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April 1, 2009

Wednesday, 1st of April.

07:57:54 State law should require this phrase at the top of every financial aid website: “The key to eternal

happiness is low overhead and no debt.”

09:26:53 April is National Newspaper Blackout Poetry month! (Please Retweet!)

11:58:39 Make that INTERnational Newspaper Blackout Poetry month:

14:27:38 @wpwend42 that seems like FOREVER ago! you were one of the firsts πŸ˜€

14:32:19 @wpwend42 it’s insane to think about where I was two years ago — living in cleveland, working

in a public library…NUTS

15:20:26 @wpwend42 Newspaper Blackout Poems: Scaring grad students since 2007! (I really like that

“On this date…” thing on your blog–good idea)

15:37:53 We are dangerously close to breaking 1000 fans of Newspaper Blackout Poems on Facebook.


15:43:43 @bonitasarita YES! A sign from the gods!

16:27:55 R Crumb on his Genesis Project, 2005, said hed “tell it straight.” Guardian in

2009: “scandalous satire”

16:29:40 I was actually more interested in a straight telling of Genesis by Robert Crumb than a satirical


21:10:28 Crummy doodles done during the Neko Case show last night –>

Thursday, 2nd of April.

08:13:28 Day 2 of International Newspaper Blackout Poetry Month:

08:28:09 Oberlin College breaks $50,000-a-year tuition (via @olevia) Ridonkulous.

08:43:45 @roblifford i actually love the town — I used to drive there to see good writers when they’d come

in — but $200,000 for undergrad!

08:54:58 “Suddenly, poetry is BOSS again.” – @carlos_rucker on blackout poems. Rock on, Carlos!

08:57:02 @maureenmcq more people should mix disco beats and steel guitar

09:28:35 “Are you ready to be that person you were that day after 9/11?” “READY!” [and I spat beer

across room]

10:38:31 Thumbnails on sidebars = fail. Totally missed the great video in this Wes Anderson piece.


11:27:08 @mlarson thanks dude — i almost didn’t post that one, but @megzo liked it. i’m clueless about

my own work…

11:27:52 @mlarson Every artist needs an editor, etc. @megzo basically edited the book, btw

13:57:18 Like figuring out how movies work? My friend Flynn is working his way through the 100

Greatest American Screenplays:

15:04:13 @gunner64 @anorwood Stanford iPhone developer course available free via iTunes U –

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15:29:41 @kdelap it’s kind of like “my cousin vinny”

15:47:23 Stoked for this new pizza joint on 51st & airport, House Pizzeria: Hope it’s good.

Give us the report tomorrow, @anorwood!

16:07:52 @productjustin awesome! I haven’t been to Stallion. always looking for good bbq near the

house. thanks!

16:20:07 “Modern art = I could do that + yeah, but you didn’t” (via @repeatnone)

Friday, 3rd of April.

07:56:13 RT @DJBVentures: I Killed My Sharpie Today! “let’s do something useful with

this bleak outlook. LET’S MAKE ART!” ROCK ON!

08:43:58 “Rock n roll is all about ‘Tutti Frutti!’ and ‘Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow'” – Frank Black on lyrics

08:49:28 @davegray would he ban tylenol, too? (alcohol / religion = pain-relief)

08:50:44 @felise don’t give up! it took me dozens and dozens before I got my first decent one. all about

the joy of DOING them! πŸ˜€

08:53:14 Dear Stork: please bring peace to my marriage & abandon a 2-year-old, house-trained

dachshund to my front step for @megzo. Thanks, Austin

08:59:29 A good blackout poem for Friday night:

09:16:02 @maureenmcq aww Shelly! πŸ˜€

09:35:46 Cool Nightline feature on DIY and Makers featuring a Thingamagoop from @bleeplabs –> (via @anorwood)

12:18:39 RT @wpwend42: I added the Newspaper Blackout Poems widget to my sidebar for the month. ROCK ON!

13:54:31 Listening to the Pixies’ PURPLE TAPE. Pretty amazing how fully formed their sound was that


15:41:36 @ElaineLiner aww, thanks! i thought they did a really good job. looking forward to them posting

it on youtube so i can share it!

16:13:18 I find it fascinating that the Victorians were so into scrapbooking. Dig this treasure from the

Ransom Center:

17:49:14 @ivarley dude! I didn’t even know we had a CSA yet … awesome!

19:06:08 Friday Night Lights has bumped 30 Rock from it’s #1 spot on my best shows on tv list.

Consistently great every week. #fnl

21:02:45 Don’t hate cable companies enough? This should do the trick (and make you envy Japan) –> (via @NathanBowers)

21:05:19 @viswoman awesome! sorry I missed that: I’ve had _The Gay Place_ on my nightstand for a

while — it’s a thick read…

21:12:06 Great article on Nadine Eckhardt, former wife of Billy Lee Bramer, author of Austin political novel


21:37:33 Little test video of me cartooning @megzo, shot with my new Aiptek HD cc:

@senorleroy @bonitasarita

21:51:58 @marshariti thanks!!

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Saturday, 4th of April.

01:26:44 Lesson of the night/early morning: never give up. Even Radiohead used to suck:

08:49:55 @senorleroy just got it off amazon — although USPS lost the first one (or someone stole it) so

they reshipped UPS

08:51:11 @thenewmckechnie it’s VERY possible. I wrote probably half my book on the #5, the EC, and

the 40 acres

11:00:04 Watching the LOUD QUIET LOUD Pixies documentary and ironing shirts. Domestic Saturday.

12:03:01 “Remember thinking you were either crazy or a conspiracy theorist.” – @thenewmckechnie on

seeing me make blackout poems on the bus

12:09:14 RT @gorillavsbear TX > anywhere else right now (see new white denim, neon indian, st.

vincent, fergus & geronimo, pvc street gang, etc.)

12:23:43 @senorleroy holy crap that’s a huge drive

12:31:46 Jealous of everybody who has the new White Denim album, Fits. DM a brotha…

12:39:06 Jenny Holzer’s Redaction Paintings @whitneymuseum: Book:

(Thanks, @TraciParis !)

13:51:41 Watch Jenny Holzer make giant screenprints from redacted govt documents:

Ripping this off for blackout prints.

13:53:41 @madinkbeard i had no idea who she was, and then my wife was like, “Oh yeah, I wrote a

paper on her in college.”

14:02:07 Much better video link for the Jenny Holzer “Redaction Painting” screenprints (from Hulu) –>

15:22:33 In the garage, dreaming of my print station…

18:57:32 Holy crap: Never seen so many spinners @ MLK & Airport. And the

Sonic wouldn’t serve us ice cream!

19:09:10 After doing a twitter search for “relays” I realize how tame my twitter feed is…

19:10:15 @anorwood dude, it was craaazy

19:35:00 – God bless real-time Twitter search. My favorite Texas Relays

juxtapositions –>

Sunday, 5th of April.

10:46:09 I hate weddings. I hate rich people. I hated Rachel Getting Married.

11:15:06 Do I ever say no when @megzo demands fish and chips from Dog and Duck? Momma didn’t

raise no fool.

13:22:29 “If this ain’t nice i don’t know what is”

16:08:22 @chrisferan they probably don’t call you back b/c they think your British spelling is a typo

17:07:19 The New Procrastination: ironing shirts & watching stuff on youtube like this clip via


17:21:03 Good lord, imovie ’08 is almost unusable — where the hell is the timeline view? Events? What

the hell are events? Ugh.

17:58:07 Screw you Apple for making Imovie 08 a total piece of garbage and for not including Quicktime

Pro for free in your OS. BAH!

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18:18:28 Awesome hack for speeding up movie clips in Quicktime Pro:

23:10:30 T-I-R-E-D spells it!

Monday, 6th of April.

07:52:35 The making of a blackout poem in 224 frames:

11:22:59 You must listen to THE MONKS: a mid-60s garage-punk band of American GIs stationed in

Germany : (via @gorillavsbear)

12:38:08 “The year is 1965. Your mind has officially been blown.” – @douglaswolk on The Monks:

12:38:50 @happy_stomach no! that’s awesome

12:39:52 @keaggy the nuggets collection is pretty much my favorite thing ever, so this “discovery” is just

pure gold to me

16:09:58 @megzo i’m amazed that they are still afloat.

18:50:31 The supreme suckage of imovie 08 has reduced me to editing video on my 5 year old

Powerbook with imovie 3.0. Good grief.

20:54:48 @tvtompd that’s actually a good idea! I SHOULD put it in the book!

21:40:48 “How We Kept Busy” (Newspaper Blackout Poem) Fun time-lapse video


Tuesday, 7th of April.

08:26:05 Spent 8 hours on this time-lapse video, nothing to show for it. I hate you, Quicktime. I hate you,

imovie. Final Cut Express, here I come.

09:06:35 @senorleroy good to hear. they have it at campus computer for $179

09:07:13 @senorleroy whoa, better yet: $153 on amazon

09:20:05 Here’s a crummy rough draft of the video I’ve been angsting over on Flickr:

09:33:25 I LOVE John Krygier’s DIY Cartography blog:

09:58:45 Check out these little wordless comics by @burningfp

11:50:16 @mattthomas @johnmjones Once Upon A Time In The West is about the only opera worth

listening to, imho πŸ˜‰

11:57:07 “I’m just doing karate and trying to get females pregnant.” (via


12:45:55 @leeleslie he’s like shatner — you never really know what’s real and what’s a performance…

12:52:41 @gorillavsbear I should get the Radiohead EPs b/c 1) I know who Stanley Donwood is 2) I

actually own a turntable 3) I live in TX: cheap mail

12:58:06 @mwsmith13 you got on twitter just so you could win Radiohead EPs, didn’t you?

13:21:05 @marshariti daily stuff gets exhausting after a while (for you, not the viewer…) — what about a

weekly post with several drawings?

15:45:23 @marshariti i’d go for weekly, then!

15:48:10 Anybody have an Ipod Touch microphone they recommend?

16:00:48 Since they served me a gallon of free whiskey during SXSW, I’m forgoing the usual cheapo

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SuperCut & checking out @birdsbarbershop on 6th.

19:45:51 Good haircut @birdsbarbershop on 6th from Mark. Drank a free can o’ Lonestar. Only one other

customer: they said biz had been slow.

20:00:19 Little doodle I did for @megzo’s sewing room

Sewing Doodle

21:54:39 Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions doing, “Fool For You.” Dig it:

21:56:24 Posting a blackout poem a day is more grueling than I thought. But I’m sticking to it! Goodnight!

Wednesday, 8th of April.

07:55:26 @emilyadavis it’s actually a little ukulele four-track recording i made a couple years ago.

seemed to fit!

09:52:55 Notice that Joanna Newsom DOESN’T SING in that Victoria’s Secret commercial. Smart move.

Boobs + harp FTW.

10:26:37 @gerrycanavan this wes anderson series is much more valuable for the visual juxtapositions

than the commentary

10:57:54 “Who wants to go get whipped? And if you do want to go get whipped arent you really being

entertained?” #bestinterviewever

11:57:59 Why should I be interested in you if I can’t tell who you are & what you do w/in seconds? Write a

straight-up, visible bio.

13:07:14 @davegray i’d be willing to wager that when it comes to online bios, more words probably

means LESS complexity. “Social media enthusiast!”

13:14:50 Kurt Cobain died 15 years ago today. I was in the sixth grade and listening to Phil Collins.

13:23:56 Told a woman @ lunch she was the only other person I’d ever seen w/ this book: Turns out she was a designer from Marfa.

13:48:14 @ivarley do you think emmett would like a playmate? b/c @megzo is now in full doxie search


13:49:45 @papertrail excited about the ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE reissue: my favorite beck record —

30 unheard songs!

14:01:51 @mattforsythe that’s awesome. billy bob just doesn’t give a f***

14:29:12 RUMOR: @marcjohns is gonna do a blog post about how he hand-makes his notebooks. Bug

him about it until he does so. #fuckmoleskinestour2009

15:23:54 ATX: the Austin Book Workers are having a zine workshop @Domy_Books Thursday, April 9th

@ 6:30pm

20:28:43 Time-lapse video of me making a newspaper blackout poem!

22:49:18 Sweet night: @ivarley and @uberjam took @megzo and me to Nomad. Who knew we had a

neighborhood bar?

Thursday, 9th of April.

07:51:38 Just in case you missed it, here’s a time-lapse video of me making of a newspaper blackout

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poem β˜›

12:28:18 Free/legal mp3 download of the great new Dirty Projectors single “stillness is the move” (via


14:38:34 The Dirty Projectors songs on David Byrne’s radio show are SO GOOD I can’t

wait for this album.

15:01:23 @bonitasarita i did the same thing! too much good stuff on emusic. Did you see all of Al Green’s

best records are on there now?

15:32:36 Harry Potter 6 looks SWEET (via @rejects)

15:46:43 “Get the right verb, and do it right, and the rest will follow.” <– Margaret ROBERTSON on game

design (via @offworld)

17:05:20 Hanging out at the Ransom Center: one Austin’s great treasures.

22:03:25 @gorillavsbear goddamn this D.P. album is sweet

22:07:48 Man, b/w the Monks reissue, new MF Doom, and the Bill Callahan and Dirty Projectors leak my

ipod is a happy camper.

Friday, 10th of April.

07:50:41 Coupla new blackout poems, including a Friday Night Lights-themed poem in anticipation of

tonight! #fnl

11:48:37 Spike Jones adapts “Everyone Poops” -> (via @keaggy)

11:55:26 RT @hotdogsladies: Writing may be the craft of removing everything except the things you’d

never intended to say.

12:02:25 @NathanBowers that is an almost impossible choice. can’t believe I’m typing this, but I’d go with

Back To The Future

13:13:10 I want a PC tower that just SMOKES for $1000. For Photoshop, lite video editing, and maybe

gaming. Dell XPS? Build my own?

13:29:27 @asimone yeah, and I like to tinker, anyways. gonna RAM out my mac mini for lite surfing /

image editing and then build a BEAST

13:32:43 @mwsmith13 i might take you up on that at some point!

13:46:52 @NathanBowers MUCH harder. just had a conversation last week with a buddy in film about

how genius the BTTF screenplay is

13:48:05 @magdaZINE thought I wanted to be a neuroscientist until my buddy explained it’s mostly

picking at rat brains. so cartoonist will have to do

13:48:30 @magdaZINE i like reaping the benefits of the research without doing the lab work πŸ˜€

13:54:04 @magdaZINE exactly! you haven’t lived until you’ve killed a rat with a baseball bat

14:06:56 “[He was imprisoned] at the age of 11 for destroying the town gate with a homemade cannon” (via @gacorley)

15:37:17 Dude asked me, “Nice how, what about why?” My reply: “Artists with a ‘why’ are full of BS.”

Why do I make stuff? Why WOULDN’T I make stuff?

22:17:29 “Come away with me.” “And live on what?” “Eh, nevermind.”

Saturday, 11th of April.

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09:44:27 @Armano fact: EVERYTHING (esp. the Midwest -> Texas transition) goes down smoother w/ a

pitcher of margaritas. Good luck with the move!

13:02:55 “I grew up as pretty much a music historian.” “Are you sayin’ there’s something

wrong with my gear?”

18:30:40 Weather in Austin sucks today, and I’m feeling under it.

18:45:58 Love the work of JoΓ«lle Jolivet:

19:13:14 Clicking through @keaggy’s “100 pieces of paper and the stories behind them.”

19:15:55 Quite possibly the best line in THE SOUND OF MUSIC: “Only grown-up men are scared of


Sunday, 12th of April.

08:44:13 @blinkswift tell yr friend to try polvo’s on south first

08:56:52 Oh, @megzo is gonna love this: (via @douglaswolk)

13:41:08 RT @megzo: “No wonder you get so many hits! You go to your own site all the time!” – my

mother-in-law to @austinkleon

14:44:10 Greek to me!

19:24:23 ClichΓ© or not, nothing cooler than watching the bats fly off the Congress bridge on a gloriously

warm & clear Austin night.

19:43:48 @MyLifeInaCube somebody beat us to it πŸ˜‰

19:44:30 Blackout tshirt: (via


21:37:33 Posting a blackout poem a day is a gigantic pain-in-the-ass. And I’m not even half-way through!


Monday, 13th of April.

09:30:29 Out of Office AutoReply: {{{ DEATH RATTLE }}}

Tuesday, 14th of April.

08:05:30 @LPT that was a really sweet post you wrote yesterday. i appreciate it!! πŸ˜€

11:01:58 Out of Office AutoReply, Day Two: sleeping off the plague

18:49:55 All the GONE WITH THE WIND trivia you’ll ever need to know:


20:43:47 “Nothing like that in Ohio.” – carpetbagger re: Scarlett O’Hara

Wednesday, 15th of April.

08:14:28 Back from the dead. Here’s one of my favorite new blackout poems:

08:26:41 ATX’s Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears were Paste’s Band of the Week! cc:

@ivarley & @uberjam

09:22:08 Baffled by adults who say, “I miss writing, drawing, etc.” You have a lunch break, yes? Get

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writing. Get drawing. Get making.

09:55:49 @bonitasarita happy birthday! is your birthday lunch at Lucky’s? (looks SO GOOD)

10:02:23 @gorillavsbear oh my lord I’d love MBV tixx to the Austin show

10:31:14 @megzo @doNNNald I think it might be time for an online “Date Don” application…

10:41:37 @freckled get to it!! πŸ˜€

10:59:47 Gone With The Wind ephemera from its Atlanta premiere! courtesy @mlarson

12:28:09 @remixmanifesto dig:

13:10:42 @remixmanifesto my pleasure πŸ˜€

15:18:32 “[The illustration] lets you take in the entire scope with a single image.” – @erickohn on what I’m

going for

15:22:51 @gapingvoid love Unger’s quote, “I get paid to be me.”

15:29:55 @heathr have you read her autobiography? it’s my wife’s favorite book

16:09:22 What’s the most relaxing vacation you ever went on? @megzo and I need one…

16:26:28 @glass dude, do the Deals come to your studio to screenprint? b/c that is badass OHIO FTW!!!

19:04:44 @heathr that’s about her & her 2nd husband. You want this one: AGATHA


20:12:40 @heathr keep an eye out at used bookstores…we’ve found a couple that way (searching for the

1st edition)

Thursday, 16th of April.

07:45:59 @johntunger @davidburn thanks, y’all!

08:05:16 Mos Def on my favorite rapper, MF Doom: (via @Scot_Richardson)

08:16:42 Bring it, Thursday…BRING IT!

08:45:41 @glass awesome, man. good for you! i have two siblings-in-law still at miami, so maybe i too

can walk the hallowed grounds sometime πŸ˜€

12:00:26 Counselor asked me, “Got any summer plans?” I said, “Yeah, I plan to study abroad or two.”


12:33:03 1st it was now it’s

(via @michaelSurtees)

12:41:18 That Billy Bob Thornton Texas Monthly Talk I drew is online now. See it & my drawings: (via @klru)

13:38:15 @johntunger been done!

13:44:09 @johntunger tom phillips is the granddaddy (burroughs+gysin great-granddaddys) also the artist

trolls like to shout “rip-off!” about

14:02:28 @gapingvoid didja see this nytimes piece on how Rembrandt kept painting after the Dutch

economy collapsed?

16:58:39 My life in tumblr tags:

19:39:02 Frank’s hat says CONSTANT CRAVING. I want it. #30rock

21:13:48 Bill Callahan Onion A/C Club interview and review (via


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21:28:48 @tvtompd i love the youtube comments: “Could you please do one of these about

Youngstown?” yeah, let’s hit the whole Rust Belt.

Friday, 17th of April.

07:49:12 Most TLC & Discovery shows could air on Fox if they were retitled “Blood on the Floor” or

“When Surgery Goes Bad.” – @tvtompd

08:15:25 I really hate writing bios for myself.

08:27:06 RT @thenewmckechnie : “I think it’s healthy for a writer to generally hate referring to themselves

in third person.” (Agreed)

10:08:44 Blessings on the head of @emilyadavis: she said sweet things about my work & made some

blackout poems!

14:40:07 @vikkiprattles hehe yeah — I stole it from saul steinberg πŸ˜€

15:28:49 @Drawers we shall brave the thunderstorms to celebrate!

16:14:17 This post by @maureenmcq sums up the absurdity of adopting a rescue dog.

She is, btw, an example of a REAL writer.

16:25:23 Looks like the weather cleared us a path, so we’re heading down to the Gray Horse Saloon in

San Marcos to celebrate @drawers’ 30th.

22:56:59 Listening to the new Bill Callahan on vinyl on my mom’s 30+ year old Zenith solid state.


Saturday, 18th of April.

00:05:45 Try this: pay cash for a record at the local shop. Drive home, fix a drink. Turn down the lights.

Put down the needle. Magic.

10:26:54 Gonna take my mom out for brunch in Austin. Any suggestions? I was thinking either Old Pecan

St Cafe or South Congress Cafe?

10:36:38 Think I’ll take a tip from @tastytouring and take Mom to South Congress Cafe:

15:35:46 Thanks everybody for the brunch recommends…South Congress Cafe was delicious.

15:38:44 Two of the best writers I know are now on twitter: @maureenmcq and @danchaon. Both with

the Ohio connect. Go buy their books!

15:58:13 review of the LP I bought today: “The Faces never made a worse

record than this one.” Record Store Day FAIL

16:33:30 Boots! His & hers! (Meg got her bday / graduation present early)

20:16:59 Listening to The Faces and drinking whiskey sours with ma

Sunday, 19th of April.

15:42:58 Picked up a Yudu screenprinting machine on sale (30% off) at Joanns for $229. Call before you

go: girls said they’d been selling out…

17:25:22 Apple headphones w/ a mic + Fourtrack from the app store = $40 = portable songwriting studio

for my ipod Touch. Amazing.

19:57:14 Yikes. I’ve got some blackout poems to make…time to unleash the beer / sharpie fume

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20:12:08 @ivarley it’s kind of stupid how awesome it is around here… #mueller

20:29:56 BEHOLD Rod Stewart and The Faces’ cover of “(I know) I’m losing you”

Monday, 20th of April.

08:02:32 Free tip: don’t use “social media” as an excuse to be boring and lame. Fer chrissakes…go make

something awesome!

15:41:09 @ClaraCharlotte thank you! πŸ˜€

15:55:24 Videos of Bon Iver with his former high school jazz band:

16:22:27 Headed off to draw Tom Perrotta at the master class. Hopefully better than last time:

22:04:53 The enemy of good caricature is fear of what your subject might think of the results.

22:41:46 I’m with Ice-T: I ain’t feelin ‘it. (via @Pampelmoose)

22:57:14 Handful of Breeders hand-printed vinyl EPs left: (Just bought

mine…thanks, @glass!)

Tuesday, 21st of April.

00:25:52 My notes from the Tom Perrotta Master Class tonight:

07:41:52 She: “That’s really ambitious of you.” Me: “No, it’s really stupid of me.” Then I thought, maybe

ambition = stupidity?

07:42:46 @papertrail sweet!! i got the “buckeye” edition b/c of the ohio connect:

07:51:19 @papertrail did you watch the video of them printing in @glass’s studio? awesome:

07:59:02 @michaelSurtees man, i LOVE the iphone pics you take wish the Touch had a

camera SO BAD

08:35:03 New blackout poems about 1) married life 2) killing roaches 3) vampires :

10:04:33 Ok, @terraburger, might give you another go for lunch. Did you fix your soggy fries yet?

11:53:03 3 free hours of John Lithgow reading Mark Twain’s unpublished stuff:

(via @maudnewton)

11:57:53 Whoa. Make that FIVE hours of John Lithgow reading Mark TwainΒ΄s unpublished stuff on MP3

for free:

12:04:34 The burgers are tasty, yes, but the best thing about @terraburger might be their placemats:

12:26:14 @papertrail that’s kind of shocking that MBV isn’t sold out. i’d go, if it weren’t for Spoon tonight…

13:21:10 Amazing the results you get when you just ask people a simple question: “What makes you

happy?” (via @leelefever)

14:01:48 Oklahoman posted the winners of the blackout poem contest I judged. The winner was an

80-year-old woman! Awesome.

15:11:48 @thenewmckechnie i REALLY liked that one. it was a toss-up b/w the top two…

15:26:15 @TheOtherLeslie SO exciting that elvis costello is coming!

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16:08:10 @TheOtherLeslie oh i would. I WOULD πŸ˜‰

16:23:15 We once stood in line behind Britt Daniel at the #mueller Chipotle, so going there before the

Spoon show tonight seems fittin’.

19:03:29 Heading down to the Scoot Inn with @megzo and @uberjam to meet @ivarley and see Spoon!

22:03:47 @majorpepper we go to all the same shows and we never hang out — must remedy this!

22:04:42 @ivarley fork, knife, and spoon would be a killer lineup…

22:10:47 RT @majorpepper: the beast and dragon adored #spoon

22:49:42 Spoon live at the Scoot Inn. Austin, Texas. Sharpie on index cards:

22:56:48 @majorpepper yes!! that will be an epic night — hit up AC and then try to get into bonnie

Wednesday, 22nd of April.

09:43:49 @papertrail really wish i would’ve gone to see MBV – Spoon was good, but they kind of phoned

it in

09:51:12 Maureen Dowd on twitter = crap writing: pre-formed opinion, no real inquiry… deserves blackout


11:34:56 “Statistics will always lie.” – fantastic interview w/ David Simon

13:38:37 @dyer9380

13:51:33 “There ain’t no life nowhere.” Jimi Hendrix predicts the internet:

13:59:16 @rohdesign that @jasonsantamaria post says what i was gonna say in my part of the webinar!

“sketchbooks should be sketchy”

14:09:54 @dyer9380 “Yeah. I like money.”

14:22:09 “One Sharpie Dude” Maybe I should switch brands and become “Sir Marks-A-Lot” πŸ˜€

18:30:15 “Don’t lie awake at night worrying about tomorrow–there are much better things to do in bed.”


Thursday, 23rd of April.

06:36:33 Bill Nye: “The moon reflects light from the sun.” People of Waco: ” We believe in God!” RT @Astronautics @TheOtherLeslie

06:47:01 They’re cool, but $30 for a sketchbook? #mole$kine (via @zoewesthof)

07:51:41 Yo: @Annieinaustin pointed out that the Bill Nye thing happened in 2006. Shoulda fact-checked:

I can’t find anything in newspaper database.

09:14:42 Visual note-taking 101: webinar w/ @rohdesign @sunnibrown and @austinkleon 5/12/09 #vizthink

09:39:25 @madinkbeard my part is “But I can’t draw!” I’ll be using Lynda Barry’s “2 questions” + Ed

Emberley + cartooning stuff. send you the notes!

10:01:05 @jaysmet LOL I know! that was the greatest “stuff white people like” ever

10:29:04 RT @megzo: looking for: someplace awesome to stay on the texas coast at the beach for a

weekend. any good tips on hotels?

12:56:33 Great lunch with @megzo, plotting the domination of our two worlds…

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


12:57:25 The greatest accomplishment of my life up until now has been finding the greatest wife in the


16:12:28 THE ROOM with Tommy Wiseau LIVE AT THE ALAMO! F*** YES!

16:49:16 @elgeeb so many good movies! RAIDERS! AMADEUS! GONE WITH THE WIND! CAPRA!


17:22:22 @elgeeb we should go to City Lights!

17:36:18 “I used to daydream. They said, ‘He’ll grow out of it.’ The only thing I’ve outgrown are my pants.”


20:07:48 Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi gives a TED talk on flow. Love his work: (via


20:36:17 The real WGN clip of Tracy Morgan they showed a second of tonight on #30rock

21:56:09 That Csikszentmihalyi TED talk didn’t do justice to his ideas about flow. Crummy, boring slides.


22:39:01 This map of John Berger’s WAYS OF SEEING is still one of my favorites: Trying

to pick apart why it works for #vizthinku

22:41:47 @davegray would #marksmean be too long?

23:09:01 Nuggets from @cesarmillan’s CESAR’S WAY 1)Dogs pee b/c they dont have phonebooks

2)Oprah “is a model for emulating animals”

Friday, 24th of April.

07:52:58 “I thought it best to talk in pictures.” Mike Rowe’s TED Talk on dirty jobs (incl. castrating a lamb!)

via @mwsmith13

08:20:13 This Flickr slowdown has reminded me that I need to start hosting my images on my website


08:45:01 @roblifford Maira Kalman is amazing — anything she posts is worth linking to!

09:49:19 On drawing maps on Edward Tufte’s graph paper instead of in a sketchbook:

12:57:36 @jessicahagy Sharpie, of course

13:19:37 For #followfriday just have a look at my favorite tweets and follow the folks who made them:

13:51:40 New White Denim MP3: “Mirrored and Reversed” (via

@austin360music & @NME)

13:53:50 @gorillavsbear New White Denim:

15:12:51 @TWalk tip: the cheaper the marker the smellier. Officemax brand? TERRIBLE. you get what

you pay for…

15:44:55 Why the Radio & Music Industry Sucks Nowadays (and Frank Zappa on not-knowing) (via @MFRian)

16:06:23 “Money:making from art / is a speculative school of economics”

Saturday, 25th of April.

08:30:19 Give another listen to “Hey Jude” – you can hear Paul McCartney swear at 2:56

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook

25-April-2009 (via @clinicvoot)

09:06:59 @glass the perfect caption:

10:18:00 Headed to Buda to see some weiner dogs.

13:50:43 SATURDAY = drinkin’ a Coors and enjoying my $1.99 Popeye’s chicken and biscuit combo.

14:03:43 Netflix Watch Instantly added “JCVD”! (thanks, @jettek!)

14:52:32 Couple of doodles from the Buda weiner dog races:

15:00:43 “Get yer ass back to the kid’s table.” Hilarious caption for the comix “big-boys”: via @patchworkearth

18:59:36 “To copy comic strips, stretched prone upon the musty carpet…what bliss!” – John Updike

Sunday, 26th of April.

08:09:22 Going to go meet some Doxies…

15:12:20 We just adopted the chillest dog on the planet. His name is Milo. We’re hanging on the couch

watching Napoleon Dynamite.

15:21:20 Dog is passed out on my lap. Worried I’ll wake him if I get up to post pics! I’ll make @megzo do


15:27:23 @maureenmcq yes!!! He’s a 20 pound standard piebald doxie. I’m getting @megzo to post a pic

15:41:42 Some photos of Milo! (via @megzo)

15:53:21 @ivarley this dog acts like he’s on heroin…think he’s just tuckered out…

15:54:16 @gorillavsbear thanks, man!

16:03:12 Thanks everybody for the good words about Milo! I’ll post video later, promise.

18:47:23 Milo the Dog: chillin’ like a villain.

19:50:47 Watch this video until the end, when an 80-year-old grandmother of 33 (!) reads her blackout

poem! (RT!)

21:00:24 Worried about Milo. won’t bizness outside & just wants to sleep. Hope it’s just first-day

jitters/exhaustion. He was SO GOOD on his walk…

Monday, 27th of April.

07:55:29 How I’m preventing suicide: turning NPR off & leaving it off. Bird flu! Tornadoes! The economy!

A dog that won’t eat or pee in the yard!

09:06:34 The Dog is reminding me what a verbal being I am. I express myself with words. It’s my love

language, man!

09:54:55 Look where everyone else is going, and go the other way.

10:09:36 @ursonate LOL exactly like that

10:22:07 With @thebookslut: my #lastmeal would be fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy + slice of

cherry pie & a glass o milk

10:23:05 @stormsy nope i’m with you. Love the news recently: “An ugly woman can sing! A handsome

man can murder someone! The world is crazy!”

11:20:26 @elgeeb that’s rad: the HRC is my favorite spot on campus. meet someone there, you know

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


they’re good people πŸ˜‰

13:02:13 Don’t miss the visual note-taking workshop with @sunnibrown, @rohdesign and me,

@austinkleon, May 12: RT @dav …

13:07:58 OH BE STILL MY CARTOONIST HEART: Dan Zettwoch does Ed Emberley RT

@loosetooth & @makeaworldfilm

13:26:32 @askforgiveness that’s the best piece of advice you could give to a student: treat it like a 9-5,

do whatever you want the rest of the time

14:23:34 I think I’m going to make “Stillness is the Move” Milo’s theme song. It’s certainly his motto…

14:42:17 Big thanks to @anorwood who reminded me of Milo Minderbinder of Catch-22. Our dog’s name

now has literary cred

16:03:06 $44 to see Crumb & Spiegelman on UT Campus? No thanks. Saw Spiegelman

for free at Bookpeople last yr:

16:04:28 I’ll bet both Spiegelman & Crumb are making 5 figures for that appearance.

16:11:20 DAILY BLASPHEMY: I could give a crap about comics as a scene. I’m interested in the medium

as a container for my ideas. Nothing more.

16:13:25 Same goes for poetry, btw.

16:15:56 @pws thanks for the good words, man!

16:18:00 @johntunger *unique* knowledge worth knowing = probably not learned in school πŸ˜‰

16:23:27 Lynda Barry: “The containers are different, but the lively thing in the center is what I’m interested


18:52:12 “out of the house / emerges the date / one hand on her hip / her pose hot and bored…”

20:33:17 Think publishing a book will make you rich? Think again: (via @heathr)

21:38:16 @anorwood nice!!

Tuesday, 28th of April.

08:08:19 Deerhunter = Perfect (riding-the-bus-on-a-rainy-day) music. Then a fat man in a

dress w/ a shaved head waved to me…

08:30:44 OH: There’s always a lawyer pissing on a party somewhere. AGREED.

08:33:17 @terrilynnh i did! didn’t want to be rude…

11:08:37 Lewis Hyde’s website: LOVED “The Gift”, reading “Trickster Makes

This World” now. Thanks, @makeaworldfilm

11:18:20 You can buy @maureenmcq’s book for $1 here: You’d be a *moron* not to. (via


12:39:05 @senorleroy i had a tremendous ribeye there one time…

14:45:26 RT @tracymueller: Who’s up for a UT tweetup after the semester is over? @tuckerma,

@anorwood, @Nyleva, @austinkleon are in.

14:47:53 If Verizon starts offering the Iphone, I will buy one.

14:54:33 Excited that I have the last 3 April blackout poems finished so I can relax and…oh wait, the final

art for my book was due yesterday.

15:36:24 @ivarley my AT&T service sucks so bad at #mueller — I have to stand near a window in the

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


house…or go outside

16:23:32 @ivarley first step: don’t shave beard πŸ˜‰

Wednesday, 29th of April.

05:58:22 β€œI prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.” – Le Corbusier (via


08:16:47 How to train your puppy with mockery and verbal humiliation:

08:35:31 “The way artists market themselves is by having a great story, by having a ‘Myth’.” –

@gapingvoid (via @zoewesthof)

08:43:41 @qrter doesn’t matter whether you agree with it or like it πŸ˜‰

08:46:03 @qrter it works

08:50:52 @qrter everything in moderation — i little myth goes a long way.

08:59:02 @qrter all people want is a good story. every interview i do, first question: “How/why did you do

this?” Translation: “Tell us the story.”

09:02:19 DIY: “Hermes doesn’t simply acquire fire, he invents & spreads a method for making fire” –

Lewis Hyde

12:19:01 I love it when Steve Brodner draws on the Nytimes:

13:12:58 If you haven’t seen @tannerherriott’s video of the Oklahoman’s blackout poetry contest winners,

you’re missing out:

15:03:35 Alias has released a new sketchbook pro 2010 edition. Worth the $100? via

@Michael_Cho cc: @davegray

18:21:50 I’ve met more neighbors walking Milo for the past three days than I have in six months.

18:23:29 @twalk @mlarson @writeontime thanks y’all!

18:54:50 @maureenmcq yep. he’s doing both. so far only one accident in the house first day, and that

was my fault. gotta give him a bath tonight!

18:56:30 Holy smokes! @glass got the Deal Sisters to sign my Breeders’ FATE TO FATAL EP shipping

box. [ SWOON ! ]

Thursday, 30th of April.

07:49:34 30 poems in 30 days: DONE. Phew!

08:32:39 @tomburket it’s a good question — hopefully i’ll get on a once a week schedule with them…gotta

finish the final book art first!

12:13:12 Rewatched @davegray’s “How To Draw” Vizthink ’08 warmup (& @loosetooth’s notes) for what

to steal

12:56:10 @emilsit awesome. thanks, man. there’s something wacky going on with feedburner, i think.

seems to be working now.

13:07:14 “The holy grail is to spend less time making the picture than it takes people to look at it.”

-Banksy (via @FifthGallery)

13:27:42 “It takes so long to draw comics that you end up writing about things that happened maybe 15

years or so before.” -CF Ware

14:56:17 @megzo AH MISS MAH DAWG

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:18:35 Is there any life-form snobbier than a graphic designer?

16:22:53 @wpettyjohn TRUTH!

17:19:46 DESIGN WON’T SAVE THE WORLD (via @SpinAlley)

17:20:47 @madinkbeard that’s wild!

17:22:54 @jtwilcox ooh that’s a good find!

19:34:30 @sthig congrats, man! Keep it up!