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September 1, 2008

Monday, 1st of September.

07:58:43 September Newspaper Blackout Poems Contest is up: Editor’s out of town, so the August winners will be announced soon.

08:23:27 All this Sarah Palin pregnancy photo stuff is making me think of that Errol Morris piece on captions: Must blog later.

08:27:07 @TWalk a favorite Jesus quote: “Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?” – Matthew 6:27 (KJV)

08:55:54 My wife, the architect: “I wouldn’t wish architecture school on my worst enemy.”

11:59:47 Sweatpants.

13:41:40 @madinkbeard really liked that last post. saw it right after i finished a post about captions: show don’t tell is useless.

13:43:18 The old writing adage “Show don’t tell” is useless to cartoonists. see @madinkbeard : and then see me:

13:58:22 “I detest this mongrel time, neither day nor night.” – Dickens on the afternoon

15:39:31 There was a Sharpie sale at OfficeMax: Buy two, get one free. You know what that means…

15:44:13 @tvtompd

15:47:49 @TWalk 3 MAGNUMS for doing the full broadsheet poems. 😀

15:50:43 ♫ ♫ ♫ The kids in Bristol are sharp as a pistol, when they do the Bristol Stomp. ♫ ♫

19:11:14 Watching BOOGIE NIGHTS and making poems.

Tuesday, 2nd of September.

05:03:08 Up at the crack of dawn to exercise. We’ll see how long this new plan lasts.

06:28:09 “Alaska?? Come on, man! I don’t even know if there are any black people in Alaska!” – P Diddy

12:16:47 Just to remind everybody: the September Newspaper Blackout Poem Contest is up. It’s a fun one:

12:44:40 @kdelap i laughed a lot, but found it totally forgettable.

13:06:39 @ryancoleman that’s an excellent interactive graphic!

13:16:09 Dig this interactive candidate-matching infographic @ryancoleman dug up:

13:18:52 My platform for president: free health care and classrooms of 15 students or less. Funded by corporations and the upper 1%.

14:44:59 Need a haircut. Length is forcing me to slick it back into a faux-greaser look — which might be cool…if I played in a rockabilly band…

15:40:22 @TWalk yes! I need the black boots!

15:47:39 @TWalk no Fender, but I have this:

16:27:28 Sushi time.

18:43:24 God, I hate Windows. The simplest crap is impossible to do.

19:40:37 I learned stuff from this that even I didn’t even know:

20:25:08 I have to admit, part of the reason I wanted a windows machine around was so I could play Psychonauts:

Wednesday, 3rd of September.

08:09:11 George Carlin’s last interview: Wonderful stuff. Thanks, @mlarson

08:40:13 @TWalk defense and foreign policy

10:12:26 Check out Jeff “The Dude” Bridges’ website: It’s all hand-written. I’ve thought about blog posts like this…

10:54:40 The concept of going into debt for graduate school seems ludicrous to me. I say, get funded or dont go. (Exceptions abound: i.e. med school)

11:02:55 @aaronrester :-$ probably doesn’t count…

11:04:02 “I’m a Mac guy & so Spotlight helps me a lot. I just get on & say “asshole” & “minister,” I then can find what I want find.“ – George Carlin

11:11:34 Actually just remembered a never-posted blackout poem I did about graduate school back before we decided to move to TX:

13:11:38 @ryancoleman Yes! I re-watched his Psychonauts review last night as it was downloading on my borrowed PC

13:12:16 @ryancoleman i also wrote him a fanboy letter but he never responded…but that does not diminish the love

14:09:56 Great song: “You Want That Picture” off Bonnie Prince Billy’s last album. Okay live version:

16:01:52 Father-in-law sent me this oldie: I cannot believe those dudes are white. That’s some soul.

20:04:24 “In my writing I am acting as a map maker…” – William Burroughs, “Fold-ins” from THE THIRD MIND, which I’m digging

Thursday, 4th of September.

06:30:31 Beautiful morning in Austin, Texas.

08:08:34 I have no idea whether anyone would ever want to leave comments on my Tumblelog, but you can now:

08:12:29 Actually, I take it back: no comments on the Tumblelog. I don’t think anyone reads it anyways…i use it more like a filing system.

08:12:56 @madinkbeard oh really? maybe I should put them back. do you think it’s a good idea?

08:16:25 Ok, if only for @madinkbeard , the Tumblelog now has comments:

08:22:06 @madinkbeard are you saying other people’s stuff is more interesting than my stuff? how dare you! 😉

08:29:39 @wpwend42 thanks, man! go for it

08:44:16 @madinkbeard & @wpwend42 reminded me i love having blog, tumblr, twitter separate. All have their place & people can tune 2 what they want 2

10:09:22 Beautiful Daily Show clip showing the hypocrisy of Republican pundits:

13:21:19 @theBDR at least it beats “middle aged man with a fat ass” 😉 happy bday!

15:16:23 “Go sell crazy someplace else. We’re all stocked up here.”

15:25:24 @scd rt: @pomeranian99 Interviewing Constance Steinkuehler — who is INSANELY SMART. 😀

15:34:30 @TWalk Band demos. For instance, Dept of Eagles’ “No One Does It Like You.” Demo: Studio version:

15:50:38 I really want a piece of baklava. And a glass of milk.

17:47:50 Printing off the wife’s instructions for dinner.

19:35:57 @mlarson we’re going to the rangers game on saturday : I plan on consuming many beers and hot dogs (stadium mustard!)

19:37:10 I can’t wait up for Grandpa John. [creak of bones] G’night.

Friday, 5th of September.

06:07:19 Ghostbusters III??? WTF?

08:59:19 @anorwood oh man. I’m actually hoping the Ghostbusters Wii game doesn’t suck…

09:48:10 @scd you’re not alone, i thought it was lame, too.

13:13:52 My wife needs to organize a party for under 50 graduate architecture students. Anybody have any suggestions for good catering in Austin?

15:26:31 Pump this song in your headphones and get ready for the weekend:

18:16:57 My friend just referred to online trolling/hating as “the douchebaggery of the disembodied.” That’s a line worth stealing.

Saturday, 6th of September.

11:23:32 Off to the Rangers/Red Sox game for the day.

01:19:39 Had my first Kolache today at the Czech Stop in West, Texas. It was heavenly.

09:35:32 I really don’t know what to think about this. Maybe I should set up Newspaper Blackout Franchises in every country:

11:29:39 @mlarson have an awesome trip! take lots of pictures! be safe!

15:50:45 Some doodles from the Rangers / Red Sox game last night:

20:30:12 @anorwood eliminate that pesky whitespace today!

Monday, 8th of September.

07:51:24 Monday morning. “We’ll see what transgresses.”

15:00:33 Man, Thomas Friedman is NAILING it on Fresh Air. Fantastic.

19:12:01 When writing makes you want to punch someone in the face, that’s when you know it isn’t working.

Tuesday, 9th of September.

07:38:20 The new TV on The Radio has leaked. Go find it.

07:50:01 “The Rules of the Roadrunner” making the rounds was my first ever blog post way back when: Weird.

07:54:38 What’s even weirder about my first real blog post? It was 3 years ago, TODAY. September 9th, 2005. There are no coincidences.

09:02:03 Photo geeks: travelling soon, and want a good, fixed lens for my digital rebel. (Old 50mm is too cropped.) 35mm f/2 for $250 on Amazon?

09:51:08 @rohdesign sweeeeet. look forward to seeing the notes

10:07:33 @sandrift thanks for the slrgear tip!

10:54:32 @dcagle that cartoon was great. yellow-bellied editors…sigh.

11:38:05 At the art library scanning the full-broadsheet poems that I’m going to show at VizThink tonight in Austin:

13:37:24 Whoa, I’ve never even listened to Deerhoof, but I dig their new single? Is all their stuff this good?

13:49:36 The new TV on The Radio is making me realize just how much Peter Gabriel is in their sound.

13:55:05 @theBDR will do! thanks for the rec!

14:57:25 If anybody is going to Vizthink tonight (it’s at @conjunctured), I could really use a ride from UT campus. DM me.

16:04:06 I’ll be showing off some never-before-seen poems tonight at VizThink in Austin (including full broadsheets!)

Wednesday, 10th of September.

06:38:13 Perfect way to start your morning:

06:44:35 Democrats: stop whining about polls & Palin. Do what you can: donate $$$$ & get your asses out to vote in Nov. Simple.

08:03:56 @roblifford “look away!” wake me up when there’s someone in office who doesn’t want to repeal The Enlightenment

10:00:06 Notes on last night’s VIzThink Austin Gallery Walk: and photos:

11:07:53 @DustyReagan glad you liked the caricature, man! thanks for having us

15:54:49 A force is watching over my wife and I today. Thanks be to it.

18:40:59 Meg and I have an application that’s being processed tomorrow. It would be awesome if it went through. Pray or cross fingers for us!!!

02:51:27 “The next president will disappoint you”:

07:48:50 The more I listen to Bon Iver the more I like him. these arrangements live in the studio are fantastic:

11:19:41 “Take…no thought for the morrow…Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Matthew 6:34 (I like “the day is its own trouble” better)

12:57:38 Something to remember this weekend, Texans: you don’t need electricity or running water to make a blackout poem!

13:36:05 @roblifford i was too stupid to even make THAT connection. “in a blackout? try blackout poems!”

13:58:38 Fellow Austin Vizthinkers (and friends) Marilyn Martin and Sunni Brown on the radio:

14:37:30 A picture can be worth a 1000 words. A word can be worth a 1000 pictures. And a picture + a word can be worth a 1,000,000 of both.

16:02:59 Steve Brodner: complete genius of visual metaphor.

Friday, 12th of September.

08:08:51 The Dirty Projector’s RISE ABOVE never ceases to amaze me. What a fantastic record. “Six Pack” is my current favorite.

08:23:20 Did my 104th poem for the book today. Dang.

08:29:28 Winner of the August Newspaper Blackout Poems Contest announced!

13:03:37 Laughing at R. Crumb calling LSD his “Road To Damascus”:

13:40:56 Cartoonists are such nerds.

17:07:01 Going to parties with strangers means I have to try to explain what it is that I do. I don’t really enjoy that, but I enjoy the free booze.

17:07:42 @tvtompd congratulations! i recommend jose and some chipotle

22:03:33 The wife and I are having a drunken WELCOME IKE dance party.

Saturday, 13th of September.

10:18:15 Where’s the rain?

13:54:53 on Fleetwood Mac’s TUSK: “This is the ultimate cocaine album.”

17:15:07 Getting lost in The Complete New Yorker and listening to Fleetwood Mac. I am incredibly lame.

17:31:05 Man, I continue to be absolutely amazed by the Gerd Arntz web archive. Fantastic resource:

18:39:17 Wine, cheese, blackout poems, and the Arcade Fire on Austin City Limits. Good way to start a Saturday Night, methinks.

19:32:59 Jesus, I can’t believe David Foster Wallace hung himself. I’m sad and mad and in shock. What a fucking waste.

21:35:56 God Bless Tina Fey.

Sunday, 14th of September.

11:02:14 Fascinating NYer article by Alex Ross on the evolution of the classical concert (incl. rad illo by Ralph Steadman):

11:54:14 @mattforsythe it’s on Hulu:

13:36:26 110 poems for the book…DONE.

13:38:49 My plan? Make 200-250 poems, throw out 50-100, put 150 in the book, then post 1 or 2 each week (Jan-Sept 09) until the release.

18:51:35 Burn After Reading verdict: wait for the DVD.

Monday, 15th of September.

06:40:54 @TWalk thanks for the DFW link: I had read *only* his two non-fiction books + online stuff, and considered myself a huge fan of his writing

06:41:59 Pump the Sixeyes Monday Morning mix: “McDonald’s is the place to rock!”

07:43:42 I can’t remember the last morning I was actually chilly on my walk to and from the bus. Simply gorgeous here in Austin, TX.

09:17:51 The poet was right: “The waiting is the hardest part.”

13:31:17 @scd I’ve been listening to that Bon Iver record a lot lately. Dig these live-in-the-studio videos: Really good stuff.

13:47:45 These Bob Dylan poems in the New Yorker make me feel better about the ones I made at lunch: #17 & #21

15:42:11 “She’s getting the biggest door prize of all time & she’s got complaints already!” – Brodner on Palin’s alleged victimhood

17:14:47 Did something I’ve never done before: missed my bus stop. Went 3 blocks past our apt. (I was doing a poem, of course.)

18:54:02 Sweet: the Austin City Limits folks gave me some tixx to the Aimee Mann taping tomorrow night.

Tuesday, 16th of September.

07:39:41 @RoundSparrow you can see the drawings on the blog tomorrow!

07:42:35 @TWalk comix + green = two hot bandwagons.

08:02:51 @TWalk well, I hope they both do, seeing as how my household is invested in both! 😉

08:04:20 This reminds me: I want to get a ThunderBird Coffee t-shirt (even though I drink more beer there than coffee):

08:24:29 @mlarson welcome back 🙂

09:20:35 Had to add my 2cents to this ridiculous thread about students at my alma mater protesting going to class w/o electric:

09:24:51 Oh, SNAP! RFK on Sarah Palin:

10:58:47 In case you need to raise your blood pressure a bit:

12:37:08 @anorwood Run away!

15:41:04 Nerves shot. Need Sam Cooke.

16:33:03 Headed off to see Aimee Mann tape Austin City Limits!

Wednesday, 17th of September.

07:41:07 You gotta seize every spare moment to get some work in, b/c you never know: I did one of mybest poems half asleep on the bus this morning.

08:47:47 Sketches from last night’s Aimee Mann Austin City Limits taping:

08:57:50 Oh, god: I guess I’m included in “blogs-to-books”, too:

10:41:57 How did I go this long without hearing The Breeders’ POD? A+ Albini production…it’s like the lost Pixies album! Duh!

10:51:48 @anorwood awesome…I can’t believe I was never a fan. [smacks forehead]

11:26:36 @scd that’s where the “Duh” part of the tweet comes in.

13:04:26 Yesterday, Meg saw a hawk eating a dove. Today we befriended an albino squirrel. I’m taking the wildlife as a good omen.

13:06:09 Take a tip from me: when you write about / draw someone famous & post it on the internet, nowadays there’s a good chance they’ll see it.

14:22:20 @scd yeah, but she was delighted, and said it was, like, the most badass thing she’d ever seen

16:23:43 Just a quiet evening, tonight: self-medicating my loan application ulcer with a nice Cabernet and some Sharpie fumes…

17:04:08 @theBDR i think that’s the sweetest tweet I’ve ever read!

Thursday, 18th of September.

07:45:28 Only 4 days left to enter the September Newspaper Blackout Contest. What are you waiting for?

08:26:49 On the San Francisco Chronicle’s rating system, “The Little Man” :

15:37:13 @anorwood awesome!

16:32:43 Seriously, folks: if you’re over 18 & you live in the US, enter the September Newspaper Blackout

Poems contest!

Friday, 19th of September.

07:42:27 @mlarson those Iceland pictures are FANTASTIC

07:48:25 @everydayj thanks for the poem, man!

07:52:16 Decent cover of my fav Beck tune, “Jackass”: The original: and

the sample source:

08:04:56 Dang, I want to see this new Charlie Kaufman movie so bad! Great actresses!

12:41:04 Two of my favorite White Stripes songs in one performance on Letterman: “Fell in love w/ a girl”

+ “Little Room”

16:09:51 “Bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least

something different. -TS Eliot

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


18:35:42 If that delusional tramp Kenley doesn’t get kicked off the next Project Runway, I’m gonna riot.

20:54:15 I really sympathize with Alec Baldwin. A lot of good dads get shitty deals in divorce cases.

Saturday, 20th of September.

07:17:27 I want to just sit around and read all day.

09:17:29 Just one more day to get your entry in for the September Newspaper Blackout Poems contest!

13:08:16 @fatquestion yeah, kenley is done … glad you tried a blackout poem!

16:33:41 Having a blast playing Pyschonauts. Tim Schafer is one of my favorite storytellers.

17:45:53 If you’re on a reality TV show, I’m allowed to make fun of you. Case closed. Here’s a hundred

reasons why:

19:46:49 @gapingvoid genius. they actually put on an incredible live show.

20:19:12 Great movie you probably didn’t see: IN BRUGES.

Sunday, 21st of September.

14:14:22 83 “definitely yes” poems done for the book. More than halfway there.

14:17:02 @mlarson ah! I just put it on hold from library.

20:54:57 Pyschonauts is easily one of the best games I’ve ever played. Spent way too much time this

weekend playing it:

Monday, 22nd of September.

09:53:09 The Great Hand-drawn Mind Mappers Face-off. Vote for me, yo:

10:57:32 “I want to be done playing this lady Nov. 5. So if anybody can help me…that would be good.” –

Tina Fey

14:42:07 ♫ I think I’d like to go / back home / and take it easy / there’s a woman that i’d like to get to know

/ livin’ there ♫

Tuesday, 23rd of September.

08:18:28 @everydayj that my site would be used as a model for anything makes the hours of hair-tearing

worth it. ☢ thanks.

17:50:57 Watch Hollywood f*** up Moby Dick (or make JAWS, pt. 17):

18:47:37 Whoever cuts the montages for the Alamo Drafthouse is freakin’ awesome. Dig October’s set to

a Lykke Li Remix:

19:02:05 @mattforsythe excellent piece! I’m so freaking excited to visit your city…

Wednesday, 24th of September.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:23:05 @mlarson ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? is amazing. I also recommend “Machine Gun” off BAND


10:36:09 @mlarson when I need a meal / i rob and steal

13:19:22 ♫ we’re fighting a war we can’t win / they hate us, we hate them ♫

13:49:04 Our internal Friday Lunch site at work that I designed has leaked onto the Internets. I say we go

public and sell it:

16:28:16 Excited to take the curator’s tour of the new drawing exhibit at the Ransom Center tonight:

20:10:55 I love downloading my cameraphone pictures after they’ve sat on my phone for a month or so.

Lots of forgotten moments:

Thursday, 25th of September.

07:47:17 When I die, burn me or freeze me: Don’t put me in the ground. A flaming pyre

would be nice…complete with a big party.

08:24:04 @mlarson EXACTLY!

12:24:06 ”’Good values people’ have had 8 years & done a shitty job. Lets find some bad values people &

give them a shot.”

12:40:10 Okay folks, I’m taking a poll: are the Drive-By Truckers good enough to take 3 hours of vacation

to see them tape Austin City Limits?

13:02:41 @roblifford that’s what I’m thinkin’!

14:20:14 @lunavelis I can’t remember what I listened to while writing mine…but Pet Sounds is a good

pick. I think I drank more beer than coffee…

14:21:42 @keaggy Sounds like it should be a good show! What album(s) do you recommend?

14:33:43 My model so far: 1) write & draw 2) put it on the web 3) see what happens. Need to add 4) sell

product(s), make some dough.

15:49:54 @keaggy excellent! they’re on, so I will check those out

15:55:12 @rohdesign as always, nice sketchnotes!

15:56:04 @rohdesign ps aren’t you always amazed at how pleased people are to look at things that are

hand-drawn? 🙂

16:17:13 Any web geeks out there know a jquery plugin that will do this effect:

(Hover arrows, sliding images, w/ text+links)?

16:25:17 Heading to the art library to research Miguel Covarrubias. Awesome caricaturist I saw last night

at the Ransom Center:

18:27:30 Great. So mousey-haired Portland girl gets rid of the prettiest model on Project Runway with the

cutest blonde hair ever. MORON!

20:27:01 Show me an architect and I’ll show you someone whose parents wouldn’t pay for art school.

Friday, 26th of September.

06:48:44 Looked at a bunch of R. Crumb sketchbooks yesterday, and last night I dreamed that I was

drawing & cross-hatching in his style. If only!

07:46:26 BB King’s LIVE AT THE REGAL for $2: Damned fine Friday morning listening.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:33:59 Why oh why does Hamilton Leithauser (Walkmen) have to sing every song in a key that is

obviously too high for him? Sad.

12:39:06 This video got me pumped to draw during the Drive-By Truckers ACL taping this afternoon. Early weekend, free beer!

16:05:39 Drive-By Truckers were (pardon my french) FUCKING AWESOME!!!


19:16:40 The DNA of Bears?

19:43:32 Maverick…Maverick…Maverick…why does that name sound familiar?

19:57:27 I don’t think I’m going to watch anymore of these debates. I know who I’m voting for, I’m not

learning anything, and worse, I’m bored. Feh.

20:19:54 @wpwend42 good idea.

21:18:53 Watching the 1st season of PUSHING DAISIES with Meg. Again. This show is much beloved in

the Kleon household, for good reason: it’s awesome.

Saturday, 27th of September.

13:57:21 ♬ “I can’t help it if I’m lucky” – Bob Dylan, “Idiot Wind” It don’t mean I ain’t

grateful — quite the opposite.

20:29:53 @drawers we should’ve beat that frenchman’s ass

20:40:59 Man, what a fantastic day.

Sunday, 28th of September.

15:24:24 October is going to be one crazy month.

18:28:46 One more week until we fly to Montreal for a week. Anybody got suggestions for stuff to see / do

/ eat?

20:52:11 @roblifford yes. Paul Newman may have died, but the true Hollywood tragedy this weekend was

ScarJo getting married. Sigh.

Monday, 29th of September.

06:52:17 Good omen: we rescued a lost dog on our morning walk.

07:02:02 Winners of the September Newspaper Blackout Poems Contest:

12:10:33 @kdelap returned to the owner!

12:45:37 Great NPR interview with Chris Onstad, creator of one of my favorite webcomics, ACHEWOOD:

15:17:05 Moment of panic: I only have 12 weeks (3 months) left to finish my book.

16:18:51 CAN’T HARDLY WAIT is one of the most underrated teen comedies ever. I might have to buy


21:08:41 Spacehog’s “In The Meantime” still kicks ass: YEAH, MIDDLE SCHOOL!

21:11:04 “like Elvis in his jumpsuit” <– actual line from one of the poems going in the book

21:17:57 @bentumbrella possums! don’t tell meghan — she is totally creeped out by possums…saturday pm was awesome, by the way!

21:52:43 “If you don’t know a Michael Scott, you are Michael Scott.” – Steve Carell

22:13:13 @listofnow the whole thing is on youtube!

22:16:59 Oh yes: someone uploaded the entirety of CAN’T HARDLY WAIT to YouTube:

Goodnight, folks!

Tuesday, 30th of September.

08:52:49 Ipods need a delete function — here’s a workaround:

09:50:58 @madinkbeard loving your Frank Santoro series — I have STOREYVILLE, but I’m going to have

to pick up CHIMERA, etc.

17:55:24 I had no idea Obama was a smoker! Fine by me: better than an alcoholic or an advocate for

teen pregnancy.

18:12:19 And now I will tweet the best lines from CAN’T HARDLY WAIT:

18:12:42 “Yo, I GOTTA have sex tonight!” – Kenny Fisher

18:14:56 “Time is honeys.” – Kenny Fisher

18:19:29 FACT: 4 of the actors in CAN’T HARDLY WAIT went on to star on the TV show SIX FEET

UNDER. 9 were on BUFFY.

18:29:33 “Why y’all gotta waste my flavor? Damn!” – Kenny Fisher

18:36:04 “Damn! She’s gonna think I got that premature evacuation!” – Kenny Fisher

18:43:03 OK. Enough with the CAN’T HARDLY WAIT quotes. I don’t have the stamina to keep up with

them all.

18:43:54 In other news: Sarah Palin can’t (or won’t) name a newspaper she regularly reads: