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June 6, 2013

@calebhannan oh no, she’s a PhD candidate in architecture — that was the first thing she mentioned 😉

@bbushman i keep an emergency bottle on the bookshelf :-/

“If you’d just get off your ass and plagiarize for the next couple of books, we could have a house in the Hollywood Hills.”

They should’ve called the book *Stay* The Fuck To Sleep.

RT @JaysonShenk: Here is today: (1/2) Talking to the woman at the grocery. She works two jobs, can’t make ends meet, probably can’t send he…

RT @JaysonShenk: (2/2) Check tumblr, lovely graphic design poster that says “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” This is why I hate …

Amazing mix by @kleptones: “Paths to Graceland” (thx @anorwood!)

@anorwood I’ll come your week 😉

RT @PaulSimonMusic: PHOTO: The tape which first inspired Paul to visit South Africa in 1985 – ‘Gumboots: Accordion Jive Hits, Volume 2′ htt…

@anorwood no! this is awesome. thanks. who’s doing friday lunch tomorrow?

June 4, 2013

@thepetitcadeau thanks for saying so. hope i dont suck 🙂

@jezburrows so good. i was borderline weeping

@ThackersCrackrs @RealFoodKitchn that’s a little out of my way for today — maybe next time!

RT @mattthomas: “No man should be on Facebook.” —Christina Hendricks,

@RealFoodKitchn @ThackersCrackrs where are y’all located?

Overwhelmed by Janet Cardiff’s 40-Part Motet sound installation. (Thx @johnmartz) @ Art Gallery of…

Spent a beautiful morning walking around Toronto. @ Trinity Bellwoods Park

@mollycrabapple holy shit. That’d make my year.

June 3, 2013

“There is work that is play
There is play that is work”

Going to sleep to Cass McCombs’ “The Executioner’s Song”

RT @knguyen: Uh guys, writing is exhausting. We should all stop doing it and just live happy lives.

June 2, 2013

“Worry destroys the ability to write.” The Hemingway Paris Review interview is pretty great:

@jamesfflynn closest i could find:

@jamesfflynn indeed.

@jamesfflynn totally know what you’re referring to. Need to find it

@twliterary the closest I get to scantron bubbles now is writing a book proposal [ZING!]

What i learned in high school: “Dress like a square and do your homework and you can get away with a lot more.”

@asimone huh?

“All in the game, yo.”
—Omar Devone Little

The problem is: the rest of your fucking life is occasionally filled with meaningless work and scantron bubbles. It never ends.

“My son doesn’t do his homework because his homework is stupid.” RT @rogre: