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November 1, 2008


Saturday, 1st of November.

09:42:57 Beautiful weekend to move. Could be cooler, but no chance of rain. (Or snow, but that’s a


13:14:52 It’s cheap bastard vs. cheap bastard. The question is, “Who will win?”

21:09:41 Kind of a crappy day. Medicating w/ beer.

Sunday, 2nd of November.

08:13:45 Extra hour to pack & move: awesome.

Monday, 3rd of November.

02:36:56 I had two wishes for November: 1) we’d be living in a new house 2) Obama would be elected. #1

happened today, #2 will happen tuesday

02:37:28 Me: “Wow, this is the first time we’ve ever had cable.” Cable guy: “What, have you been living

under a rock?”

02:39:12 I have always chuckled at FREE AIR signs at gas stations. No more. All machines within 5

blocks took 75 cents, quarters only. I had none.

02:41:26 movin’ on up / to the east side / we finally got a piece of the pie!

09:19:03 Moved into the house in one maniacal weekend. My body hurts everywhere. Time for heavy

doses of coffee, bacon, and Advil.

11:48:56 @Drawers i like it — y’all ready to come see the new pad?

11:49:22 @Drawers how long are you in NYC?

11:54:37 Dig my buddy @drawers ‘s drawings:

12:03:56 @MyLifeInaCube i finally got my scanner unpacked…I’ll try to send you something!

14:57:25 Had an obvious – but important – thought this morning: I draw because it makes me feel alive.

15:42:18 Austinites: is FUN FUN FUN Fest worth the dough?

19:02:03 Ladies and gentlemen, we have hot water. “Me man, me make fire!”

Tuesday, 4th of November.

10:34:39 Take your mind off the election! Enter the November newspaper blackout poems contest!

16:02:31 @ryancoleman and now I have a craving as well.

16:04:22 In the past month or so, there have been at least a dozen times that I wanted to pull a Rip Van

Winkle. “Wake me up when it’s over!”

16:39:32 Wish I could be out sketching people at the polls like I did for the primaries:

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16:50:22 Burroughs said the cut-up method was time-travel. Old blackout poem about landlords seems

clairvoyant this week:

23:46:18 @roblifford yes! send in the puppies!

23:54:56 Way to go, Ohio! Proud of my native state.

Wednesday, 5th of November.

00:01:02 “A ripple in the universe / someone named him Obama.”

00:11:26 All humans — especially Americans — love a good story. And that’s why Obama won.

09:09:42 @mlarson happy birthday, pal — that was one helluva present last night! hope you gave it the

party it deserved

09:46:44 Cap Metro on strike in ATX. Luckily, the new house is only 2 miles from campus: Meg and I

walked it this morning. Took about 40 minutes.

10:02:47 2008 isn’t over yet, but it’s kind of fun to look at a visual archive of the blog in the past year:

14:46:48 On “The Proximity of bodies” @mlarson had some really good thoughts

16:21:22 @bentumbrella that is rad! i stood behind luke wilson at security once, but Phil Hoffman?? too


17:11:11 @chrisferan what article is that from??? hilarious!

17:12:06 I don’t know what possessed me to post an excerpt of my undergrad thesis, but I did:

19:33:32 @chrisferan yeah, obermann was all over it tonight (oh, cable…sigh)

19:38:42 @chrisferan dig the Austin City Limits blog: one of the techs posts about the gear! total gear


Thursday, 6th of November.

00:13:15 And you may find yourself in a beautiful house / with a beautiful wife / And you may ask yourself

/ how did I get here?

09:48:09 We’re East-siders now. RT @megzo: overheard on the bus: “you goin’ to the meeting this

morning?” “nah, i gotta go meet my PO”

11:32:17 @davegray great reading list! lots to add to my own

11:55:45 Really digging this Littly Joy album (side-project of the Strokes’ drummer) Laid back, lots of uke.

Take a listen:

13:42:57 @davegray Scott McCloud’s UNDERSTANDING COMICS…maybe?

14:12:10 @harryzicht thanks! 😀

15:39:59 Amazed that United Features made 50 years of Peanuts free online: Needs

full-text search & better design…but dang!

17:49:48 Staying late at the office to work on poems. Waiting on @megzo to finish class. Lights out,

playing some music.

Friday, 7th of November.

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09:15:31 ♫ Jolene, Jolene, JOLENE, JOLEEEEEENE! ♫

10:42:16 “Its often the guys at the back treating the music business as some vast cosmic joke who seem

2 b loving evry minute of it”

13:33:11 @jbj thanks for the bookslut mention — entries have dwindled a little for the last

contest…hopefully that will get a few more!

14:23:42 Hate it when I Google a phrase for research & the 1st thing that comes up is my own blog. i.e.

“Mathematical storytelling”:

14:42:25 Finally. The New Yorker digitizes its archives (free for subscribers!)

Saturday, 8th of November.

09:02:46 IKEA. Free breakfast. Buying wastebaskets. (Being domesticated is very exciting.)

22:53:57 @drawers @bentumbrella y’all rock. thanks for dinner.

Sunday, 9th of November.

08:38:21 Interview with me and a journalism student from Australia:

13:48:00 @mlarson good! that means there will be something to learn from the book!

18:51:07 Omelets, bacon, and beer for dinner. Watching Superbad. No work being done here at Chez

Kleon, whatsoever.

19:24:59 Happy that largeheartedboy linked to the father-in-law’s review of Best American Comics, and

quoted best graf cc: @tvtompd

21:26:47 “You wanna boycott someone? You ought to start with the god****n barber that f***ed up your


22:30:35 Sweet: Chris Onstad (Achewood) is coming to Austin Books on Dec. 6th:

Monday, 10th of November.

09:11:19 @theBDR yeah, Mooney! I saw them in college — it was insane:

09:27:52 Meg and I would appreciate your suggestions for fun things to do / eat / see on our New

England trip next week:

13:23:37 @listofnow i saw them! thanks, bonnie!

17:27:11 Burgers at Phil’s Ice House, and then using my 40% coupon at Half Price books…one awesome

night coming up!

20:01:05 Got a signed copy of Tufte’s VISUAL EXPLANATIONS for $11 at Half Price. Tiny torn corner on

jacket cover. Thank you, 40% coupon!

Tuesday, 11th of November.

10:37:12 @ryancoleman i’d probably just ask her about her favorite books / comics. Ask her for a

“reading list”.

10:46:43 @theBDR keep it up, man! smoking is fun and pleasurable (most non-smokers like me won’t

admit that), but think of all the money you’ll save!

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10:48:32 Not yet sure what to use this for (contest?), but there’s a Flickr pool for Newspaper Blackout

Poems now. Add your own!

12:37:17 Here’s the secret to blackout poems: they bring the tactile sense to writing. You make them with

your hands. Not f***ing Microsoft Word.

12:42:10 Current Gmail ad: “Publish your bad poetry.” Working on it…

15:39:46 @gunner64 “Meetings Make You Stupid”

17:57:53 rt @jasonfried I don’t care if your email is “Sent from my iPhone”

19:24:46 My new e-mail signature: “Sent from my old-ass Dell Optiplex with 1GB of RAM that I borrowed

from work”

20:39:00 First night I’ve actually got down to work in my office. Feels great.

22:54:14 Books that don’t just show you how to make art, they’re works of art in themselves:

23:39:49 Trying to find a decent hotel in Boston on short notice. Anybody got any recommendations?

23:57:23 @minorjive thanks man

Wednesday, 12th of November.

00:04:48 @minorjive yeah, we might just stay at this place in newton – far out, but that’s ok

00:08:57 @minorjive we’re renting a car to drive from Boston to CT — I’m thinking about extending the

dates and picking it up when we get to boston

00:21:11 Due to hotel $$$, I’m tempted to just stay in Providence & take the commuter line in to/from

Boston. From what I can tell, it’s 1hr.

08:59:53 FREE “This is Daptone Records…” Compilation:

14:19:45 Update on our NE trip: we’re now staying 3 nights in Providence, and taking the commuter train

in to Boston for Meg’s conference.

15:05:40 “At the end of the day, my dream for anyone is to find joy and peace in making things by hand.”

God bless the craft scene.

16:49:18 Music is the greatest thing in the world.

17:29:42 @chrisferan @megzo “I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening?


19:18:08 R.I.P Mitch Mitchell. Amazing drummer.

21:02:17 @roblifford I hear you, man.

22:56:11 Adobe Bridge makes the process of sorting poems for this book A LOT easier. 100 yes, 100

maybe/no. 50 + “History” & “How-To” sections to go.

22:56:58 @chrisferan you haven’t had the right oatmeal raisin cookies. my mom’s/aunt’s will make you

see jesus

23:02:18 Charlie Rose: “How did you become a poet?” Kay Ryan: “Reluctantly.”

23:04:03 @mlarson i really dig kay ryan. i love her attitude, and want to rip off that “reluctantly” joke about

being a “poet”

Thursday, 13th of November.

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09:45:28 @mlarson her (kay ryan) article on poetry and humor is good:

10:07:44 “I want to see a well-laid Ted Turner newscast: ‘Hey, it’s all going to work out. Here’s sports.'” –

Bill Hicks

10:30:51 Poetry is just like anything else: 90% of it bores me to tears.

11:48:39 God, to be alive in 1966 and see Jimi Hendrix. He STILL looks/sounds like an alien…imagine

what it was like then!

11:49:47 My dad tells me about being in college and going to the library and cranking Hendrix on the big

old earphones. I love that image so much.

16:02:17 “Theeeeeese eyes! Aaaaaaaaaahre cryin!”

16:38:19 “What does the week measure? Nothing.”

16:58:09 @mlarson this article on the weekend is amazing! and 17 years old!

19:32:50 @chrisferan Green Day has an amazing back catalogue, a kick-ass live show, AND they’ve

been doing it for 21 years. Amazingly underrated.

Friday, 14th of November.

09:10:10 My wife has now spotted at least 3 different dachshunds in our neighborhood (and freaked out

their owners with her enthusiasm). I’m doomed.

09:25:24 L Barry’s 100 DEMONS = perfect model for my book: short introduction, 150 pages of creative

work, how-to in the back

09:46:21 @rohdesign rise of the craft/diy movement makes me think that “howto” approach is the future:

inviting yr readers to “make” along with u

09:46:57 @rohdesign i guess it’s all about generosity — sharing with your readers and inviting them into a


09:50:32 The folks who saw the financial crisis coming, called it, and nobody listened:

and cc: @tvtompd

09:51:02 @anorwood remind me to reprimand you for this tweet

09:58:31 @TWalk Loved MONEYBALL, got LIAR’S POKER from library last night, but couldn’t sink into it

right away. Good writer — finds good characters

10:03:19 @tvtompd that is one depressing song. i see a youtube mashup with stormtroopers

slow-dancing and the death star exploding

10:19:25 I’ve decided to become unabashed about what I like to do on vacation: shop comic + record +

book stores, go to art museums, and eat out.

10:31:11 @TWalk i’m not a football fan: would I still dig it?

10:31:32 @Drawers you need to answer the door in your underwear, with a shotgun in your hands

10:32:07 @Drawers you could replace the shotgun with wide eyes and red paint smeared on your naked


10:49:25 @TWalk @mlarson ok, you’ve convinced me. BLIND SIDE it is

14:02:06 Rumors of a Lexus blackout ad in the “Weekend Journal” section of the Wall Street Journal:

confirmed. Trying to track down a copy…

14:12:06 @chrisferan honestly, i’m more worried about the economy collapsing before Sept. ’09 than I am

about people ripping me off!

14:15:24 @madinkbeard today’s, Friday, Nov. 14th. law school library didn’t get theirs delivered today, of

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14:24:26 @madinkbeard thanks, man!

14:54:39 Lexus Ad does a blackout poem: So dude, where’s my car? ( Big thanks to

@madinkbeard for the image )

15:05:35 @DustyReagan But y’all were closed today! I was gonna stop by and say hello (we were over at


15:14:51 @DustyReagan morning??? this was at 12:30, you slackers! lol

15:19:33 @DustyReagan haha…CAUGHT! tell that to the ABJ ;-D

21:06:16 @patchworkearth great post on comics and mapmaking! ( )

21:07:05 @theBDR congrats, dude. stick with it. keep thinking of the book dough you’re saving!

21:12:27 @scd dude, i’m not even a huge Trekkie — but even with the choppy video…that looks pretty

f***ing rad (sylar as spock! harold as sulu!)

21:13:45 @theBDR seriously, man. that should be your two-week present. nothing wrong with bribing


21:17:35 @scd that’s right! i forgot about scotty!

Saturday, 15th of November.

08:53:18 Man, it’s going to be a mad-dash to the finish line this next month. I envision weeping with joy

and relief on xmas eve. Reeking of Jameson.

13:36:38 Din Ho = now on my S*** List: they boned up my order and refused to refund my $$$. Calling

me a liar, Din Ho? No more! Enjoy the recession!

13:40:19 Argh! Still fuming. It WAS my fav Chinese joint in Austin. Great hotnsour. Supervisor hung up on

me. Now I know who put the “ho” in Din Ho.

Sunday, 16th of November.

09:40:42 Sick, sick, sick. In bed trying to work. Godfather marathon on cable.

10:56:46 Reason #1,574,392 why my wife is awesome: “You poor thing. You should go relax in your

office, put on Blade Runner, and do some poems.”

11:33:24 @anorwood yeah, you might not see me tomorrow. let me know if the new animal crossing is

any good!

13:42:12 “I want more life, f***er.” Great line either way, but I think “father” is better.

18:17:22 Got the _Masters of American Comics_ book for $9 at Half Price with a 50% coupon. Score.

18:29:37 Neil Young wrote “Down by the River” & “Cowgirl in the Sand” when he had a 103° fever. This

is why I try to write even when sick…

21:05:36 NYTimes piece on Lewis Hyde (author of THE GIFT ) and his new book on the

cultural commons:

23:15:20 “I don’t tell my mother-in-law what to do. I’m not stupid. That’s why I got elected president, man!”

– Barack Obama

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Monday, 17th of November.

11:22:07 Friday is the last day to enter the final Newspaper Blackout Poems contest:

12:12:12 The Strokes’ IS THIS IT? = THE sound of my freshman year of college. Fun, fun, fun.

20:51:45 Watching FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL and filling out an author publicity questionaire.

(Do you know any famous people to help sell your book?)

21:12:17 “You’re my step-brother! We’re not even blood! I have no qualms with sticking you! I will

equalize you!”


21:27:11 @ryancoleman lol not in those words…but they do ask you which “well-known” folks they should

try to get jacket copy quotes from

Tuesday, 18th of November.

07:45:37 Off to Providence, RI.

20:04:56 In Providence, RI. Freezing our Texan asses off.

Wednesday, 19th of November.

21:38:10 Cambridge, softshell crab at Spice, tons of bookstores, shut out @ Lampoon bldg, Mike’s

Pastry, clam chowda @ Union Oyster House. Long day.

Thursday, 20th of November.

08:59:35 Hung out at the IHOP near Harvard Square for 2+ hours, drawing, and making poems. So

pleased, I gave waitress a 75% tip. Brain food + space.

Friday, 21st of November.

21:37:54 Our New England trip continues. Currently in Fairfield, CT, hanging out with Meg’s godmother.

Tomorrow: the commuter train to NYC!

21:42:03 Sad I can’t be doing EAST in Austin this weekend, but man, we’re having a great time.

21:56:57 Anybody got any last-minute leads on cool stuff going on tomorrow (Saturday) in New York

City? We’re pulling into Grand Central around 10…

23:15:21 Austinites: go see @drawers on the East Austin Studio Tour tomorrow.

Saturday, 22nd of November.

07:55:46 My new favorite notebook: Large, 7.5″x10″ Piccadilly Moleskine-knockoff. I found them for $6 at

a Borders Bargain Bin.

08:57:04 Off to NYC!

21:44:12 @theBDR looking forward to this year’s list!! how’s the non-smoking going?

21:51:17 @gapingvoid that’s an awesome list. I need to check out some Ronald Searle…do you

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recommend a book/collection?

21:52:18 @chrisferan it was 25 in the rental car on the way home from the station tonight. half the

temperature of texas

21:57:38 @largeheartedboy let me know what you think if you find them! i’m headed to a Border’s

tomorrow to pick up more

21:58:49 rt @megzo : new york today. thought “wouldn’t it be great to live here?” until i saw a miserable

looking girl hauling her laundry via subway

22:01:55 Epic day in NYC. Did up Virgin records, Forbidden Planet, Strand, Grimaldi’s Pizza (Brooklyn),

Rocketship, Picturebox, & Galanga thai.

22:04:12 @theBDR way to go, man. speaking of bourbon, have you ever had this stuff?

my buddy gave me a bottle — i really dig it

22:11:13 @largeheartedboy d’oh! there aren’t many in texas, either, i don’t think…

22:12:11 @theBDR amen, brother

22:23:35 @Drawers t-shirts with yr stuff on them? i want one.

22:23:53 @drawers also: found another cartoonist i think you’d dig:

22:49:16 If there’s a restaurant called SUPER DUPER WEENIE within four miles of where you are, I

figure you must investigate:

Sunday, 23rd of November.

00:07:28 Listening to the new Belle & Sebastian BBC sessions. Must procure stereo-to-stereo phono jack

4 Ipod in the rental car…

10:37:32 Slept in until 11:30. Not sure I’ve done that since college…

15:26:51 @TWalk favorite reference book? Slaughterhouse Five. For when I forget how to write.

15:27:41 @MyLifeInaCube that is one awesome tumblr. who keeps it up?

15:32:17 It’s been a good year, so Meg and I had our Christmas card photo taken:

15:40:06 @antm i felt hungover! and it was just from the sleep!

20:07:42 Finished author questionnaire for marketing/publicity/sales. Made me want to throw myself off a


20:16:28 Time to pack up all the books and tchotchkes from the trip. Up at 3 a.m. tomorrow to drive to

Boston. I’m ready for some Texas sunshine.

Monday, 24th of November.

02:45:49 ♫ “i said BABY / it’s 3 a.m. I must be…” ♫ <throws shoe at alarm clock, drives to Boston airport>

17:45:36 Note to self #1: don’t read a New Yorker article about psychopaths on the #350 bus home from

the airport.

17:45:53 Note to self #2: don’t ride the #350 bus home from the airport.

17:46:41 @MyLifeInaCube well, tell him it’s awesome!

17:46:48 @aaronrester sorry, dude!

17:47:37 Nothing like chipotle and margaritas after 15 hours of travel

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18:46:06 Oh, btw: LARS AND THE REAL GIRL ✩✩✩✩✩ ! I cried on the plane, like the sap I am.

20:53:28 “Freaking Hot Topic. That explains everything.”

Tuesday, 25th of November.

09:27:11 Man, everybody is doing the “drawing in real time” video online these days. I should get in on

the action…

11:12:02 @TWalk man i SAW that clip when we were getting ready in our hotel room in boston. i took it

as a good omen for the day. hilarious

11:12:42 @megzo the martha stewart / snoop dogg mashed potatoes video is online:

11:17:56 Must post journal comic I drew in Providence last week where I considered Snoop Dogg on

Martha to be a good omen!

11:41:44 @madinkbeard saw this and thought of your post on “anchorage”

11:42:38 @SunniBrown if I get there and we’re just playing Pictionary…I’m going to be disappointed 😉

13:47:57 @chrisferan @megzo @tvtompd christmas comes, for the third time: house, obama victory, now

coldplay breaks up: celebr

13:50:47 @scd

15:59:26 “…many traits…desirable in a corporate context…would be considered psychopathic outside of


16:32:54 #1 comment I get from people who’ve tried the blackout poems: “This was a lot harder than I

thought it’d be…”

16:33:40 #1 comment I get on the poems from internet haters: “This is something any idiot could do.”

16:34:19 My synthesis of the two comments? “Any idiot can do it, but it takes time and practice to do it


16:53:58 @sct yep. time + practice = results

19:54:08 You’re either an Audrey Hepburn dude or you’re a Grace Kelly dude.

20:15:49 @largeheartedboy great find! believe it or not, there’s actually a good deal of lit stuff happening

on this campus

20:18:47 @megzo @chrisferan @tvtompd

20:51:14 The only guaranteed reward 4 being an artist is u get to make art. That said, I’m also “here to

make friends.” cc: @glass

Wednesday, 26th of November.

08:57:48 Dear American TV viewers: screw you for not watching GOOD shows like Pushing Daisies. You

deserve the crap you watch.

09:11:14 @douglaswolk Huizenga is the man. I gotta get ahold of FIGHT OR RUN

09:13:25 @roblifford grrr it makes me want to punch someone. someone in the middle of watching


09:29:22 Forget D.C. Comics, ABC should select a decent alt-comics artist to draw the rest of the

Pushing Daisies storylines.

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10:05:09 @TWalk I think these tv shows should figure out some kind of online subscription

service…bypass networks entirely!

10:10:02 Two things I’m purchasing for xmas celebrations: 1) a bottle of Jameson 2) Bad Santa on DVD

for $10 on Amazon:

10:27:32 “I go to bed at, like, 9:30 every night & I don’t go out or anything, you know what I mean? I just

feel like an old fart.”

10:48:49 @jettek Dan in Real Life, Juno, Lars and the Real Girl…just off the top of my head.

10:57:13 Co-worker’s 5 year-old making the cubicle rounds. Me: “Well, it’s not very exciting around here.”

5-yr-old: “That’s what my papa says!”

11:19:00 Winners of the November Newspaper Blackout Poems contest:

11:25:46 @megzo look at our spread from thanksgiving last year! dang!

11:38:11 Thanks to @anorwood for pointing me to the local design work of the Decoder Ring: Interview:

14:47:09 @megzo funny thing is, I have ZERO recollection of carving that bird. maybe I had too much


18:31:36 If you need to score points or just make your wife really happy, I suggest a KitchenAid mixer.

Early xmas gift for Meg:

Thursday, 27th of November.

09:11:32 Every day when I wake up I feel like I’m pulling one over on someone. Thanks, universe.

19:19:08 “Oh, sweetheart, you don’t need law school. Law school is for people who are boring and ugly

and serious…”

19:20:36 @melissaonline Grace x 1,000,000

Friday, 28th of November.

00:52:56 Most of the time I find myself disagreeing wholeheartedly with the guy who writes this art blog,

but I keep coming back:

12:47:01 Wal-Mart Employee Trampled to Death by Customers: In other news, I was

nearly run over by a fat scooter in Joann Fabrics.

15:29:15 Love Brian Eno’s “This I Believe” on singing:

17:17:50 I’m digging for fire.

17:38:47 @rohdesign great post re: the ipod touch. wi-fi access @ work & home = perfect. i’m hoping to

get one for xmas 😀

19:05:22 New Blog Post: Vacation

19:40:26 Photos of Mumbai:

19:46:43 M Ward’s cover of Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”: Beautiful.

20:02:57 The drum sounds Peter Katis gets are amazing. Listen to Interpol’s BRIGHT LIGHTS & The

National’s BOXER. cc: @chrisferan

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21:25:14 “Charlie, dont forget what happened to the man who suddenly got evrything he always wanted.”

“What happened?” “He lived happily ever after.”

23:19:24 After eating three spoonfuls of cookie dough, I went upstairs and played piano and sang for a

good 1/2 hour. Nothing like a good sugar buzz.

Saturday, 29th of November.

08:51:57 Note to overeducated 30-something male bloggers: dude, please shut up about the coming

financial/ecological/cultural apocalypse. <unf …

08:53:13 Know how you can help the world as a blogger? In the swarm of bad news, give people just 1

reason to get up in the morning and keep going.

09:03:10 Like, for instance: stream a whole Neil Young concert from 1968 on NPR:

11:03:47 @largeheartedboy i can’t really decide between the Bon Iver album or the Beach House.

Probably Beach House

16:21:54 “By the time the book is published it’s already practically dead to me.” – James Kochalka I can relate.

19:44:36 @megzo not as lame as Notting Hill

20:20:32 Reading Dash Shaw’s BODYWORLD instead of working on The Book:

23:46:47 The Killers: worst band ever?

Sunday, 30th of November.

11:00:09 If you want to read a great novel about politics, LBJ, and Austin, check out THE GAY PLACE

(1961) by Billy Lee Brammer:

11:01:09 @megzo it looks great! get off the fence!

12:47:54 Crispin Glover’s (yes, THAT Crispin Glover) RAT CATCHING is one batshit crazy book:

16:33:59 @mlarson man, I feel your pain – we drove to TAMALE HOUSE this morning, unaware that it

was closed on Sundays…

17:52:52 Awesome: @megzo is more forgiving of the poems than I am, so now we have 167 in the yes

pile. Need 150. Time to stop making & start editing.

18:57:50 @kdelap @bentumbrella thanks! i had hoped to do 250 total, but I think I’m going to settle on

232 and get this sucker wrapped up!

20:14:05 @RodimusConvoy13 hey Todd! good to hear from you! hope you had a great thanksgiving

20:49:17 Just booked Austin –> Columbus Christmas tickets for $200/person on Continental. Score.

21:51:57 @chrisferan @megzo I hate that interstate with all of my being.

23:45:13 @theBDR I voted for MAPS AND LEGENDS (love Jordan Crane, 7 the cover actually made me

buy the book) but man, there were so many great ones!