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May 1, 2009

Friday, 1st of May.

08:02:34 Every year I’m disappointed by & yet every year I go. Will I

break the cycle tomorrow? Probably not.

08:05:45 Buy the (awesome) album that inspired McCartney to make my least favorite Beatles album (Sgt

Peppers) for $2: #petsounds

08:10:14 @davegray a) I hate 90% of all comics b) I hate standing in line πŸ˜‰

08:12:00 Stupid Free Comic Book day: if you a) hate 90% of comics b) hate standing in line, nothing

could be worse.

08:18:20 Rock on @austinbooks they’re moving the line for Free Comic Book Day outside to a tent to try

to make things run smoother.

08:39:27 Idea: this week use the “favorite” button liberally & link to your favorites on the next #followfriday

09:09:05 “What we respond to in any work of art is the artist’s struggle against his or her limitations.” –

Saul Steinberg

09:45:07 Read Lynda Barry’s “Dogs” strip from One! Hundred! Demons! It perfectly describes our

experience with Milo so far:

09:55:26 @roblifford well, we’ve started letting him sleep in his doggie bed in our bedroom, and giving

him more love than discipline…

09:56:02 @roblifford as for “Milo,” that was just his name when we got him. it fits

11:45:28 @freckled yes, yes, yes on Cruddy. I own pretty much everything that woman has ever done.

12:49:23 @freckled hmmm never thought about it! w/ that book I just soaked up the images & enjoyed the


12:56:07 An artist’s job is to built herself a good antenna so she can get a good signal and tune in to the

right stations.

13:13:16 No idea WTF @layertennis is, but if @glass is involved, I’m down. (via


13:45:10 @kdelap i’m finding this out!

13:47:11 @madinkbeard SY are taping Austin City Limits this season. i might put in a request to the genie

and see if i can draw them!

13:56:47 That HANDBOOK OF PICTORIAL SYMBOLS @glass was flipping thru is one of my prized

reference books. #lyt

14:03:03 @loosetooth a decade! congrats! i found loosetooth in jan ’06 via Peter Durand via Drew

Dernavitch. had no idea people did such things πŸ™‚

14:50:33 Where Did Austin’s Affordable Housing Go? Um, @megzo & I live in affordable

housing. #mueller

15:21:41 Mom, @megzo & I were at the next table eating a Quack’s carrot-cupcake during this interview

w/ @elkmating. Small town:

16:17:24 @megzo A TAIL-WAG! he’s coming out (of his shell)!

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16:23:42 Honord. RT @nancyduarte #followfriday @davegray @bertdecker @presentationzen

@cliffatkinson @armano @oliviamitchell @austinkleon @gapingvoid

16:24:31 I’m always amazed that anybody anywhere knows who the f*** I am or has seen any of my


16:24:57 @megzo VIDEO, WOMAN!

16:27:36 Need to go home & work on my bit for the #vizthink webinar so everybody doesn’t find out I’m a

complete phony.

18:09:33 @wluers so sorry, man. I’ll give Milo an extra pet in honor of your guy

18:20:11 @carolineferan you tell her, sis! πŸ˜‰

20:15:04 Watching THE LADY EVE with @megzo & Milo.

20:33:22 @Gwenda I’ll put it on my list! 1st time watching & loving it…

20:59:06 Read my buddy Flynn’s post on THE LADY EVE

Saturday, 2nd of May.

08:35:22 Gave Milo his first bath. He was good, although NOT A fan of the hair dryer…

12:17:23 RT @johntunger: “The weak keep unfollowing me. Fortunately, so many more of you are brave

and strong.”

12:19:54 Best Free Comic Book Day so far @austinbooks. Got what I wanted plus I bought a guy delisle

book of wordless strips. #FCBD

12:22:42 @chrisferan say hi to hays and the gang for me!

12:40:10 @davegray itsa #fcbd miracle!

12:57:20 Deliberate practice, craft, whatever: it’s true: you gotta put in the hours, but you do so to tap into

the unexplainable.

13:11:19 Bill Callahan on SXSW “I got to see the latest fashions. Lots of feminine new-wave clothing on

the males.” via @fluxistrad

13:14:36 @davegray “Follow You, Follow Me” is a good Genesis song. Not a good twitter philosophy.

14:05:27 I really, really, really, really hate drawing on the computer with a Wacom tablet. Hate it. HATE


14:13:24 @NathanBowers it doesn’t lag, i just hate it. i suppose if i was drawing right on the screen like a

on a cintiq, it’d be okay…

15:16:04 @cliffatkinson which tablet pc do you use??

15:16:24 @anorwood that’s funny i was making the comment b/c I had just d/led sketchbook pro!!!

15:29:28 “In a digital age, don’t lose your digits!” – Lynda Barry

17:31:03 @davegray stuck in Texas! you lucky man…

17:48:20 @cliffatkinson sweet!

18:04:21 Milo has given up eating for sleeping. He somehow can’t fit both in his schedule.

21:38:08 “Cleveland: our main export is depression!”

21:55:30 @magdaZINE must be the weather?

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Sunday, 3rd of May.

09:06:17 David Hockney unveils iPhone artworks (via @frommystudio &


12:32:30 A photo of one of the David Hockney iPhone paintings. (via


12:36:06 @johntunger check out Brushes for an iPhone painting app

12:40:48 You just can’t beat the chicken-fried chicken w/ mashed potatoes & gravy at Hoovers.

13:55:18 @gapingvoid same here, hugh. Following yr work & what yr doing is a big inspiration. TEXAS


14:06:56 If you can visualize something it can come true. I did this two years ago:

14:41:14 Reading @megzo’s master’s thesis for the first time.. It’s some heavy shit. And GOOD. My

wife’s got SKILLZ

15:08:40 @tracymueller moved here Aug 1st, 2007. Made that collage April 2007

16:47:16 Looking doesn’t equal seeing. No one ever says, “Do you look what I’m saying?”

18:00:36 @tracymueller yeah, made it after we made the decision to move

18:12:13 Thanks to @elgeeb, I’m now addicted to Topo Chico aka CRACK WATER

19:38:26 RT @papertrail: “hell yes drink that Topo Chico with a lime and you’ve got a temporary beer

substitute. only temporary, mind you.”

19:40:16 @TWalk sunset over the lake park walking milo was splendid. We’re lucky men…

20:52:06 Poetry is “crucially an oral form.” Eh, what the hell does a poet laureate know? (via @Reckon)

21:25:29 @diydanna I’ve had a ton of people tell me, “I don’t read poetry, but I like your poems.” I credit

the fact that they’re visual.

21:26:47 RT @anvilcity: “I’m following both Fyodor Dostoyevsky and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, and

neither is following me back. F***ers.”

21:29:45 @cliffatkinson howsabout #viznote? cc: @davegray @rohdesign @sunnibrown

21:54:43 @johntunger I guess I’d be okay with reading them aloud, as long as people can SEE them, too

22:02:08 All my favorite poets play guitar or turntables.

22:05:10 @johntunger that would be cool. with someone else’s voice.

22:12:45 @johntunger deal!

22:20:59 @ivarley “this is just like television, only you can see much further”

22:24:28 Goodnight, all. I shall dream that I’m poet laureate and every English class in America is high on

marker fumes.

Monday, 4th of May.

08:23:04 8 Days til the Visual Note-Taking 101 Webinar w/ @sunnibrown @austinkleon & @rohdesign –

5/12/09. #viznotes

10:21:19 Great @scottmccloud slide on desire as the root of story: From his excellent


11:16:05 @megzo i wondered how long it would take for that to happen πŸ˜‰

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11:44:03 Technology: “as ambivalent, as unpredictable, as honorable, & as depraved as are human

agents themselves.” – Aidan Davison

12:46:51 @elgeeb as the poet says, “Goddamn the pusher man!”

12:54:23 @johntunger nice! i can probably just rig my still camera to take time-lapse. but the problem, of

course, is time. i gotta finish my book!

13:43:00 RT @johntunger: “Twitter is the closest thing I’ve found online to actually living in an ‘arts

scene.'” I agree.

13:53:51 If there was any doubt about what a (worthwhile) pain-in-the-ass screenprinting is: (via @anorwood)

14:32:31 Can’t wait for this astronomy exhibit to open next September at the Ransom Center in Austin:

14:39:41 “You cannot fix Dracula by trying to convince him to just party in the sun with you.” – Lynda

Barry on avoiding toxic people

14:52:52 Also: the Ransom Center’s famous Frida Kahlo Self Portrait is on display starting tomorrow!

15:53:52 @wpwend42 congrats, dude!

16:24:50 Making a DVD of the final art files for my book tonight to send to the designers. Will be weird to

read it again after a few months…

18:53:00 @ivarley JEALOUS

19:06:07 Some pictures of Milo:

21:20:48 Wilco has sucked big time since Jay Bennett left, so who better to sue them than Jay Bennett?

21:41:50 @ivarley I would think such a night would call for raspberry poptarts and a glass of milk!

21:49:22 @chrisferan if you want some inspiration, look up Vonnegut’s commencement speeches and

David Foster Wallace’s Kenyon speech

21:52:12 @chrisferan “We are here on Earth to fart around.” – Kurt Vonnegut

21:52:49 @chrisferan “you must unlearn what you have learned.” – yoda

21:57:17 @davegray you need to teach that iPhone who’s boss

21:59:12 @chrisferan “a dream is like a river / ever-changing as it flows / and a dreamer’s just a vessel /

that must follow where it goes” LOL

21:59:40 @chrisferan they actually sang that at mine!

22:01:36 A snoring dog on one side, snoring wife on the other. The good life in stereo.

Tuesday, 5th of May.

06:36:52 Happy Cinco de Milo!

08:02:00 Gauguin cutting off Van Gogh’s ear with a sword? Badass, and a much better story. via @paulocepek

09:04:38 Roger Ebert is my favorite blogger. This meaty post on facing death and the afterlife shows why:

10:41:02 Sneak preview of the slideshow for my portion of the #vizthink Visual Note-taking webinar: #viznotes

10:52:28 @envizualize yeah, man! hope you’ll come up with good questions, and feel free to send me

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anything you’d like covered!

12:19:21 @zefrank check out the site that inspired the blackout poetry project & video!

12:41:39 RT @ursonate: “no. apple do not buy twitter. go make me a tablet.” AMEN

13:01:48 Pre-ordered @gapingvoid’s IGNORE EVERYBODY. I owe him way more than


13:20:10 “The art world…has taken the fun out of looking at art.” via @cynthiafedor

13:48:24 Holy smokes! Through the Wayback Machine I found @conradtaylor’s cool PDF, “But I Can’t


13:59:55 “Why can’t you see that a life in arts and a life of mimicry is the same thing?” – Destroyer

14:45:23 @marcjohns thanks, man! I’m working on it!

15:05:08 Mo Willems: Getting Adults To Draw (with perfect timing via @ursonate)

19:00:55 One of my favorite places in Austin is now on Twitter: @ransomcenter

Wednesday, 6th of May.

08:27:07 Internets, FTW: one of @zefrank’s readers made a greasemonkey script for blacking out online


08:32:23 @roblifford apps I love: Tweetie, Eliss, Wolfenstein3D, Drop7, FourTrack, Pandora, NyTimes,

Brushes, i.TV, Zen Bound, Bloom, Birdhouse

08:37:33 Wouldn’t it be cool if one of your favorite musicians made you mixtapes? Oh wait:

09:38:45 Tony Millionaire drew the cover for the new Elvis Costello album!

10:48:47 I had 4 goals moving to Austin: 1) get a job [x] 2) get a nice place [x] 3) get a dog [x] 4) find/start

a garage band [ ] So close…

11:17:03 DAMMIT. @klru is cutting 20% of its staff and airtime. (via @anorwood)

11:30:18 @daveed70 ROCK!

11:46:31 Goldang, @pooralmanack is a fantastic cartoonist. Ashamed it took me so long to find his work!

13:58:48 @aliveasart ugh! i’m not going near that heat-sink! πŸ™‚

14:01:47 @nicolelv thanks for the link love πŸ˜€

14:28:29 RT @leeleslie: “Doritos and Mountain Dew are the Romeo and Juliet of food. Yes they’re

beautiful together, but ultimately it ends in death.”

14:37:49 @leelefever play video games and eat doritos in my underwear!

14:57:11 @MarcieVargas what a waste of doritos that would be!

15:22:54 Can’t wait for a Royale w/ cheese, a beer, & THE ROOM w/ Tommy Wiseau LIVE! @drafthouse

tonight: Who else is going?

16:20:18 @mattthomas dude, the Alamo is the best. did you read about the Star Trek premeire? (I was an idiot and missed it)

22:03:53 “You can laugh, you can cry, you can be still like Statue of Liberty…just express yourself and

don’t hurt each other!” – Tommy Wiseau

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22:10:17 Pic of Tommy Wiseau @drafthouse #theroom (via @jennycarlson)

22:14:17 You gotta check out Tommy Wiseau’s getup at the @drafthouse screening of #theroom (via @jennycarlson)

22:32:01 @jmerriman some woman was filming his q&a…I pray she puts it on YouTube

Thursday, 7th of May.

06:44:26 Indifference is power.

07:51:18 So many great writers out there. So many great drawers out there. Thank God the cartoonist

only has to be *decent* at both…

08:00:53 @papertrail i freaking love that photo of those tapes. did you see the flickr set?

08:14:10 Dan from @wickeddecent totally geeks out on my Tumblelog @ 1:09:56 in this podcast: Made my day.

09:04:12 The complete Tommy WIseau Q&A at the Alamo @drafthouse last night:


09:41:14 @mlarson i’ve often wondered if it was smart to split the blog / tumblelog, but it’s really worked

for me – not sure if it works for others!

09:51:09 “What’s the default shape of our art forms?” @scottmccloud on portrait vs. landscape

09:59:31 @ryancoleman that was a great post!

10:00:55 @ryancoleman @mlarson for me: BLOG = original content / thoughts, TUMBLR = scrapbook,

TWITTER = personal, thoughts, pointing to content

10:02:09 @ryancoleman @mlarson turned off all automated posting — no twitter to facebook or blog

posts straight to twitter. fine-tuned control

11:01:54 RT @austinist: In-Store Alert: Bill Callahan At Waterloo Records Friday

11:26:34 Jim Jarmusch on travel, sense of place, Burroughs’ cut-ups, Oulipo…fantastic interview.

12:55:36 Pet ownership is totally overrated.

13:58:24 RT @elgeeb on pets: “think: long-term satisfaction, with fleeting frustrations. (plus eliminations.)”

14:14:32 @chrisferan have you not seen Back to the Future?

14:26:12 @chrisferan [shakes head] one of the greatest screenplays & best movies ever! huey lewis

sings on the soundtrack and is IN the movie!

14:28:57 @ultra8201 i’d like those black joe tixx!

15:24:25 Tom Gauld drops hint of a new book:

15:39:45 Kate Brooks, director of Career Services for Liberal Arts @ UT uses visual mapping for career


17:43:31 @nyctaper that’s bullshit about beggars, man. Sorry to hear

Friday, 8th of May.

08:13:23 @WickedDecent love hearing that my stuff reaches young people and students!

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08:16:04 Dog knows when I’m having buyer’s remorse: starts acting cute & cuddly & smiles like an idiot.

Heart melts. Stupid Emotions.

08:36:28 @allisonbeadle if only they had free wi-fi — how can we be such a tech capital and not have free

wi-fi in the airport? kills me!

09:05:21 Compiling a bunch of good “But I Can’t Draw!” material for the #viznotes seminar:

09:17:07 @rohdesign notice how @dbbstephen prefaced his sketchnotes w/ “I wanted to do something

like this…but I can’t draw so well…” πŸ˜‰ #viznotes

09:28:20 “if you strip a story down to its bare essentials, you will have very little left.” – Ebert on Jarmusch via @johnmjones

12:26:49 @tastytouring @anorwood picked Koriente for lunch and it was AWESOME. i got the beef

bulgogi per your recommendation πŸ˜‰

12:27:48 @gorillavsbear i got DROPPING THE WRIT off Emusic — fantastic! thanks for the rec, as


12:39:38 Austinites: if you haven’t had lunch at Koriente, you’re missing out.

12:47:29 @tastytouring free miso soup and salad at lunchtime!

12:50:09 @marlaerwin i love the decorating in there!

12:51:10 @roblifford will do, man! today was the whole office crew…

13:34:24 1st Corinthians 13:11 “When I became a man, I put away childish things…and now I’m f***ing


14:05:12 Austin popo squeeze $3,300 out of UT students crossing @ 24th & Guadalupe.

I’d be in jail for assaulting a police officer.

14:11:50 Buy one,get one free @ Freebirds! via

@tastytouring & @MisoHungry

14:21:43 Ohio: the Architecture state? via @designobserver

14:48:22 @royblumenthal same here!

Saturday, 9th of May.

09:04:17 Paying dearly for last night’s transgressions.

11:27:45 Now that’s what I like to see in my mailbox: a New Yorker, no bills, and a Victorias Secret


12:45:07 Father-in-law’s title for his journalism career guide: HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT FOOD


17:19:50 Anatomy of a mind map: more sneak-preview slides from my part of the #vizthink #viznotes


22:37:21 House Pizzeria at 51st & Airport: good, reasonably-priced pizza, draft beer, and a great jukebox.

22:47:48 OH tonight at the Dog and Duck: “There’s mystery in this world and you’re destroying it.”

23:24:46 @mattforsythe congrats on the doug wright!

Sunday, 10th of May.

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07:49:07 True story, brought up every Mother’s day: I once had dinner w/ Gloria Steinem. She told me I

was a good son & to say hi to my mom.

07:59:26 @olevia it was in college, i won a lottery. it was me and a bunch of womens studies majors…i

was the only male at the table πŸ™‚

08:18:08 Merle Haggard’s MAMA TRIED for 99 cents! (via @largeheartedboy)

08:19:12 @roblifford you’re coming to the lake park @ Mueller? maybe I’ll bring the dog over!

08:20:25 @largeheartedboy thanks for that horse feathers link — those guys (and gal) are really nice folks

08:45:35 Really surprised you can’t draw in Keynote. Guess I’ll go back to Powerpoint (shiver)…

08:46:19 @elgeeb yes! call us and we’ll hit it with you πŸ˜‰

09:03:48 “I’m a mother lover, you’re a mother lover…” ( #snl D***-in-a-box sequel) via


15:30:59 This presentation I’m working on is stressing me out. Time to go get some Tex-Mex w/

@megzo, @majorpepper and @papertrail.

21:34:21 TOP GUN is on cable. “I want some butts!”

Monday, 11th of May.

08:52:36 Austinites: do you have a dog vet you recommend? We need a vet for our dachshund Milo.


09:21:01 Thanks everyone for the vet recommends! Y’all rock.

09:25:23 How 1984 killed George Orwell:

09:29:32 Check out Graham Roumieu’s Bigfoot tweets: @hellobigfoot (via @Librairie211)

09:45:36 I’ve always said that Green Day has never made a bad album. This could be it:

11:00:26 @Funwithyourfood @rohdesign had an twittersourced earphone post a while back:

11:17:53 St. Vincent literally “drew” her new album’s demo in Garageband. Amazing: via


11:32:23 @johnmjones have you taken any of her classes? i really want to read her new one, too: “When

Writing Met Art” she seems really interesting

11:45:51 Did writing evolve from counting? #mandm cc: @davegray

12:17:48 My game: stealing avant-garde techniques to make art that isn’t avant-garde.

16:15:28 Yo: TOMORROW 11-2 EST: Visual Note-Taking 101 Webinar w/ @rohdesign @sunnibrown &

me. Still spots open: #viznotes

16:26:45 Cartoonist Drew Dernavich’s new project @TheBardReviews : Shakespeare does record


19:52:40 Oooh @davegray gave me his special custom Sketchbook Pro pen settings for the #viznotes


Tuesday, 12th of May.

07:16:08 Today’s #vizthink #viznotes workshop w/ @rohdesign @sunnibrown & @davegray is gonna be

really fun.

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07:18:13 I have a call with my editor this morning. She has “feedback” from the sales department.

Sounds evil to me…

08:11:06 Editor’s news was good: talk revolved around sales, the title and how to keep it from getting

ghettoed to the poetry aisle in the bookstore.

08:13:16 RT @deanmeistr “Today both left brain & right brain expect a workout at Visual Note-taking

101” #vizthink GOOD! πŸ™‚

08:14:37 RT @ryancoleman “know you’re talking w/ drawing geeks when someone starts sharing their

secret sauce settings for sketchbook pro” #vizthink

08:41:07 Who will be my 1000th follower? HMMMM????

08:44:05 VizNotes 101 workshop w/me @sunnibrown @davegray and @rohdesign ready to GO! #viznotes #vizthink

09:05:18 1000th follower: @hippiechick75 !!! πŸ˜€

10:06:09 The twitter search for #viznotes is blowing my mind! So cool!

12:10:20 Phew! Who needs a drink and some lunch? Thanks everybody! #viznotes #vizthink

12:48:22 @carlspies – great scribblings! thanks for drawing along! πŸ˜‰

12:57:00 @ckilgore – these are great!

13:00:15 @bergerhofer thanks for the good words, man! hope you got something out of it.

13:07:53 @loosetooth thanks, brandy! we missed you πŸ˜€

13:09:36 RT @akacolleen: “reminder to #viznote folk, you can tag your flickr uploads too. (Hashtags, not

just for Twitter anymore.)” YES!

13:16:21 Dig @sodaly’s notes on my section of the #vizthink #viznotes webinar:

13:22:40 @psychokinetic – love these sketches! #viznotes

13:31:09 @kurtsettles good investment in sketchbook pro : i’d never really used it before today and it

blew my mind #viznotes

13:50:53 #vizthink folks: want to see the little guy who was whining towards the end of the #viznotes


13:52:25 And finally, my Sketchbook Pro notes from the #vizthink #viznotes webinar:

14:14:34 RT @kurtsettles: “From @austinkleon #viznotes “Why are you drawing dinosaurs?” “I’m

learning, fool.” Love it.”

14:16:38 Lots of notes from @jonnygoldstein from today’s #vizthink #viznotes workshop

14:17:52 Sweet. @rohdesign’s sketchnotes of the #vizthink #viznotes webinar:

14:38:30 @RobCourt that is AWESOME

14:38:34 This is f***ing great! RT @RobCourt: “milo’s #sketchnotes #viznotes for vizthinku”

16:26:37 Eyes hurt. Hand aches. Webinar hangover. #viznotes

17:27:48 @davegray “you blockhead!!!”

19:39:21 @maryiverson hiya mary! lynda has a way of bringing people together πŸ˜‰

19:53:46 “I’d keep playing. I don’t think the heavy stuff’s gonna come down for quite a while.” – Carl


20:55:15 Watching WILD COMBINATION: A PORTRAIT OF ARTHUR RUSSELL. Boy walks out of the

cornfields to become an artist. Yep. πŸ˜‰

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21:25:18 Smart insight into our different #viznotes styles from @rohdesign: “I love typography while

@austinkleon loves cartoons.”

22:13:51 “I just want to be / wherever you are / hard as I can be / it’s never too hard”

Wednesday, 13th of May.

07:59:51 This bores me. Is anyone up for a game of basketball?

08:35:49 @RichMulholland I like the idea of a “visual key” for notes — especially putting quotes in speech

balloons / slides in boxes.

08:39:30 @RichMulholland what you’re doing is organizing shapes (pictures) and words on the space of

the page

08:39:49 @RichMulholland but as far as “for the rest of us” – drawing is for everybody! you don’t have to

be artistic to draw! hope that came across

08:57:09 @RichMulholland i dig it. i wanted to show these “comics without pictures” by kenneth koch, but

no time:

08:57:55 @SunniBrown can i be your assistant? i could use some beach time

10:00:15 I’m sorry, Wilco just bores me to tears now. Every McCartney needs a Lennon:

10:10:43 Old sketch: inspiration for the “How To Draw Faces” part of the #viznotes webinar:

10:11:56 @elgeeb oooh! I think I might take @megzo to go see it!

10:15:56 Special screening of VISUAL ACOUSTICS at the Blanton this Saturday: via @elgeeb cc: @megzo

10:16:50 @papertrail when I worked in a library we tried to start a 20-30something book club and called


10:19:53 @chuxDLX no worries — i’ll probably post some slides from it soon, so you can get a taste

10:35:45 @papertrail it was doomed from the beginning, as were we LOL

10:40:08 This poem coulda been written about twitter: “my plan…is to keep charts / and complain” #fixreplies

11:00:59 RT @megzo: “I’m a Mac.” “I’m a Meghan.” And I am a demographic.

12:16:21 After seeing the trailer, I couldve cared less about Pixar’s UP until i read Ebert’s blog post:

12:19:14 @loandbehold in Up’s case, it didn’t give away ENOUGH of the movie.

14:37:00 @Armano How to look at art (like an artist) 1. Figure out what’s worth stealing 2. Move on to

the next thing

14:50:55 TONIGHT! LOCKE VS. JACOB! #lost

15:12:27 @antm wow, dude! good luck!

15:39:23 Revelation, yesterday: I really like teaching. Nothing better than sharing your interests with

eager students.

15:40:13 That’s what I love about craft blogs: they teach their readers how to make, & the readers show

loyalty by buying their goods.

15:49:06 @akacolleen i am so thrilled that people got something out of it. i really am.

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16:09:22 “That a man knows he is a fool is the only seed which woman need sew.”

19:45:44 So what’s in the box? The Ark of the Covenant? #lost

19:51:00 @Gwenda fools! bureaucratic fools!

Thursday, 14th of May.

07:59:15 @LPT i’m a mac dude, but i LOVE my Dell 24 inch πŸ˜€

10:00:45 Pretty decent Green Day ranking: Mine would be Dookie, Kerplunk!, American

Idiot, Insomniac, Warning, Nimrod, 39/smooth

10:04:13 Art Garfunkel kept a list of every book he read for 40 years. Crazy: via my pal


10:18:37 @RichMulholland i’d start one, except it’d be really embarrassing: i’m a terribly slow reader

10:31:47 @mwsmith13 you still have that old reading list from when you were in africa?

11:06:17 @makeaworldfilm didn’t know y’all started a blog! very cool!

11:15:34 “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” –

Steve Jobs via @mattthomas

11:16:12 @mwsmith13 i hear ya, dude. i’ve been “reading” the same book for a month now — I’m on the

3rd chapter

11:35:33 @mattthomas 3/4 of those speeches addressed failure directly. DFW’s didn’t — & he’s the one

who hung himself. coincidence?

11:42:07 3 of these commencement speakers address failure directly. #4 hung himself. Coincidence? via @matthomas

11:50:11 @freckled i really love his non-fiction. A SUPPOSEDLY FUN THING & CONSIDER THE

LOBSTER are brilliant

11:51:28 Has anybody ever seen Gabrielle Bell’s slideshow mentioned in this @largeheartedboy post? How’s she do it?

12:01:57 @rebeccapogany holy smokes! i wondered about that!, since 2005 was my grad year, too. i

don’t even think i went to mine.

12:02:22 @rebeccapogany i almost went to Kenyon, btw, but they didn’t give me any money. we would’ve

been classmates!

12:30:57 @mattthomas early success can be a kiss-of-death. (think child actors.) cant dismiss chemical

depression, of course…

12:46:44 @gapingvoid love the term “cubicle grenade.” “an idea is gold only if you name it”

13:17:20 @madinkbeard cool. always on the lookout for folks with visual books who do readings

differently, or with a twist.

13:36:04 @frontmatter re: the DFW speech: trustly ol’ internet archive saves us:

13:41:31 @frontmatter ah! they must’ve taken it down (and my browser cached it) i can e-mail it to you, if

you want!

14:38:35 Classy @littlebrown: take a loved 4,000 word speech by a dead author away from his fans & sell

it for $10

14:42:55 @mwsmith13 “Mistakes were made.”

14:45:36 My book contains all brand-new poems, b/c I refused to use old ones b/c HarperCollins would’ve

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wanted them taken down from the site.

14:48:36 If yr online readers MAKE you, you don’t slap them in the face, take down yr work, & repackage

it in hardcover for $24.

14:49:39 @Kilobrittany that’s b/c they weren’t being idiots πŸ˜‰ people will buy books b/c they want to

support you or own yr stuff in book form

15:20:31 Austinites: need a good fork score for tomorrow’s Friday Lunch. Nubian Queen

or Sam’s BBQ

16:09:09 NPR now streaming Dark Night of the Soul, a collaboration between Danger Mouse,

Sparklehorse & @david_lynch: via @omarg

17:40:31 Wow. @fourtrackiphone added a metronome & bouncing to version 2.0. If yr a musician with an

iPhone, you gotta check it out.

19:04:57 @benry great quality for using a headphone mic!

21:59:39 Updated my “Battle of Pictures and Words” slideshow from the #viznotes webinar with a


22:09:19 @SunniBrown you gotta learn how to post clickable links, girlfriend. like this:

22:15:45 RT @megzo “reading @maureenmcq’s truly phenomenal book – mothers & other monsters –

highly recommend! it’s fantastic & absolutely absorbing”

22:36:40 @ivarley good luck on your finals, dude!

Friday, 15th of May.

08:42:38 @chuxDLX that’s really nice, dude. i appreciate it! πŸ™‚

08:58:29 @Art_News Artists arent special. They need family friends healthy diet exercise & sleep. Most

scrimp on these for “Art” #ArtDep

09:05:26 Artists aren’t special. They need family, friends, healthy diet, exercise & sleep. Most (stupidly)

scrimp on these for “Art.”

09:10:33 Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown for $5 via @amazonmp3

09:36:28 @elgeeb happy belated birthday!

09:44:43 “Austin sucks. Don’t move here.” I usually just say, “Oh God, but it’s SO HOT in

the summer…” via @maczter

09:55:39 @majorpepper seriously. I would’ve gone for Futura, personally πŸ˜‰

09:57:54 Congrats to my pal @elgeeb: Her show, THE CASKET OF PASSING FANCY was nom’d for

two Austin Critics Table awards:

10:10:53 Headed off to Nubian Queen Lola’s Soul Food for lunch!

13:09:09 Nubian Queen Lola’s Soul Food was, as Lola would say, “off tha chain.” Me chowing w/


14:42:57 @tastytouring what @anorwood said. i had the pork chop sandwich w/ red beans & rice. the

cajun tea is amazing. off the charts!

15:35:20 If you don’t subscribe to Brian Dettmer’s Flickr, you might miss new book autopsies:

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Saturday, 16th of May.

08:59:37 Ran with the dog, now I’m cleaning the office, getting my book files ready, and listening to the

new Cass McCombs. Helluva Saturday so far.

17:36:00 At the Blanton Museum to see VISUAL ACOUSTICS ( @elgeeb highly recommended it)

20:45:00 Excited for this Esther Pearl Watson show @Domy_Books June 12

21:33:53 Watching SNL in bed: Will Ferrell & Green Day tonight

21:44:53 @sodaly so glad you enjoyed the webinar! πŸ˜€

21:51:33 My vote for best twitter handle/bio of the evening: @vinceclortho

22:03:52 There’s really no reason to suffer thru #SNL live: let the internet filter out any good parts


22:04:47 RT @roblifford: “Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor

that day, I can tell you.”

22:14:43 If I could chill with anybody in Green Day, I’d chill with Mike Dirnt. Seems like a good dude.

Sunday, 17th of May.

10:04:53 Made a bunch of cuts, additions, & reshuffles to the book. Think this might be the final version.

Really excited…

12:10:53 Having the book pushed back was a blessing in disguise. Gave me this time to make it better.

Wish I could show it to people!

17:16:33 STAR TREK was rad: great casting and a good sense of humor. Bravo, JJ.

21:43:39 Schemed with @drawers today about our swap: I’m making him a website, & he’s going to

screenprint a bunch of blackout poems.

21:49:43 To show my utter indifference towards Facebook, I’ve cut off Twitter updates, and I now only

update my status w/ information about my dog.

21:51:02 @mattforsythe glad to hear SOTM is a good read — I bought it a few months ago, but it’s at the

bottom of my stack — will bump it up!

Monday, 18th of May.

06:50:46 Anybody have a good GP doctor they recommend in Austin?

11:07:51 RT @megzo “came home to find the baby gate down and the dog, looking very pleased with

self, sitting happily in the middle of our bed.”

11:08:19 Thanks everybody for the GP recommendations. I now have enough antibiotics to kill anything

within five feet of me.

11:17:57 “Eh, who knows what it is? We’ll just carpetbomb it with multiple antibiotics.” Doctors:

professional guessers.

11:19:47 @ursonate @marlaerwin @megzo there’s an image. eek! no, the baby gate is just for milo. πŸ™‚

13:53:59 @crcsmnky cars designed to “milk the guilt gene of the smug and foolish” LOL

14:38:54 When pitched, Microsoft president wants less PowerPoint, more Edward Tufte:

14:42:30 @davegray he says, “you send me the materials, I read them in advance” that’s what ET


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14:46:25 Whenever I heard some old fart complain that they “don’t get” Twitter, I drown them out with this


14:47:32 @davegray no, but I’m not the president of Microsoft!! if I were, people would OBEY me!

14:49:09 @davegray most people, if they sent meeting materials in advance, nobody’d show up, b/c

they’d know they were in for BS! πŸ˜‰

16:56:35 Draw to remember your weekend: via @FOGLIFTER

17:07:04 Chris Rock: “How NOT to get your ass kicked by the police” – (via @maczter)

18:20:31 RT @TheBardReviews: Shakespeare’s take on Green Day’s “21st Century Breakdown.”

20:16:12 Reading a great NYer profile of the neurologist VS Ramachandran (May 11 issue) thanks to @jkottke

Tuesday, 19th of May.

07:53:48 Mind Mapping for Graphic Design – nice little intro: #viznotes

08:33:58 Pop culture ruined my name: (data courtesty @Wolfram_Alpha)

09:00:13 One of our #viznotes webinar participants was inspired to start a blog on #vizthink-ing &


09:06:12 @papertrail HANG THE DJ!

09:36:29 “You only a poet if you call yrself that, & poet is a four-letter word for *not a mogul*” #achewood

09:52:26 @postsecret i’m thrilled to learn I’m not the only one who works like this when making a book:

11:56:41 @JetPens big bold gel pens are great for cartooning b/c the thick lines force you to simplify yr

drawing. My fave is the pilot G2 bold 1mm

14:19:08 @marywachsmann ENTP πŸ™‚ it’s spooky how accurate MBTI can be…

15:35:12 Can’t Hardly Wait, my fav teen flick, @drafthouse tonight: Going w/ @megzo,

@egleeb & a dude w/o an @ handle πŸ˜‰

15:45:36 A casualty of this weekend’s editing of #newspaperblackout :

15:47:33 My wife @megzo won the UT School of Architecture’s Outstanding Graduate Research

Assistant award! Proud husband.

16:19:11 @mwsmith13 @ajohnb RT @largeheartedboy New Wrens demos at MySpace

17:03:33 @mwsmith13 that is a good day, my friend

18:24:33 Can’t Hardly Wait @drafthouse!!! YO CORRINE, BABY WASSUP???

18:54:04 @WickedDecent oh man, this is gonna be beautiful

19:05:55 Single dudes in Austin: want to meet chicks? Go to Girlie Night at the Alamo @drafthouse. Can’t


22:49:23 @ckilgore nah, I can’t afford it

Wednesday, 20th of May.

08:04:19 Dog pissed on the floor, my headphones went thru the wash, doctor’s appt made me late, forgot

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my coffee in the car…but it’s hump day.

08:14:11 RT @deanmeistr: __β€”Β―Β―β€”__ <– #humpday

10:41:27 Yo web folks: my friend @majorpepper has a design for her new website, now she needs

somebody to code it for her. DM her for deets.

10:46:42 Walker Texas Ranger + keyboard cat = PURE GOLD HT @elgeeb

11:30:08 When folks ask why you don’t just do (A) instead of (B), the answer is often, “fear.”

13:17:18 @JetPens far out! thanks! what e-mail address should i forward my address to?

13:20:32 Day gets better: RT @JetPens: @austinkleon is the winner of the Sarasa Stick 1.0.

15:09:37 Death Row Records is now on Which means you can now download


16:28:35 @SunniBrown holy crap! that’s all class

18:36:06 And I thought I was suicidal BEFORE turning on American Idol…

18:40:08 Sometimes I dont know whether to kill myself or go bowling. Nice thing about killing yrself is u

don’t have to rent shoes!

19:03:54 OK, enough moping: time to crank some Black Sabbath, drink a Coors, & try to finish this

g-dang book.

19:27:12 @chuxDLX thanks dude! helps me keep working on it

21:07:42 Chez Kleon is obsessed with the PBS American Experience Presidents series. Tonight: Nixon!

21:30:42 If you aren’t following @mlarson’s tumblr, you’re missing out:

21:36:50 “Many of us work in jobs with no discernible products or measurable results….What are you

actually making?” via @mlarson

Thursday, 21st of May.

06:36:36 @michaelSurtees I’d read that post..,

08:16:19 Re-listening to the #vizthink #viznotes webinar & cringing at the sound of my own voice.

08:19:11 “I am the greatest director in the world.” – Lars von Kanye at cannes

13:21:42 “The next issue of McSweeney’s will be a newspaper” Get yer Sharpies ready. #newspaperblackout

14:28:48 @bookgrl congrats! it was the best thing i ever did…

15:18:38 Texans: there’s a Sales Tax Holiday on Energy Star rated products this weekend:

16:03:06 Wife’s b-day is next week. Screwed up & already got her boots & a dog. Now my mind is blank.

Suggestions appreciated.

16:09:23 @mkdieb THAT is an excellent idea!!!

16:12:00 Oh, and did I mention she’s receiving her master’s degree this weekend? Yeah, I don’t have

anything for that, either. I suck.

16:13:46 @megzo you should take a nap with him!

16:16:53 @megzo the gift of my *presence* [ rimshot ]

16:21:10 @infoshots i like that. i’m thinking a fancy steak dinner out on the town. she’s always a fan of

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18:26:52 Pumping New Order’s SUBSTANCE. As Wesley Willis (RIP) would say, it really whips a camel’s

ass with a belt.

19:41:50 As The Boss says, I’m sick of sitting ’round here trying to write this book.

Friday, 22nd of May.

07:35:57 Great birthday gift tip from @mattthomas: “Finance an experience of some sort instead of

buying an object.” I like it.

07:39:09 “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wake up in the morning when the day is new…” (& walk the

freaking dog & get ready for work?)

07:42:21 The more I draw, the more I like writing. The more I write, the more I like drawing. Rinse and


07:46:14 @madinkbeard the last thing my wife wants from me is me doing more art for her LOL

09:54:57 @mlarson yes! I LOVE arthur russell. i recommend THE WORLD OF ARTHUR RUSSELL and


12:28:44 Any Texans ever been to Caddo Lake? Looks like a nice getaway:

13:23:41 Tip for Austinites: I really love House Pizzeria on Airport Blvd. Pies, beer + a gr8 jukebox.

13:35:48 @envizualize sweet man. glad you dig it!

13:43:09 @aaronhierholzer the porch is tops. sat out there today!

13:43:35 RT @akacolleen: post about how @austinkleon taught me to (viz)think and draw beyond classic

Colleen-O-Vision: #viznotes

13:44:28 @NathanBowers HomeSlice is the best pizza in town, definitely!

14:00:41 @johntunger @MarcieVargas good luck on your bid, y’all!!

14:07:34 “Amateur” is NOT a dirty word. Translated from the French, it means “lover of.” Doing

something just for the love of it.

14:38:04 RT @jbj: “Kurt Vonnegut & Wal-Mart, together at last”:

15:00:21 Annoying Parade of Homes in my backyard @ #Mueller. I paid $15 to tour a home once, but

that house belonged to Elvis.

15:02:19 @allisonbeadle badass! wife and i have been looking to get away. this might be the ticket

15:11:58 “The Parade of Homes is happening a street over from us: time to break out the wifebeaters,

PBR tallboys, & heckle from our porch.” -@megzo

18:09:08 @akacolleen great post! and of course, I loved that you went a step further & added words πŸ˜‰

18:13:14 @sunnibrown on meaning in space and “the proximity of bodies”: (quote from


18:37:13 Watching profile of Rachel Ray on TV. People don’t just need to be taught, they need

encouragement. Someone nice, saying, “You can do this!”

18:39:23 Martha Stewart has more to teach me than most artists I know…give away yr secrets, empower

people, have goods to sell.

19:36:38 Awesome #viznotes by @fueledbycoffee (line drawings + photoshop color a la Olivier Kugler) via @michaelSurtees

19:47:33 @fueledbycoffee really dig those notes you did!

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19:52:45 @bforks enthusiasm is infectious! πŸ™‚

Saturday, 23rd of May.

07:27:13 @chrisferan @megzo I would pay $5 just to not stand in line

07:32:23 Emberley’s roots? 1920-30 instructions in how to draw animals: via

@girlwonders & adland

08:37:22 Hey @birdsbarbershop if you do call-aheads, do 24 hrs at least. Called @ 5pm yesterday,

wouldn’t schedule me for 9am this morning…

08:37:59 …you say just show up, and I do, and it’s a freaking hour wait! FAIL FAIL FAIL

09:38:53 Kim @birdsbarbershop on Burnet did me right. Grabbed a coffee @ thunderbird coffee on the

way home…miss that place!

09:39:38 @fluxistrad that’s where I went! Had to go up to Burnet

09:42:33 @senorleroy they’re out of tacos! I was just there! Abort!

10:33:05 @senorleroy holy smokes mustve been RIGHT before I got there!

10:47:56 Prepping for @megzo’s grad ceremony with a jr bacon cheeseburger

11:20:33 @madinkbeard I’m jealous–that looks rad. Must blog it!

11:23:52 @TWalk I know it. Time has FLOWN

11:24:43 Man, thank god for wifi on campus. Makes this grad ceremony bearable.

11:48:55 Hogg Auditorium: dedicated by Robert Frost in 1933, and launched the career of Tom Jones.

11:53:36 Hogg defended his unfortunately plump sister @ school, & as governor had the bullies executed

as a last laff. #fiction

12:10:16 Not only was @megzo awarded outstanding grad research assistant, she’s also receiving an

outstanding thesis award!

12:57:27 College: 4 years later, a handshake & a note from the bursar that yr diploma is on its way ( once

that last penny clears…)

12:59:49 “…after graduation she plans on going tubing.” <- best bio ever

16:16:53 A class of high school students do #newspaperblackout poems:

16:19:24 @senorleroy that’s a good-lookin back yard!

16:21:11 @senorleroy a fine idea!

19:53:29 Titaya’s: consistently off tha chain.

21:41:42 “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.” – Tony Soprano

22:49:56 How have I been a Mac user for 5 years and never used Quicksilver? Shame on me.

Sunday, 24th of May.

09:23:04 Got my hands on a copy of The Lynda Barry Experience: 70 out-of-print minutes of Lynda

reading. Torrent:

12:34:02 Weekend was too pleasant & relaxing: had to take a trip to IKEA to get things back to normal.

14:39:01 Seth Green shows you around his financially responsible crib. Hilarious: (via


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14:53:00 Can’t tear myself away from this VH1 80s marathon…

20:06:21 Just saw SCARFACE at the Alamo with my buddy Bryan. Awesome.

20:48:10 Jesus, Jay Bennett died in his sleep at 45. Poor guy. Now Wilco will never be good again. I

blame Tweedy…

20:55:54 Didn’t mean to sound flip about Jay Bennett. He was an amazing musician, and he’ll be missed.


21:23:11 Tori and Dean are kind of cute. I’d have a beer with them.

21:42:22 Look at the best Wilco albums: BEING THERE, SUMMERTEETH, YANKEE HOTEL, MERMAID

AVR 1 & 2. Common denominator? Jay Bennett, RIP

21:43:15 @catzopearls I’m a cable addict πŸ™‚

Monday, 25th of May.

10:44:52 Iphone lets you 1) draw in the dark 2) draw without being noticed (ppl think yr checking email)

16:14:12 It’s beer o’clock.

17:52:12 Book art is ready to be FedExed to the design team tomorrow. Exciting.

21:30:21 Rule #475 for marital bliss: never attempt home improvement projects after 7PM.

Tuesday, 26th of May.

07:31:07 Steve Brodner on mastering drawing with the Iphone (my thoughts exactly):

07:55:16 @briangoff yeah. columbo makes some cool iphone paintings, but that was a weak cover.

08:00:04 @tastytouring yeah, except no free wi-fi…for a supposedly “hi-tech city” how stupid is that?

08:03:36 @megzo RT @kottkedotorg How introverts travel

08:11:15 @tastytouring seriously! it’s kind of a customer service thing at this point: i feel SO GRATEFUL

when businesses have free wi-fi

08:13:51 @megzo you know, some of our happiest travel memories are vegging out in front of a hotel

television with some takeout…

08:17:21 Dude, @EdwardDroste and Grizzly Bear’s new album is $4 on Amazon MP3. A steal: via @largeheartedboy

09:31:10 Now that heavy lifting of the #newspaperblackout book is done, expect a lot more blogging from

me. And drawing!

12:40:42 I can always tell when Stumbleupon has picked up on the site by the dumbass troll comments,

which I promptly delete.

14:59:09 I often have to remind myself of this: β€œIt’s O.K. to accept good fortune.” – Will Oldham

15:12:48 Not convinced Kanye is a douchebag? “I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book’s


15:22:24 @patrickrhone that’s my wife’s personality type, too: she loved that article. opposite of me

(ENTP), except for our shared Intuitive

15:23:21 @johntunger @MarcieVargas yeah, airstream! awesome!

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15:24:16 @mlarson we’re gonna try to hit up his show in Austin right up the street after Animal Collective

— hope it works

15:46:04 Kanye West for America’s Libraries: (RT the hell outta this!)

15:54:28 @patrickrhone i find the intuitive trait can really be a strong link…plus you two share judging!

(must have a plan!!)

16:10:55 @davegray @sunnibrown drinkin’ modelo…all class.

19:12:55 Teabaggin’ : a cubicle #vizthink activity I learned from @davegray & @keaggy

19:30:30 Badass: Tom Hart (creator of Hutch Owen) is starting a visual storytelling blog, “How To Say


20:31:13 @anorwood blast!!!!

21:02:43 Cleveland could always use a break. Go Cavs.

21:05:06 @beatleboymatt I feel you, man…nerve-racking!

21:20:44 Tied 100-100. Come on, Cleveland!

21:44:44 Love the way the Magic coach uncaps his Sharpie with his teeth…

21:47:16 Phew. I was rooting for the Cavs, but the Magic deserved that one.

Wednesday, 27th of May.

06:59:20 One more time: Kanye West for America’s Libraries:

07:35:44 Tune in to the WOXY 2009 Modern Rock 500: #mr500 via

@SoniaBarnes via @mwsmith13

07:49:41 Dig @seattlesketcher’s stufff:

08:56:26 These playoff commercials are brilliant: focus through redaction… (via


09:44:12 @megzo ugh, Perry has a doxie? boo.

09:46:32 LOL. “I liked George Saunders before you liked George Saunders” (via @maudnewton via @michaelschaub)

10:01:38 Keep thinking, “I’ll hit the can after this song”, & then another badass song comes on. #mr500

10:09:34 Listen to on your Iphone: 1) download Fstream from App Store 2) add woxy stream

URL 3) take a bathroom break #mr500

10:43:14 In my youth, sports fans were my fat uncles slumped on the couch. No wonder it’s taken me so

long to appreciate the games…

10:58:54 If a corportation sends you a USER GENERATED SUBMISSION LICENSE AGREEMENT, for

f***’s sake, don’t sign it.

11:23:48 Gotta love it when a license includes the language “to use and exploit.” At least they’re


13:20:43 @ayjay for mexican, you can’t go wrong with Polvo’s on South First

19:49:13 So the wife went out, I was sitting w/ Milo flipping channels, & I came upon a nice romantic

comedy w/ Ryan Gosling & a pretty actress…

19:49:22 …and then all the sudden James Gardner is reading out of a notebook to some old lady. I WAS


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Thursday, 28th of May.

06:15:04 Happy 27th birthday to my beautiful wife, @megzo!

08:02:00 NPR segments downloadable as MP3s! I can now hear Renee Montagne say my name

whenever I want:

09:39:07 @mattthomas it really isn’t: gosling & mcadams have a nice chemistry. i watched it all the way


09:48:02 @megzo god, even our f***ing insurance agent is making me look bad

10:46:40 @bruceturner yeah man! i dig it.

11:33:02 100 Best Movie Lines in 200 seconds:

13:11:40 Every time I’m about to give up on Lewis Hyde’s TRICKSTER MAKES THIS WORLD, I find a

pesky patch of genius:

15:17:23 @NathanBowers you’re following @hellobigfoot, yes?

16:21:55 Celebrating @megzo’s bday by taking her to Anthropologie & buying her whatever she wants.

Then some indian food & ice cream.


Friday, 29th of May.

09:20:03 If you missed the Visual Note-Taking 101 webinar w/ me @sunnibrown @rohdesign &

@davegray -> #viznotes

09:47:24 @BrandonHerrin congrats, man!

10:07:19 You have to be rich to be poor:

11:59:38 @mwsmith13 @SoniaBarnes yeah, i’d say “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is a safe bet — I’d like to

see “blue monday” or “Marquee Moon,” personally

12:32:40 @SoniaBarnes @mwsmith13 “Common people” would be sweet, but it’d have to rise 117 spots

from last year!!

12:43:12 @SoniaBarnes @mwsmith13 they’re playing a lot of pixies…it could be “Where Is My Mind?”

13:56:51 I’m headed over to The Carousel @ 7PM to check out my co-worker’s band, if anybody wants to

get a drink:

13:59:58 @SoniaBarnes @mwsmith13 that could happen… it was #1 on pitchfork’s 500…

14:30:15 @mwsmith13 GAH!

14:55:04 @SoniaBarnes @mwsmith13 DAMN IT.

15:23:04 @mwsmith13 @SoniaBarnes “Space Oddity” in the top 20??? are you freaking kidding me??

#mr500 FAIL

15:28:43 @mwsmith13 ah, sorry. that’s like, one of my least favorite bowie songs. it just sounds so hokey


15:35:02 @mwsmith13 damned right. one of my favorite REM songs EVER is “laughing”

15:49:29 @SoniaBarnes @mwsmith13 i feel like they’re just screwing around now… “personal jesus” is

awesome, but in the top ten?? really???

15:52:47 @ajohnb @mwsmith13 @SoniaBarnes all signs pointing to Smiths and Joy Division

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15:57:09 @mwsmith13 @SoniaBarnes @ajohnb I didn’t know “Personal Jesus” was inspired by Priscilla’s

ELVIS AND ME — that’s a great, trashy book

15:58:11 @mwsmith13 @ajohnb if “She Drives Me Crazy” came on I would be so happy

16:05:21 @mwsmith13 @SoniaBarnes the tip-off was the way that goofy-ass dj was like, “That’s not the

last you’ve heard of Kim Deal…”

16:09:57 @mwsmith13 @SoniaBarnes @ajohnb it’s been fun y’all πŸ˜‰

16:17:36 “It’s not where you take things from–it’s where you take them to.” – Jean-Luc Godard


Saturday, 30th of May.

09:44:50 Skip to the end of this Green Day Letterman performance & watch Tre Cool do his thing. Really


10:31:20 As any woman knows, if you want access to a man’s soul, torture is no match for cookies: via @BoingBoing

10:56:23 Enjoying the tweets from #wordcamp. No idea what the hell it is, but I’m enjoying it…

11:04:09 @CoryOBrien thanks, dude

11:06:49 Ah! #wordcamp is a conference focused on everything @wordpress. Far out.

13:46:03 “Trees are gestures of concern…” #newspaperblackout

14:14:58 Amazing version of Elvis Costello’s “I don’t want to go to Chelsea” from 1978:

14:24:56 I nominate the Attractions as greatest backing band of all time: Steve Nieve on keys, Pete

Thomas on bass, Bruce Thomas on drums.

14:29:17 Trivia: the Clovers–the backing group on Elvis Costello’s 1st record–went on to become…The

News. As in, Huey Lewis & The News.

14:58:25 @jromeh well then! i stand corrected.

16:21:20 @NathanBowers i’d agree with that — the UP trailer looked like nothing I’d want to see — now

everybody says it’s the shizzit

16:22:39 @DylanLyrics bringing it all back home!

18:06:17 @mwsmith13 a genius name, too, but not in the age of google…

18:11:36 Ah! @largeheartedboy is running an awesome contest: win Osamu Tezuka’s 8 Volume Buddha

Sunday, 31st of May.

07:34:36 Stream @wearephoenix’s fantastic new album:

09:43:01 @ivarley i’ll sign up for that eternity

10:11:44 5-year-old powerbook might finally be kaput. Battery is shot, power supply isn’t working…time to

release a tablet, Apple.

10:21:34 @johnmjones considering the whole thing is lifted from Ecclesiastes… πŸ˜‰

10:50:06 Watching The Rock b/c of @rejects (& trying to flush The Notebook out of my


20:32:23 They have an old saying in Austin: “Git in yer Volvos and drive down to Polvo’s.”

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