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January 13, 2010

RT @SunniBrown: If you’re in Austin & you want to come to the next Feb 3 VizThink w/ @austinkleon tweet me & I’ll send you the invite.

@slowrolling oh man, that’s close to the house — i gotta try it

RT @VizThink: [ Blog Post ] VizThink Austin: Visual Thinking for Writers

Using bookmarks on the Yelp iPhone app is a totally awesome way to keep track of food joints you want to hit up.

@gorillavsbear hell yeah I’d drive to Dallas to see Beach House at the Grenada — they’re playing Emo’s here in Austin (boo)

@gorillavsbear i’d kill to see them at The Parish or the Mohawk

Because I am a dweeb, I spent my lunch break diagramming sentences:

@learningparade it is indeed!

January 14, 2010

“I am a scholar. I enjoy scholarly pursuits.” – Buster Bluth

“I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences.” – Gertrude Stein, party animal

@AnotherBros Nice. Y’all coming, too?

@AnotherBros sweet — wanna get drinks afterwards?

Kerouac diagrammed:

Dudes, watch what you say about Pat Robertson: he can leg press 2000 pounds, remember???

My new @20×200 print, “Agoraphobia,” is on sale now! This one looks good BIG: http://20×

RT @NinianeK: Today’s @20×200 print by @austinkleon totally describes how I’m feeling today

RT @20×200: @austinkleon is back w/ yet another one of his oh so cleverly crafted Newspaper Blackout Poems

@fchimero re: Kid A: same here. drove to the strip mall to buy it, listened to it in the car on the way home, driving through the snow

@johntunger i love the “one lie” idea so much. turning each lecture into a sort of whodunit

I refuse to draw with my finger, so unless the Apple Tablet has a stylus, count me out:

@Mattthomas you don’t even have to get as involved as babysitting — just hit Target at 3PM on a Saturday.

Now you’re talkin’. RT @mattthomas: @austinkleon I refuse to draw on a computer period.

@NathanBowers true and i have no painting ability whatsoever

@Atomos yeah, i’ve heard it doesn’t work all that hot

Date night w/ @megzo: Crazy Heart at the South Lamar @drafthouse & then @HighballAustin for The Derailers.

January 15, 2010

The Derailers @HighballAustin!

I’ll second that. RT @majorpepper there is no place i’d rather live. #atx

Love hearing this: RT @rickymontalvo: All of a sudden, I’m into poetry:

Sorry, y’all: I can’t sign the @20×200 prints. That’s why they’re so affordable! If I sign for one, have to sign for all.

I will, however, sign any book you bring to me. 🙂

@leeleslie LOL yep, I’ll forge any signature, including my own

@mlarson wow! nice spot!

RT @mlarson: even the financial journalism crowd loves your work! w00t.

ATX peeps: if we have a release party @BookPeople, y’all will come, right?

@ElaineLiner we’re working on a Dallas appearance!

@katharine_b sounds good 🙂

Wow, @katharine_b had over 1000 people sign up for her advance copy giveaway on @goodreads. Great idea:

@jettek @oh_steph @viswoman @brittanyforks @jessvs excellent! and no way will it be during SXSW! about two weeks into April, probably

“I was hungry for Polvo’s, then I ate Polvo’s / but heaven knows I’m miserable now…” ♫

@michaelschaub can I be a guest? i’ll bring the bottle of maker’s

@AnotherBros if I do nothing else this weekend, I will watch this movie

@michaelschaub there’s not enough whiskey-fueled yelling in literature today, dammit

I’m a Texan now, so I’m frightened of rain.

@jennmueller ah! but you can embrace something and still be frightened of it — like a mother-in-law

@bonitasarita especially that!

@bonitasarita i realized last night that i hadn’t used my windshield wipers in months

“Thought is formed in the mouth.” – Tristan Tzara (an extrovert, I’m betting)

Weekend, whiskey. My favorite alliteration!

@A_Buchanan ah, well happy birthday to @ashleycox!

@matthew_parente ah yes, only drink whiskey on days that end in y. got it.

January 16, 2010

RT @anorwood “And then the weather turned to bullshit…”

@elizmccracken yes! Our last move we went from 1 toilet to 3. A 2/3 ppl to bathroom ratio! Heaven.

@michaelschaub living well (outside the food industry) is the best revenge…

@madinkbeard man, that’s a compliment. Love Jeet Heer, too

Slept a miraculous 10 hours last night. Anybody got a recipe for Bad Blake’s biscuits?

@gapingvoid that was a ballsy post for him to write. Advice I give my academic wife all the time, just not publicly. Good for him.

@senorleroy ooh I need to go there…not far from my place…

Finally got my @tomgauld print framed and hung:

A new Kevin Huizenga??? Yes!

@jenbee glad yr in agreement. @megzo & I have talked about the subject often. We call it “fake it til you make it”

@senorleroy well, @papertrail & @majorpepper and I have been talking about it…i gotta get my drums down here from ohio…

@anorwood combine this with margaret atwood’s book-signing robot, and we have a winner:

January 17, 2010

@AustinBloggy awesome — I’ll have to watch now

@AustinBloggy that taping was gruelling. I was so tired afterwards

@TheOtherLeslie that was my first standing taping too — I was spoiled 🙂

@TheOtherLeslie I made it through, though! And even dashed off a few doodles.

Danzig shows you his books: courtesy @jndevereux

“You are excluded from chicken cutlet night.” – The Situation

At The Domain, playing Yuppie Frogger.

An interview w/ Brian Eno stuffed full of golden nuggets:

“Giving something a name can be just the same as inventing it.” – Brian Eno (see also: )

Frank Sinatra’s ‘In The Wee Small Hours’ for three bucks:

January 18, 2010

Think I’ll start posting more sketchbook pages to the blog:

@mccurtin thanks!

Creativity is subtraction.

@mattthomas thanks! i’m working on “bite-sized” ones to warm up

Watching THE HURT LOCKER w/ @megzo. Just as intense and awesome as when I saw it in the theater last year.

“my working method has more often than not involved the subtraction of weight.” – Italo Calvino

“it’s a bagel wasteland here. It’s like the goddamn bagel apocalypse” -Chowhound user on Austin

@mattforsythe whoa good to know re: google alerts. I always get “free NEWSPAPER. BLACKOUT curtains.” for hotels

@mattforsythe luckily, I’m a hick from Ohio, so I won’t know the difference 😀

@oh_steph if so, he has a new fan!

@majorpepper we’ll have to try that — we went with the everything bagel at Einstein Bros

@roblifford good to know!

“Victoria Legrand is basically our generation’s Nicks *and* McVie” – @gorillavsbear cc: @mlarson

@katharine_b dig this:

Since folks have expressed interest in originals, I’m keeping broadsheets intact now, just in case:

@katharine_b same here!

Whole chicken dinner from El Regio ($13)

Behold! The perfect ice ball:

@overprocessed bourbon!

Holy crap, a magic ice ball machine… RT @senorleroy seen this?

@senorleroy that makes my plastic ice mold look pitiful

January 19, 2010

#NewspaperBlackout on the tablet? RT @Armano Apple and Harper Collins in negotiations

@freckled the one we go to is on Berkman by 290

@Armano handsome devil, yes

“They’re making a mockery of my words, man.”

Phew! Good thing it was a 3-day weekend. Just crossed the last item off my to-do list:

@brooksmasterson whatchoo talkin bout?

@brooksmasterson two Ls in tequila?? maybe if yr staring at the bottle after drinking it. I thought you were referring to whisky vs whiskey

Whisky deserves an extra letter, so it’s “whiskey.” Whiskey = key is the mnemonic.

@jasonsaxon you got it!

“Is that what you wanna do w/ yr life? Suck down peppermint Schnapps & try to call Morocco @ 2 in the morning?”

@bruceturner that’s a good idea! I also drilled the holes bigger to make filling them up quicker

Get the new Spoon record, ‘Transference’ for $3.99 on Amazon:


ATX folks: I’m taking my editor & her husband (both New Yorkers) out for Mexican next Monday night. Where would you go?

@maczter @austindirtydog that’s a good idea, and close to the house

@tracymueller yeah! Polvo’s is usually my go-to place! 😀

@LPT mmm I love me some Matt’s

@ATXFoodnews that is the question. I’m thinking either Matt’s El Rancho or Polvo’s

@ATXFoodnews perfect. thanks!

Is it 5:30 yet? @Megzo’s recipe for a “Bee’s Knees” like you can find @thegoodknight

It’s so freaking good. RT @bonitasarita: Listening to the new Beach House:

@jameshynes congrats! great review

@oh_steph john cusack and crispin glover? i’m in.

I love hearing from teachers who use the blackout poems in the classroom, especially when they send examples from students.

@overprocessed that place looks great

@overprocessed yeah, they’re staying below the river, so we might stick around there. but I want to take @megzo

@johntunger @MarcieVargas so glad to hear y’all made it back okay!

Inspired by married creative teams like @sachilefever + @leelefever. I really hope @megzo & I work together someday…

@johntunger one day…

@brandonnn that is outstanding

@leelefever are y’all coming back to SXSW this year?

“If you look into infinity, what do you see? Your backside.” – Albert Einstein to Tristan Tzara (or so Tzara claimed)

@leelefever margaritas another time, then 😉

January 20, 2010

@bonitasarita and how is Mr. Eno?

@oh_steph love crown & anchor. Cold beer, cheap burgers, & walkable from work.

“Creativity is subtraction” iPhone wallpaper:

@annaleekeefer howdy! @johntunger was telling me about you. and no, i don’t even like laffy taffy 😀

@oh_steph hell yeah! Lessdoit

@annaleekeefer he did not!

If only my 13 year old self could see me playing Beatles Rock Band drums on expert.

@annaleekeefer said you were a cool chick to follow on twitter

@brew7vwp excellent!

The Copyright Criminals program on @PBS right now is pretty dang good. BOMB SQUAD!


@bonitasarita i thought the same thing: really well done

Tip: for max literary cred, reverse-pad yr resume w/ some blue collar shitjobs like dishwasher, potato peeler, gigalo, etc.

Oh, and spell gigolo wrong. It makes you seem less elite.

@katharine_b LOL. I *really* hate that crap.

@katharine_b “she’s been writing. a lot. because that’s what writer’s do”

@katharine_b or: “he took comfortable, non-taxing, non-romantic, white-collar jobs so he had the energy to you know, actually write”

@halvorson that post is great! almost exactly how i felt when i discovered it

@glass unfortunately, i don’t know anything about hotels in ATX (since I live here) but I’m excited you’re coming!

@justwinston what goes around comes around 🙂

@justwinston if you can’t afford a $20 print, buy a book for $10!

@johntunger did you tell me the story about the guy @ the poetry reading who said, “That poem changed my life” but wouldn’t buy a book?

@johntunger perfect! thanks

. @johntunger recalls being a poet: “Your poem changed my life.” “Great! You want to buy a book?” “Uh, no thanks.”

@johntunger ha! I like to eat too much for that to happen

“Any genuine hip-hop song is worth more than any carefully workshopped poem in a creative writing program.” – Andrei Codrescu

@denicetex I was at that taping!

“14 out of 14 people found this review helpful.” (via @spheran)

@denicetex sketches of the taping:

@loriemerson i’m wondering the same thing.

@denicetex thanks!

Thom Yorke is 42 years old. Shouldn’t he get a haircut? #hippie

@TWalk “And enough with this dubstep crap!”

@TWalk exactly! pick up a guitar, and stop farting around, Yorke

@marlaerwin yeah seriously. i don’t need my desktop clutter in 3-D, thanks

Every 4PM I think about my friend telling me the story of the kid at summer camp who ran away screaming “I MISS MAH DOG!”

January 21, 2010

someone better call a hearse!

X marks the spot

@alanjhunt which Destroyer record? Is there a new one?


I love the clean mixes on Spoon albums: you can hear every track, every instrument in stereo space.

3 things I love, together: @ransomcenter sponsoring GONE WITH THE WIND Valentine’s Day feast @drafthouse:

RT @tastytouring: I LOVE @austinkleon for providing us with such a COOL logo for the Tasty Up tour:

@alanjhunt awesome! let me know how you like it. good headphones album

@alanjhunt that’s probably my favorite Destroyer record. “Your Blues” is great, but it’s all MIDI instruments, so it *sounds* cheezy

@alanjhunt “This Night” and “Streethawk: A Seduction” are both good, too

@alanjhunt my favorite song off “Your Blues”

It’s a pain, but signing your art or embedding your web address on your images helps combat lazy Tumblrs and thieves.

I don’t need a chill pill, I need some chill swill.

OK, this is crazy: that Wendy’s review I posted got on the Tumblr radar, now it has 704 notes: cc: @spheran

RT @theBDR Everytime I tune into the Lifetime Channel to watch Project Runway, my testicles shrink a little bit more.

“Little Doug”, the Pedal Steel Prodigy:

January 22, 2010

Dear M. Ward: stop wasting time with Zoo Whatsername, grab your acoustic guitar and do your thing.

.@eachnotesecure Ah yes the ol’ “because I’m not looking creepy enough” mustache a la Dylan & Jack White

“With a single, disastrous 5-to-4 ruling, the Supreme Court has thrust politics back to the robber-baron era”

Now would be a perfect time for you to watch the documentary THE CORPORATION & call yr congressperson:

The Corporation as Psychopath. RT @Zerofee:

“Illustrator” is definitely not a noun I attach to myself, but I’ll take it:

“If there was ever a hell on earth, it’s Dallas County.”

Man, now that @Boxee is in beta, it’s really terrific. Mac folks, check it out.

Nothing will ever be as validating as the sound of my wife laughing at one of my jokes.

January 23, 2010

Killing darlings.

The new Magnetic Fields record sounds like Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family-Band Solution on PCP.

“Teamocil… / I never thought I knew you well… / Teamocil… / But now I think we really gel…”

At a Chuy’s in Waco. Yes, Waco. Because we love @spheran.

January 24, 2010

RT @mwsmith13 If there is a better end of the night drinking record than ‘Shotgun Willie’ I don’t want to know about it.

TRUTH. RT @fluxistrad Dirty secret: shangri-la on Saturday is for douchebags.

You know, the Waco Chuy’s was kind of delightful. Everyone looked like they were from Columbus, Ohio, but wearing cowboy hats.

Guardian review of the new Beach House (via @largeheartedboy) is so shitty: VampWkd > Beach House? Umm, no.

A band works hard to make a beautiful album, and some lazy-ass journalist lumps them into a term like “blogosphere indie.”

“It is undeniably pleasant. Dreamy, even. But that is not enough.” Why the hell not?

January 25, 2010

Working and listening to @JohnTUnger on the radio:

Frank O’Hara, FTW. RT @luxlotus @poetrymagazine ” I am the least difficult of men. All I want is boundless love.”

“The child is father of the man.” – Wordsworth