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January 28, 2012

Thanks to @overheardatmoo for the free cards: and @borismus for the idea worth stealing:

I love you @Oprah:

Responses to plagiarism are often way more interesting than the plagiarism itself.

January 29, 2012

“What publishers count on from bookstores is the browsing effect.” MT @tcarmody NYT’s story on B&N by @juliebosman:

Nice little piece on @DavidShrigley by @jonahweiner in this Sunday’s @NYTimes Magazine cc: @gapingvoid

.@hawkt Old proverb: “Good is when I steal other people’s wives and cattle; bad is when they steal mine.”

Made a big @pinterest board of stuff I stole from during the making of Steal Like An Artist:

Looks great. Hooray! 🙂 RT @kellydeal: @austinkleon I love it! cc: @20×200

Got dozens & dozens of emails suggesting cool couples who make things together. Trying to get back to y’all. Thanks!

Clicking all these links reminds me: if you have a website, resist cleverness on yr homepage & make it clear what you do & what I should do.

Interesting to plug a source site into @pinterest and see what pops up. Here’s mine:

Whoa: after a week in a ziploc bag full of rice, my #iturd is back from the dead! (Now what?)

.@NicholasTozier Yep, the Barthelme essay is called “Not-Knowing”:

.@gapingvoid One of my favorite responses to “Where do you get your ideas?” belongs to Kurt Vonnegut:

January 30, 2012

Awesome! RT @Requiem102: My creative writing class at the University of Detroit Mercy. Thanks for the inspiration!

I’m really enjoying the hell out of this Charles Shields biography of Vonnegut. Recommended:

I don’t evangelize Austin, TX. Places are complex. Pros and cons. I like it here, but I’m guessing I’d like it lots of other places, too.

Thank you to @Time for including Newspaper Blackout on its list of “30 Must-See Tumblr Blogs”

“Steal from the best.” —Kurt Vonnegut

Heads up: you can still get 40% off a framed print of “How To Be Cool” or “Open Road” @20×200:

Pinboard of some of my favorite books:

The @KCStar (Kansas City Star) is having a blackout poetry contest! Nice long article w/ tips:

“Everything Hits At Once” by Spoon is my new jam. ♫ #thisismyjam

FranZZZen RT @openculture: Jonathan Franzen warns ebooks are corroding values:

January 31, 2012

Subtitle I (briefly, not seriously) considered for the book: “The Extroverted Artist.” RT @DRMabuse w/ @susancain

I grew up with a dad who taught Myers-Briggs, so all this “rise of the introvert” stuff is very interesting to me.

Tips for making a blackout poem:

Tips for making a blackout poem:

Hey @brainpicker and @openculture! That’s my drawing of @ElmoreLeonard‘s 10 rules: –>

Wish I could see this! RT @itsnicethat: Glory be – Hockney show @royalacademy is an utter joy

How all mentoring should begin. RT @mattthomas: one of those kung-fu master things: The master says no to the would-be pupil multiple times.

We love it! RT @johntunger: know who already has one of the Goblet O’ Fire firebowls? @austinkleon, that’s who!

DRIVE — my favorite movie last year — is out today:

Still waiting for the day, like vinyl, expensive hardcovers come with an eBook download code in the back. (Or has that happened?)

Setting a steak on fire, instead of my life.

“Well, I might look like Robert Ford,
but I feel just like a Jesse James!”
—Bob Dylan

February 1, 2012

Considering a plane ticket to London to see the David Hockney ( & @DavidShrigley ( exhibits.

Interview I did with the folks @maestromarket:

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Witness Franzen vs. Sendak on ebooks:

Hey look it’s @fluxistrad and @austinistfood in the @NYTimes! (thx @megzo)

“Creativity isn’t magic.” —@remixeverything (Can’t wait for our SXSW panel: )

“Writing and design share a foundation…because everything is about understanding the user.” —@karenmcgrane

Divining your futures. (Stay tuned.)

.@fchimero Thing I hope I hear tomorrow: “Yeah. They’re hicks, Rita.”

February 2, 2012

New thing: I write a reading list in the back of books I read. From Vonnegut’s bio:

Pattern this a.m.: email demanding my book on Kindle, suggestion that I use software instead of paper, and this:

Hey, everyone: “In the digital age, don’t forget to use your digits.” —Lynda Barry

“I hope you don’t mind, but I stole ‘Billie Jean’ from you.” —Michael Jackson, to Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates

OMG! RT @MissReddy: STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST advances are here! High five to the @WorkmanPub team that made this thing.

RT @MissReddy: @austinkleon Here it is! Unlock your creativity.

RT @MissReddy: @austinkleon and beautiful bright red flaps!

It’s alive. #steallikeanartist (thx @missreddy)

Ladies, I made this @pinterest board just for you: Dudes with their Dachshunds.

Yes! Turkey treats! RT @MissReddy: Can you add @Shteyngart & Felix? / @pinterest for you: Dudes w/ their Dachshunds

Downton Abbey stars out of costume: cc: @megzo thx, @bybrettjohnson

.@megzo got donuts so we can re-create the diner scene while watching Groundhog Day tonight. #ILoveMyWife

If you’re looking for a camera, this new Lumix GX-1 looks fantastic: (Love my GF3:

“Yeah. They’re hicks, Rita.” #groundhogday

Read your #NewspaperBlackout horoscope for February:

February 3, 2012

It’s February 3rd. Read your #NewspaperBlackout horoscope:

On post-biography sickness, and what happens when you find out your heroes could be total jerks:

“‘authentic’ lifestyles or activities…are actually a form of exclusionary status-seeking.” via @jndevereux + @mlarson

Like pins in a voodoo doll, putting serial commas in where @hawkt left them out.

RT @jndevereux: Bands that really try to sound “authentic” often end up sounding like Blues Hammer to me.

February 4, 2012

“If by “harboring” you mean getting up two or three times every night to pull Minnie’s blanket up over her…”

“The fact is, I want to move rooms full of people” –@sherman_alexie to @nekocase

Great piece @The_Rumpus on TS Eliot’s day job at the bank (and why he kept it)

Hottest breakfast date in town. @ IKEA Café

Thanks to @joshriedel for such a nice profile on the @instagram blog:

“I sell something for money.”
—@marcoarment, explaining his business model

February 5, 2012

For those asking about #StealLikeAnArtist on ebook — pre-order links and a Google preview are now up:

If you pre-order, you can get the French-flapped paperback of #StealLikeAnArtist for 3 bucks cheaper than the ebook:

“Fiction is fun because you get to steal an identity and try to make it authentic.” —@danchaon

“…the concept is so pure, it’s genius…” #hmmm

Heading over to HEB w/ @megzo to stock up on chicken wings and mozzarella sticks so we can watch that George Harrison documentary.

Welcome to hell. @ H-E-B

.@mareodomo @csarky My rule: never lend out a book you care about seeing again.

Yes! @Fantagraphics is the best: RT @theunread: Can all book trailers please just be this?

How publishers can follow @fantagraphics‘ lead and set up Blogger Kits on Flickr: (I’d update this w/ @pinterest too.)

Maybe a combo of @Flickr (for high rez) + @Pinterest (for browsing) might make a good blogger kit:

Bill Callahan covering Leonard Cohen’s “So Long Marianne”

It’s like Paul McCartney was channeling Rick James in this George Harrison documentary. Every interview clip is borderline nonsensical.

“When you have to have Wikipedia open to understand what the hell is going on in a documentary about somebody’s life, well…” – @megzo

That was Meg’s review of the Scorsese George Harrison documentary. My review? I slept through at least a half hour of it.

“Style is a special case of technique.” —Phillip Glass (via @mattforsythe)

“We’re living in the age of the schlockumentary.” —@hitsville

February 6, 2012

“a wee love letter to the blog…[remembering] the importance of having one’s own piece of real estate.” —@gapingvoid

“I forget to pray for the angels / and then the angels forget to pray for us.”

.@megzo and I both started @leverus‘s THE MAGICIANS last night. (Her on hardcover, me on Kindle.) Both hooked:

“He was experimenting cautiously with the idea of being happy.” -@leverus

.@LettersOfNote Yup, that’s my illo from 2005. It’s been on *so many* blogs w/o attribution I don’t even care anymore.

February 7, 2012

“Maps are arguments.” Great Denis Wood interview by @BlakeButler in last month’s @believermag.

“‘I’m adding a meeting’ should really be ‘I’m subtracting an hour from your life.’”

“Be aggressive.”
—Baby Cakes

“I don’t know why The Walking Dead isn’t being filmed in Cleveland. It’s practically a stage set for it.” -@danchaon

Re: zombies in Cleveland: @maureenmcq already went there:

Now thinking fondly of the 2 years I lived in Cleveland…

…pre-economic collapse, warm little apartment, part-time job at the library, and a couple of amazing writers who were nice to me.

Everything I’ve done in the past 4-5 years in Texas has been an outgrowth of those 2 years of play/exploring in Cleveland.

Cleveland was my MFA.

February 8, 2012

One of my personal favorite Tumblr tags: “Art With Words”

Still haven’t found the right spot for the iPad in my routine. Hoping @TheChimerist will provide some inspiration:

Has anybody ever held band practice at Guitar Center?

“Words talk.” Iggy Pop in a clip talking about the influence of Brion Gysin on his work. @ubuweb:”

Paper still rules. Here’s how I plan for #SXSW on sticky notes: #sxsbx

“Mediocrities everywhere…I absolve you.” Feeling in the mood to watch #Amadeus tonight:

Fastest dachshund on the block!

“Too many notes!” #Amadeus

“It was incomprehensible. What was God up to?” #Amadeus

February 9, 2012

Added some mini-posters to the #StealLikeAnArtist pinboard on @pinterest:

Sucks that @leverus‘s THE MAGICIANS didn’t get greenlit. Really enjoying the book:

Sometimes I can’t tell if Siri got it right or wrong…

Digging this new Heartless Bastards album:

It’s a good thing I write my own books, because I don’t think anybody would let me illustrate theirs… 🙂

If you can get your hands on this @BlakeButler @BelieverMag interview w/ cartographer Denis Wood I recommend it:

I have been meaning to blog about Wood’s book w/ John Krygier, MAKING MAPS:

One of my favorite hobbies: starring and hearting mean tweets and Tumblr posts about my work.


(Still waiting for the first, “Why would someone ruin a perfectly good newspaper?”)

February 10, 2012

#ff three dudes quoted in chapter 1 of #StealLikeAnArtist @JayZ @RZA @MarkTwain

My notes from Terry Gilliam’s 10 lessons:

.@pauloctavious you can get it on ebook, but paperback is $10 & fully illustrated w/ French flaps so… 😉

Lunch. Any recommendations, ATX friends? @ Lucy’s Fried Chicken

FYI wordsmiths: @Springboxist is hiring a copywriter.

RT @jndevereux: Boz Dickens vs. Boz Scaggs!: WHO IS THE SMOOTHEST?

My mom just spotted my print (and @Mike_FTW‘s) at the @WestElm in downtown Austin:

OH: “Wonder when everyone in Austin is going to get sick of this faux-vintage bullshit restaurant design.”

Good handwriting is just like drawing, sex, and anything else: all it takes is a little taste and whole lotta practice.

#FridayReads @leverus‘s THE MAGICIANS

February 11, 2012

Responding to art is so much about the right place & right time. You have to feel free to skip things, move on, & (maybe) come back later.

“Art is a true account of the activity of mind.” -Donald Barthelme, “Not-Knowing”

The BEST chicken and waffles @ The Goodnight Diner

Reach for the sky @ Double R Drygoods

Celebrating. (I know I wrote it, but damn, this thing is cool. Thanks, @WorkmanPub)

PS. If you pre-ordered the ebook, cancel and get the paperback. Trust me.


Billy Wilder started collecting art as a newspaperman in 30s Berlin. By 1989, his collection was worth $22 million:

Billy Wilder: “I bought a George Grosz painting for a carton of cigarettes in 1945.”

“Don’t collect. Buy what you like, hold onto it, enjoy it.” – Billy Wilder on collecting art cc: @jenbee

Billy Wilder sitting on the couch with screenwriter I.A.L. Diamond in 1960 (year THE APARTMENT came out):

February 12, 2012

“Everybody is navel-gazing. It’s just a question of whether you do a good job of it…”

—Maira Kalman

“It was a great song. But there’s only so much you can take.” 1994 @Nytimes on the success of “I Will Always Love You”

Girls Just Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston / Cyndi Lauper mashup)

.@elizmccracken I’m waiting for the MFA program that will accept a website as a writing sample.

.@elizmccracken Someone should start an invitation-only MFA program — like Hogwarts.


Back cover of #StealLikeAnArtist (And then I’ll stop for a while, I promise.)

Mom comes to town to escape Ohio. While she’s gone, hometown newspaper prints a feature about me and it snows in Austin…

Fun fact: ex-copywriter Lawrence Kasdan (director of Empire Strikes Back) wrote The Bodyguard — originally for Diana Ross and Steve McQueen.

“Am I a masterpiece or simply a pile of junk?” —Donald Barthelme, “Not-Knowing”

“What’s the secret of a long marriage? You don’t get divorced.”

—Olivia Harrison

February 13, 2012

William Deresiewicz (who’s been on fire lately) on the disadvantages of an elite education: (via @albertocairo)

“It just wasn’t for me,” is a very useful sentence:

If you’ve read @leverus‘s THE MAGICIANS (or even if you haven’t) definitely read this interview about fan fiction:

Dispose of all empty booze bottles before sitting down to work — too much of a visual reminder that you could be drinking.

.@jndevereux @fenbranklin A *personal* canon is more important than the one handed to you.

.@jndevereux @fenbranklin A *personal* canon is more important than the one handed to you.

.@jndevereux @fenbranklin A lot of what makes an education unique is the order in which you come into contact with things.

.@jndevereux @fenbranklin A lot of what makes an education unique is the order in which you come into contact with things.

.@jndevereux @fenbranklin Melville didn’t read Shakespeare until he was 30. Hence, Moby-Dick.

.@jndevereux @fenbranklin Melville didn’t read Shakespeare until he was 30. Hence, Moby-Dick.

.@oh_steph @jndevereux It reminds me: when i was a teenager i had no fucking idea who Willie Nelson was other than a guy who sold Taco Bell.

For those of you discovering Peter Sellers’ hilarious interpretations of the Beatles, you can listen to them on @Rdio:

Any “Who is _____?” question can be answered, “Get off your ass and Google it, you little twerp. And bring me a beer from the fridge!”

“Originality is a relative concept in literature.” @newyorker article on Quentin Rowan’s plagiarism (via @drmabuse)

“The making of a plagiarist can be hard to distinguish from the making of a writer.” – @widdikombe

“Poor guy—all that cutting and pasting and no joy.”

I should probably read a book about Romanticism. Any suggestions?

February 14, 2012

My mom, 18 in 1970, asked “Who is Robert Plant?” when we saw him at Perla’s last nite. I’m OUTRAGED by the musical ignorance of our elders!

“I didn’t intend to die for art nor to be bedbug food for it.” – William Carlos Williams on keeping your day job:

.@fchimero @bobulate re: turning life into a seamless work/play balance: cf. this James Kochalka quote:

“born to love one woman / funny but it’s true / born to be one woman’s man / that one woman is you” cc: @megzo

The best Valentine’s note of all-time:

“New pussy is illiterate!” – Chris Rock on love and commitment: NSFW. (Duh.)

James Kochalka is on @Tumblr: #comics

One of my favorite pages from #StealLikeAnArtist More here:

Every interview with David McCullough I’ve read has been brilliant. @parisreview

“I decided to try to write the book I wanted to read.” – David McCullough, on writing his first book

McCullough on why he quit his biography of Picasso: “I didn’t like him…He was an awful man.”

The @thorharris666 drumming on this new @ShearwaterBand record is fantastic: (h/t @oh_steph)

So sweet they called the po-leece @ Paramount Theater

“There is some evidence that individuals w/ dual identities have cognitive advantages & can be more creative” @mulegirl

“The advantages of dual identities” a case study of Nabokov by @jonahlehrer

Ate a burrito and a Butterfinger blizzard and now we’re watching DRIVE.

Best Valentine’s Day ever.

Removed DRM from my first ebook today. You know, so I could actually read it on my device. Felt good:

February 15, 2012

Happy #PhilCollinsDay Celebrate w/ my @rdio playlist “Show Respect To Phil Collins” & Tumblr tag:

.@fchimero Yes! This is still my iPhone wallpaper:

Phil Collins on this 1994 tour t-shirt (which I wore to shreds) bears a strange resemblance to Sully from COMMANDO:

I don’t want a BMW or a pool or whatever but I *will* own a baby grand one day:

“Don’t aim for anything — collect meaningful stuff.” Fun discussion of home decor: (cc: @megzo h/t @acupoftea)

#68 on John Waters’ “101 Things I Hate”: “those honky Beatles who ruined rock ‘n’ roll” (Hilarious! thx, @jndevereux)

We don’t use the word “honky” enough.

New books from @DanChaon and @MattForsythe!

A whole bunch of #StealLikeAnArtist

Tower of Steal! #steallikeanartist

Spines. #steallikeanartist

The dream of every author: “One day I will make Terry Gross snort.”

Bullshit. (See #2 RT @AdviceToWriters: Until you know who you are you can’t write. – Salman Rushdie (via @parisreview)

Exactly! RT @AmberCadabra: @austinkleon Hell, more than half the time I’m writing to *find out* who I am.

“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking.” – Joan Didion (thx, @AmberCadabra)

Mac users: I’m in love with Calibre for managing ebooks. (Just converted a PDF so it looks good on Kindle.)