the PCL


14:22:12 @frontmatter yeah, sorry. I’ve never been to the APL main branch. The Union is far enough

from the law school I’m usually not tempted…

14:52:42 @megzo ack! but that’s in the old neighborhood! bad mojo

15:07:09 Go listen to @jessicahagy ‘s podcast on the VizThink site. Really, really smart

take on words & images & captions.

15:36:31 @jessicahagy really smart vizthink podcast. thanks!

15:39:06 @thcrawford freaked me out hearing my name at the end of the @jessicahagy podcast. great 1

btw – shuld stir up some vizthinkers in san jose

17:30:03 T-minus 1 month until the book is due. #*$#@)!

20:39:04 @gregwind September 2009!

20:49:26 New blog post: What 171 Blackout Poems Looks Like

21:24:46 Really like YOU & ME, but man, those first two Walkmen albums were amazing. Let’s just forget

about 100 MILES OFF.

21:27:35 Still my favorite Walkmen song:

21:32:50 The Walkmen’s secret weapon? Drummer Matt Barrick: Watch him in action:

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21:41:20 @bentumbrella but christmas isn’t for another 24 days!

21:48:57 @bentumbrella ooooooh!

22:08:50 @thcrawford if i had the vacation time and the dough I’d be there!

23:13:25 I was 14 years old, my parents had just divorced, & I heard PLASTIC ONO BAND. It blew my

mind then & still does.

Tuesday, 2nd of December.

12:35:57 New rally cry: “F*** verisimilitude! Build worlds!”

12:43:59 @megzo Dear Tracy Jordan: Tracy Jordan answers YOUR questions!

12:46:32 @megzo @tvtompd “You ever broken a Peurto Rican dude’s arm for sweatpants money?”

12:54:51 @megzo and of course, my favorite bit of Tracy Morgan genius: “Somebody gonna get

pregnant!” In El Paso! “Loaf of bread!”

16:30:37 Lynda Barry & Kurt Vonnegut = funny people from the Midwest who like(d) to write + draw = my

favorites and inspirations

20:01:52 It’s much easier to make blackout poems than it is to write about making blackout poems…

23:18:10 As far as I can tell, this book is about: love, small towns, Texas, UFOs, high school, time travel,

family, cubicles, and blackout poems.

Wednesday, 3rd of December.

08:51:47 Dang. Now I’m craving a Caucasian:

09:03:33 Metacritic > Rotten Tomatoes, simply b/c of design: reviews, single column, ranked good 2 bad

w/ excerpt:

09:07:12 @mlarson “…and I thought of you”

09:45:15 @jettek yeah, keep in mind I’m a philistine movie-goer: I’m not looking for thoroughness, just

speed. RT is so cluttered and junky…

10:08:17 @mlarson OH MERCY is underrated. dig this page:

10:10:18 @rcrdlbl awesome video!

10:40:42 @megzo Students: Apply to attend Clinton Global Initiative University meeting

11:21:03 @megzo from don:

11:21:39 Venice might look even cooler under water:

18:55:25 It’s blowin’ out.

20:27:58 @TWalk Niemann is awesome. see also NYC cheat sheets:

20:28:50 Ned should dump Chuck and go out with Olive. That’s what I’d do. #pushingdaisies

21:06:13 @gregwind that would be rad

21:07:16 Have you taught/done newspaper blackout poems in a classroom/workshop setting? If so,

please DM, e-mail, or comment, here:

23:58:16 @ericabrooke did you make a poem? 😀

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Thursday, 4th of December.

09:07:02 This dude has taken a lot of photos of our neighborhood-in-progress:

10:19:12 Have you taught/done newspaper blackout poems in a classroom/workshop setting? If so,

please e-mail me or comment here:

11:32:27 @kdelap funny: sitting on your ass in the modern office = working. if you’re up and moving

around, that means you’re not at your desk!

13:02:38 @chrisferan “I just stood in front of the cutest couple at the Austin airport…”

13:51:23 Girl from my hometown found my site & emailed: “I remember seeing u hanging around &

always thinking that u seemed like such a douche” LOL

14:06:38 The rest of the email: “juxtapose my delight in finding out that you’re NOT and that you’re doing

really great stuff.”

14:20:32 @alexanderhill no, but it made me laugh. nothing like irreverence to get people’s attention

14:44:28 @chrisferan starting over on senior project: NEVER a good idea. like I tell meg about her thesis:


17:29:16 “Every successful creative person creates with an audience of one in mind. That’s the secret of

artistic unity. – Kurt Vonnegut

Friday, 5th of December.

00:15:17 i feel it closing in / day in, day out / day in, day out / DAY IN, DAY OUT / DAY IN, DAY OUT

09:28:33 @madinkbeard always wanted to see johnny guitar…could never find it. the “Beauty and the

Beast of Westerns, a Western dream” – truffaut

09:37:33 Joe Satriani sues Coldplay…and who gives a shit? #musicthatdoesntmatter

09:56:06 Dig @mlarson ‘s 2008 music “Best of”: Way more interesting than just limiting

yrself to 2008 releases. I shall copy him!

10:53:40 @mlarson no way! it’s good like it is!

13:13:03 @madinkbeard oh that is EXCELLENT. will mark the calendar

14:11:21 Killing whatever’s in my guts with Coca-cola: “We use’t clean the helicopter

blades w/ it in Vietnam…”

15:24:39 @rorye_o hey rorye – would you DM me the name of your journalism prof who had you do the

blackout poems in class?

16:39:10 @megzo no i was killing chili!

17:10:00 I am almost 100% guaranteed to have some kind of meltdown / freakout in the next 14 days.

The only solution is to keep working.

17:25:10 @chrisferan jameson! and making fun of Sir Hamburglar Pants, III

19:50:00 Quick poll: do I want my Christmas present early? Meg is thinking about driving to go get it. (She

got hers early)

19:53:19 Ok, @bentumbrella tells me I want my present RIGHT NOW. So I’m getting in the car with meg

to go get it now. WHAT COULD IT BE??

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


20:48:20 So, I’m trying desperately to finish a book, and my wife gives me an Ipod Touch for an early

xmas present. And that’s why I love her!

20:49:57 Ok, so what’s the best Ipod Touch case out there?

21:06:10 @robotjohnny awesome! maybe i’ll be able to save a few bucks…

21:11:42 Okay, now I want to doodle on my Ipod with my finger. Or fingerpaint.

21:13:53 Anybody used the Sketches app for Ipod/Iphone? Recommend another drawing


22:01:17 @chrisferan what twitter app do u use?

22:06:54 @Drawers awesome

22:12:03 @chrisferan sweet this thing is pretty amazing

22:46:02 @slls01 glad you dug the brain rules!

Saturday, 6th of December.

01:51:51 Look out honey cos i’m using technology!

01:53:03 Iphone doodle:

01:55:36 The candy colored clown they call the sandman / tiptoes to my room…

09:47:34 Working on the book.

10:25:22 @everydayj hey man, i’m slaving away on the book, or else i’d come by. hope it goes well!

11:31:22 “the Whitest Kids U’Know / in the family ford / frustrated with the mass / devoted to black / all

this is to say / pure emo”

18:46:38 haircut @ @megzo ‘s fancy salon. Girl gave an amazing neck massage & told me I had a gr8

hairline & cool glasses. Spent 75% more than usual

18:47:57 Moral of the story: if you want massages & compliments, all u have to do is pay for them!

23:27:48 Watching vh1 special on heavy metal

23:29:41 @theBDR I think every blog I read linked to the best of post. Well-deserved, of course…

Sunday, 7th of December.

10:13:05 @chrisferan I got it…it is awesome although wifi kills battery time…

10:38:01 @chrisferan did you buy a power cord? Do you just run it all the way down once a month?

10:46:22 @chrisferan new plan: email PDFs to myself to read on bus/plane! So awesome.

12:42:13 @chrisferan just bought cheapo wall plug @ marshalls for $10. Seems to work…

13:13:20 Pandora app on the Ipod Touch = best. thing. ever. Thanks, @chrisferan

13:21:09 Okay, folks: what’s the best app for Offline RSS reading on the iphone/ipodtouch? Byline?

13:30:39 @chrisferan sweet. i’m gonna get it. i really want to be able to archive my google reader feeds

for airplane/bus/car, etc.

13:31:27 FYI: The “Smog” station on Pandora is AMAZING. Pavement, Mountain Goats, GbV, M Ward…

13:59:52 @kdelap awesome, thanks! my favorite apps so far: pandora, twitterific, scribble. on my list:

tumble, instapaper, byline, nytimes

16:26:17 175 poems in the “yes” folder, all scanned, Photoshopped, and ready to go. 25 too many. Good

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


spot to be in.

16:26:41 Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas, it’s the 12 Days of Manuscript.

16:48:19 @shueytexas sweet. i’m about to fork over the dough for it…

17:02:01 @chrisferan fantastic idea. but finish senior project first. never know when a degree might come

in handy

19:02:52 Batch image processing with Photoshop + Bridge = F***ING AWESOME

21:04:16 @scd yes! we’re watching them too. i forgot how awesome HP3 is

Monday, 8th of December.

09:11:54 NyTimes on 1st time home buyers: “the buying opportunity of a lifetime for those who can

qualify for a mortgage”

09:27:40 Also: if you buy a new house as a first-time homeowner before April 2009, you get a $7500 tax

credit (0% interest loan)

10:03:54 How to become a douchebag: joint the Art with a capital A world. As for the

perks: I already have a hot wife, thanks.

10:33:26 @aaronrester none whatsoever!

13:49:49 Absolutely loving Pandora app for the Ipod Touch. Haven’t made it past the “Smog” and “Velvet

Underground” channels…

14:00:28 Dig this feature on my best man (and best drummer in the world)’s gig, The Josh Krajcik Band:

15:37:49 @chrisferan in 8th grade, my band covered “Little Things.” if those tapes ever surface, I’ll die of


16:01:22 @chrisferan actually, I’ll see if i can find it. then we’ll dig out a tape of Meg acting in Steel


16:05:20 @chrisferan oh i had NOT heard about that. you’re in trouble, @megzo

18:07:09 @sct glad you dug it, man!

18:21:03 Anybody played ”

18:25:53 Anybody played _de Blob_ for the wii? It sounds good…

18:41:27 @anorwood is Sam n max out yet?

20:20:47 All you Trekkies will dig this latest blackout poem:

21:59:41 @bentumbrella yes!

22:31:19 “Fiddleedee. War, war, war. This war talks spoilin all the fun at every party this spring. I get so

bored I could scream!”

Tuesday, 9th of December.

08:47:57 Instead of a meltdown, I think I’ll just tweet quotes from Gone With the Wind to illustrate my

inner life.

08:48:40 “You can take it all back to the kitchen; I won’t eat a bite.”

12:23:55 “What gentlemen says and what they thinks is two different things.”

12:48:53 “You can always tell a lady by the way she eats in front of folks & I ain’t aimin for you 2 go & eat

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


like a field hand & gobble like a hog!”

14:06:53 Hoover’s chicken fried chicken + cherry cobbler a la mode + wife = best lunch ever. Five forks.

16:15:13 Supposed to snow tonight in Texas. The high was 76 today. I could really use a day off to work

on the book…

16:47:13 @LPT that’s the classic…and the best!

17:15:19 “It was an idea that was already out there, but I shined a spotlight on it, named it, and everybody

got it right away.”

17:18:16 “String the great bow, slay the chicken-shit suitors.” <– I’m lucky to be friends w/ someone who

signs their e-mail off with such lines.

17:59:13 @TWalk I just know who to steal from, that’s all 😉

Wednesday, 10th of December.

09:33:17 @nancyduarte gave Slide:ology to my wife @megzo who’s about to give her architecture thesis

presentation. she loves it. thanks!

09:40:01 My Ipod Touch has got me thinking I should do a comic specifically for it. Another project for the

New Year.

10:24:00 @frontmatter To most Americans, claiming Texas residency = “I’m from Mars.” Their grasp on

the place is myth & legends.

11:30:13 @mattforsythe that’s a helluva rec — she’s a great writer

11:39:39 @megzo turn up the heat, crazy woman.

11:57:27 Has anybody ever come across a history of de-classified government “redacted” or “sanitized”

documents? Does it begin w/ photocopiers?

12:26:36 @theBDR thanks, man. 1952: magic marker is invented. 1950s-60s: xerox machines go

mainstream 1960s: height of J Edgar Hoover’s shenanigans

12:28:19 New tag on the tumblelog: “Sketchbooks should be sketchy” Manifesto to follow.

14:04:29 @megzo a good lesson learned

18:30:53 @chrisferan TP, PhD FTW! (his was actually one of my favorite classes…)

Thursday, 11th of December.

09:58:50 @fizzboy i would add: “Beware the women who SING like children.” i.e. Jewel

10:45:50 @gerryblog welcome to the rabbit hole

11:04:34 WordPress 2.7 is pretty great.

14:16:37 Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies card set — free for the iphone! Also, an ambient

music-making app ($) :

15:21:31 Watch the Brian Eno “Bloom” music app in action:

15:45:42 This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving: pepper spray.

16:23:46 @mlarson no duty to retreat, FOOL! lol

16:26:29 @fizzboy I would love to mace somebody & then say, “You like-a the fresh-a pepper, huh?”

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Friday, 12th of December.

09:12:00 @madinkbeard congrats, dude. academic gigs are sweet.

09:14:36 @foodtouring used to live near little italy in cleveland. if it weren’t for @megzo ‘s cooking i’d be

in withdrawl. la traviata, here we come

10:44:46 @rohdesign this is some good workin’ music…man, i LOVE pandora (esp on the Ipod Touch!)

13:40:28 @danvega yeah, that was horrible. 2 forks. sorry, karyn.

13:54:47 @megzo great place if your taste buds are as dead as the pigment cells in your hair follicles

14:06:49 Top 5 lunch spots in Austin according to our internal lunch site: 1) Torchy’s 2) Homeslice 3)

Maria’s Taco Express 4) Angie’s 5) Polvo’s

14:24:03 @madinkbeard it’s a heavenly trailer where u can get tacos such as “The Republican,” “The

Dirty Sanchez,” or my favorite, “The Trailer Park”

14:24:40 @anorwood yeah, you’re bragging. but! you’re allowed. you got the pickin’ skillz

14:25:37 @megzo Tonight: Biggest, brightest full moon of the year get the

camera / look out for crazy drivers

14:54:34 @megzo I’m always up for Moonstruck! Remember: DEFENSE!

15:24:27 @megzo The new Capital MetroRail car!

16:13:39 What I wish I could say in my “history” for the book: “these people were just as full of bullshit as

you and me.” Even Thomas Jefferson.

16:14:28 @anorwood with the whopping 9 stops!

19:13:20 Attn Austinites: just b/c yr in love w/ yr children/pets doesn’t mean I need to be. I have sperm

and cash. I can make dreams come true too!

20:16:32 I’ll say it again: Ned should dump chuck and go out with olive. #pushingdaisies

Saturday, 13th of December.

08:36:28 Off to lend @megzo moral support for her thesis presentation.

10:54:43 @madinkbeard sorry, man. i do know another joint like that in Austin, though!

11:28:55 BTW, in case anybody didn’t see it, IN BRUGES is a great movie:

13:15:44 Jimmy johns #6 veggie + coke on ice = happy lunch

14:55:04 @roblifford there were at least 3 one-liners in that episode that had me on the floor, (including

the price is right hug)

16:04:33 Poems everywhere.

16:56:10 House smells like lasagna and cookies.

22:46:12 Cleveland’s very own Mr jingaling –“keeper of the keys” dominated tonite’s Master Pancake

Christmas @ Alamo Ritz. Google him!

Sunday, 14th of December.

13:28:51 75 degrees and sunny.

19:44:46 Dang, @megzo is doing a terrific job sequencing the book. An unbelievably great job. She

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


should be an editor.

20:43:39 “Greatest Generation my ass! Tom Brokaw’s a punk!”

Monday, 15th of December.

14:09:32 Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk:

14:24:30 @anorwood well, i know what I’m watching tonight:

15:13:52 If you’ve never heard of the R&B singer Billy Stewart, start with the song “Strange Feeling”: Hat tip to @tvtompd

19:16:14 This book is 95% finished. That last 5% is a bitch…

19:23:29 Phil Hoffman is looking alot like Santa on the Daily Show. Cc: @drawers @bentumbrella

20:36:44 Pumping Animal Collective and writing about literary shenanigans.

20:38:55 @roblifford ’tis the season. Fuckin assholes.

20:55:24 Freezing. Feel like Bob Cratchit, blowing into my hands…

22:44:43 1st draft of brief history: done. Next up: how-to. That should be easy, as no facts r involved. (i.e.

I can make that part up.)

22:45:41 Come on, freezing rain! If I got a day off, I could finish the book…

Tuesday, 16th of December.

10:08:33 Just FYI: if someone has an FAQ section, be sure to read it before you send them an e-mail.


10:27:09 @mlarson YES. I’m tempted to reply to e-mails with only a link to the FAQ. But I usually just end

up writing a brief, yet friendly “go away”

10:53:39 @thcrawford how else do you let people know whether you freelance, accept blog advertising,


11:25:55 @thcrawford i just get the same questions over and over…and I’m trying to figure out a way to

deflect them…my about page isn’t working!

11:27:10 Here’s a truth I learned when I was a librarian: people don’t read signs.

11:27:50 @TWalk good idea. i try to be brief and polite, above all

11:29:49 @bonitasarita haha…”whatever’s on sale” doesn’t sound very artistic, does it?

11:39:06 @jbj absolutely true. it’s like a weird verbal tick or something.

11:39:59 @bonitasarita i’m less of a starving artist and more of a “cheap bastard” 😀

11:48:13 @aradasky 1) it’s a joke. gutenberg = printing press = separation of text and image 2) “only

when I’m workin'” 🙂

11:58:30 @drawers Emusic finally got the new High Places record. I’m digging it!

14:14:10 @anorwood once again, “People don’t read signs” grrrr

Wednesday, 17th of December.

08:54:23 This morning I told off some d-bag in shorts who threw his half-smoked cigarette into the flower

beds. I hope he fails his exam.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:57:18 @madinkbeard the powerpoint / comics analogy is a good one. did you see this post?

09:15:10 @jbj that’s what we like to hear!

09:16:21 @tvtompd if Sir Pants keeps up his current parental relations, perhaps it’ll be your last trip?

09:33:52 @mlarson i know! maybe if it escalated to physical brutality it’d feel better….probably not

09:49:06 @MyLifeInaCube re: the new design: cubicle walls framing cubicle walls framing cubicle

walls…it’s enough to break a man

12:00:07 Truth: “if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it.”

13:50:22 @cesart my thoughts on seeing those pics: “pimpin’ ain’t easy”

13:52:34 @gerryblog pimpin ain’t easy:

22:20:51 Holy crap, this manuscript is close. Need to line-edit the sections, go over the sequencing, &

format the files. Then hellooooo whiskey!

Thursday, 18th of December.

09:43:41 I’ve lost 20 pounds (!!!) since Labor Day. Wonder if I can gain it all back by New Year…

10:10:55 Great quote from Bradford Cox (singer for Deerhunter…great band) on “making the music you

want to hear”:

10:38:54 A manifesto: write the book you want to read.

10:41:19 @kdelap sounds like you’re dressed for texas 😉

10:46:07 @statesman my wife took some fog pics over at mueller:

16:02:17 “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.” “That it is, Edward. That it is indeed.”

21:21:36 Listening to the Deerhunter and the Atlas Sound records on repeat to try to get this manuscript


Friday, 19th of December.


10:12:12 @roblifford I did, however, make time to watch it. I lucked out because 30 rock was a repeat —

only wasted an hour 🙂

10:12:22 @Drawers thanks, man!

13:13:01 Thanks to everyone wishing congrats on the manuscript. Y’all are the best.

14:05:16 @SunniBrown can i come hang out and play on your cintiq? 🙂 i promise to come to the next

vizthink, btw

14:21:56 I’m obsessed with the song “Agoraphobia” off Deerhunter’s latest record:

Playing on repeat in my head.

15:19:33 IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: best viewed alone in the dark with a glass of bourbon and a box of

tissues. No guns within reach.

15:23:40 @elinertv will do!!

15:24:09 @lynchcartoons thanks for the link to that. i can’t even read about that movie without getting

choked up.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


15:47:43 And Then There Was One: holding down the fort in the office, bonus check burning hole in my

pocket, editor says, “BEST BOOK EVER” Life=good.

17:02:55 Closing down. Heading home. Cashing check. Show me to the whiskey.

19:24:38 “El vino did flow”

Saturday, 20th of December.

12:28:33 Splurged and got Boom Blox @ Sears for $40

12:51:00 @listofnow a decision I won’t have to be the one to make, thank goodness!

17:13:49 80 degrees. I tried to talk the family into a Texas christmas …but nooooo…

17:17:07 Going through 2008 diary. Wrote no entries after july, when I started book. Kind of sad. If I had:

“dear diary: working ass off. Goodnite”

23:27:14 I get the worst pre-travel jitters. Doesn’t help my psyche that we’re going to spend at least 3

hours in an airport named after George Bush.

Sunday, 21st of December.

01:32:19 “He killed 16 Chekoslavakians! The guy was an interior decorator!”

Monday, 22nd of December.

01:34:50 Circleville, Ohio. Made it!

09:02:59 HOW DO YOU PEOPLE LIVE LIKE THIS???? <shiver>

22:24:27 Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn casserole + cherry pie. Mom’s cooking is worth

1500 miles of travel.

23:10:01 I love Achewood:

Tuesday, 23rd of December.

08:14:29 @madinkbeard awesome!

10:04:09 My mom, after getting out of the shower: “How did you manage to play the guitar and the drums

at the same time?” Me, ears rining: “Magic!”

10:45:57 @roblifford i was rocking the one-man band with the geetar + drums

10:46:58 I nominate Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses” as one of the top ten funkiest songs ever made:

Wednesday, 24th of December.

11:13:45 Driving in rain is better than ice. Cleveland here we come.

17:58:25 Merry Christmas, y’all: here’s a blackout poem about Santa:

23:28:46 Bad Santa + Jameson = Christmas Eve

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Thursday, 25th of December.

09:21:21 A white Christmas! 1st present: David Bowie live in Santa monica. Score.

10:29:42 LOOT! best American comix, Ivan brunetti anthology, okami for the wii, and a bunch of


20:42:39 Watched TRANSFORMERS & then DARK KNIGHT. Wish somebody would’ve gotten VICKY

CHRISTINA BARCELONA for xmas. It would be a good antidote…

21:51:28 @anorwood awesome! I got okami for Xmas…

21:57:15 A Long Island Iced Tea = “a bad decision in a glass” – Andy Bernard

Friday, 26th of December.

09:09:47 Karl Rove shares George W. Bush’s readng habits in the WSJ: (via @largeheartedboy)

12:25:02 @rohdesign I recommed splurging on a front-load, high eff washer: way less water, clothes

come out cleaner & dryer. Then get a normal dryer

18:43:12 Tonight’s viewing: JACKIE BROWN, my favorite Tarantino film. Purchased 2-DVD edition for $8

at Half Price 20% off sale.

23:03:30 @roblifford probably GLITZ or KILLSHOT. For westerns, WHEN THE WOMEN COME OUT TO

DANCE or LA BRAVADA. Recently, THE HOT KID was good

23:04:25 @roblifford also, you could read RUM PUNCH, which was the material for JACKIE BROWN!

23:08:58 @roblifford whoops: the book is LA BRAVA, and it’s not a western, as the way I worded that last

tweet would imply

Saturday, 27th of December.

00:34:08 @theBDR with you 100% re: dark knight…one of the most overrated movies ever–from one of

my favorite directors

20:03:53 Jackie Brown = The best Tarantino movie.

Sunday, 28th of December.

09:24:44 A week away from home is about when I start to get a little stircrazy.

14:15:04 Reminded how depressing Cleveland in winter can be

14:16:31 In a bookstore. All these books are $25 hardcovers. None of them worth the dough. Glad my

book’s gonna be a $12 paperback…

20:05:11 @gerryblog truth–but beautiful in the summer…all 3 weeks of it!

Monday, 29th of December.

10:35:33 500 fans of the Newspaper Blackout Poems on Facebook. Very cool!

15:37:32 Great lunch and a game of cards with family. My uncle recently quit his job as a newspaper

editor to become a pastor. Good career move!

19:21:34 Worst cover ever, ding ding ding:

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


20:58:59 @anorwood holy crap that’s bad! Ding ding ding!

Tuesday, 30th of December.

10:23:45 For 2 years as of today, @megzo has put up with me for a husband! I’m a lucky guy.

18:06:42 Off to Nighttown for our anniversary dinner.

21:16:06 @keaggy agreed! BTTF3 is terribly underrated… Best line: “Run fer fun? What the hail kind of

fun is that?”

Wednesday, 31st of December.


11:55:02 Back on the road. Next stop, C-bus, to party w/ best man. 3 bottles of champagne, a bottle of

Jameson, and Shiner Bock in tow.