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December 1, 2008

Monday, 1st of December.

09:11:01 @statesman Bad Santa!

09:14:49 @madinkbeard welcome to the wii owner’s club…i haven’t played mine in four months. hopefully

some new good games will come out soon

09:34:33 This guy gets Saul Steinberg totally wrong:

09:54:10 @TWalk finish this bloody book!

09:57:42 For my next book, I’m thinking about just following Lynda Barry’s textbook in WHAT IT IS. I owe

her everything for this book, anyways…

10:15:35 @largeheartedboy YES! I loved it. I’m getting it for Christmas, though, so I can’t buy it. Meeting

that woman changed my life. Seriously.

11:13:35 @TWalk is A WHOLE NEW MIND worth picking up? I loved JOHNNY BUNKO

12:18:56 @mlarson perfect. one I can take off my list (too much crap to read)

12:49:56 @madinkbeard Did you hear Frank Santoro on Inkstuds? I like that guy. A lot more interesting

than most of their interviews

13:49:59 @anorwood holy crap, that looks great! should make for a good story, i think

13:51:15 Recently discovered a Wendy’s Dollar Menu across from the Main Library. Very dangerous. Jr.

Bacon + sm Frostie = $2 and some change.

13:55:42 @anorwood has a blog by the author — if we were in San Fran we could go hang

out at the release party

14:10:22 @megzo

14:17:08 @frontmatter It’s in the west side of the Jester Center on Speedway, right across from the PCL


14:22:12 @frontmatter yeah, sorry. I’ve never been to the APL main branch. The Union is far enough

from the law school I’m usually not tempted…

14:52:42 @megzo ack! but that’s in the old neighborhood! bad mojo

15:07:09 Go listen to @jessicahagy ‘s podcast on the VizThink site. Really, really smart

take on words & images & captions.

15:36:31 @jessicahagy really smart vizthink podcast. thanks!

15:39:06 @thcrawford freaked me out hearing my name at the end of the @jessicahagy podcast. great 1

btw – shuld stir up some vizthinkers in san jose

17:30:03 T-minus 1 month until the book is due. #*$#@)!

20:39:04 @gregwind September 2009!

20:49:26 New blog post: What 171 Blackout Poems Looks Like

21:24:46 Really like YOU & ME, but man, those first two Walkmen albums were amazing. Let’s just forget

about 100 MILES OFF.

21:27:35 Still my favorite Walkmen song:

21:32:50 The Walkmen’s secret weapon? Drummer Matt Barrick: Watch him in action:

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


21:41:20 @bentumbrella but christmas isn’t for another 24 days!

21:48:57 @bentumbrella ooooooh!

22:08:50 @thcrawford if i had the vacation time and the dough I’d be there!

23:13:25 I was 14 years old, my parents had just divorced, & I heard PLASTIC ONO BAND. It blew my

mind then & still does.

Tuesday, 2nd of December.

12:35:57 New rally cry: “F*** verisimilitude! Build worlds!”

12:43:59 @megzo Dear Tracy Jordan: Tracy Jordan answers YOUR questions!

12:46:32 @megzo @tvtompd “You ever broken a Peurto Rican dude’s arm for sweatpants money?”

12:54:51 @megzo and of course, my favorite bit of Tracy Morgan genius: “Somebody gonna get

pregnant!” In El Paso! “Loaf of bread!”

16:30:37 Lynda Barry & Kurt Vonnegut = funny people from the Midwest who like(d) to write + draw = my

favorites and inspirations

20:01:52 It’s much easier to make blackout poems than it is to write about making blackout poems…

23:18:10 As far as I can tell, this book is about: love, small towns, Texas, UFOs, high school, time travel,

family, cubicles, and blackout poems.

Wednesday, 3rd of December.

08:51:47 Dang. Now I’m craving a Caucasian:

09:03:33 Metacritic > Rotten Tomatoes, simply b/c of design: reviews, single column, ranked good 2 bad

w/ excerpt:

09:07:12 @mlarson “…and I thought of you”

09:45:15 @jettek yeah, keep in mind I’m a philistine movie-goer: I’m not looking for thoroughness, just

speed. RT is so cluttered and junky…

10:08:17 @mlarson OH MERCY is underrated. dig this page:

10:10:18 @rcrdlbl awesome video!

10:40:42 @megzo Students: Apply to attend Clinton Global Initiative University meeting

11:21:03 @megzo from don:

11:21:39 Venice might look even cooler under water:

18:55:25 It’s blowin’ out.

20:27:58 @TWalk Niemann is awesome. see also NYC cheat sheets:

20:28:50 Ned should dump Chuck and go out with Olive. That’s what I’d do. #pushingdaisies

21:06:13 @gregwind that would be rad

21:07:16 Have you taught/done newspaper blackout poems in a classroom/workshop setting? If so,

please DM, e-mail, or comment, here:

23:58:16 @ericabrooke did you make a poem? 😀

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Thursday, 4th of December.

09:07:02 This dude has taken a lot of photos of our neighborhood-in-progress:

10:19:12 Have you taught/done newspaper blackout poems in a classroom/workshop setting? If so,

please e-mail me or comment here:

11:32:27 @kdelap funny: sitting on your ass in the modern office = working. if you’re up and moving

around, that means you’re not at your desk!

13:02:38 @chrisferan “I just stood in front of the cutest couple at the Austin airport…”

13:51:23 Girl from my hometown found my site & emailed: “I remember seeing u hanging around &

always thinking that u seemed like such a douche” LOL

14:06:38 The rest of the email: “juxtapose my delight in finding out that you’re NOT and that you’re doing

really great stuff.”

14:20:32 @alexanderhill no, but it made me laugh. nothing like irreverence to get people’s attention

14:44:28 @chrisferan starting over on senior project: NEVER a good idea. like I tell meg about her thesis:


17:29:16 “Every successful creative person creates with an audience of one in mind. That’s the secret of

artistic unity. – Kurt Vonnegut

Friday, 5th of December.

00:15:17 i feel it closing in / day in, day out / day in, day out / DAY IN, DAY OUT / DAY IN, DAY OUT

09:28:33 @madinkbeard always wanted to see johnny guitar…could never find it. the “Beauty and the

Beast of Westerns, a Western dream” – truffaut

09:37:33 Joe Satriani sues Coldplay…and who gives a shit? #musicthatdoesntmatter

09:56:06 Dig @mlarson ‘s 2008 music “Best of”: Way more interesting than just limiting

yrself to 2008 releases. I shall copy him!

10:53:40 @mlarson no way! it’s good like it is!

13:13:03 @madinkbeard oh that is EXCELLENT. will mark the calendar

14:11:21 Killing whatever’s in my guts with Coca-cola: “We use’t clean the helicopter

blades w/ it in Vietnam…”

15:24:39 @rorye_o hey rorye – would you DM me the name of your journalism prof who had you do the

blackout poems in class?

16:39:10 @megzo no i was killing chili!

17:10:00 I am almost 100% guaranteed to have some kind of meltdown / freakout in the next 14 days.

The only solution is to keep working.

17:25:10 @chrisferan jameson! and making fun of Sir Hamburglar Pants, III

19:50:00 Quick poll: do I want my Christmas present early? Meg is thinking about driving to go get it. (She

got hers early)

19:53:19 Ok, @bentumbrella tells me I want my present RIGHT NOW. So I’m getting in the car with meg

to go get it now. WHAT COULD IT BE??

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20:48:20 So, I’m trying desperately to finish a book, and my wife gives me an Ipod Touch for an early

xmas present. And that’s why I love her!

20:49:57 Ok, so what’s the best Ipod Touch case out there?

21:06:10 @robotjohnny awesome! maybe i’ll be able to save a few bucks…

21:11:42 Okay, now I want to doodle on my Ipod with my finger. Or fingerpaint.

21:13:53 Anybody used the Sketches app for Ipod/Iphone? Recommend another drawing


22:01:17 @chrisferan what twitter app do u use?

22:06:54 @Drawers awesome

22:12:03 @chrisferan sweet this thing is pretty amazing

22:46:02 @slls01 glad you dug the brain rules!

Saturday, 6th of December.

01:51:51 Look out honey cos i’m using technology!

01:53:03 Iphone doodle:

01:55:36 The candy colored clown they call the sandman / tiptoes to my room…

09:47:34 Working on the book.

10:25:22 @everydayj hey man, i’m slaving away on the book, or else i’d come by. hope it goes well!

11:31:22 “the Whitest Kids U’Know / in the family ford / frustrated with the mass / devoted to black / all

this is to say / pure emo”

18:46:38 haircut @ @megzo ‘s fancy salon. Girl gave an amazing neck massage & told me I had a gr8

hairline & cool glasses. Spent 75% more than usual

18:47:57 Moral of the story: if you want massages & compliments, all u have to do is pay for them!

23:27:48 Watching vh1 special on heavy metal

23:29:41 @theBDR I think every blog I read linked to the best of post. Well-deserved, of course…

Sunday, 7th of December.

10:13:05 @chrisferan I got it…it is awesome although wifi kills battery time…

10:38:01 @chrisferan did you buy a power cord? Do you just run it all the way down once a month?

10:46:22 @chrisferan new plan: email PDFs to myself to read on bus/plane! So awesome.

12:42:13 @chrisferan just bought cheapo wall plug @ marshalls for $10. Seems to work…

13:13:20 Pandora app on the Ipod Touch = best. thing. ever. Thanks, @chrisferan

13:21:09 Okay, folks: what’s the best app for Offline RSS reading on the iphone/ipodtouch? Byline?

13:30:39 @chrisferan sweet. i’m gonna get it. i really want to be able to archive my google reader feeds

for airplane/bus/car, etc.

13:31:27 FYI: The “Smog” station on Pandora is AMAZING. Pavement, Mountain Goats, GbV, M Ward…

13:59:52 @kdelap awesome, thanks! my favorite apps so far: pandora, twitterific, scribble. on my list:

tumble, instapaper, byline, nytimes

16:26:17 175 poems in the “yes” folder, all scanned, Photoshopped, and ready to go. 25 too many. Good

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spot to be in.

16:26:41 Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas, it’s the 12 Days of Manuscript.

16:48:19 @shueytexas sweet. i’m about to fork over the dough for it…

17:02:01 @chrisferan fantastic idea. but finish senior project first. never know when a degree might come

in handy

19:02:52 Batch image processing with Photoshop + Bridge = F***ING AWESOME

21:04:16 @scd yes! we’re watching them too. i forgot how awesome HP3 is

Monday, 8th of December.

09:11:54 NyTimes on 1st time home buyers: “the buying opportunity of a lifetime for those who can

qualify for a mortgage”

09:27:40 Also: if you buy a new house as a first-time homeowner before April 2009, you get a $7500 tax

credit (0% interest loan)

10:03:54 How to become a douchebag: joint the Art with a capital A world. As for the

perks: I already have a hot wife, thanks.

10:33:26 @aaronrester none whatsoever!

13:49:49 Absolutely loving Pandora app for the Ipod Touch. Haven’t made it past the “Smog” and “Velvet

Underground” channels…

14:00:28 Dig this feature on my best man (and best drummer in the world)’s gig, The Josh Krajcik Band:

15:37:49 @chrisferan in 8th grade, my band covered “Little Things.” if those tapes ever surface, I’ll die of


16:01:22 @chrisferan actually, I’ll see if i can find it. then we’ll dig out a tape of Meg acting in Steel


16:05:20 @chrisferan oh i had NOT heard about that. you’re in trouble, @megzo

18:07:09 @sct glad you dug it, man!

18:21:03 Anybody played ”

18:25:53 Anybody played _de Blob_ for the wii? It sounds good…

18:41:27 @anorwood is Sam n max out yet?

20:20:47 All you Trekkies will dig this latest blackout poem:

21:59:41 @bentumbrella yes!

22:31:19 “Fiddleedee. War, war, war. This war talks spoilin all the fun at every party this spring. I get so

bored I could scream!”

Tuesday, 9th of December.

08:47:57 Instead of a meltdown, I think I’ll just tweet quotes from Gone With the Wind to illustrate my

inner life.

08:48:40 “You can take it all back to the kitchen; I won’t eat a bite.”

12:23:55 “What gentlemen says and what they thinks is two different things.”

12:48:53 “You can always tell a lady by the way she eats in front of folks & I ain’t aimin for you 2 go & eat

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like a field hand & gobble like a hog!”

14:06:53 Hoover’s chicken fried chicken + cherry cobbler a la mode + wife = best lunch ever. Five forks.

16:15:13 Supposed to snow tonight in Texas. The high was 76 today. I could really use a day off to work

on the book…

16:47:13 @LPT that’s the classic…and the best!

17:15:19 “It was an idea that was already out there, but I shined a spotlight on it, named it, and everybody

got it right away.”

17:18:16 “String the great bow, slay the chicken-shit suitors.” <– I’m lucky to be friends w/ someone who

signs their e-mail off with such lines.

17:59:13 @TWalk I just know who to steal from, that’s all 😉

Wednesday, 10th of December.

09:33:17 @nancyduarte gave Slide:ology to my wife @megzo who’s about to give her architecture thesis

presentation. she loves it. thanks!

09:40:01 My Ipod Touch has got me thinking I should do a comic specifically for it. Another project for the

New Year.

10:24:00 @frontmatter To most Americans, claiming Texas residency = “I’m from Mars.” Their grasp on

the place is myth & legends.

11:30:13 @mattforsythe that’s a helluva rec — she’s a great writer

11:39:39 @megzo turn up the heat, crazy woman.

11:57:27 Has anybody ever come across a history of de-classified government “redacted” or “sanitized”

documents? Does it begin w/ photocopiers?

12:26:36 @theBDR thanks, man. 1952: magic marker is invented. 1950s-60s: xerox machines go

mainstream 1960s: height of J Edgar Hoover’s shenanigans

12:28:19 New tag on the tumblelog: “Sketchbooks should be sketchy” Manifesto to follow.

14:04:29 @megzo a good lesson learned

18:30:53 @chrisferan TP, PhD FTW! (his was actually one of my favorite classes…)

Thursday, 11th of December.

09:58:50 @fizzboy i would add: “Beware the women who SING like children.” i.e. Jewel

10:45:50 @gerryblog welcome to the rabbit hole

11:04:34 WordPress 2.7 is pretty great.

14:16:37 Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies card set — free for the iphone! Also, an ambient

music-making app ($) :

15:21:31 Watch the Brian Eno “Bloom” music app in action:

15:45:42 This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving: pepper spray.

16:23:46 @mlarson no duty to retreat, FOOL! lol

16:26:29 @fizzboy I would love to mace somebody & then say, “You like-a the fresh-a pepper, huh?”

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Friday, 12th of December.

09:12:00 @madinkbeard congrats, dude. academic gigs are sweet.

09:14:36 @foodtouring used to live near little italy in cleveland. if it weren’t for @megzo ‘s cooking i’d be

in withdrawl. la traviata, here we come

10:44:46 @rohdesign this is some good workin’ music…man, i LOVE pandora (esp on the Ipod Touch!)

13:40:28 @danvega yeah, that was horrible. 2 forks. sorry, karyn.

13:54:47 @megzo great place if your taste buds are as dead as the pigment cells in your hair follicles

14:06:49 Top 5 lunch spots in Austin according to our internal lunch site: 1) Torchy’s 2) Homeslice 3)

Maria’s Taco Express 4) Angie’s 5) Polvo’s

14:24:03 @madinkbeard it’s a heavenly trailer where u can get tacos such as “The Republican,” “The

Dirty Sanchez,” or my favorite, “The Trailer Park”

14:24:40 @anorwood yeah, you’re bragging. but! you’re allowed. you got the pickin’ skillz

14:25:37 @megzo Tonight: Biggest, brightest full moon of the year get the

camera / look out for crazy drivers

14:54:34 @megzo I’m always up for Moonstruck! Remember: DEFENSE!

15:24:27 @megzo The new Capital MetroRail car!

16:13:39 What I wish I could say in my “history” for the book: “these people were just as full of bullshit as

you and me.” Even Thomas Jefferson.

16:14:28 @anorwood with the whopping 9 stops!

19:13:20 Attn Austinites: just b/c yr in love w/ yr children/pets doesn’t mean I need to be. I have sperm

and cash. I can make dreams come true too!

20:16:32 I’ll say it again: Ned should dump chuck and go out with olive. #pushingdaisies

Saturday, 13th of December.

08:36:28 Off to lend @megzo moral support for her thesis presentation.

10:54:43 @madinkbeard sorry, man. i do know another joint like that in Austin, though!

11:28:55 BTW, in case anybody didn’t see it, IN BRUGES is a great movie:

13:15:44 Jimmy johns #6 veggie + coke on ice = happy lunch

14:55:04 @roblifford there were at least 3 one-liners in that episode that had me on the floor, (including

the price is right hug)

16:04:33 Poems everywhere.

16:56:10 House smells like lasagna and cookies.

22:46:12 Cleveland’s very own Mr jingaling –“keeper of the keys” dominated tonite’s Master Pancake

Christmas @ Alamo Ritz. Google him!

Sunday, 14th of December.

13:28:51 75 degrees and sunny.

19:44:46 Dang, @megzo is doing a terrific job sequencing the book. An unbelievably great job. She

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should be an editor.

20:43:39 “Greatest Generation my ass! Tom Brokaw’s a punk!”

Monday, 15th of December.

14:09:32 Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk:

14:24:30 @anorwood well, i know what I’m watching tonight:

15:13:52 If you’ve never heard of the R&B singer Billy Stewart, start with the song “Strange Feeling”: Hat tip to @tvtompd

19:16:14 This book is 95% finished. That last 5% is a bitch…

19:23:29 Phil Hoffman is looking alot like Santa on the Daily Show. Cc: @drawers @bentumbrella

20:36:44 Pumping Animal Collective and writing about literary shenanigans.

20:38:55 @roblifford ’tis the season. Fuckin assholes.

20:55:24 Freezing. Feel like Bob Cratchit, blowing into my hands…

22:44:43 1st draft of brief history: done. Next up: how-to. That should be easy, as no facts r involved. (i.e.

I can make that part up.)

22:45:41 Come on, freezing rain! If I got a day off, I could finish the book…

Tuesday, 16th of December.

10:08:33 Just FYI: if someone has an FAQ section, be sure to read it before you send them an e-mail.


10:27:09 @mlarson YES. I’m tempted to reply to e-mails with only a link to the FAQ. But I usually just end

up writing a brief, yet friendly “go away”

10:53:39 @thcrawford how else do you let people know whether you freelance, accept blog advertising,


11:25:55 @thcrawford i just get the same questions over and over…and I’m trying to figure out a way to

deflect them…my about page isn’t working!

11:27:10 Here’s a truth I learned when I was a librarian: people don’t read signs.

11:27:50 @TWalk good idea. i try to be brief and polite, above all

11:29:49 @bonitasarita haha…”whatever’s on sale” doesn’t sound very artistic, does it?

11:39:06 @jbj absolutely true. it’s like a weird verbal tick or something.

11:39:59 @bonitasarita i’m less of a starving artist and more of a “cheap bastard” 😀

11:48:13 @aradasky 1) it’s a joke. gutenberg = printing press = separation of text and image 2) “only

when I’m workin'” 🙂

11:58:30 @drawers Emusic finally got the new High Places record. I’m digging it!

14:14:10 @anorwood once again, “People don’t read signs” grrrr

Wednesday, 17th of December.

08:54:23 This morning I told off some d-bag in shorts who threw his half-smoked cigarette into the flower

beds. I hope he fails his exam.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:57:18 @madinkbeard the powerpoint / comics analogy is a good one. did you see this post?

09:15:10 @jbj that’s what we like to hear!

09:16:21 @tvtompd if Sir Pants keeps up his current parental relations, perhaps it’ll be your last trip?

09:33:52 @mlarson i know! maybe if it escalated to physical brutality it’d feel better….probably not

09:49:06 @MyLifeInaCube re: the new design: cubicle walls framing cubicle walls framing cubicle

walls…it’s enough to break a man

12:00:07 Truth: “if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it.”

13:50:22 @cesart my thoughts on seeing those pics: “pimpin’ ain’t easy”

13:52:34 @gerryblog pimpin ain’t easy:

22:20:51 Holy crap, this manuscript is close. Need to line-edit the sections, go over the sequencing, &

format the files. Then hellooooo whiskey!

Thursday, 18th of December.

09:43:41 I’ve lost 20 pounds (!!!) since Labor Day. Wonder if I can gain it all back by New Year…

10:10:55 Great quote from Bradford Cox (singer for Deerhunter…great band) on “making the music you

want to hear”:

10:38:54 A manifesto: write the book you want to read.

10:41:19 @kdelap sounds like you’re dressed for texas 😉

10:46:07 @statesman my wife took some fog pics over at mueller:

16:02:17 “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.” “That it is, Edward. That it is indeed.”

21:21:36 Listening to the Deerhunter and the Atlas Sound records on repeat to try to get this manuscript


Friday, 19th of December.


10:12:12 @roblifford I did, however, make time to watch it. I lucked out because 30 rock was a repeat —

only wasted an hour 🙂

10:12:22 @Drawers thanks, man!

13:13:01 Thanks to everyone wishing congrats on the manuscript. Y’all are the best.

14:05:16 @SunniBrown can i come hang out and play on your cintiq? 🙂 i promise to come to the next

vizthink, btw

14:21:56 I’m obsessed with the song “Agoraphobia” off Deerhunter’s latest record:

Playing on repeat in my head.

15:19:33 IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: best viewed alone in the dark with a glass of bourbon and a box of

tissues. No guns within reach.

15:23:40 @elinertv will do!!

15:24:09 @lynchcartoons thanks for the link to that. i can’t even read about that movie without getting

choked up.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


15:47:43 And Then There Was One: holding down the fort in the office, bonus check burning hole in my

pocket, editor says, “BEST BOOK EVER” Life=good.

17:02:55 Closing down. Heading home. Cashing check. Show me to the whiskey.

19:24:38 “El vino did flow”

Saturday, 20th of December.

12:28:33 Splurged and got Boom Blox @ Sears for $40

12:51:00 @listofnow a decision I won’t have to be the one to make, thank goodness!

17:13:49 80 degrees. I tried to talk the family into a Texas christmas …but nooooo…

17:17:07 Going through 2008 diary. Wrote no entries after july, when I started book. Kind of sad. If I had:

“dear diary: working ass off. Goodnite”

23:27:14 I get the worst pre-travel jitters. Doesn’t help my psyche that we’re going to spend at least 3

hours in an airport named after George Bush.

Sunday, 21st of December.

01:32:19 “He killed 16 Chekoslavakians! The guy was an interior decorator!”

Monday, 22nd of December.

01:34:50 Circleville, Ohio. Made it!

09:02:59 HOW DO YOU PEOPLE LIVE LIKE THIS???? <shiver>

22:24:27 Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn casserole + cherry pie. Mom’s cooking is worth

1500 miles of travel.

23:10:01 I love Achewood:

Tuesday, 23rd of December.

08:14:29 @madinkbeard awesome!

10:04:09 My mom, after getting out of the shower: “How did you manage to play the guitar and the drums

at the same time?” Me, ears rining: “Magic!”

10:45:57 @roblifford i was rocking the one-man band with the geetar + drums

10:46:58 I nominate Jerry Reed’s “Amos Moses” as one of the top ten funkiest songs ever made:

Wednesday, 24th of December.

11:13:45 Driving in rain is better than ice. Cleveland here we come.

17:58:25 Merry Christmas, y’all: here’s a blackout poem about Santa:

23:28:46 Bad Santa + Jameson = Christmas Eve

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Thursday, 25th of December.

09:21:21 A white Christmas! 1st present: David Bowie live in Santa monica. Score.

10:29:42 LOOT! best American comix, Ivan brunetti anthology, okami for the wii, and a bunch of


20:42:39 Watched TRANSFORMERS & then DARK KNIGHT. Wish somebody would’ve gotten VICKY

CHRISTINA BARCELONA for xmas. It would be a good antidote…

21:51:28 @anorwood awesome! I got okami for Xmas…

21:57:15 A Long Island Iced Tea = “a bad decision in a glass” – Andy Bernard

Friday, 26th of December.

09:09:47 Karl Rove shares George W. Bush’s readng habits in the WSJ: (via @largeheartedboy)

12:25:02 @rohdesign I recommed splurging on a front-load, high eff washer: way less water, clothes

come out cleaner & dryer. Then get a normal dryer

18:43:12 Tonight’s viewing: JACKIE BROWN, my favorite Tarantino film. Purchased 2-DVD edition for $8

at Half Price 20% off sale.

23:03:30 @roblifford probably GLITZ or KILLSHOT. For westerns, WHEN THE WOMEN COME OUT TO

DANCE or LA BRAVADA. Recently, THE HOT KID was good

23:04:25 @roblifford also, you could read RUM PUNCH, which was the material for JACKIE BROWN!

23:08:58 @roblifford whoops: the book is LA BRAVA, and it’s not a western, as the way I worded that last

tweet would imply

Saturday, 27th of December.

00:34:08 @theBDR with you 100% re: dark knight…one of the most overrated movies ever–from one of

my favorite directors

20:03:53 Jackie Brown = The best Tarantino movie.

Sunday, 28th of December.

09:24:44 A week away from home is about when I start to get a little stircrazy.

14:15:04 Reminded how depressing Cleveland in winter can be

14:16:31 In a bookstore. All these books are $25 hardcovers. None of them worth the dough. Glad my

book’s gonna be a $12 paperback…

20:05:11 @gerryblog truth–but beautiful in the summer…all 3 weeks of it!

Monday, 29th of December.

10:35:33 500 fans of the Newspaper Blackout Poems on Facebook. Very cool!

15:37:32 Great lunch and a game of cards with family. My uncle recently quit his job as a newspaper

editor to become a pastor. Good career move!

19:21:34 Worst cover ever, ding ding ding:

page 47 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


20:58:59 @anorwood holy crap that’s bad! Ding ding ding!

Tuesday, 30th of December.

10:23:45 For 2 years as of today, @megzo has put up with me for a husband! I’m a lucky guy.

18:06:42 Off to Nighttown for our anniversary dinner.

21:16:06 @keaggy agreed! BTTF3 is terribly underrated… Best line: “Run fer fun? What the hail kind of

fun is that?”

Wednesday, 31st of December.


11:55:02 Back on the road. Next stop, C-bus, to party w/ best man. 3 bottles of champagne, a bottle of

Jameson, and Shiner Bock in tow.