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January 1, 2009

Thursday, 1st of January.

12:27:32 Living 1500 miles away from your best friend of 15 years is the worst, but last night made up for

it a bit. Awesome New Year’s Eve.

23:29:55 Sick of living out of a suitcase.

Friday, 2nd of January.

17:15:34 Nothing more annoying than self-righteous evangelists, especially if they’re spreading the

gospels of bicycles or vegetarianism.

17:25:29 Sister-in-law had a idea for a book called THE POTTY TRAIN. I started sketching.

Unfortunately, someone beat us to it:

17:48:32 Sunset photo i snapped from the back seat of my stepmom’s Honda traveling @ 60+ miles per


17:58:57 Have slept under a different roof four nights in a row. Exhausting.

18:00:56 RT @megzo i think this is the photo link you wanted:

Ohio: tree + sunset

Saturday, 3rd of January.

16:13:01 Every time I come home I remember how much I miss playing music. Might have to start writing

songs again when I get back to Austin…

22:42:11 A beautiful wife and a big bloody steak. Life is better than good.

Sunday, 4th of January.

09:53:35 Saw Andrew Bird 4 yrs ago opening for the Magnetic Fields. The Fields sucked, he was

jaw-dropping. Wish you could buy stock in musicians!

20:28:16 Up in C-bus with the best man, slaying zombies and drinking Jameson. Tomorrow: back to


Monday, 5th of January.

04:33:34 Columbus Airport. 5 a.m. So long, Buckeye state!

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04:39:48 Also: re: the Texas / Ohio State game: I could give a crap, except Texas pays my mortgage. Go


13:08:50 Austin, TX = HOME! Two weeks on the road coming home to a clean house…still even has that

new house smell…bliss. Now back to work…

15:32:43 Grrrr landlords. Man, am I glad to not be renting anymore. This poem says it all:

16:09:13 My 2009 so far: SHOW ME THE MONEY.

19:46:02 Started V FOR VENDETTA on the plane today. Turning off the football game (who cares?) to

finish it.

20:00:08 Whenever I see football on tv, I think of the endless, painful Sunday afternoons stuck on

grandma’s couch, watching joylessly w/ my uncles..

20:03:50 @scd I like the Moore i’ve read: V, watchmen, from hell (especially–eddie Campbell is

awesome)…what else should I pick up?

20:21:36 @scd oh, I’ve read League of extra gents too

Tuesday, 6th of January.

07:43:36 Ten hours of peaceful sleep. Wake up to hear Texas trumps Ohio. In more ways than one,

believe me folks…

08:48:34 @TWalk yes. i like to stay away from anyone who takes themselves that seriously. “Take your

work seriously. Don’t take yourself seriously.”

09:22:00 Rainy day? Listen to this Zombies tune from 1964, “Leave Me Be”: Love Colin


10:08:07 I brought in my good studio headphones to work to listen to the new Animal Collective album —


10:55:03 19, working @ the telephone company I found the catalyst 4 ppl rioting in the streets: cut their

cable. Wait til Feb 17:

11:40:17 @drawers have you tried out the BRUSHES app? dig how this dude uses it:

12:28:40 Anybody have any idea who the artist is who does these great woodcut covers for the band


12:47:49 Making money from my art for the first time in my life has given me the bug. The trouble is the

fun > profit equation. So far fun = profit.

13:47:10 @Drawers did y’all use our coupons in time?

15:08:01 @DustyReagan that is FANTASTIC

16:31:44 @statesman that cutest couples upload form is pretty wacky to use — I was waiting for a second

screen to submit our story!!!

16:38:08 @statesman but it looks like it worked out anyways! πŸ™‚

16:45:07 Perhaps it’s arrogant to point out, but these other “cute couples” have nothing on us! πŸ˜›

19:44:58 “What I’ve learned from my students? Students today are completely full of shit.” -Branford

Marsalis ( via @jbj )

20:00:05 @bentumbrella don’t scrapbook ’em — you might be able to sell ’em!

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21:36:50 Forgotten blackout artifacts from my childhood:

Wednesday, 7th of January.

08:47:25 Read @TWalk on helping friends job hunt: Practice = preach with him: He

helped me A LOT when I moved to Austin w/o a gig!

13:24:13 Texas in January: 70 degrees +sunny. Eating a turkey sandwich outside with my sleeves rolled


14:24:12 Outstanding NYer piece on Will Oldham: Read the paper copy out in the

sunshine. Thanks for the headsup, @mlarson

14:58:11 If only Texas had White Castles:

15:00:38 This would’ve been really helpful to read before I ran the Newspaper Blackout Poems contest:

16:06:03 Saw this comment on another blog: “You blog a lot, you must have tons of free time.” NO. We

all have = time. Look here:

16:13:45 If I was George Thorogood, I would spend all day just saying, “Look maaan” to random people. “Look maaan, come down here!”

17:13:34 @jcsalterego the secret lies in the fumes…you have to pick the right fumes…

18:54:07 @bonitasarita saw it on our evening walk…it was gorgeous!

20:34:18 @TWalk I use Tweetie

21:08:44 @TWalk yeah, i feel girlie every time i fire it up. tell T i’m glad!

Thursday, 8th of January.

09:57:32 After 10 years of driving, changed my 1st flat tire this morning. Gene Johnsons on Airport

repaired it for $12. Good guys.

09:59:04 @robotjohnny Good for you for wearing your Phil Collins love proudly! β™« SO YOU FINALLY


10:56:51 Texas always makes for great television:

11:23:37 What You Don’t Know About Gaza: (Thanks to @fizzboy ) Also, photos:

15:34:17 My dad-in-law’s book on Ghoulardi (a.k.a. Ernie Anderson…PT’s dad!) is really f***ing good: Video:

21:42:03 Bon Iver’s new EP is streaming on his myspace:

23:07:16 Success in academia has nothing to do with brains or creativity & everything to do with how

good and willing you are to jump through hoops.

Friday, 9th of January.

10:08:15 β™« Lock up your daughter / lock up your wife / lock up your back door / run for your life β™«

10:12:45 “[AC/DC singer Bon Scott] sounded as if you could catch a disease by listening to him.”

10:52:21 @roblifford had to share. every once in a while I go on an AC/DC binge — good Friday music…

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14:23:55 The fact that I have a publicist makes me feel really lame.

14:41:25 O’Reilly: “I sell more books than you do” Coulter: “No you dont” OReilly: “Yes I do” Coulter: “No

you dont” via @gerryblog

16:26:21 I’ve decided that wearing Chuck Taylors = wearing high heels. Sacrificing comfort for fashion. I

mean, let’s be honest: they’re crap shoes.

16:35:56 @TWalk Sambas are great. I have a pair of those, a pair of Sauconys and also a pair of New

Balance. All black, because that’s how I roll πŸ˜›

19:39:49 Liz Lemon is what @megzo would be, if she hadn’t met me. Go ahead–ask her!

Saturday, 10th of January.

09:42:43 The truth is: I don’t really care how “good” my book is. I just want it to be fun.

09:52:55 “An idea is gold only if you name it”

12:02:14 Friends + Mi Madre’s breakfast tacos = Saturday a.m. bliss.

12:10:45 @gerryblog “Look Lemon, we’d all like to flee to ‘The Cleve.'”

12:20:38 RT @scd: Zomg there’s a Chipotle online ordering iPhone app now cc:

@chrisferan @tvtompd @megzo

18:32:05 Wife bought us a Pixies (!) referencing print for our newly-painted bedroom:

21:19:09 Man on Wire: ✩✩✩✩

Monday, 12th of January.

09:09:46 β™« i’ve got nothing to say / but it’s okay

11:01:23 B/w Public Radio Tuner (, Pandora App ( & podcasts on Itunes –

no need 4 mp3s on yr Ipod Touch w/ wifi!

11:32:33 Another blackout “inspired” ad in the WSJ, Today’s edition. Marketplace section, page 4.

Full-page Microsoft ad. Tracking down a copy.

11:47:54 @mlarson that’s the one! thank you!!!

12:27:31 Since Microsoft’s such a big fan of blackout poetry, they should buy each of their 60,000

employees a copy of the book:

15:16:40 Will Oldham singing live on WNYC: cc: @mlarson

16:18:21 β™« there’s always someone, somewhere / with a big nose, who knows

16:31:18 “If you ever start to feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called The Internet…” –

Tina Fey

19:59:26 Note2self: read every 1 of these “too scary” fairy tales 2 my kids: See


20:00:22 “I mean, if someone takes a crap on your lawn you’re not just going to let it sit there!” – @megzo

on blog comment moderation

22:18:42 @largeheartedboy a book worthy of yr blurb πŸ˜‰

Tuesday, 13th of January.

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08:59:22 Hot damn! M Ward’s new album streaming on NPR: (via @largeheartedboy)

10:46:43 It’s always a good time to be selling beer and guns:

12:09:36 Not really digging this new M Ward: On first listen, it sounds like Post-War

without the good songs. Any other opinions?

12:11:34 And I’m sorry, but Lucinda Williams’ singing on “Oh Lonesome Me” is just atrocious. First words

that come to mind: “Throat cancer?”

12:24:51 @listofnow i did! they’re both NPR darlings — I love listening to Bob Boilen gush about them

12:36:41 Every mechanic down here that’s looked at my car has said, “Uh, you must be from the

Midwest, huh?”

12:36:49 And so I’ll say it again: if a Cleveland winter can do that much damage to your CAR, think about

what it can do to your SOUL.

12:59:14 Singer in my best friend’s band, Josh Krajcik, singing the Beatles’ “Oh! Darling”

15:36:19 Secret: Austin, the “live music capital of the world,” is actually a crummy place 2 see national

acts: most bands only come to SXSW or ACL!

15:49:46 @chrisferan admittedly, I am largely ignorant of the local music scene — need to search out

some good folks to see

16:17:20 Smooth out the end of the day with some great gospel music courtesy of the The Rev. Claude

Jeter & the Swan Silvertones:

17:42:02 @bentumbrella @drawers Meals On Wheels Wants Your Converter Box Coupon (If You’re Not

Using It)

21:05:44 Psychonauts is one of the best games I’ve ever played, but dang if it doesn’t have a difficulty

curve, as Yahtzee warned:

Wednesday, 14th of January.

09:04:51 Must-watch video!!! My dad-in-law talks about the upside of a depression–the great swell of

creativity and culture:

12:59:44 RT @anorwood Can’t wait for some of these upcoming Ransom Center exhibits, esp. the one of

antique astronomical material:

14:54:25 RT @bonitasarita Follett’s on the drag closing, all books 30% off, bigger discounts as they get

closer to the closing date in March

15:05:25 RT @largeheartedboy Blog a new song by Neko Case, and Neko & ANTI- will make a donation

to Best Friends Animal Society:

15:06:47 Camera crew is coming this afternoon to interview me about the blackout poems. I’m gonna be

on TEE-vee!

21:09:20 Shot for 5 1/2 hours, but the great crew of Texas Country Reporter made it seem like less. And

Bob asked great questions!

21:36:43 @bentumbrella yes! They gave me a ride home from work in it & parked outside our house. I’m

sure the neighbors were scratching their heads

22:28:38 watching SOME LIKE IT HOT — one of the greatest movies ever– on cable

22:55:14 @chrisferan a university of Texas study!

22:55:38 @anorwood maybe just a little πŸ˜‰

23:20:43 “Nobody’s perfect.” -Osgood

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Thursday, 15th of January.

10:35:15 Here’s some some pictures of last night’sTee-Vee shoot: Won’t be near as good

as The Amazing Skidboot:

10:42:28 “I’ll take an earnest person over a hip person every time.”

12:02:39 @37signals re: writing and design: dig Ellen Lupton on teaching her graphic design students

straight from Strunk & White:

12:04:03 @listofnow i make it a point to read / follow / listen to smart people like @mlarson !

12:42:04 Dirty Projectors + David Byrne =

14:19:33 I can’t freaking believe what people get for original art online. Screw books — where are our

limited edition blackout prints? cc: @megzo

16:11:30 Someone needs to remake FALLING DOWN, only make the Michael Douglas character

perfectly sane…just sad & pissed off:

17:06:01 @wpwend42 we should start a petition — or a screenplay.

21:59:44 “QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER is an example of why many people dont care about westerns any

more.” -Gene Siskel, 1990

Friday, 16th of January.

08:44:48 @madinkbeard them’s some good pickins — i actually really dig that little Panter sketchbook

09:15:00 A newspaper blackout poem for the coming depression:

09:56:18 @madinkbeard i thought it was interesting how he just opened the sketchbook to any page and

drew in it — that would drive me nuts

10:05:09 Second half of my advance just came in the mail. Celebratory music:

11:00:37 2 ticket giveaways for folks in Austin: Lykke Li AICN screening of Coraline: thanks, @largeheartedboy

11:09:18 Going to Whip In for lunch. Think I’m going to have the “Travis Heights”:

11:11:12 @gorillavsbear so awesome that lykke li is coming back to town!

14:17:38 @doNNNald AND SO IT BEGINS

15:47:17 Continuing my recent obsession with The Zombies, here’s “Whenever You’re Ready” (1965)

17:35:52 3 DAY WEEKEND. PUMP IT!

19:32:53 Picturebox’s GARY PANTER book is now only $30 cc: @anorwood

23:42:02 Think I got a little rowdy in the dungeon at the Clay Pit. Must’ve been the prosecco. Apologies

to any couples trying to have a romantic pm

Saturday, 17th of January.

08:54:43 “Roxanne” by Microsoft Songsmith: Thanks, @anorwood

23:44:04 Your contradictions are what make you interesting. Embrace them.

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Sunday, 18th of January.

09:51:54 @qrter September ’09!

12:55:01 Dear Obama campaign: I gave you money and got you assholes elected. I’m a taxpayer, so

leave me alone and fix my government. Thanks, Austin

12:56:47 @gapingvoid yes. asking me for a link exchange guarantees not only that i will ignore your site,

but that I might also ridicule it

13:02:40 @Mickeleh does engaged = giving money?

17:24:42 @chrisferan that site is awesome: wonder how long it’ll stay up?

19:02:51 The consensus seems to be that furniture is like pretty much everything else product-wise: you

get what you pay for.

22:13:18 PINEAPPLE EXPRESS had some of the sloppiest writing of any movie I’ve seen in recent

memory. Shoddy plot, too long. Avoid it at all costs.

22:36:17 Well, lookie here: Microsoft does another blackout poem. This time in WIRED magazine: LAME.

Monday, 19th of January.

08:19:32 “3 meals a day for their bodies, education & culture for their minds, & dignity, equality & freedom

for their spirits.”

09:28:46 Beat Psychonauts. Fantastic game, but man, it was tough at the end. If you have a PC you can

play it for free on Gametap:

12:17:58 @SunniBrown rad. Congrats!

Tuesday, 20th of January.

07:09:41 @tvtompd happy birthday, papi!

09:48:30 Cheney in a wheelchair? This day just keeps getting better.

09:54:54 @chrisferan i thought maybe they had to unplug him from life support in the white house — a

pulled back from moving boxes is just as good

10:28:22 RT @tvtompd: Dick Cheney or Dr. Strangelove? Life imitates comedy.

10:34:05 Law school ordered 720 pizzas for the inauguration party. And I β™« “finally got a piece of the pie!”


11:13:08 “The makers of things.”

11:52:16 I’m not usually a big fan of Drew Friedman, but his portrait of Obama for the New Yorker is


11:54:13 @largeheartedboy dang — a bunch of great new music! it would be an awesome tuesday even if

the inauguration didn’t happen…

11:57:50 As a UT staff member, it’s my goal to win one of these next year, beating out all the fancy-pants


13:55:09 Wait, Jackie Earle Haley is playing Rorschach? This movie just might be awesome:

15:30:06 ATX folks: Animal Collective is playing Stubb’s on 6/5. Tixx are $20, go on sale 1/23. Hmm. To

sail the seas of hipsters, or stay on land?

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16:04:46 @Brad_Strickland Twain might’ve said something similar. that line is from GROUCHO AND ME:

21:21:23 Forgot how much I love Marvin Gaye’s WHAT’S GOING ON. Simply amazing:

Wednesday, 21st of January.

08:59:03 “Select only things to steal that speak to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be


09:25:23 @fizzboy my thoughts exactly. unemployed liberal arts graduate with a laptop?

10:25:14 @mlarson i’ve yet to sift through a Mom LP collection and not find that record. it must’ve been

ubiquitous at the time. helluva songwriter

11:49:12 Microsoft ad agency does *yet another* blackout poem, this one on the inside cover of The


15:28:47 My favorite Beatles songs change with every year, and so a list like this would be impossible:

15:36:53 BTW, my ranked Beatles list would be opposite of this, as I love REVOLVER, RUBBER SOUL,

WHITE ALBUM, & the early singles:

16:28:03 @RuthieAA i agree! george always seems to get the shaft — he wrote a bunch of great songs

and was a terrific guitarist.

17:30:40 I get annoyed by author bios w/ a history of their “colorful” jobs i.e. “a former meat-cutter

transvestite on the streets of Cleveland”

19:28:40 Bring on the LOST!

19:42:45 My idea: a cross-stitch of a shotgun with the words SOLICITORS UNWELCOME for our front


19:53:20 @bonitasarita dang!

20:14:51 Ditto @mattpicasso : New Lost starts with Willie Nelson’s “Shotgun Willie.” Nice.

20:28:25 “Listen: Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time.” Willie + Vonnegut = I love


20:46:36 KVUE news @ 10 pm: “Does the SHAM-WOW make us say wow?” cc: @drawers &


20:54:40 @sct very close, though!

22:21:16 Verdict on the SHAMWOW? Thumbs up! Unbelievable! cc: @drawers & @bentumbrella


Thursday, 22nd of January.

09:06:53 Buddy told me the name of the girl he’s seeing, and now I have this song stuck in my head:

11:15:31 Feeling really crummy about my blog. Want to start posting more drawing, feel like I need to

keep up the blackout poems for the book. Meh!

11:49:14 Bad news, folks: looks like the book is getting pushed back from next Fall to next Winter–so it’ll

be January ’10 at the earliest now. πŸ™

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12:59:11 Thanks, everybody for the sympathy re: the release date — I’m going to try to do what I can to

get them to put it out sooner than later!

13:13:45 @megzo hmmm there are several distinguished gentlemen around here who could fit that


13:58:40 AdAge column on the Microsoft blackout ads: Thanks, @bonitasarita !

14:02:01 @minorjive have you heard Bon Iver’s Myspace Transmissions live-in-the-studio stuff? it’s


14:11:57 @minorjive here’s a link where you can play all the videos and download the .zip

14:28:57 @roblifford a fine idea!

14:34:39 @qrter eh, they’re more amusement than anything…but the more the idea gets praised by

advertising folks, the more annoying they get

14:37:35 So, my publisher wants to push back the publication date of my book, while ad agencies are

making fat bank off the idea. Lame.

14:45:31 @wpwend42 afraid it’ll get “lost” in the Fall lineup (???)

16:58:36 Erykah Badu’s NEW AMERYKAH, PT 1 was shafted on most year-end lists, including mine.

Phenomenal hip-hop record:

Friday, 23rd of January.

08:59:48 Broke down and bought a UT parking pass. Some things in life are worth $100.

11:17:14 Life imitates art: β€œIf you do a film about the holocaust, you’re guaranteed an Oscar.” – Kate

Winslet on EXTRAS, 2005

13:49:37 Information that changes everything: in Texas, Costco is required to sell you booze w/o a


14:36:55 Everyone, I forgot to commend @danvega — he’s the one who gave me the tip re: buying booze

at Costco

15:06:57 ATX folks: Neko Case @ Stubb’s 3/31 — Tixx on sale NOW! (Just got mine)

16:00:00 Had I gone to design school 2 years ago, I’d be one of these folks: I feel just fine

about not going:

17:13:07 I don’t understand the Art World, and I’m not sure I want to.

18:26:11 @antm I rode the bus before, but the bus to my new house sucks, both my wife & I work @ UT,

& I finally got some dough to fix our car!

Saturday, 24th of January.

10:04:05 Heading over to the Ransom Center reading room:

10:18:47 @TWalk that advice is not just for tweeting — that’s for ANYTHING you post on the internet

13:51:52 This day needs a do-over.

13:53:11 Bitterly cold in ATX: 40 degrees. I’m not leaving the house.

15:54:46 “Because I got depression.” I feel ya, Roast Beef.

19:22:26 β™« β™« β™« i just don’t know what to do with myself β™« β™« i just don’t know what to do with my time β™« β™«

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19:40:22 Not sure if this is Twitter suicide or not, but I’m retiring @death2gutenberg . Send @ replies to

@austinkleon (no need to unfollow/follow!)

19:50:03 @TWalk @gregwind that’s right! four less letters to type — and no number. plus, poor gutenberg

won’t roll in his grave

22:16:43 If you liked SHAUN OF THE DEAD & HOT FUZZ, go rent/buy SPACED:

Sunday, 25th of January.

11:33:10 RT @amazonmp3 The Best of the Animals. $1.99.

13:58:04 I underestimated how happy owning/living in this house would make me. Every day I wake up

and think, “Man, this is nice.”

14:56:15 @Gwenda my wife is OBSESSED w/ those books right now. i like to pick them up, pick a

random page, and read from them aloud in a goofy voice

15:25:57 Google’s LIFE magazine archive has some fantastic pictures of Saul Steinberg, including some

of his murals:

15:26:18 “I wish my wife was this dirty.” ☜ saw this on a dude’s dirty car window and thought it was

original. Nope:

16:52:38 Another great category from the LIFE photo archive: “Artists At Work” ☞

18:32:22 @michaelSurtees Thanks, Michael!

18:34:12 Some mind maps I did while watching the new PBS series on American comedy, MAKE ‘EM


Monday, 26th of January.

10:07:30 RT: @maudnewton Every episode of Twin Peaks is up for the watching at CBS online. (via @mattthomas)

13:06:48 Thanks to @doNNNald , I’m now the proud owner of a Mac Mini. What a mensch!

13:15:04 Web geek question: did anybody else using Yahoo Pipes get a broken Feedburner feed when

they migrated to Google? Did you find a workaround?

13:56:09 @chrisferan haven’t decided yet — think it might just be a media machine. specs: 2.0Ghz core

duo, 1GB ram, Superdrive, 120GB hard drive

13:58:23 RT @klru : @austinkleon made some cool sketches after watching Make Em Laugh, which airs

on Wednesday:

14:49:49 Feedburner + Yahoo pipes is broken, so I’m using Google Reader to tag tumblr + blog feeds &

share them as The Superfeed:

15:10:37 James Brown’s LIVE AT THE APOLLO! always makes me want to get DOWN!

Read @douglaswolk ‘s book on it:

15:11:36 @shueytexas “Who you callin’ mensch, buddy?” :^)

16:59:12 @marshariti far out! for some reason I hadn’t seen yr flickr account

17:05:20 @chrisferan I want to dig up my A+ paper for her “Hubris” class on Ghostbusters and

psuedoscience. LOL

17:10:17 @chrisferan nancy, we salute you!

19:03:55 RT @anorwood : Sad to hear about Artz Rib House being closed, they have the best pork ribs in

austinkleon’s Tweetbook



20:43:42 REJOICE! New Bill Callahan (smog) album in April: and a song streaming on

Pitchfork: cc: @drawers

22:40:40 “I have a healthy appetite for solitude. If you don’t, you have no business being a writer.”

Tuesday, 27th of January.

08:47:45 The Snuggie: $40 MILLION in sales. @megzo , get yr sewing machine ready, we’re switching


10:04:56 Friendly Twitter FYI: you don’t want to just dump your feed / blog / etc. into Twitter.

You’ll lose good followers…like me!

10:16:42 @wpwend42 third time’s a charm? :^) cool deal. i’m following you again!

10:17:26 @Brad_Strickland dang technology!

10:46:58 The 13th Floor Elevators make for an awesome Pandora station: Lou Reed, Love, and

countless “Nuggets”-type garage bands.

11:14:12 I’m actually kind of excited about the new Muxtape: I’d like to write little

mini-albums for fun & put them on there…

13:03:37 So long, Updike:

13:13:51 RT @Oblique_Chirps : What most recently impressed you? What can you learn from it? What

could you take from it?

16:09:04 “Yeah. They’re hicks, Rita.”

18:26:54 Mac folks…this just saved me HOURS: “How to install Leopard from a CPU Drop-in DVD

without Tiger”:

18:36:07 “Not bad for an album produced by Kenny Rogers’ brother.” Buy it and crank it:

18:50:42 @mattforsythe that’s my favorite part of the trip! $2.50 for a soda, chips, and 2 hot dogs — that’s

recession proof

18:55:25 @scd his nytimes “blog” is amazing — he had a great post about captions and lies a while back

— i subscribed

20:30:26 Man, Sketchbook Pro 2.0 doesn’t work on Intel Macs. I don’t want to pay $100 for the new

version! Argh. G-damned software companies.

20:42:23 @anorwood that’s fantastic!!!

21:33:03 You know, sometimes pirating software just isn’t worth the effort.

22:00:52 I’m not naming names, but one of my writer buddies said this re: Updike’s passing: I almost spit coffee across the room.

23:37:37 My life = so many hours wasted in front of a computer.

Wednesday, 28th of January.

09:07:19 *New* blackout poem β˜› “Surrender to the Giant”

09:14:55 @Brad_Strickland that’s a juxtaposition that speaks volumes

09:33:16 Any artists out there recommend an online payment system for selling original drawings, etc.

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


from your website?

09:50:39 Think I’m going to start using PayPal to sell original art / accept payments online via the website.

New territory for me…

10:02:37 @ashoupster hey, anna! πŸ˜€

10:16:57 My standby for a great burger in Austin is Phil’s Ice House — except for the hassle of all the kids

and families. #ATX-Burger

10:43:07 KEEP CALM AND MAKE THE LOGO BIGGER: (via @anorwood)

11:30:25 Holy shnikes: Letterman is having Bill Hicks’ mom on Friday night and playing his censored and

unaired 1993 performance!!!

12:18:13 “Reasonable people don’t write letters.”

13:12:35 Wordletting, an online poetry journal, is running a blackout poem contest. You could win $50: (Am I barred from entry?)

14:40:19 Think I caught my Annual Crud. See you in a couple days…

Friday, 30th of January.

23:32:57 Cool of Letterman to finally air the Bill Hicks segment & apologize for it’s cancellation, but man,

was it awkward & not Hicks’ best either.

Saturday, 31st of January.

10:02:31 Pity the poor girls with rich banker boyfriends:

19:32:18 MP3s from the new Bill Callahan album: (Thanks to @loandbehold !)

19:40:28 This fella made an MP3 of the stream of Bill Callahan’s beautiful cover of Kath Bloom’s “The

Breeze / My Baby Cries”:

20:09:14 Saw a great singer named Gary Claxton at Gruene Hall today: He had a sharp,

blonde pedal steel player named Cindy…

20:11:43 The good-looking pedal steel player turned out to be 5-time Grammy award winner Cindy

Cashdollar (!!!)

20:23:48 Overheard from an elderly woman in Gruene, Texas: “I sure hope they have Shiner on tap!”

23:31:48 Want to hear some boring ass conversations? Go to a party full of graduate students. Bring

plenty of beer.

23:34:23 @askforgiveness nah, we don’t run in the same social circles, I don’t think. Plus, I believe he’s a

southsider, and I’m an eastsider…

23:37:13 @askforgiveness he did once start a show here by asking, “Ever had one of those nights where

you just couldn’t get drunk?”

23:39:52 How to shut up a grad student: ask them how their job search is going.

23:45:31 Letterman posted the Bill Hicks apology (with Bill’s set) from last night: (via


23:47:35 Rt @megzo @austinkleon says: “no one is getting back to me about shit!” so if you need to get

back to him about something, i suggest you do

23:48:40 Okay, I take it back, world: y’all are beautiful. Goodnight!