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January 1, 2010

Wish I was in Austin for the festivities. I’ll do a shot of cough syrup at midnight and think of y’all. Leaving Ohio tomorrow.

My 1997 Honda Accord is averaging 32mpg on this trip. The 2010 Accords are rated at 31mpg. That’s progress for you.

Out with the old, in with the new:

Tennessee or bust! “Take me to another place, take me to another land…”

Travel makes me a religious man.

In Kentucky. Heard “God Blessed Texas” on the radio. We turned it up and sang along.

@slowrolling they’re pretty good at the south congress cafe

Our reward for the end of today’s driving is the Loveless Cafe outside Nashville, TN.

“Dinosaur World! Pull over!!!”

@johntunger nah, we didn’t stop. can’t imagine it lives up to the sign

January 2, 2010

Safe & easy travel today. Clocked 2100 miles on this road trip so far. Early bed, early rise…should be in Austin by 10PM tomorrow!

Arkansas. @megzo driving. Bill Callahan singing. Me drawing.

We used to build pyramids. Now we build cell phone towers.

Congrats to @anorwood for his redesign of the Comics Curmudgeon:

Anybody got a recommendation for road food / takeout outside Dallas? We’ll be there around dinnertime.

Anybody got a favorite way to get through Dallas coming from Texarkana headed to Austin? Worried traffic will be nuts tonight…

@jaredchapman thanks, man! how much time do you think that will add to the trip?

@jaredchapman congrats, man!! thanks for directions…we’re crunched for time, so we’ll suffer Dallas tonight ๐Ÿ˜€

@jaredchapman it sounded great! It’ll be getting dark in a couple hours, so it would be wasted anyways

@viswoman perfect! Thanks!

“I’ve been riding hard all day /
I’m saddle sore but i’m okay”

– Mirah, “Lone Star”

“Dark night on a long highway
Little lights in the houses say
Somebodyโ€™s staying up late”

– Daniel Johnston, “To Go Home”


January 3, 2010

In West, Texas, not West Texas. Being sacrilegious and doing Subway instead of kolaches…

2900 miles later…WE’RE HOME!!!!

Milo marked lamp posts on all four sides of our block…announcing his return. We are a happy pack.

“I’m an unreliable witness of my own existence.” – Russell Brand

Whoa! #NewspaperBlackout broke 2000 fans on Facebook:

Awesome: Brazos & TV Torso are playing a free show @MohawkAustin this Thursday!

@majorpepper yeah! Let’s meet up. we might go to Koriente beforehand,,,

Up at dawn. In bed with a glowing iPhone. Still buzzing from the road trip. Are we really here? Craving @mimadres.

@eachnotesecure good luck, man! We made the trip yesterday. Happy to be back in the 50 degree weather ๐Ÿ™‚

Everybody’s playing house.

So excited about this card catalog!

Beer & trail mix. Gotta get fueled up before I install my yuppie Container Store shelving…

I’ve said it before, but collaborative home improvement projects are a wonderful way to put your marriage to the test…

January 4, 2010

Not sure about the soundtrack, but the rest of @JasonReitman’s UP IN THE AIR was near perfect.

@mattthomas ha! no, young mc was dope.

RT @oh_steph impending cubicalization

@jamesfflynn great sixth sense post!

@oh_steph i deleted it off my phone! i couldn’t take it anymore! i’m sorry! ๐Ÿ˜€

@oh_steph do you want me to publicly admit that you whipped my ass? ๐Ÿ˜€

@johntunger that’s a great idea — i use twitter sometimes to fill in my diary…

@johntunger I also like to use Favstar.FM to see what people favorite of mine: their judgment is usually better than mine ๐Ÿ˜‰


@jenbee re: alex katz — i love his kenneth koch portrait

It makes me ridiculously happy whenever one of my favorite blogs approaches me about doing a feature on the book release…

January 5, 2010

2% : the dessert of milks.

Eat up, because in heaven there ain’t no breakfast:

@TWalk sentence diagramming is one of my new year’s projects!

Felt mean when I told @michaelschaub last night that @mimadres is getting a liquor license & opening for dinner. Lesson: never leave ATX.

.@dvdsgn Yes! And notice he doesn’t say, “No mo’ breakfast tacos.”

Man, it’s so simple, but @fantagraphics is SO SMART for making these Flickr sets of their books:

RT @marlaerwin: You have to apply for tickets to TEDxAustin. That’s right, you *apply* to pay $50.

@TWalk seen this book on the subject?

@brandonnn i know! wtf? all i can come up with for me is “midwestern” and “extraverted”

@TWalk it’s available at the PCL — i’ve been meaning to pick it up

A little preview of our SXSW panel on Visual Note-Taking from a Texas State student:

@brandonnn LOL. exactly!

RT @fantagraphics we figure people might like to see what the books look like as objects

@fantagraphics what surprises me is that, as far as I can tell, y’all are the only publisher doing it!

Hubba hubba:

January 6, 2010

RT @elizmccracken: What are your favorite author websites?

@elizmccracken RT @zack_g: michael @ruhlman’s website is good. Killer blog

@eachnotesecure digging your fav 2009 songs!

Some bands make me want to punch them. Vampire Weekend is one of those bands.

@papertrail @majorpepper @megzo FYI: we are going to freeze our asses off if we go to the Mohawk Thurs. night — high of 35, low of 21!

1st blackout poem of the New Year. (Off to a slow start…)

@johntmarohn thanks!

@armindak nice!

@robotjohnny “Lay it all out where you can look at it.” works every time!

@robotjohnny seeing that napkin sketch was a huge breakthrough for me. in my mind, it’s all about linear working vs non-linear working.

“See? What did I tell you? This year is no better than the last one!”

Hmmm…Tumblr now lets users submit their own posts. Might be perfect for a Newspaper Blackout collaborative site…

I have an author page on Goodreads now if you’re into that:

January 7, 2010

Mmmmmmm steak…

@gerryblog such an awesome movie.

@MarcieVargas @johntunger good luck on the road, you two!

Q: But is it poetry? A: I don’t care.

YES = “strict confines in which to explore and play” – @jessicahagy

RT @pomeranian99: “You are my son and you came from my balls and you should have known better.”

“I just tore out the shelf in your closet. It was awesome. This pry bar is my new best friend.” – @megzo (Better watch my act…)

Walked in the wind w/ @st_vincent & @beachhouse2010. Campus = empty. Took pictures of signs. Sent mail to a friend. Hit library. Bliss.

Campus w/o students > campus w/ students

I like days when your shadow looks like a badass:

@NameYourTale no, never on weekdays

@jamesfflynn you know who has an awesome resume and is still relatively unknown? Steve Kloves.

Wow! Thanks, Kathy! RT @kathyzarsky: pre-ordered 10 copies of @austinkleon’s book today as collaborator & client gifts.

@learningparade thanks caroline! i hope you like it ๐Ÿ˜€

January 8, 2010

@mattforsythe I was really surprised it was so good. Glad you liked it! What’d you think of the soundtrack?

Live Until Midnight

@mattforsythe some dude i’ve never heard of:

@mattforsythe excellent!

I will admit: “Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma?” is a great line.

You are correct sir! RT @mattforsythe vampire wkd article in NYer. @austinkleon it’ll make you want to punch them in the face more

@shueytexas curse them for speaking the name of my beloved futura

.@keaggy a few of the tunes are catchy, but once I saw them, all I wanted to do was beat them up:

RT @jbj it’s been a long time since a profile made me like the band less with every paragraph.

Ode to Vampire Weekend:

@Ovasi it’s not online — you’ll have to track down a new yorker!

Why you should always just ignore things you dislike instead of talking about them! RT @Ovasi your disdain makes me curious.

@halvorson re: crystal clear writing: one of Eno’s “Oblique Strategies”: “How would you explain this to your parents?”

“But is it poetry?”

RT @AnotherBros No matter what happens tonight #UT

@johntunger you goddamned Michigan drivers…

Too soon for a Blind Side joke? #ut

@johntunger okay, I’m driving to dinner

“It’s gonna be a sad day in Whoville tomorrow.” – @megzo

Celebrate Elvis’s birthday w/ his ridiculous album of onstage banter, HAVING FUN WITH ELVIS ON STAGE:

@ElaineLiner Up In The Air!!

@mattlinderman “The key to eternal happiness is low overhead and no debt.” – Lynda Barry

“the man I love, when he picks up trash, he puts it in a garbage can” โ™ซ

Say what you will about Jack White, the man deserves eternal gratitude for making VAN LEAR ROSE w/ Loretta Lynn:

@leeleslie this is definitely in my top 5 of the decade…maybe 3…

@leeleslie “i’m almost drunk from the drinks I turned down”

@leeleslie holy crap the whole album is on LAST.FM! my afternoon just got awesome

Tufte, self-publisher: remortgaged his house @ 18% to start Graphics Press. He’s sold 1.5 million copies @ $40 apiece.

@johnmjones you going? I thought about it.

@johnmjones yeah, exactly. i own / have read the books several times…even got a care package from the man!

@mlarson yeah! just e-mailed that to my mother-in-law (the one who dragged us to graceland on the move to TX)

@johntunger are you going through memphis to texarkana? get ready for more boredom

@johntunger you & @MarcieVargas shouldn’t have talked about anything for a week before the roadtrip. @megzo & I recommend that. LOL

@johntunger @MarcieVargas so true! you barely see any starbucks until you get to TX

@mlarson re: Stevie video: HAWT

@ElaineLiner it’s not a “great” movie, but it’s a good one

January 9, 2010

“An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs.” Mitch Hedberg on Comedy Central right now! Thanks, @marlaerwin!

@theBDR dude, that’s terrible! Good luck!

Spoon leak… “Awww!”

@eachnotesecure link DMed yer way ๐Ÿ˜‰

@gregwind @eachnotesecure go check out @LeakTweet

Maybe now i can get some use outta the dang thing. RT @eachnotesecure Netflix coming to Wii?

Getting the house ready for tonight’s guests: @JohnTUnger & @MarcieVargas

@MarcieVargas perfect! think about what sounds good for dinner

Saturdays are for listening to White Denim and building shit out in the garage.

Caring for Your Introvert: (I have to reread this often for @megzo)

@maureenmcq happy belated anniversary!

January 10, 2010

Shooting the shit w/ @johntunger. Up way past my bedtime.

@mattforsythe are you the introvert or the caregiver?

January 11, 2010

@johntunger nice!

Rediscovering @Boxee now that it’s in beta. So cool.

@johntunger @marcievargas glad y’all made it!!!

A son to lecture

Take time…and then waste it.

Rest a lot.

Thank you for building.

Albino squirrel = good luck, right?

@thisisnotapril i seen it with my own eyes! ๐Ÿ˜€

@thebookslut I was kind of delighted when MASTER & HIS EMISSARY showed up from Amazon and was huge…lotsa readin’ there.

@jamesfflynn Oh yeah. don’t miss part 2:

@thebookslut it looks so good — can’t wait to start it

St. Louis friends : some of my work will be featured later this month @theluminaryarts cc: @keaggy @davegray @simone

My fav 2009 album, White Denim’s FITS is $5 on Amazon:

On a related note: I bumped into James Petralli at Matt’s El Rancho yesteryday.

“Yesteryday” : like yesterday, only more so.

PS, not to harp on it, but you get TWO White Denim albums for $5.

@davegray i’m gonna see if i can come up with funds — would rather come up for a book signing ๐Ÿ™‚

RT @FakeAPStylebook “Going commando” can refer to not wearing underpants, rescuing Alyssa Milano from terrorists, or preferably both at once

@overprocessed excellent! it’s a really, really good deal

@gorillavsbear can’t believe Todd Field is doing BLOOD MERIDIAN. that might be amazing

I’m going to borrow some of McTeagle’s lines for my next poetry collection:

It’s borrowing, as in, “Can I borrow that donut?” RT @Chrindaj: Is there such thing as ‘borrowing’ in the world of writing?

January 12, 2010

Stay sharp: there’s a new @20×200 #NewspaperBlackout print coming Thursday!

The one night I’m not home, Austin Studios sends a notice to the ‘hood that there may be “explosions and fireballs.”

Not until the endorsement deal… RT @johntunger you mean stay Sharpie?

Thanks for all the good posts, Joseph! RT @theBDR And That, As They Say, Is That

@theBDR you’re on!!!

Some days art isn’t worth it.

See? It pays to check Twitter in the morning… RT @mimadres Twitter Taco! Buy one taco get one free for dine in or to-go.

@mlarson the beginning is really good. I need to finish

Not only did I get a free taco, a cute girl told me I looked like a guy on tee-vee. @MiMadres, FTW.

@ericabrooke happy birthday!

@marlaerwin well, she said some guy on American Idol (a runner-up?) but I don’t watch it. I told her i’d take it as a compliment

@oh_steph yes! but we have to stay quiet about it or @michaelschaub will spend the rest of the day weeping

Matching Vampire weekend & blackout poems? The Belgians are trying to kill me.

@fluxistrad i concur: i noticed on Beatles Rock Band that they put in “artificial” endings for songs that were faded out…

My first Yelp review. A shout-out to the boys at Avenue Barbershop: Thanks, @mattthomas. Owe you one.

RT @SunniBrown: Delighted to have @austinkleon hosting our next VizThink Austin.

@eachnotesecure awesome! i need to add some reviews…

@michaellynton those guys rule. check ’em out!

Hey Eels dude: we get it. Life is depressing. Let’s move on, yes?

To wallow in adolescent despair or grow up and do something…that is the question.

@johnmjones congrats!

@leeleslie truth.

@mattthomas you’re on!

@johntunger twitpics!!

Fact that will make @megzo happy: you can get jalapeรฑos on yr #6 veggie sub @jimmyjohns.

@mlarson i think i read one novel last year. pitiful

Did 3 new De-signs on my lunch break, which means there are now 50 in the Flickr set!

@fearlessweaver people here think I’m nuts for going there. but my stomach is nostalgic…

@katharine_b nice interview!

Let’s not forget Bill Hicks, the greatest hater of Leno:

Bill Hicks on Leno:

@asimone my holy trinity: Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Bill Hicks

Conan is, after all, first and foremost a comedy *writer*:

@mattthomas a classic!

@AnotherBros i’d go with the right, myself…

@AnotherBros as the poet sang, “I know what I like”

January 13, 2010

You know you love ZZ Top when you e-mail yr wife: “you didn’t have to make me lunch but you did but you did & I thank you.”

The best thing about EXTRACT was the soundtrack. Waylon, ZZ Top, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Paycheck…

@SunniBrown @jasonmolin who’s heading up the UT Vizthink thing?

“If you think a man draws the type of hands that you want to draw, steal โ€˜em. Take those hands.” – Jack Kirby