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October 1, 2008

Wednesday, 1st of October.

08:00:09 October newspaper blackout poem contest:

08:16:19 I could watch Steve Brodner draw all day:

08:37:54 AMERICA: a land where you’re free to proudly celebrate your mediocrity!

09:03:25 @roblifford so cool!

Thursday, 2nd of October.

07:39:45 Van Morrison to Play Astral Weeks in Full: Lester Bangs on one of the greatest

albums of all time:

08:21:00 Listen to 3 of the best songs on ASTRAL WEEKS: Then get the whole album:

10:38:46 The word ‘intellectual” is never meant as a compliment:

11:07:21 @madinkbeard some of his stuff is really great. love the way Phil Hoffman plays him in


13:50:39 Austinites who havnt seen the A++ documentary about Barton Springs, THE UNFORESEEN:

you can do so tonight @ the springs!

14:00:48 “You can literally register to vote while you’re pooping…if you have a laptop.” I’m in.

14:14:14 Even though 90% of everything is crap, I now empathize so much with any new author releasing

a new book — it ain’t easy, folks. Be kind.

15:49:11 Rolling Stone nails it: it ain’t “Country First,” it’s “McCain First.”

19:16:30 Gosh darn it, golly gee, the fact that a nice, harmless lady like Sarah Palin could be President…it

makes me want to scalp a Republican.

19:35:42 Funny you should mention rape, Governor Palin…

19:49:14 “The Castro Brothers” would be a good band name.

19:54:51 My fellow Americans: no one loves America more than Austin Kleon. Austin Kleon loves

America. Austin Kleon IS America!

20:32:38 Obama / Biden ’08: We put the FUN in fundamental change!

Friday, 3rd of October.

09:39:18 @rohdesign happy birthday!

10:04:04 @Drawers man, I was so pleased with Biden. I think he’s a better debater than Obama, even.

10:05:39 A thought: good money management is as much about saying “no” to the culture around you

than anything else. It’s making your own values.

11:24:53 Money management napkin doodle:

11:31:31 @mlarson Yeah! If you approach it with discipline, money is the simplest thing in the world.

17:49:43 WWRSD: What would Ray Smuckles do?

20:39:49 @mattforsythe If you hear someone whistling “The Farmer In The Dell”…run. (Omar comin’!)

Saturday, 4th of October.

09:12:11 When I used to listen to REM’s “Don’t Go Back To Rockville,” I would substitute in “Circleville”

Still works pretty well:

09:18:23 “The truth ain’t like puppies, a bunch of them running around, and you pick your favorite.” —

Emerson Cod

15:17:17 Tell us good things to do / see / eat while we’re in Montreal!

21:38:45 “I believe marriage is meant to be a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers.” – Tina

Fey as Sarah Palin

Sunday, 5th of October.

09:53:54 Every time my wife Googles “Green Preservation,” I hear her mutter, “Stupid Kinks.”

14:57:11 My fascist blasphemy for the day: voting is a lot like reading — you should only do it if you’re

gonna vote for / read the right stuff…

Monday, 6th of October.

08:22:39 Anybody going to see Art Spiegelman at Bookpeople here in Austin tomorrow night? (Tuesday,

7PM) I’ll be there.

11:02:56 Listening to these Dylan cuts reminds me: there is a reason why songs are unreleased and

scenes are deleted.

13:28:39 @MyLifeInaCube she said yes, right? 🙂

15:17:20 “I need a vacation.”

15:40:59 Great. They question you at customs for stuff you have in your sketchbook? I’m doomed. Wait

’til they see my newspaper:

16:01:54 @rohdesign “I’m with the CIA, let me through”

20:22:22 Reminder to self: you work a day job so you don’t have to take on illustration work. (Turning

down work is hard for me.)

Tuesday, 7th of October.

08:08:13 “A new book out this fall, “Health at Every Size,” by Linda Bacon” <– can’t make that up.

14:29:11 I don’t think I’ve ever looked so forward to a vacation. Escaping Texas. Escaping America.

Escaping code. Escaping Sharpies and newsprint…

16:26:12 Going to go see Art Spiegelman at Bookpeople. Stop and say hello if you see me and Meg.

20:22:25 Art Spiegelman was so much more fun to listen to than either of these guys.

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21:35:11 My notes on Art Spiegelman’s talk at BookPeople tonight (includes sketchbook comics)

Wednesday, 8th of October.

08:28:51 @rohdesign thanks! he was just as awesome as I’d hoped. really funny and a nice guy.

09:27:29 Bloggers: breaking interviews into 2,3,4,∞ parts is an annoying, lame way to try to get more

traffic/subscribers. Be generous. Don’t do it.

11:18:52 I am not taking a computer on vacation. I am very happy about this.

12:31:55 Okay, the MUSIC of Deerhoof is pretty freaking amazing, but why in the hell do they let this

chick sing for them?

12:32:25 @mlarson no worries! I will have the sketchbook 😀

12:48:15 A copy in my hands, I can assure you: Crispin Glover’s RAT-CATCHING is batshit crazy. Video

review to come next week.

13:01:20 Wow. Watching Scott Adams draw Dilbert is almost as boring as reading it. Talk about taking all

magic out of making…

13:49:24 @MyLifeInaCube The Cintiq inspires a great lust within my heart…

13:52:22 Two lectures I’m going to miss tomorrow: on how our eyes produce color: and

drawing: cc: @anorwood

22:39:15 On a much-needed vacation from the internets.

Thursday, 9th of October.

18:06:32 Bonsoir, Montreal!

18:16:55 You never know who’s reading: Edward Tufte linked to my map of BEAUTIFUL EVIDENCE!

Friday, 10th of October.

07:54:33 Beautiful morning in Montreal.

18:05:24 @lunavelis yes! beautiful campus. must visit if you’re considering

18:23:35 EPIC: according to Google Maps, we walked at least 8 miles across Montreal today. Taking the

Metro tomorrow, methinks.

18:30:18 @mattforsythe Good news: picked up Ojingogo + yr sketchbook @ D+Q store today! Bad news:

they didn’t have a Tom Gauld t-shirt my size…

Saturday, 11th of October.

15:38:01 Met photographer Kate Hutchinson today — she was super nice and seemed surprised a couple

of Texans stopped by the show..

15:39:17 Our impression: Montreal is less a sightseeing city, and more of a sit in a cafe on St. Denis,

smoke cigarettes, and draw cartoons city.

21:10:43 Amazing dinner tonight at Au Pied de Cochon. A must if you’re ever in Montreal:

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21:11:59 Montreal seems like more of a nighttime city. Tonight’s highlight: 7 young thugs singing GnR’s

“Night Train” at the top of their lungs.

Sunday, 12th of October.

07:49:22 @mattforsythe yeah! 3 of them: they’re hanging on the wall behind the counter. they’re pretty

much sold out, though, unless yr a small

09:27:48 Heading up to Mont Royal and the Mile End neighborhood today.

13:50:41 Not feeling the love for Montreal today.

18:15:40 @kdelap everything’s fine — just not as bowled over by the city as everyone said we’d be

Monday, 13th of October.

08:06:35 Sometimes complaining works: Holiday Inn moved us to a 2bedroom suite last night. Slept like a


08:06:52 Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!

18:20:24 @scd yes, I suggest getting a wife…they are very handy

18:34:03 RT @tvtompd: “Columbus Day, America! We found it, we named it, we built it, and we put in the

driveways and landscaping!”

18:51:44 Instructions on the back of KRAZY GLUE: “Do not use to attach artificial nails.”

Tuesday, 14th of October.

04:51:05 GREAT DAY in Montreal: went to see TELL NO ONE (****), ate mussels + drank beer up on St.

Denis, and then drew a bunch of cartoons.

05:21:26 If it takes you 1/2 an hour to make a blackout poem and you win, that’s like making $24/hour.

Enter the contest, people:

07:40:31 One of the greatest feelings in the world: getting an e-mail out of the blue from someone you

look up to. Rad, rad, rad.

07:51:36 Lounge of the Montreal Hilton. Garden courtyard to right, pool to left. Chinese doorman

humming “Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer.” Life=weird.

08:35:39 Poolside at the Montreal Hilton. Making poems in the sunshine. Swanky.

08:37:40 USA Today: “If there’s one feature that defines the presidential debate on education, it’s this:

near silence.” Amen.

10:27:24 Just wrote an e-mail to someone asking for career advice. (From me?) I said, “You don’t need a

degree. You need proof you can do the work.”

10:39:38 This trip has not been very relaxing. Which is why I’m working at the bar in the Hilton. A bit of

pampering, please.

19:37:20 @apelad agreed! thunderbird1958 had an amazing collection of 45s, but his account was


19:42:28 I’ll do a blog post later, but in case you can’t wait to see stuff from my Montreal sketchbook:

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Wednesday, 15th of October.

08:04:08 Never thought I’d say this, but: I miss Texas. This trip has made me realize how happy I am in

Austin. Time to go home.

16:19:21 Sketched an Otto Dix painting and bought ASTRAL WORKS on LP for $8. I’d call that a good


18:47:14 400 fans of the poems on Facebook. Too cool!

19:55:24 I said I wasn’t going to watch another debate. I also said no internet on vacation. FAIL, FAIL,

FAIL. [ sigh ]

20:00:16 Joe The Plumber probably makes at least 5x my salary.

20:20:18 I think both candidates suck on education. The only person I liked on education was Bill

Richardson. I would’ve voted for that guy.

Thursday, 16th of October.

12:56:20 Back home in Austin, Texas. Really, really glad I live here.

13:02:27 Yeah, this is pretty much how I felt when I lived in Ohio:

13:02:41 @lunavelis that is genius

13:32:00 @minorjive that old Genesis is SO GOOD

13:36:16 Holy shit, this old vinyl copy of ASTRAL WEEKS I bought for $8 sounds SO GOOD.

15:08:27 @sct yes!

16:00:53 @thcrawford same here! I ate like a pig in Montreal and didn’t gain a pound. but then, I probably

walked an average of 5 miles a day…

20:06:26 Playing guitar tonight I remembered the riff to this great Radiohead b-side: OK

Computer era b-sides = genius.

Friday, 17th of October.

06:45:09 @odannyboy can’t believe i didn’t remember that song while we were in O’Hare yesterday…

10:12:39 @anodyne2art love that one too

10:18:35 @thedynamo yeah man, thanks for the kind words! ive thought a lot about branding for artists,

never written much about it

10:20:34 Flattered by @thedynamo ‘s kind words: Artist as brand is definitely something

I’ve thought a lot about…

12:35:50 “Is art basically glorified child’s play, extending…thru a lifetime, picking up ideas & gaining

finesse as it goes?”

15:37:39 Straight Talk Express: cool little zine about McCain

20:10:34 “Behind every good man there is a woman, and that woman was Martha Washington, man…”

Saturday, 18th of October.

10:17:19 Lunch at Quality Seafood, then Maker Faire with @drawers & @bentumbrella. Beautiful day for


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18:19:12 Going to an opening at Art Palace:

Sunday, 19th of October.

12:28:50 The return of Terry Tate!

14:51:21 Photos from Maker Faire yesterday:

15:23:28 Download esau mwamwaya + radioclit the very best mixtape…you won’t be disappointed:

15:32:43 Montreal trip photos:

17:14:17 I can see this blog post pissing some “art world” types off. I don’t care:

19:30:31 Just a reminder: poems for the October blackout poems contest are due at 5PM this Thursday.

Have you submitted yours?

Monday, 20th of October.

08:05:43 Top 5 celebrity golfers I’d hit the links with: 1) Willie Nelson 2) Bill Murray 3) Samuel L. Jackson

4) Jack Nicholson 5) Matt McConaughey

09:38:34 Sweet: the dollar’s spike meant our Montreal trip was a lot cheaper than I thought it was. That

van record was even more of a bargain! $6.75

13:12:35 Retweeting @Twalk retweeting @shawnz: “Genius is the recovery of childhood at will.”


15:06:13 Wish I’d had this list when I was working at the library, teaching computers to senior citizens: cc: @beatleboymatt

18:21:58 Let’s Go Away for Awhile

20:12:10 Watching a fascinating PBS documentary on LBJ

Tuesday, 21st of October.

09:14:55 A beautiful morning to have abnormal cells cut off the back of your head.

09:31:08 If it weren’t for Vietnam, LBJ would’ve gone down in history as a great president:

09:32:15 @TWalk thanks! everything went fine

11:20:26 “The country is most barbarously large & final. It is too much country…alternately drab &

dazzling, spectral & remote.”

17:04:59 @odannyboy I’ll second that emotion

17:15:43 A care package from one of my heroes: Rivaled only by this one:

Life is really cool, sometimes.

21:45:36 To be 13 again, with my pawn shop guitar, looking out the window at the cornfields. Back then, I

wanted to be here. Life laughs at you.

Wednesday, 22nd of October.

08:01:37 The idea that small towns are the best part of America is laughable — especially when you grew

up in one:

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08:52:04 One more day to enter the October contest. Come on, you know you want to:

11:12:02 Holy crap. White Denim show at Club Deville tonight for $9. Wonder if I can convince the wife to


11:18:09 @madinkbeard amen, brother

11:24:31 @bonitasarita i really want to see them before they get too huge…heard nothing but good things

15:08:21 We should get some folks in the Treasury Department to enter the blackout poem contest!

21:30:45 Sketchbook and photo slideshows & recalling the highlights of our Montreal trip:

Thursday, 23rd of October.

08:23:55 Larry David on the election:

08:24:34 @rohdesign thanks, mike! I really loved that slideshow site you used…had to try it out

08:25:10 Escape the election madness! Enter the blackout poems contest! You have til 4PM EST this


13:12:06 @rohdesign totally…excellent tool!

13:12:40 @Stammy flickrslidr is rad. $3000 well deserved!

13:15:07 @kdelap i got your entry…very cool! i should be announcing the winners soon… 😉

14:20:05 @TWalk that article is rad. funny thing is, originally he couldn’t get them to publish it!

15:42:36 @TWalk yeah i love the fleetwood mac vs. eagles comparison! much richer than the NYer piece

16:16:19 This animation blows my mind:

16:27:21 “Onceuponatime, a group called the Clash sang ‘We’re a garage band.’ But who can afford a

garage nowadays?” -Ian Svenonius

Friday, 24th of October.

07:31:19 I want to punch the librarian who came up with the UT libraries recall system.

07:37:44 Freestyle Rap Battle Translation: Thanks, @lunavelis

08:56:58 @anorwood you better take some time from sharepoint and pick a stellar place to eat!

12:21:47 Ate the REPUBLICAN taco at Torchy’s, then voted straight DEMOCRAT. Who says there’s no

party unity anymore?

12:42:37 @madinkbeard that’s right! my stomach is ignorant of party politics

13:05:16 Group prayer as time management and an organizational tool:

14:30:08 @keaggy have you seen his new mini, OR ELSE? god, it’s great. picked it up in Montreal. one

of my favorite cartoonists.

15:26:36 Architecture firm PageSoutherlandPage uses newspaper blackout poems in their proposal for a

new central library in Austin:

15:31:43 @rohdesign in that interview, when you mentioned taking notes during sermons it reminded me

of Kevin Huizenga’s SERMONS:

20:25:58 Watch the documentary about the Eels singer, Mark Everett (E) and the search for his physicist

father before it disappears:

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Saturday, 25th of October.

08:30:17 ♬ “Life is hard / And so am I…” ♬

09:24:14 @TWalk congrats, man!

10:43:15 Even the “weaker” Pixies albums blow everything out of the water. Witness: TROMPE LE


12:03:33 Austin Voters: Vote NO on Prop 2

15:41:36 @bentumbrella you survived a week of houston! yay!

18:33:18 @robotjohnny meeting that woman changed my life. seriously. enough energy and inspiration

for a lifetime…

18:35:37 Going through a year of New Yorkers with an X-acto blade. I hate recycling them…but I’m fear

The Wife’s wrath if I don’t…

23:00:59 @bentumbrella why in the heck did I think it was Houston? duh. i must’ve inhaled too many

sharpie fumes tonight

23:03:53 SNL producers tonite: “Dude, we don’t have Tina Fey, Amy Poehler’s in labor, we suck at jokes,

lets just let Coldplay do 3 songs. Screw it.”

Sunday, 26th of October.

08:21:12 @lunavelis man, that was my least-favorite part of senior project. good luck.

08:26:56 @thcrawford you mean, they were trying hard not to sound like Coldplay? about the only thing

the new songs retain is Martin’s voice…

08:55:33 Walk to Galaxy Cafe for breakfast, then my beloved Sunday Morning Activity: Half Price Books!

14:29:45 I’m thinking about calling this poem MY REVIEW OF I AM LEGEND: “arresting the scene in

which the dog died / i called for his head on ice.”

14:49:02 Thesis: most 80s songs would be improved if you cut out the bridge.

15:07:14 @aaronrester exactly! they’d actually be GOOD songs

16:21:41 The week’s last poem: “in LOVE all you can do / is fail so badly the first time / the ReSt u don’t

mind a t all.”

17:23:01 New blog post: GET YOURSELF A CALENDAR (complete with MAGNOLIA clip!)

18:07:46 Andy Rooney needs to be put out to pasture. Hopefully after the election, he and McGramps

can commiserate about being old and grumpy.

19:26:25 Drunk drawing.

Monday, 27th of October.

08:00:07 Winners of the October Newspaper Blackout Poems contest:

08:17:11 You know it’s Monday when the first line of your morning bus ride blackout poem is “Who put

me here?”

08:30:25 @kdelap my pleasure! 😀

10:39:13 Happy Tenth Anniversary, American Elf:

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12:28:25 Deerhoof’s new album, OFFEND MAGGIE, is my new favorite working music:

13:42:18 @Drawers energy 😀 have a good trip!

16:04:54 Going to Scholz Beer Garten (meg has a meeting there) Any beer/food


16:21:42 @anorwood thanks, man!

17:04:58 Hanging out at Scholz Garden. Doing poems. Bartender’s last name is Leon, as opposed to

Kleon. Suddenly want a cigarette…and some brisket!

18:16:13 Had to implore the bartender to put on the World Series. Who gives a crap about Monday Night

Football? What is this, Texas?

18:22:38 Closed Captioning on the bar TV says the Phillies are playing the Gay Rays. Must be a Phillies

fan who programmed it…

18:36:39 @madinkbeard off to a great start!

19:04:28 @madinkbeard I’m rooting for y’all. Mostly because I hate the state of Florida and think it should

be sold back to Spain…

20:50:27 @Drawers oh, we rocked the Blizzard yesterday…Butterfinger, of course, the only kind…

20:52:46 I knew someone would quit following me after my hate speech against Florida, but I don’t care.

Thanks, Qwitter.

20:55:31 Food at Scholz Garten = disgusting. Waste of money and gut space. The Franziskaner was

awesome, though. Thanks @anorwood & @overprocessed

21:08:32 Getting into bed with @megzo — no night is ever a complete waste!

Tuesday, 28th of October.

09:38:53 When Obama wins, I want to walk the streets with a ghetto blaster pumping Spoon’s “The


13:07:32 “New” Arthur Russell record AND a documentary!

15:41:35 “____ takes an invisible phenomenon and turns it into a visible picture” You could

fill in the blank with comics, too.

15:44:24 @madinkbeard this reminded me of dash shaw’s bottomless belly button (and your review) –>

18:35:15 David Byrne visits Cleveland, gets ripped off by a cabbie, rides down Euclid Ave, and watches a

grotesque old rocker:

21:13:17 If Obama were a real socialist, that’d be even better. Instead, I’ll settle for young, multi-racial,

Democratic intellectual.

21:24:18 Huh: who knew that in the midst of this economic meltdown, the Communist Manifesto turned


21:26:00 “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” – my grandfather, who lost the family farm after a

hail storm and foreclosure. Socialist?

21:29:25 I want free health care and free education for every American — the same things they wanted in

the Communist Manifesto.

21:31:05 @wpwend42 hahaha….yes!

21:40:38 Holy crap: an MTV video archive: Thanks, @anorwood !

21:56:41 [EXCLUSIVE!] New Obama campaign video:

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Wednesday, 29th of October.

07:57:43 @lunavelis have you heard “Welcome To the Terrordome”? That’s my favorite. FEAR OF A


08:00:13 @jcsalterego yeah, @jkottke linked to that. very cool!

08:06:04 @lunavelis ack! that youtube had no vocals. listen to this one:

08:07:11 ♫ i got so much trouble on my mind / refuse to lose / here’s yo ticket / here the drummer get

wicked ♫

10:20:24 @mlarson “just between you and me, I’m really excited about the Ring Dings and Pepsi”

10:25:08 The Breeders’ MOUNTAIN BATTLES is pretty rad: More proof of how important

Kim Deal was to the Pixies.

11:26:53 Drawing with water:

16:00:44 Sartre said “hell is other people.” I wonder how many designers have that pinned to their cubicle

wall. (Other people = clients.)

19:59:34 Man, it’s fun to watch people win. Congrats, Phillies! Next up: Obama!

21:45:06 rt @megzo me: “sometimes i wonder where our future dog is now.” ak: “hopefully curled up on

the lap of some old lady who’s about to kick it”

Thursday, 30th of October.

06:37:26 Big day….BIG day. More details this afternoon…

07:55:29 These folks: want to use this: on a t-shirt. I said, “Cool, let’s do it.”


09:32:49 Here goes everything…see you on the other side.

13:43:42 OK, it’s official: we closed on a house today. It’s built, we bought it, we got the keys, we move in

this weekend. Booyah!

14:44:13 @chrisferan NOW you’re talkin’! 😉

16:20:28 @Drawers so jealous of the location in NYC!! thanks for the times pic and the congrats…see

you when you get back!

16:59:23 Going to see TV ON THE RADIO at Stubbs tonight:

23:29:04 TV on the Radio was rad:

Friday, 31st of October.

00:05:03 Doodle of the new house:

06:24:36 @chrisferan DEFINITELY apply for the goldman prize. if you don’t, you’ll slap yourself later, like

i did

07:29:56 @theBDR “awesome!” re: the traffic, “curses!” re: the spam, “rawk!” re: dino jr.

07:31:40 If you’re bored this morning, here’s a couple of blog posts: TV On The Radio sketches: and The New House:

08:16:27 @theBDR deerhoof is coming to funfunfun fest here in austin…i might have to drop the $50 to

see them (LOVE the new album)

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08:34:35 Free advice: if someone can’t tell from scanning (not reading) your e-mail what you want from

them, your e-mail has failed. <delete>

09:25:16 @ryancoleman loved your post on halloween as a visual thinker’s holiday!

unfortunately, w/ the move, we have no pumpkin!

09:40:28 @bonitasarita When I lived in Ohio, I thought King of the Hill was overblown satire. In Texas,

now I realize it’s deadpan realism!

09:42:51 @bonitasarita King of the Hill in french, spotted on our Montreal trip: “Henri Pis Sa Gang”

09:43:07 @ryancoleman thanks, man!

09:53:07 @bonitasarita watching it in french it was like something out of a beckett play: a bunch of guys

standing around speaking french…waiting..

10:03:32 HOMESLICE for lunch! Love this place. When I was a kid, my brother used to

say, “What up, homeslice?”

10:03:49 @bonitasarita just a dude mumbling in french. lol

13:35:00 I need a DeLorean with a flux capacitor.

14:48:50 Our last 3 moves: ☞ Oxford to Cleveland: 250 miles. ☞ Cleveland to Austin: 1500 miles ☞ Apt to

house: 4 miles. Think I can handle this one.

19:53:50 Hung out on our new porch steps tonight and passed out candy. Met our new neighbors and

watched the sunset. Heavenly.

19:54:34 Stood behind Britt Daniel in line at Chipotle tonight. He was not wearing any aluminum foil, and

therefore, did not get a free burrito.