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February 1, 2009

Sunday, 1st of February.

09:36:32 Started a new tag on my tumblelog: “You Don’t Have To Go To College” ☛

13:25:42 “Hot & sunny every day. What are you, a f—ing lizard?” ☚ Antidote 4 when I get

the urge to tweet about Austin weather.

18:13:03 Listening to @minorjive ‘s mixtape ( ) and scanning some drawings.

18:52:17 Just posted new mind maps of the last two episodes of the MAKE ‘EM LAUGH PBS series:

19:20:46 MAKE EM LAUGH introduced me to Carol Burnett’s hilarous GONE WITH THE WIND parody. ☛

Monday, 2nd of February.

11:20:39 @chrisferan that makes me excited to hear it

11:23:23 Groundhog Day. Otherwise known as my parents’ anniversary, if they were still married. There’s

a lesson, kids: don’t get married on Feb. 2.

11:24:30 In case you missed it last night, I posted two new drawings of the MAKE ‘EM LAUGH PBS

series on American Comedy:

14:38:41 “I’m a rapper. That’s who I am, Miss Katie. And I am a gangsta. And I do what I want.”

16:06:27 “The best thing I do is make connections. I connect everything.” – Bill Hicks

17:28:29 Off to get a burger and pitcher of beer with @twalk

20:26:46 Urban Outfitters is having a decent book sale: I got Eddie Campbell’s new book and a couple 33

1/3 books for $5 each. ☛

20:35:55 @anorwood @marshariti I saw the fire trucks and the huge clouds of smoke in the sky

thataways as I was driving back home from the bar!

20:37:25 That @twalk knows his way around a baseball metaphor. Lay off the pitches you can’t hit,

kids…and don’t let ’em change your swing! :^)

Tuesday, 3rd of February.

08:54:38 F*** Planet Earth: [Planet Earth dubbed with tons of f-bombs] (via @DoNNNald)

09:08:37 RT @michaelSurtees i doubt i’ll find a better link this week than I LEGO N.Y. from Christoph


10:42:59 The Cristoph Niemann “I Lego NY” pieces work so well b/c of The Power of Captions: Words + Pictures = magic.

16:46:15 Alvin Toffler on what’s wrong with public education: (via @gmeta)

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Wednesday, 4th of February.

00:32:11 Up too late having dinner with one of my favorite writers & her great husband. Life is good in

Austin, TX.

08:37:21 Rockstar is working on a sequel to the great Red Dead Revolver: (via @scd) cc:


08:38:53 @batcraft yeah man! i wrote probably half my book on the #5 on the way to work — I miss that

bus, wish its equivalent was on the east side!

08:44:34 “I feel like the floor of a taxi cab.”

09:12:25 @RodimusConvoy13 “Well, are you sure you’re using that thing correctly?”

09:20:15 @qrter oh man, that’s my favorite line! and: “We got the tools, we got the TALENT!”

10:02:03 21 Reasons Why Wilco has sucked since firing Jay Bennett: (via


10:17:43 @robotjohnny Ted Rall taking shots at Cormac McCarthy. Uh-huh. If you can’t say anything


10:18:11 @robotjohnny agreed! :^)

10:35:18 Witness THE best Wilco lineup: Jeff Tweedy, Jay Bennett, John Stirratt, Glenn Kotche, and

Leroy Bach:

10:51:45 Dig @zoewesthof ‘s post using my map of Berger’s WAYS OF SEEING: She

pushes the “blogger as curator” a step forward…

13:25:16 HOT: Caribou – After Hours (live) (via @Webstermania )

17:13:44 The most famous stay-at-home Dad in the world:

Thursday, 5th of February.

08:56:41 RT @katiechatfield : even on the blackest day you can find awesomeness. Newspaper +

Sharpie = Poems Thanks, Katie!

09:10:09 New blackout poem: “The 13 Women You Meet In Heaven”

11:32:23 The Great College Hoax: “Higher education can be a financial disaster.” (via


13:59:35 @bonitasarita YES! beer spillage? no problemo! customized w/ the football team logo of your

choice…great for that day at the stadium! lol

17:07:57 Dan Zettwoch: one of our best cartoonists, with a fantastic blog. See his process for this Redd

Foxx print:

18:01:46 You know, it didn’t light anyone’s pants on fire, but the French Kicks’ SWIMMING (2008) is a

perfectly pleasant listen:

19:33:52 Cool example of blackout poems in the classroom (with slideshow!) ☛

19:59:18 RT @chrisferan Google releases a mobile version of Book Search. Works great on


20:59:26 RT @mattpicasso Alec Baldwin makes a fantastic hispanic man

21:00:24 30 ROCK: best show on television. Not open for discussion.

22:39:33 @chrisferan big state school filled w/ students of a remarkably similar socio/economic/geo

background — w/ nothing to do but drink & mate

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22:40:03 @chrisferan bound to be mergers, baby! :^)

22:41:01 @gerryblog I like mad men, but it depresses me

Friday, 6th of February.

08:53:13 ♬ “It’s sunny and 75 / It feels so good to be alive…” ♬

09:28:08 @ryancoleman Bill Hicks re: CNN: “Ted Turner is making this s*** up!”

10:02:46 Sadyetfascinating, Oliver Sacks lost his stereoscopic vision: I’ve blogged about

stereoscopic vision b4:

10:05:05 “Sacks says there’s a part of the brain that is specific to recognizing cartoons.”

Gotta see that TED talk!

10:17:33 @anorwood I really gotta get into RadioLab. I think I can download them straight to the Touch!

10:50:36 Roger Ebert might be the best blogger out there right now, b/c he’s writing LONG about what he

can’t in a newspapr review:

10:59:12 @roblifford the guy can WRITE. someone asked me the secret to blogging yesterday.

“CONTENT!” I shouted, “Just like all other art!”

13:28:13 @marshariti i’m glad you liked it!!

14:19:00 Just got word that a “wine / spirits / cigar” store is moving into Mueller this summer. So long,

liver & lungs…

15:03:23 @megzo delivery of booze and tobacco on a vespa…i like that they’re looking into “the legality”

19:00:23 @theBDR get better, man!

19:32:51 Reason #1,023 why I love Achewood: “F*** You Fridays”

22:52:46 @mattforsythe now THAT is a beautiful evening!

Saturday, 7th of February.

11:47:54 Playing World of Goo and listening to one of my favorite chill-out albums: American Analog Set’s


11:59:47 @SunniBrown that white board looks pretty awesome!

23:05:25 Forgot what a great romcom THE WEDDING SINGER is: a wicked cute Drew Barrymore, a

not-obnoxious Adam Sandler, & a kick-butt soundtrack. ✩✩✩✩

23:13:34 @askforgiveness agreed. lucinda williams just sounds dreadful on it. major mistake.

23:35:23 Austin K. Leon? That’s a new one:

Sunday, 8th of February.

10:40:31 Yr own bed, bathrm, wifi, cable, chipotle & Starbucks w/in walking…Is it bad I worry our guest

room is so nice no one will ever leave?

13:15:56 Left my Jung paperback on a chair while I got my SuperCut, thinkin nobody’d steal it. Then a fat

woman sits on it. “Uh, excuse me ma’am…”

14:48:40 @davidburn no big deal! people have messed it up for 25 years ;^)

18:45:59 M.I.A. is one classy pregnant rapper.

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19:56:15 How the f*** do you make it to the Grammy stage and still sing out of tune? OH THAT’S RIGHT:

look like jailbait and sing country.

20:16:29 One word comes to mind when watching the Grammys: IRRELEVANT.

20:20:38 @chrisferan did you read @sashafrerejones ‘s piece on auto-tune from a while back?

20:29:34 @chrisferan Neko Case on auto-tune: “That shit sounds like shit!”

20:35:32 Need to get my drawing juices flowing for SXSW. Expect more sketchbook action on the blog:

20:45:33 @chrisferan one of the Austin City Limits engineers posts about the gear they use on the show.

good stuff:

20:46:45 If I was M.I.A., I’d try my best to break my water on Robert Plant’s shoes.

21:25:14 Thom + Johnny + marching band >=<≠ Ed, Phil, Colin ?

21:32:46 Graham Rawle’s WIZARD OF OZ looks INSANE. I want it.

21:40:19 Odysseus used a frickin’ olive tree as a post when he built Penelope’s bed. I used an allen

wrench & swore a lot. Modern life sucks.

Monday, 9th of February.

09:07:36 “when the rain comes / they run and hide their heads…” (via @leeleslie)

09:13:21 @TWalk I used “Don’t let ’em change your swing” when talking to Meg about academic work

this weekend ;^)

09:58:57 RT @mattforsythe Watch this Seth Myers bit before YouTube takes it down

12:35:46 45 years ago today the Beatles played Ed Sullivan: (via @leeleslie)

12:40:29 @leeleslie what can I say, man? it’s good stuff — the best part of the ed sullivan video is at the

end when Ringo dances to “Money”

12:48:18 Ringo, the fun-loving Beatle:

14:22:58 [Iphone Geekery] Google Sync for Iphone

14:39:40 @madinkbeard thanks for pointing over to Tom Hart’s blog! poetry vs. drama, John

Gardner…right up my alley!!!

14:52:11 Tom Hart (creator of Hutch Owen) has an amazing blog, which I discovered thanks to


17:12:49 Heading off to a master class with Mike Judge. Bringing the sketchbook. Will post

the results later.

20:27:57 The evening was a success: I got Mike Judge to doodle Butthead in my sketchbook. Will scan

for y’all…

22:53:46 My sketches of Mike Judge’s talk tonight, INCLUDING A BUTTHEAD SKETCH DRAWN BY


23:05:41 @MiramaxFilms yes, it was great and you should release it IMMEDIATELY :^)

Tuesday, 10th of February.

08:50:43 Thought of the morning: Dang, this is such a small town. It’s kind of overwhelming how good it’s

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


been to us. God bless ATX!

09:07:53 Song of the morning is Black Joe Lewis’s “B****, I Love You” More BJL here: cc: @ivarley

10:18:22 Things I learned from drawing last night: 1) use a thicker pen 2) simplify 3) sit further away

[distance = abstraction]

11:49:22 “And remember: It’s only lines on paper, folks!”

12:54:09 @TWalk that’s easy: stevie nicks, all the way…SING TO ME, BLONDE GYPSY WOMAN

14:25:04 New book on-sale date: February 9, 2010. That’s a whole friggin’ year from now. Where will we


15:49:11 ♥♥♥♥ RT @muzzleofbees Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears are offering up “Bitch, I Love

You” Valentine E-Cards ♥♥♥♥

17:29:22 Off to Polvo’s w/ @megzo. Bring on the ‘ritas & ‘jitas

19:20:35 @scd I wish I had an xbox for that game so bad


21:26:42 No idea whether I plagiarized this or not. If not, we might have to make t-shirts:

23:52:38 “I had poetry, and a fine woman. Life was picking up. But the traps, Chinaski, watch the traps…”

– Charles Bukowski

Wednesday, 11th of February.

09:30:13 “At its most astute, [poetry] uses hints of drama to offer up enough action…to suggest worlds…”

09:30:50 @mattforsythe that dude is so wicked talented. are you reading bodyworld?

10:04:12 @wpwend42 i had trouble with mine — then i deactivated the “WordPress Automatic Upgrade”

plugin and everything worked out swell

10:05:22 @wpwend42 what i meant to say was I deactived the old automatic update plugin and used the

one built-in to wordpress. worked fine.

10:24:04 @wpwend42 awesome! glad it worked!

10:49:55 @madhealey “mutton dew”… tastes like sheep

10:55:08 Totally jealous of John porcellino’s new book title, (MAP OF MY HEART) but can’t wait to read

it: (via @DandQ)

11:31:56 “…people who on paper are just gorgeous, & they’re absolute geeks in person. They have no

idea what to say or do.”

12:04:46 @megzo “What is this? A center for ANTS????”

12:54:23 2/3 of the 33 1/3 series books I’ve read have sucked. Reading Black Sabbaths MASTERS OF

REALITY next. Any other suggestions?

13:40:54 @madinkbeard excellent! i’ll add it to my list

14:15:43 If I were a black dude, I’d want to be Kyp Malone: Poor Dave Sitek looks so

lamely white next to him…

14:49:09 I’m just flabbergasted by how much f***ing money design conferences charge. Who’s got a

$1000? Not yr humble state-employed narrator…

15:26:15 New idea: forget the stupid design conference and invite people coming to town for it to have a

margarita. Much more fun that way…

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16:18:22 @TWalk probably “Something” the only Beatles song covered more is “Yesterday”, and written

by George!

16:28:06 @chrisferan she’s got the right idea. get your MRS degree…

16:29:39 @TWalk McCartney told Lennon in 1969: “George’s songs this year are at least as good as


16:38:58 @TWalk it’s wankery, but it’s awesome wankery

16:43:04 @twalk all i know is: Pattie Boyd must’ve been a fox of a muse: she inspired GH’s “Something”

& Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” and “Layla”

16:58:18 @gapingvoid dig Mike Judge’s new series:

17:14:19 E-mail from my dad, who’s flying in on Friday: “OK, Junior! Your cowboy Dad will see you

soon!” (Who’s the Texan and who’s the Ohioan?)

17:18:48 The last time my old man spent any significant time in Texas, he was 18 & in horseshoeing

school in Mineral Wells. Excited for his visit.

17:45:14 @gorillavsbear goddamn that is a sweet lineup. See you there!

17:45:30 Holy moley: gorilla vs. booze III SXSW lineup free beer! (via


Thursday, 12th of February.

09:14:03 RT @alanjhunt Great flickr set of Angouleme: Gauld, Satrapi,Crumb, Ware, Clowes &

everybody else

09:25:05 @alanjhunt favorite pic from that set: Tom Gauld and his sketchbook:


09:29:45 GAULD-DANG!

09:30:16 @alanjhunt you got that right, man! i buy everything of his I can. when is he gonna put out a big


10:27:41 RT @michaelSurtees very cool blackout poem ☛ (Thanks, Michael!)

10:28:03 @alanjhunt no! that’s awesome

11:00:09 What’s more important? A) being a good artist/scientist/etc B) being a good human being C)

they’re not mutually exclusive

11:03:12 @MyLifeInaCube sound advice! i’d recommend doctor or scientist or “something decently

lucrative that you can stand”

14:26:16 Got Lewis Hyde’s THE GIFT for $8 in a 50% off sale. Brilliant book:

14:31:48 @SunniBrown whaaaat? “love has no pattern”? does “surprised myself” = “i realized i was

talking out my butt”? j/k ;^) expand!

14:53:18 @SunniBrown don’t we all 😉

18:25:00 Teaching, blogging, art, religion, etc: 1) The word is received. 2) The soul suffers change. 3)

The convert is moved to testify.

Friday, 13th of February.

08:51:18 @TWalk neuroscientist and cartoonist


austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:15:43 @blueinkjar thanks, dude!

12:39:38 @madinkbeard @emilyadavis thanks for the good words re: the v-day cards!

12:40:18 Please re-tweet the love, y’all! ♥♥♥ FREE NEWSPAPER BLACKOUT POEMS VALENTINE’S


20:00:17 One more time: need a last-minute card for your valentine? Get a FREE printable PDF

Newspaper Blackout Poems card:

Saturday, 14th of February.

12:05:37 Off exploring the Hill Country with my old man and @megzo . Having a great visit. Don’t forget

your free valentine:

19:04:47 @RodimusConvoy13 he says hello back!

19:05:54 My old man on the Hill Country landscape: “This looks like the kind of crap shrubbery that if it

grew out in my yard I’d tear it out.”

19:07:24 My old man on me: “Jeez, you hate crowds, you hate driving, you hate idiots…you got a lot of


19:34:10 @mattforsythe that place is amazing!!! I even bought a tshirt (being the dorky tourist…)

everything we ate there was insanely good. Enjoy!

Sunday, 15th of February.

00:14:50 @listofnow thanks for the plug!!!

17:57:47 Awesome Tom Gauld comics: (via @madinkbeard)

18:02:17 Good day, showing the old man around ATX: burgers @ phil’s, boot shopping & beer drinking

on south congress, then a look @ campus. Sunshine+

21:00:23 Network premiere of IDIOCRACY on Comedy Central!

22:16:59 “BRAWNDO! It’s what plants crave! It’s got electrolytes!”

Monday, 16th of February.

10:09:01 Taking my old man to the airport. Sad to see him go.

12:14:29 @anorwood I’m bringing in a box full of sugar cookies–that should pep everybody up…

14:33:06 There’s just something about a new pair of boots…makes you feel GOOD.

14:38:59 @doNNNald @megzo RT @rainnwilson : “Jack Bauer is a lot like my 4 yr old son, Walter –

never poops.”

15:09:12 “Because they are trapped in Texas, Texans are self-mythologizing.” – Gary Panter cc: @madinkbeard & @anorwood

16:08:03 One thing is certain: Neko Case kicks ass.

17:19:16 Thought of the day: I really love to curse and swear. A well-placed g-damn gives me pleasure

like you wouldn’t believe…

20:45:34 Green curry @ Titaya’s, four out-of-print Lynda Barry books @ Half Price for 20% off, & a box of

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Girl Scout cookies. I’d call that a score.

Tuesday, 17th of February.

08:56:55 My lucky bamboo is not looking so lucky.

08:59:57 Sweet: @muzzleofbees has videos of the Drive-By Truckers on Austin City Limits: I was there!

10:18:06 @megzo i don’t know! the tips of the leaves are yellowing…i put some new water in it. we’ll see

if that works

11:55:29 Any other Austinites going to the DARK WAS THE NIGHT release party at the Mohawk after

work? $1 PBRs


14:18:56 @ShinerBeer my ode to Shiner:

14:22:58 @craigeley re: yr attendance of SXSW: sweet! we’ll hafta get together!

15:47:01 G-damn! I gotta go see Deerhoof live:

18:11:37 MSNBC: “25 Reasons We Love Austin, Texas” Usually when I tell my friends it’s,

“Sun, booze, tacos, BBQ, and hot chicks.”

Wednesday, 18th of February.

12:09:25 @michaelSurtees happy blogiversary!

12:13:44 @majorpepper GREAT cover! love both bands to death

12:16:38 Any Okies as followers? Make a blackout poem from Sunday’s copy of The Oklahoman and win

$100! ☛

12:34:29 @majorpepper that era of spoon is my favorite — right after GIRLS CAN TELL

12:57:42 RT @sashafrerejones ✂ Watch these now—don’t wait. Trust me.

12:59:36 @majorpepper GAx5 is fantastic. they really haven’t made a bad album

13:56:21 @aprilburcham cool…thanks! It’s decent money, no idea how many will enter…

14:55:42 I think I want to take a grad course – then I look @ the syllabus & think, “Shit, I could learn this

junk on my own.” A library card’s free.

15:40:02 @asimone did you finish?

15:56:31 @asimone “I have never let my school interfere with my education.” – Mark Twain

15:56:46 @asimone *schooling*

16:20:33 1966 was an awesome year for music. ☛

16:22:04 @asimone that’s good! my advice, unless yr independently wealthy, is to “Go if it’s paid for.” (or

if the economic return is guaranteed)

18:24:33 Got my favorite pens (Pilot g2 BOLD) in the mail from amazon — except there’s only 11/12 in the

box! Pen thieves in the storeroom?

18:49:41 Steve Brodner’s take on the NYPost Obama/monkey cartoon: “DRAW. The only response to

freedom of speech is MORE OF IT.”

19:44:56 How to save your newspaper ☛

21:59:22 @frontmatter good question! have you read Ebert’s post on “How To Read a Movie”?

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


22:07:38 This Beyonce/Timberlake/Rudd SNL skit is freakin’ hilarious: Man, I love that

song/video. Beyonce bringin’ the curves!

22:17:00 @frontmatter man, i LOVE Strangers On A Train. thanks for linking to that!

22:20:50 @mattforsythe OUCH. That’s even worse than this:

23:03:16 Zero Punctuation (Ben Croshaw, aka “Yahtzee”) does the best video game reviews ever.

Powerpoint on crack. A sampling:

Thursday, 19th of February.

10:09:43 @anorwood that’s crap!

10:43:43 Americans! Buy OJINGOGO by @mattforsythe on Amazon: I bought my copy

in Montreal, and it is rad:

10:48:18 @radiomaru one should not have to apologize for liking BORN IN THE USA. “Dancing in the


10:50:24 Working from home + Mac + french press coffee + tons of natural sunlight in my studio = BLISS.

10:55:06 @antm oh trust me, this is pure novelty. tomorrow i’ll be back to beige, windowless


11:27:50 @anorwood thanks, facilities!

17:09:48 Win tickets to an Austin City Limits taping of Willie Nelson and Asleep At The Wheel this


17:13:48 @TWalk great tune! My vote is for “All Apologies”

17:17:01 @TWalk my personal faves are: “Sliver”, “Drain You,” “On A Plain,” “Scentless Apprentice”

17:18:55 @TWalk also: love everything off UNPLUGGED, but half of those songs are covers!!

17:29:17 @wpwend42 Can you believe I hadn’t listened to Meat Puppets II until last year? Now it’s one of

my favorites. Amazing!

18:29:56 @anorwood no! Bring them in!

19:32:37 What’s the best way to sell custom t-shirt designs online? Cafepress? Local printer + PayPal?

19:38:24 @CatRocketship thanks! i never bought anything from them. I’m gonna look into some local


19:51:52 @michaelSurtees oooh, that’s a good idea: local + etsy!

Friday, 20th of February.

07:15:48 Thanks everybody for the t-shirt advice…the Hive Mind comes thru again!

08:46:14 Tell sanchito that if he knows what is good for him he best go run and hide.

09:05:53 Consensus on t-shirts: if you want high quality & a big batch, find a good, local screenprinter

and sell them on Etsy or Big Cartel.

09:33:11 @ashoupster hooray for local screenprinters! ;^)

09:50:17 @mlarson plus an $8000 tax credit YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY BACK. we picked up a $7500

credit this year, but it’s basically a 0% 15year loan

12:35:24 If you live in Knoxville, TN, and need a carpenter, my cousin Andy does beautiful work:

austinkleon’s Tweetbook

20-February-2009 Talk about an artist!

12:44:50 Dig @marshariti ‘s new illustration website designed by @anorwood :

12:58:50 @asimone that is a good suggestion, and i forgot about them, too!

12:59:26 @chrisferan i bought a bigger french press for your upcoming visit. bring some good coffee with


13:23:30 RT @austinist Gil Mantera’s Party Dream @ Emo’s Coupla Ohio boys.

Saw them years ago. Hilarious!

13:51:53 @mattforsythe [in Borat voice] “That’s a nice!”

15:27:35 It’s Friday! Here are some awful Metallica covers of Ramones songs ☛ Hear J.

Hetfield sing, “Eat kosher salamey-heh!”

17:30:34 McCormick & Schmick’s for Happy Hour with the wife. “Maybe Bed Bath & Beyond, I don’t know

if we’ll have enough time!”

21:36:26 McCormick & Schmicks Happy Hour is a deal: cheeseburger, fish tacos, mussels, calamari,

sweetpotatofries, 2 beers = $30 w/ tip. Recommended.

21:40:01 @rfincke we went up to the north one…totally packed, but we snagged two stools at the bar

21:40:16 ♫♪ @megzo hooked me up with some Kings of Leon, or as I like to call them, “The Kings of

Kleon.” Digging the tunes ✂

Saturday, 21st of February.

00:31:02 Totally baffled by the White Stripes’ performance on Conan’s last show. I stayed up for that?

01:40:52 Conan O’Brien on Inside The Actor’s Studio is much funnier and more illuminating than on his

last show. Worth watching.

10:33:16 Saw great vehicle mod outside of Mrs. Johnson’s Donuts: the words “DO IT” added to YUKON ☛


10:40:29 @rohdesign happy blogiversary!

10:54:04 @madinkbeard congrats, man! good feeling!

11:46:50 The Auto-stitch feature in Photoshop CS3 just blew my mind: Thanks,

@anorwood !

12:48:07 They put up a “Your Speed Is” speed limit radar outside on our street. Thinking of running past

at top speed & clocking myself…

13:25:44 @theBDR I can’t think of a better way to spend it !

13:39:09 “You can’t really have a man room without a wife, because then there is really no one to get

away from.” TRUTH:

14:08:00 One thing Ted Turner and I share: we both love GONE WITH THE WIND.

21:07:57 Best line in JAWS: “Wanna get drunk and fool around?”

Sunday, 22nd of February.

11:07:58 Funny how often print media & bigger news sites don’t do you the standard blogger’s courtesy of

giving readers a link back to your site…

13:17:40 “Women…can see what men have up their sleeves….That is why no woman has ever been

convinced that her husband is a superman!” – Carl Jung

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:46:56 Just finished a map of Carl Jung’s MEMORIES, DREAMS, REFLECTIONS:

16:59:15 Heads up! Artist Brian Dettmer (Book Autopsies, etc.) is now on Flickr:

17:21:34 RT @muzzleofbees It’s recordings such as these that make me miss the Jay Bennett element to

Wilco: A must download

20:46:29 This PDF from SXSW ’07 by @khoi & @markboulton is one of the best intros to Grid-based web

design I’ve seen:

20:52:06 Buddy sent me a link to a 3GB zip of The Pitchfork 500. 1.5 days of music. Dang! I’m gonna see

how far I can get this week at work…

Monday, 23rd of February.

09:03:20 John Cleese on how drawing caricatures mimics the brain when recognizing faces. Fascinating

stuff. (via @leeleslie)

10:18:25 @BPDINOKC thanks for the blog post and the poem! i appreciate it.

10:56:12 No more press interviews over the phone. Too many opportunities for mix-ups, not enough time

to formulate answers, no records, etc. E-mail!

11:26:13 PS. I’m not criticizing anybody! As a writer, it’s just maddening/embarrassing to read yr verbal

babbling transcribed.

13:35:25 @khoi haha. look forward to what you have in store for us this year!

13:38:59 @wpwend42 it’s funny, b/c anybody who knows me knows how much I hate talking on the

phone anyways! always have.

13:59:53 @The_Rumpus when I read 1984 @ 13, I read it as a forbidden love story — but i had

completely forgotten it was an affair! great piece.

14:39:53 Couldn’t make it to #vizthink09 , so I’m reading Robert Horn’s VISUAL LANGUAGE instead ☛

15:17:56 @art4change cool! I’ll put it on my list

15:44:32 @deanmeistr thanks! i’ve read all of McCloud’s stuff, and I have Universal Principles in my desk

drawer (but unread!)

16:01:02 Think I’m going to make this T-shirt for SXSW just to see how many design geeks get the joke ☛

16:23:11 @bonitasarita *****JEALOUS*****

21:56:22 @chrisferan god bless the sun belt

22:35:47 You can’t make a blackout poem on a Kindle; therefore, it is worthless.

Tuesday, 24th of February.

09:22:42 @frontmatter that was such a ridiculous interview!

09:55:00 The Beatles – Revolution (newly-surfaced Take 20!) (via @sparehed) cc:

@leeleslie @sarah_crisman #beatlestuesday

10:00:02 @Jack_Hadley nope! just following along. :^)

10:14:25 “Papa Chester’s proud of you.” I

11:19:42 More VizThinkers should pay attention to the cartoonist Lynda Barry ☛


austinkleon’s Tweetbook


13:17:44 RT @ywalker Good turnout so far for Oklahoman’s Blackout Poetry Contest. 50 entries the first

day. Still time for yours.

13:17:58 @ywalker awesome!

13:31:28 MUUUHAHAHA! Stuff White People Like #122: Moleskine Notebooks ☛

(Thanks, @shueytexas !)

14:05:48 @robotjohnny that woman is my hero

15:36:51 @detlef_c thanks, Detlef! i appreciate it!

15:38:08 @CCSeed thanks for the comment, Richard! if you could recommend one book on Jung (other

than his autobio) to someone, what would it be?

15:50:58 @CCSeed excellent! thanks for the advice re: the seminar. i will track it down!

18:12:54 Bachelor night @ Chez Kleon. @megzo in San Antonio until late. Beer, mac & cheese, and The

Three Stooges it is…

19:01:04 @mlarson i’m half-way thru that ian mcewan article — it’s really, really good

19:19:12 Ivan Brunetti, one of my favorite cartoonists, does the cover of this week’s New Yorker:

23:17:03 Falling asleep to Seven Samurai on TCM.

Wednesday, 25th of February.

09:07:00 @doNNNald when i was dead broke, man, i couldn’t picture this

10:03:04 This Blip.FM thing is pretty sweet. Follow me:

10:20:45 More dudes should give props to their first lady before they get down to business:

10:46:41 @alanjhunt it’s been so interesting to watch his work evolve. can’t wait to get the paper copy to


11:44:06 RT @davegray: “You have to share ideas in order to benefit from them.” – @jessicahagy

#vizthink09 Related:

13:57:44 HELL YEAH: @aquadrunkard hosts free SXSW party during film/interactive on 3/14 w/ local

boys White Denim & Black Joe Lewis

14:14:56 HELP: Looks like I have to drive @megzo to College Station on Saturday. Any decent book

stores / record stores / things to do you recommend?

14:58:49 “Children want to do what the adults are doing” ☛

19:55:29 L O S T

19:55:50 B E E R

20:02:31 M & M s

21:22:54 “If you were right, I’d agree with you.”

Thursday, 26th of February.

08:00:03 88 and sunny today in ATX. “Hot & sunny every day. What are you, a f—ing lizard?” #billhicksday

09:09:31 “The Goat Boy Rises”: 1993 New Yorker Article on Bill Hicks: #billhicksday

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:17:12 This Zen Bound Iphone game looks amazing. Thanks to

@michaelSurtees & @gruber

15:10:12 Thought: Who gives a shit about the container? Focus on the image inside.

15:45:16 @majorpepper ah, me and my vague tweets 🙂 you *could* argue the image is nothing without

a container…

15:46:03 My wife would’ve made a fantastic psychologist. To me, at lunch: “You use the past like other

people use religion.”

15:52:33 @stormsy wow, what a great quote! was she a fan of this book?

15:57:30 @stormsy she sounds like an awesome lady :^)

16:32:31 The cartoonist William Steig’s delightfully weird and out-of-print 1939 book ABOUT PEOPLE:

Friday, 27th of February.

08:41:04 @rainnwilson can’t get the news from poems, but you CAN get poetry from the news:

09:01:19 Read Chris Ware’s ACME #19 in one sitting last night. Man’s a genius cartoonist, but how many

sad-bastard woman-hating stories can we read?

09:15:17 @stormsy @loosetooth give me a world w/ characters i want to spend time, a little humor, and

make me want to get out of bed in the morning

09:19:38 @madinkbeard i’m ready for him to flush that stuff out of his system.

09:20:47 @madinkbeard in my dream world, Ware would axe-murder kill Rusty Brown, start writing gag

strips, and do a huge, non-fiction comic book

09:26:29 ATTN storytellers: give me a world w/ characters i like spending time w/, a little humor, & help

me get out of bed in the a.m. Thx, AK.

10:13:41 Some thoughts on collage, cut-ups, newspapers, Donald Barthelme, and Girl Talk (not in that


10:23:19 @jessicahagy you’ve got a beer on me if our paths cross @ SXSW

11:01:34 As a newbie to SXSW film this year, I really appreciate @jettek ‘s SXSW 2009 Guide to Film

Festival Venues

12:48:58 Cool: @statesman has a big article on our neighborhood in Austin (Mueller) w/ photo gallery

16:28:41 PR dude called me about this film today: Quickly became one of my

“must-sees” at SXSW. @remixmanifesto’s remix culture doc

17:36:50 If you have an awesome boss, as I do, he says to you Friday p.m., “Have a good weekend.

Don’t think about this place.” You got it, boss!

20:35:36 Drawing. Thinking I should never draw with anything finer than a Sharpie. Big fat lines =

simplification = abstraction = better cartoons.

22:27:14 @daveed70 thanks for the thumbs up on the shirt!

22:45:12 Tripadvisor: George Bush Presidential Library Museum is ranked #1 (of 1) “attractions” in

College Station. Help me, people. What else to do?

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Saturday, 28th of February.

06:00:20 Up early to drive to College Station. Hoping to at least get a nice sunrise out of this…

11:07:43 @fizzboy so far I’ve been to half price books and a bar

11:08:20 RT @fizzboy : When I visited A&M as a HS junior, I asked advisors what they did on weekends

for fun. “We go to Austin,” they said.

11:10:44 @davidmasters I like john gardner THE ART OF FICTION and ON BECOMING A NOVELIST,

lynda barry’s WHAT IT IS, Anne lamott BIRD BY BIRD

11:16:55 11 am in College Station, TX, sitting in a booth in The Blue Baker (free wifi) drinking a Miller

Lite. Weepy string muzak. 7 more hours…

11:19:23 @fizzboy was going to hit up thebush library for shits & giggles…but it’s 3 bucks, even with

student discount (which I’d have to fake)

11:22:10 @anorwood is it worth 3 bucks?

11:32:10 @anorwood duly noted

11:33:29 $3 will buy a trip to the GHW Bush Library or another Miller Lite. You can probably guess which

way I’m leaning…

11:36:24 @gapingvoid I decided to quit taking visitors elsewhere. Soco never fails to please. If I weren’t in

college station I’d buy you a beer

11:46:24 @davegray if the creative process remains mysterious knowledge creatives can continue to

compensate for any insecurity about genital size

11:47:09 @madinkbeard drinking and drawing!

11:59:27 @davegray but seriously, it’s about power: artists feel they’ll lose something if they reveal their

magic tricks & make process transparent

12:11:25 “Papa Chester’s proud of you.” This commercial NAILS my feelings re: the child

worship that goes on in ATX…

12:27:26 @emilytshaw GREAT commercial. Baldwin’s the best

13:24:44 @shueytexas I heard the same!

17:12:15 RT @majorpepper Spoon at the Scoot Inn, ATX on 4/21… tix are on sale; git ’em! (Just snagged mine)

17:15:52 @SunniBrown where and when??? sign me up!!!

17:20:26 Back from College Station, thank god. Gettin’ my drink on with the Mrs.

19:50:46 @roblifford where’d you play? i’ve got clubs, a golf course across the street, & i still haven’t even

hit the driving range…