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August 1, 2009

Saturday, 1st of August.

08:24:35 Eddie Campbell nails the feeling w/ words: “they’re not with me; I came in alone.”

08:26:37 At the root of an artist is a loner w/ anarchistic tendencies. “Get away from me. Let me work.

Don’t put me in yr club.” But…

08:28:57 …there’s also the human need for love & the necessity of collaboration. Balancing these is hard,

but not impossible.

08:32:31 “Loneliness — The Maker of the soul / Its Caverns and its Corridors Illuminate — or seal –” –

Emily Dickinson

08:40:03 Art requires solitude. Design requires collaboration.

08:43:15 @maureenmcq oooh where’d you go?

10:06:07 Joyce said art required “silence, exile and cunning.” I’d add, “generosity.”

10:41:18 @jonnygoldstein generosity to yrself, yes, but also to others

11:46:28 Old hippie lady at Twin Liquors shamed me for buying any tequila less than 100% agave. My

ignorance has been schooled.

11:48:41 Quick: somebody point me to a good margarita recipe.

12:09:25 @joeyTWOwheels perfect! Thanks, Joe!

13:11:08 @viswoman that looks amazing!

13:53:14 @maureenmcq no! Recommend it?

13:57:00 Found two of my favorite things on sale: @ShinerBeer & #tufte

13:59:47 The recent XKCD tequila cartoon was trumped 8 years ago by @achewood:

14:07:51 @IDMPhoto “great minds…” hehe

14:15:05 @IDMPhoto nice! y’all drink one for me. I’ll get back up there some day…

14:18:44 @IDMPhoto you should accompany him to SXSW next year: we’ll get into trouble

14:36:10 Love this Art Spiegelman sketchbook page from 1983:

15:45:28 @IDMPhoto thanks! been obsessed lately with the idea: “it’s not the tools, it’s the thinking”

16:07:49 @cchastain i want to go to there

16:46:23 I think BEAUTIFUL EVIDENCE might be my favorite Ed #Tufte book. My mindmap:

20:26:58 Me & @milokleon fotoed by @bentumbrella:

21:38:48 @theBDR yea! That movie was @megzo’s & my first date

Sunday, 2nd of August.

12:04:02 Looking forward to bringing back a bunch of my music gear from OH to TX. Gonna go back to

recording songs on my Tascam 4-track.

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12:26:32 Love this (1982!) Lynda Barry author page.

12:36:53 Frank Santoro lays out part of the reason why I think it’s such an interesting time to be into


13:09:01 Will Eisner on writing/drawing: comix “can take yr ineptitudes in both fields, put ’em together, &

come out w/ an aptitudeโ€

14:35:18 Trying to do more experimental, “chooseyrownadventure” poems, like this: Might

be one constraint too many.

15:55:14 The Joy of Hondas

22:18:12 Oh, you know: just the usual Sunday night despair.

Monday, 3rd of August.

07:48:16 Monday morning #newspaperblackout poem, “Home Depot”: Inspired by this


08:00:01 It’s National Sandwich Month, & @keaggy’s 7th year eating a sandwich a day & posting it


08:04:57 @mattforsythe baker is the man! check out his book DOUBLE FOLD, too, and he and his wifes’


08:23:02 The rule for pronunciation in Austin: just say it the way a hick would say it.

11:24:43 T.S. Eliot said “April is the cruellest month.” He didn’t live in Texas.

12:12:53 Tucked away in the UT Law School is the baddest-assed WWII poster of all time:

14:24:06 “I’ve received more of a response to Christmas cards that I’ve sent.” – Dan Clowes on his

NYTimes strip

14:52:56 @MyLifeInaCube LOL i loved that.

14:58:14 @mmaddencomics @madinkbeard how cool would it have been if instead of one glossy

magazine page, they’d been given a huge broadsheet?

19:26:35 Gol-dang the History Channel is SMUTTY!

Tuesday, 4th of August.

08:10:26 Great deal: Sketchbook Pro 2010 for $60. via @overprocessed via

@amazondeals #vizthink #viznotes

10:59:14 Gah! Rock Band 2 Special Edition for $99… I’m trying so hard not to give in…

11:39:20 Variations on Charlie Brown’s head:

12:33:40 @heathr i saw that! too cool!

12:35:26 RT @heathr: @MAKE’s blog picked up your fantastic visual notes on my UnPresenting talk

12:38:11 @leeleslie i prefer blank, but i really liked the size when i found it. (it’s a 300-page miquelrius


12:57:24 YES!!! @dandq is gonna publish 2 more Lynda Barry books (including a novel!!) (via @comicsreporter)

13:41:29 Bad bar chart of movie reviews not screened for press: Should go to 100% to

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show low scores.

14:32:29 Unexpectedly, I really like this Japandroids album:

14:34:56 @IDMPhoto you like the new Dino Jr album, too? i’m trying to use my Emusic account b4 i let it

run out

16:11:26 One month of sweet parking. Would rather a cash prize, but this’ll do:

17:31:31 “put a little something in your lemonade…”

Wednesday, 5th of August.

06:56:32 Whenever I’m dumb enough to comment on how good @milokleon is doing, you can be sure

he’ll pee on something later.

08:51:29 @IDMPhoto never read Bloom Country — it’s supposed to be excellent, though! will have to

seek it out

09:05:39 Fans of #viznotes, sketchnotes, & whatever the hell else we’re calling it these days, follow this

hashtag: #ifvp09

09:55:22 DUDE: Lynda Barry’s “Near-Sighted Monkey” book is a DRAWING FOLLOWUP to “What It Is”!!! via @dandq

09:56:28 A frickin’ companion to “What It Is,” centered on DRAWING, people!! #lyndabarryomgswoon

10:05:10 I prefer a Zooey-less performance! RT @TheOtherLeslie: M. Ward load-in smooth as silk. Sorry

fellas, no sign of Zooey. #acltv

10:25:26 Awesome online plagiarism blog:

13:33:33 @cubitplanning yes! there’s a guy named Greg Claxton who works for the city — a bit about him

from that gallery show:

13:35:27 Excellent lunch w/ @cubitplanning & @antm. #followtuesday

13:36:45 @cubitplanning @antm here’s a slideshow of the last #vizthink where we brainstormed for the

Austin comprehensive plan:

13:37:40 Oooh I’m feeling phantom Sharpie pains… RT @TheOtherLeslie: M. Ward rehearsal #acltv

13:39:31 @glass ah, the Southgate — tons of awesome memories of seeing shows there!!

13:40:37 @roblifford let me know — i really liked the cheese monkeys!

14:54:05 Handed some #viznotes on web-editing to a co-worker. She was delighted. Thought, “Heh, this

stuff actually DOES work.” Duh.

15:49:54 @IDMPhoto this new dino jr. kicks ay-ass! thanks for the rec

15:56:03 A troll posted on the @Make blog: “Austin needs to go back to first grade english and pass it

this time.” LOL

15:56:57 @mlarson did you spot yr quote in these notes?

16:01:36 @NathanBowers wasn’t that hilarious?

16:06:34 @jtwilcox i didn’t even catch that! snap!

16:16:35 “There’s no stoppin’ the cretins from hoppin'” #Ramones

16:25:07 @anorwood ha! there was also some alphabet developed that got rid of capital/lowercase

distinctions. forget the name…

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16:27:09 @anorwood remembered: Alphabet 26 by Bradbury Thompson:

16:33:16 In defense of my dotted uppercase i’s, I give you “Alphabet 26”

16:43:42 Summer in Texas:

16:50:02 Headed off with @megzo to draw M Ward taping Austin City Limits. ( “Ward” backwards is

“draw”) #acltv

17:04:44 @mlarson DO IT!

17:58:31 I love listening to clueless business guys from tech companies in line at ACL tapings. “M Ward,

is that a punk band?” #musicsnob

18:02:32 RT @jtwilcox : Even better, this means “draw M ward” is a palindrome.

18:18:54 HIPSTER OR HIPPIE? #acltv

21:10:26 Austin, Texas: Land of cute girls w/ ugly tattoos

21:27:43 M Ward: near impossible to caricature. Too normal-looking & handsome…

21:30:50 “To Go Home” = great closer. RT @TheOtherLeslie: M. Ward set list #acltv

Thursday, 6th of August.

11:54:32 “At least I’m not a hideous f***er.” = best comeback ever.


12:09:32 RT @woxy: Our live session with Cass McCombs should will be a little closer to 2pm ET, stick


13:24:53 @oh_steph every work day needs a little neely

13:58:27 “Cool people are wrong about so many things.” – Lynda Barry

15:39:54 Programming makes me want to put a gun in my mouth.

15:52:31 RT @jmerriman: John Hughes gave us Clark W. Griswold. His short story Vacation ’58, the

basis for the original film:

19:37:19 Watching 45365. Getting me in the mood to go back home to small-town Ohio for a couple of


19:56:30 Hulu has an interview with Bill & Turner Ross, the brothers behind 45365: Last

night to watch it online!

20:11:04 Okay, last tweet about 45365, I promise:

Friday, 7th of August.

12:25:23 JEALOUS. RT @mattforsythe: Oh, nice surprise… Just got an advance copy of Crumb’s


12:26:48 @ivarley let the party begin!

12:27:07 RT @megzo: Note to self: throw party featuring boozy popsicles

12:33:30 @TXPerfArts let me know if you need somebody to draw ’em ๐Ÿ˜‰ will draw for tixx

15:09:39 When no one writes w/ pens anymore, will there still be pen pals? My own:

15:42:02 “Lying will be punished. Perhaps. But not as often as truth-telling.” – @errolmorris

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16:22:26 Children need something to rebel against. Let it henceforth be decreed: ours shall be clean-cut

& clad in OshKosh.

16:27:30 @jenbee loved that Mike Monteiro print: along similar lines:

16:31:50 @IDMPhoto you are too kind, sir. happy weekend!

17:21:45 @mwsmith13 To my knowledge, no… ๐Ÿ™‚

18:41:48 @mattpicasso hang in there, man!

19:29:05 What I like to hear! RT @thcrawford your blackout poems were very popular at my workshop for

teachers today #bodeswellforbookandtshirtsales

20:02:22 @keaggy am I too late?

20:43:58 Watching True Blood, drinking a beer, and waiting for the cherry pie @megzo’s baking me to be

ready. Life is good.

21:30:17 Ladies & gents, this is why you marry a baker:

Saturday, 8th of August.

10:07:09 RT @bonitasarita Looks like ohio has resorted to promoting cow tipping

10:14:54 @davegray @karlgude wait, which university in ohio has a good infographics/infodesign

undergrad? Miami or Ohio U?

11:47:54 My favorite coffee mug:

13:54:24 Finally got around to posting my drawings of the M Ward Austin City Limits taping: #acltv

14:11:39 Doodle:

14:16:42 @cesart they look great! i’ve been so impressed w/ the 3GS camera

17:37:42 Thanks, Andy! RT @Andylanger Becoming a big fan of Austin Kleon’s drawings of Austin City

Limits tapings

17:39:10 RT @megzo “I’ll put the iPod on. I’m not making him listen to Prairie Home Companion while

we’re gone, even if he is a dog” -@austinkleon

22:14:26 Weekend project: building @drawers a new WordPress-driven website. Going pretty well so


Sunday, 9th of August.

10:31:09 @davegray there’s Miami University in Oxford, OH, which is where I went, & Ohio University in

Athens, OH

19:50:57 Sneak peek at @drawers’s new website:

Monday, 10th of August.

06:26:07 @keaggy @davegray that’s what I figured! (I know Miami didn’t have one when I was

there…which was not all *that* long ago…)

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08:20:36 “Itโ€™s what you do when you donโ€™t have an idea; you give the main character amnesia & watch

him f*** up.” – @elmoreleonard

08:49:04 @craigeley NICE.

08:56:42 Rad @daytrotter acoustic Deerhoof session:

12:02:16 Happy birthday Eddie Campbell, and happy birthday to us when the ALEC omnibus comes out: (thx to @leighwalton)

12:03:20 @bonitasarita the older terminals ARE nasty

12:04:15 Ohio love for ACL RT @klru: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to designate Austin City Limits a

historic landmark. More:

12:29:33 Lunch doodle:

12:52:26 @TheOtherLeslie ah, DMB. brother took me to see them in 1996: I was 13! still love that 1st

album, & carter is one of the best drummers ever

12:58:26 @LPT “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

13:09:24 @LPT saw them in Columbus, Ohio — a then unknown Ben Harper opened. they jammed on

“All Along The Watchtower” at the end. it was sweet.

13:13:07 @papertrail YES!! DO IT! also, this box is hanging on my wall:

Breeders' Fate To Fatal EP

13:31:32 Sweet: my #SXSW #viznotes panel idea is green-lit for the PanelPicker next week… cc:

@davegray @sunnibrown @rohdesign

15:06:50 @marcjohns i have a theory that student is just plain nutso — i can’t see a sane person

plagiarizing like that

15:09:34 HA! RT @TheOtherLeslie: Tune in tonight for another episode of “Hippie

or Hipster?” at #acltv

15:14:20 @AustinBloggy haha — he was an enigma…

15:16:51 @johntunger holy smokes! check out the poster:

15:19:47 @johntunger it’s in public domain! you can watch it for free online:

15:21:53 “the artist…the poet…the figure model…who loves to show it!” via


16:00:06 @SunniBrown google, girlfriend

19:12:18 Summer in Texas: #newspaperblackout

Tuesday, 11th of August.

06:43:00 RT @dan_roam 1st in my series of 4 napkin sketches explaining the health care mess is up:

07:52:18 @cherylberklich those aren’t mine. they’re @dan_roam’s!

07:54:20 TX summer progressed to the point where I don’t want to send myself to hell, I just accept I’m in

it :

07:56:31 @AButlerBro @anotherbros site looks good, fellas!

08:02:40 @cherylberklich no worries, but be sure to get to know @dan_roam’s work–it’s amazing

08:03:00 @brittanyforks god, i know: i keep a sweatshirt on the back of my chair at all times.

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08:07:46 This rivals “F*** yeah, Cilantro”: (Thx, @douglaswolk!)

09:30:45 @johnmjones i had no idea the term “edupunk” existed! love it. thanks for the link

10:14:47 @johnmjones rad! thanks. perfect example of how much a good name for an idea can help it


10:47:57 @anorwood thanks!

10:58:00 .@megzo calls Good Will Hunting a “chick-flick for men,” but this scene sticks w/ me, b/c both

sides are right:

11:18:43 .@sashafrerejones has an excellent point: serialization can lead to unified works.

11:32:45 @tracymueller so glad you’re settling in and liking tucson!

15:49:12 RT @captions Nothing happens next. This is it.

16:20:09 Just got an e-mail asking me if I know of any cartooning classes for young people in the Austin

area. I don’t. Do you?

16:44:47 @ahmedriaz ah! good suggestion. thx

18:19:02 Pitas & peanut butter, whiskey, & MadWorld. Things get barbarous when @megzo isn’t home.

19:51:22 Got the TV all to myself, but instead, I’m playing Drop7. iPhone > wii

21:00:49 “When you came in the air went out…” A good theme song / credit intro makes all the difference.


21:10:14 @NathanBowers exactly.

21:14:44 RT @darthvader Hey Sarah, I got your ‘death panel’ right here!

Wednesday, 12th of August.

07:43:09 @mmaddencomics the “poetry is banned” party was stupid, but i do like the idea of the mentor

system vs. workshop

08:06:32 @mmaddencomics *part* (although a “poetry is banned” party might be fun…)

08:29:32 “everyday users of buildings are almost always more interesting than the actual creators of

those spaces” – @bldgblog

09:40:32 I think of Wooderson whenever I update our financial aid page: “Tuition gets higher, placement

rates stay the same.”

13:17:37 “I elected to sidestep the job market and go straight to graduate school…” Big mistake. $50,000


14:04:27 The Austin City Limits stage, naked: taken by @iwantamonkey via


15:32:04 RT @scd: “While My Guitar Gently Beeps” – a fantastic (and huge) NY Times article on Beatles:

Rock Band

15:51:59 Harold Graves sketches during a performance @whitneymuseum:

17:03:50 “Tea for when I want to smoothly sail through the day. Coffee for when I want to hack through

the jungle.โ€

17:18:50 HBO SPIN-OFF IDEA: Omar & Lafayette = lovers. Show involves smoking pot, waxing

philosophical, & bitch-slapping.

19:37:34 Milo vs. Harry The Dirty Dog:

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19:42:48 @katharine_b isn’t it? I should email David Simon and Alan Ball and make this happen… ๐Ÿ˜‰

19:50:09 Old cartoon i doodled when I was a librarian (4 yrs ago) via @megzo:

19:55:12 @katharine_b “oh, INDEED” ๐Ÿ˜€

22:11:15 @darby3 I take full responsibility. Welcome to the rabbit hole!

Thursday, 13th of August.

06:28:54 W/ the Beatles edition coming out, I gave in. RT @amazongames: Deal of the Day! $89.98 Rock

Band 2 for Wii,

08:04:50 Tailor-made for @megzo & me! RT @mmaddencomics Appreciation of the potential of comics


08:12:53 “Its learning what to leave out…it’s the holes…”

08:21:10 RT @radiomaru i’ve always followed that old adage, “write what you barely know”

08:39:47 Austin } Houston } Columbus, Ohio. As Dylan said, “people just get uglier / and I have no sense

of time”

12:45:56 @bonitasarita look familiar? #Ohio

22:38:29 Ain’t no cookin like mama’s cookin:

22:45:27 @fluxistrad totally with you on The The’s DUSK: why isn’t it talked about more? Awesome


22:51:58 Amazing night at my mom’s house, eating fried chicken and jamming w/ my best friend since

grade school. So happy.

Friday, 14th of August.

16:45:33 Day #2 of mama’s cookin’:

22:36:38 Love the puns in this story about Bob Dylan getting picked up by the police:

(via @wpettyjohn)

Saturday, 15th of August.

08:22:54 It’s a wonder I avoided childhood obesity:

09:20:59 @marlaerwin @antm if only I could get her to open a trailer in Austin…

14:50:17 Taking a nap with the windows open. #ohio

Sunday, 16th of August.

06:18:18 RT @errolmorris : LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Most books are unreadable.

10:02:31 Great quote on video games by Paul McCartney in the NYTimes:

10:39:05 Space Ghost: Protector of the Universe! #comicsfoundinbasement

11:12:21 “So, Austin, I see you’ve put on a few pounds…” Thanks, Grandpa. #whyweliveintexas

11:36:32 @gregwind @eachnotesecure that’s so cool woxy is moving to ATX. Went to college in Oxford,

OH & listened back when it was broadcast!

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11:38:27 @gregwind @eachnotesecure once you get over the heat, OH->TX isn’t that bad. when you get

lonely for some midwesterners, we can grab a beer!

12:01:58 Best soundtrack ever?

13:21:26 @mwsmith13 that one is indeed, fantastic

13:24:44 @alanjhunt I don’t know! It’s uncredited. Copyright 1966 Hanna-Barbera. Will research later…

14:13:23 @mattthomas how awesome was that beatles rock band article? So smart

14:15:21 “A dream you dream alone may be a dream, but a dream two people dream together is a

reality.” – John Lennon

19:40:34 Photo of @megzo, 1984:

19:48:10 @mattthomas faded newsprint!

19:55:17 Miserable Men.

Monday, 17th of August.

06:26:15 RT @tomgauld & @ToolsArtistsUse Today’s interview is with cartoonist and illustrator Tom


06:37:48 Please vote for our Visual Notetaking 101 #SXSW panel w/ @davegray @sunnibrown &

@rohdesign #vizthink

14:06:37 24 more hours in Ohio:

Tuesday, 18th of August.

03:32:54 @designfeast thanks, Nate!

03:42:16 @catpoetry yup. See:

08:10:07 Thanks everybody for the great comments on our Visual Notetaking 101 #SXSW panel! #vizthink #viznotes

09:52:47 It’d be nice if @megzo & I could haul a plane full of this Ohio rain & dump it on Texas tonight…

09:54:15 Thanks, @johntunger! Can’t wait for yr panel w/ @gapingvoid:

19:48:38 @papertrail @majorpepper CONGRATS!!!!! spicy tuna rolls for everyone!!

21:21:48 RT @megzo: People asked the guy sitting next to us on our flight to ATX for his autograph. No

clue who he was. (A singer named Jack?)

22:30:55 That’s him!!! He was reading David Sedaris’s BARREL FEVER RT @roblifford Look like this

dude, maybe?

22:32:29 “He smelled good and didn’t hog the armrest.” – @megzo

23:07:40 3 things waiting in the mail tonight: Sketchbook Pro, @keaggy’s 50 SAD CHAIRS, & Rock Band


Wednesday, 19th of August.

09:01:04 [SXSWSPAM] Note: neither “social” nor “media” appears in our #sxsw #viznotes panel: :

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09:04:56 One needs to get out of Texas at least 3-4 times a year. Travel, distance = creativity. Making the

familiar strange…

12:46:51 query = “What next?”

13:22:11 Edward Tufte on the “Beautiful Evidence of Medieval Drawings” via

@DesignObserver & @robgiampietro

16:11:14 “Mapmakers proposition you with very different realities.” A comic on maps:

19:30:22 Holy crap am I loving Rock Band. Drums on expert = fantastic way to unwind after work…

19:49:52 God bless you, Roger Ebert:

20:06:54 Yes! The one RSS feed i never miss RT @robotjohnny Have you read Ebert’s essay on death

and the afterlife? wonderful.

20:14:03 NYC folks: my old Cambridge (UK) friend @jwojwo is playing @ Pianos on Sept 23rd @ 8pm.

Check him out!

20:41:24 Go buy @DanChaon’s new book! Fantastic NYTimes write-up:

21:30:36 Build yourself a good antenna…

Thursday, 20th of August.

06:17:08 @jwojwo believe it or not, Austin, Texas!

07:34:06 Whoa, totally missed this Edward Gorey show in San Antonio: Thx,


08:41:26 @anorwood road trip? i’m down

09:05:03 @postsecret tweetie, quadcamera, pandora, google, shazam, bloom, drop7, eliss, nytimes

09:06:21 Editor tells me the first pass manuscript should be ready by the end of next month. Now where’s

that cover?

10:52:35 @loosetooth re: puttering: great minds… my sketchbook from lunch yesterday:

12:00:43 Throwaway lunch poem:

12:05:10 RT @eachnotesecure Just posted mp3’s from one of my favorite WOXY lounge acts in some

time with Cass McCombs

12:32:24 @armindak thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

15:04:57 If anyone can pull off a #SXSW panel about sports metaphors, it’s @twalk:

15:57:39 @loosetooth i’m definitely for it, but i WISH i was a professional ๐Ÿ™‚

17:19:49 Adulthood = relief that there’s no new email or snailmail, b/c that means no new bills or people

who want things from you.

Friday, 21st of August.

08:22:40 One thing I’ve learned in my brief tenure as an artist: it’s the side projects that blow up.

08:24:10 And by side projects I mean the stuff that you thought was just farting around. That’s actually the

good stuff.

08:24:26 So the lesson is: take time to fart around.

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09:11:31 #ff

09:32:00 RT @brittanyforks: @AustinChronicle reviewed my book!

09:44:19 Drawing = way of seeing. RT @darby3: Learning to draw is a little like learning to see the code

inside the Matrix.

09:53:39 I still love The Walkmen:

10:07:27 @TWalk you’re a good man: i have a hard time respecting people who don’t have one

12:15:31 @ivarley you’re going to Columbus? we were just there! I grew up just south of there! show? i’ll

send some folks out…

12:19:06 @gillinator “I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you

different.” – Kurt Vonnegut ๐Ÿ˜‰

18:10:34 If I never see another UHaul I’ll be a happy man.

22:06:02 Totally forgot I had this: #mj #baby tiger

Saturday, 22nd of August.

08:06:07 Listening to an Eduardo Galeano interview (thx, @largeheartedboy!) and assembling IKEA


08:34:48 Michael Silverblatt drives me nuts. Spare us your literary interpretation, & ask a frickin’ question.


08:35:28 RT @milokleon Stupid Ikea. I should be on a walk right now!

08:37:10 RT @madinkbeard Trondheim’s new iphone comic…

11:47:29 Dear Internets: plz find me a version of B.I.G’s “Juicy” w/o Puff talking in the bkgrd like a moron.

22:31:05 Me & @drawers, doing rock band & rolling rock

Sunday, 23rd of August.

11:01:19 @bonitasarita oh no! feel better!

11:05:04 @IDMPhoto Milo sleeps like that too sometimes! Usually after I’ve been giving him a belly rub…

21:05:40 Anybody else catch the editor’s visual thinking w/ index cards in JULIE & JULIA? #vizthink #nerd

21:30:24 Snap of our new and improved library:

21:39:49 “You’re not an artist, Peggy: you solve problems. Leave some tools in your toolbox.” – Don


21:51:16 Helluva list! RT @drmabuse long overdue A-Z of all the guests who have appeared on Bat


22:37:26 If all Texans can agree on one thing, it’s that this hot, cruddy summer needs to end. Bring on the

fabled wet fall.

Monday, 24th of August.

09:20:54 @scd didja see that Tom Hart is posting PDFs of his new book-in-progress on making comics?

09:22:04 @davegray the cartoonist Tom Hart is posting PDFs of his book-in-progress on making comix:

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24-August-2009 slightly #unbook …

09:23:06 @scd i’m still mad i didn’t take yr advice and make a comic for my senior project…

10:03:16 @brandonnn @scd small worlds, indeed! must give cred to @scd for knowing Hart: he

encouraged me to buy my first Hutch Owen collection!

10:26:18 Designers / Mad Men fans: here’s something for your cubicle / desktop:

12:29:14 Doodling along at lunch with Tom Hart’s HOW TO SAY EVERYTHING:

13:12:52 @tastytouring weight watchers really worked for my mom. check out @pomeranian99’s piece

on ww as a role-playing game!

18:21:22 Good news of the day: my spherical ice molds shipped from the MoMA store: perfect for whiskey sipping…

19:21:38 @papertrail lol yes!!!

Tuesday, 25th of August.

07:18:15 @gapingvoid @johntunger lame article that could be fodder for yr SXSW panel: via @drmabuse

09:21:43 “A.A. works. It is free and everywhere and has no hierarchy, and no one in charge.” – Roger


09:31:20 “everyone, speaking honestly & openly, had important things to tell me. The program was

bottom-line democracy.”

09:38:24 @jenbee both of those look great! put in my vote ๐Ÿ™‚

10:40:54 “Iโ€™m starting to suspect the thing that sucked about Sterling was me.” – Patton Oswalt on his


11:08:20 @jtwilcox go for it ๐Ÿ™‚

11:15:16 Some days, the only thing I look forward to is eating. Okay, most days.

11:21:45 As the poet once said, “I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat.”

12:54:22 Every place I’ve ever worked, the break room is the LAST room I’d want to be in on my break.

13:00:05 @lavannamartin @NameYourTale my alt tweet was, “Sub-zero temps & soaps on TV seems

like hell to me…for others, it’s called a break room”

14:56:11 Our neighborhood message board is so ridiculous. Patio furniture gets stolen, & suddenly

there’s a “crime spree.”

Wednesday, 26th of August.

07:49:09 Ah, so the Summer of Heat & Death continues…

09:29:53 “Mommy, mommy! Ikea switched from Futura to Verdana!”


10:27:19 @mattthomas @rebeccapogany the curse of the glowing rectangles:

12:38:10 The annual irony: a college campus is the coolest place on earth…until the students arrive.

13:18:30 @tracymueller liar. LOL

13:21:06 @scd thanks to miami, i never knew a real union until i saw UT’s…beer in a student union! what

a concept. ๐Ÿ™‚

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13:22:16 @marlaerwin oh, if only i could taste torchy’s “like a virgin”. the only place where i order


13:23:43 @papertrail keep the kimdeal comin’!

13:32:12 Seeing Elvis Costello tape Austin City Limits on Monday. I just fist-bumped my 16-yr-old self.

13:37:11 @minorjive @ChristinaMerk i don’t think i can draw elvis. might have to just drink beer & marvel

14:21:32 @tracymueller you’re a better person than me! ๐Ÿ˜€

16:25:05 35 days until October. Then the Texas Summer of Heat & Death will be over.

16:27:28 Though @shitmydadsays is awesome & much funnier, I had him beat by a few months:

18:11:24 Tell @drawers to quit tweeting & post to his website so we can launch the dang thing!

19:33:18 “when I get mad / I put it down on a pad / huh! / give ya something that you never had” – chuck d

19:41:55 Might not hear it on #acltv Monday night, but this is one of my favorite Elvis Costello songs:

20:30:03 @roblifford brothas from a different motha!

20:41:42 Beatles Anthology on VH1 to pimp Rock Band. Night’s killed.

21:12:42 Watching Nick Lowe on #acltv. Dig this great NPR solo concert he did:

Thursday, 27th of August.

07:47:50 Two thing’s the break room’s good for: coffee and blank canvases.

08:36:42 Trying to get back into the swing of regular blogging. Made a few posts last night:

09:37:51 “Youโ€™ve got to read a lot. Thatโ€™s the only way to learn to write in the beginningโ€ฆto imitate to get

yourself going.” -@elmoreleonard

10:53:10 @LostOutside love Arkie’s! gotta get back there soon

11:16:49 Thx, for saving me the reply to family members explaining why they’re stupid

for fwding me that email.

11:37:40 On 2nd thought, when dealing w/ political email fwds from family, best course is the DELETE

button or Gmail filter.

11:43:14 @mrflip Yes! The trick is that I never see the email, it just goes to a happly black hole

somewhere and dies

11:45:51 In re: to this blog post, there’s a difference between “flatulence” and “farting around.”

12:18:47 @chrisferan yes, i don’t even want to SEE the crazy, so there’s no chance the crazy will make it

to my brain

13:04:10 “The original fault was whether wickedness was soluble in art.” – John Berryman via

13:45:56 That’s all the time we have tonight…tune in to next week’s show, on WHEN YOUR FAMILY


15:14:16 @eachnotesecure @AustinBloggy take it from me: you will miss ohio when it’s 105 g-damned

degrees outside. in february, not so much.

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15:51:29 @TWalk happy anniversary to you and tessa!!!

17:09:20 Rainbow over East Austin:

17:10:08 Rainbow over East Austin (better pic)

17:22:01 @Armano beautiful, ain’t it!

20:34:03 Hey Malvin, lean over here so I can punch you. #projectrunway

Friday, 28th of August.

07:43:12 Leadership tip: skip the management training. Bring in Dunkin Donuts & breakfast tacos. They’ll

follow you over a cliff…

08:06:35 Good news, folks: I’ve basically been placed in control of my final cover design. One benefit of

being a writer AND designer…

08:09:54 @brittanyforks you SHOULD be happy…your cover looks great!

08:30:46 @peterdurand that saul bass tumblr theme is so cool!

08:37:42 @anorwood those songs have a way of working into your DNA. every once in a while I break

into “Take a look! It’s in a book!”

08:40:49 @ericabrooke congrats! i got a good book you can pimp… ๐Ÿ˜‰

08:49:53 @ericabrooke yes!! get some good celebrating in this weekend!

12:38:50 Mike Judge Master Class I drew [ ] will be on KUT this Sunday @ 11 AM [ ]

12:40:30 YES! They’re so f*in good. RT @ultra8201: White Denim show at @mohawkaustin in October.

13:01:01 @LPT awesome!

13:53:47 @radiomaru i’m a huge fan of BROTHERHOOD — love the guitar stuff on the front / dance-y

stuff on the back. + Bizarre f*in Love Triangle

14:44:36 If I taught writing, subtitling that scene from DOWNFALL would definitely be on the syllabus:

21:47:55 The ice ball molds have arrived. Tomorrow night: whiskey. cc: @papertrail

22:32:35 @papertrail @fizzboy will post the results tomorrow a.m.!

Saturday, 29th of August.

08:41:46 Saturday morning comics:

08:49:08 Color is hard for the colorblind:

09:20:34 Techies: need a 1TB or so hard drive to back up 3 Macs. (80GB, 80GB, 120GB) External

firewire? USB 2.0? Or internal + enclosure?

09:29:22 @brooksmasterson i’ve been using SuperDuper for manual backups — i have two intel macs

and one powerpc

09:30:11 @minorjive good points. really just need an external i can take to all 3 computers and use —

probably just do a 1TB external drive…

09:30:40 @zg512 never read that one. any good?

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09:30:59 @BThousand thanks!

09:34:12 @zg512 nope, haven’t read that either

09:34:46 @brooksmasterson that’s smart…and should save me some bucks. i have 2 250GB USB 2.0

drives, but they’re just not big enough anymore!

09:35:44 @Ovasi maybe! taking wife’s macbook in to bitch about the plastic case which is cracking for

the 3rd time.

11:07:11 @anorwood yeah, i think i’m just gonna shell out for a nice LaCie. I have an old 250GB that’s

still kicking…

11:23:51 @anorwood gah! I’ll probablydo that with old drive and important files

12:27:04 @mattthomas lol alrighty, then!

12:55:48 Ourselves included. RT @megzo “the MOMA catalogue is like SkyMall for hipsters” –


13:08:09 Well, everybody’s got mixed opinions about external hard drives for mac. Torn b/w LaCie &

OWC (@mattthomas’s rec)

13:16:48 @IDMPhoto yeah, I only really need about 400GB for bi-weekly backups…

13:19:50 @NathanBowers yet ANOTHER option!

13:21:22 At Borders, trying to get inspired to work on the #NewspaperBlackout cover tonight.

13:45:29 @magdaZINE Thanks! I think I’m gonna go with Lacie. I’ve had good luck with them so far

14:04:31 @Ovasi good to know!

16:34:28 “…if i in my north room dance naked…who shall say I am not the happy genius of my

household?” – William Carlos Williams

17:03:28 austinkleonNow that I pimped out @megzo’s macbook w/ Snow Leopard and more RAM, it

makes me want a new laptop…

19:03:29 SAVE ROAST BEEF! RT @jwojwo I’m not happy about what’s happening

in achewood at the moment.

20:28:28 Yeah, History Channel, smuttin’ it up!

20:48:41 @brittanyforks there’s a surprise in store for us, methinks…

Sunday, 30th of August.

09:12:07 RT @JanetPierson Morning reminder:John Pierson talks w/ Mike Judge on KUT-FM today @

11 AM

10:14:57 Listening to Breakfast w/ the Beatles: excited for the new mono

remasters! #beatlesfreak #RecordingGeek

10:15:46 @bonitasarita oooh! I want a new 13 inch sooo bad!

11:03:06 Still the best way to listen to the Beatles:

13:48:41 Cover!

14:00:55 @adriennebreaux @anorwood thanks!

14:54:01 @tastytouring not until April! (Arrrrrgh!)

14:58:59 “Experts = the new oracles. They speak to us w/ the absolute authority of the computer & we

bow down before them” – Orson Welles, F FOR FAKE

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17:16:48 @davidhayes thanks! it’s all compromises…

19:27:50 Sky tonight:

21:54:51 RT @johnmjones Tom Cruise is selling pot on #madmen

Monday, 31st of August.

08:04:57 Last week to vote for my SXSW Panel w/ @davegray @sunnibrown & @rohdesign! Please


08:06:58 The #NewspaperBlackout cover! In case you missed it yesterday:

08:13:55 @tastytouring @adamholz new site looks good!! ๐Ÿ™‚

09:10:45 Yes, you can! RT @brittanyforks: Can I pre-order this handsome thing online?

10:07:16 Got some sample design pages for #NewspaperBlackout. Gonna look awesome:

10:12:53 SO! EXCITED! RT @TheOtherLeslie: It’s Elvis Costello day at #acltv! And Patty Griffin is

coming too.

10:20:31 GO, @DANCHAON! RT @roncharles RT @earlyword Strong demand for Dan Chaon’s AWAIT

YOUR REPLY at public libraries.

12:02:45 @bruceturner thanks, Bruce!!!

12:42:32 @TheOtherLeslie i’m so interested to find out the set list!!! #excited

12:42:56 YESSS!!! RT @TheOtherLeslie: We’re about to hear “Every Day I Write the Book” with

bluegrass instrumentation #acltv

12:44:58 @TheOtherLeslie i’m down with that. as long as we get a couple classics, i’m a happy camper!

13:28:54 @pennydelosantos gorgeous place!

13:59:59 Dear 19-year-old self, you can’t just alternate the Rushmore & High Fidelity soundtracks & call it

a mix CD….or can you?

14:17:07 “Tapered jeans is just madness. Madness.” – @elgeeb

17:34:23 Further investigation revealed that she wasn’t naked after all. #utcampus

17:35:38 Nothing like queso and ice cream to warm up for #acltv…

17:46:03 Dang! #acltv line for Elvis Costello is looong.

17:59:00 @NathanBowers I’m *Austin* and you’re pushing my *limits*!

18:14:22 Ah! My #acltv tote bags are still on sale:

18:26:47 Thank god at ACL you don’t have to sit next to who you stood next to in line:

21:04:13 #acltv Elvis Costello and Patty Griffin:

21:08:05 @macgeo he’s on Twitter, too! @tomgauld

21:09:22 @LPT so sorry! I worried for you when I saw the line…

21:21:03 #acltv @megzo really liked these drawings:

21:31:51 @TheOtherLeslie @acltv tell Terry I did this one special for him ๐Ÿ˜‰

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