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September 1, 2009

Tuesday, 1st of September.

07:40:29 @blogofinnocence thanks for the good words about the site!

07:43:17 @peterdurand ah! reading munari! i dug that book

07:53:32 I gotta admit, I want to see this Robin Williams / Bobcat Goldthwait movie:

08:00:13 @overprocessed oh, cool! i had no idea there was a screening in town tonight. hope it’s decent!

08:10:43 @overprocessed nice!

09:03:00 My drawings of Elvis Costello taping Austin City Limits last night: #acltv

09:33:41 @TWalk oh yeah!

09:39:39 @davegray big, dumb, and slow — like something a hero would slay in a dark cave

09:58:08 One man’s joy is another man’s vision of hell:

09:58:56 Three strikes: living in Arkansas, being named Jim Bob, and having 19 kids. Where’s the


10:00:24 @zg512 jim bob must be an IDIOCRACY fan:

10:09:32 @marlaerwin i think you’re right: that might be the creepiest part.

11:06:23 A Herculean feat! RT @keaggy: Eating my traditional post-National Sandwich Month salad. 42

sandwiches consumed:

11:27:53 Happens to me all the time… RT @jacobperkins tried some newspaper blackout poetry, but

didn’t come up with anything good. darn.

11:38:38 @jacobperkins it seems deceptively simple:

11:48:34 Tempting fate: eating sushi from a trailor. (I have plenty of sick time…)

12:23:16 Pity the poor cartoonist:

12:56:07 Thumbs up for Sushi-A-Go-Go! Cash only, call ahead. I liked the Sunshine & Longhorn rolls:

13:02:18 Love DEAD MAN! (@megzo rolls her eyes) RT @brandonnn: Who wants to go see Dead Man

at the Alamo Sunday night?

13:27:09 A sweet tooth isn’t the worst thing you can catch from a woman, but it *is* the most fattening.

14:29:35 @TWalk my mother’s probably shaking her head that I used that word publicly and in a serious


14:31:36 @madinkbeard i need to convince the wife to let me go…

15:00:18 @mattthomas “Her name is Peggy Olson, and she wants to smoke some marijuana.” LOL

22:30:19 Too many words to read.

Wednesday, 2nd of September.

08:00:25 When do you give up on a book? I use Nancy Pearl’s Rule of 50:

10:28:29 LOVE MI MADRES! RT @mimadres: Free Taco. Buy any taco & get a 2nd FREE. Ask for the

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“Twitter Taco” (via @tastytouring & @anorwood )

10:47:14 So important to be nice & encouraging to younger artists. You never know what impact you’ll


10:57:48 RT @soulpancake: The poem that was waiting for you all along

11:04:04 @THEMALA666 thanks! and thanks for the heads up on soulpancake!

11:31:28 FYI: there’s a blackout poetry challenge over @rainnwilson’s @SoulPancake site!

12:26:46 Some #viznotes of @jasonmolin talking about blogging:

13:22:22 At least half of what’s labelled “information visualization” on the internet is meaningless crap.

13:24:43 Photos of the installation of the new Poe exhibit @ the @ransomcenter: What

a rad place…

13:30:58 @bergerhofer nope, just me throwing out gross generalizations πŸ˜‰

14:03:55 @anorwood i know! how awesome.

15:32:36 Much happening w/ the blackout poems lately. As Richard Hell said, “Love comes in spurts.”

18:42:32 Hanging an anti-suicide/don’t-give-up corkboard above my desk. Thumb-tacking letters from

heroes, love notes & quotes on it.

18:45:31 Not that I need it at the moment…things are going great! The Texas Summer of Heat and Death

can suck it.

19:47:47 @mattthomas i’ve seen that in the book stores! it looks really cool in “real life”

Thursday, 3rd of September.

08:59:58 Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book is called EATING ANIMALS. Made me dig up this 3-year-old


09:05:45 Thinking about Jonathan Safran Foer makes me want to eat a ribeye.

09:14:09 Remember, folks: the trick is to push the gimmick into the realm of art.

09:56:24 “I’d love some beans.” Picked up my ticket for DEAD MAN @ the Alamo @Drafthouse this

Sunday. cc: @jasonmolin @brandonnn

09:58:35 “I don’t have any tobacco, but I’d love some beans.” Best scene from DEAD MAN:

10:50:47 @brandonnn haha! yeah, dude. i’m stoked.

12:04:15 My dude-movie buddy. RT @Aavarnum: Congrats to Bryan Poyser! Austin Chronicle’s Critic

Pick for Best Film Resource

14:47:45 Hmmm…Emusic just gave me 50 free songs for being a “loyal customer.” How did they know I

planned on quitting next week?

14:50:04 Caricature > Photo. Cartoonist helps catch bank robber by sketching the culprit: via @drawn via @jtwilcox

14:53:25 Caricatures are better than anything else when identifying criminals:

14:53:52 See also: Dick Tracy.

14:55:21 @majorpepper @ryancoleman i’m taking the 50 downloads and still bailing πŸ˜‰

15:00:42 @jonnygoldstein yep. i’m a big art spiegelman fan. 1) 2)

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15:05:38 @johntunger just step into a wal-mart — you’ll see all sorts of head shapes… hehe

15:13:30 Have I mentioned how thankful I am @harperperennial bumped my book back to April? Talk

about competition:

15:23:08 @leeleslie true…

16:04:13 “…what has been successful for me is something I didn’t even write.” – @shitmydadsays

17:04:31 If Cheetos were sprinkled with crack:

Friday, 4th of September.

06:57:53 @jwojwo duh! πŸ˜‰

06:58:20 @jwojwo seek out the documentary about him: WILD COMBINATION

07:04:30 @jmerriman cool! Vonnegut had a whole chapter on that in PALM SUNDAY:

07:11:54 Texas Book Festival author list announced: Look forward to having

@DanChaon in town…

07:12:51 @jwojwo AR for the doc. Both brilliant.

07:15:05 #vizthink New read:

07:41:48 @IDMPhoto yup!

07:43:57 Good job, @anorwood! RT @majorpepper my new portfolio site is up:

08:20:35 RT @rohdesign: LAST DAY to vote for Visual Note-Taking 101 SXSW Panel w/ @davegray

@sunnibrown @austinkleon and me!

08:29:02 RT @sivers : Kurt Vonnegut explains drama : See also :

08:49:19 Hey! Jon Foer is coming to the Texas Book Festival! Think he’d want to go get BBQ???

08:59:00 @IDMPhoto i shall pimp us once we get some more pics…

09:14:12 Austin tweeps: need killer lunch spot to ruin @anorwood’s spot in our lunch rankings.

Suggestions? I’m thinking Black Sheep Lodge.

09:22:24 @brittanyforks rad momma!

09:30:01 @zg512 went there last week: oddly, the forks weren’t very high…think people thought it a bit

“dressed up”

09:35:43 @zg512 i had the slaw dog and waffle fries. it was pretty tasty.

12:27:28 NOOOO! I had tickets to the taping!! ARGH. RT @austin360: Sonic Youth forced to cancel ACL

due to injury:

15:03:38 @craigeley i really want to get my hands on those mono remasters…

15:18:37 @cesart is the “Things” app worth $10?

15:33:06 @davegray this will change over time, but LEGITIMACY is the big thing major publishers give

you. “self-published” is still a stigma…

15:33:16 @davegray i have others if you want to poll me πŸ˜‰

15:38:04 @cesart nevermind! I went ahead and bought it! Love looking thru other people’s apps!

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15:54:35 @davegray there’s a distinction to be made between non-fiction and fiction/literature, of course

15:57:11 @davegray people need filters. too much out there to read. being published by a major is a

filter. “Oh, well Harper published it, so…”

15:57:54 @davegray i’m not disagreeing with you, i’m just saying there are smart reasons to go with a big


15:59:49 @asimone @davegray people may suspect experts, but they’re still looking for filters. Boing

Boing, Kottke, etc. “tell me what’s good”

16:07:44 @magdaZINE @davegray marketing & distribution are huge. if yr already famous, you can

pimp your own book at talks, on the web, etc.

16:08:33 @davegray @magdazine also, there’s an audience that reads that isn’t on the web. having yr

book in bookstores is still valuable

16:23:19 @davegray best reason is probably “romance”! the dream of having a book of yours in a

bookstore. money + fame sure as hell ain’t guaranteed

16:30:58 @davegray right on. and you know I’m a huge fan of the #unbook stuff, too! maybe i’ll e-mail

you re: my experience

16:31:32 “if I had a choice, I’d rather have @boingboing point to my self-published book than have it in a

physical bookstore” – @davegray:

17:03:35 @davegray heck yeah!

17:30:37 I’m kind of amazed by the audacity of some of the requests I get via email from complete


17:32:51 As I said when I was a reference librarian, “Have you tried Googling it?”

17:33:47 What the hail?

17:34:21 @bookgrl selling anything good? πŸ™‚

17:38:40 @kathyzarsky we’re getting a decent soak! And THUNDER!

17:57:27 @bookgrl cool! DM me the addy?

18:43:49 @NathanBowers yup.

18:44:41 My best friend’s band has a song called “Guaranteed Slamhouse.” That might be the best title


19:37:24 I was told by a respected source this afternoon that the new ZZ Top remasters sound amazing.

Adios crummy reverb drums!

19:39:58 Fans will know the letter Z was never used during the conversation. It’s “The Top.”

19:47:56 Also news to me: The Top is set to record a new album with Rick Rubin!

20:57:48 Gol-dang, ALIENS is a great flick. One *mother* of a final showdown…

Saturday, 5th of September.

09:20:13 [NERD ALERT] Searching the net for a leak of the new mono remaster of Revolver.

10:32:54 @rejects I feel yr pain: it’s hard to be a Buckeye in such a Yankee-hatin state…

10:38:13 I’ve found that a good Iphone wallpaper can lift the spirits:

10:42:07 @maczter I like to live on the edge.

10:43:19 #vizthink FTW : Al Franken draws US map from memory : (via

@DesignObserver & @designrelated)

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12:51:42 “in the sad magic rain / you look as if you could use an umbrella”

16:11:26 @IDMPhoto no idea!

16:54:09 @IDMPhoto was she tiny? Short?

16:57:30 Thinking we might hit up the 8PM INGLORIOUS BASTERDS at the Alamo Village. And get a

royale w/ cheese…

19:44:47 @mattthomas nope! Couldn’t get in, either. Maybe next week…

19:46:03 Shut out of basterds. Went to Phil’s and got a burger instead. Now at Target. Exciting night…

19:47:04 Actually, doing anything w/ @megzo is pretty delightful


19:50:39 @Alexandratx oh we shouldve gone! One of my top 5 movies (seriously)

19:51:15 @mattthomas I will! I’m a huge Tarantino fan, so I’m sort of shocked I haven’t, too

19:54:21 .@megzo now figuring out how best to torture our dog on Halloween

19:55:22 @shueytexas Alamo village always sucks for sellouts

19:58:55 @Alexandratx oh, I I’m in for that, ANYTIME

21:51:47 Fun to hear Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “Frenzy” on True Blood last week:

22:34:08 Best. Movie. Ever.

22:39:44 @agent_x it does star Arnold…

23:00:51 Chris Brown: I want to print out your picture and throw darts at it.

23:02:06 @gillinator “I’m not gonna shoot you between the eyes, matrix…”

23:14:20 @NathanBowers yes! So great

23:14:52 RT @gillinator

Sunday, 6th of September.

08:16:24 Damien Hirst: what an asshole. (via @qrter @bengoldacre)

08:19:06 LOL! RT @drmabuse Reading the new Ehrenreich. Looks like someone has a case of the


08:19:42 @qrter geeks (like me) willing to pay more for it

08:26:26 @qrter it’s on my Christmas list πŸ˜€ trouble is, I think their sold out on amazon already…

08:27:12 @qrter I figure after 9/9 somebody will rip & torrent them… πŸ˜‰

09:16:06 @scd I’d love to read it! As a musician, and a recent convert, that is…

09:16:44 @qrter indeed! We’ll see…

11:04:02 Off to Lockhart for some BBQ. It’s Sunday, so we gotta choose b/w Smitty’s & Black’s. I’m a

sides guy, leaning towards Black’s. Opinions?

11:14:01 @yellowdoggrl like i said, i’m a sides guy

13:14:19 SMITTY’S FTW!!!

13:14:50 @yellowdoggrl we went with smittys! Soooo good!

14:32:56 Smitty’s BBQ in Lockhart = A. Once you get past blazing fire pits. $2 beers, $1 blue bell cones.

Bring forks ( they don’t have em )

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16:40:21 @mattthomas bingo

17:04:50 I awoke from a BBQ coma just in time to drive myself down to the ritz @drafthouse to see DEAD

MAN. @jasonmolin, @brandonnn see you there!

17:41:00 If you see a good-looking guy sitting alone w/ a makers on ice at Dead Man, that’s me.

17:52:49 Why I love seeing movies at the Alamo: where else do they play a Leone trailer pre-Dead Man?

17:59:22 @k it will be the #1 thing I miss when we leave. Not that that’s coming anytime soon…

20:52:31 @brandonnn oh, no! I was looking for you! Couldve given you a lift home. let’s meetup soon for


20:55:19 @mattthomas not that i know of πŸ˜‰ there’s one other art theatre that plays indie stuff, but that’s

last resort to me

21:00:01 DEAD MAN was amazing on the big screen. Makes me want to burn my pan-and-scan VHS :

21:01:36 Also: talked w/ 4 Dead Man virgins afterwards, & they all loved it. Too cool.

21:11:10 This would make a sweet iPhone wallpaper :

22:52:48 DEAD MAN cost $9 million. Grossed $1 million. Dang.

23:10:02 Fantastic article about the making of DEAD MAN:

23:12:52 The Great Serpent Mound Jarmusch mentions in that piece is about 5 or 10 miles from where I

grew up. Went there several times as a kid.

23:18:21 @johntunger excellent! I had some tobacco, but I traded it πŸ˜‰

23:22:30 Last DEAD MAN tweet: Neil Young watched the film twice, then did two takes live in the studio,

switching b/w guitar & pump organ. Amazing.

Monday, 7th of September.

10:08:46 @scd b/w that and Brutal Legend…I’m doomed.

10:20:27 A cheap hardcase & one of these GorillaMobile tripods would make a perfect Iphone video


10:39:25 @scd yeah, i follow him — i finally got to play psychonauts earlier this year…what a cool game

10:44:56 Sometimes you have to admit that you like an artist’s ideas more than his/her art and move on.

11:23:53 “I am naked as a tablecloth.” – Frank O’Hara

13:00:37 @brandonnn omg polvo’s

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13:02:01 NYT article on Jim O’Rourke’s new album (via @zg512)

14:15:13 @chrisferan sounds like a good time to me!

15:56:47 Scanning poems at 40″x30″ @ 360dpi for a secret project. A ridiculous resolution. 10x their


16:11:39 Oh, yes Beatles mono remasters. You are mine.

18:17:49 @mattthomas @craigeley i feel like these mono tracks are more of a novelty — they’re not

blowing me away like i thought they would

20:32:24 Robert Mitchum weekend. DEAD MAN last night, now OUT OF THE PAST. Helluva bio:

21:17:30 @mlarson @scd I loved it! watched it in the dark on our new DVD player…it was awesome

Tuesday, 8th of September.

08:43:21 Gotta admit I’m feeling a little Emperor’s New Clothes about the Beatles remasters. “CAN YOU


08:45:43 If I had to choose one desert island Beatles 45, it would totally be Paperback Writer / Rain.

08:57:28 @beatonna it does indeed. happy birthday!

09:44:30 @jwojwo yes! unbelievable two songs.

11:33:06 Bob Gill on inevitability:

12:47:40 Expect more graphical ones like this one! RT @TWalk: Liking this Newspaper Blackout Poem:

13:31:42 Daily Emperor’s New Clothes, PT. 2: The new Jim O’Rourke record. Department store music for

music snobs.

13:33:53 PS. I love “Insignificance” & “Eureka,” you know, albums with actual songs.

14:01:20 @armindak depends. if you want a single, 38min instrumental track from Jim O’Rourke, thumbs

up. i don’t have the patience!

14:15:44 .@kurtsettles If there’s a 2nd book, I think they’ll all be graphical like this.

14:17:17 And then all the trolls can *really* take me to task for ripping off

14:23:28 A blackout comic: “TNT en Amerique” by Jochen Gerner

14:31:46 @marlaerwin rats! my benevolent plans are backfiring…

15:37:56 @anorwood @marlaerwin AMERICA’S GOT TALENT: UT LAW EDITION

16:07:39 Wow, I really hate these. RT @theBDRRaymond Carver books finally get redesigned (via @VintageAnchor)

16:11:22 @scd this is true! those horrible illustrations of people drinking or having hangovers or


17:14:57 B/c I’m Midwestern & easily shocked, I won’t repeat what @JanetPierson told me is the key to a

happy marriage:

17:17:45 Speaking of marriage, just picked up a book for the secret project @megzo & I are about to


17:18:50 @majorpepper that’s what threw me off, too. Like a 50s diner or something…

17:23:51 @TWalk last time I visited a bank was to cut a check (we have none!) for our down payment on

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our house

17:26:07 @JanetPierson holy smokes! That’s a lot of tweeting… will have to dig thru his archives πŸ˜‰

17:28:23 @JanetPierson he didn’t cite you…I’m disappointed πŸ˜€

18:33:29 @JanetPierson ah!

21:59:21 One day I will own robots who can scan poems and take out the trash.

Wednesday, 9th of September.

06:09:22 RT @sparehed 09/09/09 – All you need is cash

07:59:14 Chicago tweeps: if you dig theater, my buddy Rebecca got a good writeup for her play in the


08:00:39 “If your Mommy or Daddy tries to burn this book, call the POLICE on them.” Oh, I love you

Uncle Shelby via @doctorow

08:15:04 @anorwood hahaha – i think you introduced me to it…i found it at half price for $2 πŸ˜€

08:44:06 Watch @cubitplanning & @antm present online!

08:50:17 @cubitplanning @antm great prez, y’all!

09:22:58 Yesterday’s blackout poem was a prophetic one: it’s raining today, & I am without an umbrella.

09:55:54 Stream Dylan & The Band Feb. 14, 1974 via @muzzleofbees &


10:27:53 @majorpepper i’m quitting next monday before my subscription renews — gonna try to download

everything first πŸ™‚

11:10:47 @roblifford sorry to hear that. 92 is a good run, though!

12:47:23 RT @askforgiveness: Dave’s guests tonight: Jay Z, Martha Stewart, George Jones. Conan’s:

Tom Arnold, Tim Meadows, Reba.

13:39:28 male singers who sound as if I could beat them up = lame / female singers who sound as if they

could beat *me* up = awesome

13:48:23 @TWalk grizzly bear / breeders (although already I’m finding exceptions to the rule, i.e. The


13:49:35 @kurtsettles actually, I think I’m going to repeal that statement. Too many exceptions…

13:56:07 RT @TWalk Morrissey is an exception to *many* rules.

15:03:39 This old blackout poem was from a review of Paula Abdul’s reality show. Go figure:

15:13:27 Started my blog 4 yrs ago to the day. Everything I do now can be traced to this event. Baffled by

art friends who don’t want to be online.

15:20:19 @johntunger it’s so powerful! but it takes effort. and curiosity. i think a lot of artists don’t want to

mess with it or take the time

15:42:39 @heathr spoken like a good comedian!! πŸ˜€

15:53:26 @TWalk 17 years of public, here

15:59:40 @TWalk yup. it’s a public university disguised (or they’d like to be, anyways) as a private:

16:05:09 I’m a 26-yr-old dude. The 2 living artists I’d most like to rip off? Maira Kalman & Lynda

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Barry…both middle-aged women.

16:06:49 Why is Maira Kalman’s blog so great? She has nothing to do with the computer: (via @kottke)

16:21:15 @johntunger but yr making stuff all the time. the blog is a way of coaxing myself into making

something after my day job (“gotta post!”)

16:21:41 @johntunger in other words, i use it as a way to guilt myself into working πŸ˜€

16:25:41 @TWalk class & also convenience: never waited more for pub transit than w/ capmetro stops.

why i don’t ride the 20 to campus

17:15:57 @johntunger so. frickin. rad.

17:19:06 @johntunger can I come visit the studio when y’all move to TX? I could draw you in action…

18:24:02 We have to go to the pool early so we can be back in time to catch The Beatles Anthology.

Rough life.

19:21:22 Oh, Papi. RT @chrisferan “SQUIRM, YOU RAT-BASTARDS!!!!!” – my father, watching the

Republicans put their fingers in their ears

20:02:08 @johntunger YES! πŸ˜€

20:17:47 Re: Yoko: I’ve never known a woman who just wanted to sit around all day watching her

husband jam w/ his buddies.

20:33:47 “it delights me to see people doing what they want w/ buildings.” – @megzo re: the beatles’

rooftop concert

21:02:19 Dude, Patty Boyd ( aka Layla) was a siren of a muse:

21:32:20 @NathanBowers that’s hilarious. Must show to my wife, the baker

Thursday, 10th of September.

07:49:02 RT @jwojwo: I need to do some work but I can’t stop listening to Washed Out :

09:54:59 Great point by @douglaswolk: the Past Masters Beatles stuff is best digested 2×2:

09:55:32 @mwsmith13 read that on the plane to ohio last month — alexie rules.

10:01:17 @mwsmith13 yeah, and i usually skip new yorker fiction. i take notice when Saunders or Alexie

shows up

10:10:07 All of the Beatles were still under 30 when they split up. See also:

10:40:40 I just pulled 3 pristine NYTimes out of a faculty trashcan. Like blank canvases left in a


10:58:29 @mattthomas me too. that’s a great link. i’d actually rather peak late in life. see also

10:59:44 There’s hope: “11 Famous People Who Were in the Completely Wrong Career at Age 30” (via @mattthomas)

12:34:32 Beatles in Stereo? Mono? What I really want is the original tapes on my @fourtrackiphone app.

I’ll mix ’em as I see fit!

14:09:27 @gunner64 LOL i was merely retweeting of course, boss

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14:30:57 @mattthomas boy, there’s a fun batch of books…

14:43:50 @mattthomas only because Oprah hasn’t asked me yet πŸ˜‰

14:52:38 @mattthomas oh HELL no. i’d cash in. franzen was a fool.

15:09:57 WTF.

15:35:19 @mattthomas i saw that. on soulpancake the guy wrote, “I was really pumped to learn about

this art form…”

15:36:15 @mattthomas “… and was disappointed to learn of its lack of exposure on the web” google

search for “blackout poetry”:

16:23:14 @chrisferan i don’t really care that much, it’s just the lack of attribution that bothers me!

17:25:29 Date night!

20:21:36 Beatles in mono is a total novelty. The stereo remasters in FLAC sound unbelievable. Total

headphone candy.

20:37:21 Spoon should cover “Wait” off of RUBBER SOUL. It’s basically their blueprint.

20:41:47 The question is, do we give a damn about the artist’s intention? Most artists don’t know what

they’re good at!

Friday, 11th of September.

06:48:53 @minorjive you get the cool dad award today!

07:46:13 Live by the internet, die by the internet.

08:51:52 @zg512 thanks, man!

08:52:40 RT @zg512: I saw these & thought of your work

09:00:17 RT @radiomaru @robotjohnny many cartoonists don’t understand…that their task is managing

the flow of information to eyeballs

09:03:08 .@robotjohnny Seth has said cartooning is poetry + graphic design

09:04:54 “Designers should think more like writers and writers should think more like designers.” –


09:08:25 .@robotjohnny “cartooning is more about moving shapes around β€” designing β€” then it is about


09:11:01 @zg512 dude, your Louis Tully avatar is so rad

10:16:37 “Air bass works best up here.” It’s like they filmed me talking to @megzo:

12:03:14 @johntunger cool! there’s a comic strip online that does photos/poetry pretty decently, but i

totally forget the name now…

12:33:10 @zg512 “I don’t think he’s human.”

12:46:58 @zg512

13:42:34 Well, today got even more depressing: RT @popcandy: Phil Collins says he can never play the

drums again:

14:26:46 @jettek i had the gorey show down on my calendar as being open until the 13th (Sunday) —

best to call!

15:12:03 “If anything, [LET IT BE] Naked serves as a great argument for a project to remaster all of the

original Beatle albums”

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


15:14:41 ( I actually really love the LET IT BE… NAKED disc.)

16:22:43 @chrisferan no way! phil rules.

16:27:08 RT @achewood: Courtesy of Graham Linehan, for you GBV lovers out there:

16:58:19 haiku: sometimes i misread the word “titles” as “titties” day’s end, wishful thought (@megzo

said to post this)

17:04:17 1st cool, rainy Austin weekend in ages, & @DanChaon’s book just arrived. Perfect timing…

Saturday, 12th of September.

00:16:05 In bed in the dark listening to the rain drizzling and the wife and dog snoring. It’s better than


09:06:01 “Rain, I don’t mind” <- soundtrack for ATX today

10:17:47 Seeing the new Tarantino (finally) at the Alamo Village. Ordering the Breakfast Club. Perfect

rainy Saturday.

10:33:27 Mo as Hitler:

10:33:48 Nazi Stooges:

14:02:25 β€œIt’s either the best film of the year or the worst film.”

14:11:24 @scd I hated it. Meg loved it. Go figure!

14:14:21 I’m glad I’m not a film critic. Movies either move me or they don’t, and I don’t have to second

guess myself or justify it to anyone…

14:16:10 …same with all other art. It moves me or it doesn’t. I steal whatever I want, file away what I

might need, & throw out the rest.

15:34:06 @scd I’m with you!

15:52:43 @jamesfflynn for free, check out Twitterfon. For pay, try Tweetie (I like Tweetie)

17:47:50 Too cheap to buy Beatles Rock Band right now, so I’m “improvising”:

19:20:33 Mail from a fan:

20:06:49 Mac folks / audio geeks: if you need a good FLAC -> MP3/Apple Lossless converter, try XLD:

20:46:50 @johntunger @MarcieVargas FINALLY I found that webcomic that mixes photos + poetry

Sunday, 13th of September.

08:42:08 @MarcieVargas I’ll have to read a couple. Confession: I never really read it, only knew of it’s

existence! :-O

09:49:41 It still pisses me off you can’t buy wine before noon on Sunday. Guess you have to buy water

and hope Jesus shows up…

11:44:13 Where do ideas come from? “Every idea is a juxtaposition. That’s it. A juxtaposition of existing


11:54:30 How to get ideas: 1) investigate & read 2) find patterns + juxtapositions 3) write everything down

page 40 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


12:18:03 @johntunger that’s what they don’t teach you in school: you’ve no control over which spaghetti

sticks to the wall

18:10:51 Just as writing fiction is a muscle, so is reading it. I’m out of shape.

18:43:30 Bribing @ivarley & @uberjam w/ beer + fresh baked cookies, so we can watch the True Blood

finale on HBO.

20:29:22 PEOPLE! Don’t blame Kanye! He doesn’t read, remember?

20:33:15 I guess they figured this was a little too obvious for the credits on True Blood tonight:

Monday, 14th of September.

09:26:47 @libbyander lists like that make me feel guilty! most of our family & old friends live in chicago

(#1) or cleveland (#4)

10:24:36 “oil money made physically manifest…my worst nightmare.” – David Byrne on Houston: via @jmerriman

12:08:51 Lunch poem in progress:

12:16:29 Lunch poem, finished:

13:18:40 @darinwilson thanks! πŸ˜€

13:31:29 Summer kaput (in progress)

13:46:48 @chrisferan from yr tweet i thought for a minute the band Phoenix was playing the Grog Shop

and almost wet myself

13:50:57 @chrisferan yes! i was hoping they’d do an @acltv taping…but as far as I know they’re not…

13:58:08 @chrisferan and stupid lee ranaldo “fractured his wrist while playing tennis” (rocknroll, dude) so

I can’t see Sonic Youth tape

14:35:24 @carolineferan i think you would be good at this: (seriously)

14:46:15 @carolineferan I of all people shouldn’t have made THAT mistake (florida vs. ohio) sorry. not

sure MU has an advertising program?

14:46:54 @carolineferan this program looks good though:

14:53:17 @scd i am impressed by the curriculum of this AIMS program at miami. trying to get my

sis-in-law to check it out!

19:23:45 The only good to come of this night is that ROADHOUSE is bound to be on cable soon. #RIP


19:29:23 Mourn Dalton. But rejoice that you’ll soon be able to hang blackout poems on your walls:

19:47:27 @jaredchapman I loved my little Aiptek HD (Flip knockoff) — until I got my Iphone 3GS. good

results w/ tripod:

20:39:37 @kathyzarsky don’t leave home without ’em πŸ˜‰

20:52:42 Going offline to read @DanChaon’s new one: Night, y’all.

Tuesday, 15th of September.

06:52:14 “he was reincarnated…driving a 1973 Honda Civic b/w Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft stores on an

errand for his wife” -@achewood

page 41 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:00:22 Inevitability, or: Where Ideas Come From and How To Make Them Look Easy:

09:24:02 Welcome, swine flu! “days off work just lying in bed, new adventures of the mind & body through


09:31:40 @leeleslie read that in college & likee it a lot. never read his other stuff, but I’m tempted, based

on that interview. new one looks good

09:33:41 Still don’t understand why I should pay for a tour of homes. Give money to an architecture firm

so they can advertise to me?

09:37:44 @benmcconnell @ajelwind @alphachimp @jackiehuba @sunnibrown sweet. let’s do it!

09:52:59 @lavannamartin i’d sit for you sometime!

10:01:35 Image > situation > scene > character > plot – @DanChaon RT @The_Rumpus: Interview with

Dan Chaon

11:38:15 RT @mattthomas: Love how everyone’s now a ROAD HOUSE fan. Where were you people a

decade ago when liking ROAD HOUSE could get you killed?

11:44:24 @TheOtherLeslie i was telling @chrisferan that the band Phoenix would be a good @acltv

taping & bitching about lee ranaldo tennis injury πŸ˜‰

11:49:08 @TheOtherLeslie Lee should be truly rock n roll and play with his teeth and a beer bottle

11:49:50 @TheOtherLeslie seriously, though: Phoenix TEAR UP live:

11:54:04 I should just set it up so that Christoph Niemann’s NYTIMES RSS feed is automatically fed to

my Tumblr.

11:55:19 @TheOtherLeslie yes!!!

12:20:00 .@mattthomas left a kickass Emerson quote in the comments of my latest blog post: would love to hear your take

12:23:40 Also: dig @misterdamrauer’s site:

12:25:25 @mattthomas thanks! the post was kind of cobbled together. i want to do more meaty posts like


12:48:23 @mattthomas dang, i love that one, too. and I agree: it should’ve been two posts.

12:58:03 Another example of “we don’t always know what we’re best at” I LOVED DFW’s non-fiction via @kottke

13:02:00 @mattthomas ah-ha!

13:42:37 I’ll be there, drawing! RT @fluxistrad local music is sexy:

15:23:15 Must. Buy. Xbox. First 6 minutes of @BrutalLegend:

15:34:24 @asimone @davegray interesting!

16:19:47 Chill workin’ music. Bon Iver’s new record: (via @muzzleofbees: @allsongs)

18:14:45 Please keep your longings within reach:

18:28:32 Permit me:

18:59:21 “I’m just a jerk from Texas that worked real hard.” – Patrick Swayze

20:54:37 Made a little landing page for the book. Nothing fancy…yet:

Wednesday, 16th of September.

page 42 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


08:09:39 @zg512 @thatwhichmatter is a rad twitter feed! thanks for pointing it out!

08:15:43 @leeleslie own it, dude.

08:27:23 @Dooneystudio I think you’ll dig this quote by Lynda Barry re: art gallery feeling like an ICU unit:

09:21:38 {{de(sign)}} “Must please your pet” :

10:44:06 “Cartoonist liberation front.” RT @mmaddencomics: I LOVE this: Pledge

now to help Jamie Tanner make a book!

13:27:16 @mhpratt thanks! πŸ™‚

14:39:42 Beatles Rock Band Championship at the Alamo @Drafthouse!


16:52:52 …b/c the man can never drum again:

16:57:04 @roblifford I love that movie. Underrated!

19:06:41 @peterdurand photos like that make me want to procreate

19:08:06 GIVE US A PEEK, YOU TEASE. RT @DandQ original lynda barry art for “picture this” arrived in

office today, office abuzz in glee.

Thursday, 17th of September.

10:08:45 Jacked on coffee and Krispy Kremes.

10:15:15 “We, The Underfunded” <– @megzo’s new term for Phd students

10:36:58 Cancelling Emusic. Considered doing the $6/12tracks/month deal, but nah.

12:03:22 @gillinator that is sick

12:08:46 The Interview

13:20:32 Just for the record, I would rather be a renaissance man than a polymath.

14:11:43 @danrubin awesome #diysummit presentation!

14:22:45 Collection of Iphone home screens: via @danrubin

14:23:07 @chrisferan DUH

15:36:26 .@chrisferan “Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: you understand it better, but the frog

dies in the process.” β€”Mark Twain

16:25:17 RT @scd What’s on your iPhone home screen right now? Press both buttons and tweet up that


16:29:11 PS. I don’t have the camera app on my home screen, b/c I set the Home button double-click to

bring it up!

16:35:52 @scd I love this! I’m actually kinda obsessed w/ app organization

17:49:56 Heading over to the @ransomcenter for the curator’s tour of the Poe exhibit.

17:53:06 False advertising:

18:26:10 @chrisferan WHA? Go!

18:47:59 Huge turnout for the @ransomcenter Poe tour. Decided to wait for next month’s w/ Molly

Schwartzburg (she’s great):

18:49:50 @scd I have different screens for music/radio/games/reference, so the homescreen isn’t the

whole story…

page 43 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


19:10:41 @scd I guess with search it’s unnecessary, anyways…

20:14:36 The material on Project Runway tonight? Newspaper.

20:52:54 @zg512 @overprocessed yes!

20:55:17 Project Runway should use alternative materials every week. Pulls them out of comfort zones,

inspires more creativity.

20:57:33 Sharpie + newspaper FTW!!! #ProjectRunway

21:04:06 @JessvS liar and a crybaby, too!

Friday, 18th of September.

08:19:34 @jbj you think this was a joke, right?

08:22:00 THANKS @dandq! “loyal follower tweeted that they would like to see some pgs from the latest

Lynda Barry book”

08:27:35 Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile! Heard of this rumored app way back, but I

didn’t know it was out! Thanks, @pws!

08:30:03 #vizthink folks, you’ll definitely want to check out the Iphone version of Sketchbook Pro:

08:36:42 @scd i LOVED it dude. frickin’ loved it. trying to get meg to read it, too

08:40:20 @scd i really think you’ll like it. beautiful book. here are some links:

08:47:23 @scd will do!

09:34:48 @thcrawford the symmetrical mode seemed like a dumb gimmick on the desktop version —

totally rad on the iphone! love this app so far

10:01:13 @thcrawford well, so far on the iphone it’s wicked fun for character design and faces

12:33:16 KLRU-Q presents All About Prints, a documentary exploring the art of printmaking, tonight

(9/18) at 10 pm (RT @overprocessed & @klru)

12:34:59 @adriennebreaux thanks for the book plug! πŸ˜€

13:21:19 “Watching our peers’ lives is the closest we can come to a glimpse of [our] parallel universes…”

13:22:22 “It’s tempting to read other people’s lives as cautionary fables or repudiations of our own. ”

14:13:56 Thanks, dude! RT @wluers: Black out poems made on the iphone. Great! @austinkleon

14:14:09 @adriennebreaux props to my wife, @megzo for the link πŸ™‚

16:26:49 Party cups at the pool.

18:12:55 Putting on NIGHT OF THE HUNTER.

18:24:31 @apelad first time watching it! I’m pumped

21:48:06 Good itinerary! RT @ItsMikeD 36 Hours in The Cleve – NYT

Saturday, 19th of September.

11:09:15 “The garbage is halfway around the world while the good stuff is still getting its shoes laced.” –

my father-in-law on prolific hacks

page 44 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


11:09:54 Question: “What’s wrong with being a hack?”

12:43:26 RT @toucharcade ‘Secret of Monkey Island’ for Iphone $3.99 Weekend Sale!!

19:46:21 If you want some old school Italian, go to Gino’s up in Round Rock. Gino, in his late 70s, comes

in every day to make the sauce.

19:59:01 Okay, so, I know I’m late to the party here, but I heard that Jason Mraz song today on the

radio…and now I want to cut him.

20:10:31 YES! Re: Jason Mraz RT @senorleroy Go ahead, cut him. I got your back. RT @zg512 I will

hold him down while you go for the jugular

20:57:38 First ROAD HOUSE sighting on cable post-Swayze. Score.

22:36:56 @oh_steph amazing! I think we randomly found it on Yelp. The chicken parm! OMG!

23:29:07 “In 1993 he released the self-titled CD *Dan Brown* which included songs such as “976-Love” &

“If You Believe in Love”

Sunday, 20th of September.

08:44:43 β€œall my creative activity…has come from those initial fantasies & dreams.” RT @thebookslut NYT

on Jung’s Red Book:

08:51:38 β€œ’Thank God I am Jung,’ he is rumored once to have said, ‘and not a Jungian.'”

11:08:11 The Iphone version of Sketchbook Pro has 70 ratings at an average of 5 stars: definitely a hit, I’d say.

11:14:03 Dang, those kids get their money’s worth! RT @makeaworldfilm Ed Emberley’s visit to the

Center for Cartoon Studies :

11:14:24 @makeaworldfilm did you get any footage of this “ChalkTalk” for the documentary?

11:19:07 @NathanBowers yep. it’s well worth the $3. i like to doodle in the symmetrical mode.

11:59:45 @freejoe76 cool! Did she enjoy it?

12:00:09 @makeaworldfilm I scoured YouTube w no luck…

12:27:47 Caprese sandwiches for lunch w/ fresh basil:

12:34:09 @freejoe76 awesome! i’ll check out her work. i’ve been following CCS since before it opened.

very cool school

12:49:24 Yet another side-project that blew up: Ed Emberley’s “Drawing Book of Animals” was a toss-off

book to satisfy his publisher.

12:50:24 Emberley saw it as “a little piece of fluff — a rote copying book.”

13:09:25 Recording I made in Ikea of a man whistling. Sounds like a spaghetti western or something:

13:43:38 @stevecherches ah-ha!

13:43:52 @mattthomas oh, bubb-rubb and lil sis. the greatest ever.

13:46:36 Good hideout.

16:35:15 Just found a batch of blackout poems I never posted. Don’t want to waste Sunday PM scanning.

Need an intern.

16:46:14 (Blurry) design layouts for #NewspaperBlackout:

page 45 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


Design layouts for Newspaper Blackout

17:10:25 Double your flat files, double your fun:

18:25:41 @NathanBowers whiteout poems:

18:27:17 @NathanBowers better link:

18:30:31 @NathanBowers mirror mode is worth the price of admission

18:33:05 @caraferguson believe it or not, Costco does pretty awesome wedding invites for cheap…and

letterpressed! ours:

20:48:53 “He might lose his foot–” “Just when he got it in the door!” #MadMen

21:34:41 As James Brown said, “I don’t know karate, but I know ka-razy.”

Monday, 21st of September.

08:03:23 @3lbFlax weird!

08:51:30 Agreed. RT @IDMPhoto When Monday morning rears it’s ugly head, rise up & attack w/ the

Jay-Z channel on Pandora. Wash rinse repeat.

08:58:57 As douchey as Kanye is now, I still love “Through the Wire”:

10:47:53 RT @blackjoelewis Tune into CBS tonight to catch us on the Late Late Show with Craig


10:58:02 I’ll be guest-blogging for The Book Design Review (@theBDR) next week. Any suggestions for


11:11:26 @overprocessed i like the beef w/ black mushrooms & bamboo shoots there

12:13:43 @jenbee lovely! That floor to ceiling bookstack is awesome

12:53:13 Reading an article about MF DOOM…in the New Yorker?

13:09:28 Thought: I could geotag these de-signs and make a big map out of them:

14:24:06 “Tell everyone I got full on chicken and pork chops.”

15:47:40 RT @zg512tv Interview with artist Esther Pearl Watson

16:17:56 @fizzboy that story makes me physically ill. and the gang-bangers emerge victorious! sick.

17:24:14 On the fridge:

17:42:54 So awesome. RT @woxy: Broken Social Scene Live @ the Seaholm Power Plant in October:

18:44:07 House Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest?

18:53:06 Cass McCombs playing on House!

19:12:40 RT @rebeccapogany Just looked death in the eye. Death looks like some dumbass girl who

doesn’t know how to drive.

20:22:45 @jkottke congrats!!!!

Tuesday, 22nd of September.

08:03:49 1hr “But I Can’t Draw!” @bbponline workshop w/ @cliffatkinson focused on storyboarding:

08:18:26 Note to MacArthur Foundation: don’t ever give me one. I will get nothing done, & spend the time

page 46 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


playing Rock Band & drinking whiskey.

08:56:51 I am ridiculously excited about the new @highballaustin : Really want to

do a book party there!

11:28:49 On my lunchbreak:

13:31:37 Watch @blackjoelewis & @ivarley tear it up on Craig Ferguson last night:

13:35:42 @brandonnn did you see my hack of the KISS ME STUPID AFS poster?

13:38:58 I like to live the rock n roll life vicariously through my red-headed buddies on Late Night Shows: (best man on drums)

16:40:15 {{{ Breaking news }}} @20×200 will be releasing 2 newspaper blackout poem editions next

week! http://www.20×

17:34:34 God Bless You, Mr. Cold Front

18:34:04 Legally Blonde is a brilliantly executed film. Really. Tight screenplay, fun acting. Not joking.

18:37:48 @zg512 that was on two nights ago!

18:49:01 Dude, WTF? What will i do while i read Camus? RT @michaelschaub Clove cigarettes are now

illegal in America.

19:38:01 Writing my first ever artist statement. Hmm…

20:00:38 @robotjohnny oooh that’s a good idea

20:03:55 When in doubt, keep it short.

20:24:51 Y’all have filthy minds.

22:20:22 How can making art compete with this?

Wednesday, 23rd of September.

08:09:07 .@beatonna “You Wear It Well” is perhaps the best song Rod Stewart ever recorded. Your

subconscious has good taste πŸ˜€

08:26:42 @beatonna i like this version. dig the pants:

08:28:53 If you saw a booth selling newspaper blackout poem t-shirts @ ACL would you buy one?

08:36:04 @ericorchard it’s an oldie πŸ™‚

08:44:07 @overprocessed that’s what i’m thinking…thanks!

09:46:01 Want to shock & delight people in publishing? Write clean prose & turn it in on time. It seems to

be a valued anomaly…

10:49:45 “Why Cartooning Is Easy” from a 1946 LIFE magazine:

10:51:11 LIFE article on Charles Schulz and Peanuts from 1967:

10:55:16 One more: 1965 LIFE feature WRITTEN by Saul Steinberg:

13:26:59 @mwsmith13 that thing is AMAZING looking! so cool

13:45:51 “What I sell is a ghost of an idea. The publishing term “rights of reproduction” is a beautiful

expression I use with pleasure.” – Steinberg

17:03:27 The iRetouch app I use for clone stamping my De-Signs is 99 cents in the app store: Is there another app w/ clone stamp?

page 47 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


18:40:59 @overprocessed yeah, Sketchbook is a cool app. i like the symmetrical mode

20:00:32 RT @Oblique_Chirps Idiot glee (?)

Thursday, 24th of September.

08:20:29 “when I get mad / i put it down on a pad / give you somethin’ that you never had” – Chuck D

08:40:27 Not sure I’m ready for all the whoring I’ll have to do when my book comes out:

09:43:48 Readying for a webinar w/ @cliffatkinson

09:45:06 RT @zumayabooks If you see it as “whoring” youve already failed. It’s about making contact

w/people who might then be interested in yr book.

12:04:22 Life lesson #476: don’t use hand sanitizer before eating finger foods.

12:15:16 My publisher at @HarperPerennial is a hip, Burroughs fan from the Midwest, so no mystery


12:34:21 @johnmjones EXACTLY

12:34:54 @thcrawford win-win!

12:35:22 @michaelsurtees thanks, michael! πŸ˜€

12:41:52 I see red when I think about college loans + tuition. The next bubble to burst, surely. (@mibi infographic)

13:01:00 @tracymueller seriously! so much better value, going public

13:08:49 @scottmccloud i’m 26, and i use it. also, on the subject: “What’s wrong with being a hack?”

14:27:32 @theotherleslie so cool that y’all are taping a hip-hop show!!

14:30:36 @twalk try some white denim:

14:42:57 @twalk @dougwick great minds…

15:29:19 Fact: there are only 14 weeks left in the year.

17:07:34 Drinking a glass of wine & watching Lil Wayne: Behind The Music

17:17:33 Suddenly got the urge to chug some syrup and silver my grillz.

18:23:48 “I’ve got newsprint on my fingers!” screams Ringo, the blackout poet.

20:58:52 Christopher & Bobby McFerrin got robbed. #ProjectRunway

21:36:34 Oh, East Cleveland:

21:40:38 “Because the guy got demon eyes. You can’t put them on a woman.”

21:44:16 @zack_g haha

22:03:43 “Who aint a slave? Tell me that.” – Ishmael

22:19:42 @mattthomas never made it past pg 200 — I am determined this time…

Friday, 25th of September.

07:47:28 @mattthomas we should start an online book club — or just crack virtual whips to finish…

page 48 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


07:57:37 #ff @hotdogsladies has been posting some great little Beatles posts at

08:44:04 Whoa! RT @thcrawford: Look up cardan grille on wikipedia…I learned about it at the DC spy

museum, enjoy!

09:35:53 @mattthomas fantastic! now where’s the iphone version? πŸ˜€

12:20:02 “It’s not you, it’s me.” #unfollowfriday

12:33:18 @roblifford haha yes! I just unfollowed a dozen ppl & cut down the noise like you wouldn’t


13:03:26 @jwojwo i like it!

13:06:49 “I used my daughter’s crayons, a different color for each main character.” Kurt Vonnegut,


13:21:10 Five De-signs for Friday:

13:32:01 @scd sweet!

14:07:44 I could see publishing the De-signs in a little book like @keaggy’s 50 SAD CHAIRS:

18:57:56 Sunset!

Saturday, 26th of September.

08:21:56 Working on a post for @theBDR about ASTERIOS POLYP, and the injustice of a JPEG to the


08:33:32 Last night @megzo & I showed up @ 8PM to a party thrown by grad students. Host weren’t

dressed. No one was there. We are old.

10:48:13 I posted over @theBDR on David Mazzuchelli’s ASTERIOS POLYP:

16:23:30 “Sad face is not an answer. I can’t take you to sadface, or feed you sadface, or invite sadface to

go out to dinner with us.” – @megzo

16:25:20 @brandonnn I didn’t know that was happening! Right in my hood, too…

17:52:58 All authors should have an open, high-rez Flickr set of their book, incl. covers, spreads, & video

of them flipping through.

19:36:01 @johntunger not the whole book, just excerpts

23:01:47 @mlarson keep going w/ Kurosawa. THRONE not my fav. Do SEVEN SAMURAI, RASHOMON,


Sunday, 27th of September.

08:32:31 This is why I request that interviews be via email whenever I can:

11:11:38 The realization that Nobody is really running The Show is terrifying at first, but ultimately


13:47:07 @carolineferan check out that program I sent you!

18:13:45 “I should now take it into my head to go on a whaling voyage…”

19:32:44 @mattthomas yep! on page 33 already! LOL

19:39:36 @mattthomas I remember that one!

page 49 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


19:40:55 Adventureland has an awesome soundtrack…and so far, it’s boring as hell. How long do you

give a movie before giving up?

19:52:49 @mattthomas thats what a lot of reviews said, but it’s hard going from moby dick to watching

some understated coming of age flick…

19:55:49 Gave up. All for the best: I completely forgot Miserable Men is on in five minutes.

19:59:09 @JessvS it’s just not very exciting. supposedly it ties together at the end, but I have no patience

20:00:03 If you only give a book 50 pages, I say only give a movie 1/2 an hour. Time’s a-wastin’

20:03:16 I give up all the time! The world is so full of great books & movies waiting to be watched, why

waste time on something yr not enjoying?

20:17:10 @scd and vice versa! sometimes I start out in love & end up hating. also: hate something, then

come back later and love it…

20:17:39 @44ounce good to know!

20:54:41 The Duck of Death

Monday, 28th of September.

08:22:16 Excited for my @20×200 blackout poem prints to go on sale tomorrow. Hint: they’re oldies.

11:21:32 @mwsmith13 hell yeah, dude. already RSVPed!

13:24:32 Gobs o’ blank canvas. RT @megzo: Home delivery of the NY Times for $2 a week? Why yes, I

think I will.

13:35:24 Steve Brodner on the (uninsured) Miami University student who died of swine flu:

13:44:11 @TheOtherLeslie awesome! the acl foray into hiphop is beautiful

13:57:56 @viswoman thanks! but i use The Gray Lady exclusively πŸ˜€

13:58:30 @jordvogtroberts @jtwilcox try MOTHERS

14:12:17 @viswoman yeah, it’s actually hard to find big blocks of text in most newspapers…plus, the

NyTimes typography is top notch

14:23:08 “our smart growth has been tempered by just the right amount of stupidity” Jim Lewis on Austin

in the NyTimes

15:15:02 @jordvogtroberts what part of town are you staying in?

17:54:37 @JordVogtRoberts Try to get down to South Congress for the Austin vibe. My favorite Mexican

restaurant in town is Polvo’s on S. 1st.

17:55:50 @JordVogtRoberts Iron Cactus on 6th has a fun roof if yr downtown. For bars, East 6th (west of

35) has fun places like @thegoodknight

18:01:18 @JordVogtRoberts if you have an iPhone, the Yelp app does good here, too!

18:04:30 @Hipstercrite sub question: is it more hipstery to move from Austin to Portland or Portland to


18:37:44 “I discovered the Biggest Loser marathon on cable. I like to pretend they can see me eating.” –


18:43:59 Wife talking to a student on the phone about Heidegger. God help me, I’m married to an


page 50 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


18:48:56 …a blonde bombshell of an academic, currently fixing the most delicious smelling dinner!

22:41:42 Video of me signing my @20×200 prints:

23:50:22 @mattthomas it was random, too : that’s what I decided to watch while I signed!

Tuesday, 29th of September.

07:43:08 @scd yeah, i shelled out for it — it’s helped me keep my e-mail inbox clear (I used to use it for a

to-do list…bad idea)

07:54:27 @scd it’s a bad idea for me, b/c i don’t answer e-mails real quick, things stack up, and i lose

track of what i’m really supposed to do

07:54:59 @scd Things is cool b/c it has the “Today” “Next” and “Someday” function. i have a bunch of

things in “Someday”…

09:04:35 @fearlessweaver mmmm bagel and deli! have fun!

09:35:26 New post @thebdr : How authors + publishers can use Flickr to create a Blogger’s Kit for new

books :

10:34:59 Most of my blog posts begin with doodles like this:

10:46:23 @beatonna check out this early version of “You Wear it Well” from the new Rod set:

11:55:48 “i fell on the hard floor / just b/c I adore / your underwear” – Rod Stewart, early take of “You

Wear It Well”

12:15:20 My @20×200 prints are on sale!! http://www.20× [Please Retweet!]

13:06:50 Thanks SO MUCH to everybody for the good words about the @20×200 prints. Y’all rock. So

much. http://www.20×

15:21:13 So overwhelmed w/ such a nice response. And happy to finally have stuff for sale!

15:54:22 @jordvogtroberts Koriente is fantastic. go there! can’t believe i forgot it.

16:17:28 @listofnow i don’t think that’ll be a problem πŸ™‚

17:04:07 They’re playing The Misfits in @TorchyTaco on the drag. God, I love this place.

18:27:37 @johntunger thanks, John! Can’t wait to get it out to you!

18:35:15 Sitting in my underwear out on my new deck that I built w/ @megzo. Neighbor, if you’re looking,

you deserve what you see!

20:11:29 “in our hearts’ honeymoon, lay I and Queequeg–a cosy, loving pair.” #mobydick

Wednesday, 30th of September.

07:40:51 @ohonestly there might be more around the holidays, but it isn’t 100%

08:17:27 So far the “How It Works” @20×200 print is outselling “The Figure Skater” 4:1.

08:51:55 Re: the new Niffenegger/Highgate Cemetery: in Cleveland, we used the cemetery as a park all

the time:

09:07:58 .@mattthomas Intellectual promiscuity sounds more fun to me than intellectual polygamy.


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09:28:09 @mattthomas agreed. also, if two disciplines need a translator, or a facilitator b/w the two, you

can carve a niche for yourself

09:28:52 @mattthomas my wife does this with green building and historical preservations — two groups

constantly battling each other

09:58:40 My favorite question: is it more important to be a good man or a good artist? Are they mutually


12:18:17 What we are / what we want to be:

13:51:22 Big publisher takes notice: RT @aaknopf: What do you think of this blogger kit idea?

16:24:23 Didn’t know the iPhone camera takes the shot when you *release” the button, not press it! (via @nathanbowers)

18:55:28 @Gwenda OLIVE!!! Yes!

19:09:26 Stephen Tobolowsky was Ned Ryerson in GROUNDHOG DAY, now he’s Sandy Ryerson on

GLEE. In-joke?

19:33:44 @scd oh good, I’m not the only geek πŸ˜‰

19:47:13 RT @megzo we built a deck last weekend! it is awesome. even milo likes it.

20:37:36 @zack_g most of an afternoon. we used a plan from this site: we had no

deck-building experience.. πŸ™‚

20:40:37 @madinkbeard oooh! It came from D+Q already? Must order

21:14:10 @dandq whoa, looks like y’all are having some website issues — getting all kinds of PHP errors

(gotta order that Porcellino!!)