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March 1, 2009

Sunday, 1st of March.

09:38:09 RT @comics212dotnet Every Q&A session: “I want to ask u a question, but really I want to talk

about myself. Do u like me?”

14:34:01 RT @bryancarroll Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy live in Austin 6/5 at the Mohawk!!! β™«

14:57:34 RT @rohdesign launched as a central spot for my Sketchnote activity & work.

22:27:01 Did three of my favorite things tonight: ate good food, drank good wine, and talked for hours with

good, intelligent people.

22:41:23 @CatRocketship i think he’s definitely had work done — he’s looking a little botched a la Kenny

Rogers around the eyes…

22:42:21 @everydayj good luck, man! you can do it!

22:52:13 @listofnow my mother-in-law’s dog loves carrots, too. she also eats garbage and used tissues…

Monday, 2nd of March.

09:39:54 I’m in love with Blip.FM. Reminds me of the fun I used to have on my college radio show.

10:33:26 “My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see me perform.” <– why I loathe Kanye


10:43:35 Novelist Ian McEwan (ATONEMENT, etc.) is speaking at the Blanton Museum of Art this

Thursday night. Great NYer profile:

11:33:54 @stormsy @zeowesthof i’m gonna do my best to get in and draw him!

11:36:23 Join dropbox and get 2.5 gigs for sharing

(via @ritmono)

12:21:46 @mattforsythe can’t wait to see the rest of this!

09:39:47 Big thanks to @madinkbeard for this tom gauld flickr goodness:

17:14:01 @listofnow yeah i turned off the “auto-post” to twitter preference on BlipFM just so i didn’t

annoy everybody with every song

19:35:58 I get a lot of inquiries about this ukulele illustration. Maybe I should put it on a t-shirt?

22:46:59 Just finished commissioned drawings of the last 2 episodes of the PBS MAKE EM LAUGH

series. Happy w/ how they turned out:

Tuesday, 3rd of March.

08:57:41 Much as I love Isotype, icons arent magically universal: they must have meanings we all agree

on. Pictures + WORDS = magic

09:40:25 @antm @twalk ive stripped my rss feeds 2 a few individual art/writer blogs. no aggregator sites

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– i figure twitter will filter those 4 me

10:24:37 @alanjhunt it’s kind of sad what a gauld freak i am…

10:28:58 @alanjhunt i REALLY want him to do a BIG book. even if it’s just a collection of his stuff. i try to

collect everything i can

11:14:34 Good advice for graduating undergrads: “Don’t try to dodge the recession with grad school.” (via @gerryblog)

13:01:27 Free PDF of Ray Fenwick’s “Truth Bear” comic that was serialized in the Fantagraphics MOME


15:03:35 I’ve come across the term “going native” several times today. Hmmm…

16:15:17 @scd wish i’d been hip enough to go to that — we finally netflixed it and we’re finishing the

second season

16:41:00 @glass wow! congrats on that gig!

23:33:46 TCM repeatedly keeps me up past my bedtime. Tonight: KEY LARGO w/ bogey + bacall

Wednesday, 4th of March.

09:46:35 Miss #vizthink09 ? @fueledbycoffee has a rad flickr set of sketchnotes:

09:54:57 @Jack_Hadley re: 2 kinds of people: those you’d have over for bbq / not have over for bbq

10:25:24 Not many artists talk/think/write/draw about money. Could be a niche market…

10:34:06 If you make a list of the best web comics & fail to put Achewood at the top of the list, punch

yourself in the face.

10:45:58 @Pampelmoose YES! two songs I CRANK in my cubicle. πŸ˜€

10:47:24 @Pampelmoose PS I think English artists sing/write/draw about money a lot more than

americans. much more class conscious

10:48:20 RT @anorwood “When bankers get together for dinner, they discuss Art. When artists get

together for dinner, they discuss money” -Oscar Wilde

10:50:56 @gapingvoid book jacket looks rad. congrats.

11:10:29 @chrisferan a close relative of “same difference” [ PUNCH ]

11:29:02 Note for those of you who subscribe to my Blog + Tumblr Superfeed: it’s broken, and I

recommend unsubscribing β˜›

13:29:01 makes my life as an only son a heckuva lot easier.

22:50:19 Making things for no real reason, and feeling more sane than I have in weeks.


Thursday, 5th of March.

09:11:42 @DRB thanks! sounds like a new project! i’ve fiddled w/ time lapse before: i

usually start in the center work clockwise

09:15:23 SO EXCITED FOR THIS SHOW –> RT @aquadrunkard: SXSW Interactive :: White Denim,

Black Joe Lewis, March 14th.

09:26:30 @majorpepper YES! and I keep failing to see them live, even though they’re locals!

09:45:23 @DRB that’s the cool thing about pictures & words in space — you juxtapose images/ideas &

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people can make their own connections

11:27:58 RT @gapingvoid: Observation: Drawing cartoons is much more interesting/productive than 99%

of Web 2.0 activities out there.

11:31:27 5 Ohio Cities Top Manliest Places In USA “based on # of sports teams & frequency of monster

truck rallies.” (via @olevia)

11:33:39 In response to that last tweet, I quote Bob Dylan: “you ask why I don’t live here / Honey, how

come you don’t move?”

13:24:48 @coudal re: Field Notes : might want to check out Domy Books in Austin

13:30:04 Visiting Austin? Have an Iphone? This Razorfish SXSW guide is pretty awesome:

13:39:57 @MacHeist Yeah, I’ll take a free copy of DEVONthink!

#MacHeist #free

13:42:03 @frontmatter Domy is VERY new. not even a year old. cool joint. I’ve only been there once to

see gary panter:

14:09:43 “When I go into an art gallery, I feel like I’m in an ICU. Everything’s super expensive, & you feel

like somebodys gonna die.” -Lynda Barry

14:55:02 “I like that your artistic idol is a middle-aged lady. Makes me happy.” – my wife @megzo re:

Lynda Barry

16:48:32 Dutch folks seem to love blackout poems. Too bad I can’t read them: &

17:02:21 Anybody going to the Ian McEwan reading @ the Blanton tonight? If so, say hi: I’ll be w/

sketchbook next to the good-looking blonde. :^D

20:56:00 Skipped McEwan reading, took my wife out for Thai food and went book shopping. Now

watching 30 Rock. Life is good.

21:46:28 YES. RT @evancass: New Jarmusch trailer: THE LIMITS OF CONTROL (via @reversecowpie )

22:36:03 Austin musicians: I’d like to take my brother-in-law to some sweet guitar/music shops while he’s

in town. Recommendations?

Friday, 6th of March.

08:38:58 Thanks to @roblifford @everydayj @matthew_price @majorpepper for the advice on Austin

Guitar Shops! #followfriday

08:45:21 RT @jessicahagy: I am confident I can draw my way out of most problems, if only as a

preliminary step.

09:09:34 Olivier Kugler’s work just knocks me out. The MFer can DRAW!

09:39:10 WHY is Bonnie Prince Billy playing Austin on the same night (June 5) as Animal Collective?


09:48:55 @majorpepper they’re still on sale!! i just got mine last night! which is why i’m freaking out now.

but I think Oldham will come back

09:59:43 This new Bonnie Prince Billy song is rad:

10:39:15 @papertrail i think you’re right. now i just have to unload my AC tixx…

10:42:21 @LoAndbehold that’s an awesome idea! i think BPB is actually playing dallas saturday, which

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means we could stay overnight, etc.

10:44:06 @papertrail the mohawk show is also outside– you could just stand outside and listen!

13:52:44 @anorwood man, i really wanted to go to that! let me know how it is

13:54:24 @forlornfunnies look forward to the new collection!

14:26:18 Whoa, getting a bazillion hits from Stumbleupon from the “How To Be Cool” blackout poem: It’s always the throwaways…

14:45:18 @anorwood awesome. sounds cool!

14:49:41 Anybody going to STAPLE in Austin tomorrow? There’s a pre-party tonight at Austin Books and

Comics from 7PM – 11PM

15:02:41 @alanjhunt far out! i didn’t know he did any sequential stuff

15:07:52 Its really damned goofy to live in a town that shares your first name. But it helps the Google

ranking, so what the hell.

15:13:55 Holy shnikes, Tom Gauld is posting his sketchbook pages on Flickr:

15:56:47 @marshariti cool! maybe i’ll see y’all there

19:19:14 South congress. Gueros. Beer me.

21:37:43 I highly recommend living in a city you love.

Saturday, 7th of March.

09:33:39 Taking DevonThink for a spin by working on a post about doodles and doodling. Have tons of

PDFS, websites collected, etc.

10:06:05 No idea about this site, but I love this mini-review of the blackout poems:

10:11:55 More Dutch love for blackout poems:

10:50:06 Read about a guy who used doodles to find treasure he’d buried years ago. Can’t find a thing on

the net about it. Buying book. Print wins.

11:03:48 Anthony Bourdain and NO RESERVATIONS in Cleveland (full show!)

18:12:29 I think the North Loop district is my favorite window-shopping part of ATX.

18:36:52 @jmerriman @z_bill gah! i shoulda gone to STAPLE. sounds like fun, and I would’ve loved to

meet Onstad.

20:26:39 PHIL COLLINS IN TEXAS! : Phil Collins quits singing, takes up the Alamo. For reals. The

Alamo. (via @freejoe76)

21:00:10 ELISS: I’m kind of obsessed with this iphone/ipod game:

23:39:05 “The place in which I fit will not exist until I make it.” – James Baldwin

23:49:55 @bonitasarita thought I was hallucinating b/c there’s a pic of him next to the “no shame”

singalong in this month’s Alamo drafthouse guide!

Sunday, 8th of March.

00:42:57 @rohdesign I hate the word “safe” when used to critique something. Pretentious. I think it’s

something they must teach you in art school.

10:07:29 Phil Collins β™₯ The Alamo. A CONVERGENCE! There are no coincidences in life –> cc: @drafthouse

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11:18:57 “They’re not just for kids anymore!” [BANG!] The NYTimes Graphic Books Best Seller Lists: (via @largeheartedboy)

13:39:15 WATCHMEN @ The South Lamar Alamo @drafthouse. I got no expectations either way.

17:41:41 Hey kids! Like beatings, rape scenes, gratuitous sex & violence, child abuse, adultery, and blue

man chicken? Go see WATCHMEN!

18:34:05 “[Connie Britton [is] a MILF the way Jimi Hendrix is a guitarist.” – Patton Oswalt on FRIDAY


18:45:01 @daveed70 god, that’s horrible. what an icky movie

18:50:35 In my dream sequel to WATCHMEN, Dr. Manhattan starts a tattoo parlor on Mars and shoots a

porno with the Blue Man Group.

18:52:56 @gerryblog god help us.

18:57:19 @daveed70 i was amazed, but not in a good way. i don’t know how it wasn’t rated NC-17,


19:59:04 Again: if you like beatings, murder, rape, bad sex scenes, bad soundtracks, child abuse,

adultery, & blue man chicken, go see WATCHMEN.

20:23:46 @listofnow i hated it. gruesome and tedious.

20:24:56 @jbj nothing that wouldn’t be out of place in the old testament, eh?

Monday, 9th of March.

08:36:46 @TWalk Matthew 6:34 is one of my favorite passages. “Do not worry for tomorrow…for the day

*is* its own trouble.”

08:38:57 paraphrased by Scarlett O’Hara: “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think

about that tomorrow.”

09:26:21 Yr YouTubeage of the day: Kutiman’s ThruYOU mixes: (via @heatley)

10:35:34 Best profile of Lynda Barry I’ve ever read, plus a manuscript page from her new novel!!!!

11:11:04 @3lbFlax i know it. thankfully, all 30 years of her strips are about to be put out by @DandQ

11:38:54 Constantly amazed by how much traffic generates. Shouldn’t be: 7 million

people use it.

11:50:16 @TWalk wow they have daily deals just like the MP3 store — you can watch MAN ON WIRE for

99 cents!

12:09:53 Cartoonist Dan Zettwoch just put up a bunch of his infographic work, much of it done with


14:32:35 Old people hate Animal Collective: (via @gorillavsbear)

16:15:19 Too lazy to make business cards for #sxsw. If needed, I’ll doodle on an index card & write below it. PROFESSIONAL!

16:17:13 @marshariti oh dear!

21:19:15 Maker’s Mark on the rocks.

21:28:34 @qyardbird ah-ha! you were inspired by the lebowski talk at quittin’ time!

21:28:40 @asimone you said it, bro

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Tuesday, 10th of March.

07:55:30 Guy greens his roof in West Austin, homeowner group sues him b/c of glare and looks. Stupid.

08:01:53 @LPT BS!

08:12:30 @anorwood sigh.

08:19:58 Comics lovers: Art Spiegelman’s BE A NOSE collection of sketchbooks from McSweeney’s is

now $15.

09:09:22 My #sxsw “business” cards:

10:07:37 @RebFef that is GOOD NEWS re: Friday Night Lights! aka second-best show on TV (30Rock


12:24:08 @mbuckbee @maczter @majorpepper @listofnow @tastytouring thanks for the thumbs up on

the biz cards!

14:43:18 An oddly high number of blackout poem-related links on the tumblelog today:

17:33:10 TORCHY’S FTW!!!

18:36:16 RT @ywalker: Just read about 100 blackout poetry entries in one sitting. I need to wash my


19:59:38 @ryancoleman sorry! blog for creative work, tumblelog for links, etc. subscription page –>

20:44:11 “he took a long walk through the cornfields, to say goodbye to the Midwest.”

21:31:47 @tracymueller agreed. its the best marriage on tv.

21:33:45 When making art is making you feel less alive, you’re no longer making art.

Wednesday, 11th of March.

08:36:42 A. Niffenegger = smart to write her 2nd novel w/o an advance. Now: book finished, $5 million in

bank, ride into sunset.

09:23:52 Thought: Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” is like a goth chick’s version of “Eye of the Tiger.”

10:22:12 Rad Zeppelin performance of “Comm. Brkdown/ Dzed & Cnfused” (via

@sashafrerejones & @daveed70)

11:34:27 Dang, I’m really excited for this new Jim Jarmusch movie:

14:18:09 RT @megzo: Typing to the tune of Lisa Hannigan’s cheery and sweet “I Don’t Know” – which is

a free download on Amazon –

14:26:50 @minorjive his “I forgot to be your lover” is one of my favorite tunes ever:

14:50:47 @davegray can I get tenure and summers off? #vizthinku

15:23:23 @davegray vizthinkers would be smart to pay attention to cartoonist lynda barry #vizthinku

15:26:00 @davegray she barely gets on e-mail. her assistant Betty Bong keeps up her myspace page,


16:29:37 Time for some Stubbs BBQ. Goes best with one of their (surprisingly good) caesar salads.

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18:42:25 @daveed70 stubbs is an institution. If yr south though, I also really like Green Mesquite on

South Lamar and Barton springs

21:56:18 Come on, Roy Orbison, sing “Crying” so I can go to bed. Curse you, @klru for your awesome


22:13:40 @shaneguiter it’s worth the missed sleep, so thanks!

22:18:53 @maczter love @littledeli ! Only been there once, b/c of the hours…but it was a great joint

22:27:16 Roy Orbison was born in Texas and played his last gig in Highland Heights, Ohio, dying soon

after. Just saying.

22:27:56 @maczter if he does, I will pay a visit to the old neighborhood!

Thursday, 12th of March.

07:56:07 Dudes/dudettes, if you’re coming to #sxsw this weekend, bring a heavy jacket & umbrella for the

first couple of days. It’s 40 and raining.

08:17:34 “We can no longer afford to kill prisoners OR get divorced. Is this recession turning us

Catholic?” -Lewis Black

09:51:05 Twitter poll: it’s 40 & raining. Is taking 3 hours vacation & walking 5 blocks to the KLRU station

to see/draw Billy Bob Thornton worth it?

10:14:39 The votes are in: Billy Bob, prepare to be drawn.

10:52:54 Stumbleupon is the #1 source of most of my web traffic, but I often wonder how valuable it is.

How many stick around, become followers? Hmm.

12:19:08 @wpwend42 awesome! stumbleupon is only as good as the user. It Gets yr work in front of

eyeballs, the good folks will pick it up…

12:29:37 @lynchcartoons @MyLifeInaCube did you see Lynda Barry’s intro to BAC 2008 about Family

Circus? one of my favorite things she’s done.

12:37:41 One thing is for sure: I’m doing everything in my power to see White Denim at least once in the

next 2 weeks.

12:38:38 @gorillavsbear white denim is putting out a new album this year??? SWEET

12:43:37 @antm re: LOST there wasn’t a new one last night. i was pissed. next week!

12:46:25 @MyLifeInaCube unfortunately, I don’t think it was excerpted online: (psst: it’s

short, you can read it in the bookstore)

13:46:37 At the @klru studio. Not sitting up front, stating loose, using bold strokes. Trying to learn from

last time…

15:07:25 Well, even if I didn’t draw him worth a crap, hearing Billy Bob Thornton do Carl from Sling Blade

made the afternoon awesome.

17:43:11 RT @mlarson : just hit me that maybe “move closer”:photography::”move further”:sketching.

18:50:38 Picked up a couple of @shinerbeer sampler six packs for our out-of-town guests. Plus some

Lone Star tallboys. Doing it up PROPER

20:09:29 A few sketches and a mini-writeup of the Billy Bob Thornton taping this afternoon: cc: @bonitasarita

Friday, 13th of March.

00:30:00 @anorwood looks good dude!

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00:34:54 Dbag comment on my blog tonight: “dont know what makes me madder: that this is called

poetry or that you obv dont use real articles.” DELETE

00:41:19 My inspiration for dealing with trolls and their comments:

08:27:38 Doodled a few more #sxsw business cards yesterday: Heading down to #sxswi

after lunch.

08:49:14 Everybody send some words of encouragement to my wife, @megzo – she’s turning in the

rough draft of her masters thesis today! (proud hubbie)

09:11:34 Anybody out there have an EyeTV? Good purchase for recording tv on the mac?

10:05:38 Trying to decide whether to enter the new millenium and get a 200 message text plan for $5 /

month. This is how cheap I am.

12:16:48 This is just making me tired. #sxsw

12:42:41 Humans aren’t meant to stand in line. This place is like a stockyard. #sxsw

13:36:19 @rohdesign looks even cooler in real life!

15:03:21 Why did I go to a panel called “ooh that’s clever”? I take “clever” as an insult in re: my work.

“great stuff, no point.” #sxsw

15:09:44 This panel is bugging me because my obsession re my poems is: “how do you push a gimmick

into the realm of art?” #sxsw

15:47:13 Gimmickry = $$$$$$ #sxsw

15:56:08 @anorwood whoa!

16:13:37 Rad that “try making yrself mo interesting” is a Barry Hannah quote. Notice that only writers and

artists r worth quoting? #sxsw

16:30:35 Oh, the clickety clackety of MacBook keys… #sxsw

22:10:59 Ate @ Thai Passion w/ Flynn, then went to I LOVE YOU, MAN. Very funny. But dumbass Q&a

from the audience. Took bus home. Exhausted. #sxsw

Saturday, 14th of March.

08:26:54 RT @shaneguiter: Watching Jimi Hendrix Experience playing The LuLu Show in 1969.


09:04:42 #sxsw day 2: “not the same old story”, 45365, Jeffrey Tambor’s acting workshop,

OBJECTIFIED, Frog Party, White Denim

10:53:17 @tracymueller man, i’m sorry i missed that panel. would love a recap sometime

10:59:22 BSing up in the press room at #sxsw

11:00:10 @rfincke haha it’s really a small town

11:02:46 @TWalk amen dude i freaking can’t believe how bad most q & as are.

11:04:42 checking out doc 45365 about small town ohio, being an xpert on the subject #sxsw

11:11:16 The designer of this convention center needs punched. Different escalators for different floors?

WTF? #sxsw

11:14:40 @ivarley look forward to seeing y’all at red eyed fly tonight!

13:30:55 @jessicahagy awesome. Where/when?

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13:33:38 Film people: go see the documentary 45365. 3 brothers make a documentary about their small

hometown in Ohio. #sxsw

13:42:04 Abandoning panels. Gonna go track down some cartoonists. Cc: @gapingvoid @jessicahagy

14:07:00 Okay, I got an hour to kill. Who wants to bullshit and doodle? #sxsw

14:50:40 Nice @statesman piece on @sunnibrown ‘s graphic recording @ #sxsw

drawing as performance…hmm…

15:19:11 Warm enough you can sit outside. Colored a drawing I did this morning. Heading out to the

@Paramount713 to see OBJECTIFIED soon. #sxsw

15:57:58 At paramount for OBJECTIFIED. Going to Belmont after for some dinner, then Frog Party, then

White Denim. #sxsw

19:40:57 At frog party in a black leather with a green messenger bag with a good-lookin blonde on arm.

Say hi!

22:56:13 Red Eyed Fly was a bust, so we headed home. So it goes. At least we got to chill with our


22:59:21 @maureenmcq you were at frog, too?? i’m sorry i missed you!

Sunday, 15th of March.

09:40:40 @jessicahagy i’ll definitely be at the vizthink shindig today. see you there!

09:47:34 I’m at a complete loss as to what I should do with myself at #sxsw until 5:30 today. Anybody got

any suggestions?

11:02:31 Got the perfect book in the mail just in time for the Vizthink party today: cc:

@SunniBrown @davegray @jessicahagy

11:23:20 Going to Salvation Pizza for lunch w/ @megzo, then she’s gonna drop me off at #sxsw around

2. I’m game for pretty much anything after that.

12:02:41 Change of plans: playing hooky from #sxsw w/ @megzo. Salvation for pizza, a little bit of

shopping, VizThink Party, Remix Manifesto film.

12:17:54 @Pampelmoose try a starbucks — they always have nytimes #sxsw

13:14:24 Pushed the tourists aside and got a seat at the bar @homeslice beer, pizza, then jos for some

music. @ if yr on south congress!

14:00:47 @anorwood I expect a full report πŸ˜‰

15:58:28 @tastytouring one of the worst I’ve ever been in. Whomever came up with seperate escalators

for different floors should be punched

16:17:02 One should not have to fight bathroom technology.

16:17:55 @aquadrunkard man that line was ridiculous. Sorry we missed it

16:18:30 Grabbing a six pack and heading to the vizthink meetup.

21:39:38 “James Flynn sounds like a dickface.” – James *Francis* Flynn

21:40:16 “I love following @marthastewart on twitter.” – @megzo

21:49:57 @sunnibrown that party was RAD. thank you, thank you. see you tomorrow!

Monday, 16th of March.

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00:43:12 “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” #worstmovieever #theroom

08:16:51 Off to see @davegray @danroam @leelefever @SunniBrown & @thcrawford Words -> Pictures

panel. Drawin the HELL outta it. Hilton C 10am #sxsw

08:32:12 @tastytouring can you save me a seat? i might be running just a tad late! #sxsw

13:56:57 RT @jonnygoldstein doodles from lunch with @jessicahagy @thcrawford @austinkleon the

topics: cleveland, r. crumb, & rats

14:05:33 I am completely open to anything today. DM me or something if you want to BS and doodle.


14:09:15 @ivarley that sounds interesting, and I wanted to go to the hilton anyways. i’ll look for ya

14:45:16 Just had an amazing massage. Now listening about wireframes….

14:59:23 @ivarley thanks for saving me a seat man! (even tho I bailed)

15:02:07 @SummerH we shouldve!

15:34:02 Drawing RIP: a remix manifesto in the press screening lounge. Great so far. #sxsw

16:06:13 @remixmanifesto watching it right now in the press room. Freaking amazing, man!

16:36:06 Crayola makes a crayon color called “Outer Space.” Seek it out.

16:51:50 “put elton john in a headlock and pour a beer on his head.” – greg gillis (girl talk) Go see


17:07:27 And thus, my eternal #sxsw question: “Now what?”

17:22:11 RT @RebFef: #sxsw TBA tonight – Rare, almost impossible to see, beloved film by Todd

Haynes!! 9:30pm Alamo Ritz 1 (via @rejects)

19:41:55 @marlaerwin that’s awesome!

19:43:20 @AustinBeerGeek dude I know. We ran to the Hilton to get milkskakes. Intense.

Tuesday, 17th of March.

00:55:49 Tonight was a bust. We shoulda stayed home, got drunk, and watched The Room. Oh wait:

that’s Wednesday night…

08:21:56 @chrisferan memorize the bestseller list and be able to name popular authors from each genre

(thriller, scifi, romance, etc)

09:44:08 @tastytouring I’d be up for that!

09:44:27 @jessicahagy iron cactus roof?

10:09:44 In the Future of Visual Storytelling is Interactive panel in 12ab #sxsw

10:10:52 Flash lunch tweetup at Koriente (7th between 35 & Red River) after the 11:30 a.m. panels

end…who’s in? (via @tastytouring) I am.

10:29:06 @thcrawford did you get a seat?

11:14:20 Love that the dude in the visual storytelling panel mentioned LucasArts adventure games. Huge

influence on my ideas about narrative. #sxsw

11:50:13 Doodled a ton o’ business cards in the Visual Storytelling panel 4 folks who liked my notes. Now

off to Ironworks to meet @rohdesign #sxsw

12:36:01 If you gotta #2 @ #sxsw, I recommend the bathrooms on the fourth floor of the Hilton. πŸ˜‰

13:42:57 Oh, you silly journalists and your whining about filing stories. Where’s the massage girl?

#pressroom #sxsw

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13:52:00 RT @marquessaid: is illustrating and narrating panels as they happen.

Awesome! #sxsw #Fallon

14:18:06 The Blog To Book Deal: How-To Panel or the Comics On Mobile Devices panel? Hmm. Coulda

been on the former, might learn more from latter…

15:24:47 Glad I skipped 3:30 panels: bumped into @rohdesign and @gapingvoid instead.

15:50:48 @davegray ask @swidinst about the ed emberley documentary

16:20:47 Drawing @gapingvoid @guykawasaki @stephanieklein @katelaurielee @pamslim

blog-to-books. So far it’s ringing true to my experience #sxsw

16:22:34 @jonnygoldstein I want yr notes from that panel!!!

16:40:35 @tastytouring this is better than I thought it’d be!

16:49:50 @tastytouring yeah! This is fun. I’m sitting right behind that girl

16:56:20 RT @davegray : Watch out! @guykawasaki reads his tweets. Just called out @whitneyhess for

calling him a dick #sxsw

16:56:56 RT @tastytouring : A book is an end to itself. You should write a book if you have something to

say – @guykawasaki #blogtobook #sxsw

17:01:30 #blogtobook guess I shoulda got up and whored my book in the q&a microphone like these

other dudes #sxsw

17:04:12 @michellegreer michelle shmo! That was fantastic πŸ™‚

17:06:10 Since @davegray whored my book, ill whore his: #blogtobook #sxsw

17:29:45 #blogtobook was a great ending to a very long coupla days. Thanks to @gapingvoid

@guykawasaki @stephanieklein @katelaurielee @pamslim

17:30:12 @swidinst february 2010!

17:30:27 @rohdesign you too!

17:32:02 I will now eat my weight in corned beef and soda bread.

20:17:17 @loosetooth isn’t that awesome???

20:23:39 Information on a new Ed Emberley documentary: (via @swidinst)

20:48:14 Had dinner w/ a band from Portland named Horse Feathers tonight. Nice folks. Jammed on

fiddle/banjo. See them @ #sxsw

Wednesday, 18th of March.

08:40:30 Man, so many drawings to scan and upload. And it ain’t even over yet. #sxsw

09:04:54 @mlarson fuzzy preview:

09:36:36 Cool: @The_Rumpus has a cartoon blog with a new comic by Paul Madonna (All over Coffee): cc: @madinkbeard

09:41:42 As I said at the premiere (, 45365 is awesome (I drew it!). It won best doc ftr @

#sxsw last night:

09:59:22 I’m going to plug this band I met last night again: HORSE FEATHERS have a listen: For fans of Will Oldham / folk

10:40:38 Sifting through the #sxsw presentations that I missed on slideshare

(via @marlaerwin)

13:39:46 RT @ywalker: Pre-judging contest entries today. Austin Kleon will be final judge. Think of him as

page 86 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


the Simon Cowell of blackout poetry! (lol)

13:40:58 There are some sweaty-ass, skinny-jeaned, tattooed, Bedheaded Yankees walking around

Austin, Texas today. #sxsw

13:42:24 @aprilburcham oh man, i can’t WAIT to draw him! πŸ˜€

13:43:06 @emilyj can’t wait!!!

14:56:16 Presenter manifesto: take the ego out of Q&As. Have qs submitted via index card into a hat, or

use hashtags on twitter. #sxsw

16:04:41 @loosetooth she did it smart: do the second book first, make sure it’s awesome, then sell it for

$5million. good for her.

16:06:29 @loosetooth what I meant was, don’t take the advance for the second book: write it first, make

sure it’s awesome, then auction it!

16:07:43 @mattforsythe congrats on the nominations!!!

16:14:36 Holy frickin’ shnikes: when I wasn’t looking, the Facebook Newspaper Blackout Poems group

jumped past 900 fans:

16:17:08 The plan: drinks w/ @megzo, then an Andrew Bird Austin City Limits taping @klru (!!!) Bringing

the sketchbook, of course πŸ˜‰

17:40:03 Andrew bird, prepare to have yr skinny genius whistlin ass DRAWN. #beer #sharpie


21:16:09 Andrew Bird was F*$&(% AMAZING!

21:21:36 @olevia drawings to come!

21:40:46 “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” Our THE ROOM screening is about to begin…. #worstmovieever #theroom

21:50:16 “your life is about to get a whole lot better: you’re gonna watch The Room and then you’re

gonna get a dog.” -james francis flynn

Thursday, 19th of March.

07:47:25 @kdelap yep. i think we’ll be getting a little yapper pretty soon

07:47:46 A cold can of coca-cola and a coupla tacos aught to fix up this ol’ gut…

07:49:32 @jmerriman “Hi, doggy!”

08:05:34 For all you #vizthink folks out there, here’s a manifesto in Newspaper Blackout Poem form: cc: @davegray @thcrawford

08:42:46 Was gonna do @urbanoutfitters, but think Ill head east side 4 @gorillavsbear If that fails,

@birdsbarbershop ‘s. Anyone else goin’? #sxsw

08:55:55 Think I’m going to spend some cash and get an EyeTV (for watching/capturing TV on the mac)

and a Flip Mino (portable camcorder). Recs?

09:13:39 So, @megzo & I decided last night to have blackout poem prints available by summer. Bug us

periodically so we follow through.

09:43:09 @jonnygoldstein happy birthday, dude!

09:59:00 CHEAPcorder: Aiptel A-HD+ HD video + tv capture! @bonitasarita ptd to

@senorleroy’s vids w/ it:

10:28:43 @senorleroy glad to hear it! i need something to capture a tv spot (no dvr or vcr) and to take

videos of me drawing, etc. 2-in-1

page 87 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:52:22 @alanjhunt the sketchbook page that led to that is frickin’ amazing

11:09:02 Taking the bus to meet @drawers @ Gorilla Vs. Booze @ The Peacock. Pray I can get in. cc: @gorillavsbear

11:16:23 @majorpepper awesome! i’ve got a gray collared shirt on and a green messenger bag.

14:10:49 Swimming in a sea of skinny jeans. #sxsw

20:55:16 @oh_steph totally agreed: NASA was rad!

21:01:41 Red Stripe @ Gorilla vs booze, sandwiches @ hot mama’s, Domy books, too much whiskey

@birdsbarbershop, and El Chile. Rad day.

21:10:05 Tomorrow: Flatstock poster show with @drawers, Sumi Ink club @ Domy (4PM), try out Yudu at

Art Project. Drink more whiskey, hopefully.

Friday, 20th of March.

00:42:37 FRIDAY! KVRX Beerd Fest day party + Sumi Ink Club – all at Domy. Free beer. #sxsw (via @Domy_Books) I’ll be there.

07:44:58 @chrisferan it’s one of the most coveted jobs. At least 150 people applied for my old job!

08:07:41 Anybody out there own or use a Yudu screen printing machine?

Thoughts? Here it is in action:

08:34:34 Russell over at @Domy_Books pointed out @pentagramdesign’s REbranding of the Republican

party for Newsweek. Very smart.

08:50:34 Much better video of a Yudu demo from @HandmadeDetroit (via @loosetooth)

09:38:27 @chrisferan remember: that job is all about helping people. it’s customer service. don’t come off


09:44:14 @papertrail holy crap! i was headed to @Domy_Books today for the Sumi Ink Club @ 4PM

anyways! and now mirah!

09:45:54 @marshariti yeah, i agree — you’re paying for convenience. no mess, doesn’t take up a bunch of

space, etc. expensive supplies, though…

10:04:38 RT @rejects: “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour…

you’re gonna see some serious shit.”

10:11:52 @marshariti i’m open to anything! i’m going check out those links you posted

10:13:51 Off to Salvation for some pizza.

12:51:37 At Domy Books on Cesar Chavez. Come hang out! Free beer! #sxsw

13:10:07 Mirah about to go on @Domy_Books She better play “Lone Star”! #itistexasafterall #sxsw

14:38:22 Mirah was great. What a sweetheart. Went to see a Yudu in action. (Awesome.) Now at

@Domy_Books wAiting for @drawers & Sumi Ink Club.

17:18:17 Exhaustion has got the best of Chez Kleon. Eating in, catching up on tv and each other. #sxsw

you were fun, but I can’t take anymore.

Saturday, 21st of March.

07:35:09 RT @rohdesign : SXSW Interactive ’09 Sketchnotes are now posted on Flickr! #sxsw #sxswi #sketchnotes

07:51:19 IKEA is a four-letter word.

page 88 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


11:39:09 @RodimusConvoy13 and poor people like me and my wife!

11:40:01 Said i was through with #sxsw but i lied. Headed off to Flatstock.

16:50:36 Sweet: @stereogum has MP3s of Dirty Projectors’ new live stuff. (via


16:52:43 Feast your eyes on this Flatstock treasure, Tuco: #sxsw

17:05:55 @bruceturner totally. my wife said she’d almost bought me that poster several times, so I just

had to have it. perfect for the office πŸ˜€

18:24:19 (Blurry) sneak preview of my #sxsw sketchbook notes: (via @jonnygoldstein)

20:06:56 All you need is 30 minutes a day. (Or more like 60…) #vizthink (via


20:10:42 @wpwend42 yeah, 120 = bus ride to/from work + lunch break. That’ll do it…

20:14:04 Beautiful moment @ IKEA today when “Sloop John B” came over the speakers. A retail space &

pop song were never better matched.

Sunday, 22nd of March.

09:46:50 Instead of a corkboard in my office, thinking of tacking huge pieces of paper on the wall &

making collages. A butcher paper roll, maybe?

10:10:11 Texans are a lot like Catholics: it’s the converts who are the most fervent believers…

13:24:08 – This picture taken by @drawers pretty much captures how I felt after a

week of #sxsw –> GRIZZLED

13:42:10 Few shots of the Sumi Ink Club @Domy_Books –>

17:59:09 Beer + oatmeal cookies + scanning = Sunday night.

18:44:38 “Don’t tweet angry!” <– warning shouted to @megzo

19:42:12 My 2009 SXSW sketchbook notes and drawings: #sxsw #sketchnotes

19:46:29 @cliffatkinson here they be!

Monday, 23rd of March.

07:54:39 Monday morning reading: My 2009 SXSW sketchbook notes and drawings:

#sxsw #sxswi #sketchnotes

08:26:11 Has everybody seen @marcjohns work? B/c it’s rad. (Post-It note drawings, etc.) Go now:

08:56:36 @toddclausen take a class, man! drawing can be taught. check out this lesson from my man

@davegray –>

09:03:38 Little Steven’s SXSW address = Chabon on literature: art has forgotten that art is firstly about


10:05:48 @cliffatkinson you’re right. that would be rad.

10:07:27 @rainnwilson Blip.FM is awesome.

10:08:10 @megzo you don’t have a slacker bone in your body.

10:10:54 Idea: mini-comic of my SXSW sketchnotes. Maybe a Lulu book w/ @rohdesign? Hmmm…

page 89 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:44:51 Photos of the Sumi Ink Club @Domy_Books courtesy of @drawers

12:17:42 Austin folks: writer Michael Lewis (Moneyball, Liar’s Poker) is gonna be giving a lecture at UT

tomorrow night! cc: @twalk

12:25:00 @NiemanLab Mike’s the man. you might dig these, too:

12:32:51 @mlarson you know I don’t go anywhere without a sketchbook πŸ˜‰

14:51:29 @gary_hustwit sketchbook notes of OBJECTIFIED @ SXSW –>

15:26:14 @NathanBowers LOL no way! @rohdesign and I are warriors on the same side of the battle! tag

team, maybe

15:26:47 @NathanBowers exactly!

16:25:08 Uh-oh. Guess who’s on Texas Country Reporter this weekend –>

16:53:42 @gary_hustwit go right ahead!

19:26:49 Sometimes reading online bios makes me depressed–such a huge divide between what people

are & what they want to be.

19:43:26 A man enters a bar and says, “Who’s the fella owns this s***hole?”

21:19:35 Drawings of Andrew Bird taping Austin City Limits –> cc: @emilyj

@bonitasarita @klru et al #acl

22:54:33 @tvtompd loved BORN STANDING UP. Did you see my map of it?

Tuesday, 24th of March.

07:44:45 @heatley Twitter is nothing but a tool. The challenge is always using the tool without becoming

a tool.

07:52:26 Sick of all this twitter-slagging nonsense. It’s just like anything else: you have to surround yrself

w/ interesting people.

08:08:23 Twitter is a tool. The challenge with tools is using the tool without becoming a tool.

08:10:49 @daveed70 {RIMSHOT!} πŸ˜€

08:33:20 Thanks to everybody for the kind words about the @andrewbird ACL drawings! See all my ACL


09:03:31 Chuck Jones Tonight on TCM! (via @lynchcartoons)

11:18:06 @anorwood i’m skipping an event tonight to just go home and watch. starts @ 7PM!

11:19:33 @peterdurand next year you should come hang out with us @ sxsw!

13:34:09 Cool: @davegray SXSW conversation sketches: I love drawing conversations

for memory. See me & @twalk –>

13:35:10 @papertrail where in the hell did y’all find that bill callahan comic diary???

13:43:57 Bill Callahan ‘recording diary’ comic about the making of his upcoming album:

(via @majorpepper & @papertrail )

13:46:41 @Librairie211 RIP is definitely worth seeing. my sketchbook map of the movie:

13:46:59 @papertrail @majorpepper it looks like it was from a newsletter or something

14:23:35 @majorpepper ah ha! so props to @sashafrerejones

16:16:02 @cliffatkinson PocketMods are awesome! I used them a couple years ago to make minicomics

page 90 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


(1) (2) (pdfs)

18:13:36 AND THERE WAS GREAT REJOICING. RT @megzo : Thesis = defended. Officially a PhD

student. Gimme a drink.

19:41:15 Drinking tallboys, making blackout poems, and watching CAN’T HARDLY WAIT — the best teen

movie ever made. “It’s a celebration, b****!”

Wednesday, 25th of March.

07:54:46 New Bill Callahan: (via @largeheartedboy)

08:07:43 “But then the Swansons began to notice that the Bible was very high on big families…” (via @madinkbeard)

09:17:20 Feedburner and Yahoo Pipes worked out their differences, and my Blog + Tumblelog

SUPERFEED is working again –>

10:21:26 Considering grad school? Check out my #youdonthavetogotocollege tag on tumblr –>

10:41:34 @jtwilcox cake tasting is the best part of the whole wedding planning experience. bring friends!

12:09:09 Under the delusion that brand of computer = coolness of user? Go to a campus and have a look

at all the sorority girls with Macbooks.

12:12:52 @statesman by “strange beast,” you mean, “completely worthless”? πŸ™‚

12:14:30 Great example of how newspaper web site comments are completly worthless: (via @statesman cc: @tvtompd)

12:55:42 @liprap nope! idiots live everywhere! πŸ˜€

13:06:43 Since I spent my childhood under a rock, I guess I’ll have to read Where the Wild Things Are


13:17:10 “If a child does not like a book, throw it in the trash.” – Maurice Sendak (I say: same goes for


15:09:31 “CoCo now sports a large, fluffy, orange parka that, I hope, will make her appear larger to the


19:42:22 Those newly interested in Gerd Arntz’s iconic work with Isotype might be interested in his other


Thursday, 26th of March.

07:59:02 “Pay me $700,000 a year…and you can threaten me with death all goddamn day.” (via @cgrayson)

08:27:22 Bummed that the internet seems to be discovering Gerd Arntz: I had planned to rip him off for a

graphic novel!

08:33:35 @happy_stomach that’s rad!!

08:49:06 Holy crap, I actually used the Gmail “cancel e-mail” function and it actually worked. Score for

Google Labs:

08:50:49 Dig these rad Gerd Artnz wood grain contact paper designs @happy_stomach did in her house:

08:54:35 @largeheartedboy “White Lies deal in big, dark songs about feelings” OH GOOD. πŸ˜‰

10:31:35 @marlaerwin re: @nicepaul ‘s prez: d’ja see this?

page 91 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:33:03 @nicepaul hi paul! here’s a sketch of yr SXSW prez –>

10:42:14 @nicepaul post away! and thanks!

10:56:16 THOUGHT : ( music > art > writing ) BUT ( musicians < artist < writers ) Up for debate.

11:35:46 @daveed70 in my exp, depends if you want to get drunk or have a conversation

11:37:47 @krening just pulling generalizations out of my ass πŸ™‚

11:40:36 New equations: At a dinner party ( musicians < artists < writers ) At a bar ( musicians > artists >

writers )

11:50:09 “It’s a great time to be a lady in America, and not just b/c of that yogurt that makes you poop.”

@megzo quoting @tinafey

12:27:16 Need to start a mailing list / newsletter. @anorwood rec’d @mailchimp or @CampaignMonitor

Any other suggestions?

13:40:15 RT @majorpepper: white denim, built by snow & harlem @ antones tomorrow — rsvp here to get

in for $5:

13:41:54 @majorpepper ARRRGH we have tixx to Master pancake tomorrow night w/ meg’s brother from

out-of-town! DAMMIT — have fun!!

13:47:14 @majorpepper but wait, there’s hope! Master Pancake is over @ 10. Show starts at 10. Maybe

I’ll see you there!

14:50:57 There goes another $5 to the App Store: #wolfenstein

16:27:35 “OPENING TITLE SEQUENCE (Best read while listening to “The Brazilian” by Genesis…toss it

on and crank up the volume.)”

20:39:31 Too many margaritas + killer instincts = playing Wolfenstein 3D on my Ipod

Friday, 27th of March.

08:24:12 “Today, to call a poem “accessible” is practically an insult…” The Poetry

Establishment is gonna HATE my book.

09:19:30 Great idea: @gapingvoid’s Fantasy Mobile App (for artists):

09:43:46 Texans: I’ll be on this weekend’s Texas Country Reporter. In Austin, it airs 10a.m. Sunday.

Check listings:

13:25:04 β™« “We are born with a chance / I am gonna have my chance” RISE ABOVE!


14:25:05 @wpettyjohn man, i love that little joy album, but I want the whole record unplugged like this!!

17:11:58 Go support good St. Louis cartoonists and buy something from the USS Catastrophe Shop:

17:18:46 Heading off to @drafthouse to see Master Pancake do Lord of the Rings. Then to

@antonesnightclb to see White Denim.

21:08:04 At antones. Come have a beer and see white denim!

22:03:55 God bless Antone’s for their open wifi.

Saturday, 28th of March.

00:35:07 White Denim were just as good as I’d hoped. Cut right through the sea of douchebaggery.

page 92 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:12:54 @aaronsacco yeah man! Glad you dug them!

09:23:36 @aaronsacco we got there @ 10, and there was almost no line, but it still took forever — I can

only imagine

09:24:19 Taking a breakfast taco virgin to Mi Madres.

11:31:17 New kicks:

12:40:30 @David_Weaver can’t wait to see your white denim pix! that was a great show

13:13:52 @mattpicasso pay the $5 and download Wolfenstein. it’s worth it.

13:18:02 Doodle of White Denim:

14:04:31 @drawers @bentumbrella @megzo video of High Places and little tots dancing –> (via @EdwardDroste)

14:09:41 @wpettyjohn great photo in the nytimes! too cool! πŸ˜€

22:14:30 Last night: White Denim onstage. Tonight: Jonas Brothers on SNL. It’s a quick drop from

heaven to hell…

22:20:00 Texans: I’ll be on Texas Country Reporter tomorrow morning. 10am on channel 5 in Austin.

Check listings:

Sunday, 29th of March.

08:16:16 Really dreading seeing myself on TV this morning. Fingers crossed I don’t come off like an


08:35:48 @gregwind thanks! it’ll be syndicated nationally later. I’ll let folks know!

09:14:29 Thanks everybody for the kind words about the Texas Country Reporter segment! Couldn’t have

asked for better. Bob, Ryan, & Dan rule.

09:17:03 @bluebonnetfield i don’t think they’re tweeting yet!

09:18:34 @senorleroy thanks man — i really liked some of the shots they did. the 5-hour shoot was worth

it πŸ˜‰

09:24:38 “a sort of strange embarrassment…” – @neilhimself on seeing himself on TV:

(via @anorwood)

10:34:14 @douglaswolk i’m a writer who draws –> (and a fan of your writing)

11:10:15 Holy crap, when did external hard drives get so cheap? Thinking I’ll get a 1TB firewire for

backing up our 3 macs…

11:39:29 “With any luck he’ll fall through the space between the panels and we’ll be spared.” God bless

Eddie Campbell:

15:32:50 It is unbelievably beautiful out in Austin, Texas today. Drinking a pitcher of lonestar at our old

haunt, Thunderbird Coffee.

19:29:34 Totally fascinated by this NYTimes article on physicist Freeman Dyson. –>

(Thanks to @mattthomas !)

Monday, 30th of March.

08:44:53 Can I just say again how much I love Blip.FM?

09:33:45 April is National Poetry Month. Should I do anything? Post a newspaper blackout poem every


page 93 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:50:48 Okay, on second thought, maybe I’ll just ignore National Poetry Month like the rest of America.

Oh, snap.

09:59:13 @papertrail the neko show is gonna be RAD. can’t wait.

09:59:19 @jcharney thanks, man!

12:31:14 Oh, lunch break…

13:35:53 Neko Case is so rad. She’s live on KGSR right now:

13:43:46 “Should Allen get an MFA? You decide.” You can probably guess my

answer… (via @DanielPink)

14:04:39 Harold Ramis: β€œWe’re going to be the sage mentors. There are going to be young

Ghostbusters.” (!!!) (via @rejects)

16:08:19 @muzzleofbees holy CRAP i gotta get my hands on that.

18:09:37 What a strange thing it is to be known primarily for making something you don’t feel all that close

to or precious about…

19:16:35 @vikkiprattles thanks, vikki! i appreciate it πŸ˜€

20:29:18 Gonna get a t-shirt printed: “I was cheap *before* the recession.”

Tuesday, 31st of March.

06:44:34 A couple of Milt Gross’ wordless book reviews: too cool! (via


07:55:02 On Chuck Jones, art supplies, and parenting:

11:00:18 Anybody tried the Amazon Video Games Trade-In store? I have some Wii games I’d like to


11:29:38 These Neko Case tickets are burning a hole in my pocket…

11:44:00 RT @pbsengage: Art:21 is now on Hulu.

11:46:37 Listen to Neko Case on KUT @ 2PM (via @kutaustin)

13:18:20 Trivia: Kelly Hogan, who sings w/ Neko Case, is also Betty Bong, a.k.a. Lynda Barry’s assistant.

13:26:05 @bonitasarita i gotta get some of their stuff!

13:30:28 “Let’s drink 4 cokes and watch Ghostbusters again.” – Neko Case on the songwriting process

14:14:25 Austin artists: @anorwood takes a look at local mayoral and city council candidates:

14:38:09 Anybody know if @drafthouse has ever screened THE ROOM? It’s ripe for Master Pancake: cc: @henrimazza

14:42:41 @elkmating Dude, you guys should Pancake THE ROOM –> LOTR was

hilarious, BTW

14:43:03 @mattthomas i’m making it my duty to bring it here!

16:21:44 You want to make people not hate you? Remember their f***ing name. Here’s how:

16:28:14 What I need is a coke, a salad, and some Neko Case. Off to make that happen.

21:47:37 Shearwater is an amazing band, and they’d blow up if it werent for the overdone, falsetto

page 94 / 145

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


singing. Not far from Tiny Tim. Can’t get over it.

21:51:15 Neko Case = the genuine article. She should just tour w/ Kelly Hogan backing vox & Paul Rigby

on gtr & let that goddess voice shine.

22:19:11 Put on Adult Swim RIGHT NOW and watch THE ROOM. Worst movie ever made.

22:24:40 Adult Swim airing Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” = BEST APRIL FOOL’s EVER.

22:25:19 @oh_steph different strokes! πŸ˜‰

22:32:23 @atom23 it’s just too good to be true. i was just talking about campaigning to get our local

theater @drafthouse to do a midnight screening!