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January 1, 2009

Thursday, 1st of January.

12:27:32 Living 1500 miles away from your best friend of 15 years is the worst, but last night made up for

it a bit. Awesome New Year’s Eve.

23:29:55 Sick of living out of a suitcase.

Friday, 2nd of January.

17:15:34 Nothing more annoying than self-righteous evangelists, especially if they’re spreading the

gospels of bicycles or vegetarianism.

17:25:29 Sister-in-law had a idea for a book called THE POTTY TRAIN. I started sketching.

Unfortunately, someone beat us to it:

17:48:32 Sunset photo i snapped from the back seat of my stepmom’s Honda traveling @ 60+ miles per


17:58:57 Have slept under a different roof four nights in a row. Exhausting.

18:00:56 RT @megzo i think this is the photo link you wanted:

Ohio: tree + sunset

Saturday, 3rd of January.

16:13:01 Every time I come home I remember how much I miss playing music. Might have to start writing

songs again when I get back to Austin…

22:42:11 A beautiful wife and a big bloody steak. Life is better than good.

Sunday, 4th of January.

09:53:35 Saw Andrew Bird 4 yrs ago opening for the Magnetic Fields. The Fields sucked, he was

jaw-dropping. Wish you could buy stock in musicians!

20:28:16 Up in C-bus with the best man, slaying zombies and drinking Jameson. Tomorrow: back to


Monday, 5th of January.

04:33:34 Columbus Airport. 5 a.m. So long, Buckeye state!

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04:39:48 Also: re: the Texas / Ohio State game: I could give a crap, except Texas pays my mortgage. Go


13:08:50 Austin, TX = HOME! Two weeks on the road coming home to a clean house…still even has that

new house smell…bliss. Now back to work…

15:32:43 Grrrr landlords. Man, am I glad to not be renting anymore. This poem says it all:

16:09:13 My 2009 so far: SHOW ME THE MONEY.

19:46:02 Started V FOR VENDETTA on the plane today. Turning off the football game (who cares?) to

finish it.

20:00:08 Whenever I see football on tv, I think of the endless, painful Sunday afternoons stuck on

grandma’s couch, watching joylessly w/ my uncles..

20:03:50 @scd I like the Moore i’ve read: V, watchmen, from hell (especially–eddie Campbell is

awesome)…what else should I pick up?

20:21:36 @scd oh, I’ve read League of extra gents too

Tuesday, 6th of January.

07:43:36 Ten hours of peaceful sleep. Wake up to hear Texas trumps Ohio. In more ways than one,

believe me folks…

08:48:34 @TWalk yes. i like to stay away from anyone who takes themselves that seriously. “Take your

work seriously. Don’t take yourself seriously.”

09:22:00 Rainy day? Listen to this Zombies tune from 1964, “Leave Me Be”: Love Colin


10:08:07 I brought in my good studio headphones to work to listen to the new Animal Collective album —


10:55:03 19, working @ the telephone company I found the catalyst 4 ppl rioting in the streets: cut their

cable. Wait til Feb 17:

11:40:17 @drawers have you tried out the BRUSHES app? dig how this dude uses it:

12:28:40 Anybody have any idea who the artist is who does these great woodcut covers for the band


12:47:49 Making money from my art for the first time in my life has given me the bug. The trouble is the

fun > profit equation. So far fun = profit.

13:47:10 @Drawers did y’all use our coupons in time?

15:08:01 @DustyReagan that is FANTASTIC

16:31:44 @statesman that cutest couples upload form is pretty wacky to use — I was waiting for a second

screen to submit our story!!!

16:38:08 @statesman but it looks like it worked out anyways! πŸ™‚

16:45:07 Perhaps it’s arrogant to point out, but these other “cute couples” have nothing on us! πŸ˜›

19:44:58 “What I’ve learned from my students? Students today are completely full of shit.” -Branford

Marsalis ( via @jbj )

20:00:05 @bentumbrella don’t scrapbook ’em — you might be able to sell ’em!

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21:36:50 Forgotten blackout artifacts from my childhood:

Wednesday, 7th of January.

08:47:25 Read @TWalk on helping friends job hunt: Practice = preach with him: He

helped me A LOT when I moved to Austin w/o a gig!

13:24:13 Texas in January: 70 degrees +sunny. Eating a turkey sandwich outside with my sleeves rolled


14:24:12 Outstanding NYer piece on Will Oldham: Read the paper copy out in the

sunshine. Thanks for the headsup, @mlarson

14:58:11 If only Texas had White Castles:

15:00:38 This would’ve been really helpful to read before I ran the Newspaper Blackout Poems contest:

16:06:03 Saw this comment on another blog: “You blog a lot, you must have tons of free time.” NO. We

all have = time. Look here:

16:13:45 If I was George Thorogood, I would spend all day just saying, “Look maaan” to random people. “Look maaan, come down here!”

17:13:34 @jcsalterego the secret lies in the fumes…you have to pick the right fumes…

18:54:07 @bonitasarita saw it on our evening walk…it was gorgeous!

20:34:18 @TWalk I use Tweetie

21:08:44 @TWalk yeah, i feel girlie every time i fire it up. tell T i’m glad!

Thursday, 8th of January.

09:57:32 After 10 years of driving, changed my 1st flat tire this morning. Gene Johnsons on Airport

repaired it for $12. Good guys.

09:59:04 @robotjohnny Good for you for wearing your Phil Collins love proudly! β™« SO YOU FINALLY


10:56:51 Texas always makes for great television:

11:23:37 What You Don’t Know About Gaza: (Thanks to @fizzboy ) Also, photos:

15:34:17 My dad-in-law’s book on Ghoulardi (a.k.a. Ernie Anderson…PT’s dad!) is really f***ing good: Video:

21:42:03 Bon Iver’s new EP is streaming on his myspace:

23:07:16 Success in academia has nothing to do with brains or creativity & everything to do with how

good and willing you are to jump through hoops.

Friday, 9th of January.

10:08:15 β™« Lock up your daughter / lock up your wife / lock up your back door / run for your life β™«

10:12:45 “[AC/DC singer Bon Scott] sounded as if you could catch a disease by listening to him.”

10:52:21 @roblifford had to share. every once in a while I go on an AC/DC binge — good Friday music…

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14:23:55 The fact that I have a publicist makes me feel really lame.

14:41:25 O’Reilly: “I sell more books than you do” Coulter: “No you dont” OReilly: “Yes I do” Coulter: “No

you dont” via @gerryblog

16:26:21 I’ve decided that wearing Chuck Taylors = wearing high heels. Sacrificing comfort for fashion. I

mean, let’s be honest: they’re crap shoes.

16:35:56 @TWalk Sambas are great. I have a pair of those, a pair of Sauconys and also a pair of New

Balance. All black, because that’s how I roll πŸ˜›

19:39:49 Liz Lemon is what @megzo would be, if she hadn’t met me. Go ahead–ask her!

Saturday, 10th of January.

09:42:43 The truth is: I don’t really care how “good” my book is. I just want it to be fun.

09:52:55 “An idea is gold only if you name it”

12:02:14 Friends + Mi Madre’s breakfast tacos = Saturday a.m. bliss.

12:10:45 @gerryblog “Look Lemon, we’d all like to flee to ‘The Cleve.'”

12:20:38 RT @scd: Zomg there’s a Chipotle online ordering iPhone app now cc:

@chrisferan @tvtompd @megzo

18:32:05 Wife bought us a Pixies (!) referencing print for our newly-painted bedroom:

21:19:09 Man on Wire: ✩✩✩✩

Monday, 12th of January.

09:09:46 β™« i’ve got nothing to say / but it’s okay

11:01:23 B/w Public Radio Tuner (, Pandora App ( & podcasts on Itunes –

no need 4 mp3s on yr Ipod Touch w/ wifi!

11:32:33 Another blackout “inspired” ad in the WSJ, Today’s edition. Marketplace section, page 4.

Full-page Microsoft ad. Tracking down a copy.

11:47:54 @mlarson that’s the one! thank you!!!

12:27:31 Since Microsoft’s such a big fan of blackout poetry, they should buy each of their 60,000

employees a copy of the book:

15:16:40 Will Oldham singing live on WNYC: cc: @mlarson

16:18:21 β™« there’s always someone, somewhere / with a big nose, who knows

16:31:18 “If you ever start to feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called The Internet…” –

Tina Fey

19:59:26 Note2self: read every 1 of these “too scary” fairy tales 2 my kids: See


20:00:22 “I mean, if someone takes a crap on your lawn you’re not just going to let it sit there!” – @megzo

on blog comment moderation

22:18:42 @largeheartedboy a book worthy of yr blurb πŸ˜‰

Tuesday, 13th of January.

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08:59:22 Hot damn! M Ward’s new album streaming on NPR: (via @largeheartedboy)

10:46:43 It’s always a good time to be selling beer and guns:

12:09:36 Not really digging this new M Ward: On first listen, it sounds like Post-War

without the good songs. Any other opinions?

12:11:34 And I’m sorry, but Lucinda Williams’ singing on “Oh Lonesome Me” is just atrocious. First words

that come to mind: “Throat cancer?”

12:24:51 @listofnow i did! they’re both NPR darlings — I love listening to Bob Boilen gush about them

12:36:41 Every mechanic down here that’s looked at my car has said, “Uh, you must be from the

Midwest, huh?”

12:36:49 And so I’ll say it again: if a Cleveland winter can do that much damage to your CAR, think about

what it can do to your SOUL.

12:59:14 Singer in my best friend’s band, Josh Krajcik, singing the Beatles’ “Oh! Darling”

15:36:19 Secret: Austin, the “live music capital of the world,” is actually a crummy place 2 see national

acts: most bands only come to SXSW or ACL!

15:49:46 @chrisferan admittedly, I am largely ignorant of the local music scene — need to search out

some good folks to see

16:17:20 Smooth out the end of the day with some great gospel music courtesy of the The Rev. Claude

Jeter & the Swan Silvertones:

17:42:02 @bentumbrella @drawers Meals On Wheels Wants Your Converter Box Coupon (If You’re Not

Using It)

21:05:44 Psychonauts is one of the best games I’ve ever played, but dang if it doesn’t have a difficulty

curve, as Yahtzee warned:

Wednesday, 14th of January.

09:04:51 Must-watch video!!! My dad-in-law talks about the upside of a depression–the great swell of

creativity and culture:

12:59:44 RT @anorwood Can’t wait for some of these upcoming Ransom Center exhibits, esp. the one of

antique astronomical material:

14:54:25 RT @bonitasarita Follett’s on the drag closing, all books 30% off, bigger discounts as they get

closer to the closing date in March

15:05:25 RT @largeheartedboy Blog a new song by Neko Case, and Neko & ANTI- will make a donation

to Best Friends Animal Society:

15:06:47 Camera crew is coming this afternoon to interview me about the blackout poems. I’m gonna be

on TEE-vee!

21:09:20 Shot for 5 1/2 hours, but the great crew of Texas Country Reporter made it seem like less. And

Bob asked great questions!

21:36:43 @bentumbrella yes! They gave me a ride home from work in it & parked outside our house. I’m

sure the neighbors were scratching their heads

22:28:38 watching SOME LIKE IT HOT — one of the greatest movies ever– on cable

22:55:14 @chrisferan a university of Texas study!

22:55:38 @anorwood maybe just a little πŸ˜‰

23:20:43 “Nobody’s perfect.” -Osgood

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Thursday, 15th of January.

10:35:15 Here’s some some pictures of last night’sTee-Vee shoot: Won’t be near as good

as The Amazing Skidboot:

10:42:28 “I’ll take an earnest person over a hip person every time.”

12:02:39 @37signals re: writing and design: dig Ellen Lupton on teaching her graphic design students

straight from Strunk & White:

12:04:03 @listofnow i make it a point to read / follow / listen to smart people like @mlarson !

12:42:04 Dirty Projectors + David Byrne =

14:19:33 I can’t freaking believe what people get for original art online. Screw books — where are our

limited edition blackout prints? cc: @megzo

16:11:30 Someone needs to remake FALLING DOWN, only make the Michael Douglas character

perfectly sane…just sad & pissed off:

17:06:01 @wpwend42 we should start a petition — or a screenplay.

21:59:44 “QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER is an example of why many people dont care about westerns any

more.” -Gene Siskel, 1990

Friday, 16th of January.

08:44:48 @madinkbeard them’s some good pickins — i actually really dig that little Panter sketchbook

09:15:00 A newspaper blackout poem for the coming depression:

09:56:18 @madinkbeard i thought it was interesting how he just opened the sketchbook to any page and

drew in it — that would drive me nuts

10:05:09 Second half of my advance just came in the mail. Celebratory music:

11:00:37 2 ticket giveaways for folks in Austin: Lykke Li AICN screening of Coraline: thanks, @largeheartedboy

11:09:18 Going to Whip In for lunch. Think I’m going to have the “Travis Heights”:

11:11:12 @gorillavsbear so awesome that lykke li is coming back to town!

14:17:38 @doNNNald AND SO IT BEGINS

15:47:17 Continuing my recent obsession with The Zombies, here’s “Whenever You’re Ready” (1965)

17:35:52 3 DAY WEEKEND. PUMP IT!

19:32:53 Picturebox’s GARY PANTER book is now only $30 cc: @anorwood

23:42:02 Think I got a little rowdy in the dungeon at the Clay Pit. Must’ve been the prosecco. Apologies

to any couples trying to have a romantic pm

Saturday, 17th of January.

08:54:43 “Roxanne” by Microsoft Songsmith: Thanks, @anorwood

23:44:04 Your contradictions are what make you interesting. Embrace them.

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Sunday, 18th of January.

09:51:54 @qrter September ’09!

12:55:01 Dear Obama campaign: I gave you money and got you assholes elected. I’m a taxpayer, so

leave me alone and fix my government. Thanks, Austin

12:56:47 @gapingvoid yes. asking me for a link exchange guarantees not only that i will ignore your site,

but that I might also ridicule it

13:02:40 @Mickeleh does engaged = giving money?

17:24:42 @chrisferan that site is awesome: wonder how long it’ll stay up?

19:02:51 The consensus seems to be that furniture is like pretty much everything else product-wise: you

get what you pay for.

22:13:18 PINEAPPLE EXPRESS had some of the sloppiest writing of any movie I’ve seen in recent

memory. Shoddy plot, too long. Avoid it at all costs.

22:36:17 Well, lookie here: Microsoft does another blackout poem. This time in WIRED magazine: LAME.

Monday, 19th of January.

08:19:32 “3 meals a day for their bodies, education & culture for their minds, & dignity, equality & freedom

for their spirits.”

09:28:46 Beat Psychonauts. Fantastic game, but man, it was tough at the end. If you have a PC you can

play it for free on Gametap:

12:17:58 @SunniBrown rad. Congrats!

Tuesday, 20th of January.

07:09:41 @tvtompd happy birthday, papi!

09:48:30 Cheney in a wheelchair? This day just keeps getting better.

09:54:54 @chrisferan i thought maybe they had to unplug him from life support in the white house — a

pulled back from moving boxes is just as good

10:28:22 RT @tvtompd: Dick Cheney or Dr. Strangelove? Life imitates comedy.

10:34:05 Law school ordered 720 pizzas for the inauguration party. And I β™« “finally got a piece of the pie!”


11:13:08 “The makers of things.”

11:52:16 I’m not usually a big fan of Drew Friedman, but his portrait of Obama for the New Yorker is


11:54:13 @largeheartedboy dang — a bunch of great new music! it would be an awesome tuesday even if

the inauguration didn’t happen…

11:57:50 As a UT staff member, it’s my goal to win one of these next year, beating out all the fancy-pants


13:55:09 Wait, Jackie Earle Haley is playing Rorschach? This movie just might be awesome:

15:30:06 ATX folks: Animal Collective is playing Stubb’s on 6/5. Tixx are $20, go on sale 1/23. Hmm. To

sail the seas of hipsters, or stay on land?

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16:04:46 @Brad_Strickland Twain might’ve said something similar. that line is from GROUCHO AND ME:

21:21:23 Forgot how much I love Marvin Gaye’s WHAT’S GOING ON. Simply amazing:

Wednesday, 21st of January.

08:59:03 “Select only things to steal that speak to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be


09:25:23 @fizzboy my thoughts exactly. unemployed liberal arts graduate with a laptop?

10:25:14 @mlarson i’ve yet to sift through a Mom LP collection and not find that record. it must’ve been

ubiquitous at the time. helluva songwriter

11:49:12 Microsoft ad agency does *yet another* blackout poem, this one on the inside cover of The


15:28:47 My favorite Beatles songs change with every year, and so a list like this would be impossible:

15:36:53 BTW, my ranked Beatles list would be opposite of this, as I love REVOLVER, RUBBER SOUL,

WHITE ALBUM, & the early singles:

16:28:03 @RuthieAA i agree! george always seems to get the shaft — he wrote a bunch of great songs

and was a terrific guitarist.

17:30:40 I get annoyed by author bios w/ a history of their “colorful” jobs i.e. “a former meat-cutter

transvestite on the streets of Cleveland”

19:28:40 Bring on the LOST!

19:42:45 My idea: a cross-stitch of a shotgun with the words SOLICITORS UNWELCOME for our front


19:53:20 @bonitasarita dang!

20:14:51 Ditto @mattpicasso : New Lost starts with Willie Nelson’s “Shotgun Willie.” Nice.

20:28:25 “Listen: Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time.” Willie + Vonnegut = I love


20:46:36 KVUE news @ 10 pm: “Does the SHAM-WOW make us say wow?” cc: @drawers &


20:54:40 @sct very close, though!

22:21:16 Verdict on the SHAMWOW? Thumbs up! Unbelievable! cc: @drawers & @bentumbrella


Thursday, 22nd of January.

09:06:53 Buddy told me the name of the girl he’s seeing, and now I have this song stuck in my head:

11:15:31 Feeling really crummy about my blog. Want to start posting more drawing, feel like I need to

keep up the blackout poems for the book. Meh!

11:49:14 Bad news, folks: looks like the book is getting pushed back from next Fall to next Winter–so it’ll

be January ’10 at the earliest now. πŸ™

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12:59:11 Thanks, everybody for the sympathy re: the release date — I’m going to try to do what I can to

get them to put it out sooner than later!

13:13:45 @megzo hmmm there are several distinguished gentlemen around here who could fit that


13:58:40 AdAge column on the Microsoft blackout ads: Thanks, @bonitasarita !

14:02:01 @minorjive have you heard Bon Iver’s Myspace Transmissions live-in-the-studio stuff? it’s


14:11:57 @minorjive here’s a link where you can play all the videos and download the .zip

14:28:57 @roblifford a fine idea!

14:34:39 @qrter eh, they’re more amusement than anything…but the more the idea gets praised by

advertising folks, the more annoying they get

14:37:35 So, my publisher wants to push back the publication date of my book, while ad agencies are

making fat bank off the idea. Lame.

14:45:31 @wpwend42 afraid it’ll get “lost” in the Fall lineup (???)

16:58:36 Erykah Badu’s NEW AMERYKAH, PT 1 was shafted on most year-end lists, including mine.

Phenomenal hip-hop record:

Friday, 23rd of January.

08:59:48 Broke down and bought a UT parking pass. Some things in life are worth $100.

11:17:14 Life imitates art: β€œIf you do a film about the holocaust, you’re guaranteed an Oscar.” – Kate

Winslet on EXTRAS, 2005

13:49:37 Information that changes everything: in Texas, Costco is required to sell you booze w/o a


14:36:55 Everyone, I forgot to commend @danvega — he’s the one who gave me the tip re: buying booze

at Costco

15:06:57 ATX folks: Neko Case @ Stubb’s 3/31 — Tixx on sale NOW! (Just got mine)

16:00:00 Had I gone to design school 2 years ago, I’d be one of these folks: I feel just fine

about not going:

17:13:07 I don’t understand the Art World, and I’m not sure I want to.

18:26:11 @antm I rode the bus before, but the bus to my new house sucks, both my wife & I work @ UT,

& I finally got some dough to fix our car!

Saturday, 24th of January.

10:04:05 Heading over to the Ransom Center reading room:

10:18:47 @TWalk that advice is not just for tweeting — that’s for ANYTHING you post on the internet

13:51:52 This day needs a do-over.

13:53:11 Bitterly cold in ATX: 40 degrees. I’m not leaving the house.

15:54:46 “Because I got depression.” I feel ya, Roast Beef.

19:22:26 β™« β™« β™« i just don’t know what to do with myself β™« β™« i just don’t know what to do with my time β™« β™«

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19:40:22 Not sure if this is Twitter suicide or not, but I’m retiring @death2gutenberg . Send @ replies to

@austinkleon (no need to unfollow/follow!)

19:50:03 @TWalk @gregwind that’s right! four less letters to type — and no number. plus, poor gutenberg

won’t roll in his grave

22:16:43 If you liked SHAUN OF THE DEAD & HOT FUZZ, go rent/buy SPACED:

Sunday, 25th of January.

11:33:10 RT @amazonmp3 The Best of the Animals. $1.99.

13:58:04 I underestimated how happy owning/living in this house would make me. Every day I wake up

and think, “Man, this is nice.”

14:56:15 @Gwenda my wife is OBSESSED w/ those books right now. i like to pick them up, pick a

random page, and read from them aloud in a goofy voice

15:25:57 Google’s LIFE magazine archive has some fantastic pictures of Saul Steinberg, including some

of his murals:

15:26:18 “I wish my wife was this dirty.” ☜ saw this on a dude’s dirty car window and thought it was

original. Nope:

16:52:38 Another great category from the LIFE photo archive: “Artists At Work” ☞

18:32:22 @michaelSurtees Thanks, Michael!

18:34:12 Some mind maps I did while watching the new PBS series on American comedy, MAKE ‘EM


Monday, 26th of January.

10:07:30 RT: @maudnewton Every episode of Twin Peaks is up for the watching at CBS online. (via @mattthomas)

13:06:48 Thanks to @doNNNald , I’m now the proud owner of a Mac Mini. What a mensch!

13:15:04 Web geek question: did anybody else using Yahoo Pipes get a broken Feedburner feed when

they migrated to Google? Did you find a workaround?

13:56:09 @chrisferan haven’t decided yet — think it might just be a media machine. specs: 2.0Ghz core

duo, 1GB ram, Superdrive, 120GB hard drive

13:58:23 RT @klru : @austinkleon made some cool sketches after watching Make Em Laugh, which airs

on Wednesday:

14:49:49 Feedburner + Yahoo pipes is broken, so I’m using Google Reader to tag tumblr + blog feeds &

share them as The Superfeed:

15:10:37 James Brown’s LIVE AT THE APOLLO! always makes me want to get DOWN!

Read @douglaswolk ‘s book on it:

15:11:36 @shueytexas “Who you callin’ mensch, buddy?” :^)

16:59:12 @marshariti far out! for some reason I hadn’t seen yr flickr account

17:05:20 @chrisferan I want to dig up my A+ paper for her “Hubris” class on Ghostbusters and

psuedoscience. LOL

17:10:17 @chrisferan nancy, we salute you!

19:03:55 RT @anorwood : Sad to hear about Artz Rib House being closed, they have the best pork ribs in

austinkleon’s Tweetbook



20:43:42 REJOICE! New Bill Callahan (smog) album in April: and a song streaming on

Pitchfork: cc: @drawers

22:40:40 “I have a healthy appetite for solitude. If you don’t, you have no business being a writer.”

Tuesday, 27th of January.

08:47:45 The Snuggie: $40 MILLION in sales. @megzo , get yr sewing machine ready, we’re switching


10:04:56 Friendly Twitter FYI: you don’t want to just dump your feed / blog / etc. into Twitter.

You’ll lose good followers…like me!

10:16:42 @wpwend42 third time’s a charm? :^) cool deal. i’m following you again!

10:17:26 @Brad_Strickland dang technology!

10:46:58 The 13th Floor Elevators make for an awesome Pandora station: Lou Reed, Love, and

countless “Nuggets”-type garage bands.

11:14:12 I’m actually kind of excited about the new Muxtape: I’d like to write little

mini-albums for fun & put them on there…

13:03:37 So long, Updike:

13:13:51 RT @Oblique_Chirps : What most recently impressed you? What can you learn from it? What

could you take from it?

16:09:04 “Yeah. They’re hicks, Rita.”

18:26:54 Mac folks…this just saved me HOURS: “How to install Leopard from a CPU Drop-in DVD

without Tiger”:

18:36:07 “Not bad for an album produced by Kenny Rogers’ brother.” Buy it and crank it:

18:50:42 @mattforsythe that’s my favorite part of the trip! $2.50 for a soda, chips, and 2 hot dogs — that’s

recession proof

18:55:25 @scd his nytimes “blog” is amazing — he had a great post about captions and lies a while back

— i subscribed

20:30:26 Man, Sketchbook Pro 2.0 doesn’t work on Intel Macs. I don’t want to pay $100 for the new

version! Argh. G-damned software companies.

20:42:23 @anorwood that’s fantastic!!!

21:33:03 You know, sometimes pirating software just isn’t worth the effort.

22:00:52 I’m not naming names, but one of my writer buddies said this re: Updike’s passing: I almost spit coffee across the room.

23:37:37 My life = so many hours wasted in front of a computer.

Wednesday, 28th of January.

09:07:19 *New* blackout poem β˜› “Surrender to the Giant”

09:14:55 @Brad_Strickland that’s a juxtaposition that speaks volumes

09:33:16 Any artists out there recommend an online payment system for selling original drawings, etc.

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


from your website?

09:50:39 Think I’m going to start using PayPal to sell original art / accept payments online via the website.

New territory for me…

10:02:37 @ashoupster hey, anna! πŸ˜€

10:16:57 My standby for a great burger in Austin is Phil’s Ice House — except for the hassle of all the kids

and families. #ATX-Burger

10:43:07 KEEP CALM AND MAKE THE LOGO BIGGER: (via @anorwood)

11:30:25 Holy shnikes: Letterman is having Bill Hicks’ mom on Friday night and playing his censored and

unaired 1993 performance!!!

12:18:13 “Reasonable people don’t write letters.”

13:12:35 Wordletting, an online poetry journal, is running a blackout poem contest. You could win $50: (Am I barred from entry?)

14:40:19 Think I caught my Annual Crud. See you in a couple days…

Friday, 30th of January.

23:32:57 Cool of Letterman to finally air the Bill Hicks segment & apologize for it’s cancellation, but man,

was it awkward & not Hicks’ best either.

Saturday, 31st of January.

10:02:31 Pity the poor girls with rich banker boyfriends:

19:32:18 MP3s from the new Bill Callahan album: (Thanks to @loandbehold !)

19:40:28 This fella made an MP3 of the stream of Bill Callahan’s beautiful cover of Kath Bloom’s “The

Breeze / My Baby Cries”:

20:09:14 Saw a great singer named Gary Claxton at Gruene Hall today: He had a sharp,

blonde pedal steel player named Cindy…

20:11:43 The good-looking pedal steel player turned out to be 5-time Grammy award winner Cindy

Cashdollar (!!!)

20:23:48 Overheard from an elderly woman in Gruene, Texas: “I sure hope they have Shiner on tap!”

23:31:48 Want to hear some boring ass conversations? Go to a party full of graduate students. Bring

plenty of beer.

23:34:23 @askforgiveness nah, we don’t run in the same social circles, I don’t think. Plus, I believe he’s a

southsider, and I’m an eastsider…

23:37:13 @askforgiveness he did once start a show here by asking, “Ever had one of those nights where

you just couldn’t get drunk?”

23:39:52 How to shut up a grad student: ask them how their job search is going.

23:45:31 Letterman posted the Bill Hicks apology (with Bill’s set) from last night: (via


23:47:35 Rt @megzo @austinkleon says: “no one is getting back to me about shit!” so if you need to get

back to him about something, i suggest you do

23:48:40 Okay, I take it back, world: y’all are beautiful. Goodnight!

February 1, 2009

Sunday, 1st of February.

09:36:32 Started a new tag on my tumblelog: “You Don’t Have To Go To College” β˜›

13:25:42 “Hot & sunny every day. What are you, a f—ing lizard?” ☚ Antidote 4 when I get

the urge to tweet about Austin weather.

18:13:03 Listening to @minorjive ‘s mixtape ( ) and scanning some drawings.

18:52:17 Just posted new mind maps of the last two episodes of the MAKE ‘EM LAUGH PBS series:

19:20:46 MAKE EM LAUGH introduced me to Carol Burnett’s hilarous GONE WITH THE WIND parody. β˜›

Monday, 2nd of February.

11:20:39 @chrisferan that makes me excited to hear it

11:23:23 Groundhog Day. Otherwise known as my parents’ anniversary, if they were still married. There’s

a lesson, kids: don’t get married on Feb. 2.

11:24:30 In case you missed it last night, I posted two new drawings of the MAKE ‘EM LAUGH PBS

series on American Comedy:

14:38:41 β€œI’m a rapper. That’s who I am, Miss Katie. And I am a gangsta. And I do what I want.”

16:06:27 “The best thing I do is make connections. I connect everything.” – Bill Hicks

17:28:29 Off to get a burger and pitcher of beer with @twalk

20:26:46 Urban Outfitters is having a decent book sale: I got Eddie Campbell’s new book and a couple 33

1/3 books for $5 each. β˜›

20:35:55 @anorwood @marshariti I saw the fire trucks and the huge clouds of smoke in the sky

thataways as I was driving back home from the bar!

20:37:25 That @twalk knows his way around a baseball metaphor. Lay off the pitches you can’t hit,

kids…and don’t let ’em change your swing! :^)

Tuesday, 3rd of February.

08:54:38 F*** Planet Earth: [Planet Earth dubbed with tons of f-bombs] (via @DoNNNald)

09:08:37 RT @michaelSurtees i doubt i’ll find a better link this week than I LEGO N.Y. from Christoph


10:42:59 The Cristoph Niemann “I Lego NY” pieces work so well b/c of The Power of Captions: Words + Pictures = magic.

16:46:15 Alvin Toffler on what’s wrong with public education: (via @gmeta)

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Wednesday, 4th of February.

00:32:11 Up too late having dinner with one of my favorite writers & her great husband. Life is good in

Austin, TX.

08:37:21 Rockstar is working on a sequel to the great Red Dead Revolver: (via @scd) cc:


08:38:53 @batcraft yeah man! i wrote probably half my book on the #5 on the way to work — I miss that

bus, wish its equivalent was on the east side!

08:44:34 “I feel like the floor of a taxi cab.”

09:12:25 @RodimusConvoy13 “Well, are you sure you’re using that thing correctly?”

09:20:15 @qrter oh man, that’s my favorite line! and: “We got the tools, we got the TALENT!”

10:02:03 21 Reasons Why Wilco has sucked since firing Jay Bennett: (via


10:17:43 @robotjohnny Ted Rall taking shots at Cormac McCarthy. Uh-huh. If you can’t say anything


10:18:11 @robotjohnny agreed! :^)

10:35:18 Witness THE best Wilco lineup: Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett, John Stirratt, Glenn Kotche, and

Leroy Bach:

10:51:45 Dig @zoewesthof ‘s post using my map of Berger’s WAYS OF SEEING: She

pushes the “blogger as curator” a step forward…

13:25:16 HOT: Caribou – After Hours (live) (via @Webstermania )

17:13:44 The most famous stay-at-home Dad in the world:

Thursday, 5th of February.

08:56:41 RT @katiechatfield : even on the blackest day you can find awesomeness. Newspaper +

Sharpie = Poems Thanks, Katie!

09:10:09 New blackout poem: “The 13 Women You Meet In Heaven”

11:32:23 The Great College Hoax: “Higher education can be a financial disaster.” (via


13:59:35 @bonitasarita YES! beer spillage? no problemo! customized w/ the football team logo of your

choice…great for that day at the stadium! lol

17:07:57 Dan Zettwoch: one of our best cartoonists, with a fantastic blog. See his process for this Redd

Foxx print:

18:01:46 You know, it didn’t light anyone’s pants on fire, but the French Kicks’ SWIMMING (2008) is a

perfectly pleasant listen:

19:33:52 Cool example of blackout poems in the classroom (with slideshow!) β˜›

19:59:18 RT @chrisferan Google releases a mobile version of Book Search. Works great on


20:59:26 RT @mattpicasso Alec Baldwin makes a fantastic hispanic man

21:00:24 30 ROCK: best show on television. Not open for discussion.

22:39:33 @chrisferan big state school filled w/ students of a remarkably similar socio/economic/geo

background — w/ nothing to do but drink & mate

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


22:40:03 @chrisferan bound to be mergers, baby! :^)

22:41:01 @gerryblog I like mad men, but it depresses me

Friday, 6th of February.

08:53:13 ♬ “It’s sunny and 75 / It feels so good to be alive…” ♬

09:28:08 @ryancoleman Bill Hicks re: CNN: “Ted Turner is making this s*** up!”

10:02:46 Sadyetfascinating, Oliver Sacks lost his stereoscopic vision: I’ve blogged about

stereoscopic vision b4:

10:05:05 “Sacks says there’s a part of the brain that is specific to recognizing cartoons.”

Gotta see that TED talk!

10:17:33 @anorwood I really gotta get into RadioLab. I think I can download them straight to the Touch!

10:50:36 Roger Ebert might be the best blogger out there right now, b/c he’s writing LONG about what he

can’t in a newspapr review:

10:59:12 @roblifford the guy can WRITE. someone asked me the secret to blogging yesterday.

“CONTENT!” I shouted, “Just like all other art!”

13:28:13 @marshariti i’m glad you liked it!!

14:19:00 Just got word that a “wine / spirits / cigar” store is moving into Mueller this summer. So long,

liver & lungs…

15:03:23 @megzo delivery of booze and tobacco on a vespa…i like that they’re looking into “the legality”

19:00:23 @theBDR get better, man!

19:32:51 Reason #1,023 why I love Achewood: “F*** You Fridays”

22:52:46 @mattforsythe now THAT is a beautiful evening!

Saturday, 7th of February.

11:47:54 Playing World of Goo and listening to one of my favorite chill-out albums: American Analog Set’s


11:59:47 @SunniBrown that white board looks pretty awesome!

23:05:25 Forgot what a great romcom THE WEDDING SINGER is: a wicked cute Drew Barrymore, a

not-obnoxious Adam Sandler, & a kick-butt soundtrack. ✩✩✩✩

23:13:34 @askforgiveness agreed. lucinda williams just sounds dreadful on it. major mistake.

23:35:23 Austin K. Leon? That’s a new one:

Sunday, 8th of February.

10:40:31 Yr own bed, bathrm, wifi, cable, chipotle & Starbucks w/in walking…Is it bad I worry our guest

room is so nice no one will ever leave?

13:15:56 Left my Jung paperback on a chair while I got my SuperCut, thinkin nobody’d steal it. Then a fat

woman sits on it. “Uh, excuse me ma’am…”

14:48:40 @davidburn no big deal! people have messed it up for 25 years ;^)

18:45:59 M.I.A. is one classy pregnant rapper.

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


19:56:15 How the f*** do you make it to the Grammy stage and still sing out of tune? OH THAT’S RIGHT:

look like jailbait and sing country.

20:16:29 One word comes to mind when watching the Grammys: IRRELEVANT.

20:20:38 @chrisferan did you read @sashafrerejones ‘s piece on auto-tune from a while back?

20:29:34 @chrisferan Neko Case on auto-tune: “That shit sounds like shit!”

20:35:32 Need to get my drawing juices flowing for SXSW. Expect more sketchbook action on the blog:

20:45:33 @chrisferan one of the Austin City Limits engineers posts about the gear they use on the show.

good stuff:

20:46:45 If I was M.I.A., I’d try my best to break my water on Robert Plant’s shoes.

21:25:14 Thom + Johnny + marching band >=<β‰  Ed, Phil, Colin ?

21:32:46 Graham Rawle’s WIZARD OF OZ looks INSANE. I want it.

21:40:19 Odysseus used a frickin’ olive tree as a post when he built Penelope’s bed. I used an allen

wrench & swore a lot. Modern life sucks.

Monday, 9th of February.

09:07:36 “when the rain comes / they run and hide their heads…” (via @leeleslie)

09:13:21 @TWalk I used “Don’t let ’em change your swing” when talking to Meg about academic work

this weekend ;^)

09:58:57 RT @mattforsythe Watch this Seth Myers bit before YouTube takes it down

12:35:46 45 years ago today the Beatles played Ed Sullivan: (via @leeleslie)

12:40:29 @leeleslie what can I say, man? it’s good stuff — the best part of the ed sullivan video is at the

end when Ringo dances to “Money”

12:48:18 Ringo, the fun-loving Beatle:

14:22:58 [Iphone Geekery] Google Sync for Iphone

14:39:40 @madinkbeard thanks for pointing over to Tom Hart’s blog! poetry vs. drama, John

Gardner…right up my alley!!!

14:52:11 Tom Hart (creator of Hutch Owen) has an amazing blog, which I discovered thanks to


17:12:49 Heading off to a master class with Mike Judge. Bringing the sketchbook. Will post

the results later.

20:27:57 The evening was a success: I got Mike Judge to doodle Butthead in my sketchbook. Will scan

for y’all…

22:53:46 My sketches of Mike Judge’s talk tonight, INCLUDING A BUTTHEAD SKETCH DRAWN BY


23:05:41 @MiramaxFilms yes, it was great and you should release it IMMEDIATELY :^)

Tuesday, 10th of February.

08:50:43 Thought of the morning: Dang, this is such a small town. It’s kind of overwhelming how good it’s

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


been to us. God bless ATX!

09:07:53 Song of the morning is Black Joe Lewis’s “B****, I Love You” More BJL here: cc: @ivarley

10:18:22 Things I learned from drawing last night: 1) use a thicker pen 2) simplify 3) sit further away

[distance = abstraction]

11:49:22 “And remember: It’s only lines on paper, folks!”

12:54:09 @TWalk that’s easy: stevie nicks, all the way…SING TO ME, BLONDE GYPSY WOMAN

14:25:04 New book on-sale date: February 9, 2010. That’s a whole friggin’ year from now. Where will we


15:49:11 β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ RT @muzzleofbees Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears are offering up “Bitch, I Love

You” Valentine E-Cards β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

17:29:22 Off to Polvo’s w/ @megzo. Bring on the ‘ritas & ‘jitas

19:20:35 @scd I wish I had an xbox for that game so bad


21:26:42 No idea whether I plagiarized this or not. If not, we might have to make t-shirts:

23:52:38 “I had poetry, and a fine woman. Life was picking up. But the traps, Chinaski, watch the traps…”

– Charles Bukowski

Wednesday, 11th of February.

09:30:13 “At its most astute, [poetry] uses hints of drama to offer up enough action…to suggest worlds…”

09:30:50 @mattforsythe that dude is so wicked talented. are you reading bodyworld?

10:04:12 @wpwend42 i had trouble with mine — then i deactivated the “WordPress Automatic Upgrade”

plugin and everything worked out swell

10:05:22 @wpwend42 what i meant to say was I deactived the old automatic update plugin and used the

one built-in to wordpress. worked fine.

10:24:04 @wpwend42 awesome! glad it worked!

10:49:55 @madhealey “mutton dew”… tastes like sheep

10:55:08 Totally jealous of John porcellino’s new book title, (MAP OF MY HEART) but can’t wait to read

it: (via @DandQ)

11:31:56 “…people who on paper are just gorgeous, & they’re absolute geeks in person. They have no

idea what to say or do.”

12:04:46 @megzo “What is this? A center for ANTS????”

12:54:23 2/3 of the 33 1/3 series books I’ve read have sucked. Reading Black Sabbaths MASTERS OF

REALITY next. Any other suggestions?

13:40:54 @madinkbeard excellent! i’ll add it to my list

14:15:43 If I were a black dude, I’d want to be Kyp Malone: Poor Dave Sitek looks so

lamely white next to him…

14:49:09 I’m just flabbergasted by how much f***ing money design conferences charge. Who’s got a

$1000? Not yr humble state-employed narrator…

15:26:15 New idea: forget the stupid design conference and invite people coming to town for it to have a

margarita. Much more fun that way…

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:18:22 @TWalk probably “Something” the only Beatles song covered more is “Yesterday”, and written

by George!

16:28:06 @chrisferan she’s got the right idea. get your MRS degree…

16:29:39 @TWalk McCartney told Lennon in 1969: “George’s songs this year are at least as good as


16:38:58 @TWalk it’s wankery, but it’s awesome wankery

16:43:04 @twalk all i know is: Pattie Boyd must’ve been a fox of a muse: she inspired GH’s “Something”

& Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” and “Layla”

16:58:18 @gapingvoid dig Mike Judge’s new series:

17:14:19 E-mail from my dad, who’s flying in on Friday: “OK, Junior! Your cowboy Dad will see you

soon!” (Who’s the Texan and who’s the Ohioan?)

17:18:48 The last time my old man spent any significant time in Texas, he was 18 & in horseshoeing

school in Mineral Wells. Excited for his visit.

17:45:14 @gorillavsbear goddamn that is a sweet lineup. See you there!

17:45:30 Holy moley: gorilla vs. booze III SXSW lineup free beer! (via


Thursday, 12th of February.

09:14:03 RT @alanjhunt Great flickr set of Angouleme: Gauld, Satrapi,Crumb, Ware, Clowes &

everybody else

09:25:05 @alanjhunt favorite pic from that set: Tom Gauld and his sketchbook:


09:29:45 GAULD-DANG!

09:30:16 @alanjhunt you got that right, man! i buy everything of his I can. when is he gonna put out a big


10:27:41 RT @michaelSurtees very cool blackout poem β˜› (Thanks, Michael!)

10:28:03 @alanjhunt no! that’s awesome

11:00:09 What’s more important? A) being a good artist/scientist/etc B) being a good human being C)

they’re not mutually exclusive

11:03:12 @MyLifeInaCube sound advice! i’d recommend doctor or scientist or “something decently

lucrative that you can stand”

14:26:16 Got Lewis Hyde’s THE GIFT for $8 in a 50% off sale. Brilliant book:

14:31:48 @SunniBrown whaaaat? “love has no pattern”? does “surprised myself” = “i realized i was

talking out my butt”? j/k ;^) expand!

14:53:18 @SunniBrown don’t we all πŸ˜‰

18:25:00 Teaching, blogging, art, religion, etc: 1) The word is received. 2) The soul suffers change. 3)

The convert is moved to testify.

Friday, 13th of February.

08:51:18 @TWalk neuroscientist and cartoonist


austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:15:43 @blueinkjar thanks, dude!

12:39:38 @madinkbeard @emilyadavis thanks for the good words re: the v-day cards!

12:40:18 Please re-tweet the love, y’all! β™₯β™₯β™₯ FREE NEWSPAPER BLACKOUT POEMS VALENTINE’S

DAY CARD! β™₯β™₯β™₯

20:00:17 One more time: need a last-minute card for your valentine? Get a FREE printable PDF

Newspaper Blackout Poems card:

Saturday, 14th of February.

12:05:37 Off exploring the Hill Country with my old man and @megzo . Having a great visit. Don’t forget

your free valentine:

19:04:47 @RodimusConvoy13 he says hello back!

19:05:54 My old man on the Hill Country landscape: “This looks like the kind of crap shrubbery that if it

grew out in my yard I’d tear it out.”

19:07:24 My old man on me: “Jeez, you hate crowds, you hate driving, you hate idiots…you got a lot of


19:34:10 @mattforsythe that place is amazing!!! I even bought a tshirt (being the dorky tourist…)

everything we ate there was insanely good. Enjoy!

Sunday, 15th of February.

00:14:50 @listofnow thanks for the plug!!!

17:57:47 Awesome Tom Gauld comics: (via @madinkbeard)

18:02:17 Good day, showing the old man around ATX: burgers @ phil’s, boot shopping & beer drinking

on south congress, then a look @ campus. Sunshine+

21:00:23 Network premiere of IDIOCRACY on Comedy Central!

22:16:59 “BRAWNDO! It’s what plants crave! It’s got electrolytes!”

Monday, 16th of February.

10:09:01 Taking my old man to the airport. Sad to see him go.

12:14:29 @anorwood I’m bringing in a box full of sugar cookies–that should pep everybody up…

14:33:06 There’s just something about a new pair of boots…makes you feel GOOD.

14:38:59 @doNNNald @megzo RT @rainnwilson : “Jack Bauer is a lot like my 4 yr old son, Walter –

never poops.”

15:09:12 “Because they are trapped in Texas, Texans are self-mythologizing.” – Gary Panter cc: @madinkbeard & @anorwood

16:08:03 One thing is certain: Neko Case kicks ass.

17:19:16 Thought of the day: I really love to curse and swear. A well-placed g-damn gives me pleasure

like you wouldn’t believe…

20:45:34 Green curry @ Titaya’s, four out-of-print Lynda Barry books @ Half Price for 20% off, & a box of

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Girl Scout cookies. I’d call that a score.

Tuesday, 17th of February.

08:56:55 My lucky bamboo is not looking so lucky.

08:59:57 Sweet: @muzzleofbees has videos of the Drive-By Truckers on Austin City Limits: I was there!

10:18:06 @megzo i don’t know! the tips of the leaves are yellowing…i put some new water in it. we’ll see

if that works

11:55:29 Any other Austinites going to the DARK WAS THE NIGHT release party at the Mohawk after

work? $1 PBRs


14:18:56 @ShinerBeer my ode to Shiner:

14:22:58 @craigeley re: yr attendance of SXSW: sweet! we’ll hafta get together!

15:47:01 G-damn! I gotta go see Deerhoof live:

18:11:37 MSNBC: “25 Reasons We Love Austin, Texas” Usually when I tell my friends it’s,

“Sun, booze, tacos, BBQ, and hot chicks.”

Wednesday, 18th of February.

12:09:25 @michaelSurtees happy blogiversary!

12:13:44 @majorpepper GREAT cover! love both bands to death

12:16:38 Any Okies as followers? Make a blackout poem from Sunday’s copy of The Oklahoman and win

$100! β˜›

12:34:29 @majorpepper that era of spoon is my favorite — right after GIRLS CAN TELL

12:57:42 RT @sashafrerejones βœ‚ Watch these nowβ€”don’t wait. Trust me.

12:59:36 @majorpepper GAx5 is fantastic. they really haven’t made a bad album

13:56:21 @aprilburcham cool…thanks! It’s decent money, no idea how many will enter…

14:55:42 I think I want to take a grad course – then I look @ the syllabus & think, “Shit, I could learn this

junk on my own.” A library card’s free.

15:40:02 @asimone did you finish?

15:56:31 @asimone “I have never let my school interfere with my education.” – Mark Twain

15:56:46 @asimone *schooling*

16:20:33 1966 was an awesome year for music. β˜›

16:22:04 @asimone that’s good! my advice, unless yr independently wealthy, is to “Go if it’s paid for.” (or

if the economic return is guaranteed)

18:24:33 Got my favorite pens (Pilot g2 BOLD) in the mail from amazon — except there’s only 11/12 in the

box! Pen thieves in the storeroom?

18:49:41 Steve Brodner’s take on the NYPost Obama/monkey cartoon: “DRAW. The only response to

freedom of speech is MORE OF IT.”

19:44:56 How to save your newspaper β˜›

21:59:22 @frontmatter good question! have you read Ebert’s post on “How To Read a Movie”?

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


22:07:38 This Beyonce/Timberlake/Rudd SNL skit is freakin’ hilarious: Man, I love that

song/video. Beyonce bringin’ the curves!

22:17:00 @frontmatter man, i LOVE Strangers On A Train. thanks for linking to that!

22:20:50 @mattforsythe OUCH. That’s even worse than this:

23:03:16 Zero Punctuation (Ben Croshaw, aka “Yahtzee”) does the best video game reviews ever.

Powerpoint on crack. A sampling:

Thursday, 19th of February.

10:09:43 @anorwood that’s crap!

10:43:43 Americans! Buy OJINGOGO by @mattforsythe on Amazon: I bought my copy

in Montreal, and it is rad:

10:48:18 @radiomaru one should not have to apologize for liking BORN IN THE USA. “Dancing in the


10:50:24 Working from home + Mac + french press coffee + tons of natural sunlight in my studio = BLISS.

10:55:06 @antm oh trust me, this is pure novelty. tomorrow i’ll be back to beige, windowless


11:27:50 @anorwood thanks, facilities!

17:09:48 Win tickets to an Austin City Limits taping of Willie Nelson and Asleep At The Wheel this


17:13:48 @TWalk great tune! My vote is for “All Apologies”

17:17:01 @TWalk my personal faves are: “Sliver”, “Drain You,” “On A Plain,” “Scentless Apprentice”

17:18:55 @TWalk also: love everything off UNPLUGGED, but half of those songs are covers!!

17:29:17 @wpwend42 Can you believe I hadn’t listened to Meat Puppets II until last year? Now it’s one of

my favorites. Amazing!

18:29:56 @anorwood no! Bring them in!

19:32:37 What’s the best way to sell custom t-shirt designs online? Cafepress? Local printer + PayPal?

19:38:24 @CatRocketship thanks! i never bought anything from them. I’m gonna look into some local


19:51:52 @michaelSurtees oooh, that’s a good idea: local + etsy!

Friday, 20th of February.

07:15:48 Thanks everybody for the t-shirt advice…the Hive Mind comes thru again!

08:46:14 Tell sanchito that if he knows what is good for him he best go run and hide.

09:05:53 Consensus on t-shirts: if you want high quality & a big batch, find a good, local screenprinter

and sell them on Etsy or Big Cartel.

09:33:11 @ashoupster hooray for local screenprinters! ;^)

09:50:17 @mlarson plus an $8000 tax credit YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY BACK. we picked up a $7500

credit this year, but it’s basically a 0% 15year loan

12:35:24 If you live in Knoxville, TN, and need a carpenter, my cousin Andy does beautiful work:

austinkleon’s Tweetbook

20-February-2009 Talk about an artist!

12:44:50 Dig @marshariti ‘s new illustration website designed by @anorwood :

12:58:50 @asimone that is a good suggestion, and i forgot about them, too!

12:59:26 @chrisferan i bought a bigger french press for your upcoming visit. bring some good coffee with


13:23:30 RT @austinist Gil Mantera’s Party Dream @ Emo’s Coupla Ohio boys.

Saw them years ago. Hilarious!

13:51:53 @mattforsythe [in Borat voice] “That’s a nice!”

15:27:35 It’s Friday! Here are some awful Metallica covers of Ramones songs β˜› Hear J.

Hetfield sing, “Eat kosher salamey-heh!”

17:30:34 McCormick & Schmick’s for Happy Hour with the wife. “Maybe Bed Bath & Beyond, I don’t know

if we’ll have enough time!”

21:36:26 McCormick & Schmicks Happy Hour is a deal: cheeseburger, fish tacos, mussels, calamari,

sweetpotatofries, 2 beers = $30 w/ tip. Recommended.

21:40:01 @rfincke we went up to the north one…totally packed, but we snagged two stools at the bar

21:40:16 β™«β™ͺ @megzo hooked me up with some Kings of Leon, or as I like to call them, “The Kings of

Kleon.” Digging the tunes βœ‚

Saturday, 21st of February.

00:31:02 Totally baffled by the White Stripes’ performance on Conan’s last show. I stayed up for that?

01:40:52 Conan O’Brien on Inside The Actor’s Studio is much funnier and more illuminating than on his

last show. Worth watching.

10:33:16 Saw great vehicle mod outside of Mrs. Johnson’s Donuts: the words “DO IT” added to YUKON β˜›


10:40:29 @rohdesign happy blogiversary!

10:54:04 @madinkbeard congrats, man! good feeling!

11:46:50 The Auto-stitch feature in Photoshop CS3 just blew my mind: Thanks,

@anorwood !

12:48:07 They put up a “Your Speed Is” speed limit radar outside on our street. Thinking of running past

at top speed & clocking myself…

13:25:44 @theBDR I can’t think of a better way to spend it !

13:39:09 “You can’t really have a man room without a wife, because then there is really no one to get

away from.” TRUTH:

14:08:00 One thing Ted Turner and I share: we both love GONE WITH THE WIND.

21:07:57 Best line in JAWS: “Wanna get drunk and fool around?”

Sunday, 22nd of February.

11:07:58 Funny how often print media & bigger news sites don’t do you the standard blogger’s courtesy of

giving readers a link back to your site…

13:17:40 “Women…can see what men have up their sleeves….That is why no woman has ever been

convinced that her husband is a superman!” – Carl Jung

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:46:56 Just finished a map of Carl Jung’s MEMORIES, DREAMS, REFLECTIONS:

16:59:15 Heads up! Artist Brian Dettmer (Book Autopsies, etc.) is now on Flickr:

17:21:34 RT @muzzleofbees It’s recordings such as these that make me miss the Jay Bennett element to

Wilco: A must download

20:46:29 This PDF from SXSW ’07 by @khoi & @markboulton is one of the best intros to Grid-based web

design I’ve seen:

20:52:06 Buddy sent me a link to a 3GB zip of The Pitchfork 500. 1.5 days of music. Dang! I’m gonna see

how far I can get this week at work…

Monday, 23rd of February.

09:03:20 John Cleese on how drawing caricatures mimics the brain when recognizing faces. Fascinating

stuff. (via @leeleslie)

10:18:25 @BPDINOKC thanks for the blog post and the poem! i appreciate it.

10:56:12 No more press interviews over the phone. Too many opportunities for mix-ups, not enough time

to formulate answers, no records, etc. E-mail!

11:26:13 PS. I’m not criticizing anybody! As a writer, it’s just maddening/embarrassing to read yr verbal

babbling transcribed.

13:35:25 @khoi haha. look forward to what you have in store for us this year!

13:38:59 @wpwend42 it’s funny, b/c anybody who knows me knows how much I hate talking on the

phone anyways! always have.

13:59:53 @The_Rumpus when I read 1984 @ 13, I read it as a forbidden love story — but i had

completely forgotten it was an affair! great piece.

14:39:53 Couldn’t make it to #vizthink09 , so I’m reading Robert Horn’s VISUAL LANGUAGE instead β˜›

15:17:56 @art4change cool! I’ll put it on my list

15:44:32 @deanmeistr thanks! i’ve read all of McCloud’s stuff, and I have Universal Principles in my desk

drawer (but unread!)

16:01:02 Think I’m going to make this T-shirt for SXSW just to see how many design geeks get the joke β˜›

16:23:11 @bonitasarita *****JEALOUS*****

21:56:22 @chrisferan god bless the sun belt

22:35:47 You can’t make a blackout poem on a Kindle; therefore, it is worthless.

Tuesday, 24th of February.

09:22:42 @frontmatter that was such a ridiculous interview!

09:55:00 The Beatles – Revolution (newly-surfaced Take 20!) (via @sparehed) cc:

@leeleslie @sarah_crisman #beatlestuesday

10:00:02 @Jack_Hadley nope! just following along. :^)

10:14:25 “Papa Chester’s proud of you.” I

11:19:42 More VizThinkers should pay attention to the cartoonist Lynda Barry β˜›


austinkleon’s Tweetbook


13:17:44 RT @ywalker Good turnout so far for Oklahoman’s Blackout Poetry Contest. 50 entries the first

day. Still time for yours.

13:17:58 @ywalker awesome!

13:31:28 MUUUHAHAHA! Stuff White People Like #122: Moleskine Notebooks β˜›

(Thanks, @shueytexas !)

14:05:48 @robotjohnny that woman is my hero

15:36:51 @detlef_c thanks, Detlef! i appreciate it!

15:38:08 @CCSeed thanks for the comment, Richard! if you could recommend one book on Jung (other

than his autobio) to someone, what would it be?

15:50:58 @CCSeed excellent! thanks for the advice re: the seminar. i will track it down!

18:12:54 Bachelor night @ Chez Kleon. @megzo in San Antonio until late. Beer, mac & cheese, and The

Three Stooges it is…

19:01:04 @mlarson i’m half-way thru that ian mcewan article — it’s really, really good

19:19:12 Ivan Brunetti, one of my favorite cartoonists, does the cover of this week’s New Yorker:

23:17:03 Falling asleep to Seven Samurai on TCM.

Wednesday, 25th of February.

09:07:00 @doNNNald when i was dead broke, man, i couldn’t picture this

10:03:04 This Blip.FM thing is pretty sweet. Follow me:

10:20:45 More dudes should give props to their first lady before they get down to business:

10:46:41 @alanjhunt it’s been so interesting to watch his work evolve. can’t wait to get the paper copy to


11:44:06 RT @davegray: “You have to share ideas in order to benefit from them.” – @jessicahagy

#vizthink09 Related:

13:57:44 HELL YEAH: @aquadrunkard hosts free SXSW party during film/interactive on 3/14 w/ local

boys White Denim & Black Joe Lewis

14:14:56 HELP: Looks like I have to drive @megzo to College Station on Saturday. Any decent book

stores / record stores / things to do you recommend?

14:58:49 “Children want to do what the adults are doing” β˜›

19:55:29 L O S T

19:55:50 B E E R

20:02:31 M & M s

21:22:54 “If you were right, I’d agree with you.”

Thursday, 26th of February.

08:00:03 88 and sunny today in ATX. “Hot & sunny every day. What are you, a f—ing lizard?” #billhicksday

09:09:31 “The Goat Boy Rises”: 1993 New Yorker Article on Bill Hicks: #billhicksday

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:17:12 This Zen Bound Iphone game looks amazing. Thanks to

@michaelSurtees & @gruber

15:10:12 Thought: Who gives a shit about the container? Focus on the image inside.

15:45:16 @majorpepper ah, me and my vague tweets πŸ™‚ you *could* argue the image is nothing without

a container…

15:46:03 My wife would’ve made a fantastic psychologist. To me, at lunch: “You use the past like other

people use religion.”

15:52:33 @stormsy wow, what a great quote! was she a fan of this book?

15:57:30 @stormsy she sounds like an awesome lady :^)

16:32:31 The cartoonist William Steig’s delightfully weird and out-of-print 1939 book ABOUT PEOPLE:

Friday, 27th of February.

08:41:04 @rainnwilson can’t get the news from poems, but you CAN get poetry from the news:

09:01:19 Read Chris Ware’s ACME #19 in one sitting last night. Man’s a genius cartoonist, but how many

sad-bastard woman-hating stories can we read?

09:15:17 @stormsy @loosetooth give me a world w/ characters i want to spend time, a little humor, and

make me want to get out of bed in the morning

09:19:38 @madinkbeard i’m ready for him to flush that stuff out of his system.

09:20:47 @madinkbeard in my dream world, Ware would axe-murder kill Rusty Brown, start writing gag

strips, and do a huge, non-fiction comic book

09:26:29 ATTN storytellers: give me a world w/ characters i like spending time w/, a little humor, & help

me get out of bed in the a.m. Thx, AK.

10:13:41 Some thoughts on collage, cut-ups, newspapers, Donald Barthelme, and Girl Talk (not in that


10:23:19 @jessicahagy you’ve got a beer on me if our paths cross @ SXSW

11:01:34 As a newbie to SXSW film this year, I really appreciate @jettek ‘s SXSW 2009 Guide to Film

Festival Venues

12:48:58 Cool: @statesman has a big article on our neighborhood in Austin (Mueller) w/ photo gallery

16:28:41 PR dude called me about this film today: Quickly became one of my

“must-sees” at SXSW. @remixmanifesto’s remix culture doc

17:36:50 If you have an awesome boss, as I do, he says to you Friday p.m., “Have a good weekend.

Don’t think about this place.” You got it, boss!

20:35:36 Drawing. Thinking I should never draw with anything finer than a Sharpie. Big fat lines =

simplification = abstraction = better cartoons.

22:27:14 @daveed70 thanks for the thumbs up on the shirt!

22:45:12 Tripadvisor: George Bush Presidential Library Museum is ranked #1 (of 1) “attractions” in

College Station. Help me, people. What else to do?

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Saturday, 28th of February.

06:00:20 Up early to drive to College Station. Hoping to at least get a nice sunrise out of this…

11:07:43 @fizzboy so far I’ve been to half price books and a bar

11:08:20 RT @fizzboy : When I visited A&M as a HS junior, I asked advisors what they did on weekends

for fun. “We go to Austin,” they said.

11:10:44 @davidmasters I like john gardner THE ART OF FICTION and ON BECOMING A NOVELIST,

lynda barry’s WHAT IT IS, Anne lamott BIRD BY BIRD

11:16:55 11 am in College Station, TX, sitting in a booth in The Blue Baker (free wifi) drinking a Miller

Lite. Weepy string muzak. 7 more hours…

11:19:23 @fizzboy was going to hit up thebush library for shits & giggles…but it’s 3 bucks, even with

student discount (which I’d have to fake)

11:22:10 @anorwood is it worth 3 bucks?

11:32:10 @anorwood duly noted

11:33:29 $3 will buy a trip to the GHW Bush Library or another Miller Lite. You can probably guess which

way I’m leaning…

11:36:24 @gapingvoid I decided to quit taking visitors elsewhere. Soco never fails to please. If I weren’t in

college station I’d buy you a beer

11:46:24 @davegray if the creative process remains mysterious knowledge creatives can continue to

compensate for any insecurity about genital size

11:47:09 @madinkbeard drinking and drawing!

11:59:27 @davegray but seriously, it’s about power: artists feel they’ll lose something if they reveal their

magic tricks & make process transparent

12:11:25 “Papa Chester’s proud of you.” This commercial NAILS my feelings re: the child

worship that goes on in ATX…

12:27:26 @emilytshaw GREAT commercial. Baldwin’s the best

13:24:44 @shueytexas I heard the same!

17:12:15 RT @majorpepper Spoon at the Scoot Inn, ATX on 4/21… tix are on sale; git ’em! (Just snagged mine)

17:15:52 @SunniBrown where and when??? sign me up!!!

17:20:26 Back from College Station, thank god. Gettin’ my drink on with the Mrs.

19:50:46 @roblifford where’d you play? i’ve got clubs, a golf course across the street, & i still haven’t even

hit the driving range…

March 1, 2009

Sunday, 1st of March.

09:38:09 RT @comics212dotnet Every Q&A session: “I want to ask u a question, but really I want to talk

about myself. Do u like me?”

14:34:01 RT @bryancarroll Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy live in Austin 6/5 at the Mohawk!!! β™«

14:57:34 RT @rohdesign launched as a central spot for my Sketchnote activity & work.

22:27:01 Did three of my favorite things tonight: ate good food, drank good wine, and talked for hours with

good, intelligent people.

22:41:23 @CatRocketship i think he’s definitely had work done — he’s looking a little botched a la Kenny

Rogers around the eyes…

22:42:21 @everydayj good luck, man! you can do it!

22:52:13 @listofnow my mother-in-law’s dog loves carrots, too. she also eats garbage and used tissues…

Monday, 2nd of March.

09:39:54 I’m in love with Blip.FM. Reminds me of the fun I used to have on my college radio show.

10:33:26 “My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see me perform.” <– why I loathe Kanye


10:43:35 Novelist Ian McEwan (ATONEMENT, etc.) is speaking at the Blanton Museum of Art this

Thursday night. Great NYer profile:

11:33:54 @stormsy @zeowesthof i’m gonna do my best to get in and draw him!

11:36:23 Join dropbox and get 2.5 gigs for sharing

(via @ritmono)

12:21:46 @mattforsythe can’t wait to see the rest of this!

09:39:47 Big thanks to @madinkbeard for this tom gauld flickr goodness:

17:14:01 @listofnow yeah i turned off the “auto-post” to twitter preference on BlipFM just so i didn’t

annoy everybody with every song

19:35:58 I get a lot of inquiries about this ukulele illustration. Maybe I should put it on a t-shirt?

22:46:59 Just finished commissioned drawings of the last 2 episodes of the PBS MAKE EM LAUGH

series. Happy w/ how they turned out:

Tuesday, 3rd of March.

08:57:41 Much as I love Isotype, icons arent magically universal: they must have meanings we all agree

on. Pictures + WORDS = magic

09:40:25 @antm @twalk ive stripped my rss feeds 2 a few individual art/writer blogs. no aggregator sites

page 76 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


– i figure twitter will filter those 4 me

10:24:37 @alanjhunt it’s kind of sad what a gauld freak i am…

10:28:58 @alanjhunt i REALLY want him to do a BIG book. even if it’s just a collection of his stuff. i try to

collect everything i can

11:14:34 Good advice for graduating undergrads: “Don’t try to dodge the recession with grad school.” (via @gerryblog)

13:01:27 Free PDF of Ray Fenwick’s “Truth Bear” comic that was serialized in the Fantagraphics MOME


15:03:35 I’ve come across the term “going native” several times today. Hmmm…

16:15:17 @scd wish i’d been hip enough to go to that — we finally netflixed it and we’re finishing the

second season

16:41:00 @glass wow! congrats on that gig!

23:33:46 TCM repeatedly keeps me up past my bedtime. Tonight: KEY LARGO w/ bogey + bacall

Wednesday, 4th of March.

09:46:35 Miss #vizthink09 ? @fueledbycoffee has a rad flickr set of sketchnotes:

09:54:57 @Jack_Hadley re: 2 kinds of people: those you’d have over for bbq / not have over for bbq

10:25:24 Not many artists talk/think/write/draw about money. Could be a niche market…

10:34:06 If you make a list of the best web comics & fail to put Achewood at the top of the list, punch

yourself in the face.

10:45:58 @Pampelmoose YES! two songs I CRANK in my cubicle. πŸ˜€

10:47:24 @Pampelmoose PS I think English artists sing/write/draw about money a lot more than

americans. much more class conscious

10:48:20 RT @anorwood “When bankers get together for dinner, they discuss Art. When artists get

together for dinner, they discuss money” -Oscar Wilde

10:50:56 @gapingvoid book jacket looks rad. congrats.

11:10:29 @chrisferan a close relative of “same difference” [ PUNCH ]

11:29:02 Note for those of you who subscribe to my Blog + Tumblr Superfeed: it’s broken, and I

recommend unsubscribing β˜›

13:29:01 makes my life as an only son a heckuva lot easier.

22:50:19 Making things for no real reason, and feeling more sane than I have in weeks.


Thursday, 5th of March.

09:11:42 @DRB thanks! sounds like a new project! i’ve fiddled w/ time lapse before: i

usually start in the center work clockwise

09:15:23 SO EXCITED FOR THIS SHOW –> RT @aquadrunkard: SXSW Interactive :: White Denim,

Black Joe Lewis, March 14th.

09:26:30 @majorpepper YES! and I keep failing to see them live, even though they’re locals!

09:45:23 @DRB that’s the cool thing about pictures & words in space — you juxtapose images/ideas &

page 77 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


people can make their own connections

11:27:58 RT @gapingvoid: Observation: Drawing cartoons is much more interesting/productive than 99%

of Web 2.0 activities out there.

11:31:27 5 Ohio Cities Top Manliest Places In USA “based on # of sports teams & frequency of monster

truck rallies.” (via @olevia)

11:33:39 In response to that last tweet, I quote Bob Dylan: “you ask why I don’t live here / Honey, how

come you don’t move?”

13:24:48 @coudal re: Field Notes : might want to check out Domy Books in Austin

13:30:04 Visiting Austin? Have an Iphone? This Razorfish SXSW guide is pretty awesome:

13:39:57 @MacHeist Yeah, I’ll take a free copy of DEVONthink!

#MacHeist #free

13:42:03 @frontmatter Domy is VERY new. not even a year old. cool joint. I’ve only been there once to

see gary panter:

14:09:43 “When I go into an art gallery, I feel like I’m in an ICU. Everything’s super expensive, & you feel

like somebodys gonna die.” -Lynda Barry

14:55:02 “I like that your artistic idol is a middle-aged lady. Makes me happy.” – my wife @megzo re:

Lynda Barry

16:48:32 Dutch folks seem to love blackout poems. Too bad I can’t read them: &

17:02:21 Anybody going to the Ian McEwan reading @ the Blanton tonight? If so, say hi: I’ll be w/

sketchbook next to the good-looking blonde. :^D

20:56:00 Skipped McEwan reading, took my wife out for Thai food and went book shopping. Now

watching 30 Rock. Life is good.

21:46:28 YES. RT @evancass: New Jarmusch trailer: THE LIMITS OF CONTROL (via @reversecowpie )

22:36:03 Austin musicians: I’d like to take my brother-in-law to some sweet guitar/music shops while he’s

in town. Recommendations?

Friday, 6th of March.

08:38:58 Thanks to @roblifford @everydayj @matthew_price @majorpepper for the advice on Austin

Guitar Shops! #followfriday

08:45:21 RT @jessicahagy: I am confident I can draw my way out of most problems, if only as a

preliminary step.

09:09:34 Olivier Kugler’s work just knocks me out. The MFer can DRAW!

09:39:10 WHY is Bonnie Prince Billy playing Austin on the same night (June 5) as Animal Collective?


09:48:55 @majorpepper they’re still on sale!! i just got mine last night! which is why i’m freaking out now.

but I think Oldham will come back

09:59:43 This new Bonnie Prince Billy song is rad:

10:39:15 @papertrail i think you’re right. now i just have to unload my AC tixx…

10:42:21 @LoAndbehold that’s an awesome idea! i think BPB is actually playing dallas saturday, which

page 78 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


means we could stay overnight, etc.

10:44:06 @papertrail the mohawk show is also outside– you could just stand outside and listen!

13:52:44 @anorwood man, i really wanted to go to that! let me know how it is

13:54:24 @forlornfunnies look forward to the new collection!

14:26:18 Whoa, getting a bazillion hits from Stumbleupon from the “How To Be Cool” blackout poem: It’s always the throwaways…

14:45:18 @anorwood awesome. sounds cool!

14:49:41 Anybody going to STAPLE in Austin tomorrow? There’s a pre-party tonight at Austin Books and

Comics from 7PM – 11PM

15:02:41 @alanjhunt far out! i didn’t know he did any sequential stuff

15:07:52 Its really damned goofy to live in a town that shares your first name. But it helps the Google

ranking, so what the hell.

15:13:55 Holy shnikes, Tom Gauld is posting his sketchbook pages on Flickr:

15:56:47 @marshariti cool! maybe i’ll see y’all there

19:19:14 South congress. Gueros. Beer me.

21:37:43 I highly recommend living in a city you love.

Saturday, 7th of March.

09:33:39 Taking DevonThink for a spin by working on a post about doodles and doodling. Have tons of

PDFS, websites collected, etc.

10:06:05 No idea about this site, but I love this mini-review of the blackout poems:

10:11:55 More Dutch love for blackout poems:

10:50:06 Read about a guy who used doodles to find treasure he’d buried years ago. Can’t find a thing on

the net about it. Buying book. Print wins.

11:03:48 Anthony Bourdain and NO RESERVATIONS in Cleveland (full show!)

18:12:29 I think the North Loop district is my favorite window-shopping part of ATX.

18:36:52 @jmerriman @z_bill gah! i shoulda gone to STAPLE. sounds like fun, and I would’ve loved to

meet Onstad.

20:26:39 PHIL COLLINS IN TEXAS! : Phil Collins quits singing, takes up the Alamo. For reals. The

Alamo. (via @freejoe76)

21:00:10 ELISS: I’m kind of obsessed with this iphone/ipod game:

23:39:05 “The place in which I fit will not exist until I make it.” – James Baldwin

23:49:55 @bonitasarita thought I was hallucinating b/c there’s a pic of him next to the “no shame”

singalong in this month’s Alamo drafthouse guide!

Sunday, 8th of March.

00:42:57 @rohdesign I hate the word “safe” when used to critique something. Pretentious. I think it’s

something they must teach you in art school.

10:07:29 Phil Collins β™₯ The Alamo. A CONVERGENCE! There are no coincidences in life –> cc: @drafthouse

page 79 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


11:18:57 “They’re not just for kids anymore!” [BANG!] The NYTimes Graphic Books Best Seller Lists: (via @largeheartedboy)

13:39:15 WATCHMEN @ The South Lamar Alamo @drafthouse. I got no expectations either way.

17:41:41 Hey kids! Like beatings, rape scenes, gratuitous sex & violence, child abuse, adultery, and blue

man chicken? Go see WATCHMEN!

18:34:05 “[Connie Britton [is] a MILF the way Jimi Hendrix is a guitarist.” – Patton Oswalt on FRIDAY


18:45:01 @daveed70 god, that’s horrible. what an icky movie

18:50:35 In my dream sequel to WATCHMEN, Dr. Manhattan starts a tattoo parlor on Mars and shoots a

porno with the Blue Man Group.

18:52:56 @gerryblog god help us.

18:57:19 @daveed70 i was amazed, but not in a good way. i don’t know how it wasn’t rated NC-17,


19:59:04 Again: if you like beatings, murder, rape, bad sex scenes, bad soundtracks, child abuse,

adultery, & blue man chicken, go see WATCHMEN.

20:23:46 @listofnow i hated it. gruesome and tedious.

20:24:56 @jbj nothing that wouldn’t be out of place in the old testament, eh?

Monday, 9th of March.

08:36:46 @TWalk Matthew 6:34 is one of my favorite passages. “Do not worry for tomorrow…for the day

*is* its own trouble.”

08:38:57 paraphrased by Scarlett O’Hara: “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think

about that tomorrow.”

09:26:21 Yr YouTubeage of the day: Kutiman’s ThruYOU mixes: (via @heatley)

10:35:34 Best profile of Lynda Barry I’ve ever read, plus a manuscript page from her new novel!!!!

11:11:04 @3lbFlax i know it. thankfully, all 30 years of her strips are about to be put out by @DandQ

11:38:54 Constantly amazed by how much traffic generates. Shouldn’t be: 7 million

people use it.

11:50:16 @TWalk wow they have daily deals just like the MP3 store — you can watch MAN ON WIRE for

99 cents!

12:09:53 Cartoonist Dan Zettwoch just put up a bunch of his infographic work, much of it done with


14:32:35 Old people hate Animal Collective: (via @gorillavsbear)

16:15:19 Too lazy to make business cards for #sxsw. If needed, I’ll doodle on an index card & write below it. PROFESSIONAL!

16:17:13 @marshariti oh dear!

21:19:15 Maker’s Mark on the rocks.

21:28:34 @qyardbird ah-ha! you were inspired by the lebowski talk at quittin’ time!

21:28:40 @asimone you said it, bro

page 80 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Tuesday, 10th of March.

07:55:30 Guy greens his roof in West Austin, homeowner group sues him b/c of glare and looks. Stupid.

08:01:53 @LPT BS!

08:12:30 @anorwood sigh.

08:19:58 Comics lovers: Art Spiegelman’s BE A NOSE collection of sketchbooks from McSweeney’s is

now $15.

09:09:22 My #sxsw “business” cards:

10:07:37 @RebFef that is GOOD NEWS re: Friday Night Lights! aka second-best show on TV (30Rock


12:24:08 @mbuckbee @maczter @majorpepper @listofnow @tastytouring thanks for the thumbs up on

the biz cards!

14:43:18 An oddly high number of blackout poem-related links on the tumblelog today:

17:33:10 TORCHY’S FTW!!!

18:36:16 RT @ywalker: Just read about 100 blackout poetry entries in one sitting. I need to wash my


19:59:38 @ryancoleman sorry! blog for creative work, tumblelog for links, etc. subscription page –>

20:44:11 “he took a long walk through the cornfields, to say goodbye to the Midwest.”

21:31:47 @tracymueller agreed. its the best marriage on tv.

21:33:45 When making art is making you feel less alive, you’re no longer making art.

Wednesday, 11th of March.

08:36:42 A. Niffenegger = smart to write her 2nd novel w/o an advance. Now: book finished, $5 million in

bank, ride into sunset.

09:23:52 Thought: Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” is like a goth chick’s version of “Eye of the Tiger.”

10:22:12 Rad Zeppelin performance of “Comm. Brkdown/ Dzed & Cnfused” (via

@sashafrerejones & @daveed70)

11:34:27 Dang, I’m really excited for this new Jim Jarmusch movie:

14:18:09 RT @megzo: Typing to the tune of Lisa Hannigan’s cheery and sweet “I Don’t Know” – which is

a free download on Amazon –

14:26:50 @minorjive his “I forgot to be your lover” is one of my favorite tunes ever:

14:50:47 @davegray can I get tenure and summers off? #vizthinku

15:23:23 @davegray vizthinkers would be smart to pay attention to cartoonist lynda barry #vizthinku

15:26:00 @davegray she barely gets on e-mail. her assistant Betty Bong keeps up her myspace page,


16:29:37 Time for some Stubbs BBQ. Goes best with one of their (surprisingly good) caesar salads.

page 81 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


18:42:25 @daveed70 stubbs is an institution. If yr south though, I also really like Green Mesquite on

South Lamar and Barton springs

21:56:18 Come on, Roy Orbison, sing “Crying” so I can go to bed. Curse you, @klru for your awesome


22:13:40 @shaneguiter it’s worth the missed sleep, so thanks!

22:18:53 @maczter love @littledeli ! Only been there once, b/c of the hours…but it was a great joint

22:27:16 Roy Orbison was born in Texas and played his last gig in Highland Heights, Ohio, dying soon

after. Just saying.

22:27:56 @maczter if he does, I will pay a visit to the old neighborhood!

Thursday, 12th of March.

07:56:07 Dudes/dudettes, if you’re coming to #sxsw this weekend, bring a heavy jacket & umbrella for the

first couple of days. It’s 40 and raining.

08:17:34 “We can no longer afford to kill prisoners OR get divorced. Is this recession turning us

Catholic?” -Lewis Black

09:51:05 Twitter poll: it’s 40 & raining. Is taking 3 hours vacation & walking 5 blocks to the KLRU station

to see/draw Billy Bob Thornton worth it?

10:14:39 The votes are in: Billy Bob, prepare to be drawn.

10:52:54 Stumbleupon is the #1 source of most of my web traffic, but I often wonder how valuable it is.

How many stick around, become followers? Hmm.

12:19:08 @wpwend42 awesome! stumbleupon is only as good as the user. It Gets yr work in front of

eyeballs, the good folks will pick it up…

12:29:37 @lynchcartoons @MyLifeInaCube did you see Lynda Barry’s intro to BAC 2008 about Family

Circus? one of my favorite things she’s done.

12:37:41 One thing is for sure: I’m doing everything in my power to see White Denim at least once in the

next 2 weeks.

12:38:38 @gorillavsbear white denim is putting out a new album this year??? SWEET

12:43:37 @antm re: LOST there wasn’t a new one last night. i was pissed. next week!

12:46:25 @MyLifeInaCube unfortunately, I don’t think it was excerpted online: (psst: it’s

short, you can read it in the bookstore)

13:46:37 At the @klru studio. Not sitting up front, stating loose, using bold strokes. Trying to learn from

last time…

15:07:25 Well, even if I didn’t draw him worth a crap, hearing Billy Bob Thornton do Carl from Sling Blade

made the afternoon awesome.

17:43:11 RT @mlarson : just hit me that maybe “move closer”:photography::”move further”:sketching.

18:50:38 Picked up a couple of @shinerbeer sampler six packs for our out-of-town guests. Plus some

Lone Star tallboys. Doing it up PROPER

20:09:29 A few sketches and a mini-writeup of the Billy Bob Thornton taping this afternoon: cc: @bonitasarita

Friday, 13th of March.

00:30:00 @anorwood looks good dude!

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


00:34:54 Dbag comment on my blog tonight: “dont know what makes me madder: that this is called

poetry or that you obv dont use real articles.” DELETE

00:41:19 My inspiration for dealing with trolls and their comments:

08:27:38 Doodled a few more #sxsw business cards yesterday: Heading down to #sxswi

after lunch.

08:49:14 Everybody send some words of encouragement to my wife, @megzo – she’s turning in the

rough draft of her masters thesis today! (proud hubbie)

09:11:34 Anybody out there have an EyeTV? Good purchase for recording tv on the mac?

10:05:38 Trying to decide whether to enter the new millenium and get a 200 message text plan for $5 /

month. This is how cheap I am.

12:16:48 This is just making me tired. #sxsw

12:42:41 Humans aren’t meant to stand in line. This place is like a stockyard. #sxsw

13:36:19 @rohdesign looks even cooler in real life!

15:03:21 Why did I go to a panel called “ooh that’s clever”? I take “clever” as an insult in re: my work.

“great stuff, no point.” #sxsw

15:09:44 This panel is bugging me because my obsession re my poems is: “how do you push a gimmick

into the realm of art?” #sxsw

15:47:13 Gimmickry = $$$$$$ #sxsw

15:56:08 @anorwood whoa!

16:13:37 Rad that “try making yrself mo interesting” is a Barry Hannah quote. Notice that only writers and

artists r worth quoting? #sxsw

16:30:35 Oh, the clickety clackety of MacBook keys… #sxsw

22:10:59 Ate @ Thai Passion w/ Flynn, then went to I LOVE YOU, MAN. Very funny. But dumbass Q&a

from the audience. Took bus home. Exhausted. #sxsw

Saturday, 14th of March.

08:26:54 RT @shaneguiter: Watching Jimi Hendrix Experience playing The LuLu Show in 1969.


09:04:42 #sxsw day 2: “not the same old story”, 45365, Jeffrey Tambor’s acting workshop,

OBJECTIFIED, Frog Party, White Denim

10:53:17 @tracymueller man, i’m sorry i missed that panel. would love a recap sometime

10:59:22 BSing up in the press room at #sxsw

11:00:10 @rfincke haha it’s really a small town

11:02:46 @TWalk amen dude i freaking can’t believe how bad most q & as are.

11:04:42 checking out doc 45365 about small town ohio, being an xpert on the subject #sxsw

11:11:16 The designer of this convention center needs punched. Different escalators for different floors?

WTF? #sxsw

11:14:40 @ivarley look forward to seeing y’all at red eyed fly tonight!

13:30:55 @jessicahagy awesome. Where/when?

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


13:33:38 Film people: go see the documentary 45365. 3 brothers make a documentary about their small

hometown in Ohio. #sxsw

13:42:04 Abandoning panels. Gonna go track down some cartoonists. Cc: @gapingvoid @jessicahagy

14:07:00 Okay, I got an hour to kill. Who wants to bullshit and doodle? #sxsw

14:50:40 Nice @statesman piece on @sunnibrown ‘s graphic recording @ #sxsw

drawing as performance…hmm…

15:19:11 Warm enough you can sit outside. Colored a drawing I did this morning. Heading out to the

@Paramount713 to see OBJECTIFIED soon. #sxsw

15:57:58 At paramount for OBJECTIFIED. Going to Belmont after for some dinner, then Frog Party, then

White Denim. #sxsw

19:40:57 At frog party in a black leather with a green messenger bag with a good-lookin blonde on arm.

Say hi!

22:56:13 Red Eyed Fly was a bust, so we headed home. So it goes. At least we got to chill with our


22:59:21 @maureenmcq you were at frog, too?? i’m sorry i missed you!

Sunday, 15th of March.

09:40:40 @jessicahagy i’ll definitely be at the vizthink shindig today. see you there!

09:47:34 I’m at a complete loss as to what I should do with myself at #sxsw until 5:30 today. Anybody got

any suggestions?

11:02:31 Got the perfect book in the mail just in time for the Vizthink party today: cc:

@SunniBrown @davegray @jessicahagy

11:23:20 Going to Salvation Pizza for lunch w/ @megzo, then she’s gonna drop me off at #sxsw around

2. I’m game for pretty much anything after that.

12:02:41 Change of plans: playing hooky from #sxsw w/ @megzo. Salvation for pizza, a little bit of

shopping, VizThink Party, Remix Manifesto film.

12:17:54 @Pampelmoose try a starbucks — they always have nytimes #sxsw

13:14:24 Pushed the tourists aside and got a seat at the bar @homeslice beer, pizza, then jos for some

music. @ if yr on south congress!

14:00:47 @anorwood I expect a full report πŸ˜‰

15:58:28 @tastytouring one of the worst I’ve ever been in. Whomever came up with seperate escalators

for different floors should be punched

16:17:02 One should not have to fight bathroom technology.

16:17:55 @aquadrunkard man that line was ridiculous. Sorry we missed it

16:18:30 Grabbing a six pack and heading to the vizthink meetup.

21:39:38 “James Flynn sounds like a dickface.” – James *Francis* Flynn

21:40:16 “I love following @marthastewart on twitter.” – @megzo

21:49:57 @sunnibrown that party was RAD. thank you, thank you. see you tomorrow!

Monday, 16th of March.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


00:43:12 “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” #worstmovieever #theroom

08:16:51 Off to see @davegray @danroam @leelefever @SunniBrown & @thcrawford Words -> Pictures

panel. Drawin the HELL outta it. Hilton C 10am #sxsw

08:32:12 @tastytouring can you save me a seat? i might be running just a tad late! #sxsw

13:56:57 RT @jonnygoldstein doodles from lunch with @jessicahagy @thcrawford @austinkleon the

topics: cleveland, r. crumb, & rats

14:05:33 I am completely open to anything today. DM me or something if you want to BS and doodle.


14:09:15 @ivarley that sounds interesting, and I wanted to go to the hilton anyways. i’ll look for ya

14:45:16 Just had an amazing massage. Now listening about wireframes….

14:59:23 @ivarley thanks for saving me a seat man! (even tho I bailed)

15:02:07 @SummerH we shouldve!

15:34:02 Drawing RIP: a remix manifesto in the press screening lounge. Great so far. #sxsw

16:06:13 @remixmanifesto watching it right now in the press room. Freaking amazing, man!

16:36:06 Crayola makes a crayon color called “Outer Space.” Seek it out.

16:51:50 “put elton john in a headlock and pour a beer on his head.” – greg gillis (girl talk) Go see


17:07:27 And thus, my eternal #sxsw question: “Now what?”

17:22:11 RT @RebFef: #sxsw TBA tonight – Rare, almost impossible to see, beloved film by Todd

Haynes!! 9:30pm Alamo Ritz 1 (via @rejects)

19:41:55 @marlaerwin that’s awesome!

19:43:20 @AustinBeerGeek dude I know. We ran to the Hilton to get milkskakes. Intense.

Tuesday, 17th of March.

00:55:49 Tonight was a bust. We shoulda stayed home, got drunk, and watched The Room. Oh wait:

that’s Wednesday night…

08:21:56 @chrisferan memorize the bestseller list and be able to name popular authors from each genre

(thriller, scifi, romance, etc)

09:44:08 @tastytouring I’d be up for that!

09:44:27 @jessicahagy iron cactus roof?

10:09:44 In the Future of Visual Storytelling is Interactive panel in 12ab #sxsw

10:10:52 Flash lunch tweetup at Koriente (7th between 35 & Red River) after the 11:30 a.m. panels

end…who’s in? (via @tastytouring) I am.

10:29:06 @thcrawford did you get a seat?

11:14:20 Love that the dude in the visual storytelling panel mentioned LucasArts adventure games. Huge

influence on my ideas about narrative. #sxsw

11:50:13 Doodled a ton o’ business cards in the Visual Storytelling panel 4 folks who liked my notes. Now

off to Ironworks to meet @rohdesign #sxsw

12:36:01 If you gotta #2 @ #sxsw, I recommend the bathrooms on the fourth floor of the Hilton. πŸ˜‰

13:42:57 Oh, you silly journalists and your whining about filing stories. Where’s the massage girl?

#pressroom #sxsw

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


13:52:00 RT @marquessaid: is illustrating and narrating panels as they happen.

Awesome! #sxsw #Fallon

14:18:06 The Blog To Book Deal: How-To Panel or the Comics On Mobile Devices panel? Hmm. Coulda

been on the former, might learn more from latter…

15:24:47 Glad I skipped 3:30 panels: bumped into @rohdesign and @gapingvoid instead.

15:50:48 @davegray ask @swidinst about the ed emberley documentary

16:20:47 Drawing @gapingvoid @guykawasaki @stephanieklein @katelaurielee @pamslim

blog-to-books. So far it’s ringing true to my experience #sxsw

16:22:34 @jonnygoldstein I want yr notes from that panel!!!

16:40:35 @tastytouring this is better than I thought it’d be!

16:49:50 @tastytouring yeah! This is fun. I’m sitting right behind that girl

16:56:20 RT @davegray : Watch out! @guykawasaki reads his tweets. Just called out @whitneyhess for

calling him a dick #sxsw

16:56:56 RT @tastytouring : A book is an end to itself. You should write a book if you have something to

say – @guykawasaki #blogtobook #sxsw

17:01:30 #blogtobook guess I shoulda got up and whored my book in the q&a microphone like these

other dudes #sxsw

17:04:12 @michellegreer michelle shmo! That was fantastic πŸ™‚

17:06:10 Since @davegray whored my book, ill whore his: #blogtobook #sxsw

17:29:45 #blogtobook was a great ending to a very long coupla days. Thanks to @gapingvoid

@guykawasaki @stephanieklein @katelaurielee @pamslim

17:30:12 @swidinst february 2010!

17:30:27 @rohdesign you too!

17:32:02 I will now eat my weight in corned beef and soda bread.

20:17:17 @loosetooth isn’t that awesome???

20:23:39 Information on a new Ed Emberley documentary: (via @swidinst)

20:48:14 Had dinner w/ a band from Portland named Horse Feathers tonight. Nice folks. Jammed on

fiddle/banjo. See them @ #sxsw

Wednesday, 18th of March.

08:40:30 Man, so many drawings to scan and upload. And it ain’t even over yet. #sxsw

09:04:54 @mlarson fuzzy preview:

09:36:36 Cool: @The_Rumpus has a cartoon blog with a new comic by Paul Madonna (All over Coffee): cc: @madinkbeard

09:41:42 As I said at the premiere (, 45365 is awesome (I drew it!). It won best doc ftr @

#sxsw last night:

09:59:22 I’m going to plug this band I met last night again: HORSE FEATHERS have a listen: For fans of Will Oldham / folk

10:40:38 Sifting through the #sxsw presentations that I missed on slideshare

(via @marlaerwin)

13:39:46 RT @ywalker: Pre-judging contest entries today. Austin Kleon will be final judge. Think of him as

page 86 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


the Simon Cowell of blackout poetry! (lol)

13:40:58 There are some sweaty-ass, skinny-jeaned, tattooed, Bedheaded Yankees walking around

Austin, Texas today. #sxsw

13:42:24 @aprilburcham oh man, i can’t WAIT to draw him! πŸ˜€

13:43:06 @emilyj can’t wait!!!

14:56:16 Presenter manifesto: take the ego out of Q&As. Have qs submitted via index card into a hat, or

use hashtags on twitter. #sxsw

16:04:41 @loosetooth she did it smart: do the second book first, make sure it’s awesome, then sell it for

$5million. good for her.

16:06:29 @loosetooth what I meant was, don’t take the advance for the second book: write it first, make

sure it’s awesome, then auction it!

16:07:43 @mattforsythe congrats on the nominations!!!

16:14:36 Holy frickin’ shnikes: when I wasn’t looking, the Facebook Newspaper Blackout Poems group

jumped past 900 fans:

16:17:08 The plan: drinks w/ @megzo, then an Andrew Bird Austin City Limits taping @klru (!!!) Bringing

the sketchbook, of course πŸ˜‰

17:40:03 Andrew bird, prepare to have yr skinny genius whistlin ass DRAWN. #beer #sharpie


21:16:09 Andrew Bird was F*$&(% AMAZING!

21:21:36 @olevia drawings to come!

21:40:46 “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” Our THE ROOM screening is about to begin…. #worstmovieever #theroom

21:50:16 “your life is about to get a whole lot better: you’re gonna watch The Room and then you’re

gonna get a dog.” -james francis flynn

Thursday, 19th of March.

07:47:25 @kdelap yep. i think we’ll be getting a little yapper pretty soon

07:47:46 A cold can of coca-cola and a coupla tacos aught to fix up this ol’ gut…

07:49:32 @jmerriman “Hi, doggy!”

08:05:34 For all you #vizthink folks out there, here’s a manifesto in Newspaper Blackout Poem form: cc: @davegray @thcrawford

08:42:46 Was gonna do @urbanoutfitters, but think Ill head east side 4 @gorillavsbear If that fails,

@birdsbarbershop ‘s. Anyone else goin’? #sxsw

08:55:55 Think I’m going to spend some cash and get an EyeTV (for watching/capturing TV on the mac)

and a Flip Mino (portable camcorder). Recs?

09:13:39 So, @megzo & I decided last night to have blackout poem prints available by summer. Bug us

periodically so we follow through.

09:43:09 @jonnygoldstein happy birthday, dude!

09:59:00 CHEAPcorder: Aiptel A-HD+ HD video + tv capture! @bonitasarita ptd to

@senorleroy’s vids w/ it:

10:28:43 @senorleroy glad to hear it! i need something to capture a tv spot (no dvr or vcr) and to take

videos of me drawing, etc. 2-in-1

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:52:22 @alanjhunt the sketchbook page that led to that is frickin’ amazing

11:09:02 Taking the bus to meet @drawers @ Gorilla Vs. Booze @ The Peacock. Pray I can get in. cc: @gorillavsbear

11:16:23 @majorpepper awesome! i’ve got a gray collared shirt on and a green messenger bag.

14:10:49 Swimming in a sea of skinny jeans. #sxsw

20:55:16 @oh_steph totally agreed: NASA was rad!

21:01:41 Red Stripe @ Gorilla vs booze, sandwiches @ hot mama’s, Domy books, too much whiskey

@birdsbarbershop, and El Chile. Rad day.

21:10:05 Tomorrow: Flatstock poster show with @drawers, Sumi Ink club @ Domy (4PM), try out Yudu at

Art Project. Drink more whiskey, hopefully.

Friday, 20th of March.

00:42:37 FRIDAY! KVRX Beerd Fest day party + Sumi Ink Club – all at Domy. Free beer. #sxsw (via @Domy_Books) I’ll be there.

07:44:58 @chrisferan it’s one of the most coveted jobs. At least 150 people applied for my old job!

08:07:41 Anybody out there own or use a Yudu screen printing machine?

Thoughts? Here it is in action:

08:34:34 Russell over at @Domy_Books pointed out @pentagramdesign’s REbranding of the Republican

party for Newsweek. Very smart.

08:50:34 Much better video of a Yudu demo from @HandmadeDetroit (via @loosetooth)

09:38:27 @chrisferan remember: that job is all about helping people. it’s customer service. don’t come off


09:44:14 @papertrail holy crap! i was headed to @Domy_Books today for the Sumi Ink Club @ 4PM

anyways! and now mirah!

09:45:54 @marshariti yeah, i agree — you’re paying for convenience. no mess, doesn’t take up a bunch of

space, etc. expensive supplies, though…

10:04:38 RT @rejects: “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour…

you’re gonna see some serious shit.”

10:11:52 @marshariti i’m open to anything! i’m going check out those links you posted

10:13:51 Off to Salvation for some pizza.

12:51:37 At Domy Books on Cesar Chavez. Come hang out! Free beer! #sxsw

13:10:07 Mirah about to go on @Domy_Books She better play “Lone Star”! #itistexasafterall #sxsw

14:38:22 Mirah was great. What a sweetheart. Went to see a Yudu in action. (Awesome.) Now at

@Domy_Books wAiting for @drawers & Sumi Ink Club.

17:18:17 Exhaustion has got the best of Chez Kleon. Eating in, catching up on tv and each other. #sxsw

you were fun, but I can’t take anymore.

Saturday, 21st of March.

07:35:09 RT @rohdesign : SXSW Interactive ’09 Sketchnotes are now posted on Flickr! #sxsw #sxswi #sketchnotes

07:51:19 IKEA is a four-letter word.

page 88 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


11:39:09 @RodimusConvoy13 and poor people like me and my wife!

11:40:01 Said i was through with #sxsw but i lied. Headed off to Flatstock.

16:50:36 Sweet: @stereogum has MP3s of Dirty Projectors’ new live stuff. (via


16:52:43 Feast your eyes on this Flatstock treasure, Tuco: #sxsw

17:05:55 @bruceturner totally. my wife said she’d almost bought me that poster several times, so I just

had to have it. perfect for the office πŸ˜€

18:24:19 (Blurry) sneak preview of my #sxsw sketchbook notes: (via @jonnygoldstein)

20:06:56 All you need is 30 minutes a day. (Or more like 60…) #vizthink (via


20:10:42 @wpwend42 yeah, 120 = bus ride to/from work + lunch break. That’ll do it…

20:14:04 Beautiful moment @ IKEA today when “Sloop John B” came over the speakers. A retail space &

pop song were never better matched.

Sunday, 22nd of March.

09:46:50 Instead of a corkboard in my office, thinking of tacking huge pieces of paper on the wall &

making collages. A butcher paper roll, maybe?

10:10:11 Texans are a lot like Catholics: it’s the converts who are the most fervent believers…

13:24:08 – This picture taken by @drawers pretty much captures how I felt after a

week of #sxsw –> GRIZZLED

13:42:10 Few shots of the Sumi Ink Club @Domy_Books –>

17:59:09 Beer + oatmeal cookies + scanning = Sunday night.

18:44:38 “Don’t tweet angry!” <– warning shouted to @megzo

19:42:12 My 2009 SXSW sketchbook notes and drawings: #sxsw #sketchnotes

19:46:29 @cliffatkinson here they be!

Monday, 23rd of March.

07:54:39 Monday morning reading: My 2009 SXSW sketchbook notes and drawings:

#sxsw #sxswi #sketchnotes

08:26:11 Has everybody seen @marcjohns work? B/c it’s rad. (Post-It note drawings, etc.) Go now:

08:56:36 @toddclausen take a class, man! drawing can be taught. check out this lesson from my man

@davegray –>

09:03:38 Little Steven’s SXSW address = Chabon on literature: art has forgotten that art is firstly about


10:05:48 @cliffatkinson you’re right. that would be rad.

10:07:27 @rainnwilson Blip.FM is awesome.

10:08:10 @megzo you don’t have a slacker bone in your body.

10:10:54 Idea: mini-comic of my SXSW sketchnotes. Maybe a Lulu book w/ @rohdesign? Hmmm…

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:44:51 Photos of the Sumi Ink Club @Domy_Books courtesy of @drawers

12:17:42 Austin folks: writer Michael Lewis (Moneyball, Liar’s Poker) is gonna be giving a lecture at UT

tomorrow night! cc: @twalk

12:25:00 @NiemanLab Mike’s the man. you might dig these, too:

12:32:51 @mlarson you know I don’t go anywhere without a sketchbook πŸ˜‰

14:51:29 @gary_hustwit sketchbook notes of OBJECTIFIED @ SXSW –>

15:26:14 @NathanBowers LOL no way! @rohdesign and I are warriors on the same side of the battle! tag

team, maybe

15:26:47 @NathanBowers exactly!

16:25:08 Uh-oh. Guess who’s on Texas Country Reporter this weekend –>

16:53:42 @gary_hustwit go right ahead!

19:26:49 Sometimes reading online bios makes me depressed–such a huge divide between what people

are & what they want to be.

19:43:26 A man enters a bar and says, “Who’s the fella owns this s***hole?”

21:19:35 Drawings of Andrew Bird taping Austin City Limits –> cc: @emilyj

@bonitasarita @klru et al #acl

22:54:33 @tvtompd loved BORN STANDING UP. Did you see my map of it?

Tuesday, 24th of March.

07:44:45 @heatley Twitter is nothing but a tool. The challenge is always using the tool without becoming

a tool.

07:52:26 Sick of all this twitter-slagging nonsense. It’s just like anything else: you have to surround yrself

w/ interesting people.

08:08:23 Twitter is a tool. The challenge with tools is using the tool without becoming a tool.

08:10:49 @daveed70 {RIMSHOT!} πŸ˜€

08:33:20 Thanks to everybody for the kind words about the @andrewbird ACL drawings! See all my ACL


09:03:31 Chuck Jones Tonight on TCM! (via @lynchcartoons)

11:18:06 @anorwood i’m skipping an event tonight to just go home and watch. starts @ 7PM!

11:19:33 @peterdurand next year you should come hang out with us @ sxsw!

13:34:09 Cool: @davegray SXSW conversation sketches: I love drawing conversations

for memory. See me & @twalk –>

13:35:10 @papertrail where in the hell did y’all find that bill callahan comic diary???

13:43:57 Bill Callahan ‘recording diary’ comic about the making of his upcoming album:

(via @majorpepper & @papertrail )

13:46:41 @Librairie211 RIP is definitely worth seeing. my sketchbook map of the movie:

13:46:59 @papertrail @majorpepper it looks like it was from a newsletter or something

14:23:35 @majorpepper ah ha! so props to @sashafrerejones

16:16:02 @cliffatkinson PocketMods are awesome! I used them a couple years ago to make minicomics

page 90 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


(1) (2) (pdfs)

18:13:36 AND THERE WAS GREAT REJOICING. RT @megzo : Thesis = defended. Officially a PhD

student. Gimme a drink.

19:41:15 Drinking tallboys, making blackout poems, and watching CAN’T HARDLY WAIT — the best teen

movie ever made. “It’s a celebration, b****!”

Wednesday, 25th of March.

07:54:46 New Bill Callahan: (via @largeheartedboy)

08:07:43 “But then the Swansons began to notice that the Bible was very high on big families…” (via @madinkbeard)

09:17:20 Feedburner and Yahoo Pipes worked out their differences, and my Blog + Tumblelog

SUPERFEED is working again –>

10:21:26 Considering grad school? Check out my #youdonthavetogotocollege tag on tumblr –>

10:41:34 @jtwilcox cake tasting is the best part of the whole wedding planning experience. bring friends!

12:09:09 Under the delusion that brand of computer = coolness of user? Go to a campus and have a look

at all the sorority girls with Macbooks.

12:12:52 @statesman by “strange beast,” you mean, “completely worthless”? πŸ™‚

12:14:30 Great example of how newspaper web site comments are completly worthless: (via @statesman cc: @tvtompd)

12:55:42 @liprap nope! idiots live everywhere! πŸ˜€

13:06:43 Since I spent my childhood under a rock, I guess I’ll have to read Where the Wild Things Are


13:17:10 “If a child does not like a book, throw it in the trash.” – Maurice Sendak (I say: same goes for


15:09:31 “CoCo now sports a large, fluffy, orange parka that, I hope, will make her appear larger to the


19:42:22 Those newly interested in Gerd Arntz’s iconic work with Isotype might be interested in his other


Thursday, 26th of March.

07:59:02 “Pay me $700,000 a year…and you can threaten me with death all goddamn day.” (via @cgrayson)

08:27:22 Bummed that the internet seems to be discovering Gerd Arntz: I had planned to rip him off for a

graphic novel!

08:33:35 @happy_stomach that’s rad!!

08:49:06 Holy crap, I actually used the Gmail “cancel e-mail” function and it actually worked. Score for

Google Labs:

08:50:49 Dig these rad Gerd Artnz wood grain contact paper designs @happy_stomach did in her house:

08:54:35 @largeheartedboy “White Lies deal in big, dark songs about feelings” OH GOOD. πŸ˜‰

10:31:35 @marlaerwin re: @nicepaul ‘s prez: d’ja see this?

page 91 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:33:03 @nicepaul hi paul! here’s a sketch of yr SXSW prez –>

10:42:14 @nicepaul post away! and thanks!

10:56:16 THOUGHT : ( music > art > writing ) BUT ( musicians < artist < writers ) Up for debate.

11:35:46 @daveed70 in my exp, depends if you want to get drunk or have a conversation

11:37:47 @krening just pulling generalizations out of my ass πŸ™‚

11:40:36 New equations: At a dinner party ( musicians < artists < writers ) At a bar ( musicians > artists >

writers )

11:50:09 “It’s a great time to be a lady in America, and not just b/c of that yogurt that makes you poop.”

@megzo quoting @tinafey

12:27:16 Need to start a mailing list / newsletter. @anorwood rec’d @mailchimp or @CampaignMonitor

Any other suggestions?

13:40:15 RT @majorpepper: white denim, built by snow & harlem @ antones tomorrow — rsvp here to get

in for $5:

13:41:54 @majorpepper ARRRGH we have tixx to Master pancake tomorrow night w/ meg’s brother from

out-of-town! DAMMIT — have fun!!

13:47:14 @majorpepper but wait, there’s hope! Master Pancake is over @ 10. Show starts at 10. Maybe

I’ll see you there!

14:50:57 There goes another $5 to the App Store: #wolfenstein

16:27:35 “OPENING TITLE SEQUENCE (Best read while listening to “The Brazilian” by Genesis…toss it

on and crank up the volume.)”

20:39:31 Too many margaritas + killer instincts = playing Wolfenstein 3D on my Ipod

Friday, 27th of March.

08:24:12 “Today, to call a poem “accessible” is practically an insult…” The Poetry

Establishment is gonna HATE my book.

09:19:30 Great idea: @gapingvoid’s Fantasy Mobile App (for artists):

09:43:46 Texans: I’ll be on this weekend’s Texas Country Reporter. In Austin, it airs 10a.m. Sunday.

Check listings:

13:25:04 β™« “We are born with a chance / I am gonna have my chance” RISE ABOVE!


14:25:05 @wpettyjohn man, i love that little joy album, but I want the whole record unplugged like this!!

17:11:58 Go support good St. Louis cartoonists and buy something from the USS Catastrophe Shop:

17:18:46 Heading off to @drafthouse to see Master Pancake do Lord of the Rings. Then to

@antonesnightclb to see White Denim.

21:08:04 At antones. Come have a beer and see white denim!

22:03:55 God bless Antone’s for their open wifi.

Saturday, 28th of March.

00:35:07 White Denim were just as good as I’d hoped. Cut right through the sea of douchebaggery.

page 92 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:12:54 @aaronsacco yeah man! Glad you dug them!

09:23:36 @aaronsacco we got there @ 10, and there was almost no line, but it still took forever — I can

only imagine

09:24:19 Taking a breakfast taco virgin to Mi Madres.

11:31:17 New kicks:

12:40:30 @David_Weaver can’t wait to see your white denim pix! that was a great show

13:13:52 @mattpicasso pay the $5 and download Wolfenstein. it’s worth it.

13:18:02 Doodle of White Denim:

14:04:31 @drawers @bentumbrella @megzo video of High Places and little tots dancing –> (via @EdwardDroste)

14:09:41 @wpettyjohn great photo in the nytimes! too cool! πŸ˜€

22:14:30 Last night: White Denim onstage. Tonight: Jonas Brothers on SNL. It’s a quick drop from

heaven to hell…

22:20:00 Texans: I’ll be on Texas Country Reporter tomorrow morning. 10am on channel 5 in Austin.

Check listings:

Sunday, 29th of March.

08:16:16 Really dreading seeing myself on TV this morning. Fingers crossed I don’t come off like an


08:35:48 @gregwind thanks! it’ll be syndicated nationally later. I’ll let folks know!

09:14:29 Thanks everybody for the kind words about the Texas Country Reporter segment! Couldn’t have

asked for better. Bob, Ryan, & Dan rule.

09:17:03 @bluebonnetfield i don’t think they’re tweeting yet!

09:18:34 @senorleroy thanks man — i really liked some of the shots they did. the 5-hour shoot was worth

it πŸ˜‰

09:24:38 “a sort of strange embarrassment…” – @neilhimself on seeing himself on TV:

(via @anorwood)

10:34:14 @douglaswolk i’m a writer who draws –> (and a fan of your writing)

11:10:15 Holy crap, when did external hard drives get so cheap? Thinking I’ll get a 1TB firewire for

backing up our 3 macs…

11:39:29 “With any luck he’ll fall through the space between the panels and we’ll be spared.” God bless

Eddie Campbell:

15:32:50 It is unbelievably beautiful out in Austin, Texas today. Drinking a pitcher of lonestar at our old

haunt, Thunderbird Coffee.

19:29:34 Totally fascinated by this NYTimes article on physicist Freeman Dyson. –>

(Thanks to @mattthomas !)

Monday, 30th of March.

08:44:53 Can I just say again how much I love Blip.FM?

09:33:45 April is National Poetry Month. Should I do anything? Post a newspaper blackout poem every


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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:50:48 Okay, on second thought, maybe I’ll just ignore National Poetry Month like the rest of America.

Oh, snap.

09:59:13 @papertrail the neko show is gonna be RAD. can’t wait.

09:59:19 @jcharney thanks, man!

12:31:14 Oh, lunch break…

13:35:53 Neko Case is so rad. She’s live on KGSR right now:

13:43:46 “Should Allen get an MFA? You decide.” You can probably guess my

answer… (via @DanielPink)

14:04:39 Harold Ramis: β€œWe’re going to be the sage mentors. There are going to be young

Ghostbusters.” (!!!) (via @rejects)

16:08:19 @muzzleofbees holy CRAP i gotta get my hands on that.

18:09:37 What a strange thing it is to be known primarily for making something you don’t feel all that close

to or precious about…

19:16:35 @vikkiprattles thanks, vikki! i appreciate it πŸ˜€

20:29:18 Gonna get a t-shirt printed: “I was cheap *before* the recession.”

Tuesday, 31st of March.

06:44:34 A couple of Milt Gross’ wordless book reviews: too cool! (via


07:55:02 On Chuck Jones, art supplies, and parenting:

11:00:18 Anybody tried the Amazon Video Games Trade-In store? I have some Wii games I’d like to


11:29:38 These Neko Case tickets are burning a hole in my pocket…

11:44:00 RT @pbsengage: Art:21 is now on Hulu.

11:46:37 Listen to Neko Case on KUT @ 2PM (via @kutaustin)

13:18:20 Trivia: Kelly Hogan, who sings w/ Neko Case, is also Betty Bong, a.k.a. Lynda Barry’s assistant.

13:26:05 @bonitasarita i gotta get some of their stuff!

13:30:28 “Let’s drink 4 cokes and watch Ghostbusters again.” – Neko Case on the songwriting process

14:14:25 Austin artists: @anorwood takes a look at local mayoral and city council candidates:

14:38:09 Anybody know if @drafthouse has ever screened THE ROOM? It’s ripe for Master Pancake: cc: @henrimazza

14:42:41 @elkmating Dude, you guys should Pancake THE ROOM –> LOTR was

hilarious, BTW

14:43:03 @mattthomas i’m making it my duty to bring it here!

16:21:44 You want to make people not hate you? Remember their f***ing name. Here’s how:

16:28:14 What I need is a coke, a salad, and some Neko Case. Off to make that happen.

21:47:37 Shearwater is an amazing band, and they’d blow up if it werent for the overdone, falsetto

page 94 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


singing. Not far from Tiny Tim. Can’t get over it.

21:51:15 Neko Case = the genuine article. She should just tour w/ Kelly Hogan backing vox & Paul Rigby

on gtr & let that goddess voice shine.

22:19:11 Put on Adult Swim RIGHT NOW and watch THE ROOM. Worst movie ever made.

22:24:40 Adult Swim airing Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” = BEST APRIL FOOL’s EVER.

22:25:19 @oh_steph different strokes! πŸ˜‰

22:32:23 @atom23 it’s just too good to be true. i was just talking about campaigning to get our local

theater @drafthouse to do a midnight screening!


March 23, 2009

Drinking tallboys, making blackout poems, and watching CAN’T HARDLY WAIT — the best teenΒ movie ever made. “It’s a celebration, b****!”

April 1, 2009

Wednesday, 1st of April.

07:57:54 State law should require this phrase at the top of every financial aid website: “The key to eternal

happiness is low overhead and no debt.”

09:26:53 April is National Newspaper Blackout Poetry month! (Please Retweet!)

11:58:39 Make that INTERnational Newspaper Blackout Poetry month:

14:27:38 @wpwend42 that seems like FOREVER ago! you were one of the firsts πŸ˜€

14:32:19 @wpwend42 it’s insane to think about where I was two years ago — living in cleveland, working

in a public library…NUTS

15:20:26 @wpwend42 Newspaper Blackout Poems: Scaring grad students since 2007! (I really like that

“On this date…” thing on your blog–good idea)

15:37:53 We are dangerously close to breaking 1000 fans of Newspaper Blackout Poems on Facebook.


15:43:43 @bonitasarita YES! A sign from the gods!

16:27:55 R Crumb on his Genesis Project, 2005, said hed “tell it straight.” Guardian in

2009: “scandalous satire”

16:29:40 I was actually more interested in a straight telling of Genesis by Robert Crumb than a satirical


21:10:28 Crummy doodles done during the Neko Case show last night –>

Thursday, 2nd of April.

08:13:28 Day 2 of International Newspaper Blackout Poetry Month:

08:28:09 Oberlin College breaks $50,000-a-year tuition (via @olevia) Ridonkulous.

08:43:45 @roblifford i actually love the town — I used to drive there to see good writers when they’d come

in — but $200,000 for undergrad!

08:54:58 “Suddenly, poetry is BOSS again.” – @carlos_rucker on blackout poems. Rock on, Carlos!

08:57:02 @maureenmcq more people should mix disco beats and steel guitar

09:28:35 “Are you ready to be that person you were that day after 9/11?” “READY!” [and I spat beer

across room]

10:38:31 Thumbnails on sidebars = fail. Totally missed the great video in this Wes Anderson piece.


11:27:08 @mlarson thanks dude — i almost didn’t post that one, but @megzo liked it. i’m clueless about

my own work…

11:27:52 @mlarson Every artist needs an editor, etc. @megzo basically edited the book, btw

13:57:18 Like figuring out how movies work? My friend Flynn is working his way through the 100

Greatest American Screenplays:

15:04:13 @gunner64 @anorwood Stanford iPhone developer course available free via iTunes U –

page 96 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


15:29:41 @kdelap it’s kind of like “my cousin vinny”

15:47:23 Stoked for this new pizza joint on 51st & airport, House Pizzeria: Hope it’s good.

Give us the report tomorrow, @anorwood!

16:07:52 @productjustin awesome! I haven’t been to Stallion. always looking for good bbq near the

house. thanks!

16:20:07 “Modern art = I could do that + yeah, but you didn’t” (via @repeatnone)

Friday, 3rd of April.

07:56:13 RT @DJBVentures: I Killed My Sharpie Today! “let’s do something useful with

this bleak outlook. LET’S MAKE ART!” ROCK ON!

08:43:58 “Rock n roll is all about ‘Tutti Frutti!’ and ‘Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow'” – Frank Black on lyrics

08:49:28 @davegray would he ban tylenol, too? (alcohol / religion = pain-relief)

08:50:44 @felise don’t give up! it took me dozens and dozens before I got my first decent one. all about

the joy of DOING them! πŸ˜€

08:53:14 Dear Stork: please bring peace to my marriage & abandon a 2-year-old, house-trained

dachshund to my front step for @megzo. Thanks, Austin

08:59:29 A good blackout poem for Friday night:

09:16:02 @maureenmcq aww Shelly! πŸ˜€

09:35:46 Cool Nightline feature on DIY and Makers featuring a Thingamagoop from @bleeplabs –> (via @anorwood)

12:18:39 RT @wpwend42: I added the Newspaper Blackout Poems widget to my sidebar for the month. ROCK ON!

13:54:31 Listening to the Pixies’ PURPLE TAPE. Pretty amazing how fully formed their sound was that


15:41:36 @ElaineLiner aww, thanks! i thought they did a really good job. looking forward to them posting

it on youtube so i can share it!

16:13:18 I find it fascinating that the Victorians were so into scrapbooking. Dig this treasure from the

Ransom Center:

17:49:14 @ivarley dude! I didn’t even know we had a CSA yet … awesome!

19:06:08 Friday Night Lights has bumped 30 Rock from it’s #1 spot on my best shows on tv list.

Consistently great every week. #fnl

21:02:45 Don’t hate cable companies enough? This should do the trick (and make you envy Japan) –> (via @NathanBowers)

21:05:19 @viswoman awesome! sorry I missed that: I’ve had _The Gay Place_ on my nightstand for a

while — it’s a thick read…

21:12:06 Great article on Nadine Eckhardt, former wife of Billy Lee Bramer, author of Austin political novel


21:37:33 Little test video of me cartooning @megzo, shot with my new Aiptek HD cc:

@senorleroy @bonitasarita

21:51:58 @marshariti thanks!!

page 97 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Saturday, 4th of April.

01:26:44 Lesson of the night/early morning: never give up. Even Radiohead used to suck:

08:49:55 @senorleroy just got it off amazon — although USPS lost the first one (or someone stole it) so

they reshipped UPS

08:51:11 @thenewmckechnie it’s VERY possible. I wrote probably half my book on the #5, the EC, and

the 40 acres

11:00:04 Watching the LOUD QUIET LOUD Pixies documentary and ironing shirts. Domestic Saturday.

12:03:01 “Remember thinking you were either crazy or a conspiracy theorist.” – @thenewmckechnie on

seeing me make blackout poems on the bus

12:09:14 RT @gorillavsbear TX > anywhere else right now (see new white denim, neon indian, st.

vincent, fergus & geronimo, pvc street gang, etc.)

12:23:43 @senorleroy holy crap that’s a huge drive

12:31:46 Jealous of everybody who has the new White Denim album, Fits. DM a brotha…

12:39:06 Jenny Holzer’s Redaction Paintings @whitneymuseum: Book:

(Thanks, @TraciParis !)

13:51:41 Watch Jenny Holzer make giant screenprints from redacted govt documents:

Ripping this off for blackout prints.

13:53:41 @madinkbeard i had no idea who she was, and then my wife was like, “Oh yeah, I wrote a

paper on her in college.”

14:02:07 Much better video link for the Jenny Holzer “Redaction Painting” screenprints (from Hulu) –>

15:22:33 In the garage, dreaming of my print station…

18:57:32 Holy crap: Never seen so many spinners @ MLK & Airport. And the

Sonic wouldn’t serve us ice cream!

19:09:10 After doing a twitter search for “relays” I realize how tame my twitter feed is…

19:10:15 @anorwood dude, it was craaazy

19:35:00 – God bless real-time Twitter search. My favorite Texas Relays

juxtapositions –>

Sunday, 5th of April.

10:46:09 I hate weddings. I hate rich people. I hated Rachel Getting Married.

11:15:06 Do I ever say no when @megzo demands fish and chips from Dog and Duck? Momma didn’t

raise no fool.

13:22:29 “If this ain’t nice i don’t know what is”

16:08:22 @chrisferan they probably don’t call you back b/c they think your British spelling is a typo

17:07:19 The New Procrastination: ironing shirts & watching stuff on youtube like this clip via


17:21:03 Good lord, imovie ’08 is almost unusable — where the hell is the timeline view? Events? What

the hell are events? Ugh.

17:58:07 Screw you Apple for making Imovie 08 a total piece of garbage and for not including Quicktime

Pro for free in your OS. BAH!

page 98 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


18:18:28 Awesome hack for speeding up movie clips in Quicktime Pro:

23:10:30 T-I-R-E-D spells it!

Monday, 6th of April.

07:52:35 The making of a blackout poem in 224 frames:

11:22:59 You must listen to THE MONKS: a mid-60s garage-punk band of American GIs stationed in

Germany : (via @gorillavsbear)

12:38:08 “The year is 1965. Your mind has officially been blown.” – @douglaswolk on The Monks:

12:38:50 @happy_stomach no! that’s awesome

12:39:52 @keaggy the nuggets collection is pretty much my favorite thing ever, so this “discovery” is just

pure gold to me

16:09:58 @megzo i’m amazed that they are still afloat.

18:50:31 The supreme suckage of imovie 08 has reduced me to editing video on my 5 year old

Powerbook with imovie 3.0. Good grief.

20:54:48 @tvtompd that’s actually a good idea! I SHOULD put it in the book!

21:40:48 “How We Kept Busy” (Newspaper Blackout Poem) Fun time-lapse video


Tuesday, 7th of April.

08:26:05 Spent 8 hours on this time-lapse video, nothing to show for it. I hate you, Quicktime. I hate you,

imovie. Final Cut Express, here I come.

09:06:35 @senorleroy good to hear. they have it at campus computer for $179

09:07:13 @senorleroy whoa, better yet: $153 on amazon

09:20:05 Here’s a crummy rough draft of the video I’ve been angsting over on Flickr:

09:33:25 I LOVE John Krygier’s DIY Cartography blog:

09:58:45 Check out these little wordless comics by @burningfp

11:50:16 @mattthomas @johnmjones Once Upon A Time In The West is about the only opera worth

listening to, imho πŸ˜‰

11:57:07 “I’m just doing karate and trying to get females pregnant.” (via


12:45:55 @leeleslie he’s like shatner — you never really know what’s real and what’s a performance…

12:52:41 @gorillavsbear I should get the Radiohead EPs b/c 1) I know who Stanley Donwood is 2) I

actually own a turntable 3) I live in TX: cheap mail

12:58:06 @mwsmith13 you got on twitter just so you could win Radiohead EPs, didn’t you?

13:21:05 @marshariti daily stuff gets exhausting after a while (for you, not the viewer…) — what about a

weekly post with several drawings?

15:45:23 @marshariti i’d go for weekly, then!

15:48:10 Anybody have an Ipod Touch microphone they recommend?

16:00:48 Since they served me a gallon of free whiskey during SXSW, I’m forgoing the usual cheapo

page 99 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


SuperCut & checking out @birdsbarbershop on 6th.

19:45:51 Good haircut @birdsbarbershop on 6th from Mark. Drank a free can o’ Lonestar. Only one other

customer: they said biz had been slow.

20:00:19 Little doodle I did for @megzo’s sewing room

Sewing Doodle

21:54:39 Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions doing, “Fool For You.” Dig it:

21:56:24 Posting a blackout poem a day is more grueling than I thought. But I’m sticking to it! Goodnight!

Wednesday, 8th of April.

07:55:26 @emilyadavis it’s actually a little ukulele four-track recording i made a couple years ago.

seemed to fit!

09:52:55 Notice that Joanna Newsom DOESN’T SING in that Victoria’s Secret commercial. Smart move.

Boobs + harp FTW.

10:26:37 @gerrycanavan this wes anderson series is much more valuable for the visual juxtapositions

than the commentary

10:57:54 “Who wants to go get whipped? And if you do want to go get whipped arent you really being

entertained?” #bestinterviewever

11:57:59 Why should I be interested in you if I can’t tell who you are & what you do w/in seconds? Write a

straight-up, visible bio.

13:07:14 @davegray i’d be willing to wager that when it comes to online bios, more words probably

means LESS complexity. “Social media enthusiast!”

13:14:50 Kurt Cobain died 15 years ago today. I was in the sixth grade and listening to Phil Collins.

13:23:56 Told a woman @ lunch she was the only other person I’d ever seen w/ this book: Turns out she was a designer from Marfa.

13:48:14 @ivarley do you think emmett would like a playmate? b/c @megzo is now in full doxie search


13:49:45 @papertrail excited about the ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE reissue: my favorite beck record —

30 unheard songs!

14:01:51 @mattforsythe that’s awesome. billy bob just doesn’t give a f***

14:29:12 RUMOR: @marcjohns is gonna do a blog post about how he hand-makes his notebooks. Bug

him about it until he does so. #fuckmoleskinestour2009

15:23:54 ATX: the Austin Book Workers are having a zine workshop @Domy_Books Thursday, April 9th

@ 6:30pm

20:28:43 Time-lapse video of me making a newspaper blackout poem!

22:49:18 Sweet night: @ivarley and @uberjam took @megzo and me to Nomad. Who knew we had a

neighborhood bar?

Thursday, 9th of April.

07:51:38 Just in case you missed it, here’s a time-lapse video of me making of a newspaper blackout

page 100 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


poem β˜›

12:28:18 Free/legal mp3 download of the great new Dirty Projectors single “stillness is the move” (via


14:38:34 The Dirty Projectors songs on David Byrne’s radio show are SO GOOD I can’t

wait for this album.

15:01:23 @bonitasarita i did the same thing! too much good stuff on emusic. Did you see all of Al Green’s

best records are on there now?

15:32:36 Harry Potter 6 looks SWEET (via @rejects)

15:46:43 “Get the right verb, and do it right, and the rest will follow.” <– Margaret ROBERTSON on game

design (via @offworld)

17:05:20 Hanging out at the Ransom Center: one Austin’s great treasures.

22:03:25 @gorillavsbear goddamn this D.P. album is sweet

22:07:48 Man, b/w the Monks reissue, new MF Doom, and the Bill Callahan and Dirty Projectors leak my

ipod is a happy camper.

Friday, 10th of April.

07:50:41 Coupla new blackout poems, including a Friday Night Lights-themed poem in anticipation of

tonight! #fnl

11:48:37 Spike Jones adapts “Everyone Poops” -> (via @keaggy)

11:55:26 RT @hotdogsladies: Writing may be the craft of removing everything except the things you’d

never intended to say.

12:02:25 @NathanBowers that is an almost impossible choice. can’t believe I’m typing this, but I’d go with

Back To The Future

13:13:10 I want a PC tower that just SMOKES for $1000. For Photoshop, lite video editing, and maybe

gaming. Dell XPS? Build my own?

13:29:27 @asimone yeah, and I like to tinker, anyways. gonna RAM out my mac mini for lite surfing /

image editing and then build a BEAST

13:32:43 @mwsmith13 i might take you up on that at some point!

13:46:52 @NathanBowers MUCH harder. just had a conversation last week with a buddy in film about

how genius the BTTF screenplay is

13:48:05 @magdaZINE thought I wanted to be a neuroscientist until my buddy explained it’s mostly

picking at rat brains. so cartoonist will have to do

13:48:30 @magdaZINE i like reaping the benefits of the research without doing the lab work πŸ˜€

13:54:04 @magdaZINE exactly! you haven’t lived until you’ve killed a rat with a baseball bat

14:06:56 “[He was imprisoned] at the age of 11 for destroying the town gate with a homemade cannon” (via @gacorley)

15:37:17 Dude asked me, “Nice how, what about why?” My reply: “Artists with a ‘why’ are full of BS.”

Why do I make stuff? Why WOULDN’T I make stuff?

22:17:29 “Come away with me.” “And live on what?” “Eh, nevermind.”

Saturday, 11th of April.

page 101 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:44:27 @Armano fact: EVERYTHING (esp. the Midwest -> Texas transition) goes down smoother w/ a

pitcher of margaritas. Good luck with the move!

13:02:55 “I grew up as pretty much a music historian.” “Are you sayin’ there’s something

wrong with my gear?”

18:30:40 Weather in Austin sucks today, and I’m feeling under it.

18:45:58 Love the work of JoΓ«lle Jolivet:

19:13:14 Clicking through @keaggy’s “100 pieces of paper and the stories behind them.”

19:15:55 Quite possibly the best line in THE SOUND OF MUSIC: “Only grown-up men are scared of


Sunday, 12th of April.

08:44:13 @blinkswift tell yr friend to try polvo’s on south first

08:56:52 Oh, @megzo is gonna love this: (via @douglaswolk)

13:41:08 RT @megzo: “No wonder you get so many hits! You go to your own site all the time!” – my

mother-in-law to @austinkleon

14:44:10 Greek to me!

19:24:23 ClichΓ© or not, nothing cooler than watching the bats fly off the Congress bridge on a gloriously

warm & clear Austin night.

19:43:48 @MyLifeInaCube somebody beat us to it πŸ˜‰

19:44:30 Blackout tshirt: (via


21:37:33 Posting a blackout poem a day is a gigantic pain-in-the-ass. And I’m not even half-way through!


Monday, 13th of April.

09:30:29 Out of Office AutoReply: {{{ DEATH RATTLE }}}

Tuesday, 14th of April.

08:05:30 @LPT that was a really sweet post you wrote yesterday. i appreciate it!! πŸ˜€

11:01:58 Out of Office AutoReply, Day Two: sleeping off the plague

18:49:55 All the GONE WITH THE WIND trivia you’ll ever need to know:


20:43:47 “Nothing like that in Ohio.” – carpetbagger re: Scarlett O’Hara

Wednesday, 15th of April.

08:14:28 Back from the dead. Here’s one of my favorite new blackout poems:

08:26:41 ATX’s Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears were Paste’s Band of the Week! cc:

@ivarley & @uberjam

09:22:08 Baffled by adults who say, “I miss writing, drawing, etc.” You have a lunch break, yes? Get

page 102 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


writing. Get drawing. Get making.

09:55:49 @bonitasarita happy birthday! is your birthday lunch at Lucky’s? (looks SO GOOD)

10:02:23 @gorillavsbear oh my lord I’d love MBV tixx to the Austin show

10:31:14 @megzo @doNNNald I think it might be time for an online “Date Don” application…

10:41:37 @freckled get to it!! πŸ˜€

10:59:47 Gone With The Wind ephemera from its Atlanta premiere! courtesy @mlarson

12:28:09 @remixmanifesto dig:

13:10:42 @remixmanifesto my pleasure πŸ˜€

15:18:32 “[The illustration] lets you take in the entire scope with a single image.” – @erickohn on what I’m

going for

15:22:51 @gapingvoid love Unger’s quote, “I get paid to be me.”

15:29:55 @heathr have you read her autobiography? it’s my wife’s favorite book

16:09:22 What’s the most relaxing vacation you ever went on? @megzo and I need one…

16:26:28 @glass dude, do the Deals come to your studio to screenprint? b/c that is badass OHIO FTW!!!

19:04:44 @heathr that’s about her & her 2nd husband. You want this one: AGATHA


20:12:40 @heathr keep an eye out at used bookstores…we’ve found a couple that way (searching for the

1st edition)

Thursday, 16th of April.

07:45:59 @johntunger @davidburn thanks, y’all!

08:05:16 Mos Def on my favorite rapper, MF Doom: (via @Scot_Richardson)

08:16:42 Bring it, Thursday…BRING IT!

08:45:41 @glass awesome, man. good for you! i have two siblings-in-law still at miami, so maybe i too

can walk the hallowed grounds sometime πŸ˜€

12:00:26 Counselor asked me, “Got any summer plans?” I said, “Yeah, I plan to study abroad or two.”


12:33:03 1st it was now it’s

(via @michaelSurtees)

12:41:18 That Billy Bob Thornton Texas Monthly Talk I drew is online now. See it & my drawings: (via @klru)

13:38:15 @johntunger been done!

13:44:09 @johntunger tom phillips is the granddaddy (burroughs+gysin great-granddaddys) also the artist

trolls like to shout “rip-off!” about

14:02:28 @gapingvoid didja see this nytimes piece on how Rembrandt kept painting after the Dutch

economy collapsed?

16:58:39 My life in tumblr tags:

19:39:02 Frank’s hat says CONSTANT CRAVING. I want it. #30rock

21:13:48 Bill Callahan Onion A/C Club interview and review (via


page 103 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


21:28:48 @tvtompd i love the youtube comments: “Could you please do one of these about

Youngstown?” yeah, let’s hit the whole Rust Belt.

Friday, 17th of April.

07:49:12 Most TLC & Discovery shows could air on Fox if they were retitled “Blood on the Floor” or

“When Surgery Goes Bad.” – @tvtompd

08:15:25 I really hate writing bios for myself.

08:27:06 RT @thenewmckechnie : “I think it’s healthy for a writer to generally hate referring to themselves

in third person.” (Agreed)

10:08:44 Blessings on the head of @emilyadavis: she said sweet things about my work & made some

blackout poems!

14:40:07 @vikkiprattles hehe yeah — I stole it from saul steinberg πŸ˜€

15:28:49 @Drawers we shall brave the thunderstorms to celebrate!

16:14:17 This post by @maureenmcq sums up the absurdity of adopting a rescue dog.

She is, btw, an example of a REAL writer.

16:25:23 Looks like the weather cleared us a path, so we’re heading down to the Gray Horse Saloon in

San Marcos to celebrate @drawers’ 30th.

22:56:59 Listening to the new Bill Callahan on vinyl on my mom’s 30+ year old Zenith solid state.


Saturday, 18th of April.

00:05:45 Try this: pay cash for a record at the local shop. Drive home, fix a drink. Turn down the lights.

Put down the needle. Magic.

10:26:54 Gonna take my mom out for brunch in Austin. Any suggestions? I was thinking either Old Pecan

St Cafe or South Congress Cafe?

10:36:38 Think I’ll take a tip from @tastytouring and take Mom to South Congress Cafe:

15:35:46 Thanks everybody for the brunch recommends…South Congress Cafe was delicious.

15:38:44 Two of the best writers I know are now on twitter: @maureenmcq and @danchaon. Both with

the Ohio connect. Go buy their books!

15:58:13 review of the LP I bought today: “The Faces never made a worse

record than this one.” Record Store Day FAIL

16:33:30 Boots! His & hers! (Meg got her bday / graduation present early)

20:16:59 Listening to The Faces and drinking whiskey sours with ma

Sunday, 19th of April.

15:42:58 Picked up a Yudu screenprinting machine on sale (30% off) at Joanns for $229. Call before you

go: girls said they’d been selling out…

17:25:22 Apple headphones w/ a mic + Fourtrack from the app store = $40 = portable songwriting studio

for my ipod Touch. Amazing.

19:57:14 Yikes. I’ve got some blackout poems to make…time to unleash the beer / sharpie fume

page 104 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook



20:12:08 @ivarley it’s kind of stupid how awesome it is around here… #mueller

20:29:56 BEHOLD Rod Stewart and The Faces’ cover of “(I know) I’m losing you”

Monday, 20th of April.

08:02:32 Free tip: don’t use “social media” as an excuse to be boring and lame. Fer chrissakes…go make

something awesome!

15:41:09 @ClaraCharlotte thank you! πŸ˜€

15:55:24 Videos of Bon Iver with his former high school jazz band:

16:22:27 Headed off to draw Tom Perrotta at the master class. Hopefully better than last time:

22:04:53 The enemy of good caricature is fear of what your subject might think of the results.

22:41:46 I’m with Ice-T: I ain’t feelin ‘it. (via @Pampelmoose)

22:57:14 Handful of Breeders hand-printed vinyl EPs left: (Just bought

mine…thanks, @glass!)

Tuesday, 21st of April.

00:25:52 My notes from the Tom Perrotta Master Class tonight:

07:41:52 She: “That’s really ambitious of you.” Me: “No, it’s really stupid of me.” Then I thought, maybe

ambition = stupidity?

07:42:46 @papertrail sweet!! i got the “buckeye” edition b/c of the ohio connect:

07:51:19 @papertrail did you watch the video of them printing in @glass’s studio? awesome:

07:59:02 @michaelSurtees man, i LOVE the iphone pics you take wish the Touch had a

camera SO BAD

08:35:03 New blackout poems about 1) married life 2) killing roaches 3) vampires :

10:04:33 Ok, @terraburger, might give you another go for lunch. Did you fix your soggy fries yet?

11:53:03 3 free hours of John Lithgow reading Mark Twain’s unpublished stuff:

(via @maudnewton)

11:57:53 Whoa. Make that FIVE hours of John Lithgow reading Mark TwainΒ΄s unpublished stuff on MP3

for free:

12:04:34 The burgers are tasty, yes, but the best thing about @terraburger might be their placemats:

12:26:14 @papertrail that’s kind of shocking that MBV isn’t sold out. i’d go, if it weren’t for Spoon tonight…

13:21:10 Amazing the results you get when you just ask people a simple question: “What makes you

happy?” (via @leelefever)

14:01:48 Oklahoman posted the winners of the blackout poem contest I judged. The winner was an

80-year-old woman! Awesome.

15:11:48 @thenewmckechnie i REALLY liked that one. it was a toss-up b/w the top two…

15:26:15 @TheOtherLeslie SO exciting that elvis costello is coming!

page 105 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:08:10 @TheOtherLeslie oh i would. I WOULD πŸ˜‰

16:23:15 We once stood in line behind Britt Daniel at the #mueller Chipotle, so going there before the

Spoon show tonight seems fittin’.

19:03:29 Heading down to the Scoot Inn with @megzo and @uberjam to meet @ivarley and see Spoon!

22:03:47 @majorpepper we go to all the same shows and we never hang out — must remedy this!

22:04:42 @ivarley fork, knife, and spoon would be a killer lineup…

22:10:47 RT @majorpepper: the beast and dragon adored #spoon

22:49:42 Spoon live at the Scoot Inn. Austin, Texas. Sharpie on index cards:

22:56:48 @majorpepper yes!! that will be an epic night — hit up AC and then try to get into bonnie

Wednesday, 22nd of April.

09:43:49 @papertrail really wish i would’ve gone to see MBV – Spoon was good, but they kind of phoned

it in

09:51:12 Maureen Dowd on twitter = crap writing: pre-formed opinion, no real inquiry… deserves blackout


11:34:56 “Statistics will always lie.” – fantastic interview w/ David Simon

13:38:37 @dyer9380

13:51:33 “There ain’t no life nowhere.” Jimi Hendrix predicts the internet:

13:59:16 @rohdesign that @jasonsantamaria post says what i was gonna say in my part of the webinar!

“sketchbooks should be sketchy”

14:09:54 @dyer9380 “Yeah. I like money.”

14:22:09 “One Sharpie Dude” Maybe I should switch brands and become “Sir Marks-A-Lot” πŸ˜€

18:30:15 “Don’t lie awake at night worrying about tomorrow–there are much better things to do in bed.”


Thursday, 23rd of April.

06:36:33 Bill Nye: “The moon reflects light from the sun.” People of Waco: ” We believe in God!” RT @Astronautics @TheOtherLeslie

06:47:01 They’re cool, but $30 for a sketchbook? #mole$kine (via @zoewesthof)

07:51:41 Yo: @Annieinaustin pointed out that the Bill Nye thing happened in 2006. Shoulda fact-checked:

I can’t find anything in newspaper database.

09:14:42 Visual note-taking 101: webinar w/ @rohdesign @sunnibrown and @austinkleon 5/12/09 #vizthink

09:39:25 @madinkbeard my part is “But I can’t draw!” I’ll be using Lynda Barry’s “2 questions” + Ed

Emberley + cartooning stuff. send you the notes!

10:01:05 @jaysmet LOL I know! that was the greatest “stuff white people like” ever

10:29:04 RT @megzo: looking for: someplace awesome to stay on the texas coast at the beach for a

weekend. any good tips on hotels?

12:56:33 Great lunch with @megzo, plotting the domination of our two worlds…

page 106 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


12:57:25 The greatest accomplishment of my life up until now has been finding the greatest wife in the


16:12:28 THE ROOM with Tommy Wiseau LIVE AT THE ALAMO! F*** YES!

16:49:16 @elgeeb so many good movies! RAIDERS! AMADEUS! GONE WITH THE WIND! CAPRA!


17:22:22 @elgeeb we should go to City Lights!

17:36:18 “I used to daydream. They said, ‘He’ll grow out of it.’ The only thing I’ve outgrown are my pants.”


20:07:48 Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi gives a TED talk on flow. Love his work: (via


20:36:17 The real WGN clip of Tracy Morgan they showed a second of tonight on #30rock

21:56:09 That Csikszentmihalyi TED talk didn’t do justice to his ideas about flow. Crummy, boring slides.


22:39:01 This map of John Berger’s WAYS OF SEEING is still one of my favorites: Trying

to pick apart why it works for #vizthinku

22:41:47 @davegray would #marksmean be too long?

23:09:01 Nuggets from @cesarmillan’s CESAR’S WAY 1)Dogs pee b/c they dont have phonebooks

2)Oprah “is a model for emulating animals”

Friday, 24th of April.

07:52:58 “I thought it best to talk in pictures.” Mike Rowe’s TED Talk on dirty jobs (incl. castrating a lamb!)

via @mwsmith13

08:20:13 This Flickr slowdown has reminded me that I need to start hosting my images on my website


08:45:01 @roblifford Maira Kalman is amazing — anything she posts is worth linking to!

09:49:19 On drawing maps on Edward Tufte’s graph paper instead of in a sketchbook:

12:57:36 @jessicahagy Sharpie, of course

13:19:37 For #followfriday just have a look at my favorite tweets and follow the folks who made them:

13:51:40 New White Denim MP3: “Mirrored and Reversed” (via

@austin360music & @NME)

13:53:50 @gorillavsbear New White Denim:

15:12:51 @TWalk tip: the cheaper the marker the smellier. Officemax brand? TERRIBLE. you get what

you pay for…

15:44:55 Why the Radio & Music Industry Sucks Nowadays (and Frank Zappa on not-knowing) (via @MFRian)

16:06:23 “Money:making from art / is a speculative school of economics”

Saturday, 25th of April.

08:30:19 Give another listen to “Hey Jude” – you can hear Paul McCartney swear at 2:56

page 107 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook

25-April-2009 (via @clinicvoot)

09:06:59 @glass the perfect caption:

10:18:00 Headed to Buda to see some weiner dogs.

13:50:43 SATURDAY = drinkin’ a Coors and enjoying my $1.99 Popeye’s chicken and biscuit combo.

14:03:43 Netflix Watch Instantly added “JCVD”! (thanks, @jettek!)

14:52:32 Couple of doodles from the Buda weiner dog races:

15:00:43 “Get yer ass back to the kid’s table.” Hilarious caption for the comix “big-boys”: via @patchworkearth

18:59:36 “To copy comic strips, stretched prone upon the musty carpet…what bliss!” – John Updike

Sunday, 26th of April.

08:09:22 Going to go meet some Doxies…

15:12:20 We just adopted the chillest dog on the planet. His name is Milo. We’re hanging on the couch

watching Napoleon Dynamite.

15:21:20 Dog is passed out on my lap. Worried I’ll wake him if I get up to post pics! I’ll make @megzo do


15:27:23 @maureenmcq yes!!! He’s a 20 pound standard piebald doxie. I’m getting @megzo to post a pic

15:41:42 Some photos of Milo! (via @megzo)

15:53:21 @ivarley this dog acts like he’s on heroin…think he’s just tuckered out…

15:54:16 @gorillavsbear thanks, man!

16:03:12 Thanks everybody for the good words about Milo! I’ll post video later, promise.

18:47:23 Milo the Dog: chillin’ like a villain.

19:50:47 Watch this video until the end, when an 80-year-old grandmother of 33 (!) reads her blackout

poem! (RT!)

21:00:24 Worried about Milo. won’t bizness outside & just wants to sleep. Hope it’s just first-day

jitters/exhaustion. He was SO GOOD on his walk…

Monday, 27th of April.

07:55:29 How I’m preventing suicide: turning NPR off & leaving it off. Bird flu! Tornadoes! The economy!

A dog that won’t eat or pee in the yard!

09:06:34 The Dog is reminding me what a verbal being I am. I express myself with words. It’s my love

language, man!

09:54:55 Look where everyone else is going, and go the other way.

10:09:36 @ursonate LOL exactly like that

10:22:07 With @thebookslut: my #lastmeal would be fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy + slice of

cherry pie & a glass o milk

10:23:05 @stormsy nope i’m with you. Love the news recently: “An ugly woman can sing! A handsome

man can murder someone! The world is crazy!”

11:20:26 @elgeeb that’s rad: the HRC is my favorite spot on campus. meet someone there, you know

page 108 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


they’re good people πŸ˜‰

13:02:13 Don’t miss the visual note-taking workshop with @sunnibrown, @rohdesign and me,

@austinkleon, May 12: RT @dav …

13:07:58 OH BE STILL MY CARTOONIST HEART: Dan Zettwoch does Ed Emberley RT

@loosetooth & @makeaworldfilm

13:26:32 @askforgiveness that’s the best piece of advice you could give to a student: treat it like a 9-5,

do whatever you want the rest of the time

14:23:34 I think I’m going to make “Stillness is the Move” Milo’s theme song. It’s certainly his motto…

14:42:17 Big thanks to @anorwood who reminded me of Milo Minderbinder of Catch-22. Our dog’s name

now has literary cred

16:03:06 $44 to see Crumb & Spiegelman on UT Campus? No thanks. Saw Spiegelman

for free at Bookpeople last yr:

16:04:28 I’ll bet both Spiegelman & Crumb are making 5 figures for that appearance.

16:11:20 DAILY BLASPHEMY: I could give a crap about comics as a scene. I’m interested in the medium

as a container for my ideas. Nothing more.

16:13:25 Same goes for poetry, btw.

16:15:56 @pws thanks for the good words, man!

16:18:00 @johntunger *unique* knowledge worth knowing = probably not learned in school πŸ˜‰

16:23:27 Lynda Barry: “The containers are different, but the lively thing in the center is what I’m interested


18:52:12 “out of the house / emerges the date / one hand on her hip / her pose hot and bored…”

20:33:17 Think publishing a book will make you rich? Think again: (via @heathr)

21:38:16 @anorwood nice!!

Tuesday, 28th of April.

08:08:19 Deerhunter = Perfect (riding-the-bus-on-a-rainy-day) music. Then a fat man in a

dress w/ a shaved head waved to me…

08:30:44 OH: There’s always a lawyer pissing on a party somewhere. AGREED.

08:33:17 @terrilynnh i did! didn’t want to be rude…

11:08:37 Lewis Hyde’s website: LOVED “The Gift”, reading “Trickster Makes

This World” now. Thanks, @makeaworldfilm

11:18:20 You can buy @maureenmcq’s book for $1 here: You’d be a *moron* not to. (via


12:39:05 @senorleroy i had a tremendous ribeye there one time…

14:45:26 RT @tracymueller: Who’s up for a UT tweetup after the semester is over? @tuckerma,

@anorwood, @Nyleva, @austinkleon are in.

14:47:53 If Verizon starts offering the Iphone, I will buy one.

14:54:33 Excited that I have the last 3 April blackout poems finished so I can relax and…oh wait, the final

art for my book was due yesterday.

15:36:24 @ivarley my AT&T service sucks so bad at #mueller — I have to stand near a window in the

page 109 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


house…or go outside

16:23:32 @ivarley first step: don’t shave beard πŸ˜‰

Wednesday, 29th of April.

05:58:22 β€œI prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.” – Le Corbusier (via


08:16:47 How to train your puppy with mockery and verbal humiliation:

08:35:31 “The way artists market themselves is by having a great story, by having a ‘Myth’.” –

@gapingvoid (via @zoewesthof)

08:43:41 @qrter doesn’t matter whether you agree with it or like it πŸ˜‰

08:46:03 @qrter it works

08:50:52 @qrter everything in moderation — i little myth goes a long way.

08:59:02 @qrter all people want is a good story. every interview i do, first question: “How/why did you do

this?” Translation: “Tell us the story.”

09:02:19 DIY: “Hermes doesn’t simply acquire fire, he invents & spreads a method for making fire” –

Lewis Hyde

12:19:01 I love it when Steve Brodner draws on the Nytimes:

13:12:58 If you haven’t seen @tannerherriott’s video of the Oklahoman’s blackout poetry contest winners,

you’re missing out:

15:03:35 Alias has released a new sketchbook pro 2010 edition. Worth the $100? via

@Michael_Cho cc: @davegray

18:21:50 I’ve met more neighbors walking Milo for the past three days than I have in six months.

18:23:29 @twalk @mlarson @writeontime thanks y’all!

18:54:50 @maureenmcq yep. he’s doing both. so far only one accident in the house first day, and that

was my fault. gotta give him a bath tonight!

18:56:30 Holy smokes! @glass got the Deal Sisters to sign my Breeders’ FATE TO FATAL EP shipping

box. [ SWOON ! ]

Thursday, 30th of April.

07:49:34 30 poems in 30 days: DONE. Phew!

08:32:39 @tomburket it’s a good question — hopefully i’ll get on a once a week schedule with them…gotta

finish the final book art first!

12:13:12 Rewatched @davegray’s “How To Draw” Vizthink ’08 warmup (& @loosetooth’s notes) for what

to steal

12:56:10 @emilsit awesome. thanks, man. there’s something wacky going on with feedburner, i think.

seems to be working now.

13:07:14 “The holy grail is to spend less time making the picture than it takes people to look at it.”

-Banksy (via @FifthGallery)

13:27:42 “It takes so long to draw comics that you end up writing about things that happened maybe 15

years or so before.” -CF Ware

14:56:17 @megzo AH MISS MAH DAWG

page 110 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:18:35 Is there any life-form snobbier than a graphic designer?

16:22:53 @wpettyjohn TRUTH!

17:19:46 DESIGN WON’T SAVE THE WORLD (via @SpinAlley)

17:20:47 @madinkbeard that’s wild!

17:22:54 @jtwilcox ooh that’s a good find!

19:34:30 @sthig congrats, man! Keep it up!


May 1, 2009

Friday, 1st of May.

08:02:34 Every year I’m disappointed by & yet every year I go. Will I

break the cycle tomorrow? Probably not.

08:05:45 Buy the (awesome) album that inspired McCartney to make my least favorite Beatles album (Sgt

Peppers) for $2: #petsounds

08:10:14 @davegray a) I hate 90% of all comics b) I hate standing in line πŸ˜‰

08:12:00 Stupid Free Comic Book day: if you a) hate 90% of comics b) hate standing in line, nothing

could be worse.

08:18:20 Rock on @austinbooks they’re moving the line for Free Comic Book Day outside to a tent to try

to make things run smoother.

08:39:27 Idea: this week use the “favorite” button liberally & link to your favorites on the next #followfriday

09:09:05 “What we respond to in any work of art is the artist’s struggle against his or her limitations.” –

Saul Steinberg

09:45:07 Read Lynda Barry’s “Dogs” strip from One! Hundred! Demons! It perfectly describes our

experience with Milo so far:

09:55:26 @roblifford well, we’ve started letting him sleep in his doggie bed in our bedroom, and giving

him more love than discipline…

09:56:02 @roblifford as for “Milo,” that was just his name when we got him. it fits

11:45:28 @freckled yes, yes, yes on Cruddy. I own pretty much everything that woman has ever done.

12:49:23 @freckled hmmm never thought about it! w/ that book I just soaked up the images & enjoyed the


12:56:07 An artist’s job is to built herself a good antenna so she can get a good signal and tune in to the

right stations.

13:13:16 No idea WTF @layertennis is, but if @glass is involved, I’m down. (via


13:45:10 @kdelap i’m finding this out!

13:47:11 @madinkbeard SY are taping Austin City Limits this season. i might put in a request to the genie

and see if i can draw them!

13:56:47 That HANDBOOK OF PICTORIAL SYMBOLS @glass was flipping thru is one of my prized

reference books. #lyt

14:03:03 @loosetooth a decade! congrats! i found loosetooth in jan ’06 via Peter Durand via Drew

Dernavitch. had no idea people did such things πŸ™‚

14:50:33 Where Did Austin’s Affordable Housing Go? Um, @megzo & I live in affordable

housing. #mueller

15:21:41 Mom, @megzo & I were at the next table eating a Quack’s carrot-cupcake during this interview

w/ @elkmating. Small town:

16:17:24 @megzo A TAIL-WAG! he’s coming out (of his shell)!

page 112 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:23:42 Honord. RT @nancyduarte #followfriday @davegray @bertdecker @presentationzen

@cliffatkinson @armano @oliviamitchell @austinkleon @gapingvoid

16:24:31 I’m always amazed that anybody anywhere knows who the f*** I am or has seen any of my


16:24:57 @megzo VIDEO, WOMAN!

16:27:36 Need to go home & work on my bit for the #vizthink webinar so everybody doesn’t find out I’m a

complete phony.

18:09:33 @wluers so sorry, man. I’ll give Milo an extra pet in honor of your guy

18:20:11 @carolineferan you tell her, sis! πŸ˜‰

20:15:04 Watching THE LADY EVE with @megzo & Milo.

20:33:22 @Gwenda I’ll put it on my list! 1st time watching & loving it…

20:59:06 Read my buddy Flynn’s post on THE LADY EVE

Saturday, 2nd of May.

08:35:22 Gave Milo his first bath. He was good, although NOT A fan of the hair dryer…

12:17:23 RT @johntunger: “The weak keep unfollowing me. Fortunately, so many more of you are brave

and strong.”

12:19:54 Best Free Comic Book Day so far @austinbooks. Got what I wanted plus I bought a guy delisle

book of wordless strips. #FCBD

12:22:42 @chrisferan say hi to hays and the gang for me!

12:40:10 @davegray itsa #fcbd miracle!

12:57:20 Deliberate practice, craft, whatever: it’s true: you gotta put in the hours, but you do so to tap into

the unexplainable.

13:11:19 Bill Callahan on SXSW “I got to see the latest fashions. Lots of feminine new-wave clothing on

the males.” via @fluxistrad

13:14:36 @davegray “Follow You, Follow Me” is a good Genesis song. Not a good twitter philosophy.

14:05:27 I really, really, really, really hate drawing on the computer with a Wacom tablet. Hate it. HATE


14:13:24 @NathanBowers it doesn’t lag, i just hate it. i suppose if i was drawing right on the screen like a

on a cintiq, it’d be okay…

15:16:04 @cliffatkinson which tablet pc do you use??

15:16:24 @anorwood that’s funny i was making the comment b/c I had just d/led sketchbook pro!!!

15:29:28 “In a digital age, don’t lose your digits!” – Lynda Barry

17:31:03 @davegray stuck in Texas! you lucky man…

17:48:20 @cliffatkinson sweet!

18:04:21 Milo has given up eating for sleeping. He somehow can’t fit both in his schedule.

21:38:08 “Cleveland: our main export is depression!”

21:55:30 @magdaZINE must be the weather?

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Sunday, 3rd of May.

09:06:17 David Hockney unveils iPhone artworks (via @frommystudio &


12:32:30 A photo of one of the David Hockney iPhone paintings. (via


12:36:06 @johntunger check out Brushes for an iPhone painting app

12:40:48 You just can’t beat the chicken-fried chicken w/ mashed potatoes & gravy at Hoovers.

13:55:18 @gapingvoid same here, hugh. Following yr work & what yr doing is a big inspiration. TEXAS


14:06:56 If you can visualize something it can come true. I did this two years ago:

14:41:14 Reading @megzo’s master’s thesis for the first time.. It’s some heavy shit. And GOOD. My

wife’s got SKILLZ

15:08:40 @tracymueller moved here Aug 1st, 2007. Made that collage April 2007

16:47:16 Looking doesn’t equal seeing. No one ever says, “Do you look what I’m saying?”

18:00:36 @tracymueller yeah, made it after we made the decision to move

18:12:13 Thanks to @elgeeb, I’m now addicted to Topo Chico aka CRACK WATER

19:38:26 RT @papertrail: “hell yes drink that Topo Chico with a lime and you’ve got a temporary beer

substitute. only temporary, mind you.”

19:40:16 @TWalk sunset over the lake park walking milo was splendid. We’re lucky men…

20:52:06 Poetry is “crucially an oral form.” Eh, what the hell does a poet laureate know? (via @Reckon)

21:25:29 @diydanna I’ve had a ton of people tell me, “I don’t read poetry, but I like your poems.” I credit

the fact that they’re visual.

21:26:47 RT @anvilcity: “I’m following both Fyodor Dostoyevsky and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, and

neither is following me back. F***ers.”

21:29:45 @cliffatkinson howsabout #viznote? cc: @davegray @rohdesign @sunnibrown

21:54:43 @johntunger I guess I’d be okay with reading them aloud, as long as people can SEE them, too

22:02:08 All my favorite poets play guitar or turntables.

22:05:10 @johntunger that would be cool. with someone else’s voice.

22:12:45 @johntunger deal!

22:20:59 @ivarley “this is just like television, only you can see much further”

22:24:28 Goodnight, all. I shall dream that I’m poet laureate and every English class in America is high on

marker fumes.

Monday, 4th of May.

08:23:04 8 Days til the Visual Note-Taking 101 Webinar w/ @sunnibrown @austinkleon & @rohdesign –

5/12/09. #viznotes

10:21:19 Great @scottmccloud slide on desire as the root of story: From his excellent


11:16:05 @megzo i wondered how long it would take for that to happen πŸ˜‰

page 114 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


11:44:03 Technology: “as ambivalent, as unpredictable, as honorable, & as depraved as are human

agents themselves.” – Aidan Davison

12:46:51 @elgeeb as the poet says, “Goddamn the pusher man!”

12:54:23 @johntunger nice! i can probably just rig my still camera to take time-lapse. but the problem, of

course, is time. i gotta finish my book!

13:43:00 RT @johntunger: “Twitter is the closest thing I’ve found online to actually living in an ‘arts

scene.'” I agree.

13:53:51 If there was any doubt about what a (worthwhile) pain-in-the-ass screenprinting is: (via @anorwood)

14:32:31 Can’t wait for this astronomy exhibit to open next September at the Ransom Center in Austin:

14:39:41 “You cannot fix Dracula by trying to convince him to just party in the sun with you.” – Lynda

Barry on avoiding toxic people

14:52:52 Also: the Ransom Center’s famous Frida Kahlo Self Portrait is on display starting tomorrow!

15:53:52 @wpwend42 congrats, dude!

16:24:50 Making a DVD of the final art files for my book tonight to send to the designers. Will be weird to

read it again after a few months…

18:53:00 @ivarley JEALOUS

19:06:07 Some pictures of Milo:

21:20:48 Wilco has sucked big time since Jay Bennett left, so who better to sue them than Jay Bennett?

21:41:50 @ivarley I would think such a night would call for raspberry poptarts and a glass of milk!

21:49:22 @chrisferan if you want some inspiration, look up Vonnegut’s commencement speeches and

David Foster Wallace’s Kenyon speech

21:52:12 @chrisferan “We are here on Earth to fart around.” – Kurt Vonnegut

21:52:49 @chrisferan “you must unlearn what you have learned.” – yoda

21:57:17 @davegray you need to teach that iPhone who’s boss

21:59:12 @chrisferan “a dream is like a river / ever-changing as it flows / and a dreamer’s just a vessel /

that must follow where it goes” LOL

21:59:40 @chrisferan they actually sang that at mine!

22:01:36 A snoring dog on one side, snoring wife on the other. The good life in stereo.

Tuesday, 5th of May.

06:36:52 Happy Cinco de Milo!

08:02:00 Gauguin cutting off Van Gogh’s ear with a sword? Badass, and a much better story. via @paulocepek

09:04:38 Roger Ebert is my favorite blogger. This meaty post on facing death and the afterlife shows why:

10:41:02 Sneak preview of the slideshow for my portion of the #vizthink Visual Note-taking webinar: #viznotes

10:52:28 @envizualize yeah, man! hope you’ll come up with good questions, and feel free to send me

page 115 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


anything you’d like covered!

12:19:21 @zefrank check out the site that inspired the blackout poetry project & video!

12:41:39 RT @ursonate: “no. apple do not buy twitter. go make me a tablet.” AMEN

13:01:48 Pre-ordered @gapingvoid’s IGNORE EVERYBODY. I owe him way more than


13:20:10 “The art world…has taken the fun out of looking at art.” via @cynthiafedor

13:48:24 Holy smokes! Through the Wayback Machine I found @conradtaylor’s cool PDF, “But I Can’t


13:59:55 “Why can’t you see that a life in arts and a life of mimicry is the same thing?” – Destroyer

14:45:23 @marcjohns thanks, man! I’m working on it!

15:05:08 Mo Willems: Getting Adults To Draw (with perfect timing via @ursonate)

19:00:55 One of my favorite places in Austin is now on Twitter: @ransomcenter

Wednesday, 6th of May.

08:27:07 Internets, FTW: one of @zefrank’s readers made a greasemonkey script for blacking out online


08:32:23 @roblifford apps I love: Tweetie, Eliss, Wolfenstein3D, Drop7, FourTrack, Pandora, NyTimes,

Brushes, i.TV, Zen Bound, Bloom, Birdhouse

08:37:33 Wouldn’t it be cool if one of your favorite musicians made you mixtapes? Oh wait:

09:38:45 Tony Millionaire drew the cover for the new Elvis Costello album!

10:48:47 I had 4 goals moving to Austin: 1) get a job [x] 2) get a nice place [x] 3) get a dog [x] 4) find/start

a garage band [ ] So close…

11:17:03 DAMMIT. @klru is cutting 20% of its staff and airtime. (via @anorwood)

11:30:18 @daveed70 ROCK!

11:46:31 Goldang, @pooralmanack is a fantastic cartoonist. Ashamed it took me so long to find his work!

13:58:48 @aliveasart ugh! i’m not going near that heat-sink! πŸ™‚

14:01:47 @nicolelv thanks for the link love πŸ˜€

14:28:29 RT @leeleslie: “Doritos and Mountain Dew are the Romeo and Juliet of food. Yes they’re

beautiful together, but ultimately it ends in death.”

14:37:49 @leelefever play video games and eat doritos in my underwear!

14:57:11 @MarcieVargas what a waste of doritos that would be!

15:22:54 Can’t wait for a Royale w/ cheese, a beer, & THE ROOM w/ Tommy Wiseau LIVE! @drafthouse

tonight: Who else is going?

16:20:18 @mattthomas dude, the Alamo is the best. did you read about the Star Trek premeire? (I was an idiot and missed it)

22:03:53 “You can laugh, you can cry, you can be still like Statue of Liberty…just express yourself and

don’t hurt each other!” – Tommy Wiseau

page 116 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


22:10:17 Pic of Tommy Wiseau @drafthouse #theroom (via @jennycarlson)

22:14:17 You gotta check out Tommy Wiseau’s getup at the @drafthouse screening of #theroom (via @jennycarlson)

22:32:01 @jmerriman some woman was filming his q&a…I pray she puts it on YouTube

Thursday, 7th of May.

06:44:26 Indifference is power.

07:51:18 So many great writers out there. So many great drawers out there. Thank God the cartoonist

only has to be *decent* at both…

08:00:53 @papertrail i freaking love that photo of those tapes. did you see the flickr set?

08:14:10 Dan from @wickeddecent totally geeks out on my Tumblelog @ 1:09:56 in this podcast: Made my day.

09:04:12 The complete Tommy WIseau Q&A at the Alamo @drafthouse last night:


09:41:14 @mlarson i’ve often wondered if it was smart to split the blog / tumblelog, but it’s really worked

for me – not sure if it works for others!

09:51:09 “What’s the default shape of our art forms?” @scottmccloud on portrait vs. landscape

09:59:31 @ryancoleman that was a great post!

10:00:55 @ryancoleman @mlarson for me: BLOG = original content / thoughts, TUMBLR = scrapbook,

TWITTER = personal, thoughts, pointing to content

10:02:09 @ryancoleman @mlarson turned off all automated posting — no twitter to facebook or blog

posts straight to twitter. fine-tuned control

11:01:54 RT @austinist: In-Store Alert: Bill Callahan At Waterloo Records Friday

11:26:34 Jim Jarmusch on travel, sense of place, Burroughs’ cut-ups, Oulipo…fantastic interview.

12:55:36 Pet ownership is totally overrated.

13:58:24 RT @elgeeb on pets: “think: long-term satisfaction, with fleeting frustrations. (plus eliminations.)”

14:14:32 @chrisferan have you not seen Back to the Future?

14:26:12 @chrisferan [shakes head] one of the greatest screenplays & best movies ever! huey lewis

sings on the soundtrack and is IN the movie!

14:28:57 @ultra8201 i’d like those black joe tixx!

15:24:25 Tom Gauld drops hint of a new book:

15:39:45 Kate Brooks, director of Career Services for Liberal Arts @ UT uses visual mapping for career


17:43:31 @nyctaper that’s bullshit about beggars, man. Sorry to hear

Friday, 8th of May.

08:13:23 @WickedDecent love hearing that my stuff reaches young people and students!

page 117 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:16:04 Dog knows when I’m having buyer’s remorse: starts acting cute & cuddly & smiles like an idiot.

Heart melts. Stupid Emotions.

08:36:28 @allisonbeadle if only they had free wi-fi — how can we be such a tech capital and not have free

wi-fi in the airport? kills me!

09:05:21 Compiling a bunch of good “But I Can’t Draw!” material for the #viznotes seminar:

09:17:07 @rohdesign notice how @dbbstephen prefaced his sketchnotes w/ “I wanted to do something

like this…but I can’t draw so well…” πŸ˜‰ #viznotes

09:28:20 “if you strip a story down to its bare essentials, you will have very little left.” – Ebert on Jarmusch via @johnmjones

12:26:49 @tastytouring @anorwood picked Koriente for lunch and it was AWESOME. i got the beef

bulgogi per your recommendation πŸ˜‰

12:27:48 @gorillavsbear i got DROPPING THE WRIT off Emusic — fantastic! thanks for the rec, as


12:39:38 Austinites: if you haven’t had lunch at Koriente, you’re missing out.

12:47:29 @tastytouring free miso soup and salad at lunchtime!

12:50:09 @marlaerwin i love the decorating in there!

12:51:10 @roblifford will do, man! today was the whole office crew…

13:34:24 1st Corinthians 13:11 “When I became a man, I put away childish things…and now I’m f***ing


14:05:12 Austin popo squeeze $3,300 out of UT students crossing @ 24th & Guadalupe.

I’d be in jail for assaulting a police officer.

14:11:50 Buy one,get one free @ Freebirds! via

@tastytouring & @MisoHungry

14:21:43 Ohio: the Architecture state? via @designobserver

14:48:22 @royblumenthal same here!

Saturday, 9th of May.

09:04:17 Paying dearly for last night’s transgressions.

11:27:45 Now that’s what I like to see in my mailbox: a New Yorker, no bills, and a Victorias Secret


12:45:07 Father-in-law’s title for his journalism career guide: HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT FOOD


17:19:50 Anatomy of a mind map: more sneak-preview slides from my part of the #vizthink #viznotes


22:37:21 House Pizzeria at 51st & Airport: good, reasonably-priced pizza, draft beer, and a great jukebox.

22:47:48 OH tonight at the Dog and Duck: “There’s mystery in this world and you’re destroying it.”

23:24:46 @mattforsythe congrats on the doug wright!

Sunday, 10th of May.

page 118 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


07:49:07 True story, brought up every Mother’s day: I once had dinner w/ Gloria Steinem. She told me I

was a good son & to say hi to my mom.

07:59:26 @olevia it was in college, i won a lottery. it was me and a bunch of womens studies majors…i

was the only male at the table πŸ™‚

08:18:08 Merle Haggard’s MAMA TRIED for 99 cents! (via @largeheartedboy)

08:19:12 @roblifford you’re coming to the lake park @ Mueller? maybe I’ll bring the dog over!

08:20:25 @largeheartedboy thanks for that horse feathers link — those guys (and gal) are really nice folks

08:45:35 Really surprised you can’t draw in Keynote. Guess I’ll go back to Powerpoint (shiver)…

08:46:19 @elgeeb yes! call us and we’ll hit it with you πŸ˜‰

09:03:48 “I’m a mother lover, you’re a mother lover…” ( #snl D***-in-a-box sequel) via


15:30:59 This presentation I’m working on is stressing me out. Time to go get some Tex-Mex w/

@megzo, @majorpepper and @papertrail.

21:34:21 TOP GUN is on cable. “I want some butts!”

Monday, 11th of May.

08:52:36 Austinites: do you have a dog vet you recommend? We need a vet for our dachshund Milo.


09:21:01 Thanks everyone for the vet recommends! Y’all rock.

09:25:23 How 1984 killed George Orwell:

09:29:32 Check out Graham Roumieu’s Bigfoot tweets: @hellobigfoot (via @Librairie211)

09:45:36 I’ve always said that Green Day has never made a bad album. This could be it:

11:00:26 @Funwithyourfood @rohdesign had an twittersourced earphone post a while back:

11:17:53 St. Vincent literally “drew” her new album’s demo in Garageband. Amazing: via


11:32:23 @johnmjones have you taken any of her classes? i really want to read her new one, too: “When

Writing Met Art” she seems really interesting

11:45:51 Did writing evolve from counting? #mandm cc: @davegray

12:17:48 My game: stealing avant-garde techniques to make art that isn’t avant-garde.

16:15:28 Yo: TOMORROW 11-2 EST: Visual Note-Taking 101 Webinar w/ @rohdesign @sunnibrown &

me. Still spots open: #viznotes

16:26:45 Cartoonist Drew Dernavich’s new project @TheBardReviews : Shakespeare does record


19:52:40 Oooh @davegray gave me his special custom Sketchbook Pro pen settings for the #viznotes


Tuesday, 12th of May.

07:16:08 Today’s #vizthink #viznotes workshop w/ @rohdesign @sunnibrown & @davegray is gonna be

really fun.

page 119 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


07:18:13 I have a call with my editor this morning. She has “feedback” from the sales department.

Sounds evil to me…

08:11:06 Editor’s news was good: talk revolved around sales, the title and how to keep it from getting

ghettoed to the poetry aisle in the bookstore.

08:13:16 RT @deanmeistr “Today both left brain & right brain expect a workout at Visual Note-taking

101” #vizthink GOOD! πŸ™‚

08:14:37 RT @ryancoleman “know you’re talking w/ drawing geeks when someone starts sharing their

secret sauce settings for sketchbook pro” #vizthink

08:41:07 Who will be my 1000th follower? HMMMM????

08:44:05 VizNotes 101 workshop w/me @sunnibrown @davegray and @rohdesign ready to GO! #viznotes #vizthink

09:05:18 1000th follower: @hippiechick75 !!! πŸ˜€

10:06:09 The twitter search for #viznotes is blowing my mind! So cool!

12:10:20 Phew! Who needs a drink and some lunch? Thanks everybody! #viznotes #vizthink

12:48:22 @carlspies – great scribblings! thanks for drawing along! πŸ˜‰

12:57:00 @ckilgore – these are great!

13:00:15 @bergerhofer thanks for the good words, man! hope you got something out of it.

13:07:53 @loosetooth thanks, brandy! we missed you πŸ˜€

13:09:36 RT @akacolleen: “reminder to #viznote folk, you can tag your flickr uploads too. (Hashtags, not

just for Twitter anymore.)” YES!

13:16:21 Dig @sodaly’s notes on my section of the #vizthink #viznotes webinar:

13:22:40 @psychokinetic – love these sketches! #viznotes

13:31:09 @kurtsettles good investment in sketchbook pro : i’d never really used it before today and it

blew my mind #viznotes

13:50:53 #vizthink folks: want to see the little guy who was whining towards the end of the #viznotes


13:52:25 And finally, my Sketchbook Pro notes from the #vizthink #viznotes webinar:

14:14:34 RT @kurtsettles: “From @austinkleon #viznotes “Why are you drawing dinosaurs?” “I’m

learning, fool.” Love it.”

14:16:38 Lots of notes from @jonnygoldstein from today’s #vizthink #viznotes workshop

14:17:52 Sweet. @rohdesign’s sketchnotes of the #vizthink #viznotes webinar:

14:38:30 @RobCourt that is AWESOME

14:38:34 This is f***ing great! RT @RobCourt: “milo’s #sketchnotes #viznotes for vizthinku”

16:26:37 Eyes hurt. Hand aches. Webinar hangover. #viznotes

17:27:48 @davegray “you blockhead!!!”

19:39:21 @maryiverson hiya mary! lynda has a way of bringing people together πŸ˜‰

19:53:46 “I’d keep playing. I don’t think the heavy stuff’s gonna come down for quite a while.” – Carl


20:55:15 Watching WILD COMBINATION: A PORTRAIT OF ARTHUR RUSSELL. Boy walks out of the

cornfields to become an artist. Yep. πŸ˜‰

page 120 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


21:25:18 Smart insight into our different #viznotes styles from @rohdesign: “I love typography while

@austinkleon loves cartoons.”

22:13:51 “I just want to be / wherever you are / hard as I can be / it’s never too hard”

Wednesday, 13th of May.

07:59:51 This bores me. Is anyone up for a game of basketball?

08:35:49 @RichMulholland I like the idea of a “visual key” for notes — especially putting quotes in speech

balloons / slides in boxes.

08:39:30 @RichMulholland what you’re doing is organizing shapes (pictures) and words on the space of

the page

08:39:49 @RichMulholland but as far as “for the rest of us” – drawing is for everybody! you don’t have to

be artistic to draw! hope that came across

08:57:09 @RichMulholland i dig it. i wanted to show these “comics without pictures” by kenneth koch, but

no time:

08:57:55 @SunniBrown can i be your assistant? i could use some beach time

10:00:15 I’m sorry, Wilco just bores me to tears now. Every McCartney needs a Lennon:

10:10:43 Old sketch: inspiration for the “How To Draw Faces” part of the #viznotes webinar:

10:11:56 @elgeeb oooh! I think I might take @megzo to go see it!

10:15:56 Special screening of VISUAL ACOUSTICS at the Blanton this Saturday: via @elgeeb cc: @megzo

10:16:50 @papertrail when I worked in a library we tried to start a 20-30something book club and called


10:19:53 @chuxDLX no worries — i’ll probably post some slides from it soon, so you can get a taste

10:35:45 @papertrail it was doomed from the beginning, as were we LOL

10:40:08 This poem coulda been written about twitter: “my plan…is to keep charts / and complain” #fixreplies

11:00:59 RT @megzo: “I’m a Mac.” “I’m a Meghan.” And I am a demographic.

12:16:21 After seeing the trailer, I couldve cared less about Pixar’s UP until i read Ebert’s blog post:

12:19:14 @loandbehold in Up’s case, it didn’t give away ENOUGH of the movie.

14:37:00 @Armano How to look at art (like an artist) 1. Figure out what’s worth stealing 2. Move on to

the next thing

14:50:55 TONIGHT! LOCKE VS. JACOB! #lost

15:12:27 @antm wow, dude! good luck!

15:39:23 Revelation, yesterday: I really like teaching. Nothing better than sharing your interests with

eager students.

15:40:13 That’s what I love about craft blogs: they teach their readers how to make, & the readers show

loyalty by buying their goods.

15:49:06 @akacolleen i am so thrilled that people got something out of it. i really am.

page 121 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:09:22 “That a man knows he is a fool is the only seed which woman need sew.”

19:45:44 So what’s in the box? The Ark of the Covenant? #lost

19:51:00 @Gwenda fools! bureaucratic fools!

Thursday, 14th of May.

07:59:15 @LPT i’m a mac dude, but i LOVE my Dell 24 inch πŸ˜€

10:00:45 Pretty decent Green Day ranking: Mine would be Dookie, Kerplunk!, American

Idiot, Insomniac, Warning, Nimrod, 39/smooth

10:04:13 Art Garfunkel kept a list of every book he read for 40 years. Crazy: via my pal


10:18:37 @RichMulholland i’d start one, except it’d be really embarrassing: i’m a terribly slow reader

10:31:47 @mwsmith13 you still have that old reading list from when you were in africa?

11:06:17 @makeaworldfilm didn’t know y’all started a blog! very cool!

11:15:34 “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” –

Steve Jobs via @mattthomas

11:16:12 @mwsmith13 i hear ya, dude. i’ve been “reading” the same book for a month now — I’m on the

3rd chapter

11:35:33 @mattthomas 3/4 of those speeches addressed failure directly. DFW’s didn’t — & he’s the one

who hung himself. coincidence?

11:42:07 3 of these commencement speakers address failure directly. #4 hung himself. Coincidence? via @matthomas

11:50:11 @freckled i really love his non-fiction. A SUPPOSEDLY FUN THING & CONSIDER THE

LOBSTER are brilliant

11:51:28 Has anybody ever seen Gabrielle Bell’s slideshow mentioned in this @largeheartedboy post? How’s she do it?

12:01:57 @rebeccapogany holy smokes! i wondered about that!, since 2005 was my grad year, too. i

don’t even think i went to mine.

12:02:22 @rebeccapogany i almost went to Kenyon, btw, but they didn’t give me any money. we would’ve

been classmates!

12:30:57 @mattthomas early success can be a kiss-of-death. (think child actors.) cant dismiss chemical

depression, of course…

12:46:44 @gapingvoid love the term “cubicle grenade.” “an idea is gold only if you name it”

13:17:20 @madinkbeard cool. always on the lookout for folks with visual books who do readings

differently, or with a twist.

13:36:04 @frontmatter re: the DFW speech: trustly ol’ internet archive saves us:

13:41:31 @frontmatter ah! they must’ve taken it down (and my browser cached it) i can e-mail it to you, if

you want!

14:38:35 Classy @littlebrown: take a loved 4,000 word speech by a dead author away from his fans & sell

it for $10

14:42:55 @mwsmith13 “Mistakes were made.”

14:45:36 My book contains all brand-new poems, b/c I refused to use old ones b/c HarperCollins would’ve

page 122 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


wanted them taken down from the site.

14:48:36 If yr online readers MAKE you, you don’t slap them in the face, take down yr work, & repackage

it in hardcover for $24.

14:49:39 @Kilobrittany that’s b/c they weren’t being idiots πŸ˜‰ people will buy books b/c they want to

support you or own yr stuff in book form

15:20:31 Austinites: need a good fork score for tomorrow’s Friday Lunch. Nubian Queen

or Sam’s BBQ

16:09:09 NPR now streaming Dark Night of the Soul, a collaboration between Danger Mouse,

Sparklehorse & @david_lynch: via @omarg

17:40:31 Wow. @fourtrackiphone added a metronome & bouncing to version 2.0. If yr a musician with an

iPhone, you gotta check it out.

19:04:57 @benry great quality for using a headphone mic!

21:59:39 Updated my “Battle of Pictures and Words” slideshow from the #viznotes webinar with a


22:09:19 @SunniBrown you gotta learn how to post clickable links, girlfriend. like this:

22:15:45 RT @megzo “reading @maureenmcq’s truly phenomenal book – mothers & other monsters –

highly recommend! it’s fantastic & absolutely absorbing”

22:36:40 @ivarley good luck on your finals, dude!

Friday, 15th of May.

08:42:38 @chuxDLX that’s really nice, dude. i appreciate it! πŸ™‚

08:58:29 @Art_News Artists arent special. They need family friends healthy diet exercise & sleep. Most

scrimp on these for “Art” #ArtDep

09:05:26 Artists aren’t special. They need family, friends, healthy diet, exercise & sleep. Most (stupidly)

scrimp on these for “Art.”

09:10:33 Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown for $5 via @amazonmp3

09:36:28 @elgeeb happy belated birthday!

09:44:43 “Austin sucks. Don’t move here.” I usually just say, “Oh God, but it’s SO HOT in

the summer…” via @maczter

09:55:39 @majorpepper seriously. I would’ve gone for Futura, personally πŸ˜‰

09:57:54 Congrats to my pal @elgeeb: Her show, THE CASKET OF PASSING FANCY was nom’d for

two Austin Critics Table awards:

10:10:53 Headed off to Nubian Queen Lola’s Soul Food for lunch!

13:09:09 Nubian Queen Lola’s Soul Food was, as Lola would say, “off tha chain.” Me chowing w/


14:42:57 @tastytouring what @anorwood said. i had the pork chop sandwich w/ red beans & rice. the

cajun tea is amazing. off the charts!

15:35:20 If you don’t subscribe to Brian Dettmer’s Flickr, you might miss new book autopsies:

page 123 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Saturday, 16th of May.

08:59:37 Ran with the dog, now I’m cleaning the office, getting my book files ready, and listening to the

new Cass McCombs. Helluva Saturday so far.

17:36:00 At the Blanton Museum to see VISUAL ACOUSTICS ( @elgeeb highly recommended it)

20:45:00 Excited for this Esther Pearl Watson show @Domy_Books June 12

21:33:53 Watching SNL in bed: Will Ferrell & Green Day tonight

21:44:53 @sodaly so glad you enjoyed the webinar! πŸ˜€

21:51:33 My vote for best twitter handle/bio of the evening: @vinceclortho

22:03:52 There’s really no reason to suffer thru #SNL live: let the internet filter out any good parts


22:04:47 RT @roblifford: “Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor

that day, I can tell you.”

22:14:43 If I could chill with anybody in Green Day, I’d chill with Mike Dirnt. Seems like a good dude.

Sunday, 17th of May.

10:04:53 Made a bunch of cuts, additions, & reshuffles to the book. Think this might be the final version.

Really excited…

12:10:53 Having the book pushed back was a blessing in disguise. Gave me this time to make it better.

Wish I could show it to people!

17:16:33 STAR TREK was rad: great casting and a good sense of humor. Bravo, JJ.

21:43:39 Schemed with @drawers today about our swap: I’m making him a website, & he’s going to

screenprint a bunch of blackout poems.

21:49:43 To show my utter indifference towards Facebook, I’ve cut off Twitter updates, and I now only

update my status w/ information about my dog.

21:51:02 @mattforsythe glad to hear SOTM is a good read — I bought it a few months ago, but it’s at the

bottom of my stack — will bump it up!

Monday, 18th of May.

06:50:46 Anybody have a good GP doctor they recommend in Austin?

11:07:51 RT @megzo “came home to find the baby gate down and the dog, looking very pleased with

self, sitting happily in the middle of our bed.”

11:08:19 Thanks everybody for the GP recommendations. I now have enough antibiotics to kill anything

within five feet of me.

11:17:57 “Eh, who knows what it is? We’ll just carpetbomb it with multiple antibiotics.” Doctors:

professional guessers.

11:19:47 @ursonate @marlaerwin @megzo there’s an image. eek! no, the baby gate is just for milo. πŸ™‚

13:53:59 @crcsmnky cars designed to “milk the guilt gene of the smug and foolish” LOL

14:38:54 When pitched, Microsoft president wants less PowerPoint, more Edward Tufte:

14:42:30 @davegray he says, “you send me the materials, I read them in advance” that’s what ET


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14:46:25 Whenever I heard some old fart complain that they “don’t get” Twitter, I drown them out with this


14:47:32 @davegray no, but I’m not the president of Microsoft!! if I were, people would OBEY me!

14:49:09 @davegray most people, if they sent meeting materials in advance, nobody’d show up, b/c

they’d know they were in for BS! πŸ˜‰

16:56:35 Draw to remember your weekend: via @FOGLIFTER

17:07:04 Chris Rock: “How NOT to get your ass kicked by the police” – (via @maczter)

18:20:31 RT @TheBardReviews: Shakespeare’s take on Green Day’s “21st Century Breakdown.”

20:16:12 Reading a great NYer profile of the neurologist VS Ramachandran (May 11 issue) thanks to @jkottke

Tuesday, 19th of May.

07:53:48 Mind Mapping for Graphic Design – nice little intro: #viznotes

08:33:58 Pop culture ruined my name: (data courtesty @Wolfram_Alpha)

09:00:13 One of our #viznotes webinar participants was inspired to start a blog on #vizthink-ing &


09:06:12 @papertrail HANG THE DJ!

09:36:29 “You only a poet if you call yrself that, & poet is a four-letter word for *not a mogul*” #achewood

09:52:26 @postsecret i’m thrilled to learn I’m not the only one who works like this when making a book:

11:56:41 @JetPens big bold gel pens are great for cartooning b/c the thick lines force you to simplify yr

drawing. My fave is the pilot G2 bold 1mm

14:19:08 @marywachsmann ENTP πŸ™‚ it’s spooky how accurate MBTI can be…

15:35:12 Can’t Hardly Wait, my fav teen flick, @drafthouse tonight: Going w/ @megzo,

@egleeb & a dude w/o an @ handle πŸ˜‰

15:45:36 A casualty of this weekend’s editing of #newspaperblackout :

15:47:33 My wife @megzo won the UT School of Architecture’s Outstanding Graduate Research

Assistant award! Proud husband.

16:19:11 @mwsmith13 @ajohnb RT @largeheartedboy New Wrens demos at MySpace

17:03:33 @mwsmith13 that is a good day, my friend

18:24:33 Can’t Hardly Wait @drafthouse!!! YO CORRINE, BABY WASSUP???

18:54:04 @WickedDecent oh man, this is gonna be beautiful

19:05:55 Single dudes in Austin: want to meet chicks? Go to Girlie Night at the Alamo @drafthouse. Can’t


22:49:23 @ckilgore nah, I can’t afford it

Wednesday, 20th of May.

08:04:19 Dog pissed on the floor, my headphones went thru the wash, doctor’s appt made me late, forgot

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my coffee in the car…but it’s hump day.

08:14:11 RT @deanmeistr: __β€”Β―Β―β€”__ <– #humpday

10:41:27 Yo web folks: my friend @majorpepper has a design for her new website, now she needs

somebody to code it for her. DM her for deets.

10:46:42 Walker Texas Ranger + keyboard cat = PURE GOLD HT @elgeeb

11:30:08 When folks ask why you don’t just do (A) instead of (B), the answer is often, “fear.”

13:17:18 @JetPens far out! thanks! what e-mail address should i forward my address to?

13:20:32 Day gets better: RT @JetPens: @austinkleon is the winner of the Sarasa Stick 1.0.

15:09:37 Death Row Records is now on Which means you can now download


16:28:35 @SunniBrown holy crap! that’s all class

18:36:06 And I thought I was suicidal BEFORE turning on American Idol…

18:40:08 Sometimes I dont know whether to kill myself or go bowling. Nice thing about killing yrself is u

don’t have to rent shoes!

19:03:54 OK, enough moping: time to crank some Black Sabbath, drink a Coors, & try to finish this

g-dang book.

19:27:12 @chuxDLX thanks dude! helps me keep working on it

21:07:42 Chez Kleon is obsessed with the PBS American Experience Presidents series. Tonight: Nixon!

21:30:42 If you aren’t following @mlarson’s tumblr, you’re missing out:

21:36:50 “Many of us work in jobs with no discernible products or measurable results….What are you

actually making?” via @mlarson

Thursday, 21st of May.

06:36:36 @michaelSurtees I’d read that post..,

08:16:19 Re-listening to the #vizthink #viznotes webinar & cringing at the sound of my own voice.

08:19:11 “I am the greatest director in the world.” – Lars von Kanye at cannes

13:21:42 “The next issue of McSweeney’s will be a newspaper” Get yer Sharpies ready. #newspaperblackout

14:28:48 @bookgrl congrats! it was the best thing i ever did…

15:18:38 Texans: there’s a Sales Tax Holiday on Energy Star rated products this weekend:

16:03:06 Wife’s b-day is next week. Screwed up & already got her boots & a dog. Now my mind is blank.

Suggestions appreciated.

16:09:23 @mkdieb THAT is an excellent idea!!!

16:12:00 Oh, and did I mention she’s receiving her master’s degree this weekend? Yeah, I don’t have

anything for that, either. I suck.

16:13:46 @megzo you should take a nap with him!

16:16:53 @megzo the gift of my *presence* [ rimshot ]

16:21:10 @infoshots i like that. i’m thinking a fancy steak dinner out on the town. she’s always a fan of

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18:26:52 Pumping New Order’s SUBSTANCE. As Wesley Willis (RIP) would say, it really whips a camel’s

ass with a belt.

19:41:50 As The Boss says, I’m sick of sitting ’round here trying to write this book.

Friday, 22nd of May.

07:35:57 Great birthday gift tip from @mattthomas: “Finance an experience of some sort instead of

buying an object.” I like it.

07:39:09 “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wake up in the morning when the day is new…” (& walk the

freaking dog & get ready for work?)

07:42:21 The more I draw, the more I like writing. The more I write, the more I like drawing. Rinse and


07:46:14 @madinkbeard the last thing my wife wants from me is me doing more art for her LOL

09:54:57 @mlarson yes! I LOVE arthur russell. i recommend THE WORLD OF ARTHUR RUSSELL and


12:28:44 Any Texans ever been to Caddo Lake? Looks like a nice getaway:

13:23:41 Tip for Austinites: I really love House Pizzeria on Airport Blvd. Pies, beer + a gr8 jukebox.

13:35:48 @envizualize sweet man. glad you dig it!

13:43:09 @aaronhierholzer the porch is tops. sat out there today!

13:43:35 RT @akacolleen: post about how @austinkleon taught me to (viz)think and draw beyond classic

Colleen-O-Vision: #viznotes

13:44:28 @NathanBowers HomeSlice is the best pizza in town, definitely!

14:00:41 @johntunger @MarcieVargas good luck on your bid, y’all!!

14:07:34 “Amateur” is NOT a dirty word. Translated from the French, it means “lover of.” Doing

something just for the love of it.

14:38:04 RT @jbj: “Kurt Vonnegut & Wal-Mart, together at last”:

15:00:21 Annoying Parade of Homes in my backyard @ #Mueller. I paid $15 to tour a home once, but

that house belonged to Elvis.

15:02:19 @allisonbeadle badass! wife and i have been looking to get away. this might be the ticket

15:11:58 “The Parade of Homes is happening a street over from us: time to break out the wifebeaters,

PBR tallboys, & heckle from our porch.” -@megzo

18:09:08 @akacolleen great post! and of course, I loved that you went a step further & added words πŸ˜‰

18:13:14 @sunnibrown on meaning in space and “the proximity of bodies”: (quote from


18:37:13 Watching profile of Rachel Ray on TV. People don’t just need to be taught, they need

encouragement. Someone nice, saying, “You can do this!”

18:39:23 Martha Stewart has more to teach me than most artists I know…give away yr secrets, empower

people, have goods to sell.

19:36:38 Awesome #viznotes by @fueledbycoffee (line drawings + photoshop color a la Olivier Kugler) via @michaelSurtees

19:47:33 @fueledbycoffee really dig those notes you did!

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19:52:45 @bforks enthusiasm is infectious! πŸ™‚

Saturday, 23rd of May.

07:27:13 @chrisferan @megzo I would pay $5 just to not stand in line

07:32:23 Emberley’s roots? 1920-30 instructions in how to draw animals: via

@girlwonders & adland

08:37:22 Hey @birdsbarbershop if you do call-aheads, do 24 hrs at least. Called @ 5pm yesterday,

wouldn’t schedule me for 9am this morning…

08:37:59 …you say just show up, and I do, and it’s a freaking hour wait! FAIL FAIL FAIL

09:38:53 Kim @birdsbarbershop on Burnet did me right. Grabbed a coffee @ thunderbird coffee on the

way home…miss that place!

09:39:38 @fluxistrad that’s where I went! Had to go up to Burnet

09:42:33 @senorleroy they’re out of tacos! I was just there! Abort!

10:33:05 @senorleroy holy smokes mustve been RIGHT before I got there!

10:47:56 Prepping for @megzo’s grad ceremony with a jr bacon cheeseburger

11:20:33 @madinkbeard I’m jealous–that looks rad. Must blog it!

11:23:52 @TWalk I know it. Time has FLOWN

11:24:43 Man, thank god for wifi on campus. Makes this grad ceremony bearable.

11:48:55 Hogg Auditorium: dedicated by Robert Frost in 1933, and launched the career of Tom Jones.

11:53:36 Hogg defended his unfortunately plump sister @ school, & as governor had the bullies executed

as a last laff. #fiction

12:10:16 Not only was @megzo awarded outstanding grad research assistant, she’s also receiving an

outstanding thesis award!

12:57:27 College: 4 years later, a handshake & a note from the bursar that yr diploma is on its way ( once

that last penny clears…)

12:59:49 “…after graduation she plans on going tubing.” <- best bio ever

16:16:53 A class of high school students do #newspaperblackout poems:

16:19:24 @senorleroy that’s a good-lookin back yard!

16:21:11 @senorleroy a fine idea!

19:53:29 Titaya’s: consistently off tha chain.

21:41:42 “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.” – Tony Soprano

22:49:56 How have I been a Mac user for 5 years and never used Quicksilver? Shame on me.

Sunday, 24th of May.

09:23:04 Got my hands on a copy of The Lynda Barry Experience: 70 out-of-print minutes of Lynda

reading. Torrent:

12:34:02 Weekend was too pleasant & relaxing: had to take a trip to IKEA to get things back to normal.

14:39:01 Seth Green shows you around his financially responsible crib. Hilarious: (via


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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


14:53:00 Can’t tear myself away from this VH1 80s marathon…

20:06:21 Just saw SCARFACE at the Alamo with my buddy Bryan. Awesome.

20:48:10 Jesus, Jay Bennett died in his sleep at 45. Poor guy. Now Wilco will never be good again. I

blame Tweedy…

20:55:54 Didn’t mean to sound flip about Jay Bennett. He was an amazing musician, and he’ll be missed.


21:23:11 Tori and Dean are kind of cute. I’d have a beer with them.

21:42:22 Look at the best Wilco albums: BEING THERE, SUMMERTEETH, YANKEE HOTEL, MERMAID

AVR 1 & 2. Common denominator? Jay Bennett, RIP

21:43:15 @catzopearls I’m a cable addict πŸ™‚

Monday, 25th of May.

10:44:52 Iphone lets you 1) draw in the dark 2) draw without being noticed (ppl think yr checking email)

16:14:12 It’s beer o’clock.

17:52:12 Book art is ready to be FedExed to the design team tomorrow. Exciting.

21:30:21 Rule #475 for marital bliss: never attempt home improvement projects after 7PM.

Tuesday, 26th of May.

07:31:07 Steve Brodner on mastering drawing with the Iphone (my thoughts exactly):

07:55:16 @briangoff yeah. columbo makes some cool iphone paintings, but that was a weak cover.

08:00:04 @tastytouring yeah, except no free wi-fi…for a supposedly “hi-tech city” how stupid is that?

08:03:36 @megzo RT @kottkedotorg How introverts travel

08:11:15 @tastytouring seriously! it’s kind of a customer service thing at this point: i feel SO GRATEFUL

when businesses have free wi-fi

08:13:51 @megzo you know, some of our happiest travel memories are vegging out in front of a hotel

television with some takeout…

08:17:21 Dude, @EdwardDroste and Grizzly Bear’s new album is $4 on Amazon MP3. A steal: via @largeheartedboy

09:31:10 Now that heavy lifting of the #newspaperblackout book is done, expect a lot more blogging from

me. And drawing!

12:40:42 I can always tell when Stumbleupon has picked up on the site by the dumbass troll comments,

which I promptly delete.

14:59:09 I often have to remind myself of this: β€œIt’s O.K. to accept good fortune.” – Will Oldham

15:12:48 Not convinced Kanye is a douchebag? “I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book’s


15:22:24 @patrickrhone that’s my wife’s personality type, too: she loved that article. opposite of me

(ENTP), except for our shared Intuitive

15:23:21 @johntunger @MarcieVargas yeah, airstream! awesome!

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15:24:16 @mlarson we’re gonna try to hit up his show in Austin right up the street after Animal Collective

— hope it works

15:46:04 Kanye West for America’s Libraries: (RT the hell outta this!)

15:54:28 @patrickrhone i find the intuitive trait can really be a strong link…plus you two share judging!

(must have a plan!!)

16:10:55 @davegray @sunnibrown drinkin’ modelo…all class.

19:12:55 Teabaggin’ : a cubicle #vizthink activity I learned from @davegray & @keaggy

19:30:30 Badass: Tom Hart (creator of Hutch Owen) is starting a visual storytelling blog, “How To Say


20:31:13 @anorwood blast!!!!

21:02:43 Cleveland could always use a break. Go Cavs.

21:05:06 @beatleboymatt I feel you, man…nerve-racking!

21:20:44 Tied 100-100. Come on, Cleveland!

21:44:44 Love the way the Magic coach uncaps his Sharpie with his teeth…

21:47:16 Phew. I was rooting for the Cavs, but the Magic deserved that one.

Wednesday, 27th of May.

06:59:20 One more time: Kanye West for America’s Libraries:

07:35:44 Tune in to the WOXY 2009 Modern Rock 500: #mr500 via

@SoniaBarnes via @mwsmith13

07:49:41 Dig @seattlesketcher’s stufff:

08:56:26 These playoff commercials are brilliant: focus through redaction… (via


09:44:12 @megzo ugh, Perry has a doxie? boo.

09:46:32 LOL. “I liked George Saunders before you liked George Saunders” (via @maudnewton via @michaelschaub)

10:01:38 Keep thinking, “I’ll hit the can after this song”, & then another badass song comes on. #mr500

10:09:34 Listen to on your Iphone: 1) download Fstream from App Store 2) add woxy stream

URL 3) take a bathroom break #mr500

10:43:14 In my youth, sports fans were my fat uncles slumped on the couch. No wonder it’s taken me so

long to appreciate the games…

10:58:54 If a corportation sends you a USER GENERATED SUBMISSION LICENSE AGREEMENT, for

f***’s sake, don’t sign it.

11:23:48 Gotta love it when a license includes the language “to use and exploit.” At least they’re


13:20:43 @ayjay for mexican, you can’t go wrong with Polvo’s on South First

19:49:13 So the wife went out, I was sitting w/ Milo flipping channels, & I came upon a nice romantic

comedy w/ Ryan Gosling & a pretty actress…

19:49:22 …and then all the sudden James Gardner is reading out of a notebook to some old lady. I WAS


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Thursday, 28th of May.

06:15:04 Happy 27th birthday to my beautiful wife, @megzo!

08:02:00 NPR segments downloadable as MP3s! I can now hear Renee Montagne say my name

whenever I want:

09:39:07 @mattthomas it really isn’t: gosling & mcadams have a nice chemistry. i watched it all the way


09:48:02 @megzo god, even our f***ing insurance agent is making me look bad

10:46:40 @bruceturner yeah man! i dig it.

11:33:02 100 Best Movie Lines in 200 seconds:

13:11:40 Every time I’m about to give up on Lewis Hyde’s TRICKSTER MAKES THIS WORLD, I find a

pesky patch of genius:

15:17:23 @NathanBowers you’re following @hellobigfoot, yes?

16:21:55 Celebrating @megzo’s bday by taking her to Anthropologie & buying her whatever she wants.

Then some indian food & ice cream.


Friday, 29th of May.

09:20:03 If you missed the Visual Note-Taking 101 webinar w/ me @sunnibrown @rohdesign &

@davegray -> #viznotes

09:47:24 @BrandonHerrin congrats, man!

10:07:19 You have to be rich to be poor:

11:59:38 @mwsmith13 @SoniaBarnes yeah, i’d say “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is a safe bet — I’d like to

see “blue monday” or “Marquee Moon,” personally

12:32:40 @SoniaBarnes @mwsmith13 “Common people” would be sweet, but it’d have to rise 117 spots

from last year!!

12:43:12 @SoniaBarnes @mwsmith13 they’re playing a lot of pixies…it could be “Where Is My Mind?”

13:56:51 I’m headed over to The Carousel @ 7PM to check out my co-worker’s band, if anybody wants to

get a drink:

13:59:58 @SoniaBarnes @mwsmith13 that could happen… it was #1 on pitchfork’s 500…

14:30:15 @mwsmith13 GAH!

14:55:04 @SoniaBarnes @mwsmith13 DAMN IT.

15:23:04 @mwsmith13 @SoniaBarnes “Space Oddity” in the top 20??? are you freaking kidding me??

#mr500 FAIL

15:28:43 @mwsmith13 ah, sorry. that’s like, one of my least favorite bowie songs. it just sounds so hokey


15:35:02 @mwsmith13 damned right. one of my favorite REM songs EVER is “laughing”

15:49:29 @SoniaBarnes @mwsmith13 i feel like they’re just screwing around now… “personal jesus” is

awesome, but in the top ten?? really???

15:52:47 @ajohnb @mwsmith13 @SoniaBarnes all signs pointing to Smiths and Joy Division

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15:57:09 @mwsmith13 @SoniaBarnes @ajohnb I didn’t know “Personal Jesus” was inspired by Priscilla’s

ELVIS AND ME — that’s a great, trashy book

15:58:11 @mwsmith13 @ajohnb if “She Drives Me Crazy” came on I would be so happy

16:05:21 @mwsmith13 @SoniaBarnes the tip-off was the way that goofy-ass dj was like, “That’s not the

last you’ve heard of Kim Deal…”

16:09:57 @mwsmith13 @SoniaBarnes @ajohnb it’s been fun y’all πŸ˜‰

16:17:36 “It’s not where you take things from–it’s where you take them to.” – Jean-Luc Godard


Saturday, 30th of May.

09:44:50 Skip to the end of this Green Day Letterman performance & watch Tre Cool do his thing. Really


10:31:20 As any woman knows, if you want access to a man’s soul, torture is no match for cookies: via @BoingBoing

10:56:23 Enjoying the tweets from #wordcamp. No idea what the hell it is, but I’m enjoying it…

11:04:09 @CoryOBrien thanks, dude

11:06:49 Ah! #wordcamp is a conference focused on everything @wordpress. Far out.

13:46:03 “Trees are gestures of concern…” #newspaperblackout

14:14:58 Amazing version of Elvis Costello’s “I don’t want to go to Chelsea” from 1978:

14:24:56 I nominate the Attractions as greatest backing band of all time: Steve Nieve on keys, Pete

Thomas on bass, Bruce Thomas on drums.

14:29:17 Trivia: the Clovers–the backing group on Elvis Costello’s 1st record–went on to become…The

News. As in, Huey Lewis & The News.

14:58:25 @jromeh well then! i stand corrected.

16:21:20 @NathanBowers i’d agree with that — the UP trailer looked like nothing I’d want to see — now

everybody says it’s the shizzit

16:22:39 @DylanLyrics bringing it all back home!

18:06:17 @mwsmith13 a genius name, too, but not in the age of google…

18:11:36 Ah! @largeheartedboy is running an awesome contest: win Osamu Tezuka’s 8 Volume Buddha

Sunday, 31st of May.

07:34:36 Stream @wearephoenix’s fantastic new album:

09:43:01 @ivarley i’ll sign up for that eternity

10:11:44 5-year-old powerbook might finally be kaput. Battery is shot, power supply isn’t working…time to

release a tablet, Apple.

10:21:34 @johnmjones considering the whole thing is lifted from Ecclesiastes… πŸ˜‰

10:50:06 Watching The Rock b/c of @rejects (& trying to flush The Notebook out of my


20:32:23 They have an old saying in Austin: “Git in yer Volvos and drive down to Polvo’s.”

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May 19, 2009

Can’t Hardly Wait, my fav teen flick, @drafthouse tonight: Going w/ @megzo,Β @egleeb & a dude w/o an @ handle πŸ˜‰

Can’t Hardly Wait @drafthouse!!! YO CORRINE, BABY WASSUP???

June 1, 2009

Monday, 1st of June.

08:10:18 Laurence Musgrove, a #viznotes webinar participant, has started a great blog:

08:18:21 NYTimes on softening logos. (“for comparisons, show materal adjacent in space” – Tufte) via @DanielPink

08:38:50 My advice to artists and writers: take a look at what the craft & maker community is doing, &

steal from them.

08:41:02 ARTISTS: before you send any stuff to, take a look at their

User Agreement:

09:27:56 @loosetooth was like, “uh…no. you can do creative commons like everybody else.” i’ll have to

post my blackout of it!

09:39:44 @loosetooth

09:40:52 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the User Generated Submission License Agreement:

09:49:05 @loosetooth i felt the same way — told them i wouldn’t sign anything like that unless i was

getting paid.

10:06:33 R. Crumb has gone from freeze-framing the Fly Girls on In Living Color to freeze-framing Ben


10:49:04 Office retreat to see Star Trek @ the Alamo @drafthouse!


15:12:46 Does Tiger Woods endorse Titleist for free? So why should artists endorse an art supply for


15:24:17 @apelad touchΓ©!

15:53:58 Artists: don’t sign your rights away for a little free publicity: (Please retweet!)

18:21:22 @senorleroy have you read his book, CATCHING THE BIG FISH? I’ll let you borrow it if not…

20:53:59 @senorleroy whenever we get together sometime I’ll let you borrow it!

21:12:54 @senorleroy you can practice TM or just sit at the Big Boy every afternoon & drink a chocolate

shake & enough coffee to kill a small dog

21:30:16 RT @mwsmith13 “i hope that Conan does his monologue dressed as the Masturbating Bear…”

21:50:58 5 minutes into Conan, we switched back to Dave. I’m about to switch to a book.

Tuesday, 2nd of June.

08:05:55 Kids: Beatles Rock Band looks awesome, but a cheap guitar & songbook will cost you less $$$

& get you laid.

08:13:27 @leeleslie for the KIDS, lee…the children!!! i’m looking out for adolescent boys everywhere πŸ˜‰

10:49:07 I’ve been an Emusic customer for years. That might change soon:

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13:10:18 “More conservative minds deprive coincidence of meaning by treating it as background noise or


13:11:13 “the shape-shifting mind pesters the distinction b/w accident & essence & remakes this world

out of whatever happens.”

13:15:32 @matthewprice cool! maybe I’ll see you there!

13:20:06 Looking forward to @Danchaon’s new novel: (Dan was the nicest guy to me

when I lived in Cleveland!)

13:23:41 @pnichols agreed!

16:13:34 @johntunger a chat about the new-school blogging/web/online model vs. the old school gallery

model, maybe?

19:37:38 @johntunger that’s a really fantastic idea. How to make it easy to buy. Perfect.

19:38:47 @matthewprice depends if you have general admission or space available tixx. I’d show up @

6:30- 7

19:40:33 Had some BBQ with @cliffatkinson and schemed and doodled on napkins. Good times.

21:15:21 @MyLifeInaCube congrats, dude!

21:30:25 “He is Vigo! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!”

Wednesday, 3rd of June.

07:45:12 I’m probably feeling what Vigo’s feeling…Carpathian Kitten Loss. He misses his kitty!

10:28:38 The “So What?” test:

10:39:47 @leeleslie it’s probably even lower for twitter…

11:58:15 Loved hearing @ElmoreLeonard on New Yorker poetry: “I don’t get it.”

13:03:40 .@I_Am_Vigo “Oh! Command me, Lord!”

13:05:17 @freckled i’d venture a guess that every english paper i ever wrote failed the “so what?” test.

13:40:33 @chrisferan you bet we did!

14:08:45 @jkottke I checked my notes: “form no longer follows function” was definitely part of Objectified:

14:20:39 Looking forward to the Austin City Limits @thehbastards taping tonight. Bringing the

sketchbook. #acltv

14:25:16 @tracymueller excellent!!!

14:44:46 “I found the next Stevie Ray Vaughan…in Cleveland” My best friend’s

band…must get them to Austin.

16:22:08 Gonna grab some Slices and Ices or a Terraburger before the ACL taping if anybody’s


16:30:19 I have am extra ticket to the Heartless Bastards ACL taping tonight. DM me.

16:57:02 Campus parking dick on a scooter gave me shit for sitting in a spot that was opening @ 5:45. It

was 5:43. Seriously?

17:11:18 @marcjohns deletion is the only cure for a troll…without hesitation, friend!

page 135 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


17:39:30 Can’t believe nobody wanted my extra ticket for the Heartless Bastards ACL taping…somebody

in the standing only line is gonna get lucky…

17:39:49 @bruceturner you in line?

17:50:59 Standing next to @joeyTWOwheels and @bruceturner in line for ACL. Bruce claimed the extra

ticket. Twitter FTW…

18:10:34 @terrilynnh crap! Missed ya!

18:20:15 @senorleroy want me to save you a seat? I’m on right side of the stage..5 rows up.

18:21:21 @daveed70 I said, “yr still busting balls two til?” also: hangover will be awesome

18:24:35 @terrilynnh oh I see you! I think we were in the elevator together… color of this polo shirt

is–somewhere between red & pink? LOL

18:28:52 ACL playing some Monks before the show!

18:36:32 @terrilynnh THE POWER OF TWITTER!!! πŸ˜€

18:41:16 @senorleroy I’ve got five seats next to me!

21:30:36 Nice to bump into @terrilynnh @tracymueller @joeyTWOwheels @BruceTurner @senorleroy

and @bonitasarita at the ACL taping tonight!

21:40:17 Heard this great cover of Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” by Donny Hathaway tonight before the ACL


21:47:57 – Dig it: an Austin City Limits tote bag with a drawing by yours truly. Pick

one up at the next taping!

21:50:24 @shueytexas i recommend the burgers, not the fries. i get a burger and a glass of water

(because I’m cheap)

21:52:53 @GreySkinnedBoy sorry you missed it, man! it’ll cost you, but you can still catch it online:

Thursday, 4th of June.

09:22:42 “…everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.” ~ Margaret Atwood (via


09:53:50 Dirty Projectors’ songwriting: “…other lyrics were drawn from an Excel spreadsheet of pop


10:17:56 Frida Kahlo’s “Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird” is back @ransomcenter

10:59:35 Current Emusic yearly plan: $150 for 600 songs ($0.25/song) After Sony deal: $192 for 420

songs ($0.46/song) #eMusic_fiasco

12:51:14 Robert De Niro’s marginalia, courtesy of @ransomcenter:

14:21:08 “Hey, if Activision liked it, then they should have put a ring on it.” – Tim Schafer (@TimofLegend)

16:12:20 What’s the song you play when you want to feel better about life? Mine today is Kurt Vile’s


16:19:48 .@megzo once played Calexico’s cover of “Alone Again Or” on repeat during a 45-minute

commute to keep from breakdown:

17:31:13 @bonitasarita awesome.

17:31:46 @Annieinaustin both off one of my favorite soundtracks, WONDER BOYS!!

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


17:42:13 Dang, if I could stand live music 3 nights in a row, I’d go see Helio Sequence @ the Mohawk

tonight.. (animal collective tomorrow pm)

18:23:26 @ajohnb get this man a scotch, stat

18:47:51 Two Ingmar Bergman films on TCM tonight: The Seventh Seal & Wild Strawberries (I’ve seen

neither, & always wanted to)

19:30:54 @senorleroy persona is on at 12:30!

19:31:13 @deanmeistr ah! I must watch

19:32:00 @majorpepper that IS nuts! I missed the Austinist piece!

20:44:16 RT @akacolleen: Even artists can’t escape Death, Austin. No special dispensation.


Friday, 5th of June.

08:04:01 Co-worker was trying to trap a squirrel & caught something a little bigger: Any suggestions?

08:08:38 @megzo RT @lynchcartoons: New Agatha Christie stories!

08:09:40 @DIYSara that’s what i said! but he lives out in the sticks so they don’t always come…ah, rural


08:20:52 @roblifford holy crap! that’s fantastic. will forward!!!

08:23:58 RT @roblifford: That exact thing happened to a friend of mine not long ago! He opened trap by

dangling hook from roof:

08:25:17 @DIYSara the stick is a good idea — maybe he can use it to undo the trap

08:34:03 Love this comment @Annieinaustin left about my poem, “Trees”: “This one’s so beautiful that I

want to believe it.”

10:00:39 @largeheartedboy that’s crazy! I feel about those people the same way I feel about ppl

uninterested in food…how do you live?

10:13:33 Weird nouns from my book also in GBV song titles: freaks, tractor, UFOs, captain, king, witch,

chinese restaurant. No coincidences.

12:57:58 At lunch, co-worker had an awesome summary of Guided By Voices: “It’s like if the local bowling

league were geniuses.”

13:42:40 .@largeheartedboy has me interested in local ATX author Amelia Gray’s book:

13:46:08 I particularly like the way Amelia Gray released a mini PDF version of her new book:

15:08:55 Lynda Barry: misheard lyrics make better images. Example: “to make you lots of rice” >

“Temecula Sunrise”

15:24:09 I should be more excited about seeing Animal Collective tonight than I am. Wish I were going to

see Will Oldham instead.

15:27:04 Speaking of, the plan is to walk up to The Mohawk and try to see Oldham after Animal

Collective. Could happen…

15:38:55 This weekend, I’d like to: 1) draw 2) read 3) sip Maker’s on the rocks. I think I can make those

things happen.

15:58:58 @akacolleen oooh i like knob creek, too — i recently heard that Sam Houston was good. will

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


report when i get my hands on it…

16:04:13 @papertrail sonofabitch. knew i should have got tixx. bah!

16:06:59 Okay: who wants to trade Bonnie Prince Billy tickets for Animal Collective tickets? DM me.

16:11:09 @magdaZINE hey i saw that place on Man Eats Food last night — goddang y’all have some

awesome-looking restaurants in portland

16:29:24 @magdaZINE oh i don’t know if i ever told you, but i LOVE your header! πŸ™‚

17:08:33 .@megzo tells me traffic near campus on red river is borked. PSA for all hitting. ATX shows


18:40:28 .@drawers @bentumbrella @papertrail @majorpepper sorry, but we’re bailing on the concert

tonight. i’m under the weather. have fun, y’all!

18:42:49 If you want 2 free Animal Collective tickets, DM me. My house is 15 mins from Stubb’s, & you’ll

probably still catch them.

18:45:51 @emilyadavis yes! it’s really the best. who needs liner notes? πŸ˜‰

18:46:20 @maryiverson i fell asleep on the couch — woke up and caught the last 1/2 of seventh seal and

really liked it — i’ll have to netflix it

19:05:48 If I wasn’t so comfortable on the couch, I’d drive to Stubb’s & give my tixx away. 2nd time this

week I can’t GIVE AWAY a ticket.

19:06:33 @AustinBloggy yes i do. i have two. should be able to DM now

19:14:47 Looks like @AustinBloggy’s gonna take the AC tixx off my hands. Glad somebody can use


19:16:43 @papertrail i’m a huge, exhausted wuss. i’m sure i will regret it. tweet it so i can live


19:25:11 Sometimes a guy’s just gotta stay home on the couch with his dog & a glass of bourbon. Life.

19:31:13 @deanmeistr i did. i fell asleep on the couch and missed the 1st half of 7th seal, but caught the

last half. gotta netflix the rest

19:41:54 @writeontime LOL you’re right!

19:45:14 Copy of @gapingvoid’s book in the mail today: Thanks, Hugh. I shall sip

whiskey & read this wkend.

19:46:56 If @AustinBloggy only needs one ticket, I might see if I can hop a ride with him to Stubb’s & go

to the show afterall…

19:48:25 RT @exeromai “Next Animal Collective concert, I’m soaking my shorts in ecstasy and charging

girls $10 per lick.” LOL

19:51:08 @gapingvoid looks really nice, man. i’m excited for you–and excited for me, next february…

19:56:06 @roblifford well, it’s friday…if it’s got alcohol in it, it’ll do

20:44:22 I made it to animal collective, full of whiskey. By the “food” stand, left side, friends!

20:45:08 @AustinBloggy thanks for the ride, dude!

22:03:23 RT @senorleroy “you’re the man Kleon!”

22:14:30 .@austinkleon @ animal collective (via @bentumbrella)

Saturday, 6th of June.

00:24:20 Not having the street art on 6th street: (via @bentumbrella)

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


05:15:13 @listofnow overall, probably maker’s. i also really like jameson. friend gave me a bottle of

woodford reserver..that stuff is great!

05:16:03 @majorpepper @papertrail sorry i missed y’all last night! things got silly

05:18:51 @drawers @bentumbrella i hope y’all made it okay last night! breakfast tacos?

08:29:23 @TWalk I figure I’ll be drawing & writing ’til I’m dead. Tempted to keep working for the state

though..only 28 years to go! LOL

13:21:08 @papertrail how was bonnie prince?

13:49:55 The gang at Austin’s new frozen banana stand, @bananarchy_atx Not

my favorite dessert, but fun.

13:50:48 @theBDR you lucky bastard! soak up her good vibes — they’ll last you a lifetime

13:53:19 @Gwenda ah! i must request @maureenmcq’s migas when she returns to ATX…that woman

can COOK πŸ˜€

14:00:14 @lynchcartoons Gammill’s a funny dude. small world alert: he & my father-in-law were buddies

in college!

14:01:23 @papertrail so sorry i missed it!

14:02:11 @hyams can’t wait to hit Lucky J’s..that place looks fantastic

14:02:40 @hyams – holy crap that is a beautiful pile of a food

14:06:57 @wcraghead i’m with ya on the #MOCCA jealousy, dude

14:13:22 Ramble tamble:

14:20:13 Glad I didn’t bring my Sharpie to Animal Collective last night — no lines to draw, only colors.

(Plus, I was drunk.)

14:23:13 Life: befriend good people, b/c chances are, they’ve befriended good people. Pretty soon you’ll

know a bunch of good people.

14:40:57 @gunner64 nice!! can’t wait to hear all about it monday

18:53:03 @maureenmcq if you’re cooking it, i’ll eat it!


21:52:08 @theBDR awesome. love brunetti

22:46:48 @papertrail how is the good knight? We’ve been wanting to check it out

Sunday, 7th of June.

09:48:14 Gonna see if I can sustain 3 blog posts a week for the rest of the year, starting tonight. Miss the


09:50:48 Re: blogging – want 2009 to graph the inverse of 2008:

12:35:20 Love it or hate it, J Crew plays good music.

14:54:28 The only thing cooler than a trench coat is a trench coat marked 75% off on the clearance rack:

15:04:37 @mlarson gah! don’t tell @megzo — EP was in town, and i didn’t take her… (she LOVES his

new album)

15:06:40 @freckled LOL i’ll take it, i guess

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


15:06:57 @mkdieb me too…but i don’t care! i’ve always wanted one

15:11:20 Never been able to get into Guided By Voices? (Poor soul) Check out their “Best of” It does them justice.

15:33:39 @jmerriman oh man, my friend Bryan was trying to get me to go to that tonight. i said i only had

*room* for one The Room in my life πŸ˜€

15:42:57 @jmerriman i am too, honestly LOL

15:58:25 @jasonmolin digging the sketches on your blog, man!

15:59:27 Some sketches of Heartless Bastards during an Austin City Limits taping: #acltv

Thanks, @klru!

16:00:59 @theHbastards enjoyed your ACL taping:

21:32:04 @joeyTWOwheels love the “free beer” shot!

Monday, 8th of June.

08:19:12 “Somebody’s out to get your lady / A few of your buddies they sure look shady…” O’Jays #musicmonday

09:59:09 β€œIf you rip off 100 people no one’s going to know.” – Gary Panter courtesy @madinkbeard

10:29:59 @JulieEspinosa i feel your pain: my wife has cut off my access to the queue, too — i have to

make requests

10:39:47 @gorillavsbear i do! but i’m probably too late

11:59:48 Hmm a 13″ Macbook Pro? You mean Apple realized how awesome my 5 1/2 year old

still-working 12″ Powerbook is/was? #wwcd

12:04:46 @jtwilcox PB12″ unite! battery’s shot, replaced the hard drive & 2 power adapters, but it still


12:17:52 @jtwilcox i’ve been tempted to replace the battery (it’s worthless w/o being plugged in) but i

honestly don’t use it much anymore

12:18:21 @craigeley the 15″ is mighty, no doubt!

12:28:37 @jtwilcox whoa! That’s awesome!

14:25:28 The ideal reader & not-knowing. Late to the party, but I liked this @hotdogsladies & @gruber

convo: (sktchs by @davegray!)

15:27:47 @DIYSara mapquest actually often has better driving directions! don’t feel ashamed!

15:32:27 Pity the poor hipster: If yr over 21 & your parents fund your “passions”, I hate

you. (via @wpettyjohn)

15:36:20 “he still plays the guitar in 2 bands, Haunted Castle & Rats in the Walls.” OH THANK GOD


15:43:17 @TheOtherLeslie so. hard.

15:43:23 @dyer9380 LOL

15:49:46 Get a job hippie, and GET OFF MY AFFORDABLE LAWN!

19:04:09 Help us select #newspaperblackout poems to be screenprinted for sale!

(Please RT!)

19:31:59 @johntunger well, we gotta figure that & the sizes out still–I’m thinking $20-25

page 140 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


19:32:08 @qrter thanks, man!

19:35:09 @johntunger awesome! I’m positive we’ll print “Honesty” πŸ™‚

19:47:55 @johntunger my favorite Texas poem is going in the book (shouldve kept it for prints!)

19:57:12 @stormsy my wife and i were obsessed with that show! one of my favorites ever

19:58:54 Yeah! RT @gorillavsbear listen to White Denim’s great new single from Fits, “I Start to Run”

20:04:52 @johntunger i’m working on mine πŸ˜‰

20:08:01 @johntunger i would man, but i just have zero time to take on anything else right now. sorry!

20:08:57 @stormsy a Shakespearean western!

21:49:33 RT @megzo according to @austinkleon, our dog should play the baby jesus in our christmas


Tuesday, 9th of June.

07:49:48 Help us select #newspaperblackout poems to be screenprinted for sale!

(Please RT!)

07:59:18 @bergerhofer thanks, dude!

07:59:25 @ryancoleman i got a good idea πŸ˜‰

07:59:57 @tracymueller thanks! good chance those will be printed πŸ™‚

09:22:45 @girlwonders thanks!

09:22:57 @wpwend42 we haven’t…i think “honesty” would make a great shirt…

09:34:50 @muzzleofbees that Drive-By Truckers ACL taping was unbelievable. best ACL taping I’ve


09:38:24 Yes, I like iPhones, too! #squarespace

09:45:27 RT @scd: Great deal on Rock Band 2 SE w/ free shipping, use code CAG16 for another 16%

off now less than $80! Ordered.

09:48:26 @wpwend42 i hear ya! we’ll see what we can work up πŸ˜‰

09:50:28 @bonitasarita those boys are keeping this one pretty locked down — i haven’t found a leak


09:59:19 The Dirty Projectors’ BITTE ORCA is so good, I’m downloading another copy from Emusic, even

though I’ve had the leak for a month. GET IT!

10:10:34 “Beats law school.” Grad school for unemployed students: cc: @chrisferan

10:11:00 @zoewesthof it’s really fantastic! especially if you like arty-rock (David Byrne, Talking Heads,


11:36:11 College grad w/ no job? MAKE SOMETHING. My boss once said, “Most ppl get fired b/c of their

blog — you got hired b/c of yrs.”

13:16:12 @uberjam hey! you found that article. the true question to me is “*how* should creative writing

be taught?”

14:36:09 Todd Regoulinsky started a new blog & featured me as his first post:

Hope he gets some ads πŸ˜‰

14:59:02 @maryiverson you mean blackout other people’s tweets?

page 141 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


15:03:58 @maryiverson part of the fun of doing blackouts on newsprint is the tactile response–using your


15:04:20 @maryiverson i have to do enough work on the computer all day — and afterwards, when i scan

the dang things! πŸ™‚

15:09:40 Drive-By Truckers will release their #ACLtv performance (me & @megzo were there!) on DVD via @muzzleofbees

17:06:32 Oh, indeed! RT @DRB Have you seen Anthony Browne and his “Shape Game”? Right up your

street… #vizthink

18:45:26 Exported my Tumblr to a WordPress blog just to see if it would work: it did, but I then I deleted

it–Tumblr’s just so damned easy to use!

18:45:45 Plus, I would’ve lost all my Tumblr followers…

19:09:40 @blueinkjar navigate to the post you want to delete, look in the upper right-hand corner, there

should be a “delete” button

19:22:39 South Park is re-running “Cartman Gets An Anal Probe.” (And suddenly, I’m 14 again &

laughing my ass off!)

19:32:24 Added *notes* to my Tumblr theme, & discovered all kinds of interaction with my posts, like this


20:13:39 Watching Mad Men, or as I like to call it, Miserable Men.

20:48:58 TRUTH: “The Ransom Center (good a reason as any to live in Texas)” – @thebookslut re:


Wednesday, 10th of June.

06:41:37 Austinites: cartoonist/painter Esther Pearl Watson is @domy_books this Friday!

06:48:53 How do you tell the difference between a journalist & a spammer on twitter? Ask @carloswatson

08:35:52 Post-it note stop motion: @papertrail via @coudal

08:49:47 @girlwonders yeah, it was really rad. he should sell it to 3M and pay off his student debt from


09:48:42 @gapingvoid it’s hard not to geek out — you can bet i’m going to every book store in austin to

make sure mine’s in a good spot!!

09:54:10 “Summer in Texas is like winter up north: the weather’s too awful to go outside, so you get more

stuff done.” – @megzo

10:19:36 @gapingvoid that’s a HUGE run.

10:20:06 @doNNNald bikinis vs. heat = tough one

10:28:34 @doNNNald you can always just look at bikinis on your computers

11:56:10 I approve of this message: via @sparehed

16:15:34 Heading over to @thegoodknight with @megzo @uberjam & @ivarley tonight for cocktails.

Anybody recommend anything in particular?

19:41:03 Gah! Dinner at @thegoodknight was awesome, but I missed 3/4 of the Neil Young PBS special!

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Thursday, 11th of June.

06:49:33 @senorleroy ah! Love that place. Had a beautiful ribeye there once…

08:24:57 Twitter: in the words of Detective John Kimble, “STOP WHINING! You kids are soft. You lack


09:32:03 @senorleroy oh i know, dude. next time we’re going to eat at the bar and split a ribeye…

10:07:24 I’m with @austin360 on this: House Pizzeria on Airport Blvd. is great:

10:24:06 Wait, Dirty Projectors coming to Austin? Anybody else heard this?

10:31:30 @jonnygoldstein doubtful. this town usually gets ignored by alt-comics folks (IMO)

10:33:03 @jonnygoldstein in fact, their tour doesn’t even dip into the south:

10:40:42 @jonnygoldstein guesses: 1) they’re canadians, so the south is pretty far 2) south probably

doesn’t read arty/lit comics as much

12:13:55 @papertrail d’oh!

12:26:41 @papertrail this article claims it’s an unofficial afterparty to the tortoise show (doors don’t open

until 9PM)

14:25:17 @leeleslie loved that article!

14:27:49 Ebert on John Wayne, another midwestern (Iowa) boy soaked in Texas mythology: (via @leeleslie)

14:32:19 @leeleslie my favorite blogger, hands down. everything he writes aces the “So What?” test

14:35:43 .@forlornfunnies great book notes for @largeheartedboy!

15:08:04 @leeleslie it’s a rough test

15:32:33 @marcjohns the plain white bckground is where it’s at!

15:52:00 I get really uncomfortable when people call me a poet. I see black turtlenecks & clove


16:02:14 To-do: make a list of poets (not songwriters or cartoonists) I like so I don’t sound like a rube

when people ask me.

16:13:38 @kurtsettles phew does that sound boring πŸ˜‰

17:24:52 Thanks, Erica! RT @ericabrooke “adding author websites to the digital catalog. i think

@austinkleon ‘s is my favorite.”

19:21:17 @senorleroy @bonitasarita hope y’all ride out the storm okay!!

20:00:38 Umm, yeah. Glad we didn’t head out to the laguna gloria for 8 1/2…STORM!

20:09:00 RT @willevans “God hates Fellini…our showing of 8 1/2 on the lake rained out…” Sucks that it

got canceled, but glad we stayed home!

20:09:51 @bonitasarita yeah. milo post-dinner in a coat closet — not looking forward to that

20:12:03 What did we do in tornadoes before twitter? @megzo “plural, you spell it ‘tornadoEs’ like


20:13:03 @Funwithyourfood aww, that sucks! we could’ve said hello! (we stayed home) maybe they’ll


20:20:32 @anorwood dude that’s the freaking coolest news EVER!

20:21:12 RT @anorwood: @drafthouse bowling alley + karaoke!! (!!!!!!!)

20:26:05 RT @papertrail: “well, quarter-size hail sure does the trick when you’re out of ice and drinking

page 143 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


bourbon. cheers, Zeus!”

20:33:44 This South Lamar Alamo @Drafthouse palace would be PERFECT for the book release party…

20:35:25 @jettek so! awesome!

20:47:55 @sodaly hi sophia! all’s well here πŸ˜€

21:05:16 @Art_News sketchbook notes of The Corporation:

21:22:32 @rohdesign wonder if it really works? you gonna order it?

21:25:46 @mlarson awesome! i was just searching “fellini” to see if the movie was rained out and found

his tweet — seems like a cool dude πŸ™‚

21:36:00 Don’t think I’ve underlined an author more than Lewis Hyde: Upstairs

to read TRICKSTER in bed. Night y’all.

21:39:15 @rohdesign that pogo sketch stylus is only $10 on amazon:

Friday, 12th of June.

08:06:13 Ron Gilbert plays through Monkey Island and reminisces: (via @radiomaru)

08:28:01 @DRB i loved that quote, too — was just about to tumblr it…

08:36:16 For #followfriday, check out my favorite-d folks on Twitterbelle:

08:46:49 @DRB they were also prime examples of constraint = creativity. each game had to be squeezed

onto 5 floppy disks!

12:08:29 @danvega sorry to hear that man. My sympathies.

14:39:30 Only thing more boring than watching Animal Collective at 3PM s watching them from a cubicle

@ 3PM. #Bonnaroo #festivalssuck

15:32:17 Hunch: all Ohio exiled poets eventually write their glad-but-guilty-I-don’t-live-in-Ohio-anymore

poem: HT @sixeyes

July 1, 2009

Wednesday, 15th of July.
13:26:26 Just walked past a professor taking a nap in his office. I became thirsty from the bile of jealousy
rising in my throat.
13:36:12 @scottstead yeah, too bad in this town the only time the Lips play is at the ACL fest when it’s a
bazillion degrees outside
14:15:47 @scottstead hate festivals. love ACL — that is, the TV tapings. every show is amazing b/c of the
format. seats, a/c, free beer, on time
14:43:26 My friend @jasonmolin is ditching the playing in coffee houses / bar thing & this thing called
Secret Stages:
14:52:41 BTW: readings & author signings are totally boring, too. Will try to change that for the
#NewspaperBlackout tour…
15:01:35 @jasonmolin my pleasure, man!
16:11:21 “a position where I can slowly lose sight of what I originally set out to do w/ my life, w/ benefits”
17:28:09 Agreed! RT @bruceturner laminated newsprint and dry erase markers would be kinda cool for
the #newspaperblackout tour.
20:09:40 @gunner64 how to win friends and influence people: marry a baker!!
Thursday, 16th of July.
07:39:10 @imakestuff very nice! πŸ™‚
07:40:19 @benry awesome. Seth is tops. I was reading A DRIFTING LIFE in bed & it was so physically
uncomfortable (it’s a brick) that I quit!
08:15:05 Remember: It’s OK to like something *just* b/c it moves you. B/c it tickles yr reptile brain. You
don’t have to explain it.
08:41:44 @johntunger awesome twain quote. will add it to my “profanity” tumblr tag:
09:00:38 “Let’s drink 4 cokes & watch Ghostbusters again.” – Neko Case’s formula for songwriting. My
formula for life-writing.
09:04:34 @overprocessed have you heard the remix of Fever Ray’s “When I Grow Up”? i like it even
better than the album:
09:19:58 WOXY is copying @megzo & me, and moving from Oxford, Ohio to Austin, Texas: (via @gorillavsbear)
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austinkleon’s Tweetbook
09:48:47 @mwsmith13 the ohio -> texas shuffle πŸ˜‰
10:34:09 Beautiful scans of David Berona’s WORDLESS BOOKS from @bibliodyssey:
11:45:44 @johntunger oh yeah, I own all those Ward reprints. Went through a devouring woodcut novels
phase. Masereel is my favorite
12:29:34 @johntunger frans masereel: dover reprints on amazon:
12:29:54 @johntunger also: did you know that Ward’s name backwards is “draW”? πŸ˜€
16:10:45 Whatever happened to this Weezer?
22:38:39 Skipped dessert & had a grasshopper @thegoodknight: it’s like drinking melted mint chocolate
chip ice cream…
22:47:36 @anorwood dude, you gotta get better for The Voyage Home! also: you don’t have pink eye, do
Friday, 17th of July.
08:39:28 Austinites: got a tip that the Half Price Books in Round Rock is better than the one on North
Lamar. Which one is your favorite?
08:43:03 @marlaerwin i believe that may have been before my time — the one on lamar is just always
picked over…
09:06:07 @terrilynnh cool! don’t know when ill ever be up that way, but i’ll check it out when i am
09:41:16 Two of my fav musicians collaborate. MP3: Atlas Sound’s “Walkabout (feat. Panda Bear)” via @gorillavsbear
09:42:59 @tuckerma i’ll hafta check it out!
11:40:49 If y’all liked that Atlas Sound/Panda Bear sample, here’s the real deal from The Dovers (1966):
11:54:41 @davegray can’t wait for the stand-up comedian #vizthink U growing up, Pryor, Carlin, & Hicks
were my philosopher kings!!
13:01:40 “Slow down” is my #1 piece of advice for visual note-taking. Notes are readable & you narrow
down what’s important. #vizthinku2
13:33:32 @davegray you’re looking pretty badass w/ the new facial hair…i like it!
14:12:53 @davegray @sunnibrown’s flickr πŸ˜‰ (xplane training)
14:13:21 @davegray cool. seen this?
15:08:32 @qrter ah! i remember that. hate the caption contest. hate, hate, hate. give “the back page” to a
real cartoonist…
15:19:46 Must-do this weekend in Austin: hit up @Domy_Books for the 40% sale and the final days of
Esther Pearl Watson’s show.
15:32:30 About to give up my Rock Band hating & dive in: (link via @scd)
15:43:30 @davegray (ironically) i don’t see the point in a lot of altered books — it’s like decoration. it
doesn’t make something new…
15:48:27 @scd i’ve come around to the fact that it’s more of a fun game than a replacement for/threat to
playing music. might buy for $130 on amazon!
15:50:33 @scd my previous sentiment:
16:15:29 @brandonnn you should go if you can! everyone should experience it at least once — if only
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austinkleon’s Tweetbook
Tommy were going to be there…
16:21:43 @brandonnn you gotta see it w/ an audience. i was shocked by how many people were quoting
lines when i went for the Wiseau appearance…
16:29:01 @brandonnn Yes! See it in the theater, take a few friends, & drink a couple of beers. 3rd time
should be a charm!
16:50:43 @dyer9380 the only trouble w/ RR is my wife will drag me to IKEA. small price to pay for 50% at
a decent half price books…
20:09:47 Drinking PBR, playing Dr Mario, & listening to the 1st Dave Matthews album. Coupla dorks, me
& @megzo.
20:30:20 @mattthomas that’s a damned fine list, too!
20:30:36 @asimone I’m tryin’, brother!
20:31:36 @theBDR take his book and slap him with it
21:03:34 LOL! RT @theBDR: If beer wasn’t $5 I’d pour one on his head.
22:02:16 “I’m afraid Walter Cronkite has had it, says Mom.” – Jayne Anne Philips, “Home”
Saturday, 18th of July.
09:25:13 Going to see HP, Ronnie the Bear, & the Wretched Harmony rule the frickin’ school!
10:33:27 @brittanyforks didja know brad’s from austin?
14:09:13 HP 6 was great. I predict “All hands on deck, Granger!” will become the new overquoted line in
the office.
17:39:09 @maureenmcq we were thinking of going to the RR 1/2 price this weekend, too! we also wanna
check out this italian place called Gino’s…
22:02:47 @theBDR so good to hear. They (the national) were SO GOOD when we saw them in
22:05:43 .@mmaddencomics thanks for the link & the inspiration!
22:13:57 Found a genuine, old-school Italian joint in TX: Gino’s, behind the Half Price in Round Rock. It
was like we were back in The Cleve again!
Sunday, 19th of July.
08:30:18 @deanmeistr Tufte on medieval drawings? that is going to be beyond awesome. take some
viznotes! πŸ˜‰
08:41:51 @ivarley there are only 2 things f*ing advertising agencies are good at: ripping off artists and
giving back rubs to satan.
11:25:28 In restaurants, I love to eat side-by-side w/ @megzo. It feels like we’re conspiring. (Most of the
time we are…)
12:42:15 90% of phone convos are w/ my parents & @megzo, so I have to consciously stop myself from
saying “love you” when I hang up w/ the other 10%!
13:33:21 A Freud quote for every sketchbook:
page 5 / 109
austinkleon’s Tweetbook
14:04:28 A multiple choice #newspaperblackout poem w/ color:
20:59:57 “Don’t answer the question they asked, answer the question you wish they’d asked.” – Robert
McNamara on the press
Monday, 20th of July.
08:18:22 Short interview I did with @designfeast on blogging:
08:37:36 NEWSFLASH: Ad Agencies continue to rip off artists and give handjobs to satan!
09:36:14 @fluxistrad I like Bill Callahan’s “I’m New Here” — subtle reference, yeah, but…it’s about being a
recent transplant
10:01:49 5 live-sketching tips every designer should know via @xplane #viznotes
12:27:39 Working from home. Coding on my Dell, controlling my Mini’s Itunes library with my Touch.
“Look out honey, cos I’m using technology!”
12:43:29 Hey! My wife @megzo was quoted in ARCHITECT magazine: This means she’s
an AUTHORITY. Back up!
16:09:43 For you lucky Twitter followers (ha!), here’s some sketchbook smut I unearthed:
18:50:29 My #viznotes of @errolmorris’s documentary on Robert McNamara, THE FOG OF WAR:
18:51:54 My #viznotes of the Julius Shulman (RIP) documentary, VISUAL ACOUSTICS:
Tuesday, 21st of July.
06:45:37 .@chrisferan remind me to punch you for using the word “polymath”
07:53:22 @chrisferan “liberal arts degree holder” hehe.
08:00:36 @hominid you keep talking like that, texas is gonna smack you in the mouth!
08:02:22 @TWalk i lost about 40 followers the other day, so i think they’re cleaning house — unless i was
being an a-hole. can’t remember…
09:43:12 @peterdurand if it weren’t for you and the CFGF blog, half the stuff on there wouldn’t exist! πŸ™‚
09:43:39 A few years ago, @PeterDurand gave me some great advice: “Learn by doing & spend as little
on school as possible.”
09:55:32 MadWorld for the Wii is $20 on Amazon today:
12:03:14 @debbiestier that video is my nightmare.
12:21:34 There’s a quest in every question. The quality of your adventure depends on the quality of your
13:40:17 Art vs. day job:
17:43:04 ! @tomgauld’s new book came in the mail! (I buy everything of his I can get my hands on.)
19:56:00 RT @kdelap: eastern college is for sale on dvd! (my friend flynn’s first
20:24:59 This article aimed at St Johns is also a good critique of the more BS aspects of my liberal
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austinkleon’s Tweetbook
20:28:22 The further away from college I get, the more I appreciate my time at Cambridge, & the tutorial
20:33:51 Liberal arts seminar = BS: if I wanted to hear my peers’ thoughts, I’d hang out at the mall. Give
me lectures (& office hrs)
21:13:04 “I’m starting a seminar…and you’re not invited. I poop on your tweet.” – @megzo
21:27:09 @asimone i didn’t go to st. johns — my buddy at UChicago sent me that link. i feel equally
ambivalent about my own education!
21:28:35 @asimone i went to an interdisciplinary program w/in a good state school, which had its share of
bs seminars & non-teaching
21:31:44 @asimone my college experience was awesome: i was on scholarship & got to travel a lot. the
education itself wasn’t all that earthshattering
21:32:16 @asimone same here! i’m glad i have it–wouldn’t do it over
22:01:04 @swidinst TRUTH! πŸ˜€
Wednesday, 22nd of July.
07:42:09 @mmaddencomics love twitpic for quick doodles — the instant gratification of sharing!
07:43:42 @tastytouring yes! I’m excited for the show. Lola is love!
07:47:39 @papertrail happy birthday, man!
08:13:24 Now THIS is an album cover:
08:29:34 The higher ed bubble is about to burst. Exhibit A: Harvard on its knees. (via
08:49:51 @asimone tiny bit of schadenfreude. but I loved cambridge SO MUCH when I visited…maybe
they’ll let visitors into their library now.
09:12:02 @asimone i embarrassed my wife and shamed them. i said, “Ha! The University of Texas we’ve
got the best literary archive in the country…”
09:12:40 @asimone and then i actually used the term “ivy league snobs.” it was an asshole Texan move.
Poor librarians.
09:19:45 @danvega i wish!
09:20:39 @asimone i found out later that you can go in with a student escort — i shoulda just paid a kid a
couple bucks to name me as a visitor
10:55:32 @mlarson welcome to the dark side πŸ˜‰
12:56:55 In celebration of his birthday (perhaps?) @papertrail finished his “Top 10 Cass McCombs
songs” playlist:
13:20:44 @papertrail part two?
15:53:28 This heat makes me hate everything. Heat = hate. Two words, same four letters.
17:58:35 @dyer9380 thank the baby jeebus! πŸ™‚
19:51:45 Words transform things into images.
20:50:30 If you’re free to make anything, you won’t know what to make.
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austinkleon’s Tweetbook
Thursday, 23rd of July.
08:10:30 Says @errolmorris: w/o a caption or context, photographs are neither true nor false
08:31:06 Of all the things I hate the Bush Administration for, No Child Left Behind might be #1, honestly:
09:08:33 Andrew Bird makes me want to buy a Line 6 DL4 & stay at home all day, playing w/ myself:
09:24:16 @asimone yeah — i’m a big fan of the take-away shows
09:53:01 YES!!! RT @asimone: The Secret of Monkey Island! For the iPhone!
11:39:54 Think me & @megzo are going to take the Iphone plunge. $600 a year. Yikes. Hope the water’s
12:51:44 Perfect illustration of higher ed’s priorities: can of Coke is $0.75 by the faculty offices, $1.25 in
the student lounge.
13:14:55 How to draw trees?
13:54:41 @dan_roam excellent…look forward to it!
15:02:38 @maczter easy: their view from above f***s w/ our view from below.
15:13:52 @maczter ah! so your question was rhetorical, then πŸ˜‰
15:20:37 @maczter well, it beats the hell out of a cubicle wall.
15:31:43 @maczter @senorleroy as the poet David John Matthews once said, “What I want is what I’ve
not got”
15:32:25 Maybe we should print up some “Don’t be clever. Just draw.” t-shirts…
15:36:57 @maczter i hear you. every time i pay our overpriced HOA fees, i think, “but I don’t have to
15:38:34 @David_Weaver that pic of the seaholm is awesome!
16:29:13 If you missed the Esther Pearl Watson show @Domy_Books, here’s a Flickr set:
16:31:39 Talked to @Domy_Books…TONITE is the last for the Esther Pearl Watson show. So get down
there before 8 if you want to see it!
16:56:19 @jonnygoldstein cool. that’s how i got into viz thinking, actually: mapping novels. started w/
17:02:57 @wcraghead awesome! so now we know: checking references is a good thing πŸ™‚
20:02:26 Finally beat World of Goo. Gonna go download Monkey Island for the Touch now…
20:37:59 @mmaddencomics at least i didn’t beat monkey island and download a world of goo for my
touch — that sounds even worse!
21:29:02 SPACED, an awesome TV show by the guys who did SHAUN OF THE DEAD + HOT FUZZ, is
on Hulu now!:
Friday, 24th of July.
08:27:41 “I can’t draw very well, but I design pictures.” – Kurt Vonnegut via @macgeo
08:38:32 @macgeo – i like your new blog, man!
09:17:48 Jealous of Cleveland, tonight: Cass McCombs is playing the Beachland Ballroom w/ The
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austinkleon’s Tweetbook
Walkmen. GO! cc: @chrisferan
10:07:38 @asimone can’t wait for nilsen to do another “long-form” like DOGS AND WATER
12:15:02 @angelaasks people pass the same “dear diary” thing around w/ “snow” replacing “heat” in
Cleveland. In Texas, summer = winter.
12:30:41 A huge batch of Charles Addams cartoons: via @Frauenfelder
14:37:26 Yeah, cartoonists: bringing back the animated GIF! Brodner: Shaw:
14:38:30 @SunniBrown it’s that word “rustic” that’s the tip-off
Saturday, 25th of July.
06:53:14 Off on my first bike ride in Austin. A little terrified. Wish me luck!
11:21:11 Really enjoyed my first city bike ride. Didn’t crash or freak out or anything. Now: I collapse.
11:58:44 @beatonna Eddie campbell started (it’s still unfinished) a History of Humour–it’ll be in his new
ALEC book:
16:15:13 What more could an @megzo want?
16:16:17 @baddmom I plan on doing so! πŸ˜€
19:49:50 CORRECT! RT @coffeemike star trek iv?
20:06:27 @valsadie so close!
20:08:56 “Well, a double dumbass on you!”
Sunday, 26th of July.
08:05:56 @anorwood holy crap…is it amazing?
09:48:11 YEAH, LYNDA!!! RT @DandQ Lynda Barry’s reaction to winning an Eisner:
09:56:14 @mwsmith13 god, I love that song/performance
10:49:48 @Danchaon i’m so happy that lynda won.
11:12:34 WALL-E on Netfix watch instantly, drawing, and making some blackout poems.
11:13:09 @anorwood i consulted my Encyclopedia Shatnerica this morning: some interesting tidbits to
share on monday
11:16:51 @fizzboy sooo good!
11:24:37 @anorwood i read a story about how a magazine was filming Nimoy getting his ears put on, &
Shatner went apeshit cos they saw his wig
11:28:02 Wall-E is us: slogging through a bunch of garbage all day, claiming a few bits of beauty here &
11:34:42 @maczter it’s never been any different — humans have always clawed for survival, w/ some
art/song/religion around the campfire for comfort
11:38:53 Birth of a poem:
11:40:45 @maczter well, YEAH. πŸ™‚ I was thinking how human Wall-E is: how he has this drudge of a job,
but finds moments of beauty/inspiration
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austinkleon’s Tweetbook
11:47:26 Birth of a poem, part two:
11:59:38 Birth of a poem, part three:
12:05:40 Reading about spirit photographer William H. Mumler, thanks to @errolmorris:
12:19:51 A simple Twitter search can be life-affirming:
12:22:58 @anorwood @fizzboy so far movie night is 2 for 2. awesome time!
13:11:09 IDEA: crowd-sourcing the creation of a #newspaperblackout poem via Twitter:
13:31:43 @blackinkjar “unless…it makes me poor” lol! the ol’ is art a gift / is it commerce? problem
15:22:03 Sunday afternoon western:
17:11:01 Nobility, hard drugs, & the art world: a life lived out of 3 things I could care less about:
17:12:50 Another casualty of the ol’ 27 Club:
17:24:53 Honestly, my heart jumped a bit when I saw the obit: I misread “Dash Snow” as “Dash Shaw”!
17:37:00 @mattthomas good for you!
Monday, 27th of July.
06:40:23 @ivarley @uberjam nothing says “welcome home” like heavy construction, huh? hope you’re
catching some Zs!
06:41:38 @senorleroy happy birthday!
08:13:38 Nicholson Baker re: Kindle’s NYTimes. (W/o the print typography, the blackout poems would
look crap): via @MaudNewton
08:50:38 For those of you offline yesterday, I live-tweeted the birth of a #newspaperblackout poem:
08:54:26 @mattforsythe why are they going the music route? why not pitch this towards artists?? grrrr
10:54:20 One of my fav cartoonists, John Porcellino, is selling original art to fund his upcoming book tour:
11:36:21 @NathanBowers almost all i draw with is a Pilot G2 Bold — they’re not good if you’re looking for
precision– great if you want a ton of ink
11:43:05 @NathanBowers yeah, they’re like apples & oranges. i guess i love the “danger” element of the
G2s — i also like to smudge lines at will πŸ˜€
11:43:56 @NathanBowers my favorite thing to draw w/ these days is a Pentel Pocket Brush. that thing is
13:15:38 Lunch doodle: how to draw faces (iphone experiment)
13:34:14 @robotjohnny sonofabitch.
13:35:43 Answer: I’m a moron. RT @robotjohnny: How did you manage to draw it two
days in the future?
13:39:05 @mwsmith13 i approve of all those activities.
13:40:59 @NathanBowers i rigged one: my wife has one of those super-tall, skinny coffee mugs– i
angled it on the lip
13:46:40 For those of you wondering, I stole @megzo’s super-tall coffee thermos & balanced my iphone
page 10 / 109
austinkleon’s Tweetbook
on the lip.
14:22:43 @robotjohnny hey! thanks for the drawn! post πŸ˜€
14:59:26 @gapingvoid saw the ILLUMINATIONS show of saul steinberg work in NY on my honeymoon.
blew my mind. book:
14:59:51 @gapingvoid stole the “writer who draws” thing from him, too
15:01:33 @gapingvoid notes from the “illuminations” show:
15:34:27 @mattforsythe it comforts me & @megzo that we aren’t the only folks with a twitter account for
our dog: @milokleon
17:47:55 “to act undignified you need to have a dignified reason.” – @elgeeb
21:00:32 Saw UP tonight w/ @megzo & @elgeeb. So. Good. Even liked the 3-D. Wonderful flick. FIVE
Tuesday, 28th of July.
08:12:39 Jeez! That little Iphone video I posted at lunch yesterday has been viewed almost 1900 times!
08:18:21 @majorpepper oh this is what i like to read!!
09:13:31 @majorpepper also: happy birthday!
10:18:24 @Armano happy birthday! πŸ™‚
11:14:48 Can you tell how hard I have to concentrate on a bike? No snickering, @keaggy!
11:20:53 Man, I can not get enough of this acoustic version of Lennon’s “Watching The Wheels” via @igifconnor
13:26:46 More visual genius from Christoph Niemann: via @robotjohnny
13:31:23 @robotjohnny so great. i can’t wait for another NYTimes blog post from him:
15:48:21 @brianfay right on, man
21:12:06 That @majorpepper makes a mean brisket + bbq sauce. @papertrail is a lucky man. Happy
b-day, y’all!
21:17:33 Reading OHara’s MeditationsInAnEmergency, pretending to be D Draper. “waiting for the
catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again”
21:30:24 “I am the least difficult of men. All I want is boundless love.”
Wednesday, 29th of July.
08:28:41 My buddy @TWalk on using yr unusual name to yr advantage (subject dear to my heart):
08:59:48 A good haircut from a kind woman is better than a therapy session.
12:53:57 Vasari on Da Vinci as image stalker: #vizthink
13:27:25 @mmaddencomics it also reminded me a bit of schulz’s mental drawing:
14:36:17 QuadCamera is my new fav iphone app: (Thanks, @michaelsurtees) Idea:
Iphone fumetti…
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austinkleon’s Tweetbook
15:43:31 @michaelSurtees nice! thanks!
15:57:20 Austin folks, don’t forget tonight is a #Vizthink Austin meeting hosted by @sunnibrown +
@honoria. Deets:
16:01:17 @meriwalker glad yr digging the blackouts! you should post them to the facebook or flickr page!
17:09:35 @MeriWalker you *should* be able to post them to the wall:
20:22:01 You know you’ve been living in The South for a while when the word “yankee” conjures the Civil
War and not baseball…
21:32:02 I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I drink…whatever’s on sale.
Thursday, 30th of July.
07:54:55 Great tumblr: @impossiblecool’s: (via @philstuart)
09:54:03 .@heathr re: care & engagement in presenting: My online buddy @mlarson once put it this way:
“Authentically give a sh*t.” #vizthink
10:53:09 @mmaddencomics it’s a bad-ass movie. do what you can today to see it!
11:38:28 notes on @heathr’s #vizthinku “Unpresenting” webinar: pg1: pg2: #vizthink
12:30:03 Really happy (& a little surprised!) that everyone at my publisher is excited about my book. Now
to get the rest of the world onboard…
12:30:48 @asimone those look AWESOME
12:31:20 @adriennebreaux hurrah! πŸ˜€
13:18:06 @heathr haha sorry– i tweeted from my dog’s account. whoops!
14:17:59 Rad rendition. RT @TWalk: 5-Year-Old Performs “Folsom Prison Blues” –
14:34:50 @megzo oh, i have a list…
14:57:28 My hi-tech Iphone tripod:
15:09:03 @overprocessed does it involve a coffee mug and an iphone? πŸ˜€
15:18:05 @overprocessed i found a couple good how-tos. the best involve a hard case attached to a
gooseneck or with a nut that fits a tripod screw
15:34:41 @mwsmith13 it’s the only decent course of action
19:14:05 If you need a pep talk, go see @twalk. The man has a gift!
20:11:46 When Gone With The Wind is on, little gets done at Chez Kleon.
Friday, 31st of July.
07:54:19 Austin folks: we’re looking for a place to board our dog Milo for a week. Who have you had good
luck with?
07:58:34 45365–my favorite film from SXSW 2009–is streaming online for one week:
08:02:45 @jonnygoldstein yeah, everything she does is brilliant. one of my few rss feeds.
08:08:04 @Cotntail thanks — round rock is a little far for us, but we’ll look into it!
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austinkleon’s Tweetbook
08:12:03 @caraferguson what did you decide about boarding yr pup? i keep hearing good things about
camp4paws & taurus
08:21:20 @Cotntail definitely. wherever we go, we’re scoping it first, sending him to daycare for a day,
and then picking. thanks!
08:44:07 @viswoman that’s what I’ve heard: nice, but not a lot of space. thanks!
08:45:46 @LaniAR howdy πŸ™‚
08:58:00 @LaniAR ah! cool.
11:35:19 Thanks to @viswoman @Cotntail @zumayabooks @brooksmasterson @SummerH
@overprocessed @samuraivt for the dog boarding recs!
13:03:59 WANT. RT @mattforsythe: Designed these bookbags for the Drawn & Quarterly store here in
13:05:20 RT @cchastain: #Tufte shows us a book by Galileo printed in 1613:
13:10:43 Wife loves M. Ward. Drawing him would be fun… RT @TheOtherLeslie @klru: tixx givaway 4 M
Ward’s 8/5 ACL taping
13:16:38 @cchastain #tufte + #viznotes = be still my heart πŸ˜€
16:05:34 @caraferguson cool. think we’re gonna check out Taurus.
16:13:45 Idea: set up a voicemail. Have 150 different people call it & read a poem from my book. Edit
them together. Stream online…
16:19:00 .@marcievargas believe it or not, there was an 80s game show called BLACKOUT that did
something similar: H/T @anorwood
16:23:02 Another idea: use iphone camera to film friends/folks i bump into reading poems out of the

August 1, 2009

Saturday, 1st of August.

08:24:35 Eddie Campbell nails the feeling w/ words: “they’re not with me; I came in alone.”

08:26:37 At the root of an artist is a loner w/ anarchistic tendencies. “Get away from me. Let me work.

Don’t put me in yr club.” But…

08:28:57 …there’s also the human need for love & the necessity of collaboration. Balancing these is hard,

but not impossible.

08:32:31 “Loneliness — The Maker of the soul / Its Caverns and its Corridors Illuminate — or seal –” –

Emily Dickinson

08:40:03 Art requires solitude. Design requires collaboration.

08:43:15 @maureenmcq oooh where’d you go?

10:06:07 Joyce said art required “silence, exile and cunning.” I’d add, “generosity.”

10:41:18 @jonnygoldstein generosity to yrself, yes, but also to others

11:46:28 Old hippie lady at Twin Liquors shamed me for buying any tequila less than 100% agave. My

ignorance has been schooled.

11:48:41 Quick: somebody point me to a good margarita recipe.

12:09:25 @joeyTWOwheels perfect! Thanks, Joe!

13:11:08 @viswoman that looks amazing!

13:53:14 @maureenmcq no! Recommend it?

13:57:00 Found two of my favorite things on sale: @ShinerBeer & #tufte

13:59:47 The recent XKCD tequila cartoon was trumped 8 years ago by @achewood:

14:07:51 @IDMPhoto “great minds…” hehe

14:15:05 @IDMPhoto nice! y’all drink one for me. I’ll get back up there some day…

14:18:44 @IDMPhoto you should accompany him to SXSW next year: we’ll get into trouble

14:36:10 Love this Art Spiegelman sketchbook page from 1983:

15:45:28 @IDMPhoto thanks! been obsessed lately with the idea: “it’s not the tools, it’s the thinking”

16:07:49 @cchastain i want to go to there

16:46:23 I think BEAUTIFUL EVIDENCE might be my favorite Ed #Tufte book. My mindmap:

20:26:58 Me & @milokleon fotoed by @bentumbrella:

21:38:48 @theBDR yea! That movie was @megzo’s & my first date

Sunday, 2nd of August.

12:04:02 Looking forward to bringing back a bunch of my music gear from OH to TX. Gonna go back to

recording songs on my Tascam 4-track.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


12:26:32 Love this (1982!) Lynda Barry author page.

12:36:53 Frank Santoro lays out part of the reason why I think it’s such an interesting time to be into


13:09:01 Will Eisner on writing/drawing: comix “can take yr ineptitudes in both fields, put ’em together, &

come out w/ an aptitude”

14:35:18 Trying to do more experimental, “chooseyrownadventure” poems, like this: Might

be one constraint too many.

15:55:14 The Joy of Hondas

22:18:12 Oh, you know: just the usual Sunday night despair.

Monday, 3rd of August.

07:48:16 Monday morning #newspaperblackout poem, “Home Depot”: Inspired by this


08:00:01 It’s National Sandwich Month, & @keaggy’s 7th year eating a sandwich a day & posting it


08:04:57 @mattforsythe baker is the man! check out his book DOUBLE FOLD, too, and he and his wifes’


08:23:02 The rule for pronunciation in Austin: just say it the way a hick would say it.

11:24:43 T.S. Eliot said “April is the cruellest month.” He didn’t live in Texas.

12:12:53 Tucked away in the UT Law School is the baddest-assed WWII poster of all time:

14:24:06 “I’ve received more of a response to Christmas cards that I’ve sent.” – Dan Clowes on his

NYTimes strip

14:52:56 @MyLifeInaCube LOL i loved that.

14:58:14 @mmaddencomics @madinkbeard how cool would it have been if instead of one glossy

magazine page, they’d been given a huge broadsheet?

19:26:35 Gol-dang the History Channel is SMUTTY!

Tuesday, 4th of August.

08:10:26 Great deal: Sketchbook Pro 2010 for $60. via @overprocessed via

@amazondeals #vizthink #viznotes

10:59:14 Gah! Rock Band 2 Special Edition for $99… I’m trying so hard not to give in…

11:39:20 Variations on Charlie Brown’s head:

12:33:40 @heathr i saw that! too cool!

12:35:26 RT @heathr: @MAKE’s blog picked up your fantastic visual notes on my UnPresenting talk

12:38:11 @leeleslie i prefer blank, but i really liked the size when i found it. (it’s a 300-page miquelrius


12:57:24 YES!!! @dandq is gonna publish 2 more Lynda Barry books (including a novel!!) (via @comicsreporter)

13:41:29 Bad bar chart of movie reviews not screened for press: Should go to 100% to

page 15 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


show low scores.

14:32:29 Unexpectedly, I really like this Japandroids album:

14:34:56 @IDMPhoto you like the new Dino Jr album, too? i’m trying to use my Emusic account b4 i let it

run out

16:11:26 One month of sweet parking. Would rather a cash prize, but this’ll do:

17:31:31 “put a little something in your lemonade…”

Wednesday, 5th of August.

06:56:32 Whenever I’m dumb enough to comment on how good @milokleon is doing, you can be sure

he’ll pee on something later.

08:51:29 @IDMPhoto never read Bloom Country — it’s supposed to be excellent, though! will have to

seek it out

09:05:39 Fans of #viznotes, sketchnotes, & whatever the hell else we’re calling it these days, follow this

hashtag: #ifvp09

09:55:22 DUDE: Lynda Barry’s “Near-Sighted Monkey” book is a DRAWING FOLLOWUP to “What It Is”!!! via @dandq

09:56:28 A frickin’ companion to “What It Is,” centered on DRAWING, people!! #lyndabarryomgswoon

10:05:10 I prefer a Zooey-less performance! RT @TheOtherLeslie: M. Ward load-in smooth as silk. Sorry

fellas, no sign of Zooey. #acltv

10:25:26 Awesome online plagiarism blog:

13:33:33 @cubitplanning yes! there’s a guy named Greg Claxton who works for the city — a bit about him

from that gallery show:

13:35:27 Excellent lunch w/ @cubitplanning & @antm. #followtuesday

13:36:45 @cubitplanning @antm here’s a slideshow of the last #vizthink where we brainstormed for the

Austin comprehensive plan:

13:37:40 Oooh I’m feeling phantom Sharpie pains… RT @TheOtherLeslie: M. Ward rehearsal #acltv

13:39:31 @glass ah, the Southgate — tons of awesome memories of seeing shows there!!

13:40:37 @roblifford let me know — i really liked the cheese monkeys!

14:54:05 Handed some #viznotes on web-editing to a co-worker. She was delighted. Thought, “Heh, this

stuff actually DOES work.” Duh.

15:49:54 @IDMPhoto this new dino jr. kicks ay-ass! thanks for the rec

15:56:03 A troll posted on the @Make blog: “Austin needs to go back to first grade english and pass it

this time.” LOL

15:56:57 @mlarson did you spot yr quote in these notes?

16:01:36 @NathanBowers wasn’t that hilarious?

16:06:34 @jtwilcox i didn’t even catch that! snap!

16:16:35 “There’s no stoppin’ the cretins from hoppin'” #Ramones

16:25:07 @anorwood ha! there was also some alphabet developed that got rid of capital/lowercase

distinctions. forget the name…

page 16 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:27:09 @anorwood remembered: Alphabet 26 by Bradbury Thompson:

16:33:16 In defense of my dotted uppercase i’s, I give you “Alphabet 26”

16:43:42 Summer in Texas:

16:50:02 Headed off with @megzo to draw M Ward taping Austin City Limits. ( “Ward” backwards is

“draw”) #acltv

17:04:44 @mlarson DO IT!

17:58:31 I love listening to clueless business guys from tech companies in line at ACL tapings. “M Ward,

is that a punk band?” #musicsnob

18:02:32 RT @jtwilcox : Even better, this means “draw M ward” is a palindrome.

18:18:54 HIPSTER OR HIPPIE? #acltv

21:10:26 Austin, Texas: Land of cute girls w/ ugly tattoos

21:27:43 M Ward: near impossible to caricature. Too normal-looking & handsome…

21:30:50 “To Go Home” = great closer. RT @TheOtherLeslie: M. Ward set list #acltv

Thursday, 6th of August.

11:54:32 “At least I’m not a hideous f***er.” = best comeback ever.


12:09:32 RT @woxy: Our live session with Cass McCombs should will be a little closer to 2pm ET, stick


13:24:53 @oh_steph every work day needs a little neely

13:58:27 “Cool people are wrong about so many things.” – Lynda Barry

15:39:54 Programming makes me want to put a gun in my mouth.

15:52:31 RT @jmerriman: John Hughes gave us Clark W. Griswold. His short story Vacation ’58, the

basis for the original film:

19:37:19 Watching 45365. Getting me in the mood to go back home to small-town Ohio for a couple of


19:56:30 Hulu has an interview with Bill & Turner Ross, the brothers behind 45365: Last

night to watch it online!

20:11:04 Okay, last tweet about 45365, I promise:

Friday, 7th of August.

12:25:23 JEALOUS. RT @mattforsythe: Oh, nice surprise… Just got an advance copy of Crumb’s


12:26:48 @ivarley let the party begin!

12:27:07 RT @megzo: Note to self: throw party featuring boozy popsicles

12:33:30 @TXPerfArts let me know if you need somebody to draw ’em πŸ˜‰ will draw for tixx

15:09:39 When no one writes w/ pens anymore, will there still be pen pals? My own:

15:42:02 “Lying will be punished. Perhaps. But not as often as truth-telling.” – @errolmorris

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:22:26 Children need something to rebel against. Let it henceforth be decreed: ours shall be clean-cut

& clad in OshKosh.

16:27:30 @jenbee loved that Mike Monteiro print: along similar lines:

16:31:50 @IDMPhoto you are too kind, sir. happy weekend!

17:21:45 @mwsmith13 To my knowledge, no… πŸ™‚

18:41:48 @mattpicasso hang in there, man!

19:29:05 What I like to hear! RT @thcrawford your blackout poems were very popular at my workshop for

teachers today #bodeswellforbookandtshirtsales

20:02:22 @keaggy am I too late?

20:43:58 Watching True Blood, drinking a beer, and waiting for the cherry pie @megzo’s baking me to be

ready. Life is good.

21:30:17 Ladies & gents, this is why you marry a baker:

Saturday, 8th of August.

10:07:09 RT @bonitasarita Looks like ohio has resorted to promoting cow tipping

10:14:54 @davegray @karlgude wait, which university in ohio has a good infographics/infodesign

undergrad? Miami or Ohio U?

11:47:54 My favorite coffee mug:

13:54:24 Finally got around to posting my drawings of the M Ward Austin City Limits taping: #acltv

14:11:39 Doodle:

14:16:42 @cesart they look great! i’ve been so impressed w/ the 3GS camera

17:37:42 Thanks, Andy! RT @Andylanger Becoming a big fan of Austin Kleon’s drawings of Austin City

Limits tapings

17:39:10 RT @megzo “I’ll put the iPod on. I’m not making him listen to Prairie Home Companion while

we’re gone, even if he is a dog” -@austinkleon

22:14:26 Weekend project: building @drawers a new WordPress-driven website. Going pretty well so


Sunday, 9th of August.

10:31:09 @davegray there’s Miami University in Oxford, OH, which is where I went, & Ohio University in

Athens, OH

19:50:57 Sneak peek at @drawers’s new website:

Monday, 10th of August.

06:26:07 @keaggy @davegray that’s what I figured! (I know Miami didn’t have one when I was

there…which was not all *that* long ago…)

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:20:36 “It’s what you do when you don’t have an idea; you give the main character amnesia & watch

him f*** up.” – @elmoreleonard

08:49:04 @craigeley NICE.

08:56:42 Rad @daytrotter acoustic Deerhoof session:

12:02:16 Happy birthday Eddie Campbell, and happy birthday to us when the ALEC omnibus comes out: (thx to @leighwalton)

12:03:20 @bonitasarita the older terminals ARE nasty

12:04:15 Ohio love for ACL RT @klru: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to designate Austin City Limits a

historic landmark. More:

12:29:33 Lunch doodle:

12:52:26 @TheOtherLeslie ah, DMB. brother took me to see them in 1996: I was 13! still love that 1st

album, & carter is one of the best drummers ever

12:58:26 @LPT “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

13:09:24 @LPT saw them in Columbus, Ohio — a then unknown Ben Harper opened. they jammed on

“All Along The Watchtower” at the end. it was sweet.

13:13:07 @papertrail YES!! DO IT! also, this box is hanging on my wall:

Breeders' Fate To Fatal EP

13:31:32 Sweet: my #SXSW #viznotes panel idea is green-lit for the PanelPicker next week… cc:

@davegray @sunnibrown @rohdesign

15:06:50 @marcjohns i have a theory that student is just plain nutso — i can’t see a sane person

plagiarizing like that

15:09:34 HA! RT @TheOtherLeslie: Tune in tonight for another episode of “Hippie

or Hipster?” at #acltv

15:14:20 @AustinBloggy haha — he was an enigma…

15:16:51 @johntunger holy smokes! check out the poster:

15:19:47 @johntunger it’s in public domain! you can watch it for free online:

15:21:53 “the artist…the poet…the figure model…who loves to show it!” via


16:00:06 @SunniBrown google, girlfriend

19:12:18 Summer in Texas: #newspaperblackout

Tuesday, 11th of August.

06:43:00 RT @dan_roam 1st in my series of 4 napkin sketches explaining the health care mess is up:

07:52:18 @cherylberklich those aren’t mine. they’re @dan_roam’s!

07:54:20 TX summer progressed to the point where I don’t want to send myself to hell, I just accept I’m in

it :

07:56:31 @AButlerBro @anotherbros site looks good, fellas!

08:02:40 @cherylberklich no worries, but be sure to get to know @dan_roam’s work–it’s amazing

08:03:00 @brittanyforks god, i know: i keep a sweatshirt on the back of my chair at all times.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:07:46 This rivals “F*** yeah, Cilantro”: (Thx, @douglaswolk!)

09:30:45 @johnmjones i had no idea the term “edupunk” existed! love it. thanks for the link

10:14:47 @johnmjones rad! thanks. perfect example of how much a good name for an idea can help it


10:47:57 @anorwood thanks!

10:58:00 .@megzo calls Good Will Hunting a “chick-flick for men,” but this scene sticks w/ me, b/c both

sides are right:

11:18:43 .@sashafrerejones has an excellent point: serialization can lead to unified works.

11:32:45 @tracymueller so glad you’re settling in and liking tucson!

15:49:12 RT @captions Nothing happens next. This is it.

16:20:09 Just got an e-mail asking me if I know of any cartooning classes for young people in the Austin

area. I don’t. Do you?

16:44:47 @ahmedriaz ah! good suggestion. thx

18:19:02 Pitas & peanut butter, whiskey, & MadWorld. Things get barbarous when @megzo isn’t home.

19:51:22 Got the TV all to myself, but instead, I’m playing Drop7. iPhone > wii

21:00:49 “When you came in the air went out…” A good theme song / credit intro makes all the difference.


21:10:14 @NathanBowers exactly.

21:14:44 RT @darthvader Hey Sarah, I got your ‘death panel’ right here!

Wednesday, 12th of August.

07:43:09 @mmaddencomics the “poetry is banned” party was stupid, but i do like the idea of the mentor

system vs. workshop

08:06:32 @mmaddencomics *part* (although a “poetry is banned” party might be fun…)

08:29:32 “everyday users of buildings are almost always more interesting than the actual creators of

those spaces” – @bldgblog

09:40:32 I think of Wooderson whenever I update our financial aid page: “Tuition gets higher, placement

rates stay the same.”

13:17:37 “I elected to sidestep the job market and go straight to graduate school…” Big mistake. $50,000


14:04:27 The Austin City Limits stage, naked: taken by @iwantamonkey via


15:32:04 RT @scd: “While My Guitar Gently Beeps” – a fantastic (and huge) NY Times article on Beatles:

Rock Band

15:51:59 Harold Graves sketches during a performance @whitneymuseum:

17:03:50 “Tea for when I want to smoothly sail through the day. Coffee for when I want to hack through

the jungle.”

17:18:50 HBO SPIN-OFF IDEA: Omar & Lafayette = lovers. Show involves smoking pot, waxing

philosophical, & bitch-slapping.

19:37:34 Milo vs. Harry The Dirty Dog:

page 20 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


19:42:48 @katharine_b isn’t it? I should email David Simon and Alan Ball and make this happen… πŸ˜‰

19:50:09 Old cartoon i doodled when I was a librarian (4 yrs ago) via @megzo:

19:55:12 @katharine_b “oh, INDEED” πŸ˜€

22:11:15 @darby3 I take full responsibility. Welcome to the rabbit hole!

Thursday, 13th of August.

06:28:54 W/ the Beatles edition coming out, I gave in. RT @amazongames: Deal of the Day! $89.98 Rock

Band 2 for Wii,

08:04:50 Tailor-made for @megzo & me! RT @mmaddencomics Appreciation of the potential of comics


08:12:53 “Its learning what to leave out…it’s the holes…”

08:21:10 RT @radiomaru i’ve always followed that old adage, “write what you barely know”

08:39:47 Austin } Houston } Columbus, Ohio. As Dylan said, “people just get uglier / and I have no sense

of time”

12:45:56 @bonitasarita look familiar? #Ohio

22:38:29 Ain’t no cookin like mama’s cookin:

22:45:27 @fluxistrad totally with you on The The’s DUSK: why isn’t it talked about more? Awesome


22:51:58 Amazing night at my mom’s house, eating fried chicken and jamming w/ my best friend since

grade school. So happy.

Friday, 14th of August.

16:45:33 Day #2 of mama’s cookin’:

22:36:38 Love the puns in this story about Bob Dylan getting picked up by the police:

(via @wpettyjohn)

Saturday, 15th of August.

08:22:54 It’s a wonder I avoided childhood obesity:

09:20:59 @marlaerwin @antm if only I could get her to open a trailer in Austin…

14:50:17 Taking a nap with the windows open. #ohio

Sunday, 16th of August.

06:18:18 RT @errolmorris : LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Most books are unreadable.

10:02:31 Great quote on video games by Paul McCartney in the NYTimes:

10:39:05 Space Ghost: Protector of the Universe! #comicsfoundinbasement

11:12:21 “So, Austin, I see you’ve put on a few pounds…” Thanks, Grandpa. #whyweliveintexas

11:36:32 @gregwind @eachnotesecure that’s so cool woxy is moving to ATX. Went to college in Oxford,

OH & listened back when it was broadcast!

page 21 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


11:38:27 @gregwind @eachnotesecure once you get over the heat, OH->TX isn’t that bad. when you get

lonely for some midwesterners, we can grab a beer!

12:01:58 Best soundtrack ever?

13:21:26 @mwsmith13 that one is indeed, fantastic

13:24:44 @alanjhunt I don’t know! It’s uncredited. Copyright 1966 Hanna-Barbera. Will research later…

14:13:23 @mattthomas how awesome was that beatles rock band article? So smart

14:15:21 “A dream you dream alone may be a dream, but a dream two people dream together is a

reality.” – John Lennon

19:40:34 Photo of @megzo, 1984:

19:48:10 @mattthomas faded newsprint!

19:55:17 Miserable Men.

Monday, 17th of August.

06:26:15 RT @tomgauld & @ToolsArtistsUse Today’s interview is with cartoonist and illustrator Tom


06:37:48 Please vote for our Visual Notetaking 101 #SXSW panel w/ @davegray @sunnibrown &

@rohdesign #vizthink

14:06:37 24 more hours in Ohio:

Tuesday, 18th of August.

03:32:54 @designfeast thanks, Nate!

03:42:16 @catpoetry yup. See:

08:10:07 Thanks everybody for the great comments on our Visual Notetaking 101 #SXSW panel! #vizthink #viznotes

09:52:47 It’d be nice if @megzo & I could haul a plane full of this Ohio rain & dump it on Texas tonight…

09:54:15 Thanks, @johntunger! Can’t wait for yr panel w/ @gapingvoid:

19:48:38 @papertrail @majorpepper CONGRATS!!!!! spicy tuna rolls for everyone!!

21:21:48 RT @megzo: People asked the guy sitting next to us on our flight to ATX for his autograph. No

clue who he was. (A singer named Jack?)

22:30:55 That’s him!!! He was reading David Sedaris’s BARREL FEVER RT @roblifford Look like this

dude, maybe?

22:32:29 “He smelled good and didn’t hog the armrest.” – @megzo

23:07:40 3 things waiting in the mail tonight: Sketchbook Pro, @keaggy’s 50 SAD CHAIRS, & Rock Band


Wednesday, 19th of August.

09:01:04 [SXSWSPAM] Note: neither “social” nor “media” appears in our #sxsw #viznotes panel: :

page 22 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:04:56 One needs to get out of Texas at least 3-4 times a year. Travel, distance = creativity. Making the

familiar strange…

12:46:51 query = “What next?”

13:22:11 Edward Tufte on the “Beautiful Evidence of Medieval Drawings” via

@DesignObserver & @robgiampietro

16:11:14 “Mapmakers proposition you with very different realities.” A comic on maps:

19:30:22 Holy crap am I loving Rock Band. Drums on expert = fantastic way to unwind after work…

19:49:52 God bless you, Roger Ebert:

20:06:54 Yes! The one RSS feed i never miss RT @robotjohnny Have you read Ebert’s essay on death

and the afterlife? wonderful.

20:14:03 NYC folks: my old Cambridge (UK) friend @jwojwo is playing @ Pianos on Sept 23rd @ 8pm.

Check him out!

20:41:24 Go buy @DanChaon’s new book! Fantastic NYTimes write-up:

21:30:36 Build yourself a good antenna…

Thursday, 20th of August.

06:17:08 @jwojwo believe it or not, Austin, Texas!

07:34:06 Whoa, totally missed this Edward Gorey show in San Antonio: Thx,


08:41:26 @anorwood road trip? i’m down

09:05:03 @postsecret tweetie, quadcamera, pandora, google, shazam, bloom, drop7, eliss, nytimes

09:06:21 Editor tells me the first pass manuscript should be ready by the end of next month. Now where’s

that cover?

10:52:35 @loosetooth re: puttering: great minds… my sketchbook from lunch yesterday:

12:00:43 Throwaway lunch poem:

12:05:10 RT @eachnotesecure Just posted mp3’s from one of my favorite WOXY lounge acts in some

time with Cass McCombs

12:32:24 @armindak thanks! πŸ˜€

15:04:57 If anyone can pull off a #SXSW panel about sports metaphors, it’s @twalk:

15:57:39 @loosetooth i’m definitely for it, but i WISH i was a professional πŸ™‚

17:19:49 Adulthood = relief that there’s no new email or snailmail, b/c that means no new bills or people

who want things from you.

Friday, 21st of August.

08:22:40 One thing I’ve learned in my brief tenure as an artist: it’s the side projects that blow up.

08:24:10 And by side projects I mean the stuff that you thought was just farting around. That’s actually the

good stuff.

08:24:26 So the lesson is: take time to fart around.

page 23 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:11:31 #ff

09:32:00 RT @brittanyforks: @AustinChronicle reviewed my book!

09:44:19 Drawing = way of seeing. RT @darby3: Learning to draw is a little like learning to see the code

inside the Matrix.

09:53:39 I still love The Walkmen:

10:07:27 @TWalk you’re a good man: i have a hard time respecting people who don’t have one

12:15:31 @ivarley you’re going to Columbus? we were just there! I grew up just south of there! show? i’ll

send some folks out…

12:19:06 @gillinator “I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you

different.” – Kurt Vonnegut πŸ˜‰

18:10:34 If I never see another UHaul I’ll be a happy man.

22:06:02 Totally forgot I had this: #mj #baby tiger

Saturday, 22nd of August.

08:06:07 Listening to an Eduardo Galeano interview (thx, @largeheartedboy!) and assembling IKEA


08:34:48 Michael Silverblatt drives me nuts. Spare us your literary interpretation, & ask a frickin’ question.


08:35:28 RT @milokleon Stupid Ikea. I should be on a walk right now!

08:37:10 RT @madinkbeard Trondheim’s new iphone comic…

11:47:29 Dear Internets: plz find me a version of B.I.G’s “Juicy” w/o Puff talking in the bkgrd like a moron.

22:31:05 Me & @drawers, doing rock band & rolling rock

Sunday, 23rd of August.

11:01:19 @bonitasarita oh no! feel better!

11:05:04 @IDMPhoto Milo sleeps like that too sometimes! Usually after I’ve been giving him a belly rub…

21:05:40 Anybody else catch the editor’s visual thinking w/ index cards in JULIE & JULIA? #vizthink #nerd

21:30:24 Snap of our new and improved library:

21:39:49 “You’re not an artist, Peggy: you solve problems. Leave some tools in your toolbox.” – Don


21:51:16 Helluva list! RT @drmabuse long overdue A-Z of all the guests who have appeared on Bat


22:37:26 If all Texans can agree on one thing, it’s that this hot, cruddy summer needs to end. Bring on the

fabled wet fall.

Monday, 24th of August.

09:20:54 @scd didja see that Tom Hart is posting PDFs of his new book-in-progress on making comics?

09:22:04 @davegray the cartoonist Tom Hart is posting PDFs of his book-in-progress on making comix:

page 24 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook

24-August-2009 slightly #unbook …

09:23:06 @scd i’m still mad i didn’t take yr advice and make a comic for my senior project…

10:03:16 @brandonnn @scd small worlds, indeed! must give cred to @scd for knowing Hart: he

encouraged me to buy my first Hutch Owen collection!

10:26:18 Designers / Mad Men fans: here’s something for your cubicle / desktop:

12:29:14 Doodling along at lunch with Tom Hart’s HOW TO SAY EVERYTHING:

13:12:52 @tastytouring weight watchers really worked for my mom. check out @pomeranian99’s piece

on ww as a role-playing game!

18:21:22 Good news of the day: my spherical ice molds shipped from the MoMA store: perfect for whiskey sipping…

19:21:38 @papertrail lol yes!!!

Tuesday, 25th of August.

07:18:15 @gapingvoid @johntunger lame article that could be fodder for yr SXSW panel: via @drmabuse

09:21:43 “A.A. works. It is free and everywhere and has no hierarchy, and no one in charge.” – Roger


09:31:20 “everyone, speaking honestly & openly, had important things to tell me. The program was

bottom-line democracy.”

09:38:24 @jenbee both of those look great! put in my vote πŸ™‚

10:40:54 “I’m starting to suspect the thing that sucked about Sterling was me.” – Patton Oswalt on his


11:08:20 @jtwilcox go for it πŸ™‚

11:15:16 Some days, the only thing I look forward to is eating. Okay, most days.

11:21:45 As the poet once said, “I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat.”

12:54:22 Every place I’ve ever worked, the break room is the LAST room I’d want to be in on my break.

13:00:05 @lavannamartin @NameYourTale my alt tweet was, “Sub-zero temps & soaps on TV seems

like hell to me…for others, it’s called a break room”

14:56:11 Our neighborhood message board is so ridiculous. Patio furniture gets stolen, & suddenly

there’s a “crime spree.”

Wednesday, 26th of August.

07:49:09 Ah, so the Summer of Heat & Death continues…

09:29:53 “Mommy, mommy! Ikea switched from Futura to Verdana!”


10:27:19 @mattthomas @rebeccapogany the curse of the glowing rectangles:

12:38:10 The annual irony: a college campus is the coolest place on earth…until the students arrive.

13:18:30 @tracymueller liar. LOL

13:21:06 @scd thanks to miami, i never knew a real union until i saw UT’s…beer in a student union! what

a concept. πŸ™‚

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


13:22:16 @marlaerwin oh, if only i could taste torchy’s “like a virgin”. the only place where i order


13:23:43 @papertrail keep the kimdeal comin’!

13:32:12 Seeing Elvis Costello tape Austin City Limits on Monday. I just fist-bumped my 16-yr-old self.

13:37:11 @minorjive @ChristinaMerk i don’t think i can draw elvis. might have to just drink beer & marvel

14:21:32 @tracymueller you’re a better person than me! πŸ˜€

16:25:05 35 days until October. Then the Texas Summer of Heat & Death will be over.

16:27:28 Though @shitmydadsays is awesome & much funnier, I had him beat by a few months:

18:11:24 Tell @drawers to quit tweeting & post to his website so we can launch the dang thing!

19:33:18 “when I get mad / I put it down on a pad / huh! / give ya something that you never had” – chuck d

19:41:55 Might not hear it on #acltv Monday night, but this is one of my favorite Elvis Costello songs:

20:30:03 @roblifford brothas from a different motha!

20:41:42 Beatles Anthology on VH1 to pimp Rock Band. Night’s killed.

21:12:42 Watching Nick Lowe on #acltv. Dig this great NPR solo concert he did:

Thursday, 27th of August.

07:47:50 Two thing’s the break room’s good for: coffee and blank canvases.

08:36:42 Trying to get back into the swing of regular blogging. Made a few posts last night:

09:37:51 “You’ve got to read a lot. That’s the only way to learn to write in the beginning…to imitate to get

yourself going.” -@elmoreleonard

10:53:10 @LostOutside love Arkie’s! gotta get back there soon

11:16:49 Thx, for saving me the reply to family members explaining why they’re stupid

for fwding me that email.

11:37:40 On 2nd thought, when dealing w/ political email fwds from family, best course is the DELETE

button or Gmail filter.

11:43:14 @mrflip Yes! The trick is that I never see the email, it just goes to a happly black hole

somewhere and dies

11:45:51 In re: to this blog post, there’s a difference between “flatulence” and “farting around.”

12:18:47 @chrisferan yes, i don’t even want to SEE the crazy, so there’s no chance the crazy will make it

to my brain

13:04:10 “The original fault was whether wickedness was soluble in art.” – John Berryman via

13:45:56 That’s all the time we have tonight…tune in to next week’s show, on WHEN YOUR FAMILY


15:14:16 @eachnotesecure @AustinBloggy take it from me: you will miss ohio when it’s 105 g-damned

degrees outside. in february, not so much.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


15:51:29 @TWalk happy anniversary to you and tessa!!!

17:09:20 Rainbow over East Austin:

17:10:08 Rainbow over East Austin (better pic)

17:22:01 @Armano beautiful, ain’t it!

20:34:03 Hey Malvin, lean over here so I can punch you. #projectrunway

Friday, 28th of August.

07:43:12 Leadership tip: skip the management training. Bring in Dunkin Donuts & breakfast tacos. They’ll

follow you over a cliff…

08:06:35 Good news, folks: I’ve basically been placed in control of my final cover design. One benefit of

being a writer AND designer…

08:09:54 @brittanyforks you SHOULD be happy…your cover looks great!

08:30:46 @peterdurand that saul bass tumblr theme is so cool!

08:37:42 @anorwood those songs have a way of working into your DNA. every once in a while I break

into “Take a look! It’s in a book!”

08:40:49 @ericabrooke congrats! i got a good book you can pimp… πŸ˜‰

08:49:53 @ericabrooke yes!! get some good celebrating in this weekend!

12:38:50 Mike Judge Master Class I drew [ ] will be on KUT this Sunday @ 11 AM [ ]

12:40:30 YES! They’re so f*in good. RT @ultra8201: White Denim show at @mohawkaustin in October.

13:01:01 @LPT awesome!

13:53:47 @radiomaru i’m a huge fan of BROTHERHOOD — love the guitar stuff on the front / dance-y

stuff on the back. + Bizarre f*in Love Triangle

14:44:36 If I taught writing, subtitling that scene from DOWNFALL would definitely be on the syllabus:

21:47:55 The ice ball molds have arrived. Tomorrow night: whiskey. cc: @papertrail

22:32:35 @papertrail @fizzboy will post the results tomorrow a.m.!

Saturday, 29th of August.

08:41:46 Saturday morning comics:

08:49:08 Color is hard for the colorblind:

09:20:34 Techies: need a 1TB or so hard drive to back up 3 Macs. (80GB, 80GB, 120GB) External

firewire? USB 2.0? Or internal + enclosure?

09:29:22 @brooksmasterson i’ve been using SuperDuper for manual backups — i have two intel macs

and one powerpc

09:30:11 @minorjive good points. really just need an external i can take to all 3 computers and use —

probably just do a 1TB external drive…

09:30:40 @zg512 never read that one. any good?

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:30:59 @BThousand thanks!

09:34:12 @zg512 nope, haven’t read that either

09:34:46 @brooksmasterson that’s smart…and should save me some bucks. i have 2 250GB USB 2.0

drives, but they’re just not big enough anymore!

09:35:44 @Ovasi maybe! taking wife’s macbook in to bitch about the plastic case which is cracking for

the 3rd time.

11:07:11 @anorwood yeah, i think i’m just gonna shell out for a nice LaCie. I have an old 250GB that’s

still kicking…

11:23:51 @anorwood gah! I’ll probablydo that with old drive and important files

12:27:04 @mattthomas lol alrighty, then!

12:55:48 Ourselves included. RT @megzo “the MOMA catalogue is like SkyMall for hipsters” –


13:08:09 Well, everybody’s got mixed opinions about external hard drives for mac. Torn b/w LaCie &

OWC (@mattthomas’s rec)

13:16:48 @IDMPhoto yeah, I only really need about 400GB for bi-weekly backups…

13:19:50 @NathanBowers yet ANOTHER option!

13:21:22 At Borders, trying to get inspired to work on the #NewspaperBlackout cover tonight.

13:45:29 @magdaZINE Thanks! I think I’m gonna go with Lacie. I’ve had good luck with them so far

14:04:31 @Ovasi good to know!

16:34:28 “…if i in my north room dance naked…who shall say I am not the happy genius of my

household?” – William Carlos Williams

17:03:28 austinkleonNow that I pimped out @megzo’s macbook w/ Snow Leopard and more RAM, it

makes me want a new laptop…

19:03:29 SAVE ROAST BEEF! RT @jwojwo I’m not happy about what’s happening

in achewood at the moment.

20:28:28 Yeah, History Channel, smuttin’ it up!

20:48:41 @brittanyforks there’s a surprise in store for us, methinks…

Sunday, 30th of August.

09:12:07 RT @JanetPierson Morning reminder:John Pierson talks w/ Mike Judge on KUT-FM today @

11 AM

10:14:57 Listening to Breakfast w/ the Beatles: excited for the new mono

remasters! #beatlesfreak #RecordingGeek

10:15:46 @bonitasarita oooh! I want a new 13 inch sooo bad!

11:03:06 Still the best way to listen to the Beatles:

13:48:41 Cover!

14:00:55 @adriennebreaux @anorwood thanks!

14:54:01 @tastytouring not until April! (Arrrrrgh!)

14:58:59 “Experts = the new oracles. They speak to us w/ the absolute authority of the computer & we

bow down before them” – Orson Welles, F FOR FAKE

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


17:16:48 @davidhayes thanks! it’s all compromises…

19:27:50 Sky tonight:

21:54:51 RT @johnmjones Tom Cruise is selling pot on #madmen

Monday, 31st of August.

08:04:57 Last week to vote for my SXSW Panel w/ @davegray @sunnibrown & @rohdesign! Please


08:06:58 The #NewspaperBlackout cover! In case you missed it yesterday:

08:13:55 @tastytouring @adamholz new site looks good!! πŸ™‚

09:10:45 Yes, you can! RT @brittanyforks: Can I pre-order this handsome thing online?

10:07:16 Got some sample design pages for #NewspaperBlackout. Gonna look awesome:

10:12:53 SO! EXCITED! RT @TheOtherLeslie: It’s Elvis Costello day at #acltv! And Patty Griffin is

coming too.

10:20:31 GO, @DANCHAON! RT @roncharles RT @earlyword Strong demand for Dan Chaon’s AWAIT

YOUR REPLY at public libraries.

12:02:45 @bruceturner thanks, Bruce!!!

12:42:32 @TheOtherLeslie i’m so interested to find out the set list!!! #excited

12:42:56 YESSS!!! RT @TheOtherLeslie: We’re about to hear “Every Day I Write the Book” with

bluegrass instrumentation #acltv

12:44:58 @TheOtherLeslie i’m down with that. as long as we get a couple classics, i’m a happy camper!

13:28:54 @pennydelosantos gorgeous place!

13:59:59 Dear 19-year-old self, you can’t just alternate the Rushmore & High Fidelity soundtracks & call it

a mix CD….or can you?

14:17:07 “Tapered jeans is just madness. Madness.” – @elgeeb

17:34:23 Further investigation revealed that she wasn’t naked after all. #utcampus

17:35:38 Nothing like queso and ice cream to warm up for #acltv…

17:46:03 Dang! #acltv line for Elvis Costello is looong.

17:59:00 @NathanBowers I’m *Austin* and you’re pushing my *limits*!

18:14:22 Ah! My #acltv tote bags are still on sale:

18:26:47 Thank god at ACL you don’t have to sit next to who you stood next to in line:

21:04:13 #acltv Elvis Costello and Patty Griffin:

21:08:05 @macgeo he’s on Twitter, too! @tomgauld

21:09:22 @LPT so sorry! I worried for you when I saw the line…

21:21:03 #acltv @megzo really liked these drawings:

21:31:51 @TheOtherLeslie @acltv tell Terry I did this one special for him πŸ˜‰

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September 1, 2009

Tuesday, 1st of September.

07:40:29 @blogofinnocence thanks for the good words about the site!

07:43:17 @peterdurand ah! reading munari! i dug that book

07:53:32 I gotta admit, I want to see this Robin Williams / Bobcat Goldthwait movie:

08:00:13 @overprocessed oh, cool! i had no idea there was a screening in town tonight. hope it’s decent!

08:10:43 @overprocessed nice!

09:03:00 My drawings of Elvis Costello taping Austin City Limits last night: #acltv

09:33:41 @TWalk oh yeah!

09:39:39 @davegray big, dumb, and slow — like something a hero would slay in a dark cave

09:58:08 One man’s joy is another man’s vision of hell:

09:58:56 Three strikes: living in Arkansas, being named Jim Bob, and having 19 kids. Where’s the


10:00:24 @zg512 jim bob must be an IDIOCRACY fan:

10:09:32 @marlaerwin i think you’re right: that might be the creepiest part.

11:06:23 A Herculean feat! RT @keaggy: Eating my traditional post-National Sandwich Month salad. 42

sandwiches consumed:

11:27:53 Happens to me all the time… RT @jacobperkins tried some newspaper blackout poetry, but

didn’t come up with anything good. darn.

11:38:38 @jacobperkins it seems deceptively simple:

11:48:34 Tempting fate: eating sushi from a trailor. (I have plenty of sick time…)

12:23:16 Pity the poor cartoonist:

12:56:07 Thumbs up for Sushi-A-Go-Go! Cash only, call ahead. I liked the Sunshine & Longhorn rolls:

13:02:18 Love DEAD MAN! (@megzo rolls her eyes) RT @brandonnn: Who wants to go see Dead Man

at the Alamo Sunday night?

13:27:09 A sweet tooth isn’t the worst thing you can catch from a woman, but it *is* the most fattening.

14:29:35 @TWalk my mother’s probably shaking her head that I used that word publicly and in a serious


14:31:36 @madinkbeard i need to convince the wife to let me go…

15:00:18 @mattthomas “Her name is Peggy Olson, and she wants to smoke some marijuana.” LOL

22:30:19 Too many words to read.

Wednesday, 2nd of September.

08:00:25 When do you give up on a book? I use Nancy Pearl’s Rule of 50:

10:28:29 LOVE MI MADRES! RT @mimadres: Free Taco. Buy any taco & get a 2nd FREE. Ask for the

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


“Twitter Taco” (via @tastytouring & @anorwood )

10:47:14 So important to be nice & encouraging to younger artists. You never know what impact you’ll


10:57:48 RT @soulpancake: The poem that was waiting for you all along

11:04:04 @THEMALA666 thanks! and thanks for the heads up on soulpancake!

11:31:28 FYI: there’s a blackout poetry challenge over @rainnwilson’s @SoulPancake site!

12:26:46 Some #viznotes of @jasonmolin talking about blogging:

13:22:22 At least half of what’s labelled “information visualization” on the internet is meaningless crap.

13:24:43 Photos of the installation of the new Poe exhibit @ the @ransomcenter: What

a rad place…

13:30:58 @bergerhofer nope, just me throwing out gross generalizations πŸ˜‰

14:03:55 @anorwood i know! how awesome.

15:32:36 Much happening w/ the blackout poems lately. As Richard Hell said, “Love comes in spurts.”

18:42:32 Hanging an anti-suicide/don’t-give-up corkboard above my desk. Thumb-tacking letters from

heroes, love notes & quotes on it.

18:45:31 Not that I need it at the moment…things are going great! The Texas Summer of Heat and Death

can suck it.

19:47:47 @mattthomas i’ve seen that in the book stores! it looks really cool in “real life”

Thursday, 3rd of September.

08:59:58 Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book is called EATING ANIMALS. Made me dig up this 3-year-old


09:05:45 Thinking about Jonathan Safran Foer makes me want to eat a ribeye.

09:14:09 Remember, folks: the trick is to push the gimmick into the realm of art.

09:56:24 “I’d love some beans.” Picked up my ticket for DEAD MAN @ the Alamo @Drafthouse this

Sunday. cc: @jasonmolin @brandonnn

09:58:35 “I don’t have any tobacco, but I’d love some beans.” Best scene from DEAD MAN:

10:50:47 @brandonnn haha! yeah, dude. i’m stoked.

12:04:15 My dude-movie buddy. RT @Aavarnum: Congrats to Bryan Poyser! Austin Chronicle’s Critic

Pick for Best Film Resource

14:47:45 Hmmm…Emusic just gave me 50 free songs for being a “loyal customer.” How did they know I

planned on quitting next week?

14:50:04 Caricature > Photo. Cartoonist helps catch bank robber by sketching the culprit: via @drawn via @jtwilcox

14:53:25 Caricatures are better than anything else when identifying criminals:

14:53:52 See also: Dick Tracy.

14:55:21 @majorpepper @ryancoleman i’m taking the 50 downloads and still bailing πŸ˜‰

15:00:42 @jonnygoldstein yep. i’m a big art spiegelman fan. 1) 2)

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


15:05:38 @johntunger just step into a wal-mart — you’ll see all sorts of head shapes… hehe

15:13:30 Have I mentioned how thankful I am @harperperennial bumped my book back to April? Talk

about competition:

15:23:08 @leeleslie true…

16:04:13 “…what has been successful for me is something I didn’t even write.” – @shitmydadsays

17:04:31 If Cheetos were sprinkled with crack:

Friday, 4th of September.

06:57:53 @jwojwo duh! πŸ˜‰

06:58:20 @jwojwo seek out the documentary about him: WILD COMBINATION

07:04:30 @jmerriman cool! Vonnegut had a whole chapter on that in PALM SUNDAY:

07:11:54 Texas Book Festival author list announced: Look forward to having

@DanChaon in town…

07:12:51 @jwojwo AR for the doc. Both brilliant.

07:15:05 #vizthink New read:

07:41:48 @IDMPhoto yup!

07:43:57 Good job, @anorwood! RT @majorpepper my new portfolio site is up:

08:20:35 RT @rohdesign: LAST DAY to vote for Visual Note-Taking 101 SXSW Panel w/ @davegray

@sunnibrown @austinkleon and me!

08:29:02 RT @sivers : Kurt Vonnegut explains drama : See also :

08:49:19 Hey! Jon Foer is coming to the Texas Book Festival! Think he’d want to go get BBQ???

08:59:00 @IDMPhoto i shall pimp us once we get some more pics…

09:14:12 Austin tweeps: need killer lunch spot to ruin @anorwood’s spot in our lunch rankings.

Suggestions? I’m thinking Black Sheep Lodge.

09:22:24 @brittanyforks rad momma!

09:30:01 @zg512 went there last week: oddly, the forks weren’t very high…think people thought it a bit

“dressed up”

09:35:43 @zg512 i had the slaw dog and waffle fries. it was pretty tasty.

12:27:28 NOOOO! I had tickets to the taping!! ARGH. RT @austin360: Sonic Youth forced to cancel ACL

due to injury:

15:03:38 @craigeley i really want to get my hands on those mono remasters…

15:18:37 @cesart is the “Things” app worth $10?

15:33:06 @davegray this will change over time, but LEGITIMACY is the big thing major publishers give

you. “self-published” is still a stigma…

15:33:16 @davegray i have others if you want to poll me πŸ˜‰

15:38:04 @cesart nevermind! I went ahead and bought it! Love looking thru other people’s apps!

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


15:54:35 @davegray there’s a distinction to be made between non-fiction and fiction/literature, of course

15:57:11 @davegray people need filters. too much out there to read. being published by a major is a

filter. “Oh, well Harper published it, so…”

15:57:54 @davegray i’m not disagreeing with you, i’m just saying there are smart reasons to go with a big


15:59:49 @asimone @davegray people may suspect experts, but they’re still looking for filters. Boing

Boing, Kottke, etc. “tell me what’s good”

16:07:44 @magdaZINE @davegray marketing & distribution are huge. if yr already famous, you can

pimp your own book at talks, on the web, etc.

16:08:33 @davegray @magdazine also, there’s an audience that reads that isn’t on the web. having yr

book in bookstores is still valuable

16:23:19 @davegray best reason is probably “romance”! the dream of having a book of yours in a

bookstore. money + fame sure as hell ain’t guaranteed

16:30:58 @davegray right on. and you know I’m a huge fan of the #unbook stuff, too! maybe i’ll e-mail

you re: my experience

16:31:32 “if I had a choice, I’d rather have @boingboing point to my self-published book than have it in a

physical bookstore” – @davegray:

17:03:35 @davegray heck yeah!

17:30:37 I’m kind of amazed by the audacity of some of the requests I get via email from complete


17:32:51 As I said when I was a reference librarian, “Have you tried Googling it?”

17:33:47 What the hail?

17:34:21 @bookgrl selling anything good? πŸ™‚

17:38:40 @kathyzarsky we’re getting a decent soak! And THUNDER!

17:57:27 @bookgrl cool! DM me the addy?

18:43:49 @NathanBowers yup.

18:44:41 My best friend’s band has a song called “Guaranteed Slamhouse.” That might be the best title


19:37:24 I was told by a respected source this afternoon that the new ZZ Top remasters sound amazing.

Adios crummy reverb drums!

19:39:58 Fans will know the letter Z was never used during the conversation. It’s “The Top.”

19:47:56 Also news to me: The Top is set to record a new album with Rick Rubin!

20:57:48 Gol-dang, ALIENS is a great flick. One *mother* of a final showdown…

Saturday, 5th of September.

09:20:13 [NERD ALERT] Searching the net for a leak of the new mono remaster of Revolver.

10:32:54 @rejects I feel yr pain: it’s hard to be a Buckeye in such a Yankee-hatin state…

10:38:13 I’ve found that a good Iphone wallpaper can lift the spirits:

10:42:07 @maczter I like to live on the edge.

10:43:19 #vizthink FTW : Al Franken draws US map from memory : (via

@DesignObserver & @designrelated)

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


12:51:42 “in the sad magic rain / you look as if you could use an umbrella”

16:11:26 @IDMPhoto no idea!

16:54:09 @IDMPhoto was she tiny? Short?

16:57:30 Thinking we might hit up the 8PM INGLORIOUS BASTERDS at the Alamo Village. And get a

royale w/ cheese…

19:44:47 @mattthomas nope! Couldn’t get in, either. Maybe next week…

19:46:03 Shut out of basterds. Went to Phil’s and got a burger instead. Now at Target. Exciting night…

19:47:04 Actually, doing anything w/ @megzo is pretty delightful


19:50:39 @Alexandratx oh we shouldve gone! One of my top 5 movies (seriously)

19:51:15 @mattthomas I will! I’m a huge Tarantino fan, so I’m sort of shocked I haven’t, too

19:54:21 .@megzo now figuring out how best to torture our dog on Halloween

19:55:22 @shueytexas Alamo village always sucks for sellouts

19:58:55 @Alexandratx oh, I I’m in for that, ANYTIME

21:51:47 Fun to hear Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “Frenzy” on True Blood last week:

22:34:08 Best. Movie. Ever.

22:39:44 @agent_x it does star Arnold…

23:00:51 Chris Brown: I want to print out your picture and throw darts at it.

23:02:06 @gillinator “I’m not gonna shoot you between the eyes, matrix…”

23:14:20 @NathanBowers yes! So great

23:14:52 RT @gillinator

Sunday, 6th of September.

08:16:24 Damien Hirst: what an asshole. (via @qrter @bengoldacre)

08:19:06 LOL! RT @drmabuse Reading the new Ehrenreich. Looks like someone has a case of the


08:19:42 @qrter geeks (like me) willing to pay more for it

08:26:26 @qrter it’s on my Christmas list πŸ˜€ trouble is, I think their sold out on amazon already…

08:27:12 @qrter I figure after 9/9 somebody will rip & torrent them… πŸ˜‰

09:16:06 @scd I’d love to read it! As a musician, and a recent convert, that is…

09:16:44 @qrter indeed! We’ll see…

11:04:02 Off to Lockhart for some BBQ. It’s Sunday, so we gotta choose b/w Smitty’s & Black’s. I’m a

sides guy, leaning towards Black’s. Opinions?

11:14:01 @yellowdoggrl like i said, i’m a sides guy

13:14:19 SMITTY’S FTW!!!

13:14:50 @yellowdoggrl we went with smittys! Soooo good!

14:32:56 Smitty’s BBQ in Lockhart = A. Once you get past blazing fire pits. $2 beers, $1 blue bell cones.

Bring forks ( they don’t have em )

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:40:21 @mattthomas bingo

17:04:50 I awoke from a BBQ coma just in time to drive myself down to the ritz @drafthouse to see DEAD

MAN. @jasonmolin, @brandonnn see you there!

17:41:00 If you see a good-looking guy sitting alone w/ a makers on ice at Dead Man, that’s me.

17:52:49 Why I love seeing movies at the Alamo: where else do they play a Leone trailer pre-Dead Man?

17:59:22 @k it will be the #1 thing I miss when we leave. Not that that’s coming anytime soon…

20:52:31 @brandonnn oh, no! I was looking for you! Couldve given you a lift home. let’s meetup soon for


20:55:19 @mattthomas not that i know of πŸ˜‰ there’s one other art theatre that plays indie stuff, but that’s

last resort to me

21:00:01 DEAD MAN was amazing on the big screen. Makes me want to burn my pan-and-scan VHS :

21:01:36 Also: talked w/ 4 Dead Man virgins afterwards, & they all loved it. Too cool.

21:11:10 This would make a sweet iPhone wallpaper :

22:52:48 DEAD MAN cost $9 million. Grossed $1 million. Dang.

23:10:02 Fantastic article about the making of DEAD MAN:

23:12:52 The Great Serpent Mound Jarmusch mentions in that piece is about 5 or 10 miles from where I

grew up. Went there several times as a kid.

23:18:21 @johntunger excellent! I had some tobacco, but I traded it πŸ˜‰

23:22:30 Last DEAD MAN tweet: Neil Young watched the film twice, then did two takes live in the studio,

switching b/w guitar & pump organ. Amazing.

Monday, 7th of September.

10:08:46 @scd b/w that and Brutal Legend…I’m doomed.

10:20:27 A cheap hardcase & one of these GorillaMobile tripods would make a perfect Iphone video


10:39:25 @scd yeah, i follow him — i finally got to play psychonauts earlier this year…what a cool game

10:44:56 Sometimes you have to admit that you like an artist’s ideas more than his/her art and move on.

11:23:53 “I am naked as a tablecloth.” – Frank O’Hara

13:00:37 @brandonnn omg polvo’s

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


13:02:01 NYT article on Jim O’Rourke’s new album (via @zg512)

14:15:13 @chrisferan sounds like a good time to me!

15:56:47 Scanning poems at 40″x30″ @ 360dpi for a secret project. A ridiculous resolution. 10x their


16:11:39 Oh, yes Beatles mono remasters. You are mine.

18:17:49 @mattthomas @craigeley i feel like these mono tracks are more of a novelty — they’re not

blowing me away like i thought they would

20:32:24 Robert Mitchum weekend. DEAD MAN last night, now OUT OF THE PAST. Helluva bio:

21:17:30 @mlarson @scd I loved it! watched it in the dark on our new DVD player…it was awesome

Tuesday, 8th of September.

08:43:21 Gotta admit I’m feeling a little Emperor’s New Clothes about the Beatles remasters. “CAN YOU


08:45:43 If I had to choose one desert island Beatles 45, it would totally be Paperback Writer / Rain.

08:57:28 @beatonna it does indeed. happy birthday!

09:44:30 @jwojwo yes! unbelievable two songs.

11:33:06 Bob Gill on inevitability:

12:47:40 Expect more graphical ones like this one! RT @TWalk: Liking this Newspaper Blackout Poem:

13:31:42 Daily Emperor’s New Clothes, PT. 2: The new Jim O’Rourke record. Department store music for

music snobs.

13:33:53 PS. I love “Insignificance” & “Eureka,” you know, albums with actual songs.

14:01:20 @armindak depends. if you want a single, 38min instrumental track from Jim O’Rourke, thumbs

up. i don’t have the patience!

14:15:44 .@kurtsettles If there’s a 2nd book, I think they’ll all be graphical like this.

14:17:17 And then all the trolls can *really* take me to task for ripping off

14:23:28 A blackout comic: “TNT en Amerique” by Jochen Gerner

14:31:46 @marlaerwin rats! my benevolent plans are backfiring…

15:37:56 @anorwood @marlaerwin AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: UT LAW EDITION

16:07:39 Wow, I really hate these. RT @theBDRRaymond Carver books finally get redesigned (via @VintageAnchor)

16:11:22 @scd this is true! those horrible illustrations of people drinking or having hangovers or


17:14:57 B/c I’m Midwestern & easily shocked, I won’t repeat what @JanetPierson told me is the key to a

happy marriage:

17:17:45 Speaking of marriage, just picked up a book for the secret project @megzo & I are about to


17:18:50 @majorpepper that’s what threw me off, too. Like a 50s diner or something…

17:23:51 @TWalk last time I visited a bank was to cut a check (we have none!) for our down payment on

page 36 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


our house

17:26:07 @JanetPierson holy smokes! That’s a lot of tweeting… will have to dig thru his archives πŸ˜‰

17:28:23 @JanetPierson he didn’t cite you…I’m disappointed πŸ˜€

18:33:29 @JanetPierson ah!

21:59:21 One day I will own robots who can scan poems and take out the trash.

Wednesday, 9th of September.

06:09:22 RT @sparehed 09/09/09 – All you need is cash

07:59:14 Chicago tweeps: if you dig theater, my buddy Rebecca got a good writeup for her play in the


08:00:39 “If your Mommy or Daddy tries to burn this book, call the POLICE on them.” Oh, I love you

Uncle Shelby via @doctorow

08:15:04 @anorwood hahaha – i think you introduced me to it…i found it at half price for $2 πŸ˜€

08:44:06 Watch @cubitplanning & @antm present online!

08:50:17 @cubitplanning @antm great prez, y’all!

09:22:58 Yesterday’s blackout poem was a prophetic one: it’s raining today, & I am without an umbrella.

09:55:54 Stream Dylan & The Band Feb. 14, 1974 via @muzzleofbees &


10:27:53 @majorpepper i’m quitting next monday before my subscription renews — gonna try to download

everything first πŸ™‚

11:10:47 @roblifford sorry to hear that. 92 is a good run, though!

12:47:23 RT @askforgiveness: Dave’s guests tonight: Jay Z, Martha Stewart, George Jones. Conan’s:

Tom Arnold, Tim Meadows, Reba.

13:39:28 male singers who sound as if I could beat them up = lame / female singers who sound as if they

could beat *me* up = awesome

13:48:23 @TWalk grizzly bear / breeders (although already I’m finding exceptions to the rule, i.e. The


13:49:35 @kurtsettles actually, I think I’m going to repeal that statement. Too many exceptions…

13:56:07 RT @TWalk Morrissey is an exception to *many* rules.

15:03:39 This old blackout poem was from a review of Paula Abdul’s reality show. Go figure:

15:13:27 Started my blog 4 yrs ago to the day. Everything I do now can be traced to this event. Baffled by

art friends who don’t want to be online.

15:20:19 @johntunger it’s so powerful! but it takes effort. and curiosity. i think a lot of artists don’t want to

mess with it or take the time

15:42:39 @heathr spoken like a good comedian!! πŸ˜€

15:53:26 @TWalk 17 years of public, here

15:59:40 @TWalk yup. it’s a public university disguised (or they’d like to be, anyways) as a private:

16:05:09 I’m a 26-yr-old dude. The 2 living artists I’d most like to rip off? Maira Kalman & Lynda

page 37 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Barry…both middle-aged women.

16:06:49 Why is Maira Kalman’s blog so great? She has nothing to do with the computer: (via @kottke)

16:21:15 @johntunger but yr making stuff all the time. the blog is a way of coaxing myself into making

something after my day job (“gotta post!”)

16:21:41 @johntunger in other words, i use it as a way to guilt myself into working πŸ˜€

16:25:41 @TWalk class & also convenience: never waited more for pub transit than w/ capmetro stops.

why i don’t ride the 20 to campus

17:15:57 @johntunger so. frickin. rad.

17:19:06 @johntunger can I come visit the studio when y’all move to TX? I could draw you in action…

18:24:02 We have to go to the pool early so we can be back in time to catch The Beatles Anthology.

Rough life.

19:21:22 Oh, Papi. RT @chrisferan “SQUIRM, YOU RAT-BASTARDS!!!!!” – my father, watching the

Republicans put their fingers in their ears

20:02:08 @johntunger YES! πŸ˜€

20:17:47 Re: Yoko: I’ve never known a woman who just wanted to sit around all day watching her

husband jam w/ his buddies.

20:33:47 “it delights me to see people doing what they want w/ buildings.” – @megzo re: the beatles’

rooftop concert

21:02:19 Dude, Patty Boyd ( aka Layla) was a siren of a muse:

21:32:20 @NathanBowers that’s hilarious. Must show to my wife, the baker

Thursday, 10th of September.

07:49:02 RT @jwojwo: I need to do some work but I can’t stop listening to Washed Out :

09:54:59 Great point by @douglaswolk: the Past Masters Beatles stuff is best digested 2×2:

09:55:32 @mwsmith13 read that on the plane to ohio last month — alexie rules.

10:01:17 @mwsmith13 yeah, and i usually skip new yorker fiction. i take notice when Saunders or Alexie

shows up

10:10:07 All of the Beatles were still under 30 when they split up. See also:

10:40:40 I just pulled 3 pristine NYTimes out of a faculty trashcan. Like blank canvases left in a


10:58:29 @mattthomas me too. that’s a great link. i’d actually rather peak late in life. see also

10:59:44 There’s hope: “11 Famous People Who Were in the Completely Wrong Career at Age 30” (via @mattthomas)

12:34:32 Beatles in Stereo? Mono? What I really want is the original tapes on my @fourtrackiphone app.

I’ll mix ’em as I see fit!

14:09:27 @gunner64 LOL i was merely retweeting of course, boss

page 38 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


14:30:57 @mattthomas boy, there’s a fun batch of books…

14:43:50 @mattthomas only because Oprah hasn’t asked me yet πŸ˜‰

14:52:38 @mattthomas oh HELL no. i’d cash in. franzen was a fool.

15:09:57 WTF.

15:35:19 @mattthomas i saw that. on soulpancake the guy wrote, “I was really pumped to learn about

this art form…”

15:36:15 @mattthomas “… and was disappointed to learn of its lack of exposure on the web” google

search for “blackout poetry”:

16:23:14 @chrisferan i don’t really care that much, it’s just the lack of attribution that bothers me!

17:25:29 Date night!

20:21:36 Beatles in mono is a total novelty. The stereo remasters in FLAC sound unbelievable. Total

headphone candy.

20:37:21 Spoon should cover “Wait” off of RUBBER SOUL. It’s basically their blueprint.

20:41:47 The question is, do we give a damn about the artist’s intention? Most artists don’t know what

they’re good at!

Friday, 11th of September.

06:48:53 @minorjive you get the cool dad award today!

07:46:13 Live by the internet, die by the internet.

08:51:52 @zg512 thanks, man!

08:52:40 RT @zg512: I saw these & thought of your work

09:00:17 RT @radiomaru @robotjohnny many cartoonists don’t understand…that their task is managing

the flow of information to eyeballs

09:03:08 .@robotjohnny Seth has said cartooning is poetry + graphic design

09:04:54 “Designers should think more like writers and writers should think more like designers.” –


09:08:25 .@robotjohnny “cartooning is more about moving shapes around β€” designing β€” then it is about


09:11:01 @zg512 dude, your Louis Tully avatar is so rad

10:16:37 “Air bass works best up here.” It’s like they filmed me talking to @megzo:

12:03:14 @johntunger cool! there’s a comic strip online that does photos/poetry pretty decently, but i

totally forget the name now…

12:33:10 @zg512 “I don’t think he’s human.”

12:46:58 @zg512

13:42:34 Well, today got even more depressing: RT @popcandy: Phil Collins says he can never play the

drums again:

14:26:46 @jettek i had the gorey show down on my calendar as being open until the 13th (Sunday) —

best to call!

15:12:03 “If anything, [LET IT BE] Naked serves as a great argument for a project to remaster all of the

original Beatle albums”

page 39 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


15:14:41 ( I actually really love the LET IT BE… NAKED disc.)

16:22:43 @chrisferan no way! phil rules.

16:27:08 RT @achewood: Courtesy of Graham Linehan, for you GBV lovers out there:

16:58:19 haiku: sometimes i misread the word “titles” as “titties” day’s end, wishful thought (@megzo

said to post this)

17:04:17 1st cool, rainy Austin weekend in ages, & @DanChaon’s book just arrived. Perfect timing…

Saturday, 12th of September.

00:16:05 In bed in the dark listening to the rain drizzling and the wife and dog snoring. It’s better than


09:06:01 “Rain, I don’t mind” <- soundtrack for ATX today

10:17:47 Seeing the new Tarantino (finally) at the Alamo Village. Ordering the Breakfast Club. Perfect

rainy Saturday.

10:33:27 Mo as Hitler:

10:33:48 Nazi Stooges:

14:02:25 β€œIt’s either the best film of the year or the worst film.”

14:11:24 @scd I hated it. Meg loved it. Go figure!

14:14:21 I’m glad I’m not a film critic. Movies either move me or they don’t, and I don’t have to second

guess myself or justify it to anyone…

14:16:10 …same with all other art. It moves me or it doesn’t. I steal whatever I want, file away what I

might need, & throw out the rest.

15:34:06 @scd I’m with you!

15:52:43 @jamesfflynn for free, check out Twitterfon. For pay, try Tweetie (I like Tweetie)

17:47:50 Too cheap to buy Beatles Rock Band right now, so I’m “improvising”:

19:20:33 Mail from a fan:

20:06:49 Mac folks / audio geeks: if you need a good FLAC -> MP3/Apple Lossless converter, try XLD:

20:46:50 @johntunger @MarcieVargas FINALLY I found that webcomic that mixes photos + poetry

Sunday, 13th of September.

08:42:08 @MarcieVargas I’ll have to read a couple. Confession: I never really read it, only knew of it’s

existence! :-O

09:49:41 It still pisses me off you can’t buy wine before noon on Sunday. Guess you have to buy water

and hope Jesus shows up…

11:44:13 Where do ideas come from? “Every idea is a juxtaposition. That’s it. A juxtaposition of existing


11:54:30 How to get ideas: 1) investigate & read 2) find patterns + juxtapositions 3) write everything down

page 40 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


12:18:03 @johntunger that’s what they don’t teach you in school: you’ve no control over which spaghetti

sticks to the wall

18:10:51 Just as writing fiction is a muscle, so is reading it. I’m out of shape.

18:43:30 Bribing @ivarley & @uberjam w/ beer + fresh baked cookies, so we can watch the True Blood

finale on HBO.

20:29:22 PEOPLE! Don’t blame Kanye! He doesn’t read, remember?

20:33:15 I guess they figured this was a little too obvious for the credits on True Blood tonight:

Monday, 14th of September.

09:26:47 @libbyander lists like that make me feel guilty! most of our family & old friends live in chicago

(#1) or cleveland (#4)

10:24:36 “oil money made physically manifest…my worst nightmare.” – David Byrne on Houston: via @jmerriman

12:08:51 Lunch poem in progress:

12:16:29 Lunch poem, finished:

13:18:40 @darinwilson thanks! πŸ˜€

13:31:29 Summer kaput (in progress)

13:46:48 @chrisferan from yr tweet i thought for a minute the band Phoenix was playing the Grog Shop

and almost wet myself

13:50:57 @chrisferan yes! i was hoping they’d do an @acltv taping…but as far as I know they’re not…

13:58:08 @chrisferan and stupid lee ranaldo “fractured his wrist while playing tennis” (rocknroll, dude) so

I can’t see Sonic Youth tape

14:35:24 @carolineferan i think you would be good at this: (seriously)

14:46:15 @carolineferan I of all people shouldn’t have made THAT mistake (florida vs. ohio) sorry. not

sure MU has an advertising program?

14:46:54 @carolineferan this program looks good though:

14:53:17 @scd i am impressed by the curriculum of this AIMS program at miami. trying to get my

sis-in-law to check it out!

19:23:45 The only good to come of this night is that ROADHOUSE is bound to be on cable soon. #RIP


19:29:23 Mourn Dalton. But rejoice that you’ll soon be able to hang blackout poems on your walls:

19:47:27 @jaredchapman I loved my little Aiptek HD (Flip knockoff) — until I got my Iphone 3GS. good

results w/ tripod:

20:39:37 @kathyzarsky don’t leave home without ’em πŸ˜‰

20:52:42 Going offline to read @DanChaon’s new one: Night, y’all.

Tuesday, 15th of September.

06:52:14 “he was reincarnated…driving a 1973 Honda Civic b/w Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft stores on an

errand for his wife” -@achewood

page 41 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:00:22 Inevitability, or: Where Ideas Come From and How To Make Them Look Easy:

09:24:02 Welcome, swine flu! “days off work just lying in bed, new adventures of the mind & body through


09:31:40 @leeleslie read that in college & likee it a lot. never read his other stuff, but I’m tempted, based

on that interview. new one looks good

09:33:41 Still don’t understand why I should pay for a tour of homes. Give money to an architecture firm

so they can advertise to me?

09:37:44 @benmcconnell @ajelwind @alphachimp @jackiehuba @sunnibrown sweet. let’s do it!

09:52:59 @lavannamartin i’d sit for you sometime!

10:01:35 Image > situation > scene > character > plot – @DanChaon RT @The_Rumpus: Interview with

Dan Chaon

11:38:15 RT @mattthomas: Love how everyone’s now a ROAD HOUSE fan. Where were you people a

decade ago when liking ROAD HOUSE could get you killed?

11:44:24 @TheOtherLeslie i was telling @chrisferan that the band Phoenix would be a good @acltv

taping & bitching about lee ranaldo tennis injury πŸ˜‰

11:49:08 @TheOtherLeslie Lee should be truly rock n roll and play with his teeth and a beer bottle

11:49:50 @TheOtherLeslie seriously, though: Phoenix TEAR UP live:

11:54:04 I should just set it up so that Christoph Niemann’s NYTIMES RSS feed is automatically fed to

my Tumblr.

11:55:19 @TheOtherLeslie yes!!!

12:20:00 .@mattthomas left a kickass Emerson quote in the comments of my latest blog post: would love to hear your take

12:23:40 Also: dig @misterdamrauer’s site:

12:25:25 @mattthomas thanks! the post was kind of cobbled together. i want to do more meaty posts like


12:48:23 @mattthomas dang, i love that one, too. and I agree: it should’ve been two posts.

12:58:03 Another example of “we don’t always know what we’re best at” I LOVED DFW’s non-fiction via @kottke

13:02:00 @mattthomas ah-ha!

13:42:37 I’ll be there, drawing! RT @fluxistrad local music is sexy:

15:23:15 Must. Buy. Xbox. First 6 minutes of @BrutalLegend:

15:34:24 @asimone @davegray interesting!

16:19:47 Chill workin’ music. Bon Iver’s new record: (via @muzzleofbees: @allsongs)

18:14:45 Please keep your longings within reach:

18:28:32 Permit me:

18:59:21 “I’m just a jerk from Texas that worked real hard.” – Patrick Swayze

20:54:37 Made a little landing page for the book. Nothing fancy…yet:

Wednesday, 16th of September.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:09:39 @zg512 @thatwhichmatter is a rad twitter feed! thanks for pointing it out!

08:15:43 @leeleslie own it, dude.

08:27:23 @Dooneystudio I think you’ll dig this quote by Lynda Barry re: art gallery feeling like an ICU unit:

09:21:38 {{de(sign)}} “Must please your pet” :

10:44:06 “Cartoonist liberation front.” RT @mmaddencomics: I LOVE this: Pledge

now to help Jamie Tanner make a book!

13:27:16 @mhpratt thanks! πŸ™‚

14:39:42 Beatles Rock Band Championship at the Alamo @Drafthouse!


16:52:52 …b/c the man can never drum again:

16:57:04 @roblifford I love that movie. Underrated!

19:06:41 @peterdurand photos like that make me want to procreate

19:08:06 GIVE US A PEEK, YOU TEASE. RT @DandQ original lynda barry art for “picture this” arrived in

office today, office abuzz in glee.

Thursday, 17th of September.

10:08:45 Jacked on coffee and Krispy Kremes.

10:15:15 “We, The Underfunded” <– @megzo’s new term for Phd students

10:36:58 Cancelling Emusic. Considered doing the $6/12tracks/month deal, but nah.

12:03:22 @gillinator that is sick

12:08:46 The Interview

13:20:32 Just for the record, I would rather be a renaissance man than a polymath.

14:11:43 @danrubin awesome #diysummit presentation!

14:22:45 Collection of Iphone home screens: via @danrubin

14:23:07 @chrisferan DUH

15:36:26 .@chrisferan “Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: you understand it better, but the frog

dies in the process.” β€”Mark Twain

16:25:17 RT @scd What’s on your iPhone home screen right now? Press both buttons and tweet up that


16:29:11 PS. I don’t have the camera app on my home screen, b/c I set the Home button double-click to

bring it up!

16:35:52 @scd I love this! I’m actually kinda obsessed w/ app organization

17:49:56 Heading over to the @ransomcenter for the curator’s tour of the Poe exhibit.

17:53:06 False advertising:

18:26:10 @chrisferan WHA? Go!

18:47:59 Huge turnout for the @ransomcenter Poe tour. Decided to wait for next month’s w/ Molly

Schwartzburg (she’s great):

18:49:50 @scd I have different screens for music/radio/games/reference, so the homescreen isn’t the

whole story…

page 43 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


19:10:41 @scd I guess with search it’s unnecessary, anyways…

20:14:36 The material on Project Runway tonight? Newspaper.

20:52:54 @zg512 @overprocessed yes!

20:55:17 Project Runway should use alternative materials every week. Pulls them out of comfort zones,

inspires more creativity.

20:57:33 Sharpie + newspaper FTW!!! #ProjectRunway

21:04:06 @JessvS liar and a crybaby, too!

Friday, 18th of September.

08:19:34 @jbj you think this was a joke, right?

08:22:00 THANKS @dandq! “loyal follower tweeted that they would like to see some pgs from the latest

Lynda Barry book”

08:27:35 Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile! Heard of this rumored app way back, but I

didn’t know it was out! Thanks, @pws!

08:30:03 #vizthink folks, you’ll definitely want to check out the Iphone version of Sketchbook Pro:

08:36:42 @scd i LOVED it dude. frickin’ loved it. trying to get meg to read it, too

08:40:20 @scd i really think you’ll like it. beautiful book. here are some links:

08:47:23 @scd will do!

09:34:48 @thcrawford the symmetrical mode seemed like a dumb gimmick on the desktop version —

totally rad on the iphone! love this app so far

10:01:13 @thcrawford well, so far on the iphone it’s wicked fun for character design and faces

12:33:16 KLRU-Q presents All About Prints, a documentary exploring the art of printmaking, tonight

(9/18) at 10 pm (RT @overprocessed & @klru)

12:34:59 @adriennebreaux thanks for the book plug! πŸ˜€

13:21:19 “Watching our peers’ lives is the closest we can come to a glimpse of [our] parallel universes…”

13:22:22 “It’s tempting to read other people’s lives as cautionary fables or repudiations of our own. ”

14:13:56 Thanks, dude! RT @wluers: Black out poems made on the iphone. Great! @austinkleon

14:14:09 @adriennebreaux props to my wife, @megzo for the link πŸ™‚

16:26:49 Party cups at the pool.

18:12:55 Putting on NIGHT OF THE HUNTER.

18:24:31 @apelad first time watching it! I’m pumped

21:48:06 Good itinerary! RT @ItsMikeD 36 Hours in The Cleve – NYT

Saturday, 19th of September.

11:09:15 “The garbage is halfway around the world while the good stuff is still getting its shoes laced.” –

my father-in-law on prolific hacks

page 44 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


11:09:54 Question: “What’s wrong with being a hack?”

12:43:26 RT @toucharcade ‘Secret of Monkey Island’ for Iphone $3.99 Weekend Sale!!

19:46:21 If you want some old school Italian, go to Gino’s up in Round Rock. Gino, in his late 70s, comes

in every day to make the sauce.

19:59:01 Okay, so, I know I’m late to the party here, but I heard that Jason Mraz song today on the

radio…and now I want to cut him.

20:10:31 YES! Re: Jason Mraz RT @senorleroy Go ahead, cut him. I got your back. RT @zg512 I will

hold him down while you go for the jugular

20:57:38 First ROAD HOUSE sighting on cable post-Swayze. Score.

22:36:56 @oh_steph amazing! I think we randomly found it on Yelp. The chicken parm! OMG!

23:29:07 “In 1993 he released the self-titled CD *Dan Brown* which included songs such as “976-Love” &

“If You Believe in Love”

Sunday, 20th of September.

08:44:43 β€œall my creative activity…has come from those initial fantasies & dreams.” RT @thebookslut NYT

on Jung’s Red Book:

08:51:38 β€œ’Thank God I am Jung,’ he is rumored once to have said, ‘and not a Jungian.'”

11:08:11 The Iphone version of Sketchbook Pro has 70 ratings at an average of 5 stars: definitely a hit, I’d say.

11:14:03 Dang, those kids get their money’s worth! RT @makeaworldfilm Ed Emberley’s visit to the

Center for Cartoon Studies :

11:14:24 @makeaworldfilm did you get any footage of this “ChalkTalk” for the documentary?

11:19:07 @NathanBowers yep. it’s well worth the $3. i like to doodle in the symmetrical mode.

11:59:45 @freejoe76 cool! Did she enjoy it?

12:00:09 @makeaworldfilm I scoured YouTube w no luck…

12:27:47 Caprese sandwiches for lunch w/ fresh basil:

12:34:09 @freejoe76 awesome! i’ll check out her work. i’ve been following CCS since before it opened.

very cool school

12:49:24 Yet another side-project that blew up: Ed Emberley’s “Drawing Book of Animals” was a toss-off

book to satisfy his publisher.

12:50:24 Emberley saw it as “a little piece of fluff — a rote copying book.”

13:09:25 Recording I made in Ikea of a man whistling. Sounds like a spaghetti western or something:

13:43:38 @stevecherches ah-ha!

13:43:52 @mattthomas oh, bubb-rubb and lil sis. the greatest ever.

13:46:36 Good hideout.

16:35:15 Just found a batch of blackout poems I never posted. Don’t want to waste Sunday PM scanning.

Need an intern.

16:46:14 (Blurry) design layouts for #NewspaperBlackout:

page 45 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Design layouts for Newspaper Blackout

17:10:25 Double your flat files, double your fun:

18:25:41 @NathanBowers whiteout poems:

18:27:17 @NathanBowers better link:

18:30:31 @NathanBowers mirror mode is worth the price of admission

18:33:05 @caraferguson believe it or not, Costco does pretty awesome wedding invites for cheap…and

letterpressed! ours:

20:48:53 “He might lose his foot–” “Just when he got it in the door!” #MadMen

21:34:41 As James Brown said, “I don’t know karate, but I know ka-razy.”

Monday, 21st of September.

08:03:23 @3lbFlax weird!

08:51:30 Agreed. RT @IDMPhoto When Monday morning rears it’s ugly head, rise up & attack w/ the

Jay-Z channel on Pandora. Wash rinse repeat.

08:58:57 As douchey as Kanye is now, I still love “Through the Wire”:

10:47:53 RT @blackjoelewis Tune into CBS tonight to catch us on the Late Late Show with Craig


10:58:02 I’ll be guest-blogging for The Book Design Review (@theBDR) next week. Any suggestions for


11:11:26 @overprocessed i like the beef w/ black mushrooms & bamboo shoots there

12:13:43 @jenbee lovely! That floor to ceiling bookstack is awesome

12:53:13 Reading an article about MF DOOM…in the New Yorker?

13:09:28 Thought: I could geotag these de-signs and make a big map out of them:

14:24:06 “Tell everyone I got full on chicken and pork chops.”

15:47:40 RT @zg512tv Interview with artist Esther Pearl Watson

16:17:56 @fizzboy that story makes me physically ill. and the gang-bangers emerge victorious! sick.

17:24:14 On the fridge:

17:42:54 So awesome. RT @woxy: Broken Social Scene Live @ the Seaholm Power Plant in October:

18:44:07 House Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest?

18:53:06 Cass McCombs playing on House!

19:12:40 RT @rebeccapogany Just looked death in the eye. Death looks like some dumbass girl who

doesn’t know how to drive.

20:22:45 @jkottke congrats!!!!

Tuesday, 22nd of September.

08:03:49 1hr “But I Can’t Draw!” @bbponline workshop w/ @cliffatkinson focused on storyboarding:

08:18:26 Note to MacArthur Foundation: don’t ever give me one. I will get nothing done, & spend the time

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


playing Rock Band & drinking whiskey.

08:56:51 I am ridiculously excited about the new @highballaustin : Really want to

do a book party there!

11:28:49 On my lunchbreak:

13:31:37 Watch @blackjoelewis & @ivarley tear it up on Craig Ferguson last night:

13:35:42 @brandonnn did you see my hack of the KISS ME STUPID AFS poster?

13:38:58 I like to live the rock n roll life vicariously through my red-headed buddies on Late Night Shows: (best man on drums)

16:40:15 {{{ Breaking news }}} @20×200 will be releasing 2 newspaper blackout poem editions next

week! http://www.20×

17:34:34 God Bless You, Mr. Cold Front

18:34:04 Legally Blonde is a brilliantly executed film. Really. Tight screenplay, fun acting. Not joking.

18:37:48 @zg512 that was on two nights ago!

18:49:01 Dude, WTF? What will i do while i read Camus? RT @michaelschaub Clove cigarettes are now

illegal in America.

19:38:01 Writing my first ever artist statement. Hmm…

20:00:38 @robotjohnny oooh that’s a good idea

20:03:55 When in doubt, keep it short.

20:24:51 Y’all have filthy minds.

22:20:22 How can making art compete with this?

Wednesday, 23rd of September.

08:09:07 .@beatonna “You Wear It Well” is perhaps the best song Rod Stewart ever recorded. Your

subconscious has good taste πŸ˜€

08:26:42 @beatonna i like this version. dig the pants:

08:28:53 If you saw a booth selling newspaper blackout poem t-shirts @ ACL would you buy one?

08:36:04 @ericorchard it’s an oldie πŸ™‚

08:44:07 @overprocessed that’s what i’m thinking…thanks!

09:46:01 Want to shock & delight people in publishing? Write clean prose & turn it in on time. It seems to

be a valued anomaly…

10:49:45 “Why Cartooning Is Easy” from a 1946 LIFE magazine:

10:51:11 LIFE article on Charles Schulz and Peanuts from 1967:

10:55:16 One more: 1965 LIFE feature WRITTEN by Saul Steinberg:

13:26:59 @mwsmith13 that thing is AMAZING looking! so cool

13:45:51 “What I sell is a ghost of an idea. The publishing term “rights of reproduction” is a beautiful

expression I use with pleasure.” – Steinberg

17:03:27 The iRetouch app I use for clone stamping my De-Signs is 99 cents in the app store: Is there another app w/ clone stamp?

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


18:40:59 @overprocessed yeah, Sketchbook is a cool app. i like the symmetrical mode

20:00:32 RT @Oblique_Chirps Idiot glee (?)

Thursday, 24th of September.

08:20:29 “when I get mad / i put it down on a pad / give you somethin’ that you never had” – Chuck D

08:40:27 Not sure I’m ready for all the whoring I’ll have to do when my book comes out:

09:43:48 Readying for a webinar w/ @cliffatkinson

09:45:06 RT @zumayabooks If you see it as “whoring” youve already failed. It’s about making contact

w/people who might then be interested in yr book.

12:04:22 Life lesson #476: don’t use hand sanitizer before eating finger foods.

12:15:16 My publisher at @HarperPerennial is a hip, Burroughs fan from the Midwest, so no mystery


12:34:21 @johnmjones EXACTLY

12:34:54 @thcrawford win-win!

12:35:22 @michaelsurtees thanks, michael! πŸ˜€

12:41:52 I see red when I think about college loans + tuition. The next bubble to burst, surely. (@mibi infographic)

13:01:00 @tracymueller seriously! so much better value, going public

13:08:49 @scottmccloud i’m 26, and i use it. also, on the subject: “What’s wrong with being a hack?”

14:27:32 @theotherleslie so cool that y’all are taping a hip-hop show!!

14:30:36 @twalk try some white denim:

14:42:57 @twalk @dougwick great minds…

15:29:19 Fact: there are only 14 weeks left in the year.

17:07:34 Drinking a glass of wine & watching Lil Wayne: Behind The Music

17:17:33 Suddenly got the urge to chug some syrup and silver my grillz.

18:23:48 “I’ve got newsprint on my fingers!” screams Ringo, the blackout poet.

20:58:52 Christopher & Bobby McFerrin got robbed. #ProjectRunway

21:36:34 Oh, East Cleveland:

21:40:38 “Because the guy got demon eyes. You can’t put them on a woman.”

21:44:16 @zack_g haha

22:03:43 “Who aint a slave? Tell me that.” – Ishmael

22:19:42 @mattthomas never made it past pg 200 — I am determined this time…

Friday, 25th of September.

07:47:28 @mattthomas we should start an online book club — or just crack virtual whips to finish…

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


07:57:37 #ff @hotdogsladies has been posting some great little Beatles posts at

08:44:04 Whoa! RT @thcrawford: Look up cardan grille on wikipedia…I learned about it at the DC spy

museum, enjoy!

09:35:53 @mattthomas fantastic! now where’s the iphone version? πŸ˜€

12:20:02 “It’s not you, it’s me.” #unfollowfriday

12:33:18 @roblifford haha yes! I just unfollowed a dozen ppl & cut down the noise like you wouldn’t


13:03:26 @jwojwo i like it!

13:06:49 “I used my daughter’s crayons, a different color for each main character.” Kurt Vonnegut,


13:21:10 Five De-signs for Friday:

13:32:01 @scd sweet!

14:07:44 I could see publishing the De-signs in a little book like @keaggy’s 50 SAD CHAIRS:

18:57:56 Sunset!

Saturday, 26th of September.

08:21:56 Working on a post for @theBDR about ASTERIOS POLYP, and the injustice of a JPEG to the


08:33:32 Last night @megzo & I showed up @ 8PM to a party thrown by grad students. Host weren’t

dressed. No one was there. We are old.

10:48:13 I posted over @theBDR on David Mazzuchelli’s ASTERIOS POLYP:

16:23:30 “Sad face is not an answer. I can’t take you to sadface, or feed you sadface, or invite sadface to

go out to dinner with us.” – @megzo

16:25:20 @brandonnn I didn’t know that was happening! Right in my hood, too…

17:52:58 All authors should have an open, high-rez Flickr set of their book, incl. covers, spreads, & video

of them flipping through.

19:36:01 @johntunger not the whole book, just excerpts

23:01:47 @mlarson keep going w/ Kurosawa. THRONE not my fav. Do SEVEN SAMURAI, RASHOMON,


Sunday, 27th of September.

08:32:31 This is why I request that interviews be via email whenever I can:

11:11:38 The realization that Nobody is really running The Show is terrifying at first, but ultimately


13:47:07 @carolineferan check out that program I sent you!

18:13:45 “I should now take it into my head to go on a whaling voyage…”

19:32:44 @mattthomas yep! on page 33 already! LOL

19:39:36 @mattthomas I remember that one!

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


19:40:55 Adventureland has an awesome soundtrack…and so far, it’s boring as hell. How long do you

give a movie before giving up?

19:52:49 @mattthomas thats what a lot of reviews said, but it’s hard going from moby dick to watching

some understated coming of age flick…

19:55:49 Gave up. All for the best: I completely forgot Miserable Men is on in five minutes.

19:59:09 @JessvS it’s just not very exciting. supposedly it ties together at the end, but I have no patience

20:00:03 If you only give a book 50 pages, I say only give a movie 1/2 an hour. Time’s a-wastin’

20:03:16 I give up all the time! The world is so full of great books & movies waiting to be watched, why

waste time on something yr not enjoying?

20:17:10 @scd and vice versa! sometimes I start out in love & end up hating. also: hate something, then

come back later and love it…

20:17:39 @44ounce good to know!

20:54:41 The Duck of Death

Monday, 28th of September.

08:22:16 Excited for my @20×200 blackout poem prints to go on sale tomorrow. Hint: they’re oldies.

11:21:32 @mwsmith13 hell yeah, dude. already RSVPed!

13:24:32 Gobs o’ blank canvas. RT @megzo: Home delivery of the NY Times for $2 a week? Why yes, I

think I will.

13:35:24 Steve Brodner on the (uninsured) Miami University student who died of swine flu:

13:44:11 @TheOtherLeslie awesome! the acl foray into hiphop is beautiful

13:57:56 @viswoman thanks! but i use The Gray Lady exclusively πŸ˜€

13:58:30 @jordvogtroberts @jtwilcox try MOTHERS

14:12:17 @viswoman yeah, it’s actually hard to find big blocks of text in most newspapers…plus, the

NyTimes typography is top notch

14:23:08 “our smart growth has been tempered by just the right amount of stupidity” Jim Lewis on Austin

in the NyTimes

15:15:02 @jordvogtroberts what part of town are you staying in?

17:54:37 @JordVogtRoberts Try to get down to South Congress for the Austin vibe. My favorite Mexican

restaurant in town is Polvo’s on S. 1st.

17:55:50 @JordVogtRoberts Iron Cactus on 6th has a fun roof if yr downtown. For bars, East 6th (west of

35) has fun places like @thegoodknight

18:01:18 @JordVogtRoberts if you have an iPhone, the Yelp app does good here, too!

18:04:30 @Hipstercrite sub question: is it more hipstery to move from Austin to Portland or Portland to


18:37:44 “I discovered the Biggest Loser marathon on cable. I like to pretend they can see me eating.” –


18:43:59 Wife talking to a student on the phone about Heidegger. God help me, I’m married to an


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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


18:48:56 …a blonde bombshell of an academic, currently fixing the most delicious smelling dinner!

22:41:42 Video of me signing my @20×200 prints:

23:50:22 @mattthomas it was random, too : that’s what I decided to watch while I signed!

Tuesday, 29th of September.

07:43:08 @scd yeah, i shelled out for it — it’s helped me keep my e-mail inbox clear (I used to use it for a

to-do list…bad idea)

07:54:27 @scd it’s a bad idea for me, b/c i don’t answer e-mails real quick, things stack up, and i lose

track of what i’m really supposed to do

07:54:59 @scd Things is cool b/c it has the “Today” “Next” and “Someday” function. i have a bunch of

things in “Someday”…

09:04:35 @fearlessweaver mmmm bagel and deli! have fun!

09:35:26 New post @thebdr : How authors + publishers can use Flickr to create a Blogger’s Kit for new

books :

10:34:59 Most of my blog posts begin with doodles like this:

10:46:23 @beatonna check out this early version of “You Wear it Well” from the new Rod set:

11:55:48 “i fell on the hard floor / just b/c I adore / your underwear” – Rod Stewart, early take of “You

Wear It Well”

12:15:20 My @20×200 prints are on sale!! http://www.20× [Please Retweet!]

13:06:50 Thanks SO MUCH to everybody for the good words about the @20×200 prints. Y’all rock. So

much. http://www.20×

15:21:13 So overwhelmed w/ such a nice response. And happy to finally have stuff for sale!

15:54:22 @jordvogtroberts Koriente is fantastic. go there! can’t believe i forgot it.

16:17:28 @listofnow i don’t think that’ll be a problem πŸ™‚

17:04:07 They’re playing The Misfits in @TorchyTaco on the drag. God, I love this place.

18:27:37 @johntunger thanks, John! Can’t wait to get it out to you!

18:35:15 Sitting in my underwear out on my new deck that I built w/ @megzo. Neighbor, if you’re looking,

you deserve what you see!

20:11:29 “in our hearts’ honeymoon, lay I and Queequeg–a cosy, loving pair.” #mobydick

Wednesday, 30th of September.

07:40:51 @ohonestly there might be more around the holidays, but it isn’t 100%

08:17:27 So far the “How It Works” @20×200 print is outselling “The Figure Skater” 4:1.

08:51:55 Re: the new Niffenegger/Highgate Cemetery: in Cleveland, we used the cemetery as a park all

the time:

09:07:58 .@mattthomas Intellectual promiscuity sounds more fun to me than intellectual polygamy.


page 51 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:28:09 @mattthomas agreed. also, if two disciplines need a translator, or a facilitator b/w the two, you

can carve a niche for yourself

09:28:52 @mattthomas my wife does this with green building and historical preservations — two groups

constantly battling each other

09:58:40 My favorite question: is it more important to be a good man or a good artist? Are they mutually


12:18:17 What we are / what we want to be:

13:51:22 Big publisher takes notice: RT @aaknopf: What do you think of this blogger kit idea?

16:24:23 Didn’t know the iPhone camera takes the shot when you *release” the button, not press it! (via @nathanbowers)

18:55:28 @Gwenda OLIVE!!! Yes!

19:09:26 Stephen Tobolowsky was Ned Ryerson in GROUNDHOG DAY, now he’s Sandy Ryerson on

GLEE. In-joke?

19:33:44 @scd oh good, I’m not the only geek πŸ˜‰

19:47:13 RT @megzo we built a deck last weekend! it is awesome. even milo likes it.

20:37:36 @zack_g most of an afternoon. we used a plan from this site: we had no

deck-building experience.. πŸ™‚

20:40:37 @madinkbeard oooh! It came from D+Q already? Must order

21:14:10 @dandq whoa, looks like y’all are having some website issues — getting all kinds of PHP errors

(gotta order that Porcellino!!)


September 6, 2009

17:05:56 YES. RT @mattthomas Commando is fascinating for all sorts of reasons: chopping wood,Β Alyssa Milano, Rae Dawn Chong, high body count…

17:06:49 . @mattthomas don’t forget the beginning credits where matrix feeds a baby deer from his ownΒ hands

16:56:35 @mattthomas holy crap! we had a theater in our dorm, & my friends & I would have screeningsΒ & write fake academic papers about it

16:58:10 @mattthomas “What is This Macho Bullshit? A Feminist Critique of Commando”

17:00:24 @mattthomas “John Matrix as Superman: Nietzsche & Commando”

17:00:51 @mattthomas etc. It was a beautiful time in my youth…

September 9, 2009

21:21:01 So many outed COMMANDO fans lately! Yes! RT @drmabuse Arnold promised to kill SullyΒ last? You Lie!

October 1, 2009

Thursday, 1st of October.

07:53:36 Love these Story + Interactivity diagrams that @philstuart uploaded! See my

sxsw notes:

09:05:07 @chrisferan whoa! stubbs in ohio!

13:25:10 “My drawing is my writing. I don’t see a separation between the two.” – @JeffLemire (via @leighwalton)

14:15:26 Hey @ransomcenter, we love you. A lot. But who gives a crap which celebrity is reading Poe?

Everyone reads Poe. He’s frickin’ ubiquitous.

15:00:45 That’s COMMISSIONER Kleon to you! @megzo just named to the Austin Historic Landmark

Commission. This means she has more meetings to go to.

15:23:46 @mwsmith13 great article. trick is: give digital stuff away, make fans, sell them a tangible object:

prints, t-shirts, books.

15:48:35 In progress

16:16:12 RT @mattthomas: @ransomcenter I’m interested in which celebrities *aren’t* reading Poe.

16:27:58 Heading up campus to see if my neighbor got a low # for Mos Def so we can get into the @acltv


17:57:38 Ran into @austinbloggy @TheOtherLeslie and @acltv. Saw the @rockhall induction. Sharpie

and index cards in front pocket, ready to draw

18:38:08 @bonitasarita dang! I shouldve kept a better eye out!

18:54:45 {{ snobbery }} My first time standing @acltv, and it’s 2 frickin sets at 1hr a piece. How can i draw

in this mob?

20:15:42 DONE. RT @senorleroy go for abstract expressionism.

20:21:19 Bumping into all kinds of folks tonight!

20:27:58 @vinceclortho nice to meet you, man!

Friday, 2nd of October.

08:10:54 Like Randy Watson, I too, decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow:

08:51:17 “occasionally I speak on my sketch pad” – David Hockney on his iPhone

09:10:03 EVERYBODY’S PIXILLATED: A book on doodling…from 1937! #vizthink

10:05:55 “Once you finish your book and actually get it out there your job is just beginning…” – @asimone

14:31:04 @hyams I’d go for Phoenix over Daniel Johnston. they’re great

16:16:33 There’s a reason she’s my best friend: “I hate festivals almost as much as I hate cleaning

toilets.” – @megzo

19:49:48 Do it like you would!

19:59:55 FACT: All moms love Josh Grobin and all moms own a copy of Carole King’s TAPESTRY.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


20:14:59 @majorpepper same here! I bought her a cd copy for Xmas

22:53:15 RT @tastytouring My art can beat up your art:

23:17:29 Book @7DaysinArtWorld looks amazing. @megzo used Thornton’s writing in her thesis

research. Anybody read it? cc: @johntunger @jenbee

23:27:47 the art world = “a kind of alternative religion for atheists”

Saturday, 3rd of October.

11:01:54 Added the map in John Porcellino’s new book to my “Maps of Fictional Worlds” collection: Thanks, @madinkbeard!

11:07:50 For my last @theBDR guest-blog post, I wrote about cartoonist John Porcellino’s King-Cat


11:16:17 Fantastic HD video of #Phoenix doing “1901” @ #ACL by @stephensurefire. Love the signer!

So cool. via @austinbloggy

11:45:45 @scd i think so! here’s a bigger pic:

12:07:16 Lesson learned at Mos Def / @iamknaan @ACLtv taping: it’s hard to draw and raise the roof at

the same time.

12:09:57 @stephensurefire awesome! i’ll check it out

12:33:24 @madinkbeard sweeeet. i can’t wait to get my copy!

13:11:04 @scd no! that’s sweet. love to see the western one. found a bunch of open forums from my era

recently. fun memories

13:33:41 Wow! We’ve sold 100 @20×200 prints so far. Thanks, y’all!

16:35:03 Getting ready to go to Quality Seafood, watching Bon Iver’s #ACL set on Hulu.

16:56:23 Wall o’ blackout:

20:59:51 Lobster at Quality Seafood!

21:07:18 RT @mattthomas β€œYou never thought of a page of news as a symbolist landscape?” β€”Marshall

McLuhan, The Mechanical Bride

Sunday, 4th of October.

11:07:00 “What is this? A tent for ants??”

12:26:29 @jtwilcox “You wanna see me kick some ass? I know fucking karate!” my favorite PT Anderson

movie, hands down.

14:16:27 Ah, #ACL

14:26:52 @oh_steph @TheOtherLeslie seriously. Grab a drink, put yer (dry) feet up, and stream some


14:48:38 Dang, thought Heartless Bastards were covering Everclear’s “Santa Monica” for a minute. Nope,

just borrowing the riff.

15:15:18 Toadies: good music to accompany a bar fight. #ACL

15:35:45 “In An Unmade Bed” #NewspaperBlackout

19:33:17 @freckled nah, I wasn’t there…sorry!

19:48:43 Grosz! Masereel! Heartfield!! RT @theBDR : Book covers from Weimar Berlin:

page 54 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook

4-October-2009 via @thebookdesigner

20:34:50 Best episode of Miserable Men ever. God, I miss Italy. And yes, Italian men are that shameless

with American blondes. Ask @megzo.

22:43:46 “You know, I’m a voter. Aren’t you supposed to lie to me and kiss my butt?” – Pete Venkman

Monday, 5th of October.

09:29:25 Great interview with Brian Eno:

09:48:12 It is a good day: co-worker brought in ZZ Top remasters of TRES HOMBRES and FANDANGO!

for me to listen to.

09:58:20 With a little tweaking & some custom icons, the WP-Touch WordPress plugin is pretty great: #latetotheparty

10:03:32 @minorjive still better than nothing, and i’m guessing the majority of people who hit my site on

mobiles use iphone

10:07:56 @minorjive you recommend any? everyone’s blog i visit on the iphone seems to use Wp-Touch

10:08:18 @zack_g thanks, dude!

10:14:36 @minorjive it’s interesting — i almost think wp-touch makes blogs better — it strips out all the

sidebar garbage, focuses on posts

10:18:12 @mattthomas yes, yes, YES. discovering the idea of “constraint” changed everything for me

11:31:37 Love the way @mmaddencomics is setting up his new comic project:

Portability made making #NewspaperBlackout easy

12:10:47 Tea whale:

13:19:57 Who’s in for a tweetup at one of the Ghostbusters Quote-Alongs at the Alamo @Drafthouse?

13:30:05 At the Ghostbusters quote-along, you can bet I’ll be wearing this:

13:48:12 Got word that a @20×200 print reached a buyer. Anybody else get theirs? E-mail me pics!

15:44:10 IKEA run! RT @kathyzarsky: My blackout poems came in the mail today from 20X200! Need

perfect frames & then one ships to friend in London

15:46:46 FYI: we framed our 8×10 @20×200 blackout prints with this $10 IKEA frame, and they looked


17:47:35 .@academicdave I figure anybody followed by both @mattthomas & @johnmjones AND sports

a Psychonauts avatar is worth a follow!

17:59:56 Got my copy of PICTORIAL WEBSTER’S in the mail:

18:45:34 Aww yeah! RT @mwsmith13: !!!

19:22:29 We hung our blackout prints in the library last weekend:

Tuesday, 6th of October.

07:24:30 What to expect when you’re expecting (@20×200 blackout prints) Thanks,


08:09:53 Want to see my book 6 months ahead of time? #NewspaperBlackout in 30 seconds:

page 55 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:22:55 @philstuart thanks, Phil! πŸ˜€

08:42:55 @mlarson πŸ˜€ those $10 IKEA frames are awesome. the 8x10s look better with a little mat

around them…

10:03:19 @mattforsythe i’m totally baffled by their new design. FUG-LEE

10:07:13 @mattforsythe you’d think with iPhones and mobile devices we’d be moving towards cleaner,

more straightforward sites…

12:59:21 “Man, you aught to take that cane and beat whoever made that suit to death.”

16:09:36 About to start getting $40 haircuts at my wife’s salon, just so I can schedule a damned

appointment. @birdsbarbershop I’m looking at YOU.

16:13:58 Look, I’ll admit: I want a woman to cut my hair. Or a gay dude. If Runway’s taught me one thing,

it’s that in matters of style, trust them.

16:21:31 @jwojwo love yr geetar playing on “lose my cool” — the chords kind of remind me of THE THE —

is that weird? ever heard DUSK?

16:23:26 @mattthomas gah! i don’t want clippers anywhere near my hair. plus, I want to see the hair of

the guy who wrote this.

16:25:25 OK, Austin dudes. Ever been here? @mattthomas is trying

to talk me into it

16:28:12 @mattthomas how’d you know about Avenue?

16:34:48 @vikkiprattles have i seen the google logos collection? i mean, i’ve seen google logos before…

16:37:33 Gah. I’m just going to go home, put on a hat, and drink a bunch of whiskey.

16:44:39 @vikkiprattles that’s true! Very cool

17:24:34 @mattthomas you want me to take fashion advice from a guy with a mustache??? LOL

17:35:42 This bloody glorified Sharpie cost more than the drawing pad:

18:51:33 Theory: golden age Hollywood actresses look so good to modern eyes b/c they weigh 10-20

pounds more than today’s lot.

19:00:33 @gacorley you bet she did!

19:00:45 @brooksmasterson nice!

19:00:50 @qrter thanks!

19:51:58 One for the “Power of Captions” file. Would’ve liked to buy this! RT @marcjohns Triangles =

mountains. Always.

19:53:35 “if I tell you these are Christmas Trees, you will imagine them as such.” πŸ˜€

cc: @marcjohns

20:12:21 UT tower doodled from the Art Co-Op on Guadalupe:

Wednesday, 7th of October.

07:45:20 @marcjohns yeah, this is a pet obsession of mine: “Pictures can say whatever we want them to

say, as long as we use the right words.”

08:20:34 @harperperennial OMG does this mean Milo can be a Harper Perennial pet?? πŸ˜€

09:53:48 “A pictures says what I tell you it says” Riffing off @marcjohns in my sketchbook:

page 56 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


11:09:19 @birdsbarbershop nah, I’ll just drink beer & play on my iPhone. in practice yr call ahead isn’t

really a reservation, more “are you busy?”

12:52:12 Brad Neely Animation Showcase, pt 2 @drafthouse! (Crap! Brad’s leaving

Austin for LA? But I didn’t get to meet him!)

13:26:37 Messageboard is abuzz: our neighborhood streets are now on Google maps:

Satellite still shows it as the airport! #mueller

13:28:57 @jonnygoldstein kurt vonnegut! uchicago rejected his thesis: later gave him

honorary for CAT’S CRADLE

14:34:13 The Stagmeister TED talk made me think about the 2 years of part-time work I did after

undergrad, with plenty of free time…

14:34:49 …out of those two years came my interest in visual thinking, cartooning, and yes, blackout


14:55:12 @gapingvoid I had the “Think Different” ad with John & Yoko taped to my piano in middle


14:57:27 @mattthomas yeah, it kind of shocked me to think about how much of what i do now was

generated in those two years!!

20:31:30 @marcjohns thanks, dude! All apologies, I just couldn’t resist

21:13:32 @agent_x “doritos silouettes”

21:15:37 ZOMBIELAND was tons of fun. The @Highballaustin is fantastic. Really would love to have a

book release party there…

21:16:06 Also, Austinites: go outside and look east. Big fat moon out there!

21:17:34 @chrisferan she is amazing live!!!

21:22:50 @brandonnn dang, man! Shouldve bought you a drink while you were here! Glad to know things

are still cookin’. Enjoy yr travels!

Thursday, 8th of October.

08:26:10 @jwojwo re: DUSK as @fluxistrad has said, “one of my all-time favorite depressing listens”

youtube has most of the album:

08:28:53 @jwojwo here’s @fluxistrad’s little appreciation, btw: i endorse it fully

08:38:44 The @harperperennial folks are hooking me up with really cool postcards for the book using this


10:06:45 @bonitasarita man, i am lovin’ that tune — we should track her down…she’s still touring!

13:13:29 RT @scd Rock Band is coming to the iPhone!?

13:22:58 NO RECESS!!!! #nirvana #school

14:58:05 RT @mkupperman: Look at these idiots!

16:23:25 And visiting your gravestone, they’ll say, “Regardless the merit of his art, he had a terrific talent

for bullshit.”

20:20:34 My vote for best anti-suicide record: Sam Cooke’s LIVE AT THE HARLEM SQUARE CLUB,


Friday, 9th of October.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


06:35:54 Big rain & 65 in ATX means after 4 months I FINALLY get to wear my new trenchcoat!

07:42:50 Another line on the resume for a guy who doesn’t need one.

08:42:26 Every once in a bombed moon, I make a poem I like:

08:49:34 @scottmccloud check out Kenneth Koch’s ART OF THE POSSIBLE:

09:37:50 @leeleslie haha! thanks, dude

10:07:49 This @karlgude @vizthink “Show, Don’t Tell: Drawing and Design” presentation should be real


10:16:42 Drawings of Harvey Pekar (@pekarproject) for his 70th : I had lunch

w/ him once:

12:45:53 @carolineferan @chrisferan i agree. little is gained from engaging with meatheads

13:08:01 @JanetPierson we have out-of-town guests: seeing beeswax @ the alamo would be a perfect

ATX activity. plus I want to see you on screen! πŸ˜‰

16:12:19 Gol-dang @forlornfunnies can design a frickin’ book cover. Perfect blogger’s kit:

16:40:07 Agreed. RT @robotjohnny: Tweetie 2 is pretty slick; bummed that there’s no Flickr support.

20:37:55 @fantagraphics excellent!

20:51:02 Every time I have a vodka & cranberry, Jack Nicholson leans over and says, “What, are you on

your period?”

Saturday, 10th of October.

07:29:15 @scd zombieland!

10:12:06 South Congress w/ the out-of-town guests. Brunch, then a haircut. Good jacket and boots


10:13:12 @mlarson @scd dang I had no idea had personalized radio!

11:12:27 Hanging out at Avenue Barbershop on South Congress, waiting for a cut cc: @mattthomas

12:53:31 Always take guests to the “famed” 6th street b/w Driskill & 35, but personally I think it’s the

armpit of Austin.

13:02:11 @zack_g yeah dude, we were just there. Wife insists ppl see 6th

14:41:27 Dude, I just found a frickin RED VELVET whoopie pie @ Central Market. Plus, Meg is making a

shrimp boil tonight. #kleonslovefood

15:28:15 @mattthomas it was a good cut. I’m interested to see whether it grows out nice. If it does, I’ll def

go back

15:31:34 @austinkleon (dark) photo evidence. should add it was affordable!

17:01:52 Awesome Brian Dettmer piece in a Texas State show:

17:13:56 House hat:

20:05:16 Video of a Brian Dettmer book autopsy I saw at Texas State tonight:

Sunday, 11th of October.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:01:32 There is something beautiful about getting drunk at the head of the table.

09:35:45 @AustinBloggy where are they shooting?

09:39:08 FLAMMABLE! Keep fire away from @megzo & @bentumbrella! (@drawers painting in bckgrd)

09:39:37 @AustinBloggy far out! thanks, man

09:47:34 @AustinBloggy yea, I dunno: I’m kind of with you: rainy .+ gross .+ I need to recover for the

week…we’ll see!

10:35:56 God bless you, @MiMadres

12:09:54 Very tempted. RT @fluxistrad: Hey Austin: Be in a White Denim music video at 3 pm today:

20:55:55 This owl looks PISSED! RT @cesart:

21:05:26 I kind of love this picture @hominid took of @megzo & me:

Monday, 12th of October.

09:43:26 “Columbus day! We found it, we built it, we put in the driveways and landscaping.”

09:46:53 In “honor” of Columbus Day, here’s an excerpt from Kurt Vonnegut’s BREAKFAST OF


11:17:21 Prima donnas love Monday mornings. They lie in the weekend bushes and wait for the smell of

coffee and despair…

11:41:45 Might be able to get an EPSON 4000 ink-jet for wicked cheap. Considering it for blackout


13:16:26 Whoa. I had no idea Tom Phillips mentored Brian Eno. Thanks, @mlarson

15:08:47 @ovasi i’ll try to see if i can take some decent notes!

20:00:42 Forget Crumb. I want a Genesis illustrated by Brad Neely!

Tuesday, 13th of October.

07:51:58 “Coming Tuesday I feel better…”

08:28:14 .@jbj dude, THANK YOU for the “faking it as a productivity tip” post. forwarding it to @megzo


08:35:17 .@jbj must do our part to rid our academic loved ones of imposter syndrome!!

08:40:08 @luxlotus i love that song so much. FIRST TAKE is a rad album

08:54:26 @johntunger great article. @megzo & i believe firmly in looking for signs and going w/ gut. it’s

done wonders so far…resilience, too

09:24:54 @johntunger YES. life as a story!!

09:36:45 @johntunger the thing about heroes: they get into all sorts of trouble. no trouble, no story. so

you have to be ready to roll w/ punches

09:43:02 @johntunger i’m digging this thread. when @megzo & i have a decision to make, we often say,

“What would be a better story?” and go w/ that

09:52:26 @johntunger i am envisioning many such nights. currently shopping for a road trip – able car so

that west texas is within our reach

page 59 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:57:04 Next Tuesday marks the fourth anniversary of newspaper blackout poems. Think I might make

a “greatest hits” post to celebrate.

13:34:00 RT @ayjay: Listening to the previews of Dylan’s Christmas album is one of the more terrifying

experiences of my life:

15:06:38 COLUMBUS DAY WITHOUT THE GUILT! (Sign doesn’t need blackout

treatment, needs garbage can treatment.)

15:34:28 Love this book. RT @deanmeistr: A blog post about Henry Dreyfuss’ Symbol Sourcebook

16:38:47 Jens Lekman on sampling: (found while researching my far-in-the-future book

notes for @largeheartedboy)

16:40:00 @TWalk @sunnibrown @armano I know sunni does, and so do I

16:40:18 @TWalk @sunnibrown @armano great post, BTW!

18:51:42 @jtwilcox never used it: took it back and had my buddy screenprint for me

18:55:54 @deanmeistr nice! good ol’ subtraction method!

Wednesday, 14th of October.

07:52:30 RT @niemanlab: Wall Street Journal sicking lawyers on artist who uses their dot drawings

07:56:01 Enlargement doesn’t equal transformation, IMHO RT @niemanlab:

08:00:24 And a big reason why I don’t use the photos in the NYTimes for the poems. RT @niemanlab:

09:56:54 RT @jonnygoldstein: @vizthink re:fave #vizthinku moments: i LOVED the drawing lesson

@austinkleon did for the #VizThinkU visual note course.

10:02:12 Really pleased to hear people liked the @vizthink drawing lessons I gave. I’m trying to

brainstorm more hands-on exercises like those…

10:03:38 @jonnygoldstein thanks, dude! when I was a kid, my dream job was to be an author and a

teacher. half-way there…

10:15:14 Keep your eyes peeled. πŸ˜‰ RT @sxsw: SXSW interactive releasing panel titles on Oct 19th.

10:31:00 @jonnygoldstein nah, that’s all glory and no payday. LOL

10:36:12 @scd man, i loved that game. hopefully the iphone version will be cool

10:38:22 A public librarian’s job:”helping people open email accounts, create rΓ©sumΓ©s, & attach rΓ©sumΓ©s

to e-mail.”

10:39:28 “the job of a librarian has absolutely nothing to do w/ books; the job of a librarian is to help

people find info”

10:41:54 Previous tweets why I moved from librarian to web designer –> help people use the web, from

the other side of the screen.

10:45:15 Great #savethelibrary Dispatch from a Public Librarian by @scott_douglas for @McSweeneys:

12:26:22 “Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him…” –

Flannery O’Connor

13:40:12 I drew both. RT @andrewbird ( on Austin City Limits Sat, Oct. 24th w/

page 60 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


@st_vincent (

14:51:35 Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever single > the whole Sgt. Pepper’s LP

15:08:57 @leeleslie agreed re: sgt. peppers not in top 5. that video reminds me of this scene from


15:17:47 @mattthomas every mccartney needs a lennon. every tweedy needs a bennett. every andre

3000 needs a big boi.

18:48:50 @fluxistrad happy birthday!

20:05:07 Confession time:

20:53:08 The secret to Facebook, via @TexasMonthly: “the ‘hide’ function. Learn it, use it, love it.” Amen.

21:25:14 @Olive_2

Thursday, 15th of October.

08:47:09 @rohdesign best of luck…to both of you!!

08:54:47 God is a trickster: what we love isn’t necessarily what we’re good at.

09:11:43 Why hobbies exist: you can often be more successful at something that you’re naturally good at

but have no love for.

10:24:05 New book on Gerd Arntz (woodcut artist & ISOTYPE designer) coming out. No idea how to get it

in the states:

10:57:44 @deanmeistr sweet!

13:02:31 In honor of the flying boy:

13:24:19 RT @jessicahagy: Falcon, I hope you have a safe landing and a movie deal.

13:25:38 Dude, this Falcon The Balloon Boy thing is like an Esther Pearl Watson painting come to life:

13:32:46 Life imitates art. #floatingboy

15:12:54 @NathanBowers and that’s why men move to Austin, Texas

15:51:23 @rohdesign congrats!!!

16:11:35 The lack of good public transit REALLY makes you start seeing red when yr looking at buying a

new car. $20,000 is a lot of train tickets.

16:18:28 RT @MKupperman: The family’s already done “Wife Swap”- now they need a visit from “The


Friday, 16th of October.

07:54:01 @popcandy i climb up on the house / weep to water the trees <– best lyrics ever!

07:55:05 @deanmeistr awesome! DM away!

07:56:45 @popcandy my fav is Rolling Stones’ “Beast of Burden” (almost-a-breakup-song) “ain’t I tough


08:09:29 @spheran mmmm ribs. next time yr down, we’re doing a REAL BBQ tour…

08:43:06 @spheran holy crap, we can do that — weekend o’ tubing and bbq

09:05:56 “Texas Is Not For Pedestrians” and other de-signs for Friday:

page 61 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:24:12 This list will be longer next year: “4 authors making an argument for Austin’s literary greatness” –


09:25:15 @spheran this time of year, yeah. not in summer when it’s 100 degrees SIXTY DAYS IN A


09:38:02 @leeleslie yeah, the name thing still freaks me out and makes me feel goofy

09:41:47 @spheran actually, i really, really, really want to visit Madison next summer. i’m hoping maybe

we can do a book signing there!

09:45:20 @leeleslie you’d be amazed how many people forget my name at parties here. helps with the

google rankings though…

09:52:34 One day I really want to teach a “writing with visual thinking techniques” course. Might start w/

posts on the blog… #vizthink

09:52:46 @leeleslie that is a true sentence.

10:02:21 Duh. I totally forgot: I AM teaching a visual thinking in the English classroom course! Next year:

12:19:52 @asimone thanks for the good words on @clusterflock!

12:48:29 @magdaZINE awesome. lynda barry pretty much has it nailed — but there’s a few other things

to add into the mix…

13:21:21 Just in time for Halloween. RT @paulconstant: Michael Chabon’s new author photo

13:32:21 @leeleslie lots of people I respect sing his praises, but i’ve never made it through one of his

books. writes a little long for me

13:37:36 @zack_g “you want some candy, little boy?”

13:40:51 @mmaddencomics not very helpful, but i started (& abandoned) a comic, drawn entirely in Flash

to look like a woodcut:

13:41:20 @mmaddencomics used the same “technique” for this one:

13:47:08 @leeleslie i do like his essays — his intro for the McSweeney’s THRILLING TALES collection

had a big impact on me in college

17:26:32 Screw you, Jack Nicholson: bring on the vodka and cranberry.

19:12:15 Brainstorming visual thinking for writers #vizthink

Saturday, 17th of October.

09:30:23 Vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers: the sound of Sisyphus pushing the rock up the mountain.

11:32:08 Forgot how powerful Garageband is and how much I missed writing music. Using poem

discards for lyrics…

16:12:14 Guitar center rawkage (pic by @megzo)

16:39:56 Saturday afternoon trip to Target will clear up that urge to procreate real quick…

Sunday, 18th of October.

12:12:38 The beauty of enlarging small details:

The beauty of enlarging small details

12:19:17 Clearing off my 6-year-old Powerbook and making it a dedicated Garageband / recording laptop.

page 62 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:38:00 Watching the 1974 #ACLtv pilot w/ Willie Nelson:

Monday, 19th of October.

07:47:08 Our visual Note-Taking 101 panel made the cut for #SXSW 2010! Thanks,

y’all! #viznotes #vizthink

07:53:31 Two #sxsw panels I’m excited to see: @Dan_Roam & @CaseyCaplowe on

GOOD’s infographics

07:54:25 @rohdesign WOOT!

09:09:45 @scd sweet. i’m gonna pick it up

09:10:32 @halvorson congrats! I’ll definitely be in the audience

09:30:21 Happy Birthday to Ed Emberley! RT @makeaworldfilm post b-day wishes for him at

09:35:35 “Look at all the hours that were filled, the boredom that was eased.”


10:25:50 SXSW is one month before my book’s pub date. Bad timing or good timing? Regardless, I’ll be

handing out a TON of postcards…

10:46:58 “The world is full of stuff that no one wants or that no one sees…..I view my job as ‘building a

world.'” – @johntunger

11:47:03 I just ousted @megzo as the mayor of KleonLand on…oh wait, no I didn’t.

12:00:24 Tomorrow marks 4 years of Newspaper Blackout Poems. Celebrating with a print giveaway.

Stay tuned for details!

12:49:58 SXSW, 1986 (found in Half Price books)

14:10:24 @spheran @chrisferan boys, boys

14:45:45 @TWalk thanks, man!

17:37:02 Felt weird, eating burgers at the Crown and Anchor w/o @twalk, but he’d be the first to admit

@megzo is better-lookin company…

17:44:25 @TWalk EXACTLY!

17:52:07 Zapped. On the couch with @milokleon, reading Roald Dahl’s THE WITCHES

20:29:49 @ryancoleman nice!

20:36:11 @TWalk: not technically a #fleetwoodmac but I love the French Kicks cover of L. Buckingham’s


Tuesday, 20th of October.

06:44:35 @Ovasi oh sorry — after all that, I didn’t end up going!

09:16:06 Win a free limited-edition print in the #NewspaperBlackout print giveaway!

(Retweet to enter!)

09:58:23 @ywalker awesome! πŸ™‚

10:02:59 @ywalker when Rose reads “Only hope and imagination can save us” it still sends a shiver

down my back!

page 63 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:07:57 @ywalker tell her I said hello!

10:41:53 Stream to the new White Denim album FITS (fixed link) :

12:49:24 “I look at your blackout poems as epitaphs for newspapers and for the profession I once loved

and now mourn.” – @ElaineLiner

13:01:56 Perfect timing: editor just e-mailed me that the #NewspaperBlackout 1st pass manuscript will be

here tomorrow morning!!

13:48:07 @TWalk about the only time i get blog comments is if i ask for them (either explicitly, like with a

contest, or by asking a question)

15:04:39 A heartwarming tale of taxidermy. RT @mmockingbird: Have a kleenex ready.

15:50:21 @emilytshaw i was just in that place last weekend! classy joint!

16:22:19 Nice display of John Porcellino books @Domy_Books : cc: @dandq

16:58:46 1st story of @DanChaon’s i ever read RT @thegunter: Boyd Gaines reads the entirety of “The

Bees” for PRI

18:43:09 I can’t get over what nice fans I have. &

19:15:10 RT @gapingvoid: Authors: The book biz is not about how many books you sell, it’s about how

big an advance you get on your next one.

19:29:35 The sports section is new and fertile territory for me:

19:30:19 Think the reason the Business & Sports sections have yielded so much fruit lately is that I could

give a crap about the stories…

Wednesday, 21st of October.

08:01:06 Poor kid: “My daughter is already learning words from your art! She is 16 months.” #NewspaperBlackout

08:18:03 @IDMPhoto the #NewspaperBlackout print giveaway:

08:24:36 Dang! Almost 100 people have entered the #NewspaperBlackout giveaway!

09:17:14 “When you live in Texas you get used to brands pandering to some mythic metaphor…” –


09:23:20 @scd you going to see John P in Madison tonight?

09:25:45 Either there’s a baby-boom going on, or we’re approaching 30: at least 1/2 a dozen of our

friends are expecting in March.

10:01:35 @davegray still looking for community definitions? @scottmccloud: “Communities are


10:40:29 @sgmitch it’s craziness!

11:08:42 NYTimes on @20×200 & @jenbee : Congrats, y’all!

11:51:04 Your new favorite drawing: Jochen Gerner’s “Pixies Raw Materials”

15:08:38 @popcandy welcome! the weather will be better tomorrow.

15:29:30 “Sound Famous Fast!” #guitarcenter

15:41:04 @CutOutCollect thx!

16:13:34 @AustinBloggy cd? didja buy it at waterloo? need to pick it up

page 64 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:15:32 @AustinBloggy will do!

16:30:32 @davegray james kochalka does a similar assignment w/ his comics students — draw 100

cartoon characters from memory, look for your style

17:54:13 Frying a porkchop in celebration of getting the first pass manuscript for #NewspaperBlackout!

20:09:45 Night just took an awesome turn #fyeahdalton

22:21:35 @anorwood oh man, I’ve got GB2 on RIGHT NOW!

Thursday, 22nd of October.

09:26:01 Saltines, Gatorade, sick time.

15:46:36 Must-listen @RealTracyMorgan on @nprfreshair Even weirder when lying in

bed sick.

16:54:27 Don’t worry about unity from piece to piece–what unifies all your work is the fact that you made


17:04:19 @mattthomas probably. Instead of writing “Cowgirl in the Sand” you listen to Tracy Morgan &

type nonsense w/ yr thumbs

17:27:03 @IDMPhoto I want to go to there…

Friday, 23rd of October.

11:06:29 @OTRAustin great article on White Denim!!

18:13:22 @zack_g I love that episode. Best chased w/ the Katie Couric interview

18:16:55 @zack_g

Saturday, 24th of October.

07:30:03 @listofnow don’t listen to iPhone haters. AT&T sucks, iPhone does not. I like Tweetie for a

Twitter app πŸ™‚ enjoy!

07:32:34 @jtwilcox cool!

10:33:42 Stack of #NewspaperBlackout postcards!

11:14:05 The pleasant new Jim O’Rourke & Yo La Tengo albums fall into Rob Gordon’s “I just want

something I can ignore” school.

12:09:13 @freckled e-mail me your addy and I’ll send you one:

12:10:51 @inkstuds watch your hating on Texas, there, buddy

12:26:59 Execution > originality. If you steal an idea, but do it better, you own it. (In a cultural, not legal


17:52:21 Me & @megzo will be there…anybody else? RT @mohawkaustin: White Denim tonight. Mad

skillz. Booze. Dancing. Rock and roll mayhem.

19:11:21 @popcandy sorry we didn’t make it to the meetup! You should come to see White Denim

@mohawkaustin tonight!

20:20:28 @bruceturner yeah, I think they’re selling at the door

21:07:52 These Brazos fellas are pretty good! @mohawkaustin

page 65 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


21:08:34 @keaggy that sounds rad! I LOVE when @megzo roasts pumpkin seeds

21:16:16 @chrisferan 11/07/09 @ Grog Shop go see White Denim & Brazos

22:05:01 White Denim! @mohawkaustin

22:05:14 RT @JumboSlice: White Denim! Headband is in full effect.

22:22:16 White Denim KICKING ASS!!! @mohawkaustin

22:22:35 Holy sheeyite! RT @fluxistrad: Pretty sure I’m watching Lou barlow watch white denim omg

Sunday, 25th of October.

07:59:46 4 the family man vs artist file: “Anyone can be a father or a husband…only 5 people in the world

can do what I do.”

08:38:18 What do you call a rabid White Denim fan? A Denim Head? B/c I am one. Love those guys.

Going to every show I can from now on…

08:50:52 Great NYTimes article about marriage & money. Attitude towards money is

HUGE in making it work.

09:38:00 @MichelleMalott you are too kind! πŸ˜€

10:08:06 RT @ebertchicago: 2009 is the tenth anniversary of the first appearance of Stifler’s Mom

10:11:14 There are 10 weeks left in 2009. #holyshit

10:14:51 @carolineferan happy birthday! officially out of your ‘teens! but still in no legal booze limbo…

10:33:22 “Wordles are the gateway drug to getting students interested in textual analysis” – @jcmeloni


11:01:48 Piece of shit Rock Band drums! My snare pad went bad. Anybody ever fixed one?

11:11:06 @mubay forgot to mention I have a Wii and not an Xbox (I regret that fact often)

11:14:52 In case you ever need it, here’s a fix for a faulty Wii Rock Band drum pad:

11:19:42 Well, I always wanted to teach myself to solder — looks like I’ll have another purchase at the

Home Depot this PM…

11:33:06 @mubay thanks, dude –that procedure is gonna work for the wii drums too!

12:09:16 How did we fix crap before the internet? 15 minutes on YouTube, and I know how to resolder

and fix my Rock Band drums.

13:55:49 @oh_steph holy smokes! I gotta get there for brunch — went last night and had a slaw dog +

nacho waffle fries

13:58:23 @bonitasarita @senorleroy saw you two on the Andrew Bird @acltv last night! πŸ˜€

15:29:15 @mattthomas I enjoyed it. Not a dude I’d want to work for or really be friends with… But he’s a

helluva director

15:37:49 Fixed the Rock Band drum pad, BTW. Soldered it and everything. Feeling very pleased with


19:53:06 Sunday night, time for Miserable Men. Maybe someone will shoot Don and Joan will get naked.

Dare to dream…

20:03:17 @mattthomas LOL

20:24:35 F YEAH, JOAN!

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


20:25:56 @senorleroy stupid tennis-playing lee ranaldo

21:41:11 “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…” – Emerson (via @jenbee)

Monday, 26th of October.

07:52:03 Last day to enter the #NewspaperBlackout print giveaway! Closes Midnight CST. (Retweet to enter)

08:31:01 “Should we talk about the weather? Should we talk about the government?”


09:27:11 Two of my favorite tweeps, @mattthomas & @jenbee, have recently pointed me to Emerson’s


13:04:19 @mattthomas read it last night on my iphone before falling asleep

13:43:25 MADE IN OHIO. I am buying this t-shirt: via @glass

14:09:14 @jamesfflynn EXACTLY.

15:17:07 “Aim ridiculously high, somehow become good.” – Dan Bejar (great @austinist interview)

15:42:03 @rebeccapogany a must-own for all ohio expatriates πŸ˜‰

16:02:18 @sct I have a souvenir tee from our Cleveland years that says: CLEVELAND: YOU’VE GOT TO


16:28:38 “everything’s big in Texas / you know it is / I think I might have made a big mistake…” β™«

17:01:13 RT @johntunger: Imitator Sues Artist to Overturn Copyright on Sculptural Art – Please help

defend the arts:

17:04:06 @sct I rank the big 3 Ohio cities: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus. Grew up closest to c-bus so

that could be why… (grass greener, etc)

17:18:15 How about we just find this asshole ripping off @johntunger and break his legs?

17:26:20 The Commissioner (@megzo) has a meeting @ City Hall, so I’m going to @WaterlooRecords

and @BookPeople to shop & kill a few hours.

17:28:05 How about some of us artist types donate some art for a @johntunger legal defense fundraising

auction? cc: @gapingvoid

19:21:30 $25 for a hardcover? I’ve said it before, but every time I spend time in a bookstore, I’m relieved

my book is a $10 paperback.

19:29:09 I like this poem by Matthew Dickman:

19:35:22 @freckled good plan πŸ˜‰

20:20:09 .@megzo has been in her meeting 2 1/2 hours. She will not be happy. Luckily, I’m a smart

husband & bought her something from Anthropologie.

20:28:36 Glad the ladies are with me. Men, embrace Anthropologie. It can gift you out of many jams.

20:39:49 @carolineferan @chrisferan @spheran LOL deja vu:

20:41:53 Family FTW. Sis-in-law to my bros-in-law: RT @carolineferan: @chrisferan @spheran stop

cluttering up twitter with your bickering, girls

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


21:21:42 RTGot the new White Denim LP, FITS @WaterlooRecords. 2 for 1 bargain: includes


21:26:11 @AustinBloggy wish I could be there! Love their stuff

22:31:40 Bedtime.

Tuesday, 27th of October.

08:23:18 @davegray @karlgude I gotta be at a meeting for my day job this morning, but I look forward to

the recording! #vizthinku

08:28:17 I pledged some dough to @johntunger’s Kickstarter to help w/ his copyright battle. You can too: #defendart

08:34:22 @armindak check these out: R Crumb’s GENESIS, @RSikoryak’s MASTERPIECE COMICS,

and David Small’s STITCHES

11:02:22 RT @woxy: New On The Futurist: White Denim Guest DJ Set On Demand

11:17:54 @ashoupster i listen to @woxy mostly on their iphone app — that, and their recent move to

Austin has brought them back to my headphones πŸ™‚

12:34:10 WTF album cover spotted @WaterlooRecords #badgradient

12:46:39 Congrats to @matt_wilson for winning the #NewspaperBlackout print giveaway! Thanks so

much to those of you who entered.

13:12:41 Just mistyped “pot roast” as “poet roast.” #freudianslip

13:14:41 This is true. RT @Armano: @austinkleon but reallyβ€”poets deserve to be roasted.

14:25:44 @freckled or buy it when it goes on sale πŸ˜‰

15:08:07 @minorjive used to, yeah. took them down b/c no one ever commented

15:09:41 @minorjive isn’t that weird? totally random that I came across that album

15:33:08 I’m gonna steal this line from @st_vincent to describe my book: “Cheaper than a dinner date at

Applebee’s. Enjoy!”

17:28:42 Looking through @cglass’s photos makes me miss Southern Ohio.

19:04:38 “Look, woman: we’re gonna watch the rest of Roadhouse, read books, and go to bed.”

(Sometimes you just have to lay down the law.)

Wednesday, 28th of October.

08:20:52 “Beef? Honey? Are you going to get out of bed today?” “If I did I’d be bluffing.” #achewood (Bluffing today.)

08:38:54 Any of you know a good social services worker in Austin? Blog follower has a friend in trouble

and needs a referral.

09:09:39 Hey y’all, an Austinite and a blog follower of mine, @jochild, is w/o health insurance & needs

some help:

09:35:37 @johntunger something not #defendart related that you might dig:

09:59:45 @gillinator The Governator lays the smackdown:

11:49:09 @deanmeistr @jonnygoldstein what the heck is this #smchat stuff?

11:53:10 @jonnygoldstein ah! is it like an ongoing thing? who instigated it?

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


11:54:57 @deanmeistr nah, it’s great — i just wondered what it was all about, who started it, etc! πŸ™‚

11:59:54 @deanmeistr @jonnygoldstein glad you guys are pushing hand-drawn maps. i shake my head

when people ask me for mm software. PAPER FTW #smchat

12:33:14 For #smchat: Some uses of Mind Maps: & Anatomy of a Mind Map:

12:54:30 Holy smokes, @keaggy nailed something I’ve wanted to try: Post-It note #viznotes:

13:27:27 I’ll be sketching Crumb, Spiegelman, and Mouly from the 3rd row of Bass Concert Hall, Nov.

13th. Tickets:

13:29:02 Sketching R. effing Crumb. Jeez, I hope he doesn’t see them.

16:18:38 @jmerriman excellent!

17:10:31 Would guve me a reason to actually turn on my Wii RT @eachnotesecure: Netflix steaming

coming to the Nintendo Wii?

18:51:24 @papertrail ugh, Stubbs. Hate, hate, hate

19:39:33 As opposed to selling software for something you can do w/ pen & paper… RT @SmartDraw:

Way to make a mind map difficult!

20:08:20 @roygrubb I have zero experience w/ mindmap software, so my input is useless!

20:46:06 “i start to run” is my theme song this week. My brain is like Steve running thru the desert:

21:15:13 “With a book he was regardless of time…” – Jane Austen

Thursday, 29th of October.

07:51:18 Man, I never know where to take out-of-towners for dinner in Austin (w/o leaving town). Where

do you take ’em? cc: @tastytouring

07:55:55 @MarcieVargas it is good — but technically it’s outside of Austin! but always a safe bet…

07:57:09 @ursonate cool! i’ve never been there

08:17:29 @jettek mmm Matt’s El Rancho. I really like that place. Chuy’s too!

08:21:46 @aaronhierholzer who are you excited to see at the #TXBF?

08:23:26 Those of you going to the Texas Book Festival, who are you excited to see? I’ll be there

sketching. #TXBF

08:27:24 @anorwood that’s the second nod for WINK — I think this’ll be downscale — you know how much

I love Polvo’s… πŸ˜‰

08:29:07 @stevecherches ditto RT @rohdesign: Just got a spammy weight loss DM from your Twitter

account – better update your account password.

08:31:02 @tastytouring thanks! a lot of times it comes down to me thinking, “Where do I want to go…”

and so, Polvo’s!! πŸ˜€

08:43:40 @antm that’s the problem! gotta go out of town for BBQ — think I’m angling for Polvo’s

08:44:08 @viswoman definitely seeing @danchaon

08:56:49 @viswoman Ah! My neighbor @uberjam is leading the ASF panel, so I’ll hafta go to that!

08:58:10 @roblifford that’s true — we’re going to ARTZ tonight!!

08:59:38 I’ll have a big stack of these #NewspaperBlackout postcards at the Book Fest this weekend if

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


you want one: #TXBF

09:13:40 @TWalk nice!

09:25:07 @roblifford @antm I’m recommending that my wife get the burger tonight (she’s never been)

and I’m getting the pork ribs, baby

09:29:18 @TWalk agreed!

09:33:49 I like to take folks to Polvo’s, then drive to So. Congress for drinks / Amy’s ice cream… cc:

@tastytouring @ATXfoodnews @TWalk

09:39:14 @brandonnn great minds, sir, great minds. when are we gonna get a drink? you still in LA?

10:06:57 @viswoman cool! yeah, Jill lives right down the street from me

11:34:08 As the boy cried before he ran away from summer camp, “Ah miss mah dawg!”

12:46:25 @ryancoleman this web designer smacks his forehead…

13:42:18 GIVE ME A G*DAMN BREAK “Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals Turned Me Vegan”

-Natalie Portman (via @largeheartedboy)

13:47:06 Somebody needs to slather Jonathan Safran Foer in BBQ sauce and roast him.

13:47:59 “Why doesn’t a horny person have as strong a claim to raping an animal as a hungry one does

to…eating it?”

13:48:53 Why do Jonathan Safran Foer and Natalie Portman both bring up rape when it comes to

meat-eating? F*ing absurd.

13:54:03 @gapingvoid when it comes to the net, the artists I know are some of the most clueless people

i’ve ever met

13:59:04 @ayjay yes!

14:02:08 Oh, indeed… RT @gapingvoid: Why do I get the feeling that @austinkleon and I will be hatching

#evilplans soon? πŸ˜‰

14:03:30 @listofnow agreed. it offends me to no end

14:20:32 @Margosita holy crap! i didn’t know that

16:19:25 Eli Cash! RT @anorwood: if the blackout poetry thing doesn’t pan out, maybe you could try

some blackout robbery:

17:20:36 “It was pouring down rain. You were dressed as a sandwich. I thanked you for the Subway

coupon.” – @megzo’s Missed Connection

18:54:55 Thought I was gonna try the cheeseburger, but the minute I walked into Artz I knew I had to

have pork ribs! Cc: @antm & @roblifford

23:08:39 yes! RT @papertrail: good times w/ @austinkleon & @megzo @artzribhouse and

@highballaustin. now motivated to finish the Kim Deal list.

Friday, 30th of October.

08:22:07 New de-signs are up: I geo-tagged and mapped them, if yr into that kinda


08:28:27 @maczter oooh that’s good…

09:02:46 Ah! Competition: Dash Shaw’s BODYWORLD comes out the same day as


09:26:23 @zack_g no — everyone seems to be raving, though — guess i’d better find it!

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:45:25 @zack_g oh heck yeah — thanks, dude!

09:59:32 : @sivers nails it: you want to be the only person in the world who does what you do.

12:13:23 Every time a favorite blog truncates its RSS feed, a kitten dies.

12:25:11 @papertrail oh man, did i forward that pic to a few people…

12:34:42 That reminds me: we need t-shirts. RT @vikkiprattles: This shirt made me think of Newspaper

Blackout poems!

13:17:18 @RonHogan Molly is a terrific tour guide — you’re in good hands!

13:33:13 My Twitter Lists: skeezers, skanks, skig-scags, and scallywhops. Lemme know which one you

want to be on.

14:15:17 @gorillavsbear that is so badass. it was a great show

14:48:07 The Onion: “Biggest Mistake of Life Dressed Up As Pumpkin” cc:

@HarperPerennial (spotted by @anorwood)

14:51:08 @gorillavsbear seen them twice now — after Mohawk show, decided not to miss any more

austin shows, at any cost

15:08:53 Nothing screams Halloween terror like cubicles:

15:26:07 Hiding in my cubicle, DJing Halloween songs for the kiddies. Screamin’ Jay, Monster Mash, etc.

15:40:06 @armindak whoa, that *is* weird

15:56:00 @gapingvoid i was telling my dad the other day: our town should invest in non-college bound

students b/c the others are just gonna leave

16:02:37 Rural America: invest in non-college bound students b/c the “achievers” will leave: (h/t @gapingvoid)

18:34:17 Great country band playing at Green Mesquite. Hanging w/ @danchaon & @maureenmcq & the


19:27:09 @jamesfflynn the mom in the movie is my good buddy rebecca’s mom! (the one ebert

commended today)

20:08:36 Do yrself a favor: go to the @HighballAustin and order an Old Fashioned.

21:00:17 @tuckerma oh man, I love the good knight. I’ll have to try it there!

Saturday, 31st of October.

09:09:57 @mattthomas it’s like whiskey sour for men basically…which is what I’ve always needed!

09:15:18 @TWalk that sounds awesome!

11:38:30 Your own language > the one handed to you by a formal education. #txbf

11:44:15 Writing in the shadows panel w/ @danchaon. #txbf

12:07:29 Is this not THE sign to de-sign?

16:14:05 Plan: get drunk on Old Fashions, pass out candy.

17:13:32 Mail from @JessicaHagy & the New Yorker w/ the Chris Ware cover. Add alcohol & candy &

you’ve got a good night…

17:23:38 @ChadFord bourbon! πŸ™‚

19:44:08 So bizarre: Shellac is on Animal Planet’s DOGS 101, talking about the drummer’s Italian

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greyhound, Uffizi:

19:45:10 @tracymueller post a pick of the costumes! @megzo & I want to copy you

19:56:45 @tracymueller move back to Austin & we’ll make it happen πŸ˜‰

20:05:37 “No Impact Man…what an asshole. Won’t let your wife buy tampons because you have a book

deal? Asshole.” – @megzo

21:10:31 BAD SANTA gets better every time I watch it.

21:14:30 @scd that’s a good one!


November 1, 2009

Sunday, 1st of November.

08:54:58 “…be fiscally responsible so you can be creatively reckless.” – Fox exec Tom Rothman in The

New Yorker’s Wes Anderson profile

11:10:33 Odd thought: of my mentors & peers, 95% of them I’ve met only through the Internet.

11:12:54 Which is to say, most of my thinking & talking & art-related fellowship is online. Geography is no

longer master…

11:17:49 Instead of being part of a geographical art scene, I have Twitter buddies and Google Reader. So


12:32:11 @johntunger same here.

12:41:40 Contextomy = quoting out of context = how i make art.

14:09:32 @slowrolling hey, mueller’s where I live! you live in the ‘hood?

16:02:10 THE COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt make images and use anything that is sent to you.

22:10:28 I drank old-fashioneds all weekend, and yet, I was dry during #MadMen. It’s just not right…

Monday, 2nd of November.

08:57:19 Holy smokes: Tony Millionaire draws @Achewood:

08:57:53 @maczter oh man… that was my first, too. held about 8 songs.

11:29:48 Why we suffer thru the summer:

12:54:51 RT @majorpepper: hey, can anybody in austin recommend a good CPA? i’m looking for

somebody with experience advising freelancers. // me too

13:29:47 @viswoman thanks! // cc: @majorpepper 1 thumbs up Carla Work, CPA (in South Austin)

13:54:07 Flickr makes it fairly easy to map yr photos. My de-signs:

14:14:45 I’m not in college, but @ProfHacker is my new favorite blog:

14:32:54 @jbj thanks! it’s kind of ridiculous how many posts @megzo & I forward to each other…

14:33:32 @jbj ps. that @DanielPink pecha kucha on signs is blowing my mind!!

16:07:12 @slowrolling excellent. howdy, neighbor!

17:00:21 Listening to Battles’ MIRRORED (a couple years late to that party) and Flaming Lips’


19:44:48 Wine + @megzo’s sunglasses = new author photo.

19:55:28 @adriennebreaux haha wouldn’t that be great?

20:18:36 Watching the Series and reading Jane Austen. So far Mr. Darcy seems like a Yankees fan.

20:43:09 @yellowdoggrl haha!

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Tuesday, 3rd of November.

09:11:18 “Someone’s gone through my Walt Whitman book & crossed out big chunks of every poem w/ a

Sharpie…” via @anorwood

09:57:35 The word of the day is “saudade.” via @thisrecording, who I discovered via


11:02:39 RT @mmaddencomics: “There is no honor among the meek. Thieves shall inherit the earth.” #oulipo

11:28:15 There’s a first time for everything. Yesterday I ate a Vietnamese sandwich and a chicken pot pie

(separate meals).

11:35:49 @adriennebreaux how I made it to 26 w/o a pot pie is beyond me

11:55:37 2010 best US architecture schools: UT #5 for graduate work, #3 for sustainable design. Good

choice, @megzo.

12:02:41 @jonnygoldstein gah! then you’d have to live in Eugene, Oregon πŸ˜‰

12:06:08 @jonnygoldstein I grew up in Circleville, Ohio, but I don’t recommend the Bible college πŸ˜‰

12:11:06 As the owner of a sweet, abused rescue dog, I’ve got my jumper cables ready for Michael Vick: (via @mattthomas)

12:11:21 @jonnygoldstein LOL

12:14:10 @jonnygoldstein who doesn’t have a bible college?

12:16:37 @jonnygoldstein okay, Malcolm πŸ˜‰

12:17:27 @jonnygoldstein holy crap! that is fantastic

12:23:45 YES! RT @mattthomas: @austinkleon In the meantime, you can get @milokleon one of these:

12:30:19 A lot of this FANTASTIC MR FOX soundtrack sounds like Ennio Morricone composed a

spaghetti western for kids:

14:12:22 @adriennebreaux check out Bite Mi on the drag: sandwiches are $3.50!

14:23:17 @TWalk “Can drop a sports analogy into virtually any situation” <– not hyperbole

16:14:28 Maturity: you know just enough to know you don’t know anything.

16:24:29 @Pica_A ah yes. i saw him sing that live! πŸ™‚

16:27:33 @Pica_A it was grueling (3 hours!) but fun!

16:29:56 @Pica_A that’s awesome. he’s got chops. the band was really, really great. top-notch.

17:32:01 “Teaching is, after all, a form of show business.” – Steve Martin

17:58:49 @mattthomas indeed. I have to restrain myself from retweeting you too often…

18:20:41 @artyowza that biz card is great

18:25:27 This is the kind of garbage doodling I do when I’m tired & hungry:

20:12:51 I like my neighbors a lot more when I stay away from our online message board.

22:31:23 Epic phone call with @johntunger. First of many, I’m sure.

22:39:48 @chrisferan @megzo yeah, it’s pretty frickin’ maddening — like the pepper shaker joke played in

many a diner

22:59:44 You hate the villain now. You’ll thank him later for making you the hero.

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23:02:28 @chrisferan we had dinner with that band at our friends’ house — they were good folks

Wednesday, 4th of November.

09:13:53 One of my favorite cartoonists, @tomgauld, has a new website

09:14:39 Just FYI: artists, if your website doesn’t have an RSS feed, it’s basically a dead portfolio site.

09:21:21 Re: artist RSS Feeds: see @drawers’ – it LOOKS like a portfolio site, but I built it on WordPress:

09:58:14 November turning out to be nutty: @funfunfunfest, Mom visit, @jamesfflynn visit, two teaching

gigs, Thanksgiving…boom, you got December.

10:09:05 @leeleslie same here. I spend $2 on an iPhone game and steal a few minutes here and there.

Thats enough for me!

10:14:27 @luxlotus I liked your seven style rules!

10:23:00 @leeleslie totally — I’m constantly trying to get friends over to play Rock Band

11:10:39 @oh_steph beer + destroyer = win

12:06:20 @artyowza purty!

12:25:06 Just for the record: yes, Tom Phillips’ A HUMUMENT is frickin’ incredible:

12:28:23 [ BOLD, RIDICULOUS ANALOGY ]–> A Humument : Sgt. Pepper’s : : Newspaper Blackout :

The Ramones

12:31:57 Prediction: any negative reviews for #NewspaperBlackout will be some guy mumbling

something about Burroughs doing it better.

12:52:03 @zack_g see? πŸ˜‰

13:55:32 You can’t Ctrl-Z a Sharpie.

15:20:30 T-minus 5 months. RT @bigbrightbulb: Really looking forward to Austin Kleon’s book, due in

April 2010. A long impatient wait πŸ™‚

20:05:44 Watching THE WITCHES w/ @megzo & RB.

21:17:43 THE WITCHES is worth watching just to see Mr. Bean wielding a meat cleaver.

22:27:06 @maureenmcq look what fell out of this book I bought at mac’s backs that I finally got around to


23:05:18 Guy on neighborhood message board boasting about biking to work & not having children. Don

Draper frowns & lights a cigarette.

23:06:37 @maureenmcq maybe it was YOU I got the postcard idea from!!

23:14:20 @maureenmcq book is Kenneth koch’s I NEVER TOLD ANYBODY, about teaching poetry in a

nursing home. mustve bought it the night if yr reading!

Thursday, 5th of November.

08:38:25 The importance of stupidity: via @doNNNald

08:47:50 @mlarson happy birthday! it’s a red-letter date in the history of science, you know πŸ˜‰

08:59:52 Eye doctor this morning. Gonna get my prescription, my pupil distance, and go for the $40


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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:17:19 @scd perfect! thanks!

09:32:18 @heathr thanks!! i’m totally going for it

09:32:38 @brittanyforks everyone in my feed seems to be overwhelmingly positive about it — will let you


09:34:18 @davegray Katharine Harmon has another good map book called YOU ARE HERE:

09:40:31 @heathr i appreciate it!

09:45:49 Starting to embrace the #NewspaperBlackout fan page. People seem to interact w/ it a lot more

than the blog:

10:14:38 I really hope Ringo outlives them all, proving that having fun wins:

10:14:48 @mlarson GREAT SCOTT!

12:07:18 My eye scan:

12:35:09 @mattthomas yeah, I was gonnna ask her to email it!

13:44:18 “And I told him, ‘You better cut that out, Devil!'” β™«

14:04:37 Learn to play “Fake Empire” and “Slow Show” from Aaron Dessner of The National: (via @drsills)

14:15:39 @drsills thanks! i’m happy to hear the new beach house album is good πŸ˜‰

15:18:08 Man, I can’t wait to use this for something:

15:30:05 @fluxistrad that LP is second only to Charlie Brown Christmas in our house

16:49:48 Me too. RT @papertrail: Listening to @fluxistrad

20:12:23 I salute anybody who can run more than 4000m:

21:29:24 @maureenmcq that is hilarious!

21:30:34 “Do you know my poetry?” #deadman

21:31:15 @scd holy crap! I’m truly impressed

Friday, 6th of November.

08:11:21 If you build it, you can draw:

08:57:45 New batch of tea drawings up. I really like these:

09:04:14 @michlan glad you dig ’em! πŸ˜€

09:23:09 My twitter feed yesterday: #forthood

10:03:37 Note how many of these writers use index cards, collage, their hands:

#vizwriters <– new #vizthink hash

10:36:26 Get ready for @funfunfunfest by watching Beavis and Butt-Head watch Danzig:

11:02:57 @anorwood dude, I know! nostalgia, big-time

11:15:33 @maureenmcq thanks! i’m having fun with them πŸ˜€

13:01:43 The pirate ship flag as designed experience:

13:09:35 Happy Birthday, @johntunger. Take the day off. Hell, take the weekend off:

15:30:38 I’ll be there drawing. RT @woxy: Pre-game @funfunfunfest over @mohawkaustin w/ @austinist

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20:19:49 RT @Drawers: tea bags are surreal. I like. Should drink hibiscus for a shade of red.

20:22:13 Up on the balcony, @MohawkAustin, drawing Local Music Is Sexy. Come say hi and I’ll draw

you something.

21:00:29 RT @megzo: “what’s the name of this band? Shit sandwich?” – @austinkleon

21:20:21 Just ran into @AustinBloggy. He’s good people.

21:25:47 Sketch from the balcony:

23:20:59 TV Torso @MohawkAustin:

23:27:33 Me: “Did you get another drink?” @Megzo: “I did…I drank it.”

23:39:39 TV Torso just tore up a cover of The Wipers’ “Over The Edge.”

Saturday, 7th of November.

00:22:01 My favorite drawing from tonight:

00:26:18 View from the @MohawkAustin balcony:

00:27:23 G’night y’all. Sweet dreams of Danzig.

08:57:20 Bacon and eggs before a day of @funfunfunfest.

09:50:29 @boxbrown thanks! πŸ˜€

09:50:58 RT @funfunfunfest: Glenn Danzig sighted at town lake doing pushups and eating a bat. Get.

10:58:20 @scd that is one helluva feat

11:41:59 I’ll probably hit @funfunfunfest around 1:30. Need a nap and some coffee.

13:21:32 A little @mimadres makes a good prelude to anything.

14:01:39 Public transportation in this town sucks so bad. Shouldve biked down. Or walked.

14:06:55 Screw you, #20 bus! I’m walking!

14:47:17 @listofnow best thing ever!

15:09:42 @TheOtherLeslie me too! Shonen knife should be fun

16:22:43 At the black stage. Crushing waves of Guitar Center riffs.

16:54:31 THE SWORD!!! #funfest

18:13:39 @megzo yesssss!

19:13:33 Oh god, why did I get this funnel cake?this might not end well…

19:47:54 Man, I took it as long as I could. The angelic @megzo is rescuing me. Staying home tomorrow

to read & draw. Sorry Danzig.

20:18:30 @bonitasarita {{ rimshot }} πŸ˜€

21:51:09 I ran 5275m before hitting a wall and tumbling to my death on my iPhone.

Sunday, 8th of November.

11:01:47 Most ridiculous dude @funfunfunfest yesterday, spotted by @papertrail:

12:49:59 My drawings from the @austinist Local Music Is Sexy Party: cc: @fluxistrad

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


12:50:29 @TheOtherLeslie no i did not! you get visual evidence?

13:10:36 Twitter poll: should @megzo stay blonde or go brunette for fun?

13:16:15 Doodles from @funfunfunfest yesterday:

14:14:01 PSA: every Sunday @mattthomas reads the NYTimes & picks out the good stuff for you:

15:00:13 @mattthomas thought: Jay-Z article all about his myth tied to NYC. Lebron James article about

how he doesn’t need NYC:

15:41:06 Wonder Boys on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I’ll bet I’ve watched this movie 50 times.

15:42:40 @mattthomas i’m kind of obsessed w/ the question of whether the internet makes it so it doesn’t

matter where you live.

15:52:29 @mattthomas agreed. i think it matters, but not in the ways people think it does… (more later)

16:08:28 @mattthomas i like that idea

16:34:54 @theotherleslie @mrsF5 that’s hilarious!

16:35:53 @tastytouring YES!!

18:18:56 @theBDR watch it and be sure to act surprised when you watch it with her!

19:15:55 Experimenting w/ a slideshow juxtaposing poem excerpts with my talk, a la Colbert’s THE

WORD segments:

19:18:21 @papertrail oh noes! neither of us saw Glenn?? sheeeit. hope youtube is kind to us…

19:28:57 Watching I AM TRYING TO BREAK YOUR HEART. *This* is the Wilco I love. RIP Jay Bennett.

19:37:59 “I wonder why we listen to poets / when nobody gives a fuck…” β™«

21:50:38 “Very good! Happy Christmas!” #MadMen

Monday, 9th of November.

09:09:40 This article explains why I will never use recycled toilet paper:

09:16:49 @johnmjones hahaha so true

14:14:24 @robotjohnny re: paul rogers: i was impressed by his inverted blacks too — want to steal that

idea for my simple sharpie sketches

14:26:47 @robotjohnny it reminds me of Tom Bachtell in the New Yorker, but his “inverting” seems by


14:27:18 Trying out a technique stolen from Paul Rogers on a drawing from @funfunfunfest:

16:22:55 Wilco’s SUMMERTEETH is 100% amazing if you skip track #1. I can’t stand it. πŸ˜‰

19:20:34 Getting my Canabalt strategy down. Finally cracked 6000m. God, this game is addictive:

20:28:42 I have to talk to a college class next week about blackout poems. Yikes.

21:52:15 I ran 8448m before hitting a wall and tumbling to my death on my iPhone.

21:57:12 Can never be reminded too much. RT @mattthomas: Just remember: Like Steve Martin says,

teaching is a form of show business.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Tuesday, 10th of November.

08:39:00 @theBDR IMO, Portnoy’s Complaint is hilarious. Goodbye Colubus (his first short story

collection) I remember being good

08:50:17 @twalk for the master of the sports metaphor, my humble submission:

08:54:36 @mattforsythe @robotjohnny that post should’ve come with the photoshop shortcut built-in


09:13:01 Cranking Bowie’s LIVE IN SANTA MONICA ’72 to get this day started right. β™«

09:44:38 Had a nightmare last night that my book was published with glossy ads and weird colors. It

looked the Cheesecake Factory menu.

09:53:46 @fearlessweaver LOL. cheesecake factory blackout!

10:12:23 @mattforsythe that “quitting the paint factory” essay is terrific. thanks!

11:01:17 Real education is about the order in which you come into contact w/ ideas. The juxtaposition of

old ideas against new ones…

12:05:09 @mattthomas except on Mad Men! they’re always watching TV!

12:52:48 @tracymueller amen, sister.

14:19:26 @tracymueller I think so. My advice: schedule date nights. Planned outings. No school.

14:33:55 I’m teaching an online #vizthink class,”Visual Thinking for Writers” on Nov. 24th. Check it out!

14:44:28 @tracymueller thanks anyways for the RT πŸ˜€

14:52:24 @thcrawford very cool! thanks!

15:02:56 Couldn’t agree more! RT @HarperPerennial: Teddy Wayne on why he’s perfectly pleased to be

a paperback author:

16:16:43 @ryancoleman how about we use the hashtag #vizwriters ?

17:04:04 @mmaddencomics dude, I love Jochen Gerner! ever since you sent me Tintin En Amerique.

Tell him he’s mentioned in my book!

18:25:01 Ark reserved for Eve:

19:43:37 @NathanBowers that’s a pretty great list

Wednesday, 11th of November.

09:03:19 @jbj i remember reading ACHILLES IN VIETNAM in our classics class and liking it

09:05:34 RT @gorillavsbear: download the new Atlas Sound virtual 7″

09:26:04 This morning, writing in my paper journal, I almost drew a line under a word, thinking I could

hyperlink it to another page.

09:31:04 @michlan even worse, i have friends who i want to call by their twitter handles when we go out

for drinks

11:19:32 @chrisferan yeah, that’s Jorge Colombo. he did another cover on the iphone a few months ago.

i have no idea how he can work that way

11:20:58 @leeleslie I love Bradford Cox — Deerhunter, Atlas Sound…and his megamixes he posts on his

blog. awesome musician

page 79 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


11:31:36 “…what’s so interesting about this annoying show?” #MadMen

11:39:01 God bless you, Mr. Vonnegut. Happy Birthday.

12:02:34 RT @makeaworldfilm: Exclusive Ed Emberley “Make a World” t-shirts

12:23:54 @davegray i think i practice too much “appreciative” listening — listening for something i can


12:36:12 It’s one thing to acknowledge you’re an asshole that comes from a long line of assholes. Now

what can you do about it?

13:21:29 @papertrail finally! πŸ˜‰

13:23:09 Advice is time travel.

13:51:44 These Canabalt sketches are so fantastic. Thanks, @brandonnn!

14:34:08 @kyleluvsew good job on the @makeaworldfilm website!

16:29:21 Keep calm and pick up Mom from the airport.

Thursday, 12th of November.

08:54:18 If I ever put out an audiobook of me reading poems with upbeat jazz piano in the background,

you have permission to shoot me.

09:56:09 Oh yeah! RT @gorillavsbear: better than the original RT @Lizzyville Beyonce’s sister covers

“Stillness Is the Move”

10:02:50 .@bonitasarita as Buck Swopes says, “It kicks. It turns. It curls up your belly. Makes you wanna

freaky deaky!”

10:13:11 @bonitasarita I wish @drafthouse would have a viewing… I’ve always wanted to see it on the

big screen!

10:41:20 @papertrail love for girls, not so much for Girls. that capital G makes all the difference…

10:44:37 R. Crumb / Art Spiegelman / Franscoise Mouly event tomorrow night: I’ll be

there drawing.

10:49:56 Also looking forward to the pre-performance lecture by Sam Hurt, β€œTelling Stories with Pictures

and Words”

10:52:07 @heatley BodyWorld is coming out the same day as my book! I’m shakin’ in my boots…

14:16:33 Dude, WTH was wrong w/ the 1st? @gorillavsbear: new video for White

Denim’s “I Start to Run”

14:22:40 @gorillavsbear loved the premise of the 1st one — it was so weird! new one is fine, tho– plus it

was taped in the @acltv studios!

16:24:42 Comics folk: the great @StrandBookstore has recorded presentations by @RSikoryak,

@MKupperman, Spiegelman, etc:

17:34:54 In my head I am saying the f word over and over.

18:20:34 All businesses should shiver in fear: @Megzo has a Yelp account & knows how to use it:

Friday, 13th of November.

08:43:55 Still spots open for my “Visual Thinking for Writers” #vizthink class:


page 80 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:58:01 When you’re at your most misanthropic, that’s when you shut yourself in a room and work.

09:32:11 Bad technology: power windows. The motor will go bad. You will have to replace it. All to “save”

a tiny amount of elbow grease.

10:34:53 @aprilburcham i hear you. if it weren’t the driver’s side i’d let it be

14:29:10 Britt Daniel soundboard: “muhmuhmy!”

14:34:36 @aprilburcham all other windows are staying dead — this is the last i’m fixing

14:41:42 Believe it or not, there’s a Rupert Murdoch easter egg in #NewspaperBlackout (NewsCorp owns HarperCollins)

15:12:08 RT @aprilburcham: Anyone want to go to Crumb/Spiegelman with me tonight? (free ticket, you

just have to chit chat with me)

15:40:57 Hipster doofus at Salvation Pizza: want more tips? If yr asked what’s playing on the stereo, take

a trip to the back to check your iPod.

15:54:02 T-minus 4 hours ’til I get to draw Crumb and Spiegelman from 3 rows back:

16:08:22 @jndevereux he was smoking at Bookpeople when he came last year:

16:19:34 Our awesome law library is losing a full floor for faculty offices. Popular reading collection going

into storage. Ridiculous.

16:48:10 @fluxistrad LOVE their cover. mom + pop used to play the original on the tape deck in the


17:13:27 @anorwood that is so insane-sounding!

19:55:00 Uh, yeah. Not exactly 3rd row for Crumb. I’ll be doing a lot of squinting tonight

20:07:21 Ah, so this is where all the old hippies in Austin are…

20:08:04 @jmerriman I didn’t realize how big this joint is…

22:39:07 @johnmjones good tweetin’ – I couldn’t see my sketchbook!

22:41:56 R Crumb was way funnier and way less crotchety than I thought he would be. That was pretty


22:45:17 Crumb, Mouly, Spiegelman:

22:47:14 “We’s old, dude.” – Crumb to Spiegelman

22:51:04 @mattthomas spiegelman smokes everywhere. It’s his schtick. He refuses not to smoke.

22:54:53 I couldn’t see shit 20 rows back in the dark, but I dashed a few sketches during Q&A. No notes,

sorry: see @johnmjones for those.

22:57:37 I did take decent notes from Sam Hurt’s talk, though:

Saturday, 14th of November.

08:11:35 Great 2004 Gladwell piece about plagiarism, “Something Borrowed”

09:27:39 Sick of listening to old farts doom and gloom. Just b/c you’re closer to death doesn’t mean the

world is.

09:29:36 @sparehed thanks for the link!

09:31:43 Doodles of R Crumb and Art Spiegelman + @johnmjones’s live tweets!

09:34:26 Maybe live tweeting + sketching is a perfect combo. Pictures + words, together.

page 81 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


11:52:05 My whole life I’ve been sitting in a corner chair department store, waiting on women,

entertaining myself.

11:53:36 Every Saturday as a kid Mom would drag me shopping. It was better than golfing with Dad b/c

you could bring a book.

13:46:08 Smitty’s BBQ + $1 Blue Bell cones + 80 degree Texas November = HEAVEN

Sunday, 15th of November.

12:26:15 Crawfish omelet @ South Congress Cafe, mom’s boot shopping @ Allens, I’ve got a 50% off

Half Price Books coupon burning a hole in my pocket

12:26:58 Think we might finally go see Haybale at the Continental Club tonight. Anybody been?

13:03:47 @tastytouring awesome. Mom always bugs me to see live music when she’s down here…

14:53:17 “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” – Ben Franklin

21:41:45 “I hope this happens to me some day.” – my friend John re: this photo:

21:43:30 “Hello, Ohio!” A senior moment for The Boss (he *was* on the cover of AARP…)

Monday, 16th of November.

08:53:42 RT @VizThink: 11/24/09 Event – Visual Thinking for Writers #vizwriters


11:56:45 RT @bonitasarita: look at that! @austinkleon is featured on PBS Remotely Connected!

13:14:36 @marcjohns @TheOtherLeslie @jharveyrocks thanks! y’all!

13:16:02 @HeatherJStrout I use Gene Johnson garage over on Airport, but that’s nowhere close to South

Austin. sorry!

15:19:28 @brittanyforks whoa, that 1900 is on a really good deal. $150 off! I might buy one myself…

15:33:27 @gapingvoid perfect for drawing, too…

16:49:04 @gerryblog happy 3-0!

17:31:01 “just some dumb hick from Ohio.” – @jamesfflynn’s bio

17:32:04 @largeheartedboy thanking ppl for bday wishes results in more wishes…a wonderful cycle!

Happy Birthday!

18:16:42 Mindmapping software makes me sad.

page 82 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


18:24:09 RT @NathanBowers: Never send software to do a sketchbook’s job.

Tuesday, 17th of November.

00:47:03 Given enough vodka martinis, @megzo will sing you this:

09:22:46 New De-signs on the blog:

10:12:16 @SunniBrown my favorite was crumb: “We’s old, dude.” Truth.

10:44:00 If you ever wondered what Joe Cocker doing the Flaming Lips would sound like, I present Bruce


10:54:12 @ayjay haha. i know.

11:03:25 YES!! RT @gorillavsbear: download “Norway,” a gorgeous new track from Beach House’s

“Teen Dream”

11:12:44 @cubitplanning that open mapping article is so fascinating. thanks!

11:15:32 Has anyone done a memoir in Google Maps? (i.e. this is where we parked in your car behind

the tracks) cc: @cubitplanning

11:18:50 @jonnygoldstein that’s awesome.

11:18:58 @jonnygoldstein is it online or private?

11:28:54 @antm oh man, that’s so true. i have friends that i have to restrain myself from calling by their


13:14:49 RT @jonnygoldstein: here’s a link to the google map/youtube mashup map memorial for my

wife’s grandma:

13:14:59 @jonnygoldstein what a cool idea. thanks for sharing!

13:38:02 RT @VizThink: REMINDER! Visual Thinking for Writers is Next Week!

#vizwriters #vizthink

14:39:21 @ericabrooke “Did you go to yours?” “Yes, I did. It was just as if everyone had swelled.”

14:42:01 @ericabrooke I found a youtube clip!

17:06:43 Checking out but I should probably just pony up the $5 a month for

texting… #cheapskate

17:16:10 @overprocessed i’ve held out on texting as long as possible, but i’m afraid i have to give in —

too many friends use it

20:19:12 He’s here 15 minutes, and @jamesfflynn has @megzo doing shots.

20:23:01 Torchy’s, Lone Star…Dianetics?

Wednesday, 18th of November.

09:26:28 Ultimate xmas present. RT @tomgauld: My new letterpress print “Characters for an Epic Tale” is


09:40:31 Thrilled that @tomgauld is working on a longer (potentially book-length?) comic:

10:19:51 @mlarson seen FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE yet? each one in the “Man with no name” trilogy

(a misnomer) gets better, culminating w/ TGTBATU

page 83 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:22:26 @jasonmolin that face Anais makes when she gets her first bath is SO hilarious!

11:10:06 Met Morgan recently. Ex-student of @DanChaon. Nice guy. RT @austinist: EAST Interview:

Morgan Coy of @Monofonus Studios

11:11:04 Is there such a thing as an ex-student? Only if you break up with your teacher?

12:48:36 Whenever I listen to Solange’s cover of “Stillness Is The Move” Tracy Jordan screams,

“Somebody gonna get pregnant!”

12:54:40 @TheNewMcKechnie Christmas Story all the way

17:00:33 Cooper’s BBQ, Llano, Texas. Beautiful night for a drive.

19:41:46 @Domy_Books yeah, it was pretty good. We were on our way to San Angelo, so it was a good


19:42:09 @k mmm pies!

19:51:04 Safe and sound in San Angelo. Gorgeous sunset, tons of stars on the way in. Reading my 2nd

pass manuscript on the iPhone. It looks GOOD.

19:54:33 Hoping tomorrow we can tour Miss Hattie’s Bordello Museum:

20:38:22 IHOP is calling us…

21:32:49 IHOP wins:

Thursday, 19th of November.

09:51:52 @vinceclortho welcome aboard

12:15:08 That makes two of us. RT @glass: I know what I want for Christmas… An out-of-office email


21:09:30 Photos of the #NewspaperBlackout poetry workshop I did at Angelo State in San Angelo earlier


21:11:11 The students today were so awesome: they were engaged, they asked great questions, and

they made cool poetry.

21:17:37 @DBGaston thanks, man! really glad you could come. look for those poems in a couple days —

have to catch up after the big trip.

21:44:57 Sorry we’re missing Pecha Kucha Austin tonight. Too tired after five hours on the road.

21:59:33 Tears on the runway. Barf on my shirt. #projectrunway

22:14:08 Loved these @loosetooth prints I saw in my friend Laurence’s office today:

22:16:27 You can buy those @loosetooth prints here:

23:15:58 Way to make it easy, Facebook. Jeez. Thanks, @meriwalker! “How to post Blackout Poems to

the Facebook fan page”

Friday, 20th of November.

09:13:50 Phew! 2011. Still time to get #NewspaperBlackout on Oprah, right? I ain’t no Franzen: call me,

O. Call me. I’m there.

09:21:21 @adriennebreaux aww crap, you did. too early to bump into my feed. great minds.

09:33:36 “In my estimation, children are like the Kennedy Assassination…” Ah, @Achewood.

page 84 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook

20-November-2009 cc: @megzo

10:27:02 Raymond Carver: another “Walk The Line”-esque story. 1st wife supports him ’til he gets


10:29:34 Hey, cool: Russell Etchen (@Domy_Books) drew Crumb + Spiegelman, too: for @The_Rumpus

10:35:19 @domy_books great crumb/spiegelman/mouly drawings! where’d they get them? they’re flickr

pics, but I don’t see where you posted them…

10:41:16 @the_rumpus where’s the link to the illustrator / link back to Flickr for this post?

10:43:36 @mmaddencomics daaaaang! skillz

11:02:03 PIMPERY: Visual Thinking for Writers. Next Tuesday, November 24th @ 11am EST. #vizthink #vizwriters

11:17:41 Microsoft has filed a patent for “Sparklines,” an idea they admit was invented by Edward Tufte:

13:22:46 What if Oprah had a whole show dedicated to her book club on the new network? {{ Publishing

boner. }}

13:25:07 @The_Rumpus good deal! thanks

14:12:27 Jonathan Safran Foer : have I ever wanted to punch someone more?

14:14:18 “Really, #NewspaperBlackout is a family story. This is my dog, Milo. This is my wife, Meg. Oh,

and that’s grandma.” PUH-LEASE

14:50:22 The Stephen King piece on Ray Carver feeds so nicely into this secret project @megzo & I are

working on. Next up: read Maryann’s memoir.

14:52:22 @Nosredna that is very cool, indeed

14:56:09 @Nosredna yeah, he’s kind of a “writer’s writer”

15:02:00 @leeleslie yeah. not since college, but i remember it being great.

16:50:36 I have a feeling you can’t take naps in hell.

17:24:49 “If you interact with things in your life, everything is constantly changing. And if nothing changes,

you’re an idiot.” – Umberto Eco

21:19:10 Drinking and catching up on Glee.

21:56:38 @Kate_TW agreed!

Saturday, 21st of November.

08:47:20 I dig the short comics @madinkbeard has been posting:

09:42:09 Heading to the East Austin Studio Tour later if anybody has tips or wants us to stop by…

10:23:28 @bruceturner cool, thanks!

10:40:49 Finished 2nd pass manuscript of #NewspaperBlackout. One word needs changed, an image

moved, a few blank pages inserted…stick a fork in it.

15:57:47 Gary Panter is like Nirvana: the original is genius, but the knockoffs are insufferable.

16:01:42 @IDMPhoto Payback is underrated

16:07:24 Hit up EAST, incl. @Domy_Books, @monofonus, & @superalright but my fav art was the

grillwork of

page 85 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:10:02 RT @LAURAatCityHall: Fabulous metalwork by Susan Wallace on @eaststudiotour

18:17:31 Here I am modeling my new Ed Emberley @makeaworldfilm t-shirt printed by @wireandtwine:

18:20:46 @IDMPhoto yeah, kochalka is the man. word to vermont

19:10:02 You’re as cuddly as a cactus.

23:18:28 Angry wife: don’t cross her.

Sunday, 22nd of November.

11:23:45 Finished THE BLIND SIDE, after recs from @twalk @mlarson & @janetpierson. Good, but not

as great as MONEYBALL.

11:25:12 Re: BLIND SIDE: I actually enjoyed the raw football parts way more than the Oher story–which

is why I’m fairly sure I can skip the movie…

11:44:24 “Sports…the closest thing in America to pure meritocracy…Pity the kid inside [the ghetto] who

was born to play the piano” -Michael Lewis

12:35:32 Brian Wilson left out a verse in “When I Grow Up To Be A Man”: I think it was something about

hosing dogshit off the driveway.

12:39:14 @loosetooth cool. Will add to the nextflix queue!

19:06:39 Kind of happy that A SERIOUS MAN stole “Somebody To Love” back from THE CABLE GUY.

Four stars outta five.

20:36:11 For all us childhood drawers, a brilliant page from David Small’s STITCHES:

November 14, 2009

20:19:06 “La bella luna! The moon brings the woman to the man. Capice?” #moonstruck

20:39:40 “Old man, you give those dogs another piece of my food and I’m gonna kick you ’til you’reΒ dead!” #moonstruck

21:05:21 “…as you can see, he was a very great artist.” “It’s kind of little gaudy, don’t you think?” “Well, heΒ was havin’ some fun.” #moonstruck

21:20:23 “There’s been a miracle!” #moonstruck

November 23, 2009

Kind of happy that A SERIOUS MAN stole “Somebody To Love” back from THE CABLE GUY. Four stars outta five.

For all us childhood drawers, a brilliant page from David Small’s STITCHES:

It’s baffling to me that STRANGER THAN FICTION wasn’t a bigger film. Great actors, kick-ass soundtrack…and intelligent.

I mean, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Spoon, and infographics? What the hell’s not to like?

Faulkner’s writing on the wall for A FABLE in Life Magazine: #vizwriters

Up too late working on my #vizthink for Writers presentation. Too much good material. #vizwriters

@mattthomas haha, yeah that’s the secret: get the right gel pen, yer good to go…

Leland Myrick (MISSOURI BOY) on turning poetry into comics:

@mattthomas i find that a fine point Sharpie, a newspaper, and a stack of index cards (blank on back) is about all I need these days…

@lynchcartoons did you see that there were a ton of other David Small videos on that site? loving STITCHES

@robotjohnny happy birthday!

Missed this @statesman article about the “writing community” in Austin:

“none of us actually love either going to readings or giving readings”

Awww yeah! RT @ThoughtFormInc: Visual Thinking for Writers is tomorrow! #vizwriters #vizthink

My writing advice? Nouns and verbs.

@brittanyforks nice!!! did you buy it from the epson site?

@brittanyforks holy moley, that’s a good deal. think we’ll buy one soon and write it off the taxes…

“If I ain’t dead already / girl you know the reason why” β™«

β€œI want everyone who’s ever been mean to me to be pea green with envy.” – Scarlett O’Hara

November 24, 2009

McLuhan said, β€œWe shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us.”
Tools = method = work. #vizwriters

@brittanyforks CUTE!

RT @VizThink: Not too late to join us 4 Visual Thinking for Writers today @ 11am EST – save $10 w/code: ‘writer’

Cesar as Dr Spock…my mother-in-law swears by this! RT @slowrolling: treat em like dogs, it works.

Lynda Barry is right — it’s easier to teach in bare feet: #vizwriters

Of course, when I’m about to give an online class on abandoning high technology, high technology fails me… #vizwriters

Phew! Hope that was helpful to y’all. RT @davegray Thanks @austinkleon for a great #vizwriters webinar! #vizthink #vizthinku

@debbpdx thanks so much for your questions and good words!!! hope that was helpful to you πŸ˜€

Manuscript is in, workshops are done, I’m now taking the rest of 2009 off. #vizwriters was a good endnote. Sketchbook + reading ’til ’10.

Jeezus, Houston Press: have you never heard of blogging? This is bad: From this:

.@HoustonPress y’all need to fix this page! I’m not the artist, I only blogged about the art!

Ah, God Bless Twitter. Thank you!!! RT @HoustonPress: @austinkleon Working on it, sir… We’re aware of the error and apologize deeply.

Awesome: @jenbee on Fox News talking about @20×200! (My prints still on sale, BTW:

@estee so glad you liked it!!

@debbpdx thanks! a brush pen is like a calligraphy pen with a nylon brush instead of a nib. they’re awesome:

@Danchaon oh, hellz yeah. christmas comes early!

Life imitates art. RT @johntunger: RT @denicetex Funeral home nearby has a burned out light on their sign, so at night it reads “FUN Home”

@johntunger @denicetex re: Fun Home: life imitates art:

@HoustonPress thanks very much

@denicetex @johntunger absolutely worth a read: probably one of the greatest comics ever. I’ve written a bit about it:

@sgmitch that’s fantastic and hilarious

.@Gary_Hustwit’s OBJECTIFIED on @PBS tonight. You can follow along with my map:

@mattthomas thanks! i drew that sucker in the dark by the light of the paramount screen…

I HATE the UT Library recall system. Eating the $1 fine & keeping David Small’s stitches for one more night so I can finish.

Whoa, is this true? “Note: Faculty, Staff, and Special Borrowers are not assessed fines” cc: @anorwood

November 25, 2009

@ursonate I know! Might be the best news of my week…

@gorillavsbear Nice! Nothing like getting the brain damage in at a young age…

@magdaZINE @davegray Alice Cooper : Wayne & Garth : : Lynda Barry : me “we’re not worthy!”

I really liked David Small’s STITCHES. Terrific drawing. Seeking out his other work:

@rohdesign thanks dude!

@jamesfflynn love that lynch quote about big boy. wish i had time to do the same:

Thinking about vacation. Reminded of this old post I did while sketching at an IHOP:

Advice = time travel. “Go someplace mundane where the coffee flows and let your mind wander.”

RT @ayjay: In Italy, children can fail lunch: Now that’s a culture with its priorities in order.

@davegray you know, i wasn’t on top of my “game” yesterday: i completely forgot to talk about making writing into play. missed opportunity

@davegray (reading yr post, “Why Games?”:

At the dentist. Getting cavities filled for the first time ever. On an empty stomach, too. This might end badly…

I have become…comfortably numb. #dentistjoke

November 26, 2009

Finally got a perfect ice ball. Bourbon complete:

Love @wireandtwine. RT @fchimero: @glass just launched this incredibleness: Enjoy This Beautiful Day:

@brooksmasterson yessiree: I hacked mine a bit, but it works

I’m digging this new Norah Jones on Colbert. Cool band, and she looks cute in the short do

“This is Ohio. We have weather.” #glee

@mattthomas that’s good. @megzo got me this one:

@mattthomas yeah, that was great!

On the History Channel right now! RT @ultra8201: Tonight”The Beatles on Record”.

I’m getting drunk on pie. RT @maureenmcq: @megzo Oh man, I have a good feeling about dessert today.

@maureenmcq {{{ salivating }}}

@maureenmcq pecan pie + chocolate espresso cookies! abou

Thank you falettinme be mice elf.

I declare this a #funksgiving:

November 27, 2009

“I ate so much I feel like I’ve been shot.” – @papertrail

Epic #funksgiving feast by @maureenmcq. 10 people, 10 dishes. @megzo’s pies pushed it over the edge.

The #funksgiving was complete when we busted out Solange’s “Stillness is the Move” cover on Bob’s stereo.

@davegray re: college, yr on a subject near & dear to my heart. Dig my tumblr tag:

Doodle of @majorpepper & @papertrail from last night:


@scd Zombieland was a good time, funny w/ lots of blood splatter…and woody f’in harrelson, of course.

@scd the only thing is, i really don’t like that lead actor kid, but he’s kind of perfect for the part

Watching @megzo do some crazy architecture shizzit:

@mattthomas good eye, sir! She loves those things.

SOL-ANGIE!!! RT @papertrail: Tonight, 7-8pm CST, I will play records for you on

“I can stop any time I want to…except, I don’t want to.” – #SomeLikeItHot

November 28, 2009

@bergerhofer awesome! stumbleupon sends me TONS of traffic

Fantastic Mr Fox: dad turns to old life of crime out of boredom, endangers family, brings down his whole community, then dances.

@artyowza The animation/art direction was great, but I didn’t care much for the story

November 29, 2009

Saturday night fun: watching Dexter & cataloging the 400 or so blackout poems in my archive…

@bonitasarita @senorleroy happy anniversary!

@jettek thanks! I need to grab a copy

@mattthomas randomly. I’m just sticking them in plastic sleeves & then indexing them so I can find them quickly


I feel lost w/o @mimadres. Need breakfast tacos…

My new Sunday a.m. ritual is reading @mattthomas’s New York Times Digest:

TV shows are about “Doctors, Lawyers, Cops and Space.” @ToddAlcott on why #MadMen rules:

@scd “Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

HARD CORE. RT @michaelschaub Portland author Katherine Dunn fights off a would-be purse-snatcher

November 30, 2009

Making poems while watching Dexter. The last one was about a hanging. Bad influence, maybe…

@ericabrooke hang in there! πŸ™‚

Reading Sarah Thornton’s SEVEN DAYS IN THE ART WORLD (@7daysinartworld) Great read so far.

“the process begins with a fat, black marker” Oliver Uberti on “Professional Pictionary” via @jndevereux

I still don’t understand color. Maybe I need this $200 edition of Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color?

Can y’all think of anybody who’d make a good blurb for the back of #NewspaperBlackout?

@scd yes! I’m definitely going to try to get Lynda

@caraferguson we walked out to “God Only Knows”

@jaredchapman Obama should definitely blurb it. LOL

@cliffatkinson thanks!

James Kochalka’s $60 tiny paintings: Great business idea. One hangs in our living room.

My buddy’s girlfriend spotted some blackout action on the cover of the Washingtonian:

Spend $200 on @20×200 prints & get 20% off. Use the code { cm200x } at the checkout:

@papertrail finally getting around to listening to yr podcast — this is some wild stuff! i dig it.

December 1, 2009

“You know, stacked on the shelves and seen from a distance, Sarah Palin’s books look like boxes of Franzia.” – @megzo

Eldrick : Tiger : : Gordon : Sting

@jenbee if only it was out BEFORE xmas. dang!

The wikipedia entry for Gremlins is kind of fascinating:

“I can’t allow what we learned in English composition to disrupt the sound & rhythm of the narrative” -@elmoreleonard

Barry White was so awesome:

“He just finished making love to his wife, walked into the kitchen, she went to sleep, he wrote the song.”

@TheOtherLeslie @bonitasarita I too thought of Dexter…

@deanmeistr congrats!

@deanmeistr sounds good. no idea when i’ll be in NYC — probably after SXSW, when my book comes out in April

All this LifeHackery crap makes me want to smoke a cigarette, do a shot of bourbon, eat a plate of bacon, and watch TV.

GK Chesterton said there were 3 types of leisure: being allowed to do 1) something 2) anything 3) nothing.

Dang! I didn’t know @sxsw did book readings:

@fchimero that looks great. congrats!

F yeah! Galleys for #NewspaperBlackout came in the mail! Thanks for the pic, @megzo!

@mattthomas dude, me & @megzo were listening to Bone just the other day. CLEVELAND REPRESENT!

@mattthomas I don’t know if it was just an Ohio thing, but they were SO huge when we were in middle school

@bonitasarita not as glad as me πŸ˜€

@bonitasarita we love pre-orders πŸ˜€

Win a free recording of the Visual Note-Taking 101 class I did w/ @sunnibrown @rohdesign & @davegray

I wouldn’t recommend it. πŸ˜‰ RT @writeontime: I want to be @austinkleon when I grow up. He’s a cool cat.

It’s awful. RT @johnmjones: Austin is playing a pretty convincing Chicago today

@maureenmcq seriously.

Where’s the love for Bill Callahan on the year-end lists, y’all?

@rileyhamilton you think it’s b/c it’s been out so long? or because it’s so smooth? (easy listening in the best sense)

December 2, 2009

Holy shnikes, #NewspaperBlackout is actually a book!

@robotjohnny good to hear!!!

@rileyhamilton think you’re right

“I like my poems like I like my coffee, dark with little sweet rectangles floating around in them.” – @jonnygoldstein

“Finals should be around Halloween: I’d make for a very convincing undead.” – @megzo

@TWalk for a minute I thought you were going to ask for “umbrella methods” for this crap weather…

@fizzboy get the stereo box set. it sounds so amazing. the mono might be the “originals” but they don’t sound as good.

@fizzboy plus, i think the stereo set is cheaper

RT @spheran: A truly shocking expose about an epidemic that’s sure to be bigger than H1N1:

.@maczster @spheran Once again, IDIOCRACY proves prophetic:

@scd nope, you’re wrong, it’s great. thanks for playing

@chrisferan see this?

1hr left to enter for a free recording of the #viznotes online class:

@ericabrooke congrats!!

Tip for everybody. RT @academicdave: Tip to job applicants: If you don’t have a website, if you aren’t googleable…you don’t exist.

@marcjohns we need interns

@TWalk thanks, man!

I hope the Educational Testing Service burns in hell for all eternity.

@loosetooth would you recommend the site?

@theBDR that exhibit looks amazing!

If you’re looking for holiday gifts, I put all my favorite stuff in an Amazon store:

@marcjohns yeah dude: i dig the low-priced originals idea. go for it.

“Join me in the comedy of hate.” Whenever I’m in need of catharsis, I listen to Bill Hicks:

December 3, 2009

Wow: my buddy Bryan’s movie, LOVERS OF HATE, made it into Sundance!

I wish I was this guy right now: The fetal position would reflect my mental state.

@Pica_A i wish. sadly, i’m at work

@pws the cartoonist craig thompson does all his thumbnails in ballpoint:

@Pica_A LOL. that’s kind of disturbing.

I really hate this time of year. Time for a BAD SANTA viewing.

The holiday / suicide correlation is a myth? That makes me feel even worse:

@zack_g i full on hate christmas.

Overheard a student say, “I just woke up.” Resisted urge to punch her.

@spheran that’s brilliant

Want to get me to roll my eyes? Say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

@megzo LOL!

December 4, 2009

Thanks to @HaroldGraves for pointing me towards Joe Brainard’s work:

The most amazing chicken fried chicken at Hoover’s last night. Had I been shot in the parking lot, my dying breaths would’ve been happy.

Stayed up too late last night working on the landing page for #NewspaperBlackout:

@spheran @armindak thanks!!

Exploding whales &gt; snow

I love indie bookstores, but I can almost match my royalty rate by linking through Amazon Associates. A sad truth.

@spheran @chrisferan that’s like saying, “I don’t have muscles, but if I did, I could beat you in an arm-wrestling contest”

@spheran @chrisferan you need some of that chicken fried chicken w/ gravy i had last night NOM NOM

@minorjive ah-ha! i’ve still to receive the check…

@minorjive yeah, i said, “homey don’t play that”

I identify strongly with Homey D. Clown:

@mattthomas Homey D. Clown christmas!

Weekend viewing: Wesley Willis’s Joy Rides: via @The_Rumpus

December 5, 2009

Doodle while on the phone with my dad: