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June 1, 2009

Monday, 1st of June.

08:10:18 Laurence Musgrove, a #viznotes webinar participant, has started a great blog:

08:18:21 NYTimes on softening logos. (“for comparisons, show materal adjacent in space” – Tufte) via @DanielPink

08:38:50 My advice to artists and writers: take a look at what the craft & maker community is doing, &

steal from them.

08:41:02 ARTISTS: before you send any stuff to, take a look at their

User Agreement:

09:27:56 @loosetooth was like, “uh…no. you can do creative commons like everybody else.” i’ll have to

post my blackout of it!

09:39:44 @loosetooth

09:40:52 Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the User Generated Submission License Agreement:

09:49:05 @loosetooth i felt the same way — told them i wouldn’t sign anything like that unless i was

getting paid.

10:06:33 R. Crumb has gone from freeze-framing the Fly Girls on In Living Color to freeze-framing Ben


10:49:04 Office retreat to see Star Trek @ the Alamo @drafthouse!


15:12:46 Does Tiger Woods endorse Titleist for free? So why should artists endorse an art supply for


15:24:17 @apelad touchΓ©!

15:53:58 Artists: don’t sign your rights away for a little free publicity: (Please retweet!)

18:21:22 @senorleroy have you read his book, CATCHING THE BIG FISH? I’ll let you borrow it if not…

20:53:59 @senorleroy whenever we get together sometime I’ll let you borrow it!

21:12:54 @senorleroy you can practice TM or just sit at the Big Boy every afternoon & drink a chocolate

shake & enough coffee to kill a small dog

21:30:16 RT @mwsmith13 “i hope that Conan does his monologue dressed as the Masturbating Bear…”

21:50:58 5 minutes into Conan, we switched back to Dave. I’m about to switch to a book.

Tuesday, 2nd of June.

08:05:55 Kids: Beatles Rock Band looks awesome, but a cheap guitar & songbook will cost you less $$$

& get you laid.

08:13:27 @leeleslie for the KIDS, lee…the children!!! i’m looking out for adolescent boys everywhere πŸ˜‰

10:49:07 I’ve been an Emusic customer for years. That might change soon:

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13:10:18 “More conservative minds deprive coincidence of meaning by treating it as background noise or


13:11:13 “the shape-shifting mind pesters the distinction b/w accident & essence & remakes this world

out of whatever happens.”

13:15:32 @matthewprice cool! maybe I’ll see you there!

13:20:06 Looking forward to @Danchaon’s new novel: (Dan was the nicest guy to me

when I lived in Cleveland!)

13:23:41 @pnichols agreed!

16:13:34 @johntunger a chat about the new-school blogging/web/online model vs. the old school gallery

model, maybe?

19:37:38 @johntunger that’s a really fantastic idea. How to make it easy to buy. Perfect.

19:38:47 @matthewprice depends if you have general admission or space available tixx. I’d show up @

6:30- 7

19:40:33 Had some BBQ with @cliffatkinson and schemed and doodled on napkins. Good times.

21:15:21 @MyLifeInaCube congrats, dude!

21:30:25 “He is Vigo! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!”

Wednesday, 3rd of June.

07:45:12 I’m probably feeling what Vigo’s feeling…Carpathian Kitten Loss. He misses his kitty!

10:28:38 The “So What?” test:

10:39:47 @leeleslie it’s probably even lower for twitter…

11:58:15 Loved hearing @ElmoreLeonard on New Yorker poetry: “I don’t get it.”

13:03:40 .@I_Am_Vigo “Oh! Command me, Lord!”

13:05:17 @freckled i’d venture a guess that every english paper i ever wrote failed the “so what?” test.

13:40:33 @chrisferan you bet we did!

14:08:45 @jkottke I checked my notes: “form no longer follows function” was definitely part of Objectified:

14:20:39 Looking forward to the Austin City Limits @thehbastards taping tonight. Bringing the

sketchbook. #acltv

14:25:16 @tracymueller excellent!!!

14:44:46 “I found the next Stevie Ray Vaughan…in Cleveland” My best friend’s

band…must get them to Austin.

16:22:08 Gonna grab some Slices and Ices or a Terraburger before the ACL taping if anybody’s


16:30:19 I have am extra ticket to the Heartless Bastards ACL taping tonight. DM me.

16:57:02 Campus parking dick on a scooter gave me shit for sitting in a spot that was opening @ 5:45. It

was 5:43. Seriously?

17:11:18 @marcjohns deletion is the only cure for a troll…without hesitation, friend!

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17:39:30 Can’t believe nobody wanted my extra ticket for the Heartless Bastards ACL taping…somebody

in the standing only line is gonna get lucky…

17:39:49 @bruceturner you in line?

17:50:59 Standing next to @joeyTWOwheels and @bruceturner in line for ACL. Bruce claimed the extra

ticket. Twitter FTW…

18:10:34 @terrilynnh crap! Missed ya!

18:20:15 @senorleroy want me to save you a seat? I’m on right side of the stage..5 rows up.

18:21:21 @daveed70 I said, “yr still busting balls two til?” also: hangover will be awesome

18:24:35 @terrilynnh oh I see you! I think we were in the elevator together… color of this polo shirt

is–somewhere between red & pink? LOL

18:28:52 ACL playing some Monks before the show!

18:36:32 @terrilynnh THE POWER OF TWITTER!!! πŸ˜€

18:41:16 @senorleroy I’ve got five seats next to me!

21:30:36 Nice to bump into @terrilynnh @tracymueller @joeyTWOwheels @BruceTurner @senorleroy

and @bonitasarita at the ACL taping tonight!

21:40:17 Heard this great cover of Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” by Donny Hathaway tonight before the ACL


21:47:57 – Dig it: an Austin City Limits tote bag with a drawing by yours truly. Pick

one up at the next taping!

21:50:24 @shueytexas i recommend the burgers, not the fries. i get a burger and a glass of water

(because I’m cheap)

21:52:53 @GreySkinnedBoy sorry you missed it, man! it’ll cost you, but you can still catch it online:

Thursday, 4th of June.

09:22:42 “…everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.” ~ Margaret Atwood (via


09:53:50 Dirty Projectors’ songwriting: “…other lyrics were drawn from an Excel spreadsheet of pop


10:17:56 Frida Kahlo’s “Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird” is back @ransomcenter

10:59:35 Current Emusic yearly plan: $150 for 600 songs ($0.25/song) After Sony deal: $192 for 420

songs ($0.46/song) #eMusic_fiasco

12:51:14 Robert De Niro’s marginalia, courtesy of @ransomcenter:

14:21:08 “Hey, if Activision liked it, then they should have put a ring on it.” – Tim Schafer (@TimofLegend)

16:12:20 What’s the song you play when you want to feel better about life? Mine today is Kurt Vile’s


16:19:48 .@megzo once played Calexico’s cover of “Alone Again Or” on repeat during a 45-minute

commute to keep from breakdown:

17:31:13 @bonitasarita awesome.

17:31:46 @Annieinaustin both off one of my favorite soundtracks, WONDER BOYS!!

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17:42:13 Dang, if I could stand live music 3 nights in a row, I’d go see Helio Sequence @ the Mohawk

tonight.. (animal collective tomorrow pm)

18:23:26 @ajohnb get this man a scotch, stat

18:47:51 Two Ingmar Bergman films on TCM tonight: The Seventh Seal & Wild Strawberries (I’ve seen

neither, & always wanted to)

19:30:54 @senorleroy persona is on at 12:30!

19:31:13 @deanmeistr ah! I must watch

19:32:00 @majorpepper that IS nuts! I missed the Austinist piece!

20:44:16 RT @akacolleen: Even artists can’t escape Death, Austin. No special dispensation.


Friday, 5th of June.

08:04:01 Co-worker was trying to trap a squirrel & caught something a little bigger: Any suggestions?

08:08:38 @megzo RT @lynchcartoons: New Agatha Christie stories!

08:09:40 @DIYSara that’s what i said! but he lives out in the sticks so they don’t always come…ah, rural


08:20:52 @roblifford holy crap! that’s fantastic. will forward!!!

08:23:58 RT @roblifford: That exact thing happened to a friend of mine not long ago! He opened trap by

dangling hook from roof:

08:25:17 @DIYSara the stick is a good idea — maybe he can use it to undo the trap

08:34:03 Love this comment @Annieinaustin left about my poem, “Trees”: “This one’s so beautiful that I

want to believe it.”

10:00:39 @largeheartedboy that’s crazy! I feel about those people the same way I feel about ppl

uninterested in food…how do you live?

10:13:33 Weird nouns from my book also in GBV song titles: freaks, tractor, UFOs, captain, king, witch,

chinese restaurant. No coincidences.

12:57:58 At lunch, co-worker had an awesome summary of Guided By Voices: “It’s like if the local bowling

league were geniuses.”

13:42:40 .@largeheartedboy has me interested in local ATX author Amelia Gray’s book:

13:46:08 I particularly like the way Amelia Gray released a mini PDF version of her new book:

15:08:55 Lynda Barry: misheard lyrics make better images. Example: “to make you lots of rice” >

“Temecula Sunrise”

15:24:09 I should be more excited about seeing Animal Collective tonight than I am. Wish I were going to

see Will Oldham instead.

15:27:04 Speaking of, the plan is to walk up to The Mohawk and try to see Oldham after Animal

Collective. Could happen…

15:38:55 This weekend, I’d like to: 1) draw 2) read 3) sip Maker’s on the rocks. I think I can make those

things happen.

15:58:58 @akacolleen oooh i like knob creek, too — i recently heard that Sam Houston was good. will

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report when i get my hands on it…

16:04:13 @papertrail sonofabitch. knew i should have got tixx. bah!

16:06:59 Okay: who wants to trade Bonnie Prince Billy tickets for Animal Collective tickets? DM me.

16:11:09 @magdaZINE hey i saw that place on Man Eats Food last night — goddang y’all have some

awesome-looking restaurants in portland

16:29:24 @magdaZINE oh i don’t know if i ever told you, but i LOVE your header! πŸ™‚

17:08:33 .@megzo tells me traffic near campus on red river is borked. PSA for all hitting. ATX shows


18:40:28 .@drawers @bentumbrella @papertrail @majorpepper sorry, but we’re bailing on the concert

tonight. i’m under the weather. have fun, y’all!

18:42:49 If you want 2 free Animal Collective tickets, DM me. My house is 15 mins from Stubb’s, & you’ll

probably still catch them.

18:45:51 @emilyadavis yes! it’s really the best. who needs liner notes? πŸ˜‰

18:46:20 @maryiverson i fell asleep on the couch — woke up and caught the last 1/2 of seventh seal and

really liked it — i’ll have to netflix it

19:05:48 If I wasn’t so comfortable on the couch, I’d drive to Stubb’s & give my tixx away. 2nd time this

week I can’t GIVE AWAY a ticket.

19:06:33 @AustinBloggy yes i do. i have two. should be able to DM now

19:14:47 Looks like @AustinBloggy’s gonna take the AC tixx off my hands. Glad somebody can use


19:16:43 @papertrail i’m a huge, exhausted wuss. i’m sure i will regret it. tweet it so i can live


19:25:11 Sometimes a guy’s just gotta stay home on the couch with his dog & a glass of bourbon. Life.

19:31:13 @deanmeistr i did. i fell asleep on the couch and missed the 1st half of 7th seal, but caught the

last half. gotta netflix the rest

19:41:54 @writeontime LOL you’re right!

19:45:14 Copy of @gapingvoid’s book in the mail today: Thanks, Hugh. I shall sip

whiskey & read this wkend.

19:46:56 If @AustinBloggy only needs one ticket, I might see if I can hop a ride with him to Stubb’s & go

to the show afterall…

19:48:25 RT @exeromai “Next Animal Collective concert, I’m soaking my shorts in ecstasy and charging

girls $10 per lick.” LOL

19:51:08 @gapingvoid looks really nice, man. i’m excited for you–and excited for me, next february…

19:56:06 @roblifford well, it’s friday…if it’s got alcohol in it, it’ll do

20:44:22 I made it to animal collective, full of whiskey. By the “food” stand, left side, friends!

20:45:08 @AustinBloggy thanks for the ride, dude!

22:03:23 RT @senorleroy “you’re the man Kleon!”

22:14:30 .@austinkleon @ animal collective (via @bentumbrella)

Saturday, 6th of June.

00:24:20 Not having the street art on 6th street: (via @bentumbrella)

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05:15:13 @listofnow overall, probably maker’s. i also really like jameson. friend gave me a bottle of

woodford reserver..that stuff is great!

05:16:03 @majorpepper @papertrail sorry i missed y’all last night! things got silly

05:18:51 @drawers @bentumbrella i hope y’all made it okay last night! breakfast tacos?

08:29:23 @TWalk I figure I’ll be drawing & writing ’til I’m dead. Tempted to keep working for the state

though..only 28 years to go! LOL

13:21:08 @papertrail how was bonnie prince?

13:49:55 The gang at Austin’s new frozen banana stand, @bananarchy_atx Not

my favorite dessert, but fun.

13:50:48 @theBDR you lucky bastard! soak up her good vibes — they’ll last you a lifetime

13:53:19 @Gwenda ah! i must request @maureenmcq’s migas when she returns to ATX…that woman

can COOK πŸ˜€

14:00:14 @lynchcartoons Gammill’s a funny dude. small world alert: he & my father-in-law were buddies

in college!

14:01:23 @papertrail so sorry i missed it!

14:02:11 @hyams can’t wait to hit Lucky J’s..that place looks fantastic

14:02:40 @hyams – holy crap that is a beautiful pile of a food

14:06:57 @wcraghead i’m with ya on the #MOCCA jealousy, dude

14:13:22 Ramble tamble:

14:20:13 Glad I didn’t bring my Sharpie to Animal Collective last night — no lines to draw, only colors.

(Plus, I was drunk.)

14:23:13 Life: befriend good people, b/c chances are, they’ve befriended good people. Pretty soon you’ll

know a bunch of good people.

14:40:57 @gunner64 nice!! can’t wait to hear all about it monday

18:53:03 @maureenmcq if you’re cooking it, i’ll eat it!


21:52:08 @theBDR awesome. love brunetti

22:46:48 @papertrail how is the good knight? We’ve been wanting to check it out

Sunday, 7th of June.

09:48:14 Gonna see if I can sustain 3 blog posts a week for the rest of the year, starting tonight. Miss the


09:50:48 Re: blogging – want 2009 to graph the inverse of 2008:

12:35:20 Love it or hate it, J Crew plays good music.

14:54:28 The only thing cooler than a trench coat is a trench coat marked 75% off on the clearance rack:

15:04:37 @mlarson gah! don’t tell @megzo — EP was in town, and i didn’t take her… (she LOVES his

new album)

15:06:40 @freckled LOL i’ll take it, i guess

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15:06:57 @mkdieb me too…but i don’t care! i’ve always wanted one

15:11:20 Never been able to get into Guided By Voices? (Poor soul) Check out their “Best of” It does them justice.

15:33:39 @jmerriman oh man, my friend Bryan was trying to get me to go to that tonight. i said i only had

*room* for one The Room in my life πŸ˜€

15:42:57 @jmerriman i am too, honestly LOL

15:58:25 @jasonmolin digging the sketches on your blog, man!

15:59:27 Some sketches of Heartless Bastards during an Austin City Limits taping: #acltv

Thanks, @klru!

16:00:59 @theHbastards enjoyed your ACL taping:

21:32:04 @joeyTWOwheels love the “free beer” shot!

Monday, 8th of June.

08:19:12 “Somebody’s out to get your lady / A few of your buddies they sure look shady…” O’Jays #musicmonday

09:59:09 β€œIf you rip off 100 people no one’s going to know.” – Gary Panter courtesy @madinkbeard

10:29:59 @JulieEspinosa i feel your pain: my wife has cut off my access to the queue, too — i have to

make requests

10:39:47 @gorillavsbear i do! but i’m probably too late

11:59:48 Hmm a 13″ Macbook Pro? You mean Apple realized how awesome my 5 1/2 year old

still-working 12″ Powerbook is/was? #wwcd

12:04:46 @jtwilcox PB12″ unite! battery’s shot, replaced the hard drive & 2 power adapters, but it still


12:17:52 @jtwilcox i’ve been tempted to replace the battery (it’s worthless w/o being plugged in) but i

honestly don’t use it much anymore

12:18:21 @craigeley the 15″ is mighty, no doubt!

12:28:37 @jtwilcox whoa! That’s awesome!

14:25:28 The ideal reader & not-knowing. Late to the party, but I liked this @hotdogsladies & @gruber

convo: (sktchs by @davegray!)

15:27:47 @DIYSara mapquest actually often has better driving directions! don’t feel ashamed!

15:32:27 Pity the poor hipster: If yr over 21 & your parents fund your “passions”, I hate

you. (via @wpettyjohn)

15:36:20 “he still plays the guitar in 2 bands, Haunted Castle & Rats in the Walls.” OH THANK GOD


15:43:17 @TheOtherLeslie so. hard.

15:43:23 @dyer9380 LOL

15:49:46 Get a job hippie, and GET OFF MY AFFORDABLE LAWN!

19:04:09 Help us select #newspaperblackout poems to be screenprinted for sale!

(Please RT!)

19:31:59 @johntunger well, we gotta figure that & the sizes out still–I’m thinking $20-25

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19:32:08 @qrter thanks, man!

19:35:09 @johntunger awesome! I’m positive we’ll print “Honesty” πŸ™‚

19:47:55 @johntunger my favorite Texas poem is going in the book (shouldve kept it for prints!)

19:57:12 @stormsy my wife and i were obsessed with that show! one of my favorites ever

19:58:54 Yeah! RT @gorillavsbear listen to White Denim’s great new single from Fits, “I Start to Run”

20:04:52 @johntunger i’m working on mine πŸ˜‰

20:08:01 @johntunger i would man, but i just have zero time to take on anything else right now. sorry!

20:08:57 @stormsy a Shakespearean western!

21:49:33 RT @megzo according to @austinkleon, our dog should play the baby jesus in our christmas


Tuesday, 9th of June.

07:49:48 Help us select #newspaperblackout poems to be screenprinted for sale!

(Please RT!)

07:59:18 @bergerhofer thanks, dude!

07:59:25 @ryancoleman i got a good idea πŸ˜‰

07:59:57 @tracymueller thanks! good chance those will be printed πŸ™‚

09:22:45 @girlwonders thanks!

09:22:57 @wpwend42 we haven’t…i think “honesty” would make a great shirt…

09:34:50 @muzzleofbees that Drive-By Truckers ACL taping was unbelievable. best ACL taping I’ve


09:38:24 Yes, I like iPhones, too! #squarespace

09:45:27 RT @scd: Great deal on Rock Band 2 SE w/ free shipping, use code CAG16 for another 16%

off now less than $80! Ordered.

09:48:26 @wpwend42 i hear ya! we’ll see what we can work up πŸ˜‰

09:50:28 @bonitasarita those boys are keeping this one pretty locked down — i haven’t found a leak


09:59:19 The Dirty Projectors’ BITTE ORCA is so good, I’m downloading another copy from Emusic, even

though I’ve had the leak for a month. GET IT!

10:10:34 “Beats law school.” Grad school for unemployed students: cc: @chrisferan

10:11:00 @zoewesthof it’s really fantastic! especially if you like arty-rock (David Byrne, Talking Heads,


11:36:11 College grad w/ no job? MAKE SOMETHING. My boss once said, “Most ppl get fired b/c of their

blog — you got hired b/c of yrs.”

13:16:12 @uberjam hey! you found that article. the true question to me is “*how* should creative writing

be taught?”

14:36:09 Todd Regoulinsky started a new blog & featured me as his first post:

Hope he gets some ads πŸ˜‰

14:59:02 @maryiverson you mean blackout other people’s tweets?

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15:03:58 @maryiverson part of the fun of doing blackouts on newsprint is the tactile response–using your


15:04:20 @maryiverson i have to do enough work on the computer all day — and afterwards, when i scan

the dang things! πŸ™‚

15:09:40 Drive-By Truckers will release their #ACLtv performance (me & @megzo were there!) on DVD via @muzzleofbees

17:06:32 Oh, indeed! RT @DRB Have you seen Anthony Browne and his “Shape Game”? Right up your

street… #vizthink

18:45:26 Exported my Tumblr to a WordPress blog just to see if it would work: it did, but I then I deleted

it–Tumblr’s just so damned easy to use!

18:45:45 Plus, I would’ve lost all my Tumblr followers…

19:09:40 @blueinkjar navigate to the post you want to delete, look in the upper right-hand corner, there

should be a “delete” button

19:22:39 South Park is re-running “Cartman Gets An Anal Probe.” (And suddenly, I’m 14 again &

laughing my ass off!)

19:32:24 Added *notes* to my Tumblr theme, & discovered all kinds of interaction with my posts, like this


20:13:39 Watching Mad Men, or as I like to call it, Miserable Men.

20:48:58 TRUTH: “The Ransom Center (good a reason as any to live in Texas)” – @thebookslut re:


Wednesday, 10th of June.

06:41:37 Austinites: cartoonist/painter Esther Pearl Watson is @domy_books this Friday!

06:48:53 How do you tell the difference between a journalist & a spammer on twitter? Ask @carloswatson

08:35:52 Post-it note stop motion: @papertrail via @coudal

08:49:47 @girlwonders yeah, it was really rad. he should sell it to 3M and pay off his student debt from


09:48:42 @gapingvoid it’s hard not to geek out — you can bet i’m going to every book store in austin to

make sure mine’s in a good spot!!

09:54:10 “Summer in Texas is like winter up north: the weather’s too awful to go outside, so you get more

stuff done.” – @megzo

10:19:36 @gapingvoid that’s a HUGE run.

10:20:06 @doNNNald bikinis vs. heat = tough one

10:28:34 @doNNNald you can always just look at bikinis on your computers

11:56:10 I approve of this message: via @sparehed

16:15:34 Heading over to @thegoodknight with @megzo @uberjam & @ivarley tonight for cocktails.

Anybody recommend anything in particular?

19:41:03 Gah! Dinner at @thegoodknight was awesome, but I missed 3/4 of the Neil Young PBS special!

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Thursday, 11th of June.

06:49:33 @senorleroy ah! Love that place. Had a beautiful ribeye there once…

08:24:57 Twitter: in the words of Detective John Kimble, “STOP WHINING! You kids are soft. You lack


09:32:03 @senorleroy oh i know, dude. next time we’re going to eat at the bar and split a ribeye…

10:07:24 I’m with @austin360 on this: House Pizzeria on Airport Blvd. is great:

10:24:06 Wait, Dirty Projectors coming to Austin? Anybody else heard this?

10:31:30 @jonnygoldstein doubtful. this town usually gets ignored by alt-comics folks (IMO)

10:33:03 @jonnygoldstein in fact, their tour doesn’t even dip into the south:

10:40:42 @jonnygoldstein guesses: 1) they’re canadians, so the south is pretty far 2) south probably

doesn’t read arty/lit comics as much

12:13:55 @papertrail d’oh!

12:26:41 @papertrail this article claims it’s an unofficial afterparty to the tortoise show (doors don’t open

until 9PM)

14:25:17 @leeleslie loved that article!

14:27:49 Ebert on John Wayne, another midwestern (Iowa) boy soaked in Texas mythology: (via @leeleslie)

14:32:19 @leeleslie my favorite blogger, hands down. everything he writes aces the “So What?” test

14:35:43 .@forlornfunnies great book notes for @largeheartedboy!

15:08:04 @leeleslie it’s a rough test

15:32:33 @marcjohns the plain white bckground is where it’s at!

15:52:00 I get really uncomfortable when people call me a poet. I see black turtlenecks & clove


16:02:14 To-do: make a list of poets (not songwriters or cartoonists) I like so I don’t sound like a rube

when people ask me.

16:13:38 @kurtsettles phew does that sound boring πŸ˜‰

17:24:52 Thanks, Erica! RT @ericabrooke “adding author websites to the digital catalog. i think

@austinkleon ‘s is my favorite.”

19:21:17 @senorleroy @bonitasarita hope y’all ride out the storm okay!!

20:00:38 Umm, yeah. Glad we didn’t head out to the laguna gloria for 8 1/2…STORM!

20:09:00 RT @willevans “God hates Fellini…our showing of 8 1/2 on the lake rained out…” Sucks that it

got canceled, but glad we stayed home!

20:09:51 @bonitasarita yeah. milo post-dinner in a coat closet — not looking forward to that

20:12:03 What did we do in tornadoes before twitter? @megzo “plural, you spell it ‘tornadoEs’ like


20:13:03 @Funwithyourfood aww, that sucks! we could’ve said hello! (we stayed home) maybe they’ll


20:20:32 @anorwood dude that’s the freaking coolest news EVER!

20:21:12 RT @anorwood: @drafthouse bowling alley + karaoke!! (!!!!!!!)

20:26:05 RT @papertrail: “well, quarter-size hail sure does the trick when you’re out of ice and drinking

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bourbon. cheers, Zeus!”

20:33:44 This South Lamar Alamo @Drafthouse palace would be PERFECT for the book release party…

20:35:25 @jettek so! awesome!

20:47:55 @sodaly hi sophia! all’s well here πŸ˜€

21:05:16 @Art_News sketchbook notes of The Corporation:

21:22:32 @rohdesign wonder if it really works? you gonna order it?

21:25:46 @mlarson awesome! i was just searching “fellini” to see if the movie was rained out and found

his tweet — seems like a cool dude πŸ™‚

21:36:00 Don’t think I’ve underlined an author more than Lewis Hyde: Upstairs

to read TRICKSTER in bed. Night y’all.

21:39:15 @rohdesign that pogo sketch stylus is only $10 on amazon:

Friday, 12th of June.

08:06:13 Ron Gilbert plays through Monkey Island and reminisces: (via @radiomaru)

08:28:01 @DRB i loved that quote, too — was just about to tumblr it…

08:36:16 For #followfriday, check out my favorite-d folks on Twitterbelle:

08:46:49 @DRB they were also prime examples of constraint = creativity. each game had to be squeezed

onto 5 floppy disks!

12:08:29 @danvega sorry to hear that man. My sympathies.

14:39:30 Only thing more boring than watching Animal Collective at 3PM s watching them from a cubicle

@ 3PM. #Bonnaroo #festivalssuck

15:32:17 Hunch: all Ohio exiled poets eventually write their glad-but-guilty-I-don’t-live-in-Ohio-anymore

poem: HT @sixeyes