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July 1, 2009

Wednesday, 15th of July.
13:26:26 Just walked past a professor taking a nap in his office. I became thirsty from the bile of jealousy
rising in my throat.
13:36:12 @scottstead yeah, too bad in this town the only time the Lips play is at the ACL fest when it’s a
bazillion degrees outside
14:15:47 @scottstead hate festivals. love ACL — that is, the TV tapings. every show is amazing b/c of the
format. seats, a/c, free beer, on time
14:43:26 My friend @jasonmolin is ditching the playing in coffee houses / bar thing & this thing called
Secret Stages:
14:52:41 BTW: readings & author signings are totally boring, too. Will try to change that for the
#NewspaperBlackout tour…
15:01:35 @jasonmolin my pleasure, man!
16:11:21 “a position where I can slowly lose sight of what I originally set out to do w/ my life, w/ benefits”
17:28:09 Agreed! RT @bruceturner laminated newsprint and dry erase markers would be kinda cool for
the #newspaperblackout tour.
20:09:40 @gunner64 how to win friends and influence people: marry a baker!!
Thursday, 16th of July.
07:39:10 @imakestuff very nice! 🙂
07:40:19 @benry awesome. Seth is tops. I was reading A DRIFTING LIFE in bed & it was so physically
uncomfortable (it’s a brick) that I quit!
08:15:05 Remember: It’s OK to like something *just* b/c it moves you. B/c it tickles yr reptile brain. You
don’t have to explain it.
08:41:44 @johntunger awesome twain quote. will add it to my “profanity” tumblr tag:
09:00:38 “Let’s drink 4 cokes & watch Ghostbusters again.” – Neko Case’s formula for songwriting. My
formula for life-writing.
09:04:34 @overprocessed have you heard the remix of Fever Ray’s “When I Grow Up”? i like it even
better than the album:
09:19:58 WOXY is copying @megzo & me, and moving from Oxford, Ohio to Austin, Texas: (via @gorillavsbear)
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09:48:47 @mwsmith13 the ohio -> texas shuffle 😉
10:34:09 Beautiful scans of David Berona’s WORDLESS BOOKS from @bibliodyssey:
11:45:44 @johntunger oh yeah, I own all those Ward reprints. Went through a devouring woodcut novels
phase. Masereel is my favorite
12:29:34 @johntunger frans masereel: dover reprints on amazon:
12:29:54 @johntunger also: did you know that Ward’s name backwards is “draW”? 😀
16:10:45 Whatever happened to this Weezer?
22:38:39 Skipped dessert & had a grasshopper @thegoodknight: it’s like drinking melted mint chocolate
chip ice cream…
22:47:36 @anorwood dude, you gotta get better for The Voyage Home! also: you don’t have pink eye, do
Friday, 17th of July.
08:39:28 Austinites: got a tip that the Half Price Books in Round Rock is better than the one on North
Lamar. Which one is your favorite?
08:43:03 @marlaerwin i believe that may have been before my time — the one on lamar is just always
picked over…
09:06:07 @terrilynnh cool! don’t know when ill ever be up that way, but i’ll check it out when i am
09:41:16 Two of my fav musicians collaborate. MP3: Atlas Sound’s “Walkabout (feat. Panda Bear)” via @gorillavsbear
09:42:59 @tuckerma i’ll hafta check it out!
11:40:49 If y’all liked that Atlas Sound/Panda Bear sample, here’s the real deal from The Dovers (1966):
11:54:41 @davegray can’t wait for the stand-up comedian #vizthink U growing up, Pryor, Carlin, & Hicks
were my philosopher kings!!
13:01:40 “Slow down” is my #1 piece of advice for visual note-taking. Notes are readable & you narrow
down what’s important. #vizthinku2
13:33:32 @davegray you’re looking pretty badass w/ the new facial hair…i like it!
14:12:53 @davegray @sunnibrown’s flickr 😉 (xplane training)
14:13:21 @davegray cool. seen this?
15:08:32 @qrter ah! i remember that. hate the caption contest. hate, hate, hate. give “the back page” to a
real cartoonist…
15:19:46 Must-do this weekend in Austin: hit up @Domy_Books for the 40% sale and the final days of
Esther Pearl Watson’s show.
15:32:30 About to give up my Rock Band hating & dive in: (link via @scd)
15:43:30 @davegray (ironically) i don’t see the point in a lot of altered books — it’s like decoration. it
doesn’t make something new…
15:48:27 @scd i’ve come around to the fact that it’s more of a fun game than a replacement for/threat to
playing music. might buy for $130 on amazon!
15:50:33 @scd my previous sentiment:
16:15:29 @brandonnn you should go if you can! everyone should experience it at least once — if only
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Tommy were going to be there…
16:21:43 @brandonnn you gotta see it w/ an audience. i was shocked by how many people were quoting
lines when i went for the Wiseau appearance…
16:29:01 @brandonnn Yes! See it in the theater, take a few friends, & drink a couple of beers. 3rd time
should be a charm!
16:50:43 @dyer9380 the only trouble w/ RR is my wife will drag me to IKEA. small price to pay for 50% at
a decent half price books…
20:09:47 Drinking PBR, playing Dr Mario, & listening to the 1st Dave Matthews album. Coupla dorks, me
& @megzo.
20:30:20 @mattthomas that’s a damned fine list, too!
20:30:36 @asimone I’m tryin’, brother!
20:31:36 @theBDR take his book and slap him with it
21:03:34 LOL! RT @theBDR: If beer wasn’t $5 I’d pour one on his head.
22:02:16 “I’m afraid Walter Cronkite has had it, says Mom.” – Jayne Anne Philips, “Home”
Saturday, 18th of July.
09:25:13 Going to see HP, Ronnie the Bear, & the Wretched Harmony rule the frickin’ school!
10:33:27 @brittanyforks didja know brad’s from austin?
14:09:13 HP 6 was great. I predict “All hands on deck, Granger!” will become the new overquoted line in
the office.
17:39:09 @maureenmcq we were thinking of going to the RR 1/2 price this weekend, too! we also wanna
check out this italian place called Gino’s…
22:02:47 @theBDR so good to hear. They (the national) were SO GOOD when we saw them in
22:05:43 .@mmaddencomics thanks for the link & the inspiration!
22:13:57 Found a genuine, old-school Italian joint in TX: Gino’s, behind the Half Price in Round Rock. It
was like we were back in The Cleve again!
Sunday, 19th of July.
08:30:18 @deanmeistr Tufte on medieval drawings? that is going to be beyond awesome. take some
viznotes! 😉
08:41:51 @ivarley there are only 2 things f*ing advertising agencies are good at: ripping off artists and
giving back rubs to satan.
11:25:28 In restaurants, I love to eat side-by-side w/ @megzo. It feels like we’re conspiring. (Most of the
time we are…)
12:42:15 90% of phone convos are w/ my parents & @megzo, so I have to consciously stop myself from
saying “love you” when I hang up w/ the other 10%!
13:33:21 A Freud quote for every sketchbook:
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austinkleon’s Tweetbook
14:04:28 A multiple choice #newspaperblackout poem w/ color:
20:59:57 “Don’t answer the question they asked, answer the question you wish they’d asked.” – Robert
McNamara on the press
Monday, 20th of July.
08:18:22 Short interview I did with @designfeast on blogging:
08:37:36 NEWSFLASH: Ad Agencies continue to rip off artists and give handjobs to satan!
09:36:14 @fluxistrad I like Bill Callahan’s “I’m New Here” — subtle reference, yeah, but…it’s about being a
recent transplant
10:01:49 5 live-sketching tips every designer should know via @xplane #viznotes
12:27:39 Working from home. Coding on my Dell, controlling my Mini’s Itunes library with my Touch.
“Look out honey, cos I’m using technology!”
12:43:29 Hey! My wife @megzo was quoted in ARCHITECT magazine: This means she’s
an AUTHORITY. Back up!
16:09:43 For you lucky Twitter followers (ha!), here’s some sketchbook smut I unearthed:
18:50:29 My #viznotes of @errolmorris’s documentary on Robert McNamara, THE FOG OF WAR:
18:51:54 My #viznotes of the Julius Shulman (RIP) documentary, VISUAL ACOUSTICS:
Tuesday, 21st of July.
06:45:37 .@chrisferan remind me to punch you for using the word “polymath”
07:53:22 @chrisferan “liberal arts degree holder” hehe.
08:00:36 @hominid you keep talking like that, texas is gonna smack you in the mouth!
08:02:22 @TWalk i lost about 40 followers the other day, so i think they’re cleaning house — unless i was
being an a-hole. can’t remember…
09:43:12 @peterdurand if it weren’t for you and the CFGF blog, half the stuff on there wouldn’t exist! 🙂
09:43:39 A few years ago, @PeterDurand gave me some great advice: “Learn by doing & spend as little
on school as possible.”
09:55:32 MadWorld for the Wii is $20 on Amazon today:
12:03:14 @debbiestier that video is my nightmare.
12:21:34 There’s a quest in every question. The quality of your adventure depends on the quality of your
13:40:17 Art vs. day job:
17:43:04 ! @tomgauld’s new book came in the mail! (I buy everything of his I can get my hands on.)
19:56:00 RT @kdelap: eastern college is for sale on dvd! (my friend flynn’s first
20:24:59 This article aimed at St Johns is also a good critique of the more BS aspects of my liberal
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20:28:22 The further away from college I get, the more I appreciate my time at Cambridge, & the tutorial
20:33:51 Liberal arts seminar = BS: if I wanted to hear my peers’ thoughts, I’d hang out at the mall. Give
me lectures (& office hrs)
21:13:04 “I’m starting a seminar…and you’re not invited. I poop on your tweet.” – @megzo
21:27:09 @asimone i didn’t go to st. johns — my buddy at UChicago sent me that link. i feel equally
ambivalent about my own education!
21:28:35 @asimone i went to an interdisciplinary program w/in a good state school, which had its share of
bs seminars & non-teaching
21:31:44 @asimone my college experience was awesome: i was on scholarship & got to travel a lot. the
education itself wasn’t all that earthshattering
21:32:16 @asimone same here! i’m glad i have it–wouldn’t do it over
22:01:04 @swidinst TRUTH! 😀
Wednesday, 22nd of July.
07:42:09 @mmaddencomics love twitpic for quick doodles — the instant gratification of sharing!
07:43:42 @tastytouring yes! I’m excited for the show. Lola is love!
07:47:39 @papertrail happy birthday, man!
08:13:24 Now THIS is an album cover:
08:29:34 The higher ed bubble is about to burst. Exhibit A: Harvard on its knees. (via
08:49:51 @asimone tiny bit of schadenfreude. but I loved cambridge SO MUCH when I visited…maybe
they’ll let visitors into their library now.
09:12:02 @asimone i embarrassed my wife and shamed them. i said, “Ha! The University of Texas we’ve
got the best literary archive in the country…”
09:12:40 @asimone and then i actually used the term “ivy league snobs.” it was an asshole Texan move.
Poor librarians.
09:19:45 @danvega i wish!
09:20:39 @asimone i found out later that you can go in with a student escort — i shoulda just paid a kid a
couple bucks to name me as a visitor
10:55:32 @mlarson welcome to the dark side 😉
12:56:55 In celebration of his birthday (perhaps?) @papertrail finished his “Top 10 Cass McCombs
songs” playlist:
13:20:44 @papertrail part two?
15:53:28 This heat makes me hate everything. Heat = hate. Two words, same four letters.
17:58:35 @dyer9380 thank the baby jeebus! 🙂
19:51:45 Words transform things into images.
20:50:30 If you’re free to make anything, you won’t know what to make.
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Thursday, 23rd of July.
08:10:30 Says @errolmorris: w/o a caption or context, photographs are neither true nor false
08:31:06 Of all the things I hate the Bush Administration for, No Child Left Behind might be #1, honestly:
09:08:33 Andrew Bird makes me want to buy a Line 6 DL4 & stay at home all day, playing w/ myself:
09:24:16 @asimone yeah — i’m a big fan of the take-away shows
09:53:01 YES!!! RT @asimone: The Secret of Monkey Island! For the iPhone!
11:39:54 Think me & @megzo are going to take the Iphone plunge. $600 a year. Yikes. Hope the water’s
12:51:44 Perfect illustration of higher ed’s priorities: can of Coke is $0.75 by the faculty offices, $1.25 in
the student lounge.
13:14:55 How to draw trees?
13:54:41 @dan_roam excellent…look forward to it!
15:02:38 @maczter easy: their view from above f***s w/ our view from below.
15:13:52 @maczter ah! so your question was rhetorical, then 😉
15:20:37 @maczter well, it beats the hell out of a cubicle wall.
15:31:43 @maczter @senorleroy as the poet David John Matthews once said, “What I want is what I’ve
not got”
15:32:25 Maybe we should print up some “Don’t be clever. Just draw.” t-shirts…
15:36:57 @maczter i hear you. every time i pay our overpriced HOA fees, i think, “but I don’t have to
15:38:34 @David_Weaver that pic of the seaholm is awesome!
16:29:13 If you missed the Esther Pearl Watson show @Domy_Books, here’s a Flickr set:
16:31:39 Talked to @Domy_Books…TONITE is the last for the Esther Pearl Watson show. So get down
there before 8 if you want to see it!
16:56:19 @jonnygoldstein cool. that’s how i got into viz thinking, actually: mapping novels. started w/
17:02:57 @wcraghead awesome! so now we know: checking references is a good thing 🙂
20:02:26 Finally beat World of Goo. Gonna go download Monkey Island for the Touch now…
20:37:59 @mmaddencomics at least i didn’t beat monkey island and download a world of goo for my
touch — that sounds even worse!
21:29:02 SPACED, an awesome TV show by the guys who did SHAUN OF THE DEAD + HOT FUZZ, is
on Hulu now!:
Friday, 24th of July.
08:27:41 “I can’t draw very well, but I design pictures.” – Kurt Vonnegut via @macgeo
08:38:32 @macgeo – i like your new blog, man!
09:17:48 Jealous of Cleveland, tonight: Cass McCombs is playing the Beachland Ballroom w/ The
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Walkmen. GO! cc: @chrisferan
10:07:38 @asimone can’t wait for nilsen to do another “long-form” like DOGS AND WATER
12:15:02 @angelaasks people pass the same “dear diary” thing around w/ “snow” replacing “heat” in
Cleveland. In Texas, summer = winter.
12:30:41 A huge batch of Charles Addams cartoons: via @Frauenfelder
14:37:26 Yeah, cartoonists: bringing back the animated GIF! Brodner: Shaw:
14:38:30 @SunniBrown it’s that word “rustic” that’s the tip-off
Saturday, 25th of July.
06:53:14 Off on my first bike ride in Austin. A little terrified. Wish me luck!
11:21:11 Really enjoyed my first city bike ride. Didn’t crash or freak out or anything. Now: I collapse.
11:58:44 @beatonna Eddie campbell started (it’s still unfinished) a History of Humour–it’ll be in his new
ALEC book:
16:15:13 What more could an @megzo want?
16:16:17 @baddmom I plan on doing so! 😀
19:49:50 CORRECT! RT @coffeemike star trek iv?
20:06:27 @valsadie so close!
20:08:56 “Well, a double dumbass on you!”
Sunday, 26th of July.
08:05:56 @anorwood holy crap…is it amazing?
09:48:11 YEAH, LYNDA!!! RT @DandQ Lynda Barry’s reaction to winning an Eisner:
09:56:14 @mwsmith13 god, I love that song/performance
10:49:48 @Danchaon i’m so happy that lynda won.
11:12:34 WALL-E on Netfix watch instantly, drawing, and making some blackout poems.
11:13:09 @anorwood i consulted my Encyclopedia Shatnerica this morning: some interesting tidbits to
share on monday
11:16:51 @fizzboy sooo good!
11:24:37 @anorwood i read a story about how a magazine was filming Nimoy getting his ears put on, &
Shatner went apeshit cos they saw his wig
11:28:02 Wall-E is us: slogging through a bunch of garbage all day, claiming a few bits of beauty here &
11:34:42 @maczter it’s never been any different — humans have always clawed for survival, w/ some
art/song/religion around the campfire for comfort
11:38:53 Birth of a poem:
11:40:45 @maczter well, YEAH. 🙂 I was thinking how human Wall-E is: how he has this drudge of a job,
but finds moments of beauty/inspiration
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austinkleon’s Tweetbook
11:47:26 Birth of a poem, part two:
11:59:38 Birth of a poem, part three:
12:05:40 Reading about spirit photographer William H. Mumler, thanks to @errolmorris:
12:19:51 A simple Twitter search can be life-affirming:
12:22:58 @anorwood @fizzboy so far movie night is 2 for 2. awesome time!
13:11:09 IDEA: crowd-sourcing the creation of a #newspaperblackout poem via Twitter:
13:31:43 @blackinkjar “unless…it makes me poor” lol! the ol’ is art a gift / is it commerce? problem
15:22:03 Sunday afternoon western:
17:11:01 Nobility, hard drugs, & the art world: a life lived out of 3 things I could care less about:
17:12:50 Another casualty of the ol’ 27 Club:
17:24:53 Honestly, my heart jumped a bit when I saw the obit: I misread “Dash Snow” as “Dash Shaw”!
17:37:00 @mattthomas good for you!
Monday, 27th of July.
06:40:23 @ivarley @uberjam nothing says “welcome home” like heavy construction, huh? hope you’re
catching some Zs!
06:41:38 @senorleroy happy birthday!
08:13:38 Nicholson Baker re: Kindle’s NYTimes. (W/o the print typography, the blackout poems would
look crap): via @MaudNewton
08:50:38 For those of you offline yesterday, I live-tweeted the birth of a #newspaperblackout poem:
08:54:26 @mattforsythe why are they going the music route? why not pitch this towards artists?? grrrr
10:54:20 One of my fav cartoonists, John Porcellino, is selling original art to fund his upcoming book tour:
11:36:21 @NathanBowers almost all i draw with is a Pilot G2 Bold — they’re not good if you’re looking for
precision– great if you want a ton of ink
11:43:05 @NathanBowers yeah, they’re like apples & oranges. i guess i love the “danger” element of the
G2s — i also like to smudge lines at will 😀
11:43:56 @NathanBowers my favorite thing to draw w/ these days is a Pentel Pocket Brush. that thing is
13:15:38 Lunch doodle: how to draw faces (iphone experiment)
13:34:14 @robotjohnny sonofabitch.
13:35:43 Answer: I’m a moron. RT @robotjohnny: How did you manage to draw it two
days in the future?
13:39:05 @mwsmith13 i approve of all those activities.
13:40:59 @NathanBowers i rigged one: my wife has one of those super-tall, skinny coffee mugs– i
angled it on the lip
13:46:40 For those of you wondering, I stole @megzo’s super-tall coffee thermos & balanced my iphone
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on the lip.
14:22:43 @robotjohnny hey! thanks for the drawn! post 😀
14:59:26 @gapingvoid saw the ILLUMINATIONS show of saul steinberg work in NY on my honeymoon.
blew my mind. book:
14:59:51 @gapingvoid stole the “writer who draws” thing from him, too
15:01:33 @gapingvoid notes from the “illuminations” show:
15:34:27 @mattforsythe it comforts me & @megzo that we aren’t the only folks with a twitter account for
our dog: @milokleon
17:47:55 “to act undignified you need to have a dignified reason.” – @elgeeb
21:00:32 Saw UP tonight w/ @megzo & @elgeeb. So. Good. Even liked the 3-D. Wonderful flick. FIVE
Tuesday, 28th of July.
08:12:39 Jeez! That little Iphone video I posted at lunch yesterday has been viewed almost 1900 times!
08:18:21 @majorpepper oh this is what i like to read!!
09:13:31 @majorpepper also: happy birthday!
10:18:24 @Armano happy birthday! 🙂
11:14:48 Can you tell how hard I have to concentrate on a bike? No snickering, @keaggy!
11:20:53 Man, I can not get enough of this acoustic version of Lennon’s “Watching The Wheels” via @igifconnor
13:26:46 More visual genius from Christoph Niemann: via @robotjohnny
13:31:23 @robotjohnny so great. i can’t wait for another NYTimes blog post from him:
15:48:21 @brianfay right on, man
21:12:06 That @majorpepper makes a mean brisket + bbq sauce. @papertrail is a lucky man. Happy
b-day, y’all!
21:17:33 Reading OHara’s MeditationsInAnEmergency, pretending to be D Draper. “waiting for the
catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again”
21:30:24 “I am the least difficult of men. All I want is boundless love.”
Wednesday, 29th of July.
08:28:41 My buddy @TWalk on using yr unusual name to yr advantage (subject dear to my heart):
08:59:48 A good haircut from a kind woman is better than a therapy session.
12:53:57 Vasari on Da Vinci as image stalker: #vizthink
13:27:25 @mmaddencomics it also reminded me a bit of schulz’s mental drawing:
14:36:17 QuadCamera is my new fav iphone app: (Thanks, @michaelsurtees) Idea:
Iphone fumetti…
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austinkleon’s Tweetbook
15:43:31 @michaelSurtees nice! thanks!
15:57:20 Austin folks, don’t forget tonight is a #Vizthink Austin meeting hosted by @sunnibrown +
@honoria. Deets:
16:01:17 @meriwalker glad yr digging the blackouts! you should post them to the facebook or flickr page!
17:09:35 @MeriWalker you *should* be able to post them to the wall:
20:22:01 You know you’ve been living in The South for a while when the word “yankee” conjures the Civil
War and not baseball…
21:32:02 I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I drink…whatever’s on sale.
Thursday, 30th of July.
07:54:55 Great tumblr: @impossiblecool’s: (via @philstuart)
09:54:03 .@heathr re: care & engagement in presenting: My online buddy @mlarson once put it this way:
“Authentically give a sh*t.” #vizthink
10:53:09 @mmaddencomics it’s a bad-ass movie. do what you can today to see it!
11:38:28 notes on @heathr’s #vizthinku “Unpresenting” webinar: pg1: pg2: #vizthink
12:30:03 Really happy (& a little surprised!) that everyone at my publisher is excited about my book. Now
to get the rest of the world onboard…
12:30:48 @asimone those look AWESOME
12:31:20 @adriennebreaux hurrah! 😀
13:18:06 @heathr haha sorry– i tweeted from my dog’s account. whoops!
14:17:59 Rad rendition. RT @TWalk: 5-Year-Old Performs “Folsom Prison Blues” –
14:34:50 @megzo oh, i have a list…
14:57:28 My hi-tech Iphone tripod:
15:09:03 @overprocessed does it involve a coffee mug and an iphone? 😀
15:18:05 @overprocessed i found a couple good how-tos. the best involve a hard case attached to a
gooseneck or with a nut that fits a tripod screw
15:34:41 @mwsmith13 it’s the only decent course of action
19:14:05 If you need a pep talk, go see @twalk. The man has a gift!
20:11:46 When Gone With The Wind is on, little gets done at Chez Kleon.
Friday, 31st of July.
07:54:19 Austin folks: we’re looking for a place to board our dog Milo for a week. Who have you had good
luck with?
07:58:34 45365–my favorite film from SXSW 2009–is streaming online for one week:
08:02:45 @jonnygoldstein yeah, everything she does is brilliant. one of my few rss feeds.
08:08:04 @Cotntail thanks — round rock is a little far for us, but we’ll look into it!
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08:12:03 @caraferguson what did you decide about boarding yr pup? i keep hearing good things about
camp4paws & taurus
08:21:20 @Cotntail definitely. wherever we go, we’re scoping it first, sending him to daycare for a day,
and then picking. thanks!
08:44:07 @viswoman that’s what I’ve heard: nice, but not a lot of space. thanks!
08:45:46 @LaniAR howdy 🙂
08:58:00 @LaniAR ah! cool.
11:35:19 Thanks to @viswoman @Cotntail @zumayabooks @brooksmasterson @SummerH
@overprocessed @samuraivt for the dog boarding recs!
13:03:59 WANT. RT @mattforsythe: Designed these bookbags for the Drawn & Quarterly store here in
13:05:20 RT @cchastain: #Tufte shows us a book by Galileo printed in 1613:
13:10:43 Wife loves M. Ward. Drawing him would be fun… RT @TheOtherLeslie @klru: tixx givaway 4 M
Ward’s 8/5 ACL taping
13:16:38 @cchastain #tufte + #viznotes = be still my heart 😀
16:05:34 @caraferguson cool. think we’re gonna check out Taurus.
16:13:45 Idea: set up a voicemail. Have 150 different people call it & read a poem from my book. Edit
them together. Stream online…
16:19:00 .@marcievargas believe it or not, there was an 80s game show called BLACKOUT that did
something similar: H/T @anorwood
16:23:02 Another idea: use iphone camera to film friends/folks i bump into reading poems out of the