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January 1, 2012

Grooving to this really great 4-song set from @TheWalkmen (including a cover of Deerhunter’s “Agoraphobia”!)

.@aweissman For my ”everyday” notebook, I carry these tiny little Moleskines that fit in my shirt pocket:

.@aweissman For my ”logbook” I use this Moleskine daily diary:

I want to go to there: @LucysFriedChick (thx @jneece)

.@shamblanderson’s year in marginalia:

January 2, 2012

I guess “stop posting worthless word clouds and calling them ‘visualizations’” wasn’t on his list of resolutions:

So you take @metacritic‘s nice chart, (, turn it into a word cloud, and it’s a “visualization”?

On thinking critically about “infographics,” “data visualizations,” and other visual junk:

If you want to follow infographics guys who know what they’re talking about, start with @karlgude + @albertocairo.

“This then, is my theology: You shall tie yourself to forms and the forms shall set you free.”

“Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth…I go eat some Torchy’s queso.” —Herman Melville

That incredible movie trailer you saw? It was probably made by @MarkWoollen:

“I’d say music is 90 percent of the work we do; it establishes the rhythm.” —@markwoollen on trailers:

Researching trailers b/c I’m wondering if #StealLikeAnArtist really needs one, and if so, what it should be.

Yes! @lonelysandwich does incredible videos. RT @mattthomas I like Lisagor’s “trailers”:

Here’s the trailer I did for Newspaper Blackout, btw:

Great hand-drawn videos (which almost function like trailers for the thinkers/speakers) by @cognitive_media

January 3, 2012

Wife = best friend with benefits.

Great response to “Austin, TX isn’t what it used to be” by @gapingvoid:

“I’m not against stealing. I’m against the quality of junk you’re stealing.” – @Mike_FTW

You can rent Beginners, one of my favorite movies I saw last year, for 99 cents tonight:

RIP Ronald Searle. The guy was a genius cartoonist and a badass:

When Ronald Searle’s wife was diagnosed with cancer he drew her a picture for each chemotherapy treatment:

Laughing at @jessicahagy‘s 3 word stories:

Thanks to @EmilyNussbaum for getting us hooked on HOMELAND:

January 4, 2012

Nice to see @robinsloan shout-out @mlarson‘s “extremely eclectic and aggressively uncool” year-end list!

A Google search here, a property tax search there…and voilà! You know the name and address of the crazy on the neighborhood message board.

There are no stupid questions, only “you couldn’t fucking Google that?” questions.

No Stairway! After the theatrical release, the first 4 notes of “Stairway to Heaven” had to be cut from Wayne’s World:

“What I really wanted was for you to publish my story, and send me fifty thousand dollars.”

“I want him to stand in front of the haters and go all Bill Duke on them” –@IamDonCheadle

PR 101: You do not want your brand to be associated w/ destroyed musical instruments. (Unless you’re Hendrix.)

“ancient ideas are on fire, my love!” #gbv

Renewing my library card with a Kindle in my back pocket.

I pay my overdue fees with pleasure and without complaint. #librariesforever

Look what just came in the mail:

January 5, 2012

Perfect: Kenneth Koch reading “You Want A Social Life With Friends” (recorded by @missamykr)

Three of my favorite *sophomore* albums that are tighter, faster, and louder: LED ZEPPELIN II, RECKONING, and LAST YEAR’S MODEL. Yours?

Okay, 3 more favorite *sophomore* albums: PARANOID, DOOLITTLE, and MORE SONGS ABOUT BUILDINGS AND FOOD.

Okay, 3 more favorite *sophomore* albums: PARANOID, DOOLITTLE, and MORE SONGS ABOUT BUILDINGS AND FOOD.

Okay, 3 more favorite *sophomore* albums: PARANOID, DOOLITTLE, and MORE SONGS ABOUT BUILDINGS AND FOOD.

At the @klru sneak preview of Downton Abbey with the rest of the nerds!

Wow, the first episode of Downton Abbey season two was really terrific. (Thanks, @klru!)

January 6, 2012

It’s too nice to be inside.

#ff @tuneyards on Jimmy Kimmel (so fucking good)


Weekend research:

“Anthropology is great research experience for web design [because it’s] a constant exercise in empathy” – @slowtext

Top ten Steve Brule moments: cc: @gerrenlamson #friday

“whatever it was that I felt was the weak link in my previous project gave me inspiration for the next one”

January 7, 2012

RIP Ramones 🙁 RT @keaggy: Album covers minus the dead guys:

Slim fit: our long national nightmare continues.



I dig the title @ Anthropologie

A nice post on the notion of “authenticity” and Bob Dylan vs. Joni Mitchell by @scottwarmuth1

“nobody can copy anything without adding something to the story” (thx, @johntunger!)

“The copy has grown to become an original…” (Who knew chinaware was so fascinating? Thx again, @johntunger)

The @EdEmberley documentary on @lyndadotcom is fantastic. Seek it out.

Live drawings! A life-size woodcut of Paul Bunyan! G-damn, this @edemberley doc on @lyndadotcom is so good!!

Aww yeah, Saturday night! @ Dairy Queen

Doodling during the @EdEmberley documentary…

“I like that my life slows down when I go places.” Pete Campbell rides the bus: (via @gelatobaby)

Quilt pattern sketches by @Megzo. (Craft night at Chez Kleon.)

Do you have to lose to be human? (@nytimes magazine cover remix)

January 8, 2012

Wish more writers did this: @jonahweiner transcript w/ @louisck and the R.S. article it led to:

Bad Fruit Theater: Apocalypse Now — 1994 Conan skit written by @louisck:

On ”authenticity”: Bob Dylan vs. Joni Mitchell:

♫ “The Rod Stewart Formerly Known as an Artist” a playlist on @Rdio:

“I hear it said of somebody that he is leading a double life. I think to myself: Just two?” —Leon Wieseltier, AGAINST IDENTITY

January 9, 2012

“a non-fiction book is a souvenir, just a vessel for the ideas themselves”

Today’s Tumblr tag: “drawing on the walls”

OH: “Be a good family guy, hustle to make that dollar, kiss the right asses when you need to, but don’t be a prick.”

Just pre-ordered books from two of my favorite cartoonists: @mattforsythe + @tomgauld

I like how Jay-Z says “words can’t describe the feeling” but then he goes ahead and raps about it for several minutes anyway.

“if you no puta $200.00 you no live no more because a da black hand kill you”

.@heathr What if—and it’s a big if—originality and authenticity have nothing to do with making art? That’s what I’m exploring right now…

Authenticity is a marketing stunt.

OK, back by a few demands: Newspaper Blackout horoscopes for January!

January 10, 2012

Read your Newspaper Blackout horoscope for January:

Great writeup of the posthumous Gil Scott-Heron memoir: Out now:

Content geeks: we’ve been experimenting @Springboxist w/ jettisoning Word copydecks for @WordPress. How it’s going:

“Money is my medium!” @therealhennessy‘s ART THOUGHTZ on Damien Hirst: #SHARKFACE

January 11, 2012

Google > Search Settings > Personal Results > Do not use personal results > Save

“Alright, alright, alright!” —Wooderson

Matt McConaughey explains the origins of Wooderson: #dazedandconfused

.@gerrenlamson #lunchwalk @ Lomography

January 12, 2012

Newspaper Blackout in @Oprah Magazine! (via @O_Magazine; thx to @nfreshey for the great writing)

Peter Gabriel on his “suitcase full of rhythms” and stealing like an artist: (thx, @remixeverything)

Road head (de-sign) #lunchwalk

“If you notice, it’s bad. But if you don’t notice, it’s worthless.” Fascinating article on product placement:

“Sometimes I like to listen to guys singing weird.” —@megzo on Tom Waits and Nick Cave

January 13, 2012

#ff @remixeverything

Downsized to this little @timbuk2 bag big enough to hold iPad, kindle, sketchbook, etc.

#fridayreads Still reading @JamesGleick‘s THE INFORMATION: A HISTORY, A THEORY, A FLOOD:

#ff Obsessing over my @largeheartedboy “Book Notes” playlist for #StealLikeAnArtist Here’s the one I did for Blackout:

Prices on my @20×200 prints go up 20% on Monday. Buy ’em now!

January 14, 2012 #Kindle

“I hope it is not vulgar in me to suggest that you find some way to overcome your scruples.” #downtonabbey

“I don’t dislike him, I just don’t like him. It’s quite different” #downtonabbey

15 things @jamesfflynn learned from watching all the movies on the WGA’s 101 greatest screenplays list:

“All this unbridled joy has given me quite an appetite.” #downtonabbey

Pissed at @Tumblr for disabling hyphenated tags. Now whole archives of material are buried in my thousands of posts:

“Sir Richard, *life* is a game in which the player must appear ridiculous.” #downtonabbey

Michael Caine & Maggie Smith, 1979: #downtonabbey

Maggie Smith & Ringo Starr #downtonabbey

January 15, 2012

Reading Love Goes to Buildings on Fire by @williamhermes: a @spotify playlist for the book:

Great piece by @onthemedia on Martin Luther King’s creative theft and how his heirs have monetized/hoarded his work:

In COMMON AS AIR, Lewis Hyde goes into how the MLK, Jr. estate has leveraged his work as intellectual property:

If you don’t want to listen to that whole @onthemedia piece on MLK, here’s the transcript:

We need solitude! “people are more creative when they enjoy privacy and freedom from interruption.” thx @keaggy

Glad I don’t get off work tomorrow, so I can give my wife a break and be mean to someone else for a day.

If you’ve been eying one of my @20×200 prints, now’s the time to buy: they go up in price by 20% tomorrow a.m.

“Had things played out differently, the fourth position in Talking Heads might’ve gone to Arthur Russell.” #whoa

January 16, 2012

On Martin Luther King, Jr.’s creative theft: (I had no idea he plagiarized his dissertation!)

I have a new @20×200 print coming out tomorrow. It will be an even more limited edition than usual. Get on their list:

January 17, 2012

RT @megzo: Girl outside Kaplan test prep: “Need help getting into grad school?”
Me: “No… but I could really use some help getting out.”

.@VoteyImages Yes, it sucks that @20×200 had to raise prices, but the prints are still very affordable and still supporting artists.

I was pissed when Chipotle raised the price of their burritos. But you know what? I still buy them ‘cos that shit is delicious.

Art is an eternal burrito that doesn’t make you fat.

January 18, 2012

Looks great! RT @aweissman: @austinkleon look what is going up on my office wall – so excited cc: @20×200

Toting the @20×200 tote today:

Surprise! Not one but *two* new prints this week. @20×200: and @westelm:

Two books releasing this spring I’m looking forward to: @gapingvoid: + @mike_FTW

Seek out the great article on “erasure lit” in the January @BelieverMag. (Bummed #NewspaperBlackout wasn’t mentioned, but c’est la vie.)

Saul Steinberg lookin’ PIMP! #hero (via @tabletmag)

Wife is in the bathroom singing “Ni***s in Paris.” So proud. #watchthethrone

January 19, 2012

“If you can make it at something you love / wow, you got it all…” #MOULTY

“To erase is to leave something else behind.” Piece on erasure lit in this month’s @BelieverMag:

The last word on “authenticity”? Chappelle’s Show’s “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong”

Kurt Cobain’s suicide note could’ve been subtitled: “When keeping it real goes wrong.”

“It’s good to be real sometimes, it’s good to be phony sometimes.” —Dave Chappelle

Marriage is easy: all she needs is a cheeseburger and a new episode of Sherlock.

Drunk dad dials are the best drunk dials.

Wish I could dig up Winston Smith’s “NEWT HATES ME” t-shirt.

January 20, 2012

#fridayreads Faking It: The Quest for Authenticity in Popular Music

.@thenewjerktimes How is doubting the existence of authenticity in art unwise? It’s the squares who tout it constantly.

Further testing my “dogs sell art” hypothesis: my interview w/ @westelm about the latest @20×200 print:

“I’ve learned to live with rage. In some ways, it’s my rage that keeps me going.” — Etta James (RIP)

Obama sings Al Green (!!)

Two personal quasi-epiphanies I had last year: 1) anger can be creative fuel 2) trying to ”keep it real” often leads to creative paralysis

“Keeping it real” is a conservative impulse.

“I have hardly anything in common with myself.” – Franz Kafka

!!! RT @austinist: Bill Callahan Documentary In The Works

ATX people: someone once suggested a reading room (was it a law library?) as a quiet spot downtown to read. I can’t remember it. Help?

Eventually you realize your heroes were just assholes like you, trying to figure things out. Be disappointed or be encouraged — your choice.

Found it! Still open! 14th and Colorado. RT @jeboyt: @austinkleon State Law Library if the Rs haven’t closed it

Lust, you freaks! #lunchwalk @ Jimmy John’s

January 21, 2012

I’m off to murder a neighbor with his own power tools. #goodmorning

My bookmark for Lethem’s THE ECSTASY OF INFLUENCE

Fun @rdio playlist: “Blatant Ripoffs” (some revelations: Radiohead’s “Creep” vs. The Hollies’ “The Air I Breathe”)

The $3 sake hour brussels sprouts @uchikoaustin have to be one of the best deals in ATX.

January 22, 2012

Going through Lethem’s “Ecstasy” plagiarism. Highlights = lifted passages. #myideaoffun

ATX PSA: the @AustinBeerworks Sputnik is fantastic. Seek it out. @HopfieldsAustin had growlers at one point:

It finally happened: iPhone fell out of my shirt pocket into the (unused) toilet. Took the SIM card out, trying the ol’ bag of rice trick.

When @megzo informed me there was no rice in the house, I performed a scene from Christmas Story:

Eh, screw it: papa’s getting a 4S. #iturd

Terrific article about Saul Steinberg’s early days in Italy: cc: @gapingvoid

Reading of Saul Steinberg’s struggles in anti-Semitic Romania & Italy makes me not give a flying fuck about my iPhone:

That moment in ”Idiot Wind” when Dylan sings “I can’t help it if I’m lucky.” Damn.

Books! Drop ’em in the toilet and it’s no big deal.

January 23, 2012

I forget how brutal Ohio is this time of year. Nothing but news of sickness and death. (@glass + @nczeitgeist y’all good?)

“Let the products sell themselves. Fuck advertising!” —The Minutemen

“the gulp…that interlude where the book has quit belonging to you but doesn’t belong to anyone else yet” – Lethem

January 24, 2012

New cousin of #NewspaperBlackout Wite-out newspaper comics made @StantonCranton

.@mattlumpkin Kenneth Koch had his students at Columbia Wite-Out comics and write new dialogue: @stantoncranton

“Depends who I’m lying to.”

Noted! 😉 RT @typegirl: I would totally wear a “garbage in, garbage out” t-shirt if it were created by @austinkleon.

.@mwsmith13 “Nobody gives a shit how you’re doing tonight in Cleveland.” — Bob Dylan

Right now the pre-order of my new book costs less than a Chipotle burrito:

A hot toddy and a long book: the ultimate nightcap. #goodnight

January 25, 2012

“I took the mission. What the hell else was I gonna do?” #apocalypsenow

“Where are you from, Willard?” “I’m from Ohio, sir.” “Were you born there?” “Yes, sir.” #apocalypsenow

Stephen Colbert: “Will you teach me to draw?”

Maurice Sendak: “No!”

“It’s amazing I’ve lived this long without destroying a person.” – Maurice Sendak to Stephen Colbert

January 26, 2012

One of the keys to “success” in our culture is a willingness to repeatedly humiliate one’s self in public.

The trick is to be too dumb to be humiliated.

Get 20% off a few of my framed 11×14 editions –> RT @20×200: Ladies & Gents, It’s #RIDONK time!

Sorry, that’s **40%** off. Dang! Am I making any money off these things? 😉 RT @20×200

Actual tags for the Sendak/Colbert interview: Newt Gingrich, homosexual, Vin Diesel, sex, penises, asses, nudity, Jewish, MILFs

Happy 10th anniversary, @largeheartedboy. If I were in NYC, I’d be at @wordbrooklyn celebrating with you:

“Dude! You stole our gradient!”

It’s actually fun to search “rip off” on @pitchforkmedia:

Did I miss today’s Two Minutes Hate? What time is it tomorrow?

January 27, 2012

Got excited for a minute and thought he might still be alive… @ Paramount Theater

Thanks, Marilyn.

.@gapingvoid “Hey man, average is *dumb.*”

Help me out: if you know of a cool couple in these cities who make good stuff, please let me know! More info:

Awesome! MT @perfectlaughtr: we’re in detroit! a bunch more from all over the US in this interview series we did:

Thanks, Meaghan! RT @meaghano: @austinkleon Yay next book! My favorite tag of yours. //

#ff re: a few couples who make cool stuff: @mulegirl @mike_FTW @katebingburt @cliftonburt @sachilefever @leelefever

Holy crap thanks everybody for the couples-who-make-stuff recommendations. Lots of emails and tweets to sift through!

“Who wants to go get whipped? And if you do want to go get whipped, aren’t you really being entertained?” – Bob Dylan

OH: “If I knew karate, I’d pick a fight.”

#fridayreads AND SO IT GOES, Charles Shields’ bio of Kurt Vonnegut (*christmas* present from @chrisferan!)

“I think those panhandlers make more than I do.” RT @broylesa: @jennijones_tx‘s Sh*it Austinites Say:

January 28, 2012

Blake quote is garbled TS Eliot. (CITE this shit, man!) RT @AdviceToWriters: 6 quotes on Plagiarism:

Re: “Bromance”: it’s nothing new, just that the term “friend” is so meaningless now. (Also: what’s wrong w/ “buddies”?)

Weekend! Let thy romance and Bromances bloom.

“Now! That should clear up a few things around here!” #LifeImitatesArt #FarSide cf.

Boy, that Jackson Pollock was one cheerful motherfucker, huh?