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October 1, 2009

Thursday, 1st of October.

07:53:36 Love these Story + Interactivity diagrams that @philstuart uploaded! See my

sxsw notes:

09:05:07 @chrisferan whoa! stubbs in ohio!

13:25:10 “My drawing is my writing. I don’t see a separation between the two.” – @JeffLemire (via @leighwalton)

14:15:26 Hey @ransomcenter, we love you. A lot. But who gives a crap which celebrity is reading Poe?

Everyone reads Poe. He’s frickin’ ubiquitous.

15:00:45 That’s COMMISSIONER Kleon to you! @megzo just named to the Austin Historic Landmark

Commission. This means she has more meetings to go to.

15:23:46 @mwsmith13 great article. trick is: give digital stuff away, make fans, sell them a tangible object:

prints, t-shirts, books.

15:48:35 In progress

16:16:12 RT @mattthomas: @ransomcenter I’m interested in which celebrities *aren’t* reading Poe.

16:27:58 Heading up campus to see if my neighbor got a low # for Mos Def so we can get into the @acltv


17:57:38 Ran into @austinbloggy @TheOtherLeslie and @acltv. Saw the @rockhall induction. Sharpie

and index cards in front pocket, ready to draw

18:38:08 @bonitasarita dang! I shouldve kept a better eye out!

18:54:45 {{ snobbery }} My first time standing @acltv, and it’s 2 frickin sets at 1hr a piece. How can i draw

in this mob?

20:15:42 DONE. RT @senorleroy go for abstract expressionism.

20:21:19 Bumping into all kinds of folks tonight!

20:27:58 @vinceclortho nice to meet you, man!

Friday, 2nd of October.

08:10:54 Like Randy Watson, I too, decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow:

08:51:17 “occasionally I speak on my sketch pad” – David Hockney on his iPhone

09:10:03 EVERYBODY’S PIXILLATED: A book on doodling…from 1937! #vizthink

10:05:55 “Once you finish your book and actually get it out there your job is just beginning…” – @asimone

14:31:04 @hyams I’d go for Phoenix over Daniel Johnston. they’re great

16:16:33 There’s a reason she’s my best friend: “I hate festivals almost as much as I hate cleaning

toilets.” – @megzo

19:49:48 Do it like you would!

19:59:55 FACT: All moms love Josh Grobin and all moms own a copy of Carole King’s TAPESTRY.

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20:14:59 @majorpepper same here! I bought her a cd copy for Xmas

22:53:15 RT @tastytouring My art can beat up your art:

23:17:29 Book @7DaysinArtWorld looks amazing. @megzo used Thornton’s writing in her thesis

research. Anybody read it? cc: @johntunger @jenbee

23:27:47 the art world = “a kind of alternative religion for atheists”

Saturday, 3rd of October.

11:01:54 Added the map in John Porcellino’s new book to my “Maps of Fictional Worlds” collection: Thanks, @madinkbeard!

11:07:50 For my last @theBDR guest-blog post, I wrote about cartoonist John Porcellino’s King-Cat


11:16:17 Fantastic HD video of #Phoenix doing “1901” @ #ACL by @stephensurefire. Love the signer!

So cool. via @austinbloggy

11:45:45 @scd i think so! here’s a bigger pic:

12:07:16 Lesson learned at Mos Def / @iamknaan @ACLtv taping: it’s hard to draw and raise the roof at

the same time.

12:09:57 @stephensurefire awesome! i’ll check it out

12:33:24 @madinkbeard sweeeet. i can’t wait to get my copy!

13:11:04 @scd no! that’s sweet. love to see the western one. found a bunch of open forums from my era

recently. fun memories

13:33:41 Wow! We’ve sold 100 @20×200 prints so far. Thanks, y’all!

16:35:03 Getting ready to go to Quality Seafood, watching Bon Iver’s #ACL set on Hulu.

16:56:23 Wall o’ blackout:

20:59:51 Lobster at Quality Seafood!

21:07:18 RT @mattthomas “You never thought of a page of news as a symbolist landscape?” —Marshall

McLuhan, The Mechanical Bride

Sunday, 4th of October.

11:07:00 “What is this? A tent for ants??”

12:26:29 @jtwilcox “You wanna see me kick some ass? I know fucking karate!” my favorite PT Anderson

movie, hands down.

14:16:27 Ah, #ACL

14:26:52 @oh_steph @TheOtherLeslie seriously. Grab a drink, put yer (dry) feet up, and stream some


14:48:38 Dang, thought Heartless Bastards were covering Everclear’s “Santa Monica” for a minute. Nope,

just borrowing the riff.

15:15:18 Toadies: good music to accompany a bar fight. #ACL

15:35:45 “In An Unmade Bed” #NewspaperBlackout

19:33:17 @freckled nah, I wasn’t there…sorry!

19:48:43 Grosz! Masereel! Heartfield!! RT @theBDR : Book covers from Weimar Berlin:

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4-October-2009 via @thebookdesigner

20:34:50 Best episode of Miserable Men ever. God, I miss Italy. And yes, Italian men are that shameless

with American blondes. Ask @megzo.

22:43:46 “You know, I’m a voter. Aren’t you supposed to lie to me and kiss my butt?” – Pete Venkman

Monday, 5th of October.

09:29:25 Great interview with Brian Eno:

09:48:12 It is a good day: co-worker brought in ZZ Top remasters of TRES HOMBRES and FANDANGO!

for me to listen to.

09:58:20 With a little tweaking & some custom icons, the WP-Touch WordPress plugin is pretty great: #latetotheparty

10:03:32 @minorjive still better than nothing, and i’m guessing the majority of people who hit my site on

mobiles use iphone

10:07:56 @minorjive you recommend any? everyone’s blog i visit on the iphone seems to use Wp-Touch

10:08:18 @zack_g thanks, dude!

10:14:36 @minorjive it’s interesting — i almost think wp-touch makes blogs better — it strips out all the

sidebar garbage, focuses on posts

10:18:12 @mattthomas yes, yes, YES. discovering the idea of “constraint” changed everything for me

11:31:37 Love the way @mmaddencomics is setting up his new comic project:

Portability made making #NewspaperBlackout easy

12:10:47 Tea whale:

13:19:57 Who’s in for a tweetup at one of the Ghostbusters Quote-Alongs at the Alamo @Drafthouse?

13:30:05 At the Ghostbusters quote-along, you can bet I’ll be wearing this:

13:48:12 Got word that a @20×200 print reached a buyer. Anybody else get theirs? E-mail me pics!

15:44:10 IKEA run! RT @kathyzarsky: My blackout poems came in the mail today from 20X200! Need

perfect frames & then one ships to friend in London

15:46:46 FYI: we framed our 8×10 @20×200 blackout prints with this $10 IKEA frame, and they looked


17:47:35 .@academicdave I figure anybody followed by both @mattthomas & @johnmjones AND sports

a Psychonauts avatar is worth a follow!

17:59:56 Got my copy of PICTORIAL WEBSTER’S in the mail:

18:45:34 Aww yeah! RT @mwsmith13: !!!

19:22:29 We hung our blackout prints in the library last weekend:

Tuesday, 6th of October.

07:24:30 What to expect when you’re expecting (@20×200 blackout prints) Thanks,


08:09:53 Want to see my book 6 months ahead of time? #NewspaperBlackout in 30 seconds:

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08:22:55 @philstuart thanks, Phil! 😀

08:42:55 @mlarson 😀 those $10 IKEA frames are awesome. the 8x10s look better with a little mat

around them…

10:03:19 @mattforsythe i’m totally baffled by their new design. FUG-LEE

10:07:13 @mattforsythe you’d think with iPhones and mobile devices we’d be moving towards cleaner,

more straightforward sites…

12:59:21 “Man, you aught to take that cane and beat whoever made that suit to death.”

16:09:36 About to start getting $40 haircuts at my wife’s salon, just so I can schedule a damned

appointment. @birdsbarbershop I’m looking at YOU.

16:13:58 Look, I’ll admit: I want a woman to cut my hair. Or a gay dude. If Runway’s taught me one thing,

it’s that in matters of style, trust them.

16:21:31 @jwojwo love yr geetar playing on “lose my cool” — the chords kind of remind me of THE THE —

is that weird? ever heard DUSK?

16:23:26 @mattthomas gah! i don’t want clippers anywhere near my hair. plus, I want to see the hair of

the guy who wrote this.

16:25:25 OK, Austin dudes. Ever been here? @mattthomas is trying

to talk me into it

16:28:12 @mattthomas how’d you know about Avenue?

16:34:48 @vikkiprattles have i seen the google logos collection? i mean, i’ve seen google logos before…

16:37:33 Gah. I’m just going to go home, put on a hat, and drink a bunch of whiskey.

16:44:39 @vikkiprattles that’s true! Very cool

17:24:34 @mattthomas you want me to take fashion advice from a guy with a mustache??? LOL

17:35:42 This bloody glorified Sharpie cost more than the drawing pad:

18:51:33 Theory: golden age Hollywood actresses look so good to modern eyes b/c they weigh 10-20

pounds more than today’s lot.

19:00:33 @gacorley you bet she did!

19:00:45 @brooksmasterson nice!

19:00:50 @qrter thanks!

19:51:58 One for the “Power of Captions” file. Would’ve liked to buy this! RT @marcjohns Triangles =

mountains. Always.

19:53:35 “if I tell you these are Christmas Trees, you will imagine them as such.” 😀

cc: @marcjohns

20:12:21 UT tower doodled from the Art Co-Op on Guadalupe:

Wednesday, 7th of October.

07:45:20 @marcjohns yeah, this is a pet obsession of mine: “Pictures can say whatever we want them to

say, as long as we use the right words.”

08:20:34 @harperperennial OMG does this mean Milo can be a Harper Perennial pet?? 😀

09:53:48 “A pictures says what I tell you it says” Riffing off @marcjohns in my sketchbook:

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11:09:19 @birdsbarbershop nah, I’ll just drink beer & play on my iPhone. in practice yr call ahead isn’t

really a reservation, more “are you busy?”

12:52:12 Brad Neely Animation Showcase, pt 2 @drafthouse! (Crap! Brad’s leaving

Austin for LA? But I didn’t get to meet him!)

13:26:37 Messageboard is abuzz: our neighborhood streets are now on Google maps:

Satellite still shows it as the airport! #mueller

13:28:57 @jonnygoldstein kurt vonnegut! uchicago rejected his thesis: later gave him

honorary for CAT’S CRADLE

14:34:13 The Stagmeister TED talk made me think about the 2 years of part-time work I did after

undergrad, with plenty of free time…

14:34:49 …out of those two years came my interest in visual thinking, cartooning, and yes, blackout


14:55:12 @gapingvoid I had the “Think Different” ad with John & Yoko taped to my piano in middle


14:57:27 @mattthomas yeah, it kind of shocked me to think about how much of what i do now was

generated in those two years!!

20:31:30 @marcjohns thanks, dude! All apologies, I just couldn’t resist

21:13:32 @agent_x “doritos silouettes”

21:15:37 ZOMBIELAND was tons of fun. The @Highballaustin is fantastic. Really would love to have a

book release party there…

21:16:06 Also, Austinites: go outside and look east. Big fat moon out there!

21:17:34 @chrisferan she is amazing live!!!

21:22:50 @brandonnn dang, man! Shouldve bought you a drink while you were here! Glad to know things

are still cookin’. Enjoy yr travels!

Thursday, 8th of October.

08:26:10 @jwojwo re: DUSK as @fluxistrad has said, “one of my all-time favorite depressing listens”

youtube has most of the album:

08:28:53 @jwojwo here’s @fluxistrad’s little appreciation, btw: i endorse it fully

08:38:44 The @harperperennial folks are hooking me up with really cool postcards for the book using this


10:06:45 @bonitasarita man, i am lovin’ that tune — we should track her down…she’s still touring!

13:13:29 RT @scd Rock Band is coming to the iPhone!?

13:22:58 NO RECESS!!!! #nirvana #school

14:58:05 RT @mkupperman: Look at these idiots!

16:23:25 And visiting your gravestone, they’ll say, “Regardless the merit of his art, he had a terrific talent

for bullshit.”

20:20:34 My vote for best anti-suicide record: Sam Cooke’s LIVE AT THE HARLEM SQUARE CLUB,


Friday, 9th of October.

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06:35:54 Big rain & 65 in ATX means after 4 months I FINALLY get to wear my new trenchcoat!

07:42:50 Another line on the resume for a guy who doesn’t need one.

08:42:26 Every once in a bombed moon, I make a poem I like:

08:49:34 @scottmccloud check out Kenneth Koch’s ART OF THE POSSIBLE:

09:37:50 @leeleslie haha! thanks, dude

10:07:49 This @karlgude @vizthink “Show, Don’t Tell: Drawing and Design” presentation should be real


10:16:42 Drawings of Harvey Pekar (@pekarproject) for his 70th : I had lunch

w/ him once:

12:45:53 @carolineferan @chrisferan i agree. little is gained from engaging with meatheads

13:08:01 @JanetPierson we have out-of-town guests: seeing beeswax @ the alamo would be a perfect

ATX activity. plus I want to see you on screen! 😉

16:12:19 Gol-dang @forlornfunnies can design a frickin’ book cover. Perfect blogger’s kit:

16:40:07 Agreed. RT @robotjohnny: Tweetie 2 is pretty slick; bummed that there’s no Flickr support.

20:37:55 @fantagraphics excellent!

20:51:02 Every time I have a vodka & cranberry, Jack Nicholson leans over and says, “What, are you on

your period?”

Saturday, 10th of October.

07:29:15 @scd zombieland!

10:12:06 South Congress w/ the out-of-town guests. Brunch, then a haircut. Good jacket and boots


10:13:12 @mlarson @scd dang I had no idea had personalized radio!

11:12:27 Hanging out at Avenue Barbershop on South Congress, waiting for a cut cc: @mattthomas

12:53:31 Always take guests to the “famed” 6th street b/w Driskill & 35, but personally I think it’s the

armpit of Austin.

13:02:11 @zack_g yeah dude, we were just there. Wife insists ppl see 6th

14:41:27 Dude, I just found a frickin RED VELVET whoopie pie @ Central Market. Plus, Meg is making a

shrimp boil tonight. #kleonslovefood

15:28:15 @mattthomas it was a good cut. I’m interested to see whether it grows out nice. If it does, I’ll def

go back

15:31:34 @austinkleon (dark) photo evidence. should add it was affordable!

17:01:52 Awesome Brian Dettmer piece in a Texas State show:

17:13:56 House hat:

20:05:16 Video of a Brian Dettmer book autopsy I saw at Texas State tonight:

Sunday, 11th of October.

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09:01:32 There is something beautiful about getting drunk at the head of the table.

09:35:45 @AustinBloggy where are they shooting?

09:39:08 FLAMMABLE! Keep fire away from @megzo & @bentumbrella! (@drawers painting in bckgrd)

09:39:37 @AustinBloggy far out! thanks, man

09:47:34 @AustinBloggy yea, I dunno: I’m kind of with you: rainy .+ gross .+ I need to recover for the

week…we’ll see!

10:35:56 God bless you, @MiMadres

12:09:54 Very tempted. RT @fluxistrad: Hey Austin: Be in a White Denim music video at 3 pm today:

20:55:55 This owl looks PISSED! RT @cesart:

21:05:26 I kind of love this picture @hominid took of @megzo & me:

Monday, 12th of October.

09:43:26 “Columbus day! We found it, we built it, we put in the driveways and landscaping.”

09:46:53 In “honor” of Columbus Day, here’s an excerpt from Kurt Vonnegut’s BREAKFAST OF


11:17:21 Prima donnas love Monday mornings. They lie in the weekend bushes and wait for the smell of

coffee and despair…

11:41:45 Might be able to get an EPSON 4000 ink-jet for wicked cheap. Considering it for blackout


13:16:26 Whoa. I had no idea Tom Phillips mentored Brian Eno. Thanks, @mlarson

15:08:47 @ovasi i’ll try to see if i can take some decent notes!

20:00:42 Forget Crumb. I want a Genesis illustrated by Brad Neely!

Tuesday, 13th of October.

07:51:58 “Coming Tuesday I feel better…”

08:28:14 .@jbj dude, THANK YOU for the “faking it as a productivity tip” post. forwarding it to @megzo


08:35:17 .@jbj must do our part to rid our academic loved ones of imposter syndrome!!

08:40:08 @luxlotus i love that song so much. FIRST TAKE is a rad album

08:54:26 @johntunger great article. @megzo & i believe firmly in looking for signs and going w/ gut. it’s

done wonders so far…resilience, too

09:24:54 @johntunger YES. life as a story!!

09:36:45 @johntunger the thing about heroes: they get into all sorts of trouble. no trouble, no story. so

you have to be ready to roll w/ punches

09:43:02 @johntunger i’m digging this thread. when @megzo & i have a decision to make, we often say,

“What would be a better story?” and go w/ that

09:52:26 @johntunger i am envisioning many such nights. currently shopping for a road trip – able car so

that west texas is within our reach

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10:57:04 Next Tuesday marks the fourth anniversary of newspaper blackout poems. Think I might make

a “greatest hits” post to celebrate.

13:34:00 RT @ayjay: Listening to the previews of Dylan’s Christmas album is one of the more terrifying

experiences of my life:

15:06:38 COLUMBUS DAY WITHOUT THE GUILT! (Sign doesn’t need blackout

treatment, needs garbage can treatment.)

15:34:28 Love this book. RT @deanmeistr: A blog post about Henry Dreyfuss’ Symbol Sourcebook

16:38:47 Jens Lekman on sampling: (found while researching my far-in-the-future book

notes for @largeheartedboy)

16:40:00 @TWalk @sunnibrown @armano I know sunni does, and so do I

16:40:18 @TWalk @sunnibrown @armano great post, BTW!

18:51:42 @jtwilcox never used it: took it back and had my buddy screenprint for me

18:55:54 @deanmeistr nice! good ol’ subtraction method!

Wednesday, 14th of October.

07:52:30 RT @niemanlab: Wall Street Journal sicking lawyers on artist who uses their dot drawings

07:56:01 Enlargement doesn’t equal transformation, IMHO RT @niemanlab:

08:00:24 And a big reason why I don’t use the photos in the NYTimes for the poems. RT @niemanlab:

09:56:54 RT @jonnygoldstein: @vizthink re:fave #vizthinku moments: i LOVED the drawing lesson

@austinkleon did for the #VizThinkU visual note course.

10:02:12 Really pleased to hear people liked the @vizthink drawing lessons I gave. I’m trying to

brainstorm more hands-on exercises like those…

10:03:38 @jonnygoldstein thanks, dude! when I was a kid, my dream job was to be an author and a

teacher. half-way there…

10:15:14 Keep your eyes peeled. 😉 RT @sxsw: SXSW interactive releasing panel titles on Oct 19th.

10:31:00 @jonnygoldstein nah, that’s all glory and no payday. LOL

10:36:12 @scd man, i loved that game. hopefully the iphone version will be cool

10:38:22 A public librarian’s job:”helping people open email accounts, create résumés, & attach résumés

to e-mail.”

10:39:28 “the job of a librarian has absolutely nothing to do w/ books; the job of a librarian is to help

people find info”

10:41:54 Previous tweets why I moved from librarian to web designer –> help people use the web, from

the other side of the screen.

10:45:15 Great #savethelibrary Dispatch from a Public Librarian by @scott_douglas for @McSweeneys:

12:26:22 “Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him…” –

Flannery O’Connor

13:40:12 I drew both. RT @andrewbird ( on Austin City Limits Sat, Oct. 24th w/

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@st_vincent (

14:51:35 Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever single > the whole Sgt. Pepper’s LP

15:08:57 @leeleslie agreed re: sgt. peppers not in top 5. that video reminds me of this scene from


15:17:47 @mattthomas every mccartney needs a lennon. every tweedy needs a bennett. every andre

3000 needs a big boi.

18:48:50 @fluxistrad happy birthday!

20:05:07 Confession time:

20:53:08 The secret to Facebook, via @TexasMonthly: “the ‘hide’ function. Learn it, use it, love it.” Amen.

21:25:14 @Olive_2

Thursday, 15th of October.

08:47:09 @rohdesign best of luck…to both of you!!

08:54:47 God is a trickster: what we love isn’t necessarily what we’re good at.

09:11:43 Why hobbies exist: you can often be more successful at something that you’re naturally good at

but have no love for.

10:24:05 New book on Gerd Arntz (woodcut artist & ISOTYPE designer) coming out. No idea how to get it

in the states:

10:57:44 @deanmeistr sweet!

13:02:31 In honor of the flying boy:

13:24:19 RT @jessicahagy: Falcon, I hope you have a safe landing and a movie deal.

13:25:38 Dude, this Falcon The Balloon Boy thing is like an Esther Pearl Watson painting come to life:

13:32:46 Life imitates art. #floatingboy

15:12:54 @NathanBowers and that’s why men move to Austin, Texas

15:51:23 @rohdesign congrats!!!

16:11:35 The lack of good public transit REALLY makes you start seeing red when yr looking at buying a

new car. $20,000 is a lot of train tickets.

16:18:28 RT @MKupperman: The family’s already done “Wife Swap”- now they need a visit from “The


Friday, 16th of October.

07:54:01 @popcandy i climb up on the house / weep to water the trees <– best lyrics ever!

07:55:05 @deanmeistr awesome! DM away!

07:56:45 @popcandy my fav is Rolling Stones’ “Beast of Burden” (almost-a-breakup-song) “ain’t I tough


08:09:29 @spheran mmmm ribs. next time yr down, we’re doing a REAL BBQ tour…

08:43:06 @spheran holy crap, we can do that — weekend o’ tubing and bbq

09:05:56 “Texas Is Not For Pedestrians” and other de-signs for Friday:

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09:24:12 This list will be longer next year: “4 authors making an argument for Austin’s literary greatness” –


09:25:15 @spheran this time of year, yeah. not in summer when it’s 100 degrees SIXTY DAYS IN A


09:38:02 @leeleslie yeah, the name thing still freaks me out and makes me feel goofy

09:41:47 @spheran actually, i really, really, really want to visit Madison next summer. i’m hoping maybe

we can do a book signing there!

09:45:20 @leeleslie you’d be amazed how many people forget my name at parties here. helps with the

google rankings though…

09:52:34 One day I really want to teach a “writing with visual thinking techniques” course. Might start w/

posts on the blog… #vizthink

09:52:46 @leeleslie that is a true sentence.

10:02:21 Duh. I totally forgot: I AM teaching a visual thinking in the English classroom course! Next year:

12:19:52 @asimone thanks for the good words on @clusterflock!

12:48:29 @magdaZINE awesome. lynda barry pretty much has it nailed — but there’s a few other things

to add into the mix…

13:21:21 Just in time for Halloween. RT @paulconstant: Michael Chabon’s new author photo

13:32:21 @leeleslie lots of people I respect sing his praises, but i’ve never made it through one of his

books. writes a little long for me

13:37:36 @zack_g “you want some candy, little boy?”

13:40:51 @mmaddencomics not very helpful, but i started (& abandoned) a comic, drawn entirely in Flash

to look like a woodcut:

13:41:20 @mmaddencomics used the same “technique” for this one:

13:47:08 @leeleslie i do like his essays — his intro for the McSweeney’s THRILLING TALES collection

had a big impact on me in college

17:26:32 Screw you, Jack Nicholson: bring on the vodka and cranberry.

19:12:15 Brainstorming visual thinking for writers #vizthink

Saturday, 17th of October.

09:30:23 Vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers: the sound of Sisyphus pushing the rock up the mountain.

11:32:08 Forgot how powerful Garageband is and how much I missed writing music. Using poem

discards for lyrics…

16:12:14 Guitar center rawkage (pic by @megzo)

16:39:56 Saturday afternoon trip to Target will clear up that urge to procreate real quick…

Sunday, 18th of October.

12:12:38 The beauty of enlarging small details:

The beauty of enlarging small details

12:19:17 Clearing off my 6-year-old Powerbook and making it a dedicated Garageband / recording laptop.

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:38:00 Watching the 1974 #ACLtv pilot w/ Willie Nelson:

Monday, 19th of October.

07:47:08 Our visual Note-Taking 101 panel made the cut for #SXSW 2010! Thanks,

y’all! #viznotes #vizthink

07:53:31 Two #sxsw panels I’m excited to see: @Dan_Roam & @CaseyCaplowe on

GOOD’s infographics

07:54:25 @rohdesign WOOT!

09:09:45 @scd sweet. i’m gonna pick it up

09:10:32 @halvorson congrats! I’ll definitely be in the audience

09:30:21 Happy Birthday to Ed Emberley! RT @makeaworldfilm post b-day wishes for him at

09:35:35 “Look at all the hours that were filled, the boredom that was eased.”


10:25:50 SXSW is one month before my book’s pub date. Bad timing or good timing? Regardless, I’ll be

handing out a TON of postcards…

10:46:58 “The world is full of stuff that no one wants or that no one sees…..I view my job as ‘building a

world.'” – @johntunger

11:47:03 I just ousted @megzo as the mayor of KleonLand on…oh wait, no I didn’t.

12:00:24 Tomorrow marks 4 years of Newspaper Blackout Poems. Celebrating with a print giveaway.

Stay tuned for details!

12:49:58 SXSW, 1986 (found in Half Price books)

14:10:24 @spheran @chrisferan boys, boys

14:45:45 @TWalk thanks, man!

17:37:02 Felt weird, eating burgers at the Crown and Anchor w/o @twalk, but he’d be the first to admit

@megzo is better-lookin company…

17:44:25 @TWalk EXACTLY!

17:52:07 Zapped. On the couch with @milokleon, reading Roald Dahl’s THE WITCHES

20:29:49 @ryancoleman nice!

20:36:11 @TWalk: not technically a #fleetwoodmac but I love the French Kicks cover of L. Buckingham’s


Tuesday, 20th of October.

06:44:35 @Ovasi oh sorry — after all that, I didn’t end up going!

09:16:06 Win a free limited-edition print in the #NewspaperBlackout print giveaway!

(Retweet to enter!)

09:58:23 @ywalker awesome! 🙂

10:02:59 @ywalker when Rose reads “Only hope and imagination can save us” it still sends a shiver

down my back!

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


10:07:57 @ywalker tell her I said hello!

10:41:53 Stream to the new White Denim album FITS (fixed link) :

12:49:24 “I look at your blackout poems as epitaphs for newspapers and for the profession I once loved

and now mourn.” – @ElaineLiner

13:01:56 Perfect timing: editor just e-mailed me that the #NewspaperBlackout 1st pass manuscript will be

here tomorrow morning!!

13:48:07 @TWalk about the only time i get blog comments is if i ask for them (either explicitly, like with a

contest, or by asking a question)

15:04:39 A heartwarming tale of taxidermy. RT @mmockingbird: Have a kleenex ready.

15:50:21 @emilytshaw i was just in that place last weekend! classy joint!

16:22:19 Nice display of John Porcellino books @Domy_Books : cc: @dandq

16:58:46 1st story of @DanChaon’s i ever read RT @thegunter: Boyd Gaines reads the entirety of “The

Bees” for PRI

18:43:09 I can’t get over what nice fans I have. &

19:15:10 RT @gapingvoid: Authors: The book biz is not about how many books you sell, it’s about how

big an advance you get on your next one.

19:29:35 The sports section is new and fertile territory for me:

19:30:19 Think the reason the Business & Sports sections have yielded so much fruit lately is that I could

give a crap about the stories…

Wednesday, 21st of October.

08:01:06 Poor kid: “My daughter is already learning words from your art! She is 16 months.” #NewspaperBlackout

08:18:03 @IDMPhoto the #NewspaperBlackout print giveaway:

08:24:36 Dang! Almost 100 people have entered the #NewspaperBlackout giveaway!

09:17:14 “When you live in Texas you get used to brands pandering to some mythic metaphor…” –


09:23:20 @scd you going to see John P in Madison tonight?

09:25:45 Either there’s a baby-boom going on, or we’re approaching 30: at least 1/2 a dozen of our

friends are expecting in March.

10:01:35 @davegray still looking for community definitions? @scottmccloud: “Communities are


10:40:29 @sgmitch it’s craziness!

11:08:42 NYTimes on @20×200 & @jenbee : Congrats, y’all!

11:51:04 Your new favorite drawing: Jochen Gerner’s “Pixies Raw Materials”

15:08:38 @popcandy welcome! the weather will be better tomorrow.

15:29:30 “Sound Famous Fast!” #guitarcenter

15:41:04 @CutOutCollect thx!

16:13:34 @AustinBloggy cd? didja buy it at waterloo? need to pick it up

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


16:15:32 @AustinBloggy will do!

16:30:32 @davegray james kochalka does a similar assignment w/ his comics students — draw 100

cartoon characters from memory, look for your style

17:54:13 Frying a porkchop in celebration of getting the first pass manuscript for #NewspaperBlackout!

20:09:45 Night just took an awesome turn #fyeahdalton

22:21:35 @anorwood oh man, I’ve got GB2 on RIGHT NOW!

Thursday, 22nd of October.

09:26:01 Saltines, Gatorade, sick time.

15:46:36 Must-listen @RealTracyMorgan on @nprfreshair Even weirder when lying in

bed sick.

16:54:27 Don’t worry about unity from piece to piece–what unifies all your work is the fact that you made


17:04:19 @mattthomas probably. Instead of writing “Cowgirl in the Sand” you listen to Tracy Morgan &

type nonsense w/ yr thumbs

17:27:03 @IDMPhoto I want to go to there…

Friday, 23rd of October.

11:06:29 @OTRAustin great article on White Denim!!

18:13:22 @zack_g I love that episode. Best chased w/ the Katie Couric interview

18:16:55 @zack_g

Saturday, 24th of October.

07:30:03 @listofnow don’t listen to iPhone haters. AT&T sucks, iPhone does not. I like Tweetie for a

Twitter app 🙂 enjoy!

07:32:34 @jtwilcox cool!

10:33:42 Stack of #NewspaperBlackout postcards!

11:14:05 The pleasant new Jim O’Rourke & Yo La Tengo albums fall into Rob Gordon’s “I just want

something I can ignore” school.

12:09:13 @freckled e-mail me your addy and I’ll send you one:

12:10:51 @inkstuds watch your hating on Texas, there, buddy

12:26:59 Execution > originality. If you steal an idea, but do it better, you own it. (In a cultural, not legal


17:52:21 Me & @megzo will be there…anybody else? RT @mohawkaustin: White Denim tonight. Mad

skillz. Booze. Dancing. Rock and roll mayhem.

19:11:21 @popcandy sorry we didn’t make it to the meetup! You should come to see White Denim

@mohawkaustin tonight!

20:20:28 @bruceturner yeah, I think they’re selling at the door

21:07:52 These Brazos fellas are pretty good! @mohawkaustin

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


21:08:34 @keaggy that sounds rad! I LOVE when @megzo roasts pumpkin seeds

21:16:16 @chrisferan 11/07/09 @ Grog Shop go see White Denim & Brazos

22:05:01 White Denim! @mohawkaustin

22:05:14 RT @JumboSlice: White Denim! Headband is in full effect.

22:22:16 White Denim KICKING ASS!!! @mohawkaustin

22:22:35 Holy sheeyite! RT @fluxistrad: Pretty sure I’m watching Lou barlow watch white denim omg

Sunday, 25th of October.

07:59:46 4 the family man vs artist file: “Anyone can be a father or a husband…only 5 people in the world

can do what I do.”

08:38:18 What do you call a rabid White Denim fan? A Denim Head? B/c I am one. Love those guys.

Going to every show I can from now on…

08:50:52 Great NYTimes article about marriage & money. Attitude towards money is

HUGE in making it work.

09:38:00 @MichelleMalott you are too kind! 😀

10:08:06 RT @ebertchicago: 2009 is the tenth anniversary of the first appearance of Stifler’s Mom

10:11:14 There are 10 weeks left in 2009. #holyshit

10:14:51 @carolineferan happy birthday! officially out of your ‘teens! but still in no legal booze limbo…

10:33:22 “Wordles are the gateway drug to getting students interested in textual analysis” – @jcmeloni


11:01:48 Piece of shit Rock Band drums! My snare pad went bad. Anybody ever fixed one?

11:11:06 @mubay forgot to mention I have a Wii and not an Xbox (I regret that fact often)

11:14:52 In case you ever need it, here’s a fix for a faulty Wii Rock Band drum pad:

11:19:42 Well, I always wanted to teach myself to solder — looks like I’ll have another purchase at the

Home Depot this PM…

11:33:06 @mubay thanks, dude –that procedure is gonna work for the wii drums too!

12:09:16 How did we fix crap before the internet? 15 minutes on YouTube, and I know how to resolder

and fix my Rock Band drums.

13:55:49 @oh_steph holy smokes! I gotta get there for brunch — went last night and had a slaw dog +

nacho waffle fries

13:58:23 @bonitasarita @senorleroy saw you two on the Andrew Bird @acltv last night! 😀

15:29:15 @mattthomas I enjoyed it. Not a dude I’d want to work for or really be friends with… But he’s a

helluva director

15:37:49 Fixed the Rock Band drum pad, BTW. Soldered it and everything. Feeling very pleased with


19:53:06 Sunday night, time for Miserable Men. Maybe someone will shoot Don and Joan will get naked.

Dare to dream…

20:03:17 @mattthomas LOL

20:24:35 F YEAH, JOAN!

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


20:25:56 @senorleroy stupid tennis-playing lee ranaldo

21:41:11 “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…” – Emerson (via @jenbee)

Monday, 26th of October.

07:52:03 Last day to enter the #NewspaperBlackout print giveaway! Closes Midnight CST. (Retweet to enter)

08:31:01 “Should we talk about the weather? Should we talk about the government?”


09:27:11 Two of my favorite tweeps, @mattthomas & @jenbee, have recently pointed me to Emerson’s


13:04:19 @mattthomas read it last night on my iphone before falling asleep

13:43:25 MADE IN OHIO. I am buying this t-shirt: via @glass

14:09:14 @jamesfflynn EXACTLY.

15:17:07 “Aim ridiculously high, somehow become good.” – Dan Bejar (great @austinist interview)

15:42:03 @rebeccapogany a must-own for all ohio expatriates 😉

16:02:18 @sct I have a souvenir tee from our Cleveland years that says: CLEVELAND: YOU’VE GOT TO


16:28:38 “everything’s big in Texas / you know it is / I think I might have made a big mistake…” ♫

17:01:13 RT @johntunger: Imitator Sues Artist to Overturn Copyright on Sculptural Art – Please help

defend the arts:

17:04:06 @sct I rank the big 3 Ohio cities: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus. Grew up closest to c-bus so

that could be why… (grass greener, etc)

17:18:15 How about we just find this asshole ripping off @johntunger and break his legs?

17:26:20 The Commissioner (@megzo) has a meeting @ City Hall, so I’m going to @WaterlooRecords

and @BookPeople to shop & kill a few hours.

17:28:05 How about some of us artist types donate some art for a @johntunger legal defense fundraising

auction? cc: @gapingvoid

19:21:30 $25 for a hardcover? I’ve said it before, but every time I spend time in a bookstore, I’m relieved

my book is a $10 paperback.

19:29:09 I like this poem by Matthew Dickman:

19:35:22 @freckled good plan 😉

20:20:09 .@megzo has been in her meeting 2 1/2 hours. She will not be happy. Luckily, I’m a smart

husband & bought her something from Anthropologie.

20:28:36 Glad the ladies are with me. Men, embrace Anthropologie. It can gift you out of many jams.

20:39:49 @carolineferan @chrisferan @spheran LOL deja vu:

20:41:53 Family FTW. Sis-in-law to my bros-in-law: RT @carolineferan: @chrisferan @spheran stop

cluttering up twitter with your bickering, girls

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


21:21:42 RTGot the new White Denim LP, FITS @WaterlooRecords. 2 for 1 bargain: includes


21:26:11 @AustinBloggy wish I could be there! Love their stuff

22:31:40 Bedtime.

Tuesday, 27th of October.

08:23:18 @davegray @karlgude I gotta be at a meeting for my day job this morning, but I look forward to

the recording! #vizthinku

08:28:17 I pledged some dough to @johntunger’s Kickstarter to help w/ his copyright battle. You can too: #defendart

08:34:22 @armindak check these out: R Crumb’s GENESIS, @RSikoryak’s MASTERPIECE COMICS,

and David Small’s STITCHES

11:02:22 RT @woxy: New On The Futurist: White Denim Guest DJ Set On Demand

11:17:54 @ashoupster i listen to @woxy mostly on their iphone app — that, and their recent move to

Austin has brought them back to my headphones 🙂

12:34:10 WTF album cover spotted @WaterlooRecords #badgradient

12:46:39 Congrats to @matt_wilson for winning the #NewspaperBlackout print giveaway! Thanks so

much to those of you who entered.

13:12:41 Just mistyped “pot roast” as “poet roast.” #freudianslip

13:14:41 This is true. RT @Armano: @austinkleon but really—poets deserve to be roasted.

14:25:44 @freckled or buy it when it goes on sale 😉

15:08:07 @minorjive used to, yeah. took them down b/c no one ever commented

15:09:41 @minorjive isn’t that weird? totally random that I came across that album

15:33:08 I’m gonna steal this line from @st_vincent to describe my book: “Cheaper than a dinner date at

Applebee’s. Enjoy!”

17:28:42 Looking through @cglass’s photos makes me miss Southern Ohio.

19:04:38 “Look, woman: we’re gonna watch the rest of Roadhouse, read books, and go to bed.”

(Sometimes you just have to lay down the law.)

Wednesday, 28th of October.

08:20:52 “Beef? Honey? Are you going to get out of bed today?” “If I did I’d be bluffing.” #achewood (Bluffing today.)

08:38:54 Any of you know a good social services worker in Austin? Blog follower has a friend in trouble

and needs a referral.

09:09:39 Hey y’all, an Austinite and a blog follower of mine, @jochild, is w/o health insurance & needs

some help:

09:35:37 @johntunger something not #defendart related that you might dig:

09:59:45 @gillinator The Governator lays the smackdown:

11:49:09 @deanmeistr @jonnygoldstein what the heck is this #smchat stuff?

11:53:10 @jonnygoldstein ah! is it like an ongoing thing? who instigated it?

page 68 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


11:54:57 @deanmeistr nah, it’s great — i just wondered what it was all about, who started it, etc! 🙂

11:59:54 @deanmeistr @jonnygoldstein glad you guys are pushing hand-drawn maps. i shake my head

when people ask me for mm software. PAPER FTW #smchat

12:33:14 For #smchat: Some uses of Mind Maps: & Anatomy of a Mind Map:

12:54:30 Holy smokes, @keaggy nailed something I’ve wanted to try: Post-It note #viznotes:

13:27:27 I’ll be sketching Crumb, Spiegelman, and Mouly from the 3rd row of Bass Concert Hall, Nov.

13th. Tickets:

13:29:02 Sketching R. effing Crumb. Jeez, I hope he doesn’t see them.

16:18:38 @jmerriman excellent!

17:10:31 Would guve me a reason to actually turn on my Wii RT @eachnotesecure: Netflix steaming

coming to the Nintendo Wii?

18:51:24 @papertrail ugh, Stubbs. Hate, hate, hate

19:39:33 As opposed to selling software for something you can do w/ pen & paper… RT @SmartDraw:

Way to make a mind map difficult!

20:08:20 @roygrubb I have zero experience w/ mindmap software, so my input is useless!

20:46:06 “i start to run” is my theme song this week. My brain is like Steve running thru the desert:

21:15:13 “With a book he was regardless of time…” – Jane Austen

Thursday, 29th of October.

07:51:18 Man, I never know where to take out-of-towners for dinner in Austin (w/o leaving town). Where

do you take ’em? cc: @tastytouring

07:55:55 @MarcieVargas it is good — but technically it’s outside of Austin! but always a safe bet…

07:57:09 @ursonate cool! i’ve never been there

08:17:29 @jettek mmm Matt’s El Rancho. I really like that place. Chuy’s too!

08:21:46 @aaronhierholzer who are you excited to see at the #TXBF?

08:23:26 Those of you going to the Texas Book Festival, who are you excited to see? I’ll be there

sketching. #TXBF

08:27:24 @anorwood that’s the second nod for WINK — I think this’ll be downscale — you know how much

I love Polvo’s… 😉

08:29:07 @stevecherches ditto RT @rohdesign: Just got a spammy weight loss DM from your Twitter

account – better update your account password.

08:31:02 @tastytouring thanks! a lot of times it comes down to me thinking, “Where do I want to go…”

and so, Polvo’s!! 😀

08:43:40 @antm that’s the problem! gotta go out of town for BBQ — think I’m angling for Polvo’s

08:44:08 @viswoman definitely seeing @danchaon

08:56:49 @viswoman Ah! My neighbor @uberjam is leading the ASF panel, so I’ll hafta go to that!

08:58:10 @roblifford that’s true — we’re going to ARTZ tonight!!

08:59:38 I’ll have a big stack of these #NewspaperBlackout postcards at the Book Fest this weekend if

page 69 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


you want one: #TXBF

09:13:40 @TWalk nice!

09:25:07 @roblifford @antm I’m recommending that my wife get the burger tonight (she’s never been)

and I’m getting the pork ribs, baby

09:29:18 @TWalk agreed!

09:33:49 I like to take folks to Polvo’s, then drive to So. Congress for drinks / Amy’s ice cream… cc:

@tastytouring @ATXfoodnews @TWalk

09:39:14 @brandonnn great minds, sir, great minds. when are we gonna get a drink? you still in LA?

10:06:57 @viswoman cool! yeah, Jill lives right down the street from me

11:34:08 As the boy cried before he ran away from summer camp, “Ah miss mah dawg!”

12:46:25 @ryancoleman this web designer smacks his forehead…

13:42:18 GIVE ME A G*DAMN BREAK “Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals Turned Me Vegan”

-Natalie Portman (via @largeheartedboy)

13:47:06 Somebody needs to slather Jonathan Safran Foer in BBQ sauce and roast him.

13:47:59 “Why doesn’t a horny person have as strong a claim to raping an animal as a hungry one does

to…eating it?”

13:48:53 Why do Jonathan Safran Foer and Natalie Portman both bring up rape when it comes to

meat-eating? F*ing absurd.

13:54:03 @gapingvoid when it comes to the net, the artists I know are some of the most clueless people

i’ve ever met

13:59:04 @ayjay yes!

14:02:08 Oh, indeed… RT @gapingvoid: Why do I get the feeling that @austinkleon and I will be hatching

#evilplans soon? 😉

14:03:30 @listofnow agreed. it offends me to no end

14:20:32 @Margosita holy crap! i didn’t know that

16:19:25 Eli Cash! RT @anorwood: if the blackout poetry thing doesn’t pan out, maybe you could try

some blackout robbery:

17:20:36 “It was pouring down rain. You were dressed as a sandwich. I thanked you for the Subway

coupon.” – @megzo’s Missed Connection

18:54:55 Thought I was gonna try the cheeseburger, but the minute I walked into Artz I knew I had to

have pork ribs! Cc: @antm & @roblifford

23:08:39 yes! RT @papertrail: good times w/ @austinkleon & @megzo @artzribhouse and

@highballaustin. now motivated to finish the Kim Deal list.

Friday, 30th of October.

08:22:07 New de-signs are up: I geo-tagged and mapped them, if yr into that kinda


08:28:27 @maczter oooh that’s good…

09:02:46 Ah! Competition: Dash Shaw’s BODYWORLD comes out the same day as


09:26:23 @zack_g no — everyone seems to be raving, though — guess i’d better find it!

page 70 / 109

austinkleon’s Tweetbook


09:45:25 @zack_g oh heck yeah — thanks, dude!

09:59:32 : @sivers nails it: you want to be the only person in the world who does what you do.

12:13:23 Every time a favorite blog truncates its RSS feed, a kitten dies.

12:25:11 @papertrail oh man, did i forward that pic to a few people…

12:34:42 That reminds me: we need t-shirts. RT @vikkiprattles: This shirt made me think of Newspaper

Blackout poems!

13:17:18 @RonHogan Molly is a terrific tour guide — you’re in good hands!

13:33:13 My Twitter Lists: skeezers, skanks, skig-scags, and scallywhops. Lemme know which one you

want to be on.

14:15:17 @gorillavsbear that is so badass. it was a great show

14:48:07 The Onion: “Biggest Mistake of Life Dressed Up As Pumpkin” cc:

@HarperPerennial (spotted by @anorwood)

14:51:08 @gorillavsbear seen them twice now — after Mohawk show, decided not to miss any more

austin shows, at any cost

15:08:53 Nothing screams Halloween terror like cubicles:

15:26:07 Hiding in my cubicle, DJing Halloween songs for the kiddies. Screamin’ Jay, Monster Mash, etc.

15:40:06 @armindak whoa, that *is* weird

15:56:00 @gapingvoid i was telling my dad the other day: our town should invest in non-college bound

students b/c the others are just gonna leave

16:02:37 Rural America: invest in non-college bound students b/c the “achievers” will leave: (h/t @gapingvoid)

18:34:17 Great country band playing at Green Mesquite. Hanging w/ @danchaon & @maureenmcq & the


19:27:09 @jamesfflynn the mom in the movie is my good buddy rebecca’s mom! (the one ebert

commended today)

20:08:36 Do yrself a favor: go to the @HighballAustin and order an Old Fashioned.

21:00:17 @tuckerma oh man, I love the good knight. I’ll have to try it there!

Saturday, 31st of October.

09:09:57 @mattthomas it’s like whiskey sour for men basically…which is what I’ve always needed!

09:15:18 @TWalk that sounds awesome!

11:38:30 Your own language > the one handed to you by a formal education. #txbf

11:44:15 Writing in the shadows panel w/ @danchaon. #txbf

12:07:29 Is this not THE sign to de-sign?

16:14:05 Plan: get drunk on Old Fashions, pass out candy.

17:13:32 Mail from @JessicaHagy & the New Yorker w/ the Chris Ware cover. Add alcohol & candy &

you’ve got a good night…

17:23:38 @ChadFord bourbon! 🙂

19:44:08 So bizarre: Shellac is on Animal Planet’s DOGS 101, talking about the drummer’s Italian

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austinkleon’s Tweetbook


greyhound, Uffizi:

19:45:10 @tracymueller post a pick of the costumes! @megzo & I want to copy you

19:56:45 @tracymueller move back to Austin & we’ll make it happen 😉

20:05:37 “No Impact Man…what an asshole. Won’t let your wife buy tampons because you have a book

deal? Asshole.” – @megzo

21:10:31 BAD SANTA gets better every time I watch it.

21:14:30 @scd that’s a good one!